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Coco Arquette: Jennifer Aniston is Nouna!

Coco Arquette: Jennifer Aniston is Nouna!

Courteney Cox (in Marc Jacobs) works the red carpet at the premiere of Bedtime Stories at the El Capitan Theatre on Thursday (December 18) in Los Angeles. The 44-year-old Friends star recently opens up to UK’s Mail on Sunday:

On making her marriage to David Arquette work: “I get shocked by people getting divorced all the time, that’s why I choose to work on it. Therapy helps us. It’s so easy to grow apart; marriage takes work. I suppose you can work it out by talking to each other – I would just prefer to have a referee, it reminds us why we’re together.”

On her 4-year-old daughter’s obsessions: “Coco’s favorites are Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, she’s totally into princesses.”

On her holiday plans: “Christmas is insane in our house. I say: ‘Let’s buy Coco one good toy,’ but he wants to buy her 900 presents. Our compromise lands closer to David.”

On her BFF Jennifer Aniston also spoiling Coco: “Coco calls her Nouna, which is Greek for godmother; they see each other and play together every weekend. The other day Jen came over with her yoga teacher and Coco stuck it out for an hour doing yoga with them!”

Courteney next stars in the Bedtime Stories with Adam Sandler, opening Christmas Day.

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Credit: Jewel Samad/AFP; Photos: C.J. LaFrance/Kevin Winter/Alberto E. Rodriguez/Michael Buckner/Getty, Homero Tercero/WENN
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  • truth

    Cute little girl

  • African Girl

    Well, she’s already used the JP kids for publicity, so it’s only natural she uses the god daughter she never takes care of because she is not a baby sitter!!
    Poor thing is just all over the place….flailing in the wind like an out of control kite.

  • http://f nbvnb

    she looks good

  • Janie

    Aww, I am greek and that’s what I call my godmother! So cute! :) They seem so normal.

  • angie

    coco’s just adorable!!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    jared, you sure know how to fcuk with those loonie ass jolie fans.
    i peeped your game. LOL

  • Dear Courtney

    Dear Courtney,

    Your daughter should broaden her horizons and not spend too much time with a woman who is such a whiny, passive aggressive narcissistic bore. You don’t want her to grow up and be humiliated by douchebag popsters and to crazily start dropping trou for no reason.
    Spending time with David’s family would probably be best for her, not the self-absorbed pals that you’re used to enabling. That said, does Coco want to know why ‘nouna,’ took off all her clothes and rolled around with naked men who look young enough to be her son for a Christmas Dog movie?

  • Julia

    What a lucky girl to have Jennifer as her Nouna.

  • palvasha


    look at that face lift. money can do woundersssssssssssssss

  • LOL

    Jen taking her yoga teacher everywhere the B*tch is insane.I would love to see her not exercise for just one week and lets see what nature gave her.We all knew she spends $400 000 on her body,poor Jen.

  • Peaches

    While I still think CC is pretty. She is pratically freezing her face. If she doesn’t stop she is going to turn into Joan Rivers

    Another thing I wish these stars (Ja and now CC) would stop saying so matter a fact that they have a cook, it sounds snubbish and oso f course I do doesn’t everybody have one, not apologetic at all . I like it much better when they stumble over themselves and finally say they have help. It comes off much more humble that way. They seemed almost embarrassed and seem to realize in that moment how blessed they are.

  • Laura

    Coco has blond hair and her parents have dark hair. Not only that -she doesnt look like either one. I wonder if they had an egg donation during their IVF. Probably.

  • and along came Polly

    Jen should get out of their marriage,Jen spends too much time at Courteney’s home.

  • :)

    that’s sooo cute!
    Jennifer sounds like she’s such a good godmother!
    I don’t get why people hate her so much,
    she was really good in Friends.
    i’m sure AT LEAST about 3/4 of you have seen and loved her in Friends.
    P.S coco is so cute :)

  • SAD

    She just can’t get Jen out of her life can she.She’s stuck with her forever.

  • plez

    How is Aniston doing yoga spending time with Coco. I am sure Coca would have loved to play dolls.

    How does she spend every weekend with Coca when the paps follow Aniston everywhere she goes. Have you seen Ansiton going into Cox’s home every weekend?

    Okay Courtney you have done you part in pumping up Aniston.

    Laura Coco looks like Davd’s sisters

  • anono

    Courtney said recently she is off the botox?? Yikes, girl looks more frozen than ever, so find it hard to believe, lay off the ice juice CC!! Looks like Jennnifer’s PR people have now pulled out the Courtney card, making sure that CC tells everyone what a great Godmother JA is. Yet in 4 years we’ve seen only 1 pic of JA with the kid, yet the paps follow her every move and in 6 months we’ve seen more pics of her with John than with Coco. Ok, ready set go…now Jen’s PR people will be racing to get Jennifer in a pic with Coco by this weekend, LOL. I didn’t used to dislike JA, but she’s so transparently in need of media attention, it’s sad and makes me not like her anymore. Oh and Coco is not cute-cute.

  • Starr with two “r” baby

    i love everything Greek lol

    I love Courtney, she’s an extremely gorgeous blue-eyed brunette! love this. and Coco is sooooooo cute but what a name! ….as for having jen as a nouna……what’s wrong with it? get a life people…….being judgemental and evil won’t lead you anywhere!

  • I will be missing the VIEW

    on wed. I just saw promo and them calling Jennifer America’s Hot Girl or some shit like that. So hypocritcal of them I think. If it was Angie with just a tie on while her ass was stuck in some strangers face supposedly promoting a family movie, those heifers would be all over it real nasty. But let America’s ex sweet heart, because nows she Amercias Hot Ass do it, and it’s all heil the queen! She don’t need no pr person and is wasting her nmoney. She is the big con with her taking swipes and pitty piss partys still.

    Biggest question I have to ask is why she hasn’t said how UNCOOL it was that Brad said he fell in love onset? I want that question asked of her and I am emailing the VIEW with it it. Joys is bold enough to ask “why you jump down Angies throat when she said it, but Brad gets a pass like it wasn’t shit? I mean come on, he is who your ass was married too!

  • marcia

    Courtney needs to tone down the botox of whatever she’s injecting in her face. I don’t believe she’s stopped, she has those cat looking eyes now (like Joan Rivers) and her face always has that surprised eyebrow overdid botox look now. She used to be cute, but she’s now an advertisement for botox dont’s.

  • Starr with two “r” baby

    courteney looks really fake though……too bad.

  • meg

    I cant believe how hateful some of you are ! It surely helps to be judgemental when you are sitting behind your computer talking rubbish and noone sees your ugly spiteful face..aint it ?? if you think you are so perfect … why dont you take a peep at the mirror and your own sad life ?

    Live and let live !

  • oh please

    Well I guess that after Knox and Zahara on her hip it is time for Coco to promote The Dog movie!

  • mila

    i think is really cute that courtney and jen are best friends, and i dont know why do you say such of stupid thing, too bad.

  • :)

    I think that you should all stop slagging Jennifer and Courtney off and take a moment to look at your own lives,
    Are you as successful as them?
    will you EVER be as successful as them?
    I think the answer is no,
    so i think you should stop slagging these people off because they have so much put effort into getting where they are now.
    NONE of you can say that they don’t deserve what they have so just think about it,

  • Jana

    SERIOUS QUESTION!!!…………… Why in the world does everyone hate Jennifer Aniston so much over the Brangelina deal? Brad cheated on her! SHE was the one who did wrong! When she makes public comments about it she is “whiny and needs to keep her mouth shut.” However, when Angelina openly admits that she broke up a marriage then it is okay. Is Jen not suppose to hurt? Is she suppose to just keep quiet while Angelina goes around bragging about the terrible things her and Brad did to Jennifer? Yeah Jenn needs to move on but I think that is what she is trying to do. Don’t get me wrong… I think Angelina is doing A LOT of wonderful things for other people but what she did to Jennifer was wrong. So, WHY does everyone hate Jennifer because of it? Can anyone tell me?

  • Angela

    That is so adorable!

  • un homme et une femme…

    So many jealous, catty, miserable women on this site bashing others who are more beautiful, rich, happy and leading exciting lives. Just listen to sound pathetic and desperate. Go get a life of your own and stop hating others who have more than you!

  • dani

    ….. i call my grandma nouna.

  • anonymous.

    Courtney goes to support Jennifer at her dog movie premiere, yet where is Jennifer for Courtney’s movie premiere? Yep, seems it’s all-about-Jennifer all of the time. Can’t think what Courtney gets out of this friendship. We all have a longtime friend that sucks the energy out of our lives, because it’s always all about them all the time. Poor Courtney even gets asked about her everywhere she goes, even at own her premiere. That friendship will implode one day mark my words…likely when Courteney reaches 50 and she realises the only thing she is known for is being Jennifer’s friend despite Courteney’s over 30 years of acting.

  • Ha!

    Wow, someone contradicts what people are dying to believe about Jennifer Aniston and they get attacked for completely ridiculous reasons. How about you just come to terms with the fact that JA isn’t someone to hate and isn’t the horrible person you are dying to believe she is? Does believing bad things about her make it easier to love Angelina Jolie somehow? I don’t get it. Why do you need something to help you love Angelina Jolie more?

    I still can’t get over the fact that some of you use Jennifer Aniston (GASP) exercising and taking care of her body as a reason to dislike her. Huh? That’s what we’re ALL supposed to be doing. BTW? Yoga is awesome. Only people who a.) haven’t tried it or b.) weren’t good at it could possibly think there is something wrong with it.

  • LALA

    Everybody don’t hate Jennifer. You have the same old JEALOUS people going from bog to blog peddling BULLSHIT…They are so mental and HATE there life all they have to do is sit on a computer and talk trash about someone they know nothing about. GET a life. What you say about someone will come back and hit you dead in the face……KRAMA is a B….

  • anonymous.

    Well here it is 2 hours after this is posted and there are 30 measly comments and nobody cares what you have to say Courteney. This would be Jennifer’s fate had she not married Mr. Pitt. No wonder she keeps yapping about being dumped LOL and has to ride on the JP coat-tails, her friend’s present is her future.

  • jen fan

    Really sweet little girl.

  • anonymous.

    Lala, what’ he heck is KRAMA???? Before you talk trash of others, learn how to spell LOL.

  • sohodee

    as pei kapoios se autous tous asxetous oti nouna den simainei nona oute sto xorio mou.

  • a total fan

    Who takes their trainer to someone else’s house, especially if your suppose to be visiting ? Goodness spend some quality time with the child, forget the trainer for the day !! And with the paps following her every move, where are the weekend pictures of Jen coming or going from CC house?

  • andamentothat

    Jen must be busy.. Carrying Z and Knox every weekend at the Hamptons, now Coco is supposedly with her every weekend..

    ooh for a dog movie, and this bedtime movie.. all on christmas day.

  • mimi

    :) @ 12/22/2008 at 2:51 pm that’s sooo cute!
    Jennifer sounds like she’s such a good godmother!

    Are you kidding me? A good Godmother takes the child on outings, babysits her and invites the child over at her house instead of her on theirs all the time. Have you ever seen her holding her god daughter?
    People hate her because she is shallow, self absorbed and only thinks of me me me . Everthing about her is fake from her eye colour to her friendship, nothing is for real. She probably won’t want the poor kid in her house in case she messes it up. She is the biggest fake in la la land.

  • lisa

    umm, first, i like cc, she is what you call beautiful, how people can look at Jen and call her beautiful, i will never know, they don’t believe that sh.t either, also, Jennifer didn’t work hard to get what she got, she just keep dropping brad/Angie’s name, and she gets sympathy and mag cover, cc does need to lay off the botox, but her family is nice. coco is cute, i don’t envy people who earned and deserve what they have, Jennifer is not one of those people, Courtney cox is,

  • ellen

    we can say the same thing about you people who needs to hang on to every lie that Jen spew out of her mouth, after all of her lying, shallowness, low IQ, devious behavior, fake boyfriends, many boyfriends, dropping clothes,calling the paps every time she leaves her house, refusing to give brad his family for selfish reasons, then runs and whines when he finally leaves to get what he needs (a family) all of what I’ve said have been proven and reveal, people are still dumb enough to feel pity for this talentless, less than average looking person, Jens money is used to buy her movie roles and mag covers, etc, i hope that answer your question.

  • jaye

    [☆I n F a m o u s☆] @ 12/22/2008 at 2:38 pm

    jared, you sure know how to fcuk with those loonie ass jolie fans.
    i peeped your game. LOL
    People often see what they want to see. I ‘peep” YOUR game. You sure like hanging with the JP fans. Maybe you need a psychiatrist to explain why. You’re so cute when you think you’ve got some inside secret.. Now go take a time out.

  • Erica

    Courteney is cool.

  • From Greece

    BTW The greek word for Godmother is nona not nouna…

    Nice dress courtney!

  • Jessica

    Nice bleach job on your daughter CoCo’s hair.

  • Madonna


  • j

    Aww… how cute her daughter is. You can always judge how people really are based on their friends & seeing that Jen & her have been friends for so many years shows how wonderful they both are. I’m a Brad Pitt fan but he really messed up by cheating & divorcing Jen to go with Angie.

  • j

    Aww… how cute her daughter is. You can always judge how people really are based on their friends & seeing that Jen & her have been friends for so many years shows how wonderful they both are. I’m a Brad Pitt fan but he really messed up by cheating & divorcing Jen to go with Angie.

  • teri

    I do like Courtney Cox, she has her act together and knows who to make her marriage work. As for Aniston I would’t put it past her to make moves on David, she’s pretty desperate. She can’t stand to see people happy. Wonder if David enjoyed the show?

  • ellie

    Thanks Jared wow your the greatest
    What a lucky girl to have Jennifer as her Nouna, and your so lucky to have such a have a best friend as Courtney, Shes also a wonderful beautiful caring person……Coco is so adorable, Jen its nice to know the closeness with your God daughter..
    Happy Holidays to all!