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Katie Holmes is Green Gorgeous

Katie Holmes is Green Gorgeous

Chilly Willy in the City!

Katie Holmes bundles up and walks out of her apartment to below freezing temperatures with her favorite green Balenciaga handbag in tow in New York City on Monday.

The 30-year-old actress just celebrated her birthday last week!

The former Dawson’s Creek star took her daughter Suri Cruise to J.Crew at the Time Warner Center in Columbus Circle over the weekend.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes being green gorgeous…

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katie holmes green gorgeous 01
katie holmes green gorgeous 02
katie holmes green gorgeous 03
katie holmes green gorgeous 04
katie holmes green gorgeous 05
katie holmes green gorgeous 06
katie holmes green gorgeous 07
katie holmes green gorgeous 08
katie holmes green gorgeous 09
katie holmes green gorgeous 10

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  • cutie

    Very cute! :-)

  • It’s ROBO bride

    No fashion sense. She has lost all of her common sense since she married Xenu.

  • Jana

    Where’s Suri? No Suri publicity for once? So tired of seeing Katie and Suri!!!!! Tom and Katie are two very selfish people! All they can do is spoil Suri and use her for publicity. You almost NEVER see them with Bella or Connor, just spoiling Suri. And I know some of you are going to try and say that Bella and Connor are too old to want to be around their parents but explain this…… Tom NOR Nicole showed up for the premier of Connor’s first movie. Tom was busy promoting his OWN film. This is so sad. If you listen to Tom’s interviews he talks mostly about Katie and Suri and barely mentions Bella and Connor. He spends his time buying Suri designer clothes, allowing her to have whatever she wants (he openly admitted that he couldn’t make Suri wear pants), and misses Connor’s first premier. Btw… where’s Bella’s designer clothes? Suri has only designer! I feel so sorry for these two. They never look happy! Poor kids!

  • click

    shes looks better than the last post. :D katie is WATCHING us. woooooooo

  • Sasha

    she always looks like she’s at a funeral in mourning

  • ashley

    to Jana- how do they use their daughter Suri for publicity? the paparazzi just show up, they don’t call them ahead of time, they merely have to beg them to leave them alone. you don’t know anything about them, you just assume. So please learn something from what you wrote – stop judging people until you meet them(which you never will, so don’t judge at all)

  • Sassy

    Looks like she was up crying all night. Very sad girl with an extremely sad aura about her. Katie, where are your parents? You need them in your life!!!

  • andrea

    why does she look like she just cried her eyes out?? I blame Tom, he probably read all the 5hit reviews on his new film and blamed it on her. IDK just a thought.

  • jen

    gorgeous green linoleum floor circa 1976

  • Suri’s Lifesyle

    I think she will grow up to marry Blanket Jackson

  • Jennifer

    Katie can’t do any right huh posters? She is so classy, she’s so elegant, and I think, looks like a millon $ since her DC days, if you think she’s not happy, think again. She can do anything she wants, and is on Bwy, I bet she never thought in a million years she’d be there. She is so lovely, I love seeing her, Suri/Tom every day in the new york newspapers, and will miss them, when they head back to LA. She’s a class act, forget anything else. I love how Tom had to be in LA during her BD performance, and staged a whole surprise at shows end, then called and asked how his plan went, and was ‘heartsick’ he wasn’t there. Sounds like a real lousy marriage! She never is without her wedding band either. I think, if people would stop the silly talk about this couple and mind their own business, everything will look fine. But posters MUST post that she’s ‘miserable’. Yeah – we should ALL be so miserable. She has it all, believe me. Not to mention the most adorable kid! She recently said, that people have a ‘misconception’ about her. Ya think????

  • Suri’s Lifesyle

    #6, Kate could havechosen a building with an underground garage. there are TONS of them in New York. They can afford it.

  • alyopps!

    Maybe she left her apt with no makeup and is tired, she’s working hard, and has a toddler. She can’t always be made up with a big grin. Don’t forget, the press is CAMPED outside her door in NY, I passed once, and only once and it’s a madhouse. Try living under those circumstances, you can’t always be made up and grinng, it wouldn’t bre normal. And for the person who posted they use Suri for publicity, really? Give me a break! Maybe they just want to be with her, like most couples with a baby, instead of leaving her couped in with the nanny all the time:? Suri is taken out, when they feel she should go someplace, and when they are dressed for a night out,she’s home. Normal, it’s called trying to live normal in a fishbowl. Kudo’s to her, and Tom, and boy, do they have the most adorable baby! Boards like this are something, if everything is good, what to complain about?

  • alyopps!

    # 12 , Tom has had this apartment for years, YEARS, why change because she’s on Broadway? It’s not their main address, Give me a break! it’s NY not LA, you didn’t see this much of them in LA…don’t worry, they will head back there soon! Gee!

  • Jana

    Well Ashley (#6) Tom said that he “appreciated” the paps taking picturs of Suri. They also walk her out into a huge pack of them pretty much everyday. You don’t not want your daughters picture taken and walk her through the most pap infested places everyday! Where is it Katie takes her in those designer dresses? Not school! They never take pics of Bella and Connor …. explain that! Speaking of Connor.. They were the main focus of my post and I noticed you didn’t comment on them! Explain neither Tom, Katie, Nicole, nor Keith showing up for poor Connors first movie premier!!!! Since Suri has come along Tom seems to have no time for his older children!

  • Suri’s Lifesyle

    #14, not true.

    and even if he did have it for years the REASONS is for SURI!!!! remember the kid? the point of my comment. yup, she’ll marry Blanket Jackson.

    “Mrs. Suri Jackson”

  • o

    The poor girl is wearing makeup and still looks miserable. Deal or no deal, I don’t think she new what she was in for when marrying that lunatic.
    And #11, how naive are you to think that she can do anything she wants or she’s happy bc she can shop all day. Please.

  • Jaye

    She looks tired. Broadway is no piece of cake and she’s not a veteran. Hopes she gets some rest when the show ends its run.

  • ashley

    Jana- you don’t know they didn’t show up for the premiere, most A listers go inside without walking on the red carpet, takes a lot of pressure off.

    what i’m curious about is why all of you trash talk everyone. they do the best they can do and all you people say is ‘it looks like katie has been crying’ wow. ever think that she is on broadway, has a child and isn’t wearing makeup?

  • Jessica

    Her eyes are so swollen like she cried all night. I know this because I have from time to time had an overnight cry and they swelled just like Katies look in this picture.

  • Jana

    What are you saying Ashley? He came without Suri so he managed to avoid the paps?

    Oh yeah, since he was there I guess every website that reported he wasn’t there are just lying! He was there and noone saw him. Hmmm.. did he wear an invisible suit?

  • It’s ROBO bride

    ashley @ 12/22/2008 at 9:49 pm

    They do the best they can? Sad that this is their best. You know Tom avoided the crowds at his LA Valkyrie premiere by using and underground tunnel to inside the theater so he could avoid the Scientology protesters.
    And no Tom wasn’t there for Connor’s premiere, because Tom’s premiere was either the same night or the day before. It is possible Nicole went as she would most likely not try and steal Connor’s limelight. I think it is fortunate that Connor was alone without Tom. Tom would have hogged the limelight as always.

  • thanks jj


  • farah

    ignore the nonsense jealous trolls

  • usana

    Hello Jackie O!

    Katie looks her outfit..her boots and her purse.

  • ……

    This girl has everything right going on with her life. A good marriage,beautiful kids,promising career and lots and lots of comfy shoes. Actually her parents were there last week and US weekly posted a big family pic of Tom and Katie’s family all out supporting her. I didnt post the pic because I despise US weekly.

    The only sad thing are the miserable haters on sites like this.The way you attack celebs shows where your lives and future are.
    Hating on others are just temporary satisfaction but the repercussions are a lifetime.

  • manette

    adorable as usual

  • chessa

    Awwww :)

  • Brittny

    I’m sorry but “Kate” Holmes is a MESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!

  • north pole

    Hate all you want but everyday Katie has many fans filling up the theatre to show their support for her and appreciate the cast-crew-Arthur Miller’s work. Its only Katie’s play and the Seagull that has a packed house every night because all shows are affected by this economic crisis. Critics love Katie too and she might nab the Tony’s.
    Internet trolls are sooo few and they’re just cowards typing away but when they see these celebs upfront they gush,ask their autographs and pix.

  • for 29

    Look who’s Brittney YOU’RE THE MESS

    you can learn a lot from Katie including modesty in dressing up

  • meatloaf


  • anonymous

    JJ your title should have been haters
    ‘green with envy’

  • Anon

    She looks unwell and unhappy and she has benn looking that way for a while now. I don’t think she is happy with the way her daughter is developing either. I’ve seen enuf pics now to see Suri throwing temper tantrums and being willful. It seems like Katie is turning into a slave to Suri to keep peace with Tom. Every time you look around they are at some toy store. Katie is not living her own life, she’s living the one planned out for her by TC.

  • kit


  • Sheepskin is best

    Katie Holmes is living proof that money does not buy happiness. Homegirl looks so sad.

  • lm6o

    The wonnabee family counsellors and child psychologists are in JJ’s site and no wonder they are jobless because they are fake and need
    help themselves.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    I think little weasel tommy will punish her for the miserable look today, folks!!

  • regina

    God bless her and her family. This is what au natural beauty is about.

  • lurker

    i heart Katie <3<3<3

  • alpha

    Happy 30th Birthday,Katie.

    Katie looks good.

  • legs

    The real America’s Sweetheart. Very pretty and I love her getup.

  • Brittny

    for 29 @ 12/22/2008 at 10:29 pm

    Look who’s Brittney YOU’RE THE MESS

    you can learn a lot from Katie including modesty in dressing up

    You really need to get a life. LOL. You dont even know me. Take it personal much??? Is Katie your BFF? Didn’t think so. So GTFOH!!!

  • Mr. Blonde

    They don’t and can’t use a toddler for publicity, #3.

    We see TomKat with the two older kids…not all the time but you do see them every now and then. Plus, they’re teenagers who wouldn’t hang out with their parents.

    I’m sure his son understood that his father was busy working and his hands were tied. Cruise most certainly isn’t the first or last parent let alone father who had to miss their kid’s game or play or whatever.

    He doesn’t spend his time shopping at all. That’s what Holmes does. And they don’t let her do whatever she wants.

    What do you mean that those two kiss never look happy? It’s false.

    And a very stupid thought at that, #8.

    Too true, #11.

    He said that he found the photos of her to be incredible, #15. Not that he appreciated them. They don’t walk her into crowds of paparazzi. They’re simply in their way when trying to get someplace. And those places are parks and her job and her apartment and hotels and toy stores not paparazzi infested places.

    You never see pictures of the older kids because they’re simply not profitable.

    Cruise didn’t even have time to attend his wife’s birthday. He cared . He was just busy.

    Underground tunnels, #22. And there were pics of him at that premiere.

    Another catch-22. Cruise isn’t there, it’s because he doesn’t care or he wouldn’t have been able to steal the limelight (make up your minds critics) and if he had gone, no matter what he did or didn’t do, he would have been accused of stealing the limelight as if a big movie star like him even has to try.

    How do you come up with all this crap, #34?

  • Glambabybumps

    What happened to Katie’s beautiful smile??? She always looks like she’s unhappy!!

  • ice

    I dont think gorgeous looks like this. I cannot believe the Scientologists go so far as saying she’ll win the Tony. yeah, and I’ll win the 2009 Oscars

  • xoxoxoxo

    She looks like she had been crying. Her eyes are swollen. She can’t be that tired. She doesn’t have to do half the things everyday people do so it’s not the day-to-day stuff that’s got her down. Maybe the “large” life she wanted is a little larger than she can handle right now.

    She probably thought Tom would be there to support her, but he’s off living his own life.

  • charity

    pretty even when she is

  • ymani

    This is to JANA. What the fudge are you talking about. Let’s see, it’s december, connor and bella probably have to take finals, so of course you’re not going to see them with katie chillaxing all damn day. Secondly, when they do have time, don’t you think that Tom may have to fly them out to wherever he is. Have you ever given any thought that maybe connor and Bella are with their mom helping out and or spending time with new sis Sunday Rose? Think next time.

  • sopranos

    Not only I like her as an actress and love her fashion style but she loves her family and she’s a wonderful mommy. That surpasses her outer beauty more than anything else.