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Robert Pattinson: Short Haircut!

Robert Pattinson: Short Haircut!

Twilight star Robert Pattinson says goodbye to his trademark tousled locks and shows off his new sexy short haircut as he arrives at Heathrow airport in London on Monday. (The taping for New Moon isn’t for awhile, so it’s likely his hair will grow back in time!)

The 22-year-old British actor, who is in a band in London, brought along his guitar for the trip. Robert has said, “I am in a band at the moment called Bad Girls. The band belongs to my first girlfriend’s current boyfriend and he was having an open mic night. He invited me to sing, but it was just a bit of fun – that was about six months ago. I don’t know where that’s going to go.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Robert’s newly short hair — HOT or NOT?

10+ pictures inside of Robert Pattinson‘s short new haircut…

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robert pattinson short hair cut 01
robert pattinson short hair cut 02
robert pattinson short hair cut 03
robert pattinson short hair cut 04
robert pattinson short hair cut 05
robert pattinson short hair cut 06
robert pattinson short hair cut 07
robert pattinson short hair cut 08
robert pattinson short hair cut 09
robert pattinson short hair cut 10

Photos: Bauergriffinonline, Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty
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  • Rpattz gurl

    *cry* Rob what have you done?! *cry again* He looked FIT with his super sexy sex hair, now he looks like… a teacher! No, worse still, he looks like a pre-fake-tanned version of one of the One Tree Hill cast. (No offence one Tree Hill cast.)
    He still looks a LITTLE bit nice thought…

  • yo

    it makes me laugh how ppl were filing a petition to get rob off the cast so he can’t play Eward and some of those people now are calling him hot. which he is, i like said from the beginning and ppl were saying i was dumb. lol

  • yo

    it makes me laugh how ppl were filing a petition to get rob off the cast so he can’t play Eward and some of those people now are calling him hot. which he is, i like said from the beginning and ppl were saying i was dumb. lol

  • natzter

    awwwwh he looks wll cute (sighs) i dont no how he looks like a teacher bat aniway i think it makes him look fitter than he already was if thats possible ;P

  • natzter

    awwwwh he looks wll cute (sighs) i dont no how he looks like a teacher bat aniway i think it makes him look fitter than he already was if thats possible ;P

  • lidia

    uaaaaaaaaaaaaaaau hto

  • Nolia

    Wow. Just when I thought he couldn’t get any uglier. He’s not even thirty yet and he needs a major eyelid job. Can’t wait until he sinks into oblivion.

  • Michelle

    I can honestly say that I think Robert looks GREAT & HOT with his new hair cut!!! Yeah his long hair made him stand out more but it was just Hair and way so many Fans loved the long hair was because it made the Edward Cullen look even more hotter but honestly Rob is an amazing actor and if he likes his new hair cut then I stand by him 110%. Love you Robert!

  • Katherine

    either is pretty hot.
    and i cant wait for new moon :]
    they dont film till march,
    so it will be awhile :/

  • Sidney H.

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH his haircut is ok but i wish he hadn’t cut it !!!!!!!!!!! i won’t look at his new pictures. only the pictures with his old hair until it grows back. i am in total denial :) :(

  • dizleey

    still HOT!!! :-P

  • arie

    i love him eather (both ways) but i think he looks better with short haircut!
    he looks younger n his eyes look perfeeeeeeeect dn eveeeeeeeeer!

  • jennifer K

    oh leave the poor kid alone he looks great!

  • alie

    Definitely HOT! He is handsome no matter the haircut (but i think short is better!!!)

  • tazzy q

    He looks strung out. Perfect choice for a half-dead, half-alive character. I think girls are so besotted by Edward that they would have flipped over anyone chosen for the part. This proves my point. Yuck.

  • reth

    I love him as ROBERT PATTINSON, not as EDWARD CULLEN. His hair is not doing the acting! He have done other stuff! Is he always gonna be edward? No wonder he cut his hair to separate from his charactor. Give him some peace until he start New Moon. He is HOT in any hairstyle!

  • erica

    Maybe his hair SHOULD have done the acting.

  • Emilayy

    im gone to miss his sexy hair…but he is sexxy either way!
    i still prefer the long hair:( :)

  • Brittany

    it looks much better. but maybe thats because i like it when people look clean

  • Fonnie


  • - mar -

    i love both! he’s gorgeous(L)

  • yee

    holy shiznit!
    i liked his hair, but this is cute too.
    i liked him tons intill i found out he tryed to steal kristen AND camilla away from their bf’s.
    but whatev’s hes still a hotty xD
    i hope he just falls for a single lady next…hmmm like me! hehe jp

  • katelyn,

    he still looks amazing, :D

  • danielle

    He looks HOT man i LOVE it….
    He looks good both ways :) LOVE U ROB

  • amanda*101

    i personally like both of the looks cause he really can’t go wrong he’s gorgeous either way!!!!

    but i do hope he grows it back for new moon.
    it would just destroy the Edward look in my opinion

  • Kayleigh

    He looks better with the short hair…..

  • Sabrina

    I hate Rob SO much now!!! He was totally hot with the longer hair! Especially in Twilight the movie!!! I cant believe he did that! Grrr…

  • Dark Angel

    Hate It!!!!

  • Dark Angel

    Hate It!!!!

  • azlin

    I don’t ever find short hair attractive, so this is a huge stretch for me to say, but he is still hot.
    But if I saw him, I think it’d be extremely hard for me not to beg him to grow it back.

  • juliaashley

    IT SUCKS!!!! I HATE IT!!! that just ruined robert for me!

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh he was SO SEXY BEFORE!! :(


  • kimmy

    omg he looks so hot he looks good both ways but short is def better

  • dalaney

    I didnt really like how he wore his old long hair, but i lovveeeddd how he did it in Twilight! He new hair is cute, I just hope it grows back in time for New Moon!

  • somebody ;D


  • natalie

    your knew hairstyle looks good but i would prefer long over short. It is just so mysterious. All though you still look gorgeous

  • ss

    Wow. Some of the fangirls here are insane. He is an actor! He has to get different hair for each role. Jeeze, you can tell really tell who is a Robert Pattinson fan and who is a Edward Cullen fan. Thats too bad. He is such a wonderful actor, but now he going always be Edward. I love ROBERT PATTINSON. Whatever the hairstyle is. The idiot that made the comment about his eyes. How you like doing tons of promotional shit non-stop? He is bloody human. Cant get exhausted? He really must be a vampire. He was working his ass off and he finally get to relax at home. Leave him alone.

    Damn I do miss him tho.

  • Emily

    He looks hot either way! I really like his haircut either way, but this does look better :)

  • Emily

    He looks hot either way! I really like his haircut either way, but this does look better :)

  • http://Yahoo Brittany

    He looks ok with the hair cut but I think he looks HOTTER with the long Hair. I hope it grows back for NEW MOON. I still LOVE ROBERT PATTINSON

  • Kristen

    rob pattinson clearly is the most beautiful man alive.

    his messy hair was cute but with his short hair cut, he looks much more mature and older. i think it’s suitable and i love it..

  • cheeeEEEEEEEse

    EEEEEEW NOT!!!!!!! he always looks so hideous it isn’t even funny I mean seriously his face is demented

  • cheeeEEEEEEEse

    they might as well have plastered a butt to his face

  • Katie

    i love his hair both ways and he looks cleaner this way but the long tousled hair was his freakin sign!! it showed who he was and it was unique. but whatever he chooses i’m down with cuz he looks GORGEOUS either way =]
    luv u rob<333

  • susie

    oomg!!!! hes totally not hot!!!! whyy did hee do thaaaaaaaaat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nm

    have you guys noticed……. that rob has a much longer neck than usual? its quite sexy now that i have mentioned it can you see it???

  • lizzy pattinson

    he´s my brother

  • Cheyanne

    He’s adorable with both. :)

  • beatriz

    woww….he looks soooooo HOT,and so much better!



  • sophia

    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old hair made him look drunk now he looks more stophisicated3333333