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Ryan Phillippe and Abbie Cornish Sail From Sydney

Ryan Phillippe and Abbie Cornish Sail From Sydney

Ryan Phillippe and girlfriend Abbie Cornish are spotted before boarding a flight home in Sydney, Australia on Monday.

Last week at Calvin Klein‘s 40th anniversary party on Cockatoo Island, Phillippe reportedly charged at photographers, yelling, “We’re tired and I’m drunk and I don’t want you hassling my girl.” Phillippe calmed down once police doing rounds approached, The Sunday Telegraph reported.

The next day, Cornish and Phillippe stayed in their five-star inner-city hotel, opting for his and hers beauty treatments before hitting the road to Byron Bay.

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  • pete

    he always looks so rough
    thanks jared

  • amuse me

    I love her jacket

  • matchy matchy

    MATCHY MATCHY! they look so alike! its that celebrity thing of ‘whats better than me? someone who looks just like me!’

  • wish

    Got to get rough when they are aking your picures all the time.But not when the police have to come and stop you from acting up.Didn’t he know he was in another country .You got to have respect you.His girlfriend is nothing to fuss over..She knows what business her and ryan are in.He didn’t have to that when he was with reese.Because they kept their relationship on the down low.Also reese has begin to havw too much of the media.Jake isn’t that good. Ryan was the best for her.

  • alex

    I like Reese and Ryan with their new partners. They seem happier (aside from hating the paparazzi). They are by far the best Hollywood divorced parents.

  • remember da truth

    wish, what do you know about two other people’s relationship? Ryan and Reese were two very young people who married after she got pregnant. If they weren’t celebs, no one would be surprised that the relationship ran its course.
    That couple was over LONG before Ryan found someone else. He kept it on the down low because it wasn’t the media’s business — or yours.

    If Ryan is happy with someone else, and Reese is happy with someone else, too bad you who only care about looks want two unhappy people back together. I’m glad they are all happy.

    Wouldn’t a double wedding of Ryan and Abbie and Reese and Jake be fun? LOL!!

  • mju8

    she looks like his older sister or something, and a bit man-ish too!

  • sillyme

    Is she that much taller than him? He looks like a little boy next to her sometimes. She’s attractive, though. She could pass for the mother of his two children.

  • Just sayin

    They’re almost the same height, #8. He’s supposedly 1 inch taller than she is, so this is just the photographer’s perspective that makes him look smaller. I agree that she is good looking… glamorous in a womanly way and not the prepubescent Hollywood style of the moment. Also a wonderly talented actress.

  • ice

    Homewrecker. She probably thinks she’s so famous now, what with the “I’m so important” smug look on her face

  • palvasha

    she is not all that, i thought after that other girl, reece whatever her name is, he might go for a hot girl, but nop….

    she has a bit of a piglet nose, not nice

    he is ok

  • yoyo

    He’s tired of the photoghs hassling his ABBY CORNHOLE!!! C’mon!!!

  • happy

    he will do the same thing to her that he did with her – cheat. once a dog always a dog.

  • rags BS

    What happened to the ” spending the holidays in Australia”?
    I know, that was tabloid bulls*it.

  • PR

    “If Ryan is happy with someone else, and Reese is happy with someone else”

    Reese is happy with her fake, gay boyfriend!

  • gerard Vandenberg

    Please send the homo-sexuals back to where they came from.
    MANLY HOMO-SEXUALS enough in america already.
    Although women are more than welcome, folks!!

  • deka

    NO ONE cares about these two
    he lost stock when he cheated on reese

  • Just sayin

    Hey, #17. Does it occur to you that the same sites that said RP cheated on RW are the same ones who claimed he was spending Christmas in Australia? Just because they print it doesn’t make it so. Just sayin.

  • Lololo

    haha, that’s hilarious. Gotta love his honesty.

    And Gerard, WTF is wrong with you??

  • Cute

    “Gotta love his honesty.”
    I agree.
    No wonder Ryan couldn’t stand his phony ex-wife.

  • bonnie

    Travelling the world, 5-star hotels, his’n'hers beauty treatments- it’s a nice life Reece buys him…

  • Fair is fair!

    And Reese should pay Ryan for the PR he brought to her and the Hell he had to live with her.

    Fair is fair!

  • FoolsJust

    He makes 1 million a film and shoots about 2 a year. I think that’s enough to afford plane tickets and beauty treatments #21. By the way. Reese has never actually been paid 20 mill for a film. That was a media created fugure. RW and RP are happy now! Too bad you are NOT!!!

  • lollipop

    He looks like a little peanut now. With Reese, he looked like a tall striking man. Now not so much.

  • lollipop

    She is leading the entire time in body language. You can tell who wears the pants in that relationship.

  • Halo

    Is this a game between Ryan and Reese?! like seriously, one minute Ryan is shown on the internet with Abbie then Reese somehows gets her intimate moment with Jake on the internet as well. Now, we have Ryan with Abbie again. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Reese and Jake this week on Just Jared.

    It’s like Ryan and Reese are trying “prove” to each other that they are happy with other people. They should have sex with each other one more time and then stop with the photo messages.

  • Go Ryan!

    ” RW and RP are happy now! ”
    I doubt Reese Witherspoon is happy with her gay and faux boyfriend.

  • Go Ryan!

    “It’s like Ryan and Reese are trying “prove” to each other that they are happy with other people.”
    Ryan left Reese because of Abbie.
    Reese has something to prove – that she’s dating.
    Too bad Reese has to pay Jake to pretend to be her boyfriend.

  • rolleyes

    Mate, you know that you can make your point in one post right? You must think spamming is the way to get people to believe that what you’re saying is not just an opinion, but a fact.

  • Halo

    @ Go Ryan!

    Ryan didn’t leave Reese. Majority of the time, if men can get away with an affair while still married – they will do it if they don’t have to leave their wife.

    Reese filed for divorce. Reese left Ryan. You act like Ryan left Reese for the hottest thing on the planet. All Ryan did was talk about Reese after the separation. He’s with Abbie because of the principal. “Why not be with the person that helped break up my marriage even though I’m not in love?” I’m sure you get it now.

  • simple

    Reese filed for divorce AFTER Ryan left her and their house.
    Ryan was with Abbie BEFORE and AFTER the divorce.
    Ryan dumped Reese because he wanted to be with Abbie.

  • Ozzy

    You really can’t dispute the fact that he was in no way interested in continuing to be married to Reese, He seemed to be making that perfectly clear but I don’t think he left Reese FOR Abbie. He dated lots of girls before he started dating her and even then they supposedly weren’t exclusive for a while. Abbie seems very patient. She knows what she wants and she is going to get it. Ryan always goes for the bossy determined girls doesn’t he.

  • anonymous

    Abbie is stunning !

  • jenny

    They make a sexy couple.

  • meursault

    boy, this woman is bu_tt ugly

  • Kyle

    I think she is so pretty. I’ve just been watching parts of Candy on Youtube she was so good in that.

  • Halo

    Simple…tell me you’re joking with that comment.

    Reese was the one that found the explicit emails between the two. She told him to leave and he left. She filed for divorce. Ryan didn’t dump Reese for Abbie.

  • capital ewwww

    Really who cares about these two? But since, I’m here, Ryan was threatened by Reese’s larger paycheck and success. Now he’s traded down with this less successful actress. We all know that Reese made more money than Ryan and she’s has won an Oscar too.

  • ryan is hot

    You people are ridiculous you know nothing about the why or when of this split. It is so funny how you are all so serious and sure of yourselves!

  • chelsie

    Damn that’s one BIG B*tch!