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Thundercats: The Movie -- TRAILER

Thundercats: The Movie -- TRAILER

Check out this awesomely fan-made trailer for Thundercats: The Movie featuring:

Brad Pitt as Lion-O
Vin Diesel as Panthro
Gigi Edgley (Farscape‘s Chiana) as Cheetara
Hugh Jackman as Tygra (Man)

Best fake ever. And Snarf is awesome!!!! EPIC WIN!!!

If you’re not familiar with Thundercats, it was an 80′s cartoon series. (Check out the real intro here.) Warner Brothers is reportedly still creating a CGI-animated feature film of Thundercats, set for a summer 2010 release.

Thundercats: The Movie — TRAILER
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Credit: WormyT
Posted to: Brad Pitt, Hugh Jackman, Vin Diesel

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  • dani

    very weird… brad is sooo hot!

  • xena

    Brad is too old for being Lion…But it looked interesting except for that horrible cat animation that was totally distracting.

    I used to love thundercat when a child.

  • Pauli

    I spy with my little eye some clips from the He-Man movie (from 1987).

  • caxposed

    Wow, that was awesome! Can’t believe this FAKE trailer was hotter than the Dragonball Evolution trailer! 20th Century Fox should definitely hire this guy to make their trailers!

  • Mad_Hatter

    I love the thundercats and have been dying for them to make it into a movie! So this just makes my day! it was very well made.
    Hats off to the creator!

  • RUBI

    now i can see Brad in this character…. and someone should hire this guy asap.

  • jonjon

    Hahaha nice clips from the Power Rangers movie and Spy Kids as well.

  • vams

    that would be nicee except for garfield-esque …snarf hahahah

  • j jill

    Wait, which movie did Brad Pitt get thrown out of his premier party for?

    Says he got jacked up at his premier party. It didn’t say where and which movie it was for though.

  • Sebastian


  • sAYWHAT?

    Great job photoshopping his Achilles picture.

  • SkyEatsMe

    wow. that was actually really good.lmao

    good job to whoever made the trailer.

  • Faye88

    I’m not familiar at all with Thundercats, but this video was awesome in every respect. The creator is an artist with a videogame company. He should definitely advance to the movies.

  • Corey to cool

    Wow i thought it was real to i read the whole thing, the kids were clips from spy kids, lol they sould make a real move i love the thunder cats, that my flip cups team name.

  • LuckyL

    Lol, I loved this show

  • ewww

    it looks awesome! snarf!

  • spicylily, thailand

    It’s just awesome.
    I don’t know ‘ Thundercats’
    but this is GREAT !!

  • Cecilia

    Ooooh…Thundercats is my childhood cartoon…:-)
    I am a fond of this cartoon. But wondering who is going to play Mumm-ra.

  • HA

    I guess it’s a good thing that they could turn his dreadful performance in Troy into something positive.

  • Andrómeda

    The creator of this “fake trailer” did a good job.
    I used to like Thundercats.

  • rossy40

    Bravo to the creator of the “FAKE TRAILER” – Lots of people would believe it’s real; might still EVEN with the disclaimer sating that’s it’s fake.
    Be that as it may, MY favorite 80′s cartoons were the following (in no particular order): Battle of the Planets, Danger Mouse, Astro Boy, The Simpsons!, Ghostbusters… and one with a cow that thought she was human (walking on 2 legs) & getting into silly situations.
    DAMN! I wish I could remember the name of that last one. For all I know, it isn’t even an 80′s cartoon, but from the decade before or after it. Of course, I’m still watching “cartoons” – The Simpsons, Family Guy & American Dad – my guilty pleasures on Sundays.

  • rossy40

    Wait! I remember the last one – It was COW and CHICKEN! it was in the ’90′s & became a favorite pastime to share with my nephew when was little.

  • TLT

    hahah, that was so awesome made!!

  • christine

    The trailer was great…they should really consider making a real Thundercats movie!!!!!!
    Vin Diesel would definitely make a great Panthro!!!
    The question is who would play Mumm-ra, the ever living…

  • christine

    The trailer was great…they should really consider making a real Thundercats movie!!!!!!
    Vin Diesel would definitely make a great Panthro!!!
    The question is who would play Mumm-ra, the ever living…

  • christine

    ooops..sorry for the double post…

  • nicolasVB

    Looks very very VERY BAD!!!! I dont like it at all!!!

  • Rayt

    nicolasVB probably thinks its real. lol

    that was cool. Better than some real trailers I’ve seen.

  • indiesr

    I would so watch that, Brad looks hot! LOL

  • Gina

    That was a pretty damn good ‘made up’ trailer! Bravo to the creator!!

  • Gina

    That was a pretty damn good ‘made up’ trailer! Bravo to the creator!!

  • manuela

    cheetara has nothing to do with the cartoon….

  • Cameron

    O.M.G. Are they kidding? This looks so cheesy I just became wacktose intolerant.

  • ***********

    I remember this cartoon. I think they picked some great actors for the parts too! Brad probably thought it would be fun for his children to see him in something like this. I imagine his kids will get such a kick out of this movie. I think my kids would love to see this movie!

  • Cebu Pictures

    – Brad Pitt, Vin Diesel, and Hugh Jackman in one movie. Wow this is amazing. I bet this is better than batman movie series.

  • Dwayne deans

    Ho my GOD that was fake!!! what are u guys waiting on to put it out , that would be the best thing since transformers. I love it!!!

  • Remember the truth

    It was good, but in all honesty not fantastic as everyone makes it out to be. As long as it’s something not studio driven, everyone will back it up and support it and claim how “great” it is.
    If a studio were to release this trailer, it would get shit on left right and center, just like the Dragon Ball Z trailer did.
    Everyone would complain about the cartoonish snarf, the lame dialogue and voiceover, and Vin Diesel.
    You people are so blind.

  • damarixxx.

    Wow, some scenes from the movie and some words that Brad Pitt say are exactly like the “Troy” movie he did while ago, then there is Spy Kid parts in there too?!? What’s up with that?

  • bez405

    Wait…i don’t get it.

    This is a joke right?

  • alekziel

    FUCKING AMAZING!! I will so watch this movie!!!
    Brad is an amazing little kitten XD

  • adam

    You can confuse it with a real one. It’s even better than the trailer of Dragonball…

  • Caroline

    Realy nice video.

  • Connie

    haha, that was very nicely done. I remember watching Thundercats reruns when it showed on Toonami!

  • Jaded

    Good job with the trailer. Someone hire this guy ASAP. Now I’m going to spend the next hour picking out which movies it came from. Did I see a Mummy 2 in there with the pyramid?

  • Ugly MANiston

    Brad is soooooo hot. Anyway, I know this is not about the brad’s x but I am happy that Marley & me got a 2 1/2 stars review and CCOBB got 4 stars form MSN.

  • Kill the light

    lol i was excited but this is a good ake vin d scene frm chronicles of riddick brad p scene frm troy of course n hugh j scene fm xmen….. this wuld b a great combo tho.

  • Janeway

    Very cool. This guy is good. Awesome casting especially Hugh-Wolverine already has cat-like movements. Great job.

  • Lexxvs

    What the Holly Shit is doing (that kind of) Gardfield in this movie? That was so lame. Come on.

  • tpink

    DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANNA SEE THIS

  • nORA

    Wow! Whoever created this fake is very close to making it the real thing.
    I take a bow before the artist who did that good job

    Although I don´t know very much about the Thundercats…maybe the movie moguls could pick up the idea and make it happen….
    Mr. Jackman! Couldn´t your company Seed Productions buy the rights? Sure would be a monster-hit in the cinemas all over the world.