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Beyonce - "Halo" Music Video

Beyonce -

Check out Beyonce‘s new “Halo” music video! Here are some sample lyrics:

Everywhere I’m looking now
I’m surrounded by your embrace
Baby I can see your halo
You know you’re my saving grace
You’re everything I need and more
It’s written all over your face
Baby I can feel your halo
Pray it won’t fade away
I can feel your halo (halo) halo [x6]

Tell JJ: Do you like the “Halo” music video better than the “Diva” one?

Beyonce – “Halo” Music Video
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  • Woooo

    This is beautiful.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    …`amazingly beautiful.
    `one of the ;best videos of this year.

  • stella

    so first it was IF I WERE A BOY, then SINGLE LADIES, then DIVA, now HALO…all in the matter of 2 months, and none of those songs were any good or have been that successful…

    poor beyonce, time for a new CD!

  • bibo

    so gooooooooooood!!!

  • hotness

    beyonce is actually talented…unlike rihanna…her songs are completely manufactured and she cant sing live…i dont understand all the hype..just because you cut your hair doesnt mean that you are talented…even chris brown can sing..rihanna is nowhere near beyonce’s success and talent.

  • PINK

    Stella what are you talking about SINGLE LADIES is the number 1 song in the country.

  • veronica

    It’s a lovely song but the video is just… boring!



  • JOHN

    Halo > Diva

    Britney > Beyonce

  • Stupiadazzstella

    Stella, Single Ladies has been number one twice on the US Billboard charts and If I Were A Boy is #1 in a lot of european countries. Stop hating hater!

  • ace*

    i really like this video better than her other ones.

  • nims

    John wtf???

  • hannah

    I like diva better

    But I’m in love with Single Ladies!!



  • boring

    BORING, Rihanna better.

  • http://Goawaybeyonce boring

    GO AWAY.

  • http://Goawaybeyonce RIri gooood.

    Rihanna’s tunes rule.

  • Zuzann.

    I love it! <33

  • rafa

    The video is beautiful!

    The man is dead, and he is her angel ( haaaalo)


  • rafa

    Rihaana sucks!

    Queen Bey!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    beyonce cant sing live?!?
    with comments like that you can tell people are just typing whatever to piss others off. not a single person believes any of the negative comments they typing. hahahahaha this is the last time i post or even come onto a beyonce thread. the lame racist hate is to strong here. LMBAO

  • Kay

    that’s michael ealy in the vid! used to date Halle Berry. very well-known actor. shout him out JJ!!

  • alegra

    the chorus sound like the umbrella chorus

  • It_aint_no_Diva

    I like the “Diva” video better…. Don’t get me wrong I love the song “Halo” but the video just doesn’t have the passion the song does. They should have portrayed the video better… I’m really disappointed.

  • Taylorswiftfan

    Michael Ealy!!!!!!! Oh lordy lordy lordy, that man is a slice of heaven walking among peasants.

    He is so fine. The things I would let that man do to meeeeeee I cannot even put into words.

    yum yum yum

  • LolaSvelt

    It’s a shame that there’s so much negative comments about a singer who can actually, er SING.

    Stop talking about crazy Britney Spears or Rihanna AKA I need people to write songs for me otherwise my career would be down the toilet.

  • prettybOisObadd

    don’t liek it at all, could have been better
    cominq from beyonce.

    she picked a qood quy thouqh,
    he made it much better lOl .

  • enoughalready

    Beautiful video. Keep up the good, wonderful, marvelous work Beyonce. HALO is love and so this VIDEO IS LOVE….

    Please stop embarassing Rihanna cause y’all know that girl can not carry a tune across a one half lane highway.. There is and never will be a chance for Rihanna to be as talented as Beyonce.

    She cut her hair and took off a lot of clothing, pranced around to some very catchy songs that would even make Oprah a music superstar and people done went crazy. But please stop adding talent when addressing Rihanna.

  • deede

    love the song, better then diva but the diva video was more fun!!!
    she’s is freaking amazing
    WAY better then rihanna, because Beyonce can actually sing


    hank, john and boring… u three are one merged dumb piece of SHIT! lol

  • rex

    if i were J i would instantly kill this guy! KILL KILL KILL !!!!

  • Beyonce iz a Diva

    I like both songz but I think I will get tired of all the wannabe divas playin it to much and it will start to get annoying but I kinda like the video but i thought she should have added xtr outta this world dances. Halo on the other hand is a soft and beautiful song like the video but I did think that it was just a tad bit boring. Sorry B just being honest but I still think that you are no.1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ANts

    First of all Single Ladies is number 1 in the US and If I were a Boy reached number one in Europe.
    Secondly Halo will probably be her best chart topping hit off the ” I AM” album.
    I think the video is simple and sweet and not overdone.
    I’m so tired of seeing Rihanna and her big forehead wearing latex and eye patches looking like a character from Pirates of the Caribbean.
    This song is totally different from anything out right now. We have another Beyonce # 1coming up.

  • Hiro

    The song is amazing.

  • angel

    It’s pretty. I love the lyrics.
    I like how she is releasing one song from both albums at the same time. She really knows how to sell herself and is motivated.
    I give it up to her being a smart business woman and an excellent entertainer.

  • SL


  • Sheepskin is best

    Michael Ealy is sooooooooooooo hot! Too bad he would never date Beowulf Beyonce in real life. lol

  • adam

    Rihanna is a joke, i don’t understand how the people say she’s better than Beyoncé. Rihanna is all made-up, she has only had one successful album out of three and her songs aren’t even great.

  • jenna

    who cares about Beyonce – turn the sound off and watch this vid for MICHAEL EALY!!!! omg he is the hottest thing on the planet. in the middle of watching “sleeper cell” series just because he is in it (and turns out it’s really good!).

  • jim


  • jen

    like this better than Diva… I dont usually like beyonce but I like this song and it has a nice vid too


    This music video is adorable, much better than diva!

  • Stella ava

    i love how natural and airy Beyonce looks in this video. she’s more beautiful without makeup. unlike uh what’s her face?

  • shenanyginz


  • lovesoundpop

    I love it! , good job Beyonce! it’s beautiful :)

  • Luiza


    GO B!!!!!

  • Marcelo

    Amazing!!! Simple but beautiful!!! Love it!

  • halo

    reminds me of rhianna, but it by far one of her best songs!

  • lalalove

    @ Faiz (#6):
    How dim-witted can one get?
    I’m not a fan and neither do I own the album and it’s evident to me what she’s doing. She’s releasing a single representing something closer to her personality, thus the “I am…”, or if you prefer, the Beyonce. Then one represents her alter ego, Sasha Fierce, simultaneously.

    F-in DUHHHHH!
    Rihanna milking her bullsh*t album has nothing to do with this.

  • lalalove

    @ Halo (#52):
    When did Rihanna release a song parallel to this? You have GOT to be kiddin’ me! WTF is wrong with you?

    What the fu(k is up with people relating this song to ANYTHING Rihanna has ever done!?