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Jennifer Lopez is a Victoria's Secret Angel

Jennifer Lopez is a Victoria's Secret Angel

A solo Jennifer Lopez supports fellow entertainer Justin Timberlake by wearing his William Rast jeans while doing some last-minute Christmas shopping on Tuesday (December 23) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 39-year-old made stops at a few stores, including Victoria’s Secret. Maybe to pick up a little something something to spice up her marriage?

Tabloids have been reporting that there has been trouble brewing for Jennifer and husband Marc Anthony, despite the fact that they renewed their vows in October.

According to Page Six, Jennifer has been sending her assistant to shadow Marc while she stayed at home with their twins.

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  • Sheepskin is best

    Divorce announcement in 3, 2, 1…………

  • NativeNYker

    P6 is so likely right… Its such a typical puerto rican trait to want to check your mans messages et…. so i’ve little doubt she is keeping taps on his skinny ass! inevitably he will stray… its in his mo. the countdown is in full swing.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • yoyo


  • bella

    He’s been straying for a while, no one stays with this b—- for very long. She is very controlling, nagging and wants everything her way. I guess Mr. Skinny got tired of Ms. Fat Ass.

  • lollipop

    Oh please. Controlling bitches are the very ones who keep their men. If anything its the nice girls that get $hit upon. She picks men with controlling ways like Ben and Marc.

    Ben’s marriage is on its way out too. Trust. If you look at the body language of these two, she drapes her arm around him possessively. He does not return the favor. Body language never hides. Its there for all to see. He’s still a player just like Marc.

    Both of these marriages will sink before the end of 2009.

  • nicole b.

    She probably even orders him around in the bedroom……Skeleton man wants some freedom and some new ass. You know Ben Affleck got tired of this b— too, thankfully he got out before she deballed him. She doesn’t need to have him followed all she has to do is look at the latest photos of him in bars, La Vegas with a bevy of beauties. Sorry, Jen from the Block, what goes around, comes around. If he can leave Ms. Universe he sure can leave Ms. Jenny from the Block.

  • SARA

    She can do so much better ….I have never understood what she saw in him…..he is so…ICK…..I swear he must be on something

    And as far as her being controlling….You got that backwards….HE IS THE ONE WHO IS CONTROLLING…SO SAY ALL HIS EX….And has always cheated….


    Plus I doubt that Marc would have someone spying on him….him being A LATINO MACHO….DONT THINK SO.


  • tessla

    Controlling b—— do not keep their men and if they do they pay a price for it. These men might act like their going to walk a straight line to pacify the wife, but once they start it is something that will never stop. So, is Ms. Controlling, going to turn the cheek and pretend its not happening, that’s the only way she will keep this philanderer. She must be sorry in bed as they all dump her except for Chris Judd and he seemed mentally challenged.

  • ginger

    Sorry, having babies does not save marriages. Maybe she thought it would and who knows I think he has a better marriage then JLo. I think the only way that marriage stays intact is that Ben Afflect stays mostly in Third World Countries and who knows what he’s up to there.

  • jonhar
  • cutie

    She looks beautiful. :-)

  • Sand

    Not a huge J.Lo fan, but she’s very pretty.

  • Amber

    That divorce is so happening. Her hair looks good, at least.

  • jim

    Please Jen just go away! You are soooo old news….

  • All i’m saying…

    “…desptie the fact that they renewed their vows in October.”
    He renewed his vows with his last wife in a lavish ceremony before moving on to this one within a year of his divorce…

  • Josh

    Gorgeous lady. Thanks, Jared!

  • rose

    the trolls is the same person.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    She’s a member of the “LA HELLS ANGELS”, folks?

  • brie2009

    Seriously why did JLo ever went with Marc. I mean he looks like a speed addict (Thats what my aunt says)! I guess she just went for whats on the inside and not the out.

    BTW I went to VS for my Xmas shopping today too! And it was packed! But I bet no one cares, I just thought i’d bring that up. = )

  • betduke

    You have got to be kidding! Victoria’s Secret actually carries a size for that butt. I guess they have a big and huge section somewhere.

  • Madonna

    Wa wa wee wa!

  • JEN

    she looks gorgeous ! love her outfit.

  • deka

    she is too old to be so desperate and pathetic

  • Ed

    She may be a diva but she’s still beautiful.

  • Luvly

    so pretty!

  • right #20

    You are right #20. Vic’s Secret does NOT carry PLUS sizes for her big ass. Maybe skeletor likes to wear ladies lingerie?

  • lazy

    Jennifer looks gorgeous,really a beautiful woman!But a little angry…So glad to see her again,thanks jared

  • lazy

    Jennifer looks gorgeous,really a beautiful woman!But a little angry…So glad to see her again,thanks jared


    Why does everyone tell Jen Aniston STFU about Brad when all we
    see is BEN BEN BEN.. HAS NOTHING to do any of this.. Please
    That dickhead of a woman is not a part of his life never will be..

    So say the same thing about Brad and Matt who goes more than Ben
    does to the third world countries…At least Ben is happily married and
    doesn’t do anything wrong but the minute any of these blogs mentions
    his name that dickhead Jlo has to be attached.. Why the hell not go for
    Sean Combs instead…She is a fat assed woman who is not popular
    with out Ben attached.. in the god damn comment page

  • lily

    She’s been looking great lately.

  • london chica

    She’s not fat.

  • Dan

    Nothing wrong with her body. She’s a gorgeous full-figured woman.

  • tobey

    Rumors are just that rumors and I don’t believe them. Anyone who does is stupid just like the gossip mags that print those rumors. People is the only magazine I trust. They have said absolutely nothing except that Marc & Jen are fine. They’re fine, leave them alone already.

  • Who Cares?

    She looks great, and I’m not much of a fan. Wow!

  • Marie

    Lollipop is so obsessed with Ben Affleck, it’s pathetic. Garner and Affleck have nothing to do with Lopez’s failing marriage. Lopez is the one who has been married multiple times, all of which ended. It shows who the controlling one is. Ben looks happy in his marriage, unlike Lopez and there are many photos of Ben draping his arm over Garner, again that is your envious mind at work. Draping your arm doesn’t mean possessively, it means protection. You fail at reading body language. The only marriage that will sink is Lopez’s while Garner’s will still be going strong with another child. And you will still be talking about them. How sad.

  • Marie

    Ginger aka. Lollipop he goes to do charitable work unlike this selfish b-tch, who only cares about herself and never helps. It takes two people to have a child and make that decision. Ben spends more time with his family than in Africa where he does his charitable work. This post isn’t about Ben, it’s about Lopez. Why do you Lopez fans keep bringing up Ben? Get over him already.

  • estrogen monster

    Jennifer Lopez can’t convert to Scientology fully due to her catholic roots. Just another scientology family who is in trouble.

  • Ella

    Why do you post this woman? Nobody cares about her anymore. She probably just took off her ring because she knew she would get attention.

  • Ella

    I agree Becky. The few fans she has left only bring him up to bring the comments up, probably. Sad.

  • jummy

    Why are you people always talking about ben??Who cares?

    If there are people that still think you need to be a 0 size to wear victoria sexcret´s clothes…well. I´m sorry for you, that´s all. I´m more intelligent to know men love women with t*** and bu**, not broomsticks.

    Fat?This woman looks incredible

  • jummy

    Becky Smith

    Take a deep breath girl, and don’t make a fool of yourself

  • jummy

    Becky Smith

    Take a deep breath girl, and don’t make a fool of yourself

  • ivelisse30

    Jennifer Lopez looks fabulous! Beautiful as always..

  • Lainey

    Jummy, it’s the fans who keep bringing him up in the first place. More like who cares about her since they have to bring him up to get more comments.

  • wendy

    Love to see her in just jared.Shes unique.

  • توبيكات غنائيه

    He renewed his vows with his last wife in a lavish ceremony before moving on to this one within a year of his divorce…

  • Stephanie Duchoix

    Be wiser than other people if you can, but do not tell them so. Shout it.