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Barack Obama: Goodbye, Grandma!

Barack Obama: Goodbye, Grandma!

President-elect Barack Obama and his half-sister Maya attend a memorial service for their grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, on Tuesday at at the First Unitarian Church in Honolulu in Oahu, Hawaii.

Obama, Maya and long-time family friend Bobby Titcomb were seen scattering flower petals and his grandmother’s ashes in the sea at Lanai Lookout.

Madelyn, whom Obama called “Toot,” died on the eve of the election. Her absentee ballot (obviously for Obama) was cast before her death and was still counted as an official vote for her grandson.

10+ pictures inside of Barack Obama saying goodbye to grandma…

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barack obama grandmother memorial 01
barack obama grandmother memorial 02
barack obama grandmother memorial 03
barack obama grandmother memorial 04
barack obama grandmother memorial 05
barack obama grandmother memorial 06
barack obama grandmother memorial 07
barack obama grandmother memorial 08
barack obama grandmother memorial 09
barack obama grandmother memorial 10

Credit: Kent Nishimura-Pool/Getty, Tim Sloan/AFP; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Who?

    It’s pretty pathetic that he invited the paparazzi. Is everybody a FAME WHORE?

  • terwt


  • Elena

    This is a very private moment and I find it incredibly distasteful for it to be on a gossip/celebrity news website.

  • Anon

    The paparrazzi weren’t invited. It’s a shame that he isn’t given the same level of respect that other presidents have received. He is spied on in his private moments and his wife and his children as well. My prayers are with him and his sister and family for the death of his grandmother, but I had no need to see these pictures. Shame on the people who stole this private moment from his family and shame on the people who publish the pictures too, Jared.

  • You mention a friend and not

    Obama’s sister? Toot’s only other grandchild besides Obama is grandaughter Maya Soetoro-Ng who is also in the pictures.

    Also ATTN…Who? #1. Are you this foolish offline too? And the press wouldn’t be following the new leader of the free world without a call from the PRESIDENT ELECT? Damn, people like you are simply frightning. Just dumb and in need of attention the only way you know how to get it, and that’s by saying stupid shit.

  • MTuk1

    #1 You’re an idiot. Photographers will follow the president anywhere he goes. He doesn’t have to invite them.


    Barack Obama is soooooooooooooo HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT
    HOTTEST president of all time!!!!!!!! HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

  • always

    Beautiful tribute. Shame the paps wouldn’t give them their privacy.

  • jj

    #1′s a moron….. you think Obama called the paps and said, “come get this money shot?”

    you idiot…..

  • andrea

    Why are you posting these pics Jared!?!?

  • Katee

    I agree w/ Anon. I think it is horrible that he is covered by the paparazzi like a common celebrity.

  • chAU

    Obama is actually likes his privacy. He’s mentioned how he wants his family to live a normal life. Why would he ever want to invite paps to snap pictures of him and his family whenever they go out? But as a public figure and President-elect, he is followed around constantly unfortunately. But at least, we get to see that he goes through hard times like we do and he’s “not just a common celebrity.” He’s well-educated and well-rounded and WAY better than any celebrity.

  • Amanda

    I’m pretty sure this is a celebrity blog. Why in the hell am I looking at this politician?

  • shoes4life

    The reason he is followed is because of his popularity and unfortunately that celebrity-like popularity has made him a papparazi target, no matter what he do. At least until the secret service do their job and kick some papparazi ass, then this invasion of their privacy will stop.

    If the secret service don’t stop it now it is only going to get worse. I imagine they will get a hold of their intruding asses once a photo of the Obama family appears on the internet from inside the White House.


  • Obama

    I like that Obama’s family is so diverse- Asian, African, and American.

  • Maddy

    Folks, if Obama did not want the press there, they wouldn’t be allowed within 5 miles of the him. Even the paps don’t mess with the Secret Service. Nice tribute, but can you say photo-op?

  • ella

    #1 and 16, you’re both idiots. The man did not invite the paps to snap photos of him and his family scattering ashes. Unfortunately, the paps were on public property and were using lenses long enough to capture a private moment. And Maddy, if you think the Secret Service can cordon off five miles of public property to ensure the President-elect’s privacy you are not only an idiot but an uninformed fool. Happy holidays!

  • not true

    maddy there is such a thing a long lense.

  • laura

    It’s sad that photographers took a picture of such an intimate moment.

  • GG

    Maddy, you seem like a dumb person.

  • Sheepskin is best

    This is a private moment. I guess the paps have no shame.

  • Amanda

    GG, you seem like a dumb person.

  • suzy

    love him.

  • dumb fucks

    Maddy, you’re an idiot.

    1. Do you know what LONG LENSE SHOTS are??? Do you know how powerful and how far of a shoot those cameras can get??

    2. There is no way Secret Service can block anybody from coming witin 5 miles from Obama.

  • Domino

    This is so wrong. As others have said, this is a private moment. What the hell is wrong with people!

  • :(

    I do not think these pictures should be posted on this website. Jared, this website has integrity compared to other trashy gossip websites, therefore I think we should take these pictures off immediately. This is a private moment and it should not be broadcast for the world to see.

    R.I.P Madelyn Dunham.

  • bella

    Agree with comment #3 and #8.
    jared you should remove this post. it was a private moment.

  • JJ

    jared, i dont understand why ur posting that??!?

  • Corey to cool

    Take this down please, no matter who it is these picture like these should not be post.

    For all you people who think he is a press hound, have you ever lost someone close to you. His toot was one of the people who raised him the last of his parent figure and I know it has to be painful for him to know that she is gone. His mom, dad and grandparents are gone and they never got to see him make history that has to play on his mind. I think it disrespectful for people to act like this is another photo-op. I think it’s disrespectful to act like he not affect by his lost and just using it to be in the media eye. Can we just let him be for a moment with all the bull shit. If he was a white guy would he get this much hate? I wonder…

  • spicylily, thailand

    Dear Jared,

    It’s totally private moment and Barack Obama and his family should get more respect,

    He is your president elected for G….d sake.

    Why is this on your website ?
    The papz there are unbelievable.
    Thank God, we don’t have something like this in my country.

    It’s just way…………..too……………much
    I don’t undersatnd you anymore Jared.

  • jan

    #1 and #16 you guys are idiots. Those pics were not the idea of the president. Leave my president alone.

    People take pics of him whereever her goes.

  • jan

    Jared can post what he wants to. It is his blog. Who the hell do you people think you are that you can dictate to Jared what to post on HIS blogt. Stupid hags.

  • colortheory

    Don’t you realize he has an army of politically motivated and devoted supporters? Look for privacy legislation real soon. I’ll be the first to sign the petition. You people are scum.

  • Kiki

    After this private Hawaiian vacation, it won’t be long before the long-lens paps are dealt a blow by our President-elect’s Secret Service. Once he is sworn into office, it he will be heavily guarded.

    Never in my lifetime do I want to witness anyone harming my President, a civil rights leader, or a former senator/attorney general running for the presidency.

    Although I enjoyed seeing the photos of the cremation, it was meant to be a private affair for he and his sister not to be invaded by the paparazzi who have no personal boundaries.

    In my own mind, cremation is the most beautiful, sacred and sanitary of all burial forms. The physical body is a temple for housing the exquisite soul which moves to other realities once it releases itself from the body! We are so much more than this physical form!!!!! But, why not LOVE, celebrate, and honor while learning our lessons here on Planet Earth?!!

  • Halli

    Jared. STOP posting these moments that are so private and of the President-Elect. This is wrong on so many levels.

    To those dumb people saying he invited the paparazzi. Please educate yourself. He’s probably the biggest star in the world right now and these were taken with a LONG SHOT lense.

    This isn’t about politics.
    This is his grandmothers’ funeral.
    Please take your hate somewhere else.

  • LuckyL

    Who? is a f****** dumb*** like all of the haters on this website.

  • Scatter Brain

    The law should be changed. Their is no reason that people that want to scatter the ashes of their loved ones, should be required to go 3 miles out to sea. Had President elect Obama checked, he would have had to hire a boat and scattered his grandmother out at sea. 35% of all Americans are now choosing cremation and more then half of those who cremate will have a scattering ceremony.
    Using a scattering urn would have added some dignity and eased the scattering process for the scattering ceremony. The Obamas looked to have had a meaningfull and elegant final tribute to grandma. So many Americans today are choosing to scatter in such sacred places of remembrance. The natural beuty and freedom that scattering is a touching and unforgetable experience that cemeterys just cant compete with.
    One aspect often lost to scattering is a permanant memorial for family and friends to visit. One new type of scattering urn convert into a memorial birdhouse, where the cycle of life continues as families of birds move in to these natural memorials.
    The governments official stance on scattering on beaches and national parks is dont ask, dont tell and dont leave a mess. You can learn all about scattering ashes at this very informative website.

  • Miller

    oh please, he wanted his idiot followers to see him do this. thought the dude was a christian. Ha. another lie.

  • Chriss

    Miller, you’re a troll.

  • om santi

    To Miller 38
    I really think you do not have loved grandma’s or grandpa’s, if you do then you would never say such things.
    The photo’s were the work of photographers , not the wish of the (victim) photographed ones.
    Do you think Lady Diana wished people to see her battered body after the car accident? No? Then why did you think Obama wished the opposite?(to be seen).
    If you are a Christian, you should not say such degrading, unloving (hateful) words, THAT is unchristian, NOT Obama’s remembering his Toot . Remember, Obama had no time to attend her funeral due to the election vote-counting days, just a day after herdeath !

  • jack

    Yes, goodbye racist granny.

    I wonder if they buried her in her white sheets.

  • jack

    Oh, I just read.

    They cremated her.

    No evidence.

    I bet she was about to blow the lid of the fact that her daughter went to Africa before Obama was born because she wanted him to be born in Africa.

  • jack

    Corey to cool said:

    “If he was a white guy would he get this much hate? I wonder.”

    Did you awake from Coma after 8 years?

    You need to really catch up man. Lots has happened since your accident.

  • توبيكات شعر

    This is a private moment. I guess the paps have no shame.