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Clay Aiken is a Cute Caricature

Clay Aiken is a Cute Caricature

Clay Aiken receives his very own caricature from Sardi’s Restaurant on Tuesday, for his Broadway Debut in the musical Spamalot.

“At the end of the day, Parker is the most important thing of the year, and of my life, without question,” Aiken recently told People. “Having a son and that type of responsibility is obviously going to be something that I remember forever.”

“I want to spend time with Parker. He’s still uber-dependent,” Aiken says, laughing. “I’m ready for him to start talking. I’m ready for a little action!”

15+ more pics inside of Clay Aiken‘s cute caricature…

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clay aiken sardis restaurant caricature 01
clay aiken sardis restaurant caricature 02
clay aiken sardis restaurant caricature 03
clay aiken sardis restaurant caricature 04
clay aiken sardis restaurant caricature 05
clay aiken sardis restaurant caricature 06
clay aiken sardis restaurant caricature 07
clay aiken sardis restaurant caricature 08
clay aiken sardis restaurant caricature 09
clay aiken sardis restaurant caricature 10
clay aiken sardis restaurant caricature 11
clay aiken sardis restaurant caricature 12
clay aiken sardis restaurant caricature 13
clay aiken sardis restaurant caricature 14
clay aiken sardis restaurant caricature 15
clay aiken sardis restaurant caricature 16
clay aiken sardis restaurant caricature 17
clay aiken sardis restaurant caricature 18
clay aiken sardis restaurant caricature 19

Photos: Joseph Marzullo/WENN
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  • Chelsea

    He looks more like a woman everyday……..

  • Lauren

    What a great honor for Clay to be recognized for his Broadway Debut. So nice to see his friends from the cast with him to celebrate this special day.

    Congratulations Clay!

  • Jake

    What an HONOR!!! And well deserved!! Congratulations!!

  • dolly

    And some people look more like assholes everyday!

  • Angie

    Wow! Getting Sardi’s caricature is a big deal on Broadway, and Clay certainly deserves it. Go see him in Spamalot before it’s too late, he is fantastic!

  • rosebud

    Lordy he is soooooo ugly. I feel bad for his son.

  • CR30.01

    Actually, I’m not sure this drawing is a caricature at all. Caricatures are supposed to exaggerate some traits. The portrait is very flatering. Or, dare I say?, über flatering.

  • Irene

    He is so adorable! Congrats Clay! This is the big time :)

  • Kenza

    WOW! He is very ugly!

  • allyson

    Wow, Clay looks great. He looks so happy and he should be. I’m so glad to see him get this honor. It is certainly a big deal and well deserved. He is great in Spamalot. His son will certainly have another reason to be proud of his Dad.

    Congrats Clay.

  • Zumastra

    Great and well deserved honor for Clay.
    He has enriched Broadway with his talent and work ethic!

  • Liz

    Congratulations Clay! This is a great honor and the mean comments made by a few here only wish they were you, otherwise they would not even comment. and go on to other things. No matter how they try, you are still here 5 years (going on 6) later, you are the best! Merry Christmas and enjoy your Holidays with your son. Be proud!

  • Julia

    Chealsea #1 – is that you Chelsea Handler?!?!
    I love your show, can I please get tickets.
    xoxo your biggest fan!

  • imaginaque

    Cute? Adorable? He’s fuglyyyyyyyyyyyy – and no amount of hair dye or eye makeup will remedy that. In fact, he might not look so fugly (i.e., at least he wouldn’t look like a f*cking freak) if he went for a natural look. Right now, he looks like a white version of Jacko.

  • Maddy

    Shame on those posters who must always post something nasty on the internet. I think he looks just fine. Loved him in Spamalot. This is an honor for Clay. Good for him.

  • RS

    Clay is a nice looking young man. Too bad there’s so many jealous people posting here. He’s also very talented and deserves some recognition. I admire the way he goes on with his life without regard to to his detractors, No matter what they say about him he’s still a very talented individual and they will never take that away.

  • Allisanna

    Congrats to Clay! It’s great to see good things happening to such a talented wonderful man.

  • angelina

    OMG I can’t believe how people say he’s ugly. I’ve seen him up close several times and he is gorgeous. He has such fine features, beautiful full lips, gorgeous piercing green eyes….gah, anyone who can’t see it is blind.

  • Kayla

    Well gee , some of you folks must think you are God’s gift to mankind to raise yourselves so fare above that you can put someone else down like that .
    Go take a look at youtube at some of his concerts. His hair and colour of it were like the weather ……..wait 5 min. and it will change yet again. That is part of Clay I loved ……….the variety he gave us . Who he is deep down inside is who you see in concert conversing with his fans and having them rolling in the isles with laughter . Clay Aiken is a born entertainer and knows how to leave his audiance wanting more when he showcases his pipes of perfection and his hilarious wit !!
    He deserves this honour quite frankly because he is dang good and should be allowed the same respect that he so unselfishly shows to others with his message of inclusion. To bad those who have passed judgement on his looks just have not taken the time to find this out . When he had long hair , and his hairstyle from when he was on Trya he was drop dead gorgeous ……..but no matter how he changes his look, what he is on the inside will forever stay the same and I could not be more proud of him for that .

  • dana

    Clay doesn’t mind looking like a queen – that’s why he’s cool with the make-up and over styled hair. Let Clay be Clay.

  • Tucker

    I see why Clay Aiken says that he shrugs off the petty comments . Lol . At the end of the day he is the one that actually has a life : a loving family , exceptional talent , a busy career , a huge group of adoring fans and lots of money in the bank .

    Congratulations on having your caricature in Sardis , Clay .

  • Rene

    well said Tucker!

    awesome Clay, congratulations! what an honor…hope your Christmas is filled with love, family and gooood food :)

  • afan22

    Congrats to Clay Aiken well a deserved honor. He looks great as usual.

  • jesus

    Angelina is on crack. Clay is the ugliest person I’ve ever seen. Nothing on his face is right.

  • Dtpnc

    Clay is one of the most naturally handsome guys around, but that doesn’t always come across in some of the pics that get posted of him (like everyone here is super photogenic?) As others have posted, if you ever were fortunate enough to see the guy in person, you’d know exactly what we were talking about. His good looks are stunning.

  • Judy

    Congratulations Clay… You have been brilliant in Spamalot…You so deserve this…

    As far as people saying nasty things…I wonder if you all could post a picture of yourselves…and give us a bio on all your contributions and efforts in making a difference in the world…

    Merry Christmas everyone…Let your hearts be light…


  • IPodgal

    Congratulations to Clay! It’s a quite an honor to get one’s caricature on Sardi’s wall. I was there in April and was blown away by the number of caricatures on the wall. His will be in outstanding and famous company.
    Clay has the friendship and respect of everyone he works with. His humanitarian deeds for UNICEFand other charities are done with his deep belief in the power of education to transform lives, and in the power of Inclusiveness to normalize the lives of the handicapped.
    When you have a track record like this–for no personal gain–then, and not until then, you have a right to criticize him.

    BTW, when one meets Clay in person, his good looks are mesmerizing, and his humour, courtesy and friendliness to everyone make him one attractive man. Like everyone else in the world, sometimes his photo does not do him justice. Remember the old saying (it’s as true today as it ever was): don’t judge a book by its cover–especially when you have never seen it in person!!
    You go, Clay!

  • Musicfan

    Congrats to Clay!! This is a special honor and you deserve it completely!!

    Anyone who has seen Clay perform knows how talented he is. His voice is gorgeous and his acting is fabulous!!

    I get a kick out of seeing the crazies who feel the need to be nasty. What a waste of time. I guess they aren’ t the one getting the award so they have to say something stupid. Your parents must be so proud!!!

  • B

    he scares me :/

  • B

    he scares me :/

  • Irene

    “he scares me :/”

    Take your meds and you’ll be ok in a day or 2.

  • Jason

    The dude gets a great Broadway honor and some of you peeps can only comment on his looks. How shallow are you?
    He looks like a normal guy. Not ugly but not Hollywood hunk either.

    He’s one talented guy and congrats to him. What his looks have to do with this is unrelated.


    Would love to see photos of all the losers who’ve made lame comments here. Clay is adorable in those pics & in person is one of the tallest, leanest, most handsome men I’ve ever seen (& working in Hollywood, I’ve seen a lot). When he smiles so charmingly, his eyes sparkle & his laughter can cheer up a whole roomful of people. Just a doll, inside & out. Wonderful to work with, too.

  • Rita in Cary, NC

    Anyone who has the gall to call himself Jesus, should be aware that the real “Jesus” condemned no one! He accepted everyone & saw only the Beauty in them! Clay has a ‘God Given” talent to entertain & connect with his audiences!
    He is compassionate, giving, and hugely talented! He uses his “gifts” to help make this a better world! What have YOU done today to make this a better world? Those who truly know him not only accept him, but admire him! He SO DESERVES every accolade that he had been given, & those yet to come!!
    No one is perfect. Clay is flawed like all of us. But, he not only “talks the talk”, he “walks the walk”! May God continue to bless him!

  • wickedfan13

    Wow! Clay Aiken has such a tremendous singing voice, such a great talent. He’s a great fit in Spamalot….it works so well with his quick wit and sense of humor. Brilliant! Congrats Clay on this honor……hugs to you and Parker. :-)


    It was only 6 moth ago that I became aware of Clay Akine by watching AI rewind. I’m age 72 and have never in my life followed an entrtainers currier and music as I have Llay Aikens
    I got all his CD’s and book,he is beutiful inside and oudside
    We need more Clay Aikens in this
    world. I admire his voice his tenacity and GOOD LOOKS he is a man with a very beutiful and caring soul
    ‘J E S U S’ you need to check your BRAIN ,how in God’s name did you come up with the name JESUS? being so hateful SHAME on you we all need to pray for you because you hav e a serious problem. …………………….My good pless you……Miss. Rita ,,,Jaxv, FL.

  • Tammy

    Yes, Clay is soooooo talented! It really took a lot of acting talent for him to play a gay on Broadway. What next – a Fruit of the Loom commercial? LOL!!

  • tennie

    All you naysayers need to look in the mirror & see who is looking back at you & then look deep within your souls & ASK GOD TO FORGIVE YOU FOR YOUR JEALOUSY, ENVY,& WHATEVER ELSE YOU ARE HARBORING IN YOUR HARD HEART.You know HE sees the heart, so you need to clean it up before HIM & before you speak nasty things about people,especially ones you don’t even know., because one day your words may come back to haunt you.& you will be on the receiving end of what you dished out.Then ,may GOD have mercy on your pathetic souls.

  • توبيكات قصايد

    Cute? Adorable? He’s fuglyyyyyyyyyyyy – and no amount of hair dye or eye makeup will remedy that. In fact, he might not look so fugly (i.e., at least he wouldn’t look like a f*cking freak) if he went for a natural look. Right now, he looks like a white version of Jacko.