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DJ AM Files Lawsuit Over Plane Crash

DJ AM Files Lawsuit Over Plane Crash

DJ AM, aka Adam Goldstein, filed a lawsuit on Tuesday over the fatal plane crash that killed four people and seriously injured him and Travis Barker in September.

The suit claims the plane negligently aborted takeoff in South Carolina, causing the plane to overrun the runway and crash into an embankment.

“The pilots were either poorly trained and/or failed to follow their training,” says the L.A. Superior Court lawsuit of pilots Sarah Lemmon, 31, and James Bland, 52, both killed in the crash. “Rather than proceed to takeoff, they decided to abort and/or reject the takeoff in a negligent manner.”

Travis and DJ AM are set to perform together at New Year’s Nation’s Los Angeles New Year’s Eve Party at the Lot in West Hollywood.

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  • BC

    Who is he suing? Horrible what happened to him, but what poor timing for this.. Merry Christmas

  • pat


  • http://israel lisa rose

    leonardo dicaprio is gonna be dady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Why not have the pilots and the other passengers on board the plane
    sue Travis and DJ.. You have to wonder how they could be seen running down the runway .. and the other passengers died..!!!

    Let it be a dual suing…

  • TeaHag

    Disgusting. If the pilots were negligent, they paid for it with their lives. He and his friend were the only people to survive, and they’re trying to pin their tragedy on the people who were killed in the crash.

    Ridiculously selfish.

  • minykim

    I mean aren’t they grateful that they survived at all when 4 others have died? Even if the pilots were negligent, they paid the ultimate price with their lives but now Travis & DJ AM want to take what’s left for their surviving children and family. That’s wrong.

  • Molly

    I’m not sure who or what company he is suing but that’s pretty harsh what was said about the deceased pilots. And yeah, right around the holidays? That’s sad.

    BTW, don’t really give a rip if Taylor comes back as Jacob Black or not cause Michael Copon is smokin’ hot.

  • Amanda

    Selfish jerks

  • deb

    So……..he is suing the wives and children who lost their husbands and fathers??? What a idiot!! He is trash!!!

  • dumb fucks

    Stupid ass bitch.

    DJ AM’s dumb ass should just thank God he survived and move on with his worthless life.

    Piece of shit.

  • Hadrien

    I have to agree that DJ AM sure picked a rotten time to file his lawsuit. Even if the pilots made an error in judgment, they’ll never make one again. I’m sure that their wives and children miss them terribly, especially during these first holidays without them. So why file this lawsuit now, to make them feel even worse???

  • Anonymous

    I hate these two greedy batstards. Suing the families of people who suffered equal losses ? as though a tire explosion was somehow caused by the pilots ? ……….stopping the flight THEN was the best thing……..HEY IDIOTS…………accidents happen…………….life is not safe……..YOU TWO WILL DIE ONE DAY……..flying is NEVER SAFE……..neither is driving……WAKE UP………………………….these two proved themselves to be pampered and superficial, living an artificial life of privilege, devoid of any awareness of the dangers of living in the real world: where even an accident is not natural. I hope the lawsuit goes against them and they are made to pay money to the families. Yuk. They make me sick: little boys, not men.

  • omg

    I am sorry. I do not think it is the pilots fault. Him and Travis should be thankful that they are alive. I realize they lost two very good friends, but two other were lost and their families are mourning as well. Why are you suing. It was not the pilots fault. Things happen and it is sad it happened. I am sure the pilots did everything they could to gain control, but could not. It is sad to see that they are suing and I am sorry it seems it is being done out of anger and dare I say greed. I do not believe those pilots wanted to die, it was a tragic accident and by having them sue the families of the two pilots is both arrogant and disrespectful. They need to have there anger placed elsewhere. It was a tragic accident. This is just sad.

  • ho ho ho

    Ungrateful idiot! He needs to be thankful that he’s still alive. Get over it.

  • Jenny

    Does he really need the extra money? The two families he’s suing are victims too. They lost their loved ones and now they have to deal with this greedy jerk. Will it make him feel better to bankrupt them? He’s alive…..he should be grateful.

  • Anonymous


  • candy

    Money hungry bastards! They make me sick!!

  • توبيكات حب

    BTW, don’t really give a rip if Taylor comes back as Jacob Black or not cause Michael Copon is smokin’ hot.