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Donatella Versace is a Bikini Babe

Donatella Versace is a Bikini Babe

Donatella Versace An Italian countess boldly walks around in a bright bikini with a mystery male on Wednesday, Christmas Eve (December 24) in St. Bart’s.

The 53-year-old fashion designer recently said that customers have a more sophisticated eye and a more active life. She said, “Women want a different kind of fashion – less loud, more sophisticated, still sensual, still glamorous.”

Donatella also described the Versace shopper: “She’s confident, for sure. Determined. … Women use fashion to achieve goals. A great dress is a great weapon – for their career, for their private life, for so many things.”

UPDATE: JJ reader Jon writes in, saying, “That’s not Donatella. That woman is an Italian countess who has had a home on St. Bart’s for over ten years.”

10+ pictures inside of bikini babe Donatella Versace

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donatella versace bikini 01
donatella versace bikini 02
donatella versace bikini 03
donatella versace bikini 04
donatella versace bikini 05
donatella versace bikini 06
donatella versace bikini 07
donatella versace bikini 08
donatella versace bikini 09
donatella versace bikini 10

Photos: Flynetonline
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  • lips,tits smack that old ass.

    OH F..K.

  • b chick


  • wes

    That’s sick.

  • Jessica

    Not cool, Just Jared.
    We’re all scarred for life!

  • omg

    Wow that is the last time I come on this site while I am eating. That is NASTY.

  • Nora


    Old, overtanned, anorexic chicks are totally uncool. Donatella needs to stay indoors for a year and eat some bread. Goddamn!

  • disgusting

    It’s called sunscreen. She should try it. It’s probably too late anywayz. All the moisturizer & surgery in the world won’t help her sun damaged skin.

  • disgusting

    She should consider a face transplant.

  • susan

    bleeh omg nasty the only thing on her that’s not sag is her fake tits

  • Milli

    Good Lord!!!!

  • marisol


  • haha

    that’s doesn’t even look like donatella versace

    i don’t think it is

  • holla @ UR girl

    damn… is this what all the white chicks strive to look like, so sad.

  • Yucko

    Put some clothes on woman! You old hag!

  • Kally

    OMG!! What the hell JJ?!!
    That’s a such horrible body!!
    Nightmare thid night for sure!! :(

  • lakers fan in boston

    damn this chick is so fucking sexy
    rofl i cant even type that without laughing
    what a crusty old bitch
    ladies, really once u get to a certain point like this for example u should stop wearing bikinis, it’s not as nice as u think
    her lips r so fucking huge, these pics r disturbing 2 even glance at 0.0

  • missp

    I think she is the color of an oompa loompa, but what I am wondering is why her mouth looks white? If her lips have been injected with collagen, she’d better stop as they look like she stepped out of the sequel of the Planet of the Apes.

  • jj

    holla @ UR girl @ 12/24/2008 at 5:58 pm damn… is this what all the white chicks strive to look like, so sad.

    Actually, this is what white chicks end up looking like after striving for something they are not.

  • claire

    I just barfed up my christmas dinner from tonight, and I’ll be barfing again tomorrow, just thinking about it.

  • k

    Dear Lord !!! I am a white girl and I do NOT strive to look like that. That is disgusting.

  • Not impressed by JA

    That’s the route the bimbos like Pam Anderson, Shauna Sands and Jen ‘Close’ Maniston are taking right here, right now. That’s the route Farrah Fawcett took before them….

  • JGP

    oooooooomg! she looks like the old lady from Something About Mary! lol

  • ho ho ho

    She only 53? She looks about 73!

  • UTsunshine

    there are so many things that are physically wrong with this woman. so many. but i guess it’s okay if she’s happy with herself…

  • christmas lover


  • tacos are real food

    That’s Britney Spears in about 20 years.

  • Pau_Gasol Fan#16

    OMG! LOL!! Her body is half decent but, her skin damaged from too much sun! She looks like lizard woman! :lol: The fake boobie’s are ridiculous!

  • Anne

    You could land a plane on that forehead.

  • … xp

    eww! thats all i have to say :O

  • … xp

    I thought she was like 80 or something, and then i read 53 and i was like WHAAAT? ;O

  • smellycat

    FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! Please, please, stay in the vicinity of your own home if you’re going to wear something like this Donatella..

  • imaginaque

    Poster Cougar for too many cigarettes, too much coffee, way too much sun, too many diuretics, way too many laxatives and assorted “diet” pills.


  • spicylily, thailand

    This is ……………….scary.
    I don’t undersatnd the TANNING obsession of some white people,
    It’s just too much and they don’t look like normal humans anymore.

    But this is totally ‘ A Nightmare on Christmas’ real life version,

  • Andy


    Halloween is back!

  • mcmarry

    OMG I just barfed in my mouth!

  • jaye

    YIKES! She looks like the hideous sun demon.

  • krung krung

    ohmigod, my mom who’s 61 years old is 20x better looking than that rich orange and wrinkly looking Donatella.


    THAT WAS HOOOOOORIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sandie

    Some people are not meant to be tanned.

  • http://aol Susan

    Wow! That scared me. EAT SOMETHING! Stay out of the sun, and stop injecting the lips. OMG, they are taking over your face. Nasty lips.

  • http://aol Susan

    #27….’her body is half decent’….you have got to be kidding me. She is a walking skelaton!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pipi

    I don’t think that’s Donatella. The agencies mis-identify people sometimes.

  • Not impressed by JA

    Tara Reid…20 years from now !

  • joss

    that is just scary…she doesn’t even look like shes 53, she looks like she’s like 85 or something

  • ebmo

    I cannot express anuthing anyone else here hasn’t.


    “Bikini Babe” Seriously???????

  • ewww

    That’s Maniston in 10 years with all of her smoking and tanning.

  • chAU


  • boogie


    reminds me of a chicken that hangs in front of a chinese butcher shop!


  • a total fan

    That is not what a normal 53 year old woman looks like. The sad thing is that these woman are spending thousand to look their best and yet in the end of it all they look horrible.

  • Paulina