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Jessica Biel is a Christmas Elf

Jessica Biel is a Christmas Elf

Check out this new Funny or Die video — “Santa and Bleebo Save Christmas” — featuring Jessica Biel and David Koechner (Todd Packer in The Office, Champ Kind in Anchorman). Watch as Santa (Koechner) and elf Bleebo (Biel) try a new technique to raise money for the holidays.

In related news, Funny or Die has received a generous $3 million holiday surprise from an anonymous donor, reports NYDN. The money can be used for “in-kind contributions for marketing, publicity and promotional support for programing.” Impressive!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Biel’s attempt at comedy — YAY or NAY?

Jessica Biel Saves Christmas
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  • karla

    lmfao um….
    I can’t believe Justin Timberlake is serious with this girl. What a downgrade.

  • brandon

    Speaking of Biel, I saw her chatting it up with her lezbo friends in NYC. Is she really straight? You tell me…


    FAIL. A better idea would have been Jess, not having speaking lines at all, on a stripper poll with Santa as her pimp/club mgr. Now THAT would have been funny.

  • marla

    Woahhhhh. Is she still dating JT? Brandon, where did you get that pic?

  • deka

    looks like she did her own makeup
    bad idea!

  • Meg

    Wow, that was morbid and unoriginal to boot.
    Depressing and with the old woman’s blood splattering….Bleh.

  • chAU


  • julien

    That’s hilarious…not sure how people will interpret it…give money or get beaten up – funny though!!!

  • Mac n Cheese

    Biel looks like a tranny elf.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    …`very – very – very – ugly.
    …;she doesn’t have a single funny bone in her entire fugly ass body.


    ugly horse face ,hot body ,Justin neeeds to dump this bitch and get back with Britney.
    It would be very cute seeing him with Britney and her children .

  • No J biel

    I completely disagree with this video. Sends the wrong message. Far too many bad people are already doing those things selfishly to get ahead. Especially the scene with the old lady getting mugged…there has been about 7 muggings against little old ladys like that in my area…I think I get what they were trying to get across, that if you’re greedy, selfish, and don’t think about others in serious need when you CAN actually help out, then bad things like that WILL happen in your own backyard because in order to have a safe neighborhood you have to take care of each other to keep the good going but I think they could of gone about it differently.

  • The Joker

    This has the makings of a very good p*rn. Lonely elf gives Santa a BJ for X-mas.

  • BI


  • gin

    horsey teeth.

  • thetruththetruth

    bitch cannot act…seriously wow

  • UTsunshine

    not funny. whoever wrote this needs to be mugged/shot themselves.

  • joey

    Karla,Barandon,Cliniqua,chau,Mac n Chesse,Mr.barnes and inFamous your all Jealous of Jessica Biel. Mac n Chesse your one like tranny elf. infamous your jealous becasue your not cool like Jessica Biel. Jessica Biel look gorgeous as sexy elf. Jessica Biel is amazing talented actress and beauitful gorgeous . Jessica Biel will Oscar very soon because She amazing talented actress. Jessica Biel is alway favorite actress of all time. Jessica Biel I am always big number one fan for life. Jessica Biel rocks!

  • Alle

    Jessica Biel cannot act.
    If she was not with JT this video
    would not even be on here and
    no one would talk about her.
    JT is her meal ticket and
    she is milking it for all it is worth.

  • Lilly

    That wasnt funny.

  • bella


  • joey

    Jessica looks more like a clown than an elf.

  • Tim


    loves her!!

  • Mo

    Not funny.

    Who will die?

    Santa or the Elf?

  • rennaisance

    What’s with all the hate comments? She seems like a nice girl!
    JT to get back with Britney? Barf.

  • abby

    It ‘s coming across that Jessica doesn,t care about children at all she rather asault and rob people
    she doesn,t care about sick children! !
    all she and her family are interested in is making money for them selfs with thier charity ! !
    it appears like Make The Difference Network is all a sham ,afront for stealling money that would go to the unfortunate sick children
    I was sick to my stomach when I first saw this especially the part were blood got splattered on Jessica face and she is laughing up a storm ,I wonder if she would of been laughing if her mother or grandmother got assaulted and the scums who were doing this were laughing at her while they were robbing her it doesn,t matter if this is an old or new video it really showing Jessica true colors an uncaring person ! ! ! !

  • abby


    Curious When did you see Jessica in NYC ?

  • trixie

    not funny……….at all.

  • Lauren

    no no no no no.
    she looks like what every guy (yes, mostly “joey”) here makes 3 hrs after eating.

    When will u all realize that she was a NOBODY befor JT.
    After they’ll break up, she’ll be a NOBODY again.
    Joey, go to hell you and your “Jessica Biel rocks!” bullshit.
    She’s ugly and u know it.

  • jess biel is a crappy actress

    I’m with Lauren (#29). I can’t wait until this chick just goes away. She’s about as funny as a 2×4 to the face.

  • jennie shinas

    I think this was very dumb! and they shouldn’t be putting stuff up like this because its not funny to steal from people and hurt them

  • QueenOfTrashin

    NOT funny.

  • JOD

    That surgery ruined her face…………………………..

  • montana mike

    where’s everyone’s sense of humor-hell, we all voted obama in–
    this is funny as hell.

  • aussie_Rose

    Santas evil!! :O
    Funny though…

  • Lisa

    Not funny at all. I am also offended by the video as well. Making a crime video is not funny in anyway. What kind of message is it suppose to have? If people don’t donate money, they get beaten up and robbed anyway? What is funny about that? I think that acting was stupid, even though I am sure it was intended to be that way, but to promote violence in anyway isn’t funny. I find it uncomfortable to watch, but I guessing that is what they wanted us to feel, since it’s all about “shocking” people for entertainment now. Anyway that participated with this video should feel ashamed of themselves. Just my opinion……….

  • lakers fan in boston

    it wasnt that bad, if anything it was only santa that was funny, jessica could have at least tried 2 do something funnier
    the music also helped it funnier
    happy x-mas jessica! =]

  • nikkie

    JT has bad taste in women. This girl is just hurt.

  • rafeef

    am just wondering how com the sam man who date it britney cameron scarlet can date a girl like jessica biel
    i mean after he date it all these hot gorges woman he date ugly one like jessica biel ?what’s the matter with u justin ??are u lost ur damn mind ?ur hoooooot sexy guy u can do away better then these dumb her dumb her that ugly biiiiiiitch and about the video i saw it it’s boring it’s not funny at all it’s not like she is justin on snl

  • Singerinwhite

    This wasn’t funny. AT ALL. It sounds like “No j Biel” was on track with the message they were TRYING to deliver, but I sure as hell didn’t get that message.

    I was never a fan of Jessica Biel, and I never will be. This was in really poor taste, and for someone who is trying to be known in Hollywood for talent and not because she’s “knockout,” this was a really dumb thing to do. Did Jessica honestly think the whole script and premise was funny?

    Sorry, EPIC FAIL.

  • Anne

    DISGUSTING!!!! She’s lacks talent and is stuck up. How pathetic is her career that she had to do that?

  • jjess85022

    wow! that totally sucked…i have nothing personally against jessica biel but her acting is crap

  • joey

    gin,thetruththetruth,BI,the person who post on December 24,2008 at 12:45 PM,Mo,abby,Laruen,the person who post on December 24,2008 at 3:03 PM ,JOD,laker fan in boston,nikkie,rafeef,singerinwhite,Anne and the person who post on December 24,2008 at 11:43 PM your all Jealous of Jessica Biel. Lauren you go to hell first they have space wait for you.

  • joey

    gin,thetruththetruth,BI,the person who post on December 24,2008 at 12:45 PM,Mo,abby,Laruen,the person who post on December 24,2008 at 3:03 PM ,JOD,laker fan in boston,nikkie,rafeef,singerinwhite,Anne and the person who post on December 24,2008 at 11:43 PM your all Jealous of Jessica Biel. Lauren you go to hell first they have space wait for you.

  • venomx

    Justin will leave her and get back with Britney you watch..IT WILL HAPPEN :)

  • Call It How I see it

    Man you sourgrapes are a bunch of self hating maggots are you? The damn thing was funny u losers, even if the woman saved a child from a burning u idiots would still criticize . Then u talk about stealing and all that bull?? Its a godamn skit, no different from any other one on madt tv or snl, it is not an ad petioning anyone to stop wearing fur or that moral stuff. Sheesh

  • Singerinwhite

    No, sorry, it was in poor taste. I’ve seen clips of Jessica in Easy Virtue. Now that stuff is actually FUNNY. This? Nope.

    I mean, that whole line of, “And people are being tight with their money?” We’re in a FUCKING RECESSION.

    This clip is originally accessed via that funny or die website. The Prop 8 video musical from the same site was funny, and if Jessica was in THAT, my opinion on the vid would still be the same( funny). This was just trashy and pure EPIC FAIL.

  • Haters,get a life

    That was not funny. NOT really FUNNY.

  • Haters,get a life

    I completely agree with you #42

  • c

    OMG she should be ashamed!!! That was someones gramma!! thumbs down