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Katie Holmes Snuggles Suri

Katie Holmes Snuggles Suri

Katie Holmes snuggles her daughter Suri Cruise as they return to their apartment after going on a mother-daughter shopping spree in New York City.

Last night, the 30-year-old Broadway babe stepped out from her apartment in a white coat and knee-high boots.

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Credit: Asadorian-Mejia; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • charmane


    naww they look so cute

  • eric

    Ah, she’s so sweet!!!

  • Hola


  • michelle

    She carries her like a baby.
    P.S Suri has large feet, she will be as tall as Katie.

  • michelle

    And why the kid does not have socks?
    It looks like it’s cold outside.

  • cute but weird

    why she not have socks???????’

  • Syl

    Seems like this little princess gets carried around all day…
    How old is she now? She can walk, right?

  • Mandy

    Aww! Could they be any cuter! And to people who say that Suri can walk and they feel sorry for her, can’t you see that she’s smiling! Since she isn’t struggling, it means she wanted Katie to pick her up and hold her. I think its cute. Like any other little kid, she just wants attention.

  • ada

    This child is overexposed . she is still too young for this.

  • me

    Katie looks like her mom’s twin.


    So sad Angelina Jolie’s fans hate Suri and TomKat.But the truth is Tom and Brad are good friends.

  • gerard Vandenberg


  • sonia Wu

    Why does she hold the child like Dennis Quaid holds his pug? A very fat pug, too.
    From the video on X17, Suri doesn’t like to walk and the brain dead Katie Homely cannot disobey her, not to mention she would like to keep her daughter look younger than she actually is.



    God,Jolie’s fans make me hate Jolie

  • sonia Wu

    Plus, do you see the snow on the ground versus the thin sole shoes Katie brain dead let Suri wear? No wonder Suri cannot be down to earth.
    And frankly, Suri is so rapidly growing out her cuteness.
    Calling her the most famous toddler is such a scorn, showing the lack of concerns for her privacy on her two POS parents.


    What will be happened when Tom and Brad see those comments?
    God,Just Jared is Jolie’s fanclub.
    Jolie’s fans make Aniston’s fans and Suri’s fans hate them.

  • sonia Wu

    Go hate Jolie.
    She’s too big a star, who Katie’s not even good enough to shine her shoes.
    So go hate her, your hatred cannot even put a dent on her stardom.

  • sonia Wu

    Tom and Brad are good “friends”? But Tom is gay!


    # 19,please look this news:

    Pitt’s admiration for Cruise

    Brad Pitt would love to work with Tom Cruise again – and is a huge fan of his cameo role in Tropic Thunder.
    The pair starred together in 1994 movie Interview With The Vampire and remained pals after filming had ended.
    And Pitt is eager to work with Cruise again, because he is such a big fan of his films.
    When asked if he’d co-star with Cruise again, he tells Extra, “Of course. He’s a friend of mine. He’s a strong one, that guy…I loved what he did in Tropic Thunder. The ending is hilarious.”

    Tom also said something about Brad:

    Cruise: ‘My pal Pitt was meant to be a father’

    Brad Pitt got some early parenting practice for his future brood of six, by playing with Tom Cruise’s daughter Isabella on the set of their 1994 movie Interview with the vampire.
    Cruise claims he knew Pitt was destined to have a big family, because he had a natural rapport with Isabella, then just one year old.
    The Top Gun star tells People, “Every time Bella was on the set you could just tell he wanted to be a father.”
    Pitt now has three biological children and three adopted kids with partner Angelina Jolie.


    # 18

    Not only me hate Jolie,but also all fans of Suri’s and Aniston’s in China.But i don’t know what about other countries.Besause Jolie’s fans all over the world scolded both TomKat and Jennifer Aniston.


    # 19

    We all believe Tom is not a gay.He’s such a hero.


    And Angelina Joile is in support of Tibetan independence,right?So that’s also a big reason why Cinese people hate her!


    Sorry for # 23

    ‘Cinese’ means ‘Chinese’.


    She can’t get over the fact that Suri is not a baby anymore.. That is why
    both Tom and Katie carry her this way… And without socks..!! of course
    SO CUTE for starters when Brad did the Vampire movie he was not
    interested in Children.. He was a wild man who dated a lot of women..

    It wasn’t until he met Angie … that he became interested..Brad and
    Tom are not friends what next that Tom is going to work with George
    too.. And Matty… They are not friends and never will be.. s

  • sonia Wu

    So….you are along side with a brutal regime like China and you have no problem seeing human rights trampled in Tibet.

    Go on, keep hating on Jolie, along with all your illiterate brutal regime supporters, you only prove one thing that I wrote: you and your imagined “we” can hate Jolie to your hearts’ content and it will never put a dent on her stardom.

    Plus, you sound very stupid.


    # 25

    Tom and Brad actually are.They will be at the next vampire movie in the future(Sorry,I don’t know how long,but there must be any news will say that) And my English is not good,so i have lots of words those i can’t make it clearly.Sorry for that.


    # 26

    And my unadvantages for you is my English is not good.So that’s your opportunity for you to scolded me in any words .

  • rare poster

    My Christmas wish is that this site and others would quit posting daily pictures of Suri Cruise and give that kid a ‘chance’ at a normal life.


    # 26

    Your last name here is ‘ wu’ ,please tell me are you a Chinese?If you aren’t,sorry.


    Thanks for # 29

    Your ‘chance’ is a authentication for what I said at # 28.


    why are u bringing up jolie, no one did – and how would you know if her fans are in this thread? the brangelina and tomkat have no beef, so why are you starting one. Just because they have detractors doesn’t mean they are jolie or pitt fans. I’m a fan of jolie’s and we don’t rag on katie holmes, we don’t even mention her in JJs threads on Angelina or Brad. Stop attacking other celebs, and support katie holmes.

  • so dumb

    SO CUTE @ 12/24/2008 at 8:24 am

    What do you think you are doing? Trying to start problems? I have always hated Tom and have never liked Katie. It has absolutely nothing to do with any other celebrity. And I’m sure that is true for anyone posting on here.

    What’s wrong? Are you upset that the Jolie Pitts are now the number one power couple, celebrity couple, photo op?

    Can’t stand it so you decide to try and start problems on a thread between these two celebrity couples when non exist?

    What are you? 13 years old?


    # 32

    Haha,how funny you are?Or that’s me?
    Then,please take a look at what sonia Wu and BECKY SMITH said or anybodyelse before?
    God,I even don’t believe in god,and now I say this word!

  • Kara

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! It was freakin’ 20 degrees in NYC and this child still does not have a coat or socks on??? What the eff???

    Katie Holmes= stupid!!


    # 33

    Yes,you are right,I’m 13 years old this year.
    And lots of Chinese fans including me believe that Jolie’s fans are not good.And that’s your club.


    Sorry,it’s 23:00
    It’s time for sleep!

  • so dumb

    Well, I don’t think you are worth commenting on by anyone. You obviously have mental problems.

  • icy

    Suri looks so happy! Katie doesn’t look a day over 40.


    # 38

    Hey good night!
    I’ll come here tomorrow!See you!
    And please keep on scolding me when i left,because i am 13 years old!

  • It’s ROBO bride

    Another photo op moment and Katie takes full advantage of it for the cameras!

  • tommy

    Do you all notice how KH and Suri are always together and you see less of TC hmmmm makes you wonder right? What is the real story and why doesn’t TC have more control over Suri like he does with his children with Nicole Kidman. They are always with TC and his family in Calif.

  • benice

    I dont think you have to bring up the Jolie-Pitts when talking about the Tomkat. They all have their own busy life and cant be bother with all this bickerings. I say leave them alone!!

  • nancyw

    I really don’t understand most of the blogs on here ! I guess Suri refuses to wear socks! I wonder if she is potty trained? Tom & Katie are going to do what they want in raising Suri!!

  • Jess

    That’s adorable. Katie looks so tired though.

  • Sheepskin is best

    no socks?

  • thats_right

    SO cute can I ask you a question please be honest though are you Jennifer Aniston by any chance? for some reason you mentnion Angelina Jolie the way Jennifer Aniston is mentioning her lately.

    Sincerely Angelina Jolie Fan :)

  • tom

    Katie really shouldn’t be kissing Suri since she has HERPES. It’s contagious.
    –And no socks again. I guess wearing fashionable shoes are more important for Katie than keeping Suri warm.


  • sonia Wu to So cute

    Actually, you are so very dumb and unenlightened.
    The more you bad mouth Jolie for her political stand, the more I admire her.
    You have no problem taking the side with a brutal regime, which is disgusting.
    You are not qualified to know anything about me.
    Shame on anybody who has access to internet and the modern world, yet not disturbed by the atrocity China imposes on people in Tibet.

    Shame on you and your imaginary “we”.

  • Sonia Wu

    tommy @ 12/24/2008 at 10:52 am

    Do you all notice how KH and Suri are always together and you see less of TC hmmmm makes you wonder right? What is the real story and why doesn’t TC have more control over Suri like he does with his children with Nicole Kidman. They are always with TC and his family in Calif.

    Read my posts and you’ll agree with me. KH is establishing her case for Suri’s custody (aka Tommy’s bottomless wallet) when she files for divorce from TC.

  • Mr. Blonde

    She can walk, #3. What a dumb complaint. She is normally dressed. She plays with other children.

    She’s 2 1/2 and she CAN walk and HAS walked, #7.

    What video, #14.

    Or maybe they just like carrying her, #25. I hate that TomKat and Garfleck have to suffer through this lousy criticism. Those two little girls won’t die if they’re carried.

    They’re friends. They said they are. Why disbelieve them.

    Nothing to wonder, #42. Cruise is busy in LA and Kidman is too busy with movies to attend to her older children.

    They’re not getting divorced, #50.