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Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Snowboarding Shoppers!

Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Snowboarding Shoppers!

Orlando Bloom and model girlfriend Miranda Kerr shop for snowboarding gear at the Burton store on Wednesday, Christmas Eve (December 24) in Los Angeles.

According to a spywitness, Orly took a liking to one of the boards with a scantily-clad blonde woman design. The 31-year-old actor pointed at the board and declared, “I want this one, babe.”

Miranda, who was seen chatting on her Blackberry Bold, smiled back and joked, “But she’s blonde, I’m not blonde!”

Orly also commented that he “couldn’t wait” to get back on the slopes

After picking up snowboarding gear, the couple headed to lunch together at the comfort cafe at Fred Segal’s in Hollywood.

10+ pictures inside of snowboarding couple Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr

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orlando bloom miranda kerr snowboarding shopping 01
orlando bloom miranda kerr snowboarding shopping 02
orlando bloom miranda kerr snowboarding shopping 03
orlando bloom miranda kerr snowboarding shopping 04
orlando bloom miranda kerr snowboarding shopping 05
orlando bloom miranda kerr snowboarding shopping 06
orlando bloom miranda kerr snowboarding shopping 07
orlando bloom miranda kerr snowboarding shopping 08
orlando bloom miranda kerr snowboarding shopping 09
orlando bloom miranda kerr snowboarding shopping 10
orlando bloom miranda kerr snowboarding shopping 11
orlando bloom miranda kerr snowboarding shopping 12

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  • Captain Obvious

    Right on schedule.

  • me

    Miranda looks gorgeous as always!

  • @1


  • D-list

    Why are they not pictured in the same frame?

  • lol

    Is this Ducati part two? They aren’t even in the same frame and she is looking at the paps. How did JJ just happen to get the scoop on what was said. LOL More of the same and we knew it was coming.

  • Jesus

    Love the way Orli-Pops gets a snowboard with a woman on it who is totally the opposite to Miranda lol Nice one!

  • queenie


  • hello

    since when did orlando shave his head again? last time he got a buzz cut was during the filming of Black Hawk Down

    I don’t see one pic of the two of them together.

    They may have shopped at the same store – but it doesn’t look to me like it was the same time – or is she trying to pass off the guy with buzz cut as Orlando.

    unless miranda had put on a blonde wig.

    what’s the deal?

  • Ya

    If you are going to use the same “evidence” that you used to try to claim that they weren’t together in the Ducati shop, this absolutely proves that they were in this shop together. The same people are in the pics of each of them. The blonde saled clerk is there with both Miranda and Orlando.
    And isn’t that her dad behind her in teh pic with her arms raised? Looks like they are planning a ‘family’ snowboarding trip.

  • c’mon

    Come on people. Even conspiracy theories have to make a little sense. Why is it so hard to believe that they went shopping together?

  • wtf

    That is so cute.

  • @c’mon

    All those pictures and none together. What happened to his tan?



    please answer!

  • @12

    See comment posted by #9

  • @9

    lol. No one ever said the same sales people were not in the Ducati place that day but the video shows it was clear they were there at different times. It shows all the people in the store were in different places, not just a couple at the counter. Watch the video again.
    All we have here is the same things. The sales clerk is the same but that means nothing if it was the same day and the same shift just not together.

  • @9

    What do you mean it proves it they were together? It only proves the same person was there on an 8 hr shift. If they aren’t in the same frame it doesn’t mean anything. Please explain how it proves anything.
    I’m not asking for your opinion but you said it proves it so explain that.

  • Amy

    Why the hell do you call him Orly? Are you 13 years old, lounging on your bed and looking at the pics of him you have up on the wall? Jesus.

    I like him with this length of hair, I hope he keeps it short.

  • Amy

    Oh, and you people are freaks – “they weren’t together, just at the same store! At different times!” Pathetic, GET LIVES.

  • dona

    When is orlando going to make movies again?

    They look good together

  • Abby

    I think miranda is wearing orly’s watch, just my opnion.. hehehe

  • @15 & 16

    This is so stupid.
    He was seen in LA, carrying a Yorkie.
    She is in LA, too.
    They both went to buy snowboarding gear.
    WHY would they go at different times?
    Is it so hard to admit that they are together?
    As said above, “even conspiracy theories have to make a little sense”.

  • @20

    Yeah, I think that is one of his watches. She has been wearing it for a while, now. He gave her that beautiful Bulgari ring last Christmas. I wonder what he got her this year?

  • @9

    Yep, that sure does look like her father.
    Hmmmm, interesting.
    I wonder where Orlando is taking the family for Holiday snowboarding?

  • @21

    What you just said was speculation not proof. There is no proof the other way either but that was not the question.
    If this happened before with this couple at the bike shop why could it not happen again. That is why people ask question.

    Miranda has always worn big watches so too funny at the Kerr group trying to assume he is giving her big gifts. Speaking of proof how do you know he gave her anything for Christmas last year?
    I heard that ring was from lawyer number two. lol

  • i also need to know! hahaha!!

    omg #13!!
    her sweater is sooooooooooooooo cute!

    someone please answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @24

    It was revealed in an article that the Bulgari ring was a gift from Orlando, and since she started wearing it just after last Christmas, it just makes sense that it was a Christmas present.
    I have no idea about the watch. I’ve never heard anything either way.

    And thank you for admitting that there is no proof that they weren’t in the shop together.

  • Abby

    @22… Thanks for the info

    Hey guys it’s christmas… Time for giving, sharing, and definitely not for hating

  • @26

    You missed the point. There is also no proof that they were in the store together and the pictures we are looking at look like Orlando arrived alone. Sure you can assume that if they were there around the same time they must have been together but the reason many people do not assume that with these two is because similar things have happend when there was proof.
    In the Ducati video there is proof since you can see that all the people in the store are in different places. Same day but different time and he left alone. Kind of like how it looks now.

    About that ring, well Kerr has lied about several things so I don’t know or care about where she got that ring but I sure as heck wouldn’t take her word on anything.

  • shaZa

    LUUUV him XD

  • gerard Vandenberg

    The ladies all want kids and happyness?
    ………………..believe me!!!

  • @28

    So you think that people in a store moved is proof?
    Do you normaly stand still in a store? Even for five minutes?

    I think that #9 was just reacting to the first “ducati part two” post. You can’t re-interpret “proof” to suit your needs. If you say that having different people in the pics is “proof” that they WERE NOT together, then having the same people in different pics must then mean that they WERE together. Otherwise it is obvious that people are twisting the situations to suit their agenda. Suely, that couldn’t be the case here, could it?

  • @all

    If there were pics of them in the same frame, the Delphites would be screaming “set up”.
    They are always able to make anything conform to their agenda.

  • sarah

    Love them together. Miranda’s adorable. :) Merry Christmas, you two!

  • Linda

    Even though I’m I don’t care about her, I pray they marry and have children just so the loons heads will explode.

  • http://israel flor

    breaking news: bar refaeli is pregnent with leonardo dicaprio’s first child!!!!!!!!!!!!
    leonardo dicaprio is gonna be a dady!!

  • agenda indeed

    It’s just so damn funny to me how two D-listers have their entire lives chronicled in the press. How come no one had pictures of these two calling around to deny those engagement rumors? They did that together also. Right? Don’t answer me all at once.

  • @Linda

    Just like your head exploded when he shot down those engagement rumors? Don’t hold your breath, hon. Then again, maybe you should.

  • james

    On Orlando Bloom (who is a mediocre actor) does not lead him than head to meet with the superficial mirranda. How to get high-Orlando prophet .. I think it has a mind as duck

  • Jess

    Merry Christmas to everyone who is posting on this thread…

  • right on time

    Whatever. It’s getting boring now isn’t it. We knew we would get a Christmas set just to try and prove they spent time around the holidays. Please, these two aren’t hounded by paps but yet everytime they are around the same city the suspicious sightings get phoned in and the paps get called.

    @31 Have you seen the video in question? That is not the same as this scene here. They clearly were not in the store at the same time that day and Orlando got in his car and left alone.
    In this set they well may have been there at the same time.

  • @flor

    Isn’t that an old rumor? But if bar is now really pregnant with leo’s baby, i’m happy for them

  • hello

    This is the first set of pics – I must say – In a long time – where they were not photographed actually physically together.

    Who is the young guy miranda is hugging I wonder?

  • Christmas time

    if you look at the info file of the pics, the pics of Orlando inside the shop were taken at 15.14 and 15.18, the pic of Miranda inside the shop was taken at 15.10….they were in the shop at the same time

  • @40

    I love how the Delphites are claiming that they predicted this.
    Imagine the prophetic insight that it took to predict that a couple who have been together over a year would *gasp* spend the holidays together!
    It’s astounding! Nostradamus had nothin’ on you guys!

    He was photographed on the streets of NY, without Miranda. Now they get photographed in LA, a hornet’s nest of paps, and you are claiming that this was a set up?

    Thank you for finding that proof.
    And that reminds me. People had been talking about the ‘glass shop’ pics, and saying that the “show” didn’t start until after they saw the paps. But I have a question…..the pics were taken at night, without a flash. If they were in a brightly lit store, at night, there is no way that they could see anyone outside. With the pap in a comparatively dark area, he would have been invisible. How could either of them have seen him? Orlando was probably looking at his reflection in the glass, because he sure couldn’t see the photographer. Oh, and if all of your claims against her are true, if she knew the pap was there, why didn’t she smile at him? You guys have said that she ALWAYS smiles at the paps. They must not have known.

    Anyway. It looks like he arrived at the restaurant with her Dad. Wonder if Mom and Bro are there, too?

  • @44


  • hello @ 45

    What does “A List” have to do with anything?

    If that’s all she cares about – then I feel very sorry and worried for Orlando.

    The look on his face coming out of the restaurant with her father – did not look like they were all chummy either. Here is the link for those who are interested…. sroll down to post # 11 – to see just how happy Orlando looks –

  • yesI’mgoing tosay it

    Eh, I liked him better w/Kate Bosworth. He seemed like he was so much fun to be w/then. AND so happy & sunny back when he was w/Kate. I guess he’s happier w/Miranda but nowadays he seems snotty & like he has no use for fans. I never see or hear of him signing autographs, etc. He seems very egotistical these days. Don’t flame me but I wish he was stilll w/Kate.

  • @46

    So you do admit that she doesn’t have a clue? Funny how no one will address the engagement denial.

  • hello @ 48

    “So you do admit that she doesn’t have a clue? Funny how no one will address the engagement denial.”

    Please explain – “she doesn’t have a clue about what exactly?” –

    Are you saying that she has no idea that he actually spoke up finally and said that they weren’t engaged – or not together at all – something tells me that if she knew that he said something – she would begin to feel very insecure about her actions of late.

    That is if she even cares about his feelings. He probably asked her if he could talk with her in Venice – and she may have assumed -or rather jumped the gun – figuring that he was about to propose.

    No matter how stable you feel your relationship is – that is the absolute dumbest thing you can do – inform your friends or what she refers to as “fans” – that you are about to be engaged – before the guy even asks.

    Just speculating here – and before anyone makes any comments

    No I really do not care about Christmas

    If we can’t celebrate treating others decently face to face every day of the year – I don’t want to celebrate it all.

    Notice I said face to face – I have no idea if Orlando or Miranda even care what we say on here – so as far as I’m concerned – just about anything goes – depending on whether or not anyone on here is actually a “friend” of theirs – close or otherwise.

  • @49

    She doesn’t have a clue that doing set ups will do nothing for her career. If you check out the photo gallery on her website, she has more pap photos than professional photos.

    Since they are so super famous that the paps will find them anywhere in LA, how come Splash News was the only agency to get these pics? No TMZ, no X17, no Mr. Papparazzi.

    I can’t wait until we get the candids of their wonderful family skiing trip so you shippers can explain how the damn paps managed to get in place to photograph them.