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Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Snowboarding Shoppers!

Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Snowboarding Shoppers!

Orlando Bloom and model girlfriend Miranda Kerr shop for snowboarding gear at the Burton store on Wednesday, Christmas Eve (December 24) in Los Angeles.

According to a spywitness, Orly took a liking to one of the boards with a scantily-clad blonde woman design. The 31-year-old actor pointed at the board and declared, “I want this one, babe.”

Miranda, who was seen chatting on her Blackberry Bold, smiled back and joked, “But she’s blonde, I’m not blonde!”

Orly also commented that he “couldn’t wait” to get back on the slopes

After picking up snowboarding gear, the couple headed to lunch together at the comfort cafe at Fred Segal’s in Hollywood.

10+ pictures inside of snowboarding couple Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr

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orlando bloom miranda kerr snowboarding shopping 01
orlando bloom miranda kerr snowboarding shopping 02
orlando bloom miranda kerr snowboarding shopping 03
orlando bloom miranda kerr snowboarding shopping 04
orlando bloom miranda kerr snowboarding shopping 05
orlando bloom miranda kerr snowboarding shopping 06
orlando bloom miranda kerr snowboarding shopping 07
orlando bloom miranda kerr snowboarding shopping 08
orlando bloom miranda kerr snowboarding shopping 09
orlando bloom miranda kerr snowboarding shopping 10
orlando bloom miranda kerr snowboarding shopping 11
orlando bloom miranda kerr snowboarding shopping 12

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151 Responses to “Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Snowboarding Shoppers!”

  1. 1
    Captain Obvious Says:

    Right on schedule.

  2. 2
    me Says:

    Miranda looks gorgeous as always!

  3. 3
    @1 Says:


  4. 4
    D-list Says:

    Why are they not pictured in the same frame?

  5. 5
    lol Says:

    Is this Ducati part two? They aren’t even in the same frame and she is looking at the paps. How did JJ just happen to get the scoop on what was said. LOL More of the same and we knew it was coming.

  6. 6
    Jesus Says:

    Love the way Orli-Pops gets a snowboard with a woman on it who is totally the opposite to Miranda lol Nice one!

  7. 7
    queenie Says:


  8. 8
    hello Says:

    since when did orlando shave his head again? last time he got a buzz cut was during the filming of Black Hawk Down

    I don’t see one pic of the two of them together.

    They may have shopped at the same store – but it doesn’t look to me like it was the same time – or is she trying to pass off the guy with buzz cut as Orlando.

    unless miranda had put on a blonde wig.

    what’s the deal?

  9. 9
    Ya Says:

    If you are going to use the same “evidence” that you used to try to claim that they weren’t together in the Ducati shop, this absolutely proves that they were in this shop together. The same people are in the pics of each of them. The blonde saled clerk is there with both Miranda and Orlando.
    And isn’t that her dad behind her in teh pic with her arms raised? Looks like they are planning a ‘family’ snowboarding trip.

  10. 10
    c'mon Says:

    Come on people. Even conspiracy theories have to make a little sense. Why is it so hard to believe that they went shopping together?

  11. 11
    wtf Says:

    That is so cute.

  12. 12
    @c'mon Says:

    All those pictures and none together. What happened to his tan?

  13. 13
    I NEED TO KNOW! Says:


    please answer!

  14. 14
    @12 Says:

    See comment posted by #9

  15. 15
    @9 Says:

    lol. No one ever said the same sales people were not in the Ducati place that day but the video shows it was clear they were there at different times. It shows all the people in the store were in different places, not just a couple at the counter. Watch the video again.
    All we have here is the same things. The sales clerk is the same but that means nothing if it was the same day and the same shift just not together.

  16. 16
    @9 Says:

    What do you mean it proves it they were together? It only proves the same person was there on an 8 hr shift. If they aren’t in the same frame it doesn’t mean anything. Please explain how it proves anything.
    I’m not asking for your opinion but you said it proves it so explain that.

  17. 17
    Amy Says:

    Why the hell do you call him Orly? Are you 13 years old, lounging on your bed and looking at the pics of him you have up on the wall? Jesus.

    I like him with this length of hair, I hope he keeps it short.

  18. 18
    Amy Says:

    Oh, and you people are freaks – “they weren’t together, just at the same store! At different times!” Pathetic, GET LIVES.

  19. 19
    dona Says:

    When is orlando going to make movies again?

    They look good together

  20. 20
    Abby Says:

    I think miranda is wearing orly’s watch, just my opnion.. hehehe

  21. 21
    @15 & 16 Says:

    This is so stupid.
    He was seen in LA, carrying a Yorkie.
    She is in LA, too.
    They both went to buy snowboarding gear.
    WHY would they go at different times?
    Is it so hard to admit that they are together?
    As said above, “even conspiracy theories have to make a little sense”.

  22. 22
    @20 Says:

    Yeah, I think that is one of his watches. She has been wearing it for a while, now. He gave her that beautiful Bulgari ring last Christmas. I wonder what he got her this year?

  23. 23
    @9 Says:

    Yep, that sure does look like her father.
    Hmmmm, interesting.
    I wonder where Orlando is taking the family for Holiday snowboarding?

  24. 24
    @21 Says:

    What you just said was speculation not proof. There is no proof the other way either but that was not the question.
    If this happened before with this couple at the bike shop why could it not happen again. That is why people ask question.

    Miranda has always worn big watches so too funny at the Kerr group trying to assume he is giving her big gifts. Speaking of proof how do you know he gave her anything for Christmas last year?
    I heard that ring was from lawyer number two. lol

  25. 25
    i also need to know! hahaha!! Says:

    omg #13!!
    her sweater is sooooooooooooooo cute!

    someone please answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. 26
    @24 Says:

    It was revealed in an article that the Bulgari ring was a gift from Orlando, and since she started wearing it just after last Christmas, it just makes sense that it was a Christmas present.
    I have no idea about the watch. I’ve never heard anything either way.

    And thank you for admitting that there is no proof that they weren’t in the shop together.

  27. 27
    Abby Says:

    @22… Thanks for the info

    Hey guys it’s christmas… Time for giving, sharing, and definitely not for hating

  28. 28
    @26 Says:

    You missed the point. There is also no proof that they were in the store together and the pictures we are looking at look like Orlando arrived alone. Sure you can assume that if they were there around the same time they must have been together but the reason many people do not assume that with these two is because similar things have happend when there was proof.
    In the Ducati video there is proof since you can see that all the people in the store are in different places. Same day but different time and he left alone. Kind of like how it looks now.

    About that ring, well Kerr has lied about several things so I don’t know or care about where she got that ring but I sure as heck wouldn’t take her word on anything.

  29. 29
    shaZa Says:

    LUUUV him XD

  30. 30
    gerard Vandenberg Says:

    The ladies all want kids and happyness?
    ………………..believe me!!!

  31. 31
    @28 Says:

    So you think that people in a store moved is proof?
    Do you normaly stand still in a store? Even for five minutes?

    I think that #9 was just reacting to the first “ducati part two” post. You can’t re-interpret “proof” to suit your needs. If you say that having different people in the pics is “proof” that they WERE NOT together, then having the same people in different pics must then mean that they WERE together. Otherwise it is obvious that people are twisting the situations to suit their agenda. Suely, that couldn’t be the case here, could it?

  32. 32
    @all Says:

    If there were pics of them in the same frame, the Delphites would be screaming “set up”.
    They are always able to make anything conform to their agenda.

  33. 33
    sarah Says:

    Love them together. Miranda’s adorable. :) Merry Christmas, you two!

  34. 34
    Linda Says:

    Even though I’m I don’t care about her, I pray they marry and have children just so the loons heads will explode.

  35. 35
    flor Says:

    breaking news: bar refaeli is pregnent with leonardo dicaprio’s first child!!!!!!!!!!!!
    leonardo dicaprio is gonna be a dady!!

  36. 36
    agenda indeed Says:

    It’s just so damn funny to me how two D-listers have their entire lives chronicled in the press. How come no one had pictures of these two calling around to deny those engagement rumors? They did that together also. Right? Don’t answer me all at once.

  37. 37
    @Linda Says:

    Just like your head exploded when he shot down those engagement rumors? Don’t hold your breath, hon. Then again, maybe you should.

  38. 38
    james Says:

    On Orlando Bloom (who is a mediocre actor) does not lead him than head to meet with the superficial mirranda. How to get high-Orlando prophet .. I think it has a mind as duck

  39. 39
    Jess Says:

    Merry Christmas to everyone who is posting on this thread…

  40. 40
    right on time Says:

    Whatever. It’s getting boring now isn’t it. We knew we would get a Christmas set just to try and prove they spent time around the holidays. Please, these two aren’t hounded by paps but yet everytime they are around the same city the suspicious sightings get phoned in and the paps get called.

    @31 Have you seen the video in question? That is not the same as this scene here. They clearly were not in the store at the same time that day and Orlando got in his car and left alone.
    In this set they well may have been there at the same time.

  41. 41
    @flor Says:

    Isn’t that an old rumor? But if bar is now really pregnant with leo’s baby, i’m happy for them

  42. 42
    hello Says:

    This is the first set of pics – I must say – In a long time – where they were not photographed actually physically together.

    Who is the young guy miranda is hugging I wonder?

  43. 43
    Christmas time Says:

    if you look at the info file of the pics, the pics of Orlando inside the shop were taken at 15.14 and 15.18, the pic of Miranda inside the shop was taken at 15.10….they were in the shop at the same time

  44. 44
    @40 Says:

    I love how the Delphites are claiming that they predicted this.
    Imagine the prophetic insight that it took to predict that a couple who have been together over a year would *gasp* spend the holidays together!
    It’s astounding! Nostradamus had nothin’ on you guys!

    He was photographed on the streets of NY, without Miranda. Now they get photographed in LA, a hornet’s nest of paps, and you are claiming that this was a set up?

    Thank you for finding that proof.
    And that reminds me. People had been talking about the ‘glass shop’ pics, and saying that the “show” didn’t start until after they saw the paps. But I have a question…..the pics were taken at night, without a flash. If they were in a brightly lit store, at night, there is no way that they could see anyone outside. With the pap in a comparatively dark area, he would have been invisible. How could either of them have seen him? Orlando was probably looking at his reflection in the glass, because he sure couldn’t see the photographer. Oh, and if all of your claims against her are true, if she knew the pap was there, why didn’t she smile at him? You guys have said that she ALWAYS smiles at the paps. They must not have known.

    Anyway. It looks like he arrived at the restaurant with her Dad. Wonder if Mom and Bro are there, too?

  45. 45
    @44 Says:


  46. 46
    hello @ 45 Says:

    What does “A List” have to do with anything?

    If that’s all she cares about – then I feel very sorry and worried for Orlando.

    The look on his face coming out of the restaurant with her father – did not look like they were all chummy either. Here is the link for those who are interested…. sroll down to post # 11 – to see just how happy Orlando looks –

  47. 47
    yesI'mgoing tosay it Says:

    Eh, I liked him better w/Kate Bosworth. He seemed like he was so much fun to be w/then. AND so happy & sunny back when he was w/Kate. I guess he’s happier w/Miranda but nowadays he seems snotty & like he has no use for fans. I never see or hear of him signing autographs, etc. He seems very egotistical these days. Don’t flame me but I wish he was stilll w/Kate.

  48. 48
    @46 Says:

    So you do admit that she doesn’t have a clue? Funny how no one will address the engagement denial.

  49. 49
    hello @ 48 Says:

    “So you do admit that she doesn’t have a clue? Funny how no one will address the engagement denial.”

    Please explain – “she doesn’t have a clue about what exactly?” –

    Are you saying that she has no idea that he actually spoke up finally and said that they weren’t engaged – or not together at all – something tells me that if she knew that he said something – she would begin to feel very insecure about her actions of late.

    That is if she even cares about his feelings. He probably asked her if he could talk with her in Venice – and she may have assumed -or rather jumped the gun – figuring that he was about to propose.

    No matter how stable you feel your relationship is – that is the absolute dumbest thing you can do – inform your friends or what she refers to as “fans” – that you are about to be engaged – before the guy even asks.

    Just speculating here – and before anyone makes any comments

    No I really do not care about Christmas

    If we can’t celebrate treating others decently face to face every day of the year – I don’t want to celebrate it all.

    Notice I said face to face – I have no idea if Orlando or Miranda even care what we say on here – so as far as I’m concerned – just about anything goes – depending on whether or not anyone on here is actually a “friend” of theirs – close or otherwise.

  50. 50
    @49 Says:

    She doesn’t have a clue that doing set ups will do nothing for her career. If you check out the photo gallery on her website, she has more pap photos than professional photos.

    Since they are so super famous that the paps will find them anywhere in LA, how come Splash News was the only agency to get these pics? No TMZ, no X17, no Mr. Papparazzi.

    I can’t wait until we get the candids of their wonderful family skiing trip so you shippers can explain how the damn paps managed to get in place to photograph them.

  51. 51
    Curious Says:

    To those who don’t like Orlando or Miranda:

    Why bother posting comments here at all? Why not skip the posts about them and visit posts about people you like. Or is adding to all the negativity already in the world a fun pastime for you?

  52. 52
    @@@@@@ Says:

    @51 It doesn’t matter which celeb thread you go to on JJ, the pro and con posts are in them all.
    @50 I agree about all of the pap pics. She could do better on her own.
    @48 I still find it very odd that Bloom gave his exclusive denial to JJ and not the usual suspects of E-Online, People Online. Outside of gossip mentions of such things, has any other celeb done this sort of thing? Just curious.
    @44 Isn’t it closer to two years that they have been together?
    @34 As for the “loons” as you call them, I honestly don’t believe that they really care if they get married. I have read a lot of the posts by the “loons” and I don’t get that impression. IMHO.

  53. 53
    hello @ 50 Says:

    “I can’t wait until we get the candids of their wonderful family skiing trip so you shippers can explain how the damn paps managed to get in place to photograph them.”

    Started The Stop Watch – Start Holding Your Breath Now – Hope You Can Hold Your Breath For A While –

    I Know I’m Not – One Way or The Other!

    @ Curious

    “Why bother posting comments here at all? Why not skip the posts about them and visit posts about people you like. Or is adding to all the negativity already in the world a fun pastime for you?”

    What better place to dump one’s garbage and anger – Into the Virtual Garbage Disposal

    I Just Wish Someone Around Here Would Learn How To Flush The Toilet Every Once In A While!

  54. 54
    Such negativity Says:

    Yah, x-mas sure seems to be for hypocrits around here. I could count on the fingers of both hands (and that might be too generous!) the no. of peeps with any real ‘Christmas spirit’ who ever post their thoughts in these threads. Most just ‘love to hate’ and tear those who try to be (or say) anything positive down. And I’m not referring only to the unlucky celebrities who are constantly being ripped apart and flamed in ways they most likely don’t deserve at all. So simple question: why do it? Does it make you feel ‘superior’ somehow to spread so much negativity around? It’s really sad that so many seem to ‘get their kicks’ this way – by tearing others down.

  55. 55
    Curious Says:

    To reply to #52:

    @51 It doesn’t matter which celeb thread you go to on JJ, the pro and con posts are in them all.

    No kidding … This is my first time on this site and I made the mistake of going into some other posts with celebrities I like. Ugh! Lots of negative & nasty comments. I’m heading back to my usual sites for fans who actually like people. lol

  56. 56
    lydia Says:

    shes SOOOO freakin gorjuzz

  57. 57
    lydia Says:

    and 36 how are they d listers! i mean come on! shes a supermodel and he is one of the top actors in hollywood

  58. 58
    hello @ 54 Says:

    Until the world starts celebrating the Christmas spirit every day of the year – then I’ll share the spirit of Christmas.

    If I’m tearing you down – I apologize – I don’t believe we’ve met – so why is what I’m saying hurting you so much

    I could care less one way or the other what any celebrities do

    You want to know why I’m so angry – I’m sick and tired of being just a spectator to other people’s lives.

    I don’t need to see every F*****ing Day the two of them spend together or even once a month

    The only reason why I come on here – Is because it’s the only place I have to get away from the two faced – pretentious jerks I know in person.

    Unfortunately – Pretentiousness – Is Everywhere – Especially during this time of the year

    I ain’t no scrooge – I’m mrs grinch

    Take away all your gifts – would you still love each other

    Your gift to each other – should be yourselves – not something in a box

    To you it might be easy to just turn it off – or not go online

    At least you have somewhere else to go – I Don’t

    Sorry if what I say hurts you – The only person I’m trying to hurt is myself – because it helps me forget about the pain inside – from all those around me – who constantly emphasise that if you don’t have “things” your not worth anything!

    To me that’s exactly what that B**** does with her fake smile – you don’t want to know how i know it’s fake – you think she’s the only one – you think you only have to be a celebrity – I know plenty of fake people – not one of them are celebrities

    I say F**** Them All – I know I could not do anything physical to them – so when I try to hurt myself with the words I put on here – I picture hurting them

    Sorry if you felt it too – not my intention.

    Like I said – I don’t know you

  59. 59
    @35flor Says:

    I`m sure you have a very reliable source, flor – I mean other than your imagination…

  60. 60
    luv them together Says:

    Too bad she’s not gonna be a Christmas bride. :( She would have been beautiful . He didn’t have to embarrass her like that.

  61. 61
    maria Says:

    #59: i’m one of bar’s best friend, so i know it for sure. and its not a secret enymore (cus shes three month along and the baby is growing well (thenks god))so its o.k to talk about it and start with the well wishes!!
    so start crying your hart out!!

  62. 62
    @61 Says:

    May I ask why is your name changing every single time you post a comment? Hard to believe that one of her `best friends` would start spreading the `good news` on a JJ thread. Why didn`t you shared the news about your `friend` on her thread not so long ago ( Corona Beach )? Give me a break!

  63. 63
    heyyy Says:

    can someone please tell me where her whole outfit is from?!!??!?!

  64. 64
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    she looks seriously cute, i love her eyes
    her outfit is ok, but i dont like the boots
    well happy x-mas miranda!!!

  65. 65
    ihb Says:

    you said it`s breaking news in Israel and the source is …. you??? You couldn`t even spell your alleged friend`s name right.

  66. 66
    losers Says:

    Could these two famewhores be any more pathetically obvious with this show? 4 weeks since last pap set-up, right on schedule. At least Heidi and Spencer made a show of doing some charity work for their latest famewhoring appearance. Maybe Twit&Twat1.0 can give Twit&Twat2.0 the name of their fake minister so they can get a magazine cover for more fake publicity.

  67. 67
    Truth Comes Out Says:

    If all those articles that talk about how much in love these two are – have any truth to them – Then I guess this must not be far from it either

    Orlando Blooms Girlfriend ‘Desperate For Marriage’

  68. 68
    @67 Says:

    Of course she’s desperate- with his wandering eye (and other body parts) and her career going nowhere she’s desperate to lock in a meal ticket. Doesn’t look like he’s close to proposing if he’s eying up blondes in front of her and picking out big-boobed blonde graphics while there aren’t any events to attend to pick them up and take them home. He’s not close to settling down and definitely not with the Gunnedah town bike.

  69. 69
    Truth Comes Out Says:

    @ 67

    I happen to believe that when a man has a “wandering eye” it’s only because he hasn’t found the one he wants yet.

    I agree he’s not close to settling down in any one place.

    But he is very hungry to have someone he can be with intimately and as passionately as he wants -

    Without the B.I.T.C.H. Splashing It All Over Every F****ing Tabloid and Magazine she can –

    I’m surprised no one has learned this yet

    That man Is No One’s Prize!

    He would Never allow that!

    But Boy Is He Hungry For Love / Lust – He Is A Volcano About To Explode! Trust Me!

    I have seen it in his eyes – Not personally – I just can tell – I hope he finds her soon – and I hope she is ready for him!

  70. 70
    So true #66 Says:

    When this git stops giving OB head, then nobody will care about her. They barely care now and it’s only because she spreads for an actor who’s rapidly losing his List status.

    Why so obvious, JJ?

  71. 71
    llk Says:

    I agree. They remind me of another actor ( A list one ) – model couple mentioned in this thread.

  72. 72
    i WONDER Says:

    where they are snowboarding?
    Looks like fun!
    I’d like to see both on the slopes.

  73. 73
    @72 Says:

    Don’t worry, if they do actually go snowboarding you’ll be seeing plenty of pictures. These two famewhores don’t do anything without inviting the paps along with them.

  74. 74
    dump the loser Says:

    Come on Randa babe, why do you want to be with someone who doesn’t want to be seen in public with you. The paps even said he went out of his way to not be in the same shot. He’s checking out other chicks when he’s with your dad for frick’s sake. Quit taking all his bullsh!t and dump the loser. Kick him to the curb. Now.

  75. 75
    angel Says:

    randa is always pretty…evrything bout her is perfect!!!!

  76. 76
    OMG!! Says:

    I have her same outfit- except I wear it when I’m doing laundry and studying. Shes not very stylish for someone supposedly in the fashion industry.

  77. 77
    make up your minds Says:

    @73, if there were daily pics of them, you could have a point, but you don’t know what they do the days they aren’t snapped, do you?

    @other people, make up your minds, isn’t your everyday song that they are all fake and set up when they appear together in a same pic, that they are trying to show how in love they are? So when they do NOT appear together even when they are at the same place and they have the perfect chance, they are giving the show too?

  78. 78
    @ 77 Says:

    “if there were daily pics of them, you could have a point, but you don’t know what they do the days they aren’t snapped, do you?”

    I’m sorry but for a second it sounded to me like you were referring to “them” as a “we”

    I believe in Orlando’s denial – he specifically said – “HE was not engaged!”

    Whenever he denied that him and kate were not engaged – then he said – “We” – or was it a – “He” then too – been so long it seems.

    If someone is in a “Romantic Relationship” – and one of them is asked if they (meaning the both of them) would be getting married – or anything else – the person who is asked generally say either – We are or We Are Not!

    There is no Romantic Relationship – Friendship – Maybe

    Depends on whether or not Orlando finds out or suspects what she has been doing lately – concerning the pap shots.

    If they are a “We” and are like all those other celebrity couples – Jen and Jon – Reese and Jake – etc… etc…. etc….. – who have no problem walking in and out of a restaurants together – or going shopping together – or being photographed together – or whatever -

    Why did he make such an effort to not be seen with her the other day. If she really did have lunch with him – I didn’t see any pics of her walking in and out of the restaurant – even if there were – I highly doubt that she was really seen there except to prove they were together.

    Orlando has been avoiding her since he made the announcement about the fact that “HE was not engaged.”

    Wonder what has really happened since that time?

    Maybe their really was a break up this time.

    And a certain someone – is having a difficult time taking the hint – I can understand that – Everyone hurts when they are dumped – no matter how two-faced and superficial they are – they still hurt.

    And in that respect – and only that respect – I would have sympathy for her – and hope that she would be able to move on – and hopefully learned something about how to treat others.

  79. 79
    seen enough to know enough Says:

    … they are all fake and set up when they appear together in a same pic…(they) are trying to show how in love they are…when they do NOT appear together even when they are at the same place and they have the perfect chance, they are giving the show too.

    @77, YES. That sums it up. They lose either way. Things should have been handled differently from the very beginning. The same arguments, for and against, and suggestions of the GF being a stalker or a groupie, or just wanting to use him, and OB being blackmailed by said GF occurred when OB was with KB. Same show, different girl. Common denominator = OB. Common element = actress or model.

    Many people can connect the dots with past and present and see things as they are, regardless as to what the press says. Hope OB works in ’09 because THIS type of thing is NOT what serious professional, skilled and talented actors do if they plan on long haul careers and being taken seriously in the business.

  80. 80
    @78, 79 Says:

    @78. I’m sorry, I might not be intelligent enough to understand what you say, but all I got is that you think that when Orlando said he wasn’t engaged (and Miranda said the same), what he meant is that he is not dating her. I don’t understand things like you do. And he’s avoiding her? How, traveling to every corner of Mother Earth with her?

    @79. I think it’s more like, common denominator=OB, common element=he’d better be single forever.
    Blackmail? LOL! he’s being ‘stalked’? LOL! I have to give that to the haters, boring they are not.

  81. 81
    @ 80 Says:

    Maybe he just wanted to be friends with her – It takes him a whole year to be affectionate with her – the glass shop –

    Maybe he’s just lonely – I’ve had guys who were just friends wrap their arms around me when we hang out together – and I wanted it to be more – but they did not feel that way for me – it was very difficult for me to accept – but there was one guy who did not take advantage of the situation – I’ve had ones that did.

    Trust me when I say – “ignorance is bliss” – Enjoy it while you can

    I’ve also had guys who kiss me full on the lips – and to them we were just friends – and I wanted it to be more – but that person would not be honest about his feelings for me – he didn’t say anything either – so I just assumed that he and I were together

    how do we really know what has been said between them – things are not always what they seem

    i have seen those same actions that he has been displaying before in guys i thought really wanted to be with me – i know how much it hurts

    the reason why I don’t see it as a romantic relationship – is because i’ve thought i’ve been in one of those myself – turned out to be something else – something that hurt me very much – and was very difficult to deal with

    people deal with difficult situations differently

    whether i log onto one of these sites or not – does not make it any less real – the pain is still there

    like i said above

    Trust me when I say – “ignorance is bliss” – Enjoy it while you can

    I wish I could

  82. 82
    Friends? Says:

    That has to be the most naive thing I’ve read here. Sure, that’s exactly what any guy thinks about when he travels around with an underwear model, to be his friend. LOL!
    How affectionate he appears in pictures is irrelevant to reality. Believe it or not, I don’t appear hugging my mom in all the pictures of her and me I have, suggesting that I’d hate to hug my mom just for that is preposterous!

  83. 83
    @ 82 Says:

    no – just the ones that i hang out with – must be me.

    but orlando is just that – just a guy – like any other – no better or worse.

    how do you know what he thinks about.

    i didn’t say i knew what he thinks about – i only know what i have been thru in the past – and what reminds me of the pain i went thru.

    go back to your fairy tale.

    i’ve had enough of them!

  84. 84
    rujci Says:

    Who is the man she is hugging?
    She is only bones and skin, no meat on that. Look at her legs, like teen boy.
    I found their relationship strange from the first day. Every month they made a show for paps with more or less success. This one is not the best.

  85. 85
    @83 Says:

    Who talks about fairy tale? Look, I’m sorry you had love problems. It’s just that like you said, he is a guy like any other, and guys are beings that according to some experiments, think of sex every 6 seconds, not that I was very surprised when I read that, LOL.
    So be their relationship of love, of sex, of dependance, of convenience like other people suggest, the idea that they are “just friends” sounded quite naive to me.

  86. 86
    @ 86 Says:

    even though i’m not a fan of guys at the moment

    Orlando has said many times in the past – from his own mouth – that he is unable to be “just friends” with any girl because of what others think.

    Maybe he is one of those “guys” that has not found his soul mate and is searching for her.

    It seems to me that in a way he was using her – to keep from getting linked to every female he walks around with

    And why is he only linked to famous ones – he walks around with females that are not famous – oh there can’t possibly be anything between them – because he’s such a big time celebrity and she is a nobody – unless of course – she happens to be good looking on the outside.

    To me he’s just biding his time until he can break away from this world of illusion – until people stop caring or knowing who he is.

    if that is what he’s doing – which could be – could not be

    like I said – Been there before.

    Not a great feeling

    Not all guys think with their anatomy – maybe you do – if your a guy – forgive me if what i say hurts you – but you seem to put them all in one category yourself.

    I just know what it feels like to be used – if anyone is naive – it seems to be her –

    time tells all – thank you for commenting with me though – needed the therapy – and am unable to pay for it at the moment – besides i can’t talk to others when i look them in the face anyway –

    i’m too afraid to leave my house – let alone have a relationship with anyone anymore.

  87. 87
    post Christmas time Says:

    Judging by the last pictures posted on Olove:

    they were in the shop at the same moment.

  88. 88
    From # 86 Says:

    meant to say

    @ #85

    feeling a bit nervous talking about my feelings again

  89. 89
    @#87 Says:

    why the different back drops behind them – if that was the same place they were sitting both times – why do the scenes on the walls behind them keep changing

    someone must have been busy last night – photoshopping the pics to put them together

    they never had to before

    why didn’t they come out like that when the pics first came out

    what’s with the look on orlando’s face – looks like he’s about to burst into tears – poor guy

    they may have pics of them together – but they did not arrive together

    something tells me that he didn’t even know she was going to be there

    why the smiles when he’s not with her

  90. 90
    @86 Says:

    I’m not a guy, I love guys and I don’t see a problem with their big interest in sex, I think it’s healthy as long as it doesn’t cause problems. I don’t think that men only think with that part of their anatomy, but at least to me, from what I know about men, the idea of a guy traveling everywhere and sharing a hotel room with an underwear model, independently of the nature of their relationship, and keeping it inside his pants makes me chuckle.

    Anyway, cheer up love, there are many men in the world and many of them are fantastic.

  91. 91
    twilightrocks Says:

    Anyone know where her top is from? It’s amazing!?

  92. 92
    amazed Says:

    It’s only a bloody jumper, what’s so AMAZING about a plain grey jumper with pockets???
    Get out a bit more, look for some nice clothes, don’t try to copy a skinny as **** z list celebrity.

  93. 93
    @#90 Says:

    well you have your experience – i have mine – my experiences have taught me that a lot of guys think with only one part of their anatomy

    but there was one guy in my life – that didn’t – and he and i were just friends – he knew how much i wanted it to be more – on our second date or outing – whatever you want to call – before we said goodbye – he smiled at me – kissed my hand – and said everything would be okay.

    i like to think that when orlando said that he does have friends that are girls – and they are not romantically involved – that he would be believed.

    just because she is an underwear model – you think he would take advantage of her.

    for all we know he may not see her the way everyone else does.

    but i know that he would not appreciate it if she was calling the paps or having one of her friends do it – to let them know where they are – eveytime they get together.

    of course there may have been times – they got together and we don’t know about it

    but the latest pics of them supposedly being together – the look on his face does not look like that of someone who is deeply with someone else – or at least not with the one he is pictured with

    if he was – he wouldn’t even notice the cameras – he’s looking right at the pap – looking as if he’s about ready to burst into tears

    if he was really in love with her – to him the cameras would not even exist – but he knows they are there – and i can tell it upsets him something awful

  94. 94
    post Christmas time Says:

    @#87 @ 12/26/2008 at 2:39 pm why the different back drops behind them – if that was the same place they were sitting both times – why do the scenes on the walls behind them keep changing

    someone must have been busy last night – photoshopping the pics to put them together

    they never had to before

    why didn’t they come out like that when the pics first came out

    what’s with the look on orlando’s face – looks like he’s about to burst into tears – poor guy

    they may have pics of them together – but they did not arrive together

    something tells me that he didn’t even know she was going to be there

    why the smiles when he’s not with her

    dear 89,
    the scenes on the walls behind them keep changing because it is a screen not a static background.
    why didn’t they come out like that when the pics first came out? Because there are people who posted only the pics that are according with their opinions, so I want to tell you that there is a sort of censorship about the pictures that you may see.
    And regardign the fact that Orlando and Miranda didn’t arrive or leave together, this was reported even by the paparazzi, and it was an attempt to avoid pictures.
    But if you prefer to believe to crazy theories, without any logic, go on.

  95. 95
    Christmas past Says:

    It does not matter at all if they were at the store at the same time or not. Set ups are set ups. They are there to be seen TOGETHER. As a matter of fact, it is even worse that they were there at the same time and did not interact at all, not even a glance at each other.

  96. 96
    @#94 Says:

    just like all of us the paps can say anything they want to as an excuse to not be able to get that perfect shot

    I say again – If he was really in love with her – He would not even care that the paps were there

    All he would care about was that she was.

    But as “Christmas Past” – just now so eloquently put it

    “As a matter of fact, it is even worse that they were there at the same time and did not interact at all, not even a glance at each other.”

  97. 97
    @95 Says:

    Does it really make any difference if they were interacting or not?
    If they interact, they are pretending to be in love and they are being fake.
    If they don’t interact, it is hard rock proof that they don’t like each other, and they are being natural.

    They are fake or natural depending on whatever suits each person’s agenda better.

  98. 98
    @#97 Says:

    As a matter of fact it does

    not “Christmas Past” responding

    Unless someone posting on here knows the two of them intimately as just regular people – which they are – Deal With That!

    No one on here knows how Orlando really is in real life

    I’ve seen people – both celebrity and non-celebrity alike – truly in love with one another

    And the thing I’ve noticed the most about them – is that they don’t notice anyone else around them – pap or otherwise

    No matter how many flash bulbs may be flashing around them – the only thing they care about is each other

    All Orlando seems to notice are the paps – not her – and not because he wants all the attention – but because he doesn’t

    Maybe they are only friends and Orlando is just biding his time until his fame dies down enough – for him to just be himself

    Who knows? I don’t even think Orlando knows how to handle this situation

    He probably doesn’t want to hurt her – at the same time – what if there is someone else he is thinking about – but does not want to put the spotlight on them – because maybe they are not famous – and he knows how scared they would be.

    He only seems comfortable in front of the cameras when he knows they are going to be there – example – doing work for Unicef – working as a volunteer at the Obama headquartes -

    but he has probably finally figured out – if he is somewhere and she is there – or just happens to show up – however it happened – the paps usually are not far behind.

  99. 99
    Miranda kerr Says:

    evinn im geting board wif thiss schitte awlreddy

  100. 100
    typical Says:

    They aren’t all over each other while shopping = they hate each other.
    They ARE all over each other while shopping = set up.

    You guys have an answer for everything, don’t you? Even if that answer is ridiculous.

  101. 101
    works both ways! Says:

    They aren’t all over each other while shopping = they just hide their twu luv because they don’t want to play with the paps
    They ARE all over each other while shopping = TWU LUV AN NOT CARING!!

    You guys have an answer for everything, don’t you? Even if that answer is ridiculous.


    Just sayin’!

    You know, I wonder what would happen if the fandom wars ever stop. What would haters and shippers then get in a huff about?

  102. 102
    @#101 Says:

    “You know, I wonder what would happen if the fandom wars ever stop. What would haters and shippers then get in a huff about?”

    I have no idea – but I hope we get to find out real soon!

    Till the next set of pics or Break Up announcement -

    Happy New Year!!! Thank Goodness!!! New Year 2009 = Hopefully = New Girlfriend – or at least a Real One

  103. 103
    atari warrior Says:

    A game of Pong was dead boring years back. Still is now.

    Back and forth back and forth YAWN

    Can’t we at least try maybe Space Invaders or Tetris for a change? :p

  104. 104
    words mightier than sword Says:

    Ping Pong is the most relaxing game – especially if you don’t worry about keeping score.

    You can play it in doors – In the “Privacy” of your own home.

    Something I’ll bet that Orlando had on his wish list this year for Christmas – “Privacy”

    Did he receive it – Don’t look like it to me

    Maybe for his birthday – Maybe this time he should ask the right person – whomever that may be.

  105. 105
    They're dating Says:

    They’re dating. It’s obvious they’re dating. It’s also obvious she bragged about it and then is now saying that other people are the ones speculating and “it’s allright because we know the truth.” Her tune changed when she realized people caught on to her bragging about it and calling her a famewhore, and now she’s trying to take the high road and act like she’s above the gossip. Someone obviously didn’t tell her the old saying that if you lay down with dogs you get up with fleas. She courts the paps but then wants to act like she doesn’t now and her and OB’s relationship is soooo sacred and sooo just between them. Give me a f— break. It stopped being between them when she posted a picture of them together on her MYSPACE and flashed her blackberry with them kissing in an INTERVIEW.

    Idiotic panty model. Some people don’t buy your cute act and bare tits. And if OB is stupid enough to go along with that, whatever.

  106. 106
    @ 105 Says:

    what is her my space link? – let me go get a throw up bucket first.

  107. 107
    meredith Says:

    Miranda Kerr: The Epitome of Class. Not.

    What a *****.

  108. 108
    liza Says:

    ^anorexic , promiscous and greasy. what a combo. what a score, orlando!

    i see miranda’s dad john is in the pap shots of miranda on the street with her hands in the air (standing behind her). at least she has family values, right?

  109. 109
    tanja Says:

    ew, she looks gross in that tinypic link you posted. she had obviously just screwed someone in a bathroom somewhere. miranda + shiny face = just had dirty sex.

  110. 110
    how sweet... Says:

    …a family Christmas….that’s sweet. Soon they will make the annnoucement that they are married…..and the babies will be coming soon.

    They’re beautiful and I can’t wait to see the kids…

  111. 111
    @101 Says:

    How about sometimes they are all about each other and sometimes they aren’t? It might be hard to believe, but couples sometimes spend a while without hugging, kissing and looking at each other with doe eyes, especially when they are focused in shopping.
    Strange set up this is, when the parts doing the set up arrive and leave separated.

  112. 112
    new year is coming Says:

    from the last pictures posted, it doesn’t seem they leave separated:
    And Orlando drives the car with Miranda’s father on his side

  113. 113
    @ 112 Says:

    From a Reference from poster #94 and #101 – Works Both Ways

    “why didn’t they come out like that when the pics first came out?”

    “Because there are people who posted only the pics that are according with their opinions, so I want to tell you that there is a sort of censorship about the pictures that you may see.”

    Seems all the shippers do the same thing when the Truth is revealved.

    All these new photos start to come out – even ones from the glass shop – to show just how much they are in love.

    Good for Goose – Good for Gander

    Truth is not always appearance – at least to those who are able to see past the end of their nose.

  114. 114
    @112 Says:

    Those pics are not new at all, they appeared on several magazines weeks ago. I saw those and even more than those.
    I love how you write ‘Truth’ with a capital, agent Scully.

    Nope, I don’t think it works both ways for a simple reason. Saying that two people hate each other for not kissing 24/7 is absurd, in case nobody had noticed.

  115. 115
    new year is coming Says:

    Lovers of conspiracies find an answer for all. They think that Orlando and Miranda are together only when they get papped: they think that Orlando and Miranda are not a couple because they are not kissing or hugging in the pics at Burton shop; but when they were caught kissing and hugging in the glass shop, they say those pics were a set up. Lovers of conspiracies are hilarious!

  116. 116
    @ 114 Says:

    if you think that “kissing” 24/7 is all there is to being in love.

    Go Back To High School Until You Graduate!

  117. 117
    @116 Says:

    couples sometimes kiss, sometimes fight, sometimes laugh, sometimes are pissed off and don’t talk for a while, etc. It is the people who think that there is a standard couple behaviour that consists of constantly looking like two lovebirds instead of endless possibilities the ones who should go back to high school and repeat certain life experiences.
    @115, hilarious is the word

  118. 118
    @ 114 Says:

    There is also Much More To being In Love

    Than Having your Picture Taken with Someone!

    Or Saying – “Oh He Traveled the World Just To See Me!”

    Grow UP B.I.T.C.H.

    He Travels The World All The Time

    How Do We Know That He Didn’t Go All That Way – Just To Tell Her To Her Face – “Your a nice girl – But I just don’t feel those Romantic Feelings For You. Hope we can still be Friends.”

    To A Girl – emphasis on that word “Girl” – whose mentality is that of a 16 year old –

    “Hope we can still be Friends.” = “Well if I push myself on him hard enough – people would have to believe that we are together – especially the one he told me about – that he says he loves so much – but doesn’t want anyone to know about. She will give up – and he will have no choice but to admit that he and I belong together.”

    Just because the stalker would hurt the girl of the man she is love with – Don’t mean that the man would want to be with the stalker.

    Just Saying.

  119. 119
    @ 117 Says:

    So sorry that you limit yourself

    There are endless possibilities in this world – Those who only think that walking around like a Barbie Doll – and acting like a w.h.o.r.e – is what get you ahead in this world – are the ones who need to go back to high school – because that is the only place they will ever be elected Prom Queen again.

    Miss Popularity in High School – Usually ends up – Miss Trash in the real world

  120. 120
    @118 & 119 Says:

    Ok,ok, don’t get angry, he travels everywhere with her to tell her that he only wants her as a friend, and that is the most logical conclusion one can arrive to. Happy?

    Don’t play tricks by saying I’m limiting myself though, that’s not right. I was the one saying that there are endless possibilities regarding couple behaviour, remember? Don’t try to switch your words with mine.
    Sigh, teens…

  121. 121
    @ 120 Says:

    First off – I am not a teen – never was – even when I was that age – try 22 years ago – how’s your math?

    Secondly – It sounded like to me that you were saying that only those who have unlimited possibilities – need to go back to high school

    - that those with so many ideas and theories about the way something could be – is wrong – that there is only one right way – one wrong way.

    And – Yes – Guys do travel all over the world – or in my case – across town – just to tell a girl that believes with all her heart that he is in love with her – that he doesn’t feel that way about her

    One that I thought loved me that way – knocked on my bedroom window – late one night – and the only reason why he came over was to ask me to stop calling him.

    So Yes – Broomhilda – sorry if the name upsets you – I am very angry – please don’t take what I say personally

    But Yes – Men do have the ability to travel all over the world to tell someone they don’t feel that way about them – besides he wasn’t that far away anyway – where was he at the time – Moscow – England – All he had to do was take a plane down south just a bit to Italy.

    Usually it hurts so much when the person sends a text or just calls you on the phone to ask you to stop calling them or that they only want to be friends.

    Try them knocking on your window late one night – and not in the Romeo and Juliet type of way

    Just to say to you and I quote – If I can remember back that far -

    “Stop calling me on the phone. You could never handle being in a real relationship.”

    Doesn’t hurt as much from someone you don’t know -

    But from someone that you feel could have been your soul mate at one point in your life – It’s a Knife thru the Soul as well as the Heart.

    So Yes – I am very Angry – And No – I Do Not See The World – Thru Rose Covered Glasses – More like thru Blood and Pain covered glasses.

  122. 122
    i wish he'd... Says:

    …follow me around the world to tell me something…anything…

    let’s see they met in europe after VS, then word was they were on a beach somewhere, then in New York and now in L.A.

    what’s wrong with him – he can’t get the words out to break up with her?

    these pictures look like a real relationship – most guys who have been shopping too long have that “mall glaze” look in their eyes.

    if it’s as evil as some here say, “she’s got something on him” – it must be something big – he’s gotta take pictures with her parents, too! If it’s just for publicity – nobody needs that much – it’s been over a year, I’ll say again.

    Looks like they’re doing just fine – good for them!

  123. 123
    new year is coming Says:

    the stalker? Yes, I know that there was a woman of 50 years old that stalked him in London during In Celebration. She used to give him cakes, and other gifts.
    When the play finished, she went around saying that she and Orlando were in love, and that he had secret meeting with her. She was really crazy. And that’s the reason she is no longer the mod of an Orlando’s fan board.
    Another hilarious story!

  124. 124
    new year is coming Says:

    yeah, sure, in your dreams.
    My God, this is better than hilarious!!

  125. 125
    pictures in 113 link Says:

    I was just noticing that the gold piece worn here

    could be the same as the one Orlando is wearing in the pics linked from the glass shop on post 113. Scroll down to the one where you see it from the front.

    I am a poster from Olove and not a fan of her and I think she is a ridiculous choice for Orlando. I’ve read, and even believe some of the theories about all their setups, but I do think that there is some kind of relationship going on between these two. They must have no self esteem whatsoever to be a part of such a pathetic plan for attention. But whaterver its their life.

    Some of the comspiracy theorists are really starting to souldn like they need a rubber room though. Get a grip some of you because you are making everyone who doenst like thise two together all sound like a bunck of crackpots. Stop grasping at every straw that you think will fit your theory becauys you just sound stupid. Setups or not they are together for some reason. Deal.

  126. 126
    @ 125 Monkey see monkey do Says:

    could be the same one – maybe even exactly the same one – maybe not

    you think that is the only one on the F****ing planet

    before when they were first together – she dressed in elegant fashions

    now all of a sudden she is starting to dress like him – right down to the jewelry – sounds very 16 to 18 year old mentality to me.

    i have yet to see any normal couple do that – but then again since when were these two normal – if anyone has yet to even find a definition for that word.

    Oh I forgot – seeing is believing –

    Orlando is never to be believed when he says that he is just friends with lots of girls – whose to say that Orlando was not about to make a statement about the two of them – when the rumors first came out – that they were romantically involved – that they were really only friends.

    she looked at him – with those stupid eyes – and said – “don’t worry sweety – my pr team can do that for you”

    bet you believe in all the cgi in the movies is real too

    theory or not – rubber room or not – better than this place – send the directions over from where you escaped – be happy to take over your empty cell.

  127. 127
    pictures in 113 link Says:

    lol since you are the one that responded so quickly just says htat you were the onei was referring to which i was. FYI Just Jared isnt a good place to seek therapy.

  128. 128
    So tell me Says:

    What happened to his tan? Weren’t the shippers wetting themselves last week that his unnaturally orange appearance in NY was some proof of the obviously fake called-in “sighting” of him in the BVI? He’s looking pretty normal and pale here, guess it could have been the lighting after all.

  129. 129
    @ 127 Says:

    Therapy for me is best when I don’t have to look others in the eye.

    I freeze up and cannot form my thoughts clearly enough – at least for me to understand. I was never expecting anyone else to understand or even agree with me.

    Whether I’m right or whether I’m wrong – makes no never mind to me.

    We all have our little problems.

    I’m not trying to hurt anyone – not even myself anymore.

    no diet program works the same for everyone.

    same is true for therapy – everyone is different.

  130. 130
    amazed Says:

    I think the funniest thing about this whole releationship is how some of the “couple shippers” almost die with happiness whenever new pics appear. It’s like they live for this couple. For gods sake Mayfrayn over at orlando love posted pics on Christmas day!! obsessed much?

    Some of these fans whole happiness depends on whether Orlando and Miranda are f*cking on a daily basis. These fans would love a ringside seat watching these two c list celebs bumping naughty bits together.

    For goodness sake! go out and find someone to have sex with, stop fantasising about O and M doing it and get some yourself.

  131. 131
    twu wuv 4eva Says:

    It’s too bad Jared doesn’t have the pics and their description from their lunch, those are hilarious. So after a shopping appearance at the Burton store where Orlando poses drooling over snowboards with hot chick graphics, he requires that his food is pre-ordered for him so that he doesn’t have to spend 15 minutes conversing with his so-called girlfriend while it cooks, then when he’s leaving he whips his head around to check out a hot blonde- in front of the cameras and his “girlfriend’s” father. How respectful- don’t you just feel the choirs of angels singing of this love. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

  132. 132
    pictures in 113 link Says:

    so the tables are turned i guess. hes the user and jerk and she is the doormat. all for fame and noteriety. Both of them are pathetic then and desreve each other.

  133. 133
    Poor people Says:

    Do you realise that suggesting that a person should feel jealous of a DRAWING on a snowboard is not normal?
    Do you realise that sometimes a blonde lady might happen to be in his visual field? Or should he wear a male burka or something?
    He’s willing to spend a full year with her, but something as insignificant as ordering pre-cooked food is clear evidence that he doesn’t want to spend 15 minutes with her?
    That other poster was right, you sound desperate to twist small details to make them fit into conspiracy theories.

  134. 134
    @ 134 What's Normal? Says:

    Since you seem to be the Supreme Authority….

    What is the definition of “normal”?

    Everyone is looking for answers to this year old question

    Are they or aren’t they?

    Compare it to this question that has been asked since mankind came into being – “Is there intelligent life anywhere else in the universe?”

    After all this time – Thousands of years
    The only answer that sounds right to me….but it’s just my opinon / theory

    “Still trying to find intelligent life here on earth.”

    Since I know there will never be intelligent life here on this board – I decided to stay here – feels so much like home – earth.

  135. 135
    @135... Says:

    “Judge not and thou shall not be judged”…

    How old are you?

    How obsessed are you with proving that someone else is obsessed?

    How crazy are you to spend so much time posting on a board about people you don’t like?

    How determined are you to prove a relationship does not exist…despite photographic proof it does (whatever it is)?

    How fulfilled is your life?

  136. 136
    Miranda, watch out! Says:

    Miranda, watch out or he’ll dump you for a snowboard!!

  137. 137
    @134 Says:

    Conspiracy theory? The only conspiracy theory is your own desperate attempt to twist #131s post. There was no suggestion that anyone should feel jealous of a snowboard graphic, simply that it was not very respectful behavior to pose that way for the cameras in front of a “girlfriend”. And the blond woman at the restaurant is only in his line of vision if his eyes were in the back of his head- he turns his head completely around to look at her. Again, not exactly a respectful way to behave towards someone he supposedly cares about in front of the cameras he knows are present and her own father. There is a difference between wearing a burka and oggling other women in front of a girlfriend, her father, and the cameras they have set up to capture the occasion, you might want to clue in to the difference.

  138. 138
    mayfrayn Says:

    “@130 @ 12/27/2008 at 2:58 pm Posting on Christmas day? That sums them up right there- no lives other than a fantasy world. If you’ve seen pictures of mayfrayn it makes sense-a fat, ugly, middle-aged troll with crazy eyes. No one must want her and her obsession would make it impossible to relate to normal people her own age so she lives for a fairy tale of St Orlando of Canterbury and his damsel. It would be quite sad if she wasn’t so bloody annoying.”

    Well, this is really offensive…do you really know me? I don’t think so.

  139. 139
    @139 Says:

    so it is disrespectful to look at a snowboard with some paint and lines with the shape of a woman in front of the cameras? Then I guess he shouldn’t watch TV or read magazines in front of her, as there are many gorgeous women in them, and real ones, not drawings. He liked the drawing, so what? It’s a snowboard, for Mike’s sake!
    And nobody knows if he was checking the blonde or not. Even if he were, I’m sorry to tell you this, men with girlfriends and more especially men with wives are perfectly able to recognize a hot woman when they see her.
    And he set up some pics and was careless enough to check a blonde out when his intention is to show how in love he is (according to you, of course)? Choose between A or B, but follow some logic…

  140. 140
    @ 137 Says:

    “despite photographic proof”

    c.g.i. – photo shop – ringing any bells here

    it is truth – but truth is not always appearance

    For someone who loves to quote the bible –

    “Judge not and thou shall not be judged”…

    Did you forget what the definition of Faith is

    “The evidence of things Un seen” – Not seen

    I hope Orlando does find his true soul mate someday – and no i’m not hoping OMG let it be me – crap!!!

    But let’s just say that i am one of those people who could have had a wonderful and successful career in Detective work – if I was emotionally and mentally able to go to school – I freeze up around others – but that does not mean that I am not able to see past the end of my nose.

    Practice what you Preach – Or no one else will

    Proof is not in pictures – Proof is in the soul

    Detectives almost always solve crimes by gut feelings – with a little help from forensics of course – but lots of time – certain individuals will only show you what they want you to see –

    it’s called an illusion

    don’t believe everything you read – or see

    let time reveal what is fact and what is not.

  141. 141
    WHO LET THE DOGS OUT..... Says:

    How embarrassing and cringeworthy that you poor LOONIES spend your life making up conspiracy theories about Orlando and Miranda not being a couple…….lol……What makes it even more pathetic is that you don’t seem to realize that OB & MK don’t even know you exist!!!!…….And even if they did, as if they would give a sh*t what you weirdos write about them in comment blogs….lol…….what a bunch of desperate LOSERS!!!!

  142. 142
    Seriously?!?!? wtf?!!? Says:

    This is better than a comedy show! I dont get why people are trying to make up stories about Miranda and Orlando only being together to be seen! They are going out for probably more than a year now, i doubt someone could stick it out that long if they didnt like each other much!

    U give out about people worshipping this couple and looking for new pics of them together, yet u obviously checked Orlando Love if u knew she posted on Xmas day!

  143. 143
    corina Says:

    well, I live right there where the shop is and haven’t seen any buzz going on at december 24th…and they are not even together on any of the pictures…and in the second picture i don’t think it has been taken at the same day…I mean it is weird that he first has his hair long and different clothes and then he has his hair shaved and looks a little bold and gray…is that even him?

  144. 144
    love Says:

    orlando and miranda are my favorite couple!!!

  145. 145
    olove Says:

    orlando is an actor if it was a set up he would act a lot better than that! losers

  146. 146
    @145 Says:

    Orlando is a crappy actor so you just made the point that it IS a set up, he looks like that because he can’t act any better. No wonder he isn’t working and can’t get hired in any new roles.

  147. 147
    to all the haters Says:

    Whoa most people on this thread are posting nasty comments. I ask you guys, what kind of grace or happiness does it bring on you?

    Pathetic as it may sound, but a lot of bashers here seem to know a lot about miranda. If you hate or dislike her, why bother spend some time collecting infos about her or better else go to the threads of your idols instead lurking around here.

  148. 148
    @147 Says:

    Laughing at the stupidity of a lying famewhore is quite amusing.

  149. 149
    توبيكات ملونه Says:

    Yeah, I think that is one of his watches. She has been wearing it for a while, now. He gave her that beautiful Bulgari ring last Christmas. I wonder what he got her this year?

  150. 150
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