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Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Snowboarding Shoppers!

Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Snowboarding Shoppers!

Orlando Bloom and model girlfriend Miranda Kerr shop for snowboarding gear at the Burton store on Wednesday, Christmas Eve (December 24) in Los Angeles.

According to a spywitness, Orly took a liking to one of the boards with a scantily-clad blonde woman design. The 31-year-old actor pointed at the board and declared, “I want this one, babe.”

Miranda, who was seen chatting on her Blackberry Bold, smiled back and joked, “But she’s blonde, I’m not blonde!”

Orly also commented that he “couldn’t wait” to get back on the slopes

After picking up snowboarding gear, the couple headed to lunch together at the comfort cafe at Fred Segal’s in Hollywood.

10+ pictures inside of snowboarding couple Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr

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orlando bloom miranda kerr snowboarding shopping 02
orlando bloom miranda kerr snowboarding shopping 03
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orlando bloom miranda kerr snowboarding shopping 05
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151 Responses to “Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Snowboarding Shoppers!”

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  1. 51
    Curious Says:

    To those who don’t like Orlando or Miranda:

    Why bother posting comments here at all? Why not skip the posts about them and visit posts about people you like. Or is adding to all the negativity already in the world a fun pastime for you?

  2. 52
    @@@@@@ Says:

    @51 It doesn’t matter which celeb thread you go to on JJ, the pro and con posts are in them all.
    @50 I agree about all of the pap pics. She could do better on her own.
    @48 I still find it very odd that Bloom gave his exclusive denial to JJ and not the usual suspects of E-Online, People Online. Outside of gossip mentions of such things, has any other celeb done this sort of thing? Just curious.
    @44 Isn’t it closer to two years that they have been together?
    @34 As for the “loons” as you call them, I honestly don’t believe that they really care if they get married. I have read a lot of the posts by the “loons” and I don’t get that impression. IMHO.

  3. 53
    hello @ 50 Says:

    “I can’t wait until we get the candids of their wonderful family skiing trip so you shippers can explain how the damn paps managed to get in place to photograph them.”

    Started The Stop Watch – Start Holding Your Breath Now – Hope You Can Hold Your Breath For A While –

    I Know I’m Not – One Way or The Other!

    @ Curious

    “Why bother posting comments here at all? Why not skip the posts about them and visit posts about people you like. Or is adding to all the negativity already in the world a fun pastime for you?”

    What better place to dump one’s garbage and anger – Into the Virtual Garbage Disposal

    I Just Wish Someone Around Here Would Learn How To Flush The Toilet Every Once In A While!

  4. 54
    Such negativity Says:

    Yah, x-mas sure seems to be for hypocrits around here. I could count on the fingers of both hands (and that might be too generous!) the no. of peeps with any real ‘Christmas spirit’ who ever post their thoughts in these threads. Most just ‘love to hate’ and tear those who try to be (or say) anything positive down. And I’m not referring only to the unlucky celebrities who are constantly being ripped apart and flamed in ways they most likely don’t deserve at all. So simple question: why do it? Does it make you feel ‘superior’ somehow to spread so much negativity around? It’s really sad that so many seem to ‘get their kicks’ this way – by tearing others down.

  5. 55
    Curious Says:

    To reply to #52:

    @51 It doesn’t matter which celeb thread you go to on JJ, the pro and con posts are in them all.

    No kidding … This is my first time on this site and I made the mistake of going into some other posts with celebrities I like. Ugh! Lots of negative & nasty comments. I’m heading back to my usual sites for fans who actually like people. lol

  6. 56
    lydia Says:

    shes SOOOO freakin gorjuzz

  7. 57
    lydia Says:

    and 36 how are they d listers! i mean come on! shes a supermodel and he is one of the top actors in hollywood

  8. 58
    hello @ 54 Says:

    Until the world starts celebrating the Christmas spirit every day of the year – then I’ll share the spirit of Christmas.

    If I’m tearing you down – I apologize – I don’t believe we’ve met – so why is what I’m saying hurting you so much

    I could care less one way or the other what any celebrities do

    You want to know why I’m so angry – I’m sick and tired of being just a spectator to other people’s lives.

    I don’t need to see every F*****ing Day the two of them spend together or even once a month

    The only reason why I come on here – Is because it’s the only place I have to get away from the two faced – pretentious jerks I know in person.

    Unfortunately – Pretentiousness – Is Everywhere – Especially during this time of the year

    I ain’t no scrooge – I’m mrs grinch

    Take away all your gifts – would you still love each other

    Your gift to each other – should be yourselves – not something in a box

    To you it might be easy to just turn it off – or not go online

    At least you have somewhere else to go – I Don’t

    Sorry if what I say hurts you – The only person I’m trying to hurt is myself – because it helps me forget about the pain inside – from all those around me – who constantly emphasise that if you don’t have “things” your not worth anything!

    To me that’s exactly what that B**** does with her fake smile – you don’t want to know how i know it’s fake – you think she’s the only one – you think you only have to be a celebrity – I know plenty of fake people – not one of them are celebrities

    I say F**** Them All – I know I could not do anything physical to them – so when I try to hurt myself with the words I put on here – I picture hurting them

    Sorry if you felt it too – not my intention.

    Like I said – I don’t know you

  9. 59
    @35flor Says:

    I`m sure you have a very reliable source, flor – I mean other than your imagination…

  10. 60
    luv them together Says:

    Too bad she’s not gonna be a Christmas bride. :( She would have been beautiful . He didn’t have to embarrass her like that.

  11. 61
    maria Says:

    #59: i’m one of bar’s best friend, so i know it for sure. and its not a secret enymore (cus shes three month along and the baby is growing well (thenks god))so its o.k to talk about it and start with the well wishes!!
    so start crying your hart out!!

  12. 62
    @61 Says:

    May I ask why is your name changing every single time you post a comment? Hard to believe that one of her `best friends` would start spreading the `good news` on a JJ thread. Why didn`t you shared the news about your `friend` on her thread not so long ago ( Corona Beach )? Give me a break!

  13. 63
    heyyy Says:

    can someone please tell me where her whole outfit is from?!!??!?!

  14. 64
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    she looks seriously cute, i love her eyes
    her outfit is ok, but i dont like the boots
    well happy x-mas miranda!!!

  15. 65
    ihb Says:

    you said it`s breaking news in Israel and the source is …. you??? You couldn`t even spell your alleged friend`s name right.

  16. 66
    losers Says:

    Could these two famewhores be any more pathetically obvious with this show? 4 weeks since last pap set-up, right on schedule. At least Heidi and Spencer made a show of doing some charity work for their latest famewhoring appearance. Maybe Twit&Twat1.0 can give Twit&Twat2.0 the name of their fake minister so they can get a magazine cover for more fake publicity.

  17. 67
    Truth Comes Out Says:

    If all those articles that talk about how much in love these two are – have any truth to them – Then I guess this must not be far from it either

    Orlando Blooms Girlfriend ‘Desperate For Marriage’

  18. 68
    @67 Says:

    Of course she’s desperate- with his wandering eye (and other body parts) and her career going nowhere she’s desperate to lock in a meal ticket. Doesn’t look like he’s close to proposing if he’s eying up blondes in front of her and picking out big-boobed blonde graphics while there aren’t any events to attend to pick them up and take them home. He’s not close to settling down and definitely not with the Gunnedah town bike.

  19. 69
    Truth Comes Out Says:

    @ 67

    I happen to believe that when a man has a “wandering eye” it’s only because he hasn’t found the one he wants yet.

    I agree he’s not close to settling down in any one place.

    But he is very hungry to have someone he can be with intimately and as passionately as he wants -

    Without the B.I.T.C.H. Splashing It All Over Every F****ing Tabloid and Magazine she can –

    I’m surprised no one has learned this yet

    That man Is No One’s Prize!

    He would Never allow that!

    But Boy Is He Hungry For Love / Lust – He Is A Volcano About To Explode! Trust Me!

    I have seen it in his eyes – Not personally – I just can tell – I hope he finds her soon – and I hope she is ready for him!

  20. 70
    So true #66 Says:

    When this git stops giving OB head, then nobody will care about her. They barely care now and it’s only because she spreads for an actor who’s rapidly losing his List status.

    Why so obvious, JJ?

  21. 71
    llk Says:

    I agree. They remind me of another actor ( A list one ) – model couple mentioned in this thread.

  22. 72
    i WONDER Says:

    where they are snowboarding?
    Looks like fun!
    I’d like to see both on the slopes.

  23. 73
    @72 Says:

    Don’t worry, if they do actually go snowboarding you’ll be seeing plenty of pictures. These two famewhores don’t do anything without inviting the paps along with them.

  24. 74
    dump the loser Says:

    Come on Randa babe, why do you want to be with someone who doesn’t want to be seen in public with you. The paps even said he went out of his way to not be in the same shot. He’s checking out other chicks when he’s with your dad for frick’s sake. Quit taking all his bullsh!t and dump the loser. Kick him to the curb. Now.

  25. 75
    angel Says:

    randa is always pretty…evrything bout her is perfect!!!!

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