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Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Snowboarding Shoppers!

Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Snowboarding Shoppers!

Orlando Bloom and model girlfriend Miranda Kerr shop for snowboarding gear at the Burton store on Wednesday, Christmas Eve (December 24) in Los Angeles.

According to a spywitness, Orly took a liking to one of the boards with a scantily-clad blonde woman design. The 31-year-old actor pointed at the board and declared, “I want this one, babe.”

Miranda, who was seen chatting on her Blackberry Bold, smiled back and joked, “But she’s blonde, I’m not blonde!”

Orly also commented that he “couldn’t wait” to get back on the slopes

After picking up snowboarding gear, the couple headed to lunch together at the comfort cafe at Fred Segal’s in Hollywood.

10+ pictures inside of snowboarding couple Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr

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orlando bloom miranda kerr snowboarding shopping 02
orlando bloom miranda kerr snowboarding shopping 03
orlando bloom miranda kerr snowboarding shopping 04
orlando bloom miranda kerr snowboarding shopping 05
orlando bloom miranda kerr snowboarding shopping 06
orlando bloom miranda kerr snowboarding shopping 07
orlando bloom miranda kerr snowboarding shopping 08
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151 Responses to “Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Snowboarding Shoppers!”

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  1. 101
    works both ways! Says:

    They aren’t all over each other while shopping = they just hide their twu luv because they don’t want to play with the paps
    They ARE all over each other while shopping = TWU LUV AN NOT CARING!!

    You guys have an answer for everything, don’t you? Even if that answer is ridiculous.


    Just sayin’!

    You know, I wonder what would happen if the fandom wars ever stop. What would haters and shippers then get in a huff about?

  2. 102
    @#101 Says:

    “You know, I wonder what would happen if the fandom wars ever stop. What would haters and shippers then get in a huff about?”

    I have no idea – but I hope we get to find out real soon!

    Till the next set of pics or Break Up announcement -

    Happy New Year!!! Thank Goodness!!! New Year 2009 = Hopefully = New Girlfriend – or at least a Real One

  3. 103
    atari warrior Says:

    A game of Pong was dead boring years back. Still is now.

    Back and forth back and forth YAWN

    Can’t we at least try maybe Space Invaders or Tetris for a change? :p

  4. 104
    words mightier than sword Says:

    Ping Pong is the most relaxing game – especially if you don’t worry about keeping score.

    You can play it in doors – In the “Privacy” of your own home.

    Something I’ll bet that Orlando had on his wish list this year for Christmas – “Privacy”

    Did he receive it – Don’t look like it to me

    Maybe for his birthday – Maybe this time he should ask the right person – whomever that may be.

  5. 105
    They're dating Says:

    They’re dating. It’s obvious they’re dating. It’s also obvious she bragged about it and then is now saying that other people are the ones speculating and “it’s allright because we know the truth.” Her tune changed when she realized people caught on to her bragging about it and calling her a famewhore, and now she’s trying to take the high road and act like she’s above the gossip. Someone obviously didn’t tell her the old saying that if you lay down with dogs you get up with fleas. She courts the paps but then wants to act like she doesn’t now and her and OB’s relationship is soooo sacred and sooo just between them. Give me a f— break. It stopped being between them when she posted a picture of them together on her MYSPACE and flashed her blackberry with them kissing in an INTERVIEW.

    Idiotic panty model. Some people don’t buy your cute act and bare tits. And if OB is stupid enough to go along with that, whatever.

  6. 106
    @ 105 Says:

    what is her my space link? – let me go get a throw up bucket first.

  7. 107
    meredith Says:

    Miranda Kerr: The Epitome of Class. Not.

    What a *****.

  8. 108
    liza Says:

    ^anorexic , promiscous and greasy. what a combo. what a score, orlando!

    i see miranda’s dad john is in the pap shots of miranda on the street with her hands in the air (standing behind her). at least she has family values, right?

  9. 109
    tanja Says:

    ew, she looks gross in that tinypic link you posted. she had obviously just screwed someone in a bathroom somewhere. miranda + shiny face = just had dirty sex.

  10. 110
    how sweet... Says:

    …a family Christmas….that’s sweet. Soon they will make the annnoucement that they are married…..and the babies will be coming soon.

    They’re beautiful and I can’t wait to see the kids…

  11. 111
    @101 Says:

    How about sometimes they are all about each other and sometimes they aren’t? It might be hard to believe, but couples sometimes spend a while without hugging, kissing and looking at each other with doe eyes, especially when they are focused in shopping.
    Strange set up this is, when the parts doing the set up arrive and leave separated.

  12. 112
    new year is coming Says:

    from the last pictures posted, it doesn’t seem they leave separated:
    And Orlando drives the car with Miranda’s father on his side

  13. 113
    @ 112 Says:

    From a Reference from poster #94 and #101 – Works Both Ways

    “why didn’t they come out like that when the pics first came out?”

    “Because there are people who posted only the pics that are according with their opinions, so I want to tell you that there is a sort of censorship about the pictures that you may see.”

    Seems all the shippers do the same thing when the Truth is revealved.

    All these new photos start to come out – even ones from the glass shop – to show just how much they are in love.

    Good for Goose – Good for Gander

    Truth is not always appearance – at least to those who are able to see past the end of their nose.

  14. 114
    @112 Says:

    Those pics are not new at all, they appeared on several magazines weeks ago. I saw those and even more than those.
    I love how you write ‘Truth’ with a capital, agent Scully.

    Nope, I don’t think it works both ways for a simple reason. Saying that two people hate each other for not kissing 24/7 is absurd, in case nobody had noticed.

  15. 115
    new year is coming Says:

    Lovers of conspiracies find an answer for all. They think that Orlando and Miranda are together only when they get papped: they think that Orlando and Miranda are not a couple because they are not kissing or hugging in the pics at Burton shop; but when they were caught kissing and hugging in the glass shop, they say those pics were a set up. Lovers of conspiracies are hilarious!

  16. 116
    @ 114 Says:

    if you think that “kissing” 24/7 is all there is to being in love.

    Go Back To High School Until You Graduate!

  17. 117
    @116 Says:

    couples sometimes kiss, sometimes fight, sometimes laugh, sometimes are pissed off and don’t talk for a while, etc. It is the people who think that there is a standard couple behaviour that consists of constantly looking like two lovebirds instead of endless possibilities the ones who should go back to high school and repeat certain life experiences.
    @115, hilarious is the word

  18. 118
    @ 114 Says:

    There is also Much More To being In Love

    Than Having your Picture Taken with Someone!

    Or Saying – “Oh He Traveled the World Just To See Me!”

    Grow UP B.I.T.C.H.

    He Travels The World All The Time

    How Do We Know That He Didn’t Go All That Way – Just To Tell Her To Her Face – “Your a nice girl – But I just don’t feel those Romantic Feelings For You. Hope we can still be Friends.”

    To A Girl – emphasis on that word “Girl” – whose mentality is that of a 16 year old –

    “Hope we can still be Friends.” = “Well if I push myself on him hard enough – people would have to believe that we are together – especially the one he told me about – that he says he loves so much – but doesn’t want anyone to know about. She will give up – and he will have no choice but to admit that he and I belong together.”

    Just because the stalker would hurt the girl of the man she is love with – Don’t mean that the man would want to be with the stalker.

    Just Saying.

  19. 119
    @ 117 Says:

    So sorry that you limit yourself

    There are endless possibilities in this world – Those who only think that walking around like a Barbie Doll – and acting like a w.h.o.r.e – is what get you ahead in this world – are the ones who need to go back to high school – because that is the only place they will ever be elected Prom Queen again.

    Miss Popularity in High School – Usually ends up – Miss Trash in the real world

  20. 120
    @118 & 119 Says:

    Ok,ok, don’t get angry, he travels everywhere with her to tell her that he only wants her as a friend, and that is the most logical conclusion one can arrive to. Happy?

    Don’t play tricks by saying I’m limiting myself though, that’s not right. I was the one saying that there are endless possibilities regarding couple behaviour, remember? Don’t try to switch your words with mine.
    Sigh, teens…

  21. 121
    @ 120 Says:

    First off – I am not a teen – never was – even when I was that age – try 22 years ago – how’s your math?

    Secondly – It sounded like to me that you were saying that only those who have unlimited possibilities – need to go back to high school

    - that those with so many ideas and theories about the way something could be – is wrong – that there is only one right way – one wrong way.

    And – Yes – Guys do travel all over the world – or in my case – across town – just to tell a girl that believes with all her heart that he is in love with her – that he doesn’t feel that way about her

    One that I thought loved me that way – knocked on my bedroom window – late one night – and the only reason why he came over was to ask me to stop calling him.

    So Yes – Broomhilda – sorry if the name upsets you – I am very angry – please don’t take what I say personally

    But Yes – Men do have the ability to travel all over the world to tell someone they don’t feel that way about them – besides he wasn’t that far away anyway – where was he at the time – Moscow – England – All he had to do was take a plane down south just a bit to Italy.

    Usually it hurts so much when the person sends a text or just calls you on the phone to ask you to stop calling them or that they only want to be friends.

    Try them knocking on your window late one night – and not in the Romeo and Juliet type of way

    Just to say to you and I quote – If I can remember back that far -

    “Stop calling me on the phone. You could never handle being in a real relationship.”

    Doesn’t hurt as much from someone you don’t know -

    But from someone that you feel could have been your soul mate at one point in your life – It’s a Knife thru the Soul as well as the Heart.

    So Yes – I am very Angry – And No – I Do Not See The World – Thru Rose Covered Glasses – More like thru Blood and Pain covered glasses.

  22. 122
    i wish he'd... Says:

    …follow me around the world to tell me something…anything…

    let’s see they met in europe after VS, then word was they were on a beach somewhere, then in New York and now in L.A.

    what’s wrong with him – he can’t get the words out to break up with her?

    these pictures look like a real relationship – most guys who have been shopping too long have that “mall glaze” look in their eyes.

    if it’s as evil as some here say, “she’s got something on him” – it must be something big – he’s gotta take pictures with her parents, too! If it’s just for publicity – nobody needs that much – it’s been over a year, I’ll say again.

    Looks like they’re doing just fine – good for them!

  23. 123
    new year is coming Says:

    the stalker? Yes, I know that there was a woman of 50 years old that stalked him in London during In Celebration. She used to give him cakes, and other gifts.
    When the play finished, she went around saying that she and Orlando were in love, and that he had secret meeting with her. She was really crazy. And that’s the reason she is no longer the mod of an Orlando’s fan board.
    Another hilarious story!

  24. 124
    new year is coming Says:

    yeah, sure, in your dreams.
    My God, this is better than hilarious!!

  25. 125
    pictures in 113 link Says:

    I was just noticing that the gold piece worn here

    could be the same as the one Orlando is wearing in the pics linked from the glass shop on post 113. Scroll down to the one where you see it from the front.

    I am a poster from Olove and not a fan of her and I think she is a ridiculous choice for Orlando. I’ve read, and even believe some of the theories about all their setups, but I do think that there is some kind of relationship going on between these two. They must have no self esteem whatsoever to be a part of such a pathetic plan for attention. But whaterver its their life.

    Some of the comspiracy theorists are really starting to souldn like they need a rubber room though. Get a grip some of you because you are making everyone who doenst like thise two together all sound like a bunck of crackpots. Stop grasping at every straw that you think will fit your theory becauys you just sound stupid. Setups or not they are together for some reason. Deal.

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