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Prince William is a Beard Boy

Prince William is a Beard Boy

Prince William shows off a new beard as he plays a game of soccer at Castle Rising, near King’s Lynn on Wednesday, Christmas Eve (December 24).

Wills, 26, was joined by young brother, Prince Harry, 24. The princes, who are staying at nearby Sandringham for Christmas with the Queen and other members of the Royal Family, joined estate workers and villagers who divided themselves into two teams.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Prince William’s new facial hair — HOT or NOT?

10+ pictures inside of beard boy Prince William

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  • http://israel lisa rose

    bar refaeli is pregnent with leonardo dicaprio’s child!!!!!!!!!! its the hotest news in israel tody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! congrats for her and leo, they are thirilld, happy, and exaited (by the reporters).

    p.s sorry about my english.
    and refaeli’s family did not comfired it yet.

  • imaginaque

    OK, Lisa Rose, at first I thought you’d made a mistake by posting this “hot news” on an unrelated thread. Now I’m not so sure. Get with the program, Lisa Rose.

    About Prince William: he looks like a mix of Prince Charles and Lady Diana. The mix: less and less attractive the older he gets.

    The beard neither adds nor detracts from what is neither a good looking nor an ugly face.

  • Banjoplayer

    I like the beard, but then I tend to like beards on most men if they are well kept & trimmed nicely! He’s going to have to shave it off whenever he joins the RAF though (which is next year sometime I think ), they don’t allow beards.

  • Lulu

    Dang, Prince Williams used to look so gorgeous… just like his mother. And Prince Harry was adorable, yet looking much more like his father… but now! Woah, total opposite: Harry became a really really hot dude and Williams… well… he got older i guess.

  • ryan

    the whole british monarchy is disgusting.

    Using tax payers money to get their ugly girlfriends around the world while we sit her and idolise them.

    Monarchy will never ever be the same after Princess Diana.

  • http://israel lisa rose

    ok, listen imaginaque! its not a program and not a mistake by posting, i’m just very happy abaut this news and i’m posting it whenever i want to, and its not hurting in anyone so if i want i will keep posting it!

  • http://israel lisa rose

    and wherever i want !!!!

  • cyndi

    he looks better with it, if he cleans it a bit.

  • http://justjared shantel

    Actually its not new he’s had it for awhile now and it suits him.

  • FUG


  • b chick

    he looks old and ugly.
    shave off that beard, prince!!!!!

  • to 9

    well, i wonder if what’s her name; kate is it? thinks about this beard of his.

  • omg

    agree with comment #4.

  • imaginaque

    To #6 and #7: you’re free to do what you want. Even ****’s like you can post whatever, whenever, and wherever they want. It’s called freedom of expression. Do they have that in your country, “sorry about my english”?

  • ho ho ho

    Wow I guess hair matters more than I thought. Prince Harry all the way!

  • whatever

    Calm down Imaginaque, Lisa rose can post whatever she wants this is America you know. If it is true that is big news.

  • betduke

    Is he trying to grow that crap so he can shave it and glue it to the top of his head?

  • tacos are real food

    Wills looks about 40-something. Ugh! What happened to Hi Highness the Hottie? Oh well I guess his brother is still hot. Next!

  • volleyballgrl

    i remember when everyone used to think he was such a hottie….EWW.haha.i prefer his brother now!

  • imaginaque

    #16: Of course Lisa Rose can post what she wants. Read my post – that’s what I said. Being able to post whatever/whenever/wherever doesn’t take away my right to respond and react to her post.

    And, yes, it is big news – and belongs in its own thread, not cut-and-pasted in every thread.

  • cheryl

    God, he used to be so hot..

  • jan

    ryan @ 12/24/2008 at 4:56 pm

    the whole british monarchy is disgusting.

    Using tax payers money to get their ugly girlfriends around the world while we sit her and idolise them.

    Monarchy will never ever be the same after Princess Diana.
    Diana was not blood of the royal family. She was an in-law, and her fast lifestyle did her in.

  • bad girl

    He’s balding already!!!!

  • Linda C

    WILLIAM is absolutely adorable in ANYTHING….If Kate likes it, I LOVE IT……He needs the disguise if he is to work undercover work with the RAF…..GOOD LUCK WILLIAM AND KATE

  • whatever

    He looks like a skinner version of that actor from that movie about wine….Paul Giomonni or something like that.

  • whatever

    He looks like a skinner version of that actor from that movie about wine….Paul Giomonni or something like that.

  • Elena

    He’s going bald! Look closely hahahhhahaa.

  • CR30.01

    In Hollywood, he would probably not score high. But, considering the Windsor gene pool, and the virtual crown over his increasingly balding head, William will probably stand out.

    whatever, it’s Paul Giamatti and you’re very right.

  • Kiki

    What a handsome guy!!! Princess Diana would feel so proud of William and Harry!! Both of them got her great looks and, hopefully, compassionate and loving heart, too!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    …`he’ll be bald in a week..

  • nyob

    I agree. When they were younger, I always thought william would grow up to the be the good looking one. . . boy was I wrong. Harry is much hotter than wills.

  • hadley

    anyone else think he looks like jeremy pivet if you look really quickly?

  • Lee

    He looks older than 26. He was so good looking before, but the inbred genes of the royal family have crept in. Harry is much hotter, but I honestly think if he was your average guy on the street no one would look twice.

  • mama

    LMAO! he looks like a cavernman! lol

  • kate

    #1 : bar refaelli is not pregnant , Lisa rose you are stupid to believe the rumours, there have been already these rumours some years ago

  • Erica

    I hate the beard and the yellow teeth. He looks poor.

  • mama


  • me me me

    he’s not hot at all. can’t he do something about the yellow teeth?

  • Scotty

    With the beard he begins to look a bit like his great great grandfather King George V

  • http://israel flor

    # 35: this time its not (!!!!!!!!!!) arumour, she is (!) pregnent , shes even have a tiny baby bump , shes only two or three month along and it oficially, a fact (the hotest news in israel today, cus shes there right now)!!!

    and by the way stop saying bad things about bar all the time and hate her cus you dont even know her and nobady cares what you want to say or what you thinking about her, aspecially leo! so if you dont have somthing nice and true to say better dont say nothing !
    and secend, leo will never ever be with you so stop to be joules on her and hate her for nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lo

    damn. he looks so old
    harry’s hot though

  • palvasha



  • http://israel jake

    #42: stop to be a baby and jelouse in somone you dont even know(bar)!!!!!
    and find someone to be jelous for that actilly know you ( not leonardo dicaprio!) !

  • Jessica

    Prince Harry is now the hot brother.

  • Lucy

    Diana was a whore and not that pretty! If these ugly princes didn´t get squeesed through her vagina then none of you would think twice about them, let alone pretend that Harry is “hot”. Your royal-worshipping asses make me sick.

  • blah

    i want to know where you guys heard she pregnant!

  • titi

    #46 :it’s just Lisa rose who said that only to create a rumour and make speak about bar, bar’s fans are pathetic you would make anything to persuade whom Leo and she are a very lovely couple and that they are very happy
    and for those who will say that i am jealous, it’s not true, I hate Leo

    sorry for my bad english

  • blah

    #40 where did u hear Bar is pregnant?

  • Sassy

    Gorgeous young man! I had my son 1 month after Harry was born and my heart absolutely breaks that these 2 young men grew up without their Mom. Diana was a fabulous Mom regardless of any issues she had and I used to love to see photos of them out playing with her, her sheer happiness when she would see them after being away, scooping them up, shrieking with joy (all of them!). God Bless both sons of Diana.

  • mony

    gross he is bald and in a few years the ginger one will be bald too