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Bronx Wentz: First Picture Revealed!

Bronx Wentz: First Picture Revealed!

The first picture of 1-month-old Bronx Wentz has been posted on FOE by his parents Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz. (They decided not to pimp their baby out to tabloids.)

Their e-card reads: “Happy Holidays to all of our friends! Love Pete, Ashlee and Bronx.

“We decided to share the best gift we could ever receive with you: Bronx Mowgli Wentz. We couldn’t be happier. And in the spirit of the holidays, we’d like to encourage you to give on your own. Below is a list of worthwhile charities that need your support:, and”

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  • kathy

    cute baby.. with ashlee’s original nose.

  • Adolf

    ugly kid joe

  • isabel


  • eda


  • deka

    who cares
    they act like they are so above everyone because they didnt sell the pictures.
    no one wanted to pay for the pictures!

  • andrea

    lol they didn’t “decide” not to pimp out their kid, no one wanted to pay them for people to see their kid. Mags with their pics don’t sell.

  • Mary

    PIMP your child? what the Jolie-Pitts do
    and give it to Charity.

  • annka

    How is it pimping? The only reason the paparazzi try to take the pictures is because the parents are famous – the only reason they can sell the pictures is because the parents are famous. Selling the pics to a magazine means the parents, who made the pics worth any money at all, get the money instead of the paparazzi. Why do you think the paparazzi deserve the money? They’re scum who yell at kids and treat celebrities like they’re meat. You’d think this site would give a damn about the stars you claim to like. And not throw around words like “pimp.” Is Harvey Levin writing for you now?

  • http://justjared Saira

    Because pimping your kid’s photo is not classy, but telling Howard Stern how you screw your wife reeks of class.

  • hahaha

    oh crap, he looks like Pete….

  • Lindsay

    Pete Wentz didn’t try and hide his baby last week either when I met him at a bookstore. I got pics as well!!

  • http://israel maria

    leo dicaprio and bar baby will be much pretier the bronx, he’s going to be just georges!

  • [ā˜†I n F a m o u sā˜†]

    …`lame couple.

  • http://israel maria

    *then bronx

  • http://!E Ehhhh!

    SOME POINTS….Best gift ever is to ahve a happy and healthy baby. Good for them. I hope they make their family last. spite of Pete saying way too much personal stuff about them last week. Cute baby, shamed with such a stupid and silly name…”pimping theirkid out” careful of wshat yo usay because he is saing this , but Jeica and Tony will def pimp theirkid out and I predict if Tony does not like give a big diamond ring to Jessica today, then she will give him a baby soon, gotta keep her name in the news.

  • justniki

    cute:) but i think every baby so cute when they’re baby:$

  • Jacky

    Their Kid will never be cuter than Kingston and Zuma Rossdale

  • moveon

    Oh please!! People always start yelling that nobody wanted to buy the pictures whenever a celebrity couple DECIDES not to pimp out their baby and sell pictures. It just makes the fans of a certain couple feel better to make it seem like nobody wanted to buy the photos. If it makes you feel better, keep telling yourself that, but there is a list of celebrites that didn’t sell their baby’s photos like Julia Roberts for example and please don’t try to say nobody wanted to buy them because nobody is stupid enough to believe that. There is absolutely no excuse for putting a price on an innocent baby’s head.

  • tra la la

    “Mowgli Syndrome is a term that is often given to children that are found with severe cognitive and/or physical deficiencies that are not the result of any biological cause, but rather are due to severe neglect. These children originally comprised of two recognized categories: 1. Victims of psychogenic dwarfism due to severe abuse and neglect by their parents or guardians, or 2. Feral children, who are children that grew up outside of the influence of civilization, and are sometimes reportedly raised by wild animals.

    The name originates from the character Mowgli, created by Rudyard Kipling in his The Jungle Book. Please note, however, that “Mowgli Syndrome” is not an official diagnosis and that it is merely a rarely used descriptive term for children with extraordinarily deficient upbringings that cause them to have trouble adjusting to the normal culture that they would have otherwise been raised in.”

  • Jill

    If a paparazzi takes a photo of the kid and sells it to the tabloids without the parents’ consent, the paparazzi keeps all the money.

    If the parents sell the photo to the tabloids, the parents decide how the money is spent — they can keep it, donate it, etc.

    Since the tabs are going to get the photos one way or another if they want them badly enough, who do you think should benefit from it?


  • http://... fob lover

    It’s just soooo cute!

  • LuckyL

    Lol, Jared silly, magazines didn’t give a sh** and weren’t buying. They aren’t “honorable”

  • lala

    haha! one ugly ass baby
    just like a predicted!!

  • lakers fan in boston

    aww pete looks like such a little bitch
    how cute!!

  • !

    babies are all cute. i just hope he won’t end up like his father – an @$$ and a media wh0r3.

  • moveon

    The photo taking /selling doesn’t end after the first photo is sold. It never ends. The paps make money daily from celebrity’s and their kids photos. So DUH to you! It still is pimping out your kid if you put a price on his/her head. And brangelina hiding the twins will make the next pap some money because they haven’t been seen in a long while.

  • Starr with two “r” baby

    GOSH! i SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO agree with you moveon!!

  • Ashley

    what a cutie

  • defffffffffffff

    its sooo cuuuttttttteeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • defffffffffffff

    its sooo cuuuttttttteeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kristie

    very cute baby. :)

  • gerard Vandenberg

    There are more devastating ways to “CRASH” people?

  • ice

    It’s not that they decided not to pimp out their horribly named child. The truth is that no tabloids want to fork out the money for this TMI couple

  • R

    You Angelina idiots need to move on to something else beside fish lip homewrecker ugly whore!

  • Mina

    The IRC charity site is, not “.com”, in case anyone reads the only part of the Wentz post that is actually noteworthy.

  • green

    Man can not see this kid.


  • laguna

    so cute! =)
    &i don’t get why everybody is so full of hate…

  • http://... fob lover

    man, shut up haters!!

    It’s really cute to see the little family so happy on x-mas ;)

  • http://... fob lover

    yeah I totally agree with you ,laguna !!!
    how can people be so full of hate against a happy familiy… jealous?
    … doesn’t you have a hobby?
    or is all you do writeing wrong shit about people you don’t even know?
    poor people..

  • Kee

    why r u all so evil? ashlee and pete’s baby is adorable. i’ve been waiting to see baby pics

  • http://!E Ehhhh!

    tra la la #19 ,thanks for that info. I looked it up. There are some serious ,sad, cases of Mowgli Syndrome too on Google. Why TF name your kid a stupid, no, Stoopid ,hahha, name like this. Do these two imbeciles, Pete and Ashleee, e ven know what Mowgli Syndrome is?

  • OMG

    LOL . . .comment #1

  • gigi

    pete is sooo gay!

  • Andrea

    I have to say congrats, i hope those two are in love.
    The baby is adorable, from what I can see.
    What I caaaan tell you though, is when he’s older he will be very…interesting…looking.

  • mega

    AWW pete wentz will be a GREAT daddy. that baby’s SOO cute.

  • yourmother

    how can some of you be so mean
    its just a baby
    not its fault who its parents are

  • miss-beautiful

    ashlee is a bitch!!!I love Pete !!! She don’t love pete because this is her bitch !!!!

  • miss-beautiful

    Pete is of me !!! but bronx like his father is beautiful

  • LuvFOB

    Awh wa a lil cutie …. dey luk soo happy … ow can ny1 cal a baby ugly dats jz sad … n y say no1 wud buy d pics cors dey wd … ! such a cute family

  • Keli

    He is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Pete looks like a really happy dad and ashlee looks happy. that lil baby is so cute!!!!