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Marilyn Manson: I Don't Have A Girlfriend!

Marilyn Manson: I Don't Have A Girlfriend!

Marilyn Manson has taken to his MySpace page to send some holiday greetings and clear up some rumors about both his career and personal life. Here’s what the 39-year-old shock rocker had to say:

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to make an announcement. the rumors that I found a ‘replacement’ for [ex-girlfriend Evan Rachel Wood], or that I have a new girlfriend are absolutely not true. I am finishing up my album, and I also have never even met Ne-Yo. I can assure him that he would not want to be associated with something this godless. Get over the holiday so I can happily ruin the new year for anyone that assumed music was going to stay boring and sweet. MM

The 24-year-old L.A. model, Isani Griffith, that he was seen smooching earlier this month, apparently, hasn’t earned title girlfriend yet!

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  • hello

    how creepy

  • tralala

    mean much?

  • LaMimi

    Oh, he gives me the creeps…I’d like to see him without all that make up…

  • ember heart

    He seems sad, hope he is sincerely happy inside not just this scared boy named brian covering up for insecurities. Much luck to him.

  • cristina

    the only reason anybody would even want that trip is becuase of his “fame” and “money”.

    trust me, without those 2 things, nobody and i mean NOBODY would tap that nor think of it. its just plain discusting.

    oh and now little mr angry is dissing neyo. lol are you kidding me? neyo has had more sucess in 1 song that marilyn has ever had his whole life. talk about being bitter. bah hum bug.

    finishing up an album? who in their right mind would even consider looking at it? this guy can’t sing along with 90% of the “singers” of this generation. hes just a waste of space out of the many talented people waiting for sucess. lets just wipe him under the mat now shall we?

  • hannah


    HA, Manson is a very sarcastic guy if you haven’t watched his interviews..

  • b chick

    Like someone care about what he does….

    Weird freak!!

  • mama


  • Mr dinosaur

    Some of the stupid, ignorant, rude, fucked up messages here made me so angry that if there was a button to kill you, in front of me. Since I don’t know anything about you. I would have hit it at once. FUCK YOU!

    Seriously. I hope your mechanical fucked up shit lives end asap. Marilyn Manson sings with passion. Marilyn Manson is one if the only true artists and rockstars of this generation. Marilyn Manson is smart and fun and down to earth. Can you hollow sheepiness tell me what artist makes better music? Exept Lennon, Bowie, Floyd and the other rock n roll stars who made their sucsess over 30 years ago.

    And don’t come with the whole “you are the sheep because you defend Manson”, just because I respect the man, if that is the case then also include the fact that you at no point care about the law and that you have no moral at all. You are 100% surely more sheep then I ever was. FUCK YOU! Low life peasant, go back to you worthless existence you fashionfollowing voltures!

  • Disturbed

    I never understand this – why do you have his name, at the beginning of the post, hyperlinked when it only leads back to this same post?

  • newport beach, 92660

    he`s…. different than most celebs that`s for sure , he`s not my favourite .

    Actually the man scares me to death , not just cause of his music but his appeareance is not at all my type . maybe with a bit less make – up the man might actuallly be attractive .

    i wouldn`t tap him , but i`m sure someone else would .

  • CR30.01

    This post must certainly fall into the ‘Everything is possible’ category.

  • omg

    He is the most disgusting thing.

  • Sioux

    I love Manson. I find him to be a very intelligent man with a great sense of humour. I am so looking forward to the new album.

  • nevermind

    just shut the fuck up u haters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HES NOT UGLY(u are) hes NOT disgusting,freak weird etc.HES THE MOST INTELLIGENT MAN!!!! HE MAKES REAL ART!!!HIS MUSIC AND PAINTINGS ARE GREAT! HE IS A GOD! EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM IS INTERESTING! hes different than all the boring celebs,”artists”and that makes him better than everyone else! if u don’t fucking understand him or like him why the fuck do u comment here>? why do u search news about him? fucking losers 8-|

  • Rootingforjen

    I always thought he and Angelina Jolie would be so perect together. Aren’t they good friends?

  • Stanley moon

    I think that marilynmanson is the devil and he deserves the most awesomeist cool chick. And evan wood seems to be the coolest girl possible seeing how he made cool albums, well I’m gonna bet the next is cool without rapping thank god, because he is excited to make sh** while she is around.
    That other model isn’t really in the same league as the other chicks he has been with in his life and she ain’t no Dita or evan wood lookalike. That’s a stretch.

    I vote that he gets back with evan and buys her brother a superwide trailer if he has to. She is hot and cool enough to live with crazy Manson. It has to take a real cool chick to get blood rained on them and to let that guy put sex on you and all that biz.

    Plus she’s gonna be rich so she can buy him new baboons if that doosh exkeybored fag gets any money in a lawsuit. Hahahohoho. I hope mansons cat has sex with Evans cat also.

  • Penelope

    God, he thinks he’s so hardcore… who even listens to his “music”?

  • LuckyL

    LOL, I f****** love this guy.

  • AndrÈ

    I listen to his music. Manson isn’t god, we are all our own gods. But yeah, hes an awesome artist and a rockstar. Can’t see what people hold against him if they understand what rock n roll is all about.


    YUCK! [2]

  • nessa

    he scares the crap out of me!!! if u peoople like his music then u all have issues to work out. y dkoes he wear makeup. waat did his parents teach him when he was a kid did his mom take him to a makeup shop and teach him how to wear it. stop wearin yor moms or girlfeiends makeup

  • Marie-Claire

    No, just because someone doesn’t share your taste in music doesn’t mean they have issues.

    LMAO @ the person saying Ne-Yo is more successful than Manson. In your dreams, more like one of Manson’s songs is more successful than all of Ne-Yo’s non existent career. He didn’t insult Neyo either, learn to read.

  • Marie-Claire

    Or should I say “Ne-Yo”…. LOL.

  • Sugar Carin

    this’s amazing news!!! i’m so fucking happy that they’re not dating!!! wooohooooo!!!!! cool! it’s the best present forthe New Year!

  • Lauren Gee

    I might be a freak, but he’s f##king hot =] And to Penelope…WTF, if you don’t like him, why look him up? DUH! Obviosly if he’s a celebrity a LOT of people listen to his music! To Christina, I WOULD tap him, I don’t care about his money he’s f##king hot!!! To nevermind, I COMPLETELY agree! =D He’s absolutely amazing. And to LaMimi ‘Google images’ it! I did =] And to anyone who hates him, DON’T LOOK HIM UP JUST TO TRASH HIM! It’s completely disrespectful, not to mention idiotic. He’s a brilliant man and very artistic. =] You say “freak” I say “visionary”. He’s not afraid do go his own way, do his own thing, and push the enelope. Maybe some of you should take a que from him and try something new, eh? At least people like him know who his true friends and fans are. I’m very proud of him and everything he has done, he’s a truely beautiful person. =]

  • Lauren Gee

    Nessa? LOL lear to spell hon =] At least he has an education and he’s a leader, not a follower. =]

  • psychobilly Kitten

    #5 before he was famous girls were throwing themselves at him too. Just because he was the singer in a band….some women are seriously pathetic…

  • janaina

    I’m curious about Marilyn Manson, but I do not have the courage to get near him because he is scary,):

  • danielle

    wow guys really? all u haters… have any of you even listened to his music? have u heard him talk? such eloquence the likes of which you cockroaches could never even hope to understand. he’s handsome charming an amazing musician but you wouldnt know that because you dont give him the chance. he’s the dark angel of music. dead is what he is. he does what he please. get over it. and get over your self -indulgent -egocentric complexes.

  • danielle


  • justin

    @cristina: manson rockz.

  • توبيكات تحشيش

    this’s amazing news!!! i’m so ******* happy that they’re not dating!!! wooohooooo!!!!! cool! it’s the best present forthe New Year!

  • lorissanso

    energy values cooling carbon

  • Ann

    I love Manson…..he’s the sexiest man alive in my opinion. I love his shows and any man who can maneuver a microphone stand as he does must be a real freak in the bedroom. I would love to find out! If he should ever a simple, southern, college educated, self sufficient woman I sure hope he picks me!!! I would give just about anything short of coming off my child to have just 1 night with him. His music is genius. He look is sexy sinister. He is just one amazing man. BRING HIM ON!!!!! I will take all he’s got……and I don’t mean his fame or his fortune. I want none of that…..just HIM as a man and musician would suffice for me!!!!! MARILYN MANSON RULES!!!

  • xxcomawhitexx

    Lauren Gee, I COMPLETELY agree with everything you said. If someone doesnt like him then why are they even searching him? I say they wanna be him. haha. But I would deffinitly tap him too. He’s too sexy to ignore.!

  • vienna

    @Mr dinosaur: Okay, let’s see, you’re criticizing people for being rude, but it’s fine for you to be homicidal? What if that person sitting on the other end of your kill-button is your mother? And then you accuse OTHER people of not caring about the law, and of having no morals??
    Music is a VERY subjective thing. Learn to deal if people don’t have the exact same taste as you. I have never heard any Marilyn Manson, because there is so much good music out there to check out (as long as you stay away from the radio) that I don’t begin have time for all of it.
    Two quick suggestions for you: 1) Anger management. 2) If you’re going to send messages trying to convince the world that OTHER people are stupid, at least have your mom check the spelling and grammar for you first.

  • taylor

    hes not that bad yuu guys