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Brad Pitt: Being With Angelina Jolie is a Natural Direction

Brad Pitt: Being With Angelina Jolie is a Natural Direction

Brad Pitt reveals just how much portraying the backwards-aging title character in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button has colored his perspective on his varied life. Sitting down with the L.A. Times, Brad shares new insights:

On age versus youth: “Once you hit 40, you start reexamining the math of it all… I’ll trade wisdom for youth any day.”

On finding real love: “It’s a tragedy in the sense that any love involves loss, and that’s the risk you take. And the greater the love, the greater the loss. I certainly feel that now with the woman I’m with, and the children that I have. But whatever the course may be, this time together is extraordinary.”

On how being with Angelina Jolie changed his life: “I had a whole other life and I got to experience a lot. And I probably got away with more than I should. And it kind of ran its course, you know, it kind of hit a dead end. [Fatherhood is] the direction I always thought I would go in. But not until, with Angie and it felt like a natural evolution, a natural direction.”

On his work as an actor: “I don’t have to grope as much for the character… I can get there quicker, so it’s not as much trial and error. Also, as I get older, more experiences, I’m more fine-tuned in what I’m after, what I think speaks in the piece. And lastly I want to hurry and get home to my kids.”

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  • npa

    Vow, love the PItt family.

  • Ms.JOLIE4ever!

    Obama Tops Gallup’s Annual ‘Most Admired’ List; Hillary Beats Palin, Oprah

    Kris Alingod – AHN Contributor
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    Bush was admired the most by only 5 percent of Americans when he was president-elect in 2000, ranking fourth in the poll. His father, former President George H. W. Bush, ranked third with 9 percent in 1988. Clinton was in second place at 15 percent in 1992.

    Among women, Secretary of State-designee Hillary Clinton is the woman most admired by Americans for the seventh successive year. Twenty percent choose the former first lady, who is followed in second place by Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who was the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee. Oprah Winfrey is third at 8 percent, followed by outgoing Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

    The president-elect’s wife, Michelle Obama, is ranked fifth at 3 percent. First Lady Laura Bush ties with Angelina Jolie, a UN Ambassador, at two percent each. Former First Lady Barbara Bush, who was recently hospitalized for an ulcer, is in ninth place. Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright shares number 10 with talk show host Ellen DeGeneres.

    The poll was conducted by among 1,008 adults from Dec. 12-14. Its margin of error is 3 percent.

  • Ms.JOLIE4ever!

    I hope Sharon will give Angie a break.

  • anustin

    ate that dj and shitzy!

  • Daisy

    I cant believe this bullshit that keeps rolling out of his super egotistical mouth.. Babel.. a crap movie that he had 3 lines in, he is such a big movie star yet he picks roles thta are designed for a 10 year old to play, and Benjamin Button, Really? Come on, if he wasnt spewing garbage out of his mouth about how it is such a romantic movie no one would want to see this shit, and we have already, been there done that, just another Babel, even Kate Banchett agreed to put her granola down to star next to boring brad.. And oh, he;s so gracious, a Deadend.. Just like Angelina’s you know what, I swear it must be part venus fly trap, he is a hog… Canlt stand to look at his bullshit ego face…

  • spicylily, thailand

    Just got home……and here is……… the Pitt.
    He always make good interviews with his wise & wisdom.

    - I’ll trade wisdom for youth any day.”-

    - It’s a tragedy in the sense that any love involves loss, and that’s the risk you take. And the greater the love, the greater the loss.-

    So true : ))

    I’m happy for him, Angie and the kids that they’re together and create
    a great love and care.

    God bless the Jolie – Pitt family.

    Merry X’Mas and Sawas Dee Pee Mai ( Happy New Year – Thai style)
    to YOU all.

    Thank you very much Jared…: ))

  • QQQQ

    Thanks JJ

  • Ellen

    Happy Holidays to all the Jolie -Pitts fans !

  • Kristen

    He sounds like he is truly content in his life as a father and a partner to Angelina and his/her charity work.

    Love them together!

  • Jillian

    Whenever you see Brad and Angie together they don’t even look happy!
    For instance here-
    (The look so staged and robotic!!)

  • lizzie

    As much as I enjoy the pictures of these people, they should simply not speak without a script. He uses too many words in an effort to sound intelligent. That said, happy they found love and life.

  • Dany
  • marcyana

    I’m glad for Brad that he found what he’s looking for in Angelina. TCCOBB is a beautiful excellent movie. Way to go Brad Pitt !

  • anustin

    …and i heard,his buying the chateau miraval for anjie and his kidz!!!!! bwahahaahaha.sorry…to the anjie haterz.

  • Kristen

    He seems truly happy with Angelina, fatherhood and his/her charity work. Congrats to both of them for all the good they have done.

    Love them both.

  • neer

    In relation to this new Brad thread, just want to bring my comment from Angie’s thread:

    Reading Brad’s “thoughts” about life, I really think that he regretted the years he WASTED the kind of life he had with his former wife. He felt UNPRODUCTIVE both personally and professionally. There was no meaning in his life then. He felt emptiness despite the material wealth, fame & glamour that Hollywood offers.

    At least for him, he felt very RELIEVED to realize and to get back his “life” and start anew. BETTER LATE THAN NEVER (on putting that “wastefulness” to a halt)! Enough is enough!!! It was very good for him to really know what he wanted in life and WENT AFTER IT, AGAINST ALL ODDS & INTRIGUES.

    What’s interesting about it, during the time of his INITIAL realization, it was the time he also met Angie who herself was in the process of doing something to fulfill her purpose in life, who already knew her desires, who already knew what is important to her, for Mad & her advocacy. The timing was just perfect for both Angie & Brad. As I’ve always believed, they were not looking for love but LOVE MADE IT HAPPEN. It was love which found them. Besides, I really think they are soulmates, they are made & meant for each other!

    What he really feels, now that he’s with Angie and the kids, HIS HAPPINESS IS UNSURPASSED that he has ever experienced.

    He really feels that the LOVE he has for Angie & kids and the LOVE he receives from them is INCOMPARABLE to any other relationships he got involved with.

    And what’s nice about his family with Angie, is they always make sure from time to time they get together with Angie’s brother, Brad’s parents, grandmother, brothers/sister, nephews, nieces. They visit their places too. They see to it that their extended families are still part of their own family.

    Now, Brad can look back on his life and can only breathe a sigh of relief but never go back to that “wastefulness” ever again!

    He can put a smile on his face now and CHERISH THE IDEA OF FOREVER with his family. I am sure, he will make that happen!!!

  • fan

    As always Brad give great interviewes. Lets go support brad movie.

  • lisa

    Wow, Daisy – relax already. It’s the day after Christmas – such hate is stupid for someone you don’t even know.

    Brad is being honest and is just saying what we all suspected all along. He felt his life was empty before he got together with Angelina. I think she has brought him happiness and fulfillment with his family. Good for him – this is what we all strive for in life.

    I plan to see Benjamin Button and haven’t seen a Brad Pitt movie since probably Meet Joe Black! the critics are giving it rave reviews and it I must see what all the fuss is about!

  • solid

    Jillian @ 12/26/2008 at 10:56 am
    Oh poor thing, no christmas present for you?

  • Dany
  • Dany
  • anustin

    #5 daisyshit!!!!! it hurts eh!obviously,nobody loves you! go find a dog! better than nothin’

  • Julia

    Happy Holidays everyone.

    I think what he said was very honest and real, and beautiful.God i hope he wins an Oscar for TCCOBB this year, it is well deserved!!!

  • bs and you know it 2

    bla bla bla bla bla… that’s all i read lately considering Brad interviews. Why don’t he change his name to Mr. Angelin Jolie. There’s no Pitt anymore and anyway, so it won’t be even noticed. Having the love of your life doesn’t mean you should loose your personality, and it seems to be exactly what’s happening with him. Awful. And you know what else, she is just as grown up as he is, so I don’t understand him taking responsibility of everything her big and fast mouth is saying. Have nothing else to say. Usually I don’t enjoy making bad comments (or not positive anyway) but this is getting more and more intolerable.
    Happy holidays to all.

  • llm

    Jillian @ 12/26/2008 at 10:56 am Whenever you see Brad and Angie together they don’t even look happy!
    For instance here-
    (The look so staged and robotic!!)

    ITA look at this….. so staged and robotic

  • anon

    hmmm, very telling words. I predict a break with Angie in the very near future. Mark my words. Why else would he even mention “no matter what happens….”
    Sounds to me like he’s warning us.
    Can’t say I thought it would last much longer anyhow.
    Brad loves being a father, period. And he’ll always be one now. Woman come and go for him.

  • He’s starting to say more

    and more about how not so golden couple he and her were and I love it. Jen has been allowed to set the tone and now finally, Brad is telling his side.

    I brought this over from the other thread.

    Report Abuse
    # 129 TCCBB is a BIG hit! @ 12/26/2008 at 8:01 am This to me represents probably Jen and Brads marriage very well. He does the hard work and the quality work to make something successful, and she slides by with the cute stuff.

    She is worth over $100 mil dollars she mostly earned from playing Rachel Green on Friends. She has basically done nothing but contuue to play that one character over and over.

    Brad has stretched out to produce. He challenged his acting over and over with different characters. He never plays it safe for the money, and he IS the main character instead of the support (unlike in his marriage. remember how Jen forgot to thank him when she won award? when he was probaby her biggest support system)

    I know he will be rememberd for this role long after (I really believe he will win the Oscar this season even if he does not care if he does or not) and no matter if M&M makes more money, Brad is the one who earned and won the ultimate prize. His freedom from the mediocre, and industry respect.

    People are going to M&M for the dog. Anyone could have played OH! guess what? Jennifer (yeah, the character Jennifer plays is named Jennifer). People seeing TCCBB are their for Brads wonderful marvelous and amazing acting in a damn great tale.

    Again Jennifer gets something for doing little, but even if she won the battle, Brad will win the war.

  • anustin

    hhhhhmmmmmm…..he is just soooooooooo…inlove with his babies momma.hehehehe

  • cry me a river

    Daisy @ 12/26/2008 at 10:48 am
    Jillian @ 12/26/2008 at 10:56 am
    lizzie @ 12/26/2008 at 10:56 am

    NEXT DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ongtroi

    Good son… you spoke perspicaciously from your heart. Your life is now. Your fortune is here: to love & be loved by your beloved Angie & kids. They are your substance & essence of being! Be true BP!

  • Pearl

    To: Ms.JOLIE4ever!

    Do you just go around spreading spam on all the blogs? You honestly have nothing better to do? Sad…

    Brad and Angelina make a beautiful couple. I hope in 2009 Maniston learns that discretion is the better part of valor. No one is interested in her anger.

  • ..

    go brad

  • cry me a river

    Daisy @ 12/26/2008 at 10:48 am
    Jillian @ 12/26/2008 at 10:56 am
    lizzie @ 12/26/2008 at 10:56 am

    NEXT DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    bs and you know it 2 @ 12/26/2008 at 11:04 am
    anon @ 12/26/2008 at 11:07 am

    another fake name COWARD

  • Daisy #5 is mad!

    Damn, the truth DOES hurt I guess. Stop acting like you know Cate ‘B’s (that’s Cate with a C not a K btw) reasons because ya don’t Face it, Jennifer was his biggest mistake and waste of time and finally he’s saying it.

    Get ready to get even madder cause he just got started and I love it

  • chopinasi

    Oh… these haters are really blind. .. please why don’t you review the videos for 100th times…

  • jane

    Brad has finally found the great love of his life.

  • llm

    anon @ 12/26/2008 at 11:07 am

    In the contrary, This is what I perceived:

    Brad is very much in love with Angie and the family to the extend that he is so scared of losing them in one day. If he is not scared, this will not come to his mind. To easy make you understand, for example, you are a car lover, you just bought a car of your life, you will protect that car as much as you can, because you are afraid some accident will happen and you will lose or damage the car. If you bought a second hand car that it does not matter to you, will you have the same thought, you will say, no matter what, so be it, it is so cheap anyway, I’ll get another one. See, Angie and the kids are Brad’s LIFE. if something happens, I could not imagine his state of mind or ……I can guarantee, he will be devastated.

  • sharon

    Thanks jj for the new thread. Great interview. Brad is so happy with his life. He loves Angie and their kids very much. I am so glad TCCOBB did very well on Christmas day. If you haven’t seen the movie, please go see it. It is so amazing.

  • ..

    peace all

  • QQQQ

    Don’t be mad because Brad is letting the world know that life with the HAG became a DEAD END and HE DID NOT want to have kids with her. She was NOT mother material in his mind.

  • jq

    love brad pitt!

  • slambang


  • ..

    love papa pitt

  • Ashley Banks

    He hit a dead end and [Fatherhood is] the direction I always thought I would go in. But not until, with Angie and it felt like a natural evolution, a natural direction.”

    this is a lot worse than anything Angie Jolie has said. OKAY? of course this will not be twisted and used against him the way Angie’s words are used against her. Argh!

    He hit a dead end and he didn’t want kids until Angie? he’s either a liar or just a jerk… he could be both… I remember youtube video of this fool crying about children on TV talking about it’s time for rugrats. Whaaaaaat? now he says this.

  • neer

    Angie’s reply pertaining to awards issue:

    There is already Oscar buzz surrounding your performance (in Changeling). Would it mean as much to win a second time – especially since you lost your first Oscar?

    “Hah! I didn’t actually lose it. I gave it to my mom and she was one of those people that didn’t put things up that she thought were too special, so I don’t know where she put it. She put it away somewhere and we haven’t gone through all her stuff so nobody knows where it is at the moment. Anything that acknowledges a film that you’re proud of and that you worked hard on means a great deal to all the people who worked on it. But at the same time, even if it’s not acknowledged, you’re just as proud and you still worked just as hard.”

  • I bet Brad is damn glad

    Gwyneth broke up with him. He thought that was the love of his life. He settled for Jen, and then the real deal named Angelina showed up and you know, YOU KNOW he’s loving her more than he EVAH thought he loved another woman. Aah, such a love story.

  • llm
  • Ashley Banks

    I watched CCoB yesterday. I could not sneak into a different show…I was forced to watch. Brad. UGH! THE HORROR of his mediocre-ness . MY eyes. My eyes. The special effects did make him look better… I think they should use that in all of his movies to erase his bad skin ! The movie was good but not GREAT. The acting was decent , nothing special or earth shattering. I noticed most of the audience = fat sensitive woman… His fan base. I watched Tom’s new movie and that was better than anyone expected.
    Tom and Brad are on the same cheese level as far as their acting goes.

  • solid

    QQQQ @ 12/26/2008 at 11:29 am

    Don’t be mad because Brad is letting the world know that life with the HAG became a DEAD END and HE DID NOT want to have kids with her. She was NOT mother material in his mind.
    I love that slap in X face. She thought, that she can say, about Brad’s great love, anything she wants, and remains unpunished. But what i more like, that how he’s doing this, not even mention X name, never stooped to X level. Brilliant!

  • awwww

    Brad is telling the world Angie is his great love.