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Gisele Bundchen & Tom Brady: Engaged!

Gisele Bundchen & Tom Brady: Engaged!

Brazilian beauty Gisele Bundchen was proposed to by New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady on a private jet on Thursday, Christmas Eve (December 24) — and she said yes.

According to TMZ, the private jet took off from Teterboro Airport in New Jersey and landed in Boston. Also on the jet: Gisele‘s parents, four dozen white roses and champagne.

Tom started dating Gisele back in December 2006, so it’s their two-year anniversary as well. Congratulations to the happy couple! If it’s true…

Both Tom‘s agent Don Yee and Gisele‘s rep at IMG have not commented on these reports yet.

UPDATE: Tom Brady Sr. told the Boston Herald on Friday that the rumors aren’t true. He says, “We don’t know a thing about it. Nobody told me. We talked to him and there’s nothing to say. It’s rumor, rumor, rumor. It must be a slow news day.”

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  • Yuuh !!!

    i dont know why i think they look like
    2 pieces of cardboard in that picture.

  • Just Jared

    It’s because photographers’ flashes were coming from the front AND behind.

  • Kate

    i feel like i think the same way too sometimes, i always tend to think people who are together look alike, but i think its just a mental thing, i dont mean mental like psycho hahaha. congrats if its true, but i thought she said once she didnt want or need to be married….

  • anna


  • lollipop

    Of course they ALL say they don’t want marriage. Deep down they want marriage. Its all bullsh*t.

    Tom can now start hillbilly version 2 of his family after abandoning his son and the mother of his child.

    Get the facts. The majority of single moms never remarry and if they do, their children are subject to verbal and s*xual abuse by a stepfather if not a lover.

    Tom and Gisele deserve each other.

  • Kally

    They looks like brother & sister!!

  • JanT

    If it is true I am so Excited !!. Now how long do you think it will take all the “Haters” to lose the Holiday spirit and come on and bash the two of them senseless. What I don’t get– It is the same haters on every single site that beautful Gisele and Handsome Tom appear on.If you don’t like these two why do you go on a site where the people that really really like them go and say the same toxic things. And if us fans call you on it you get the same old tired “I am entitle to my opinion” . Well, the definetion of opinion is….A belief or judgement that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty. Go find someone else to bash, I am so very tired of the “Hate Club”.

  • sillyme

    Yeah, I agree. These two deserve each other. I haven’t felt that same about Brady because of what he did to Bridget.

  • heihei

    so they finally be engaged.hope they are really happy.

  • CR30.01

    Oh, well. Whatever makes anyone happy.

  • JPant

    Hey Sillyme – He did Bridget but he didn’t do as much to her as she did to him. I don’t think she planned on his getting involved with Gisele as soon as he did but she did plan on getting pregnant with his child in hopes that they would get married. My cousin was dating one of the Patriots at that time and they all knew that the reason they broke up was because Tom did not want to get married or start a family and Bridget gave him a Ultimatum. Bridget is pretty (although she did look pretty long in the tooth on Eli Stone) and she will find someone very soon.

  • jill

    well it it’s true…good for them…they deserve each other…both are selfish and not too bright….I agree with one of the comments, I lost all admiration on tom after the whole baby drama thing. they have no regards to bridget’s feelings whatsoever by flaunting their relationship all over the world and tom not being there for bridget during the entire pregnancy. I hope she will be barren……can’t stand these two

  • Sammysushi

    Um…do we really know both sides of the Brady/Monihan bust-up? It would not be the first time a woman tried to hang onto a relationship by getting pregnant….Heck many a man and woman come together and try that as an attempt to save a relationship.

    Either way, the situation is messy and that is too bad for all parties.

  • deka

    they both disgust me and i doubt this will last long

  • bridget

    I love love love them together.. They’ve made it to 2 years, and I hope they last forever!! Congratulations, Beautiful people!

  • cris


  • http://israel maria

    leonardo dicaprio and bar refaeli are preggers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • arg

    hey maria are you sure? that is a great news!!! tell me all what you knows please!!!

  • julien

    She looks amazing!!! I am so in love with her, I guess this is not the sort of thing I should share with my soon to be wife…

  • not true

    Arg sorry to disappoint you but Bar is NOT pregnant. Maria is a psychotic loser who changes her name constantly and goes on every thread with a different name spreading these same false rumors which can be found no where in the print or news media, only in her delusional head. Don’t worry she will be on the next thread coming up regardless of who they’re talking about. Leo doesn’t like Bar and tries to spend as much time as possible away from that whore. They spent Christmas far away from each other in 2 different countries and that is how they will spend New Years Eve also.

  • imaginaque

    Gisele is beautiful. Tom is gorgeous. She is a model. He is a football player. Big f***cking deal. I don’t know if they’re nice or bright. Don’t give a sh****t. This is a celebrity site, and with that comes the gossip, so don’t take any of it too seriously.

    Maria, why are you so excited about Leo and Bar? Do you know them personally? Are you applying to be their baby’s nanny?

    JanT: Have some leftover egg nog, it’ll calm you down. Have a glass or two with Maria. You too would make good friends.

  • Yvonne

    What’s the big deal….. He was engaged to his baby’s Mama and look were they are now…… His with the woman that He left his baby for. I’m a single Mom and makes me sick these men that leave for other women….. Sad situation, they don’t realize what kind of damage they are doing to that child……

  • Pau_Gasol Fan#16

    All the ballers seems to get the model chicks. Oh well. She is gorgeous anyhow. I wish them good luck.

  • dianel

    Congratulions GIsele and Tom

  • Pau_Gasol Fan#16

    @ Not True,
    Yeah. Maria has spread this cr$p around with other celebrity couples. Sad and sick that she likes to put the baby in before marriage. I guess she likes dreaming or thinking of couples popping out illegitimate kids is cool. ;) Maria must have 6 dozen illegitimate kids running around and one on the way! :lol: :lol: :lol:

  • No Illegals!

    Maria, please you stupid fat maid, get off your employer’s computer and get back to work or you will lose your .30cents an hour housekeeper’s job.

  • stefanie

    This is one celeb engagement I couldn’t care less about.

  • Kat

    Pau_Gasol Fan#16, just curious…which other couples?

  • who am i?

    I am sooooo happy for Gisele, although I don’t really like Tom Brady.

    lollipop, where do you get your stats from? Sheesh! :-(

    Maria, please sweetie, get a life. Or at least stick to the topic that the tread is about…..

  • JEssica

    Congratssssss Tom an Gisele!

    The sexiest couple ever!

  • bobbi

    Awesome couple!! Congratulations to them both. :-)

  • Mr. d

    Congratulations to the happy couple! Tom is one hell of a quarterback and I look forward to seeing him back on the field in 2009. The Patriots desperately need him LOL. I don’t know too much about Gisele, so I really can’t comment. I don’t think she is the most attractive gal I’ve ever laid eyes on, but to each their own. I’m glad Tom decided to leave the realtionship with Bridgent if he wasn’t happy. There is no need in exposing their child to the toxicity concomitant to such an unhappy union. Hopefully they’ll both be better off in the long run!

  • dani

    lollipop @ 12/26/2008 at 12:00 pm

    So, Tom should have stayed with Bridget only for the baby even though he didn’t love her and she tricked him by getting pregnant.

    And I think your stats are way off. Please show a source if you are going to quote false statistics.

  • flor/maria/lisa rose/someisral

    are all the same people. Flor is from Argentina and “she” doesn’t even know Bar…never met the girl. Just read some her past post and see what a BIG FAT LIAR “she” IS.

    She said about Bar being pregnant that this was the “hottest news in Israel today” but yet still she’s the ONLY one that can find this hottest news item!! This is a blatant lie because my friends from Israel cant find the “hottest news in Israel” and they actually live in that country.

    Flor, I think they’re about 4 people dressed in all white suits looking for you right now. The reporters that flor talks about are imaginary where “she” was watches also her imaginary television and just took a sip of her imaginary coffee….

    Here are some of the past ramblings of flor/maria/lisa rose/some israeli on JJ. Enjoy!!! If she really knew Bar and was one of her best friends she wouldn’t be coming to a message board to find out where she is! haha! lol flor/maria/lisa rose/some israeli you are one sick puppy and I think Bar would actually run away if she saw you! :

    flor @ 08/03/2008 at 2:01 pm
    where is bar?????????? it’s over??? please tell me…. i like leo and bar and i want to know…..

    flor @ 08/03/2008 at 2:49 pm
    i am from argentina, sorry if my inglish is bad, i am leo fan and i want to know if leo and bar are still together, i like them as a couple… please tell me………………….

    flor @ 08/03/2008 at 3:21 pm

    #33: french, i really like bar, i think she is a sweet girl and very pretty, that is what i feel, may be i am wrong but i like when i see leo whit bar, to me they look great together, that’s the reason why i want to know if it’s over, i saw bar in france and now leo is in spain…… if you or someone can tell me i will be grateful…. and for all the bar heaters i am not bar’s mom or friend, i am far far away from israel o

  • @Pau_Gasol fan

    Thanks for telling us that bipolor Maria makes it a habit to post trash about other celeb couples. Good to know.

  • Jer`

    Gisele is so gorgeous and hot, omg

  • JJ Rocks

    They are beautiful together! I hope Tom goes for custody for his son now. Courts would love to have the boy raised by a couple instead of a single, hussy, D-lister, who is obviously unstable.

  • Max

    I’m happy for John/Jack, Tom’s son. At least he will have one set of normal parents who can give him all the love and obviously anything else he wants. His Mommy is a bit of a loser and a bit needy. She is still madly in love with Tom as people have reported and that means she is unstable. Good for the baby and their babies to come!!!!

  • lakers fan in boston

    all i can say is congrats brady, altho i dont think they will last very long

  • Gds


    There is nothing normal or down-to-earth about Gisele. Jack is lucky to have Bridget as his mother and not the empty headed Gisele.

    It is pathetic how the shallow TB lovers try to discredit Bridget. Where was Tom when he was born? How about the first year when he was off with Gisele. No father of the year behavior in the beginning.

  • Riri

    Another Brazilian gold-digger got a rich American star.

    What a surprise!

    She worked hard at trying to land a rich American star for years.
    Finally her efforts have paid off.

  • Jer`

    she’s richer than him

  • Riri

    She has a jaw- line of a man, the body of a yound boy and the facial features of a guy.

    In this case I wonder if Brady’s choice says something about his real sexual inclination- since she looks like a dude.

  • flor

    #34: me and maria are not the same person, like you said i am from argentina, love bar and yes i made those comments about leo and bar that you posted but i have nothig todo whit the pregnant comments!!!

  • flor

    i also ask maria about what she said under the “arg” name (arg= argentina) but i don`t know bar, i don`t know where she is, i have nothing to do whit her i did not made the pregnant comment, you are free to belive what i am saying…

  • http://israel maria

    its me maria/lisa rose/flor/some israeli….. i made all this rumours about bar’s greggnency just to ennoing (makes you mad and jeluse) you cus i know how much you hate her and to see how mean and bad you can be for her and for me (just cus i love her and happy for her and leo) and now i can see that i was right (you really hate bar and surely for nothing), and its so funny and i cant stop leughf!!!!!!!!!!!!lolololololololololololololololololololol

    p.s im from german and not israel (stupid).

  • Flormaria hahah

    Omg you asked Maria!!?!?! hahahaha!! You have her email adress or did you called her up on the phone?!?!?! Or did you asnwer your own question when asked?!?! Look at the theather people!!! Look at the theather!! Having conversations with yourself is not health. Mariaflor or Flormaria whatever you want to call yourself I dont really care.

    Thanks for telling us you made up the rumors but its too late now. You’re exposed for the psychotic bitch you are Flormaria. Maybe you 2 can call each other since you’re such great ‘FRIEND.’ Sometimes your best friend is yourself!! lol I’m not surprise Mariaflor posted back to back to back…

  • JLS

    They so deserve each other. A match made is PR heaven. Both are a little stupid….

  • flor

    thanks maria for saying that you and me are not the same person… even when we think the same way… a lot of people hate bar whit not reason and also hate all the people who loves bar just for loving her…

  • Whatever

    These 2 deserve each other, I hope they hurry up and get married and move far far far away. Can they please go live in Brazil, please oh please, all the Gislut freaks there would love that and it would keep them out of our news and let us focus on real stars.