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Jennifer Aniston Talks GQ On The View

Jennifer Aniston Talks GQ On The View
  • Jennifer Aniston talks about the GQ shoot on The View
  • Colin Farrell spends the holidays in the UK
  • Reese Witherspoon knows her kids want a horse for the holidays
  • Doutzen Kroes knows what Victoria’s Secret is
  • Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens do some last minute shopping
  • The Lohan family takes to their blogs
  • Mexican Beauty Queen Laura Zuniga is busted with guns and cash
  • Selena Gomez sings “Baby, It’s Cold Outside
  • Taylor Swift began a third non-consecutive week at No. 1 on the U.S. pop album chart Wednesday, beating out Keyshia Cole and Jamie Foxx who debuted this week.
  • John Costelloe, an actor who was best known to viewers of “The Sopranos” for his role as the gay lover of a mobster, has died, apparently of a self-inflicted gunshot wound
  • Warner Bros. decided not to release The Dark Knight in mainland China, or even submit it for censors’ approval because of “prerelease conditions” and “cultural sensitivities,” the studio said
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  • teri


  • teri


  • teri

    still can’t stand her

  • NativeNYker

    Cuz the male hetero teen really wants to take a moment out of wankin to be told what they already know isn’t real by the person they want to pretend cant speak.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Jen always has excuses!

    Does she EVER take responsibility for stuff?!

    Jamie Fox has a nice enough voice but the music is so much the same wannabe midnight storm meets hip-hop crap.

  • Lindsay

    In case you HAVE NOT seen this photo yet, you HAVE to see it. It was from 2 weeks ago at the Marley & Me premiere. John Mayer was caught flirting and HOLDING HANDS with a Fox reporter!!!

  • martha

    OMG!! What a creap. Thanks for sharing LINDSAY #6! Did everyone see that???

  • Sorry Lindsay, but that pic

    is old. He looks like he’s seriously into it, but it is old. I was kinda buying Jen and John a little before, but them all lovey dovey and tied to the hip, and then they dont spend Christmas together?! This is sticking of a set up just like when her and Vince Vaughn were hooked up right when the movie was coming out, and then they split. This smells just as funky.

  • ellie

    (Marley&Me )The movie was really great funny moving & sad, It a great if movie if you love animals, my grandchildren picked this one they loved it. Jen & Owen did a great Job!!!
    .Now on this weekend i can’t wait to see Brad Pitt it really looks like a great movie..OMG there so many to see…I’m overwhelmed…

  • AVA

    Jen, again not taking responsibility for her own action! She is an tap away from 40 years old and blaming others like she is 3 years old. I’m sick of this mental nut job. I see why they have to buy a man for her. We all knew her picture was heavily photoshopped, she didn’t have to tell us.
    We saw Curious Case of BB and it was awesome.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    Either GIGANTIC or just sweetest tiny.

  • Mike

    Jen must drink a lot. That might explain why she is so disgusting. She’s a big drunk. No body like that ho any way.
    John was into that reporter for sure. He wasn’t faking that like he fake those shots with Jen. I thought Mayer was going to nail her. Jen has no shelf esteem at all any more.

  • a realist

    Jen NEVER takes responsibility for anything. It is always someone else’s fault.

    It’s her mother’s fault.

    It’s Brad’s fault.

    It’s Angie’s fault.

    It’s the photographer’s fault.

    It’s the magazines’s fault.

    What a disgusting piece of work that ugly woman is.

  • jane

    Don’t waste you time and money on Marley & Me. It is a bomb.

  • Catlin

    Thanks Lindsay for putting that up. It’s a good thing you guys can’t see where that right hand was and how hard he was pushing into that reporter. Really you should have been there to see it.
    Wow the heading “Jennifer who” was a good heading.
    Someone mumbled get a room.

  • Who Cares

    I know that China is supersensitive to national criticism, but that whole Batman side plot was a red herring. I wonder how much money could have been made there. That’s a lot of people.

  • dianel

    I’m glad Taylor made NO.1 on the U S pop album chart for yhree weeks hope she make’s it for three more

  • lakers fan in boston

    what a slow day jared, nobody really interesting today
    jen looks ok, love how she showed off her legs
    i hate all those bitches on the view, except the cute blond one something hasselbeck i think

  • Jill

    Sorry Lindsay, but that pic

    That pic was taken at the premiere of the mutt movie, just a week ago.

    And why is Mayer spending Christmas on the other coast?

    Look for a re-dump within the next few weeks.

  • Jill

    AVA @ 12/26/2008 at 10:12 am
    Jen, again not taking responsibility for her own action!

    She never does. Everything that happens to her is somebody else’s fault. No wonder Brad dumped this tiresome wench.

  • jp4ever

    She’s the most pathetic , fraud, manipulative woman I ever heard. All about her is fake. She’s not even a good actress. She’s good in Friends, that’s it. I like Courtney and the other girl in Friends better. I think they’re funnier than her.

  • Jenn’Ef”Her An’ It’s done

    # 6 Thanks Lindsay for the link.. LOL
    Look at That reporter .. sexy without even trying.. just look at that.. unlike with Maniston always looks UPTIGHT and FORCE .. LOL

  • Jenn’Ef”Her An’ It’s done

    And the funny things is all Maniston worshipers ( this goodies goodies gumdrops) believes everything she said and follow her like a STUPID COWS… LOL


    Hey Mike #12,

    Did you know that skankalina is a HEROIN addict!! That is why she has her kids out oof the country!!!! You people are such haters!! I think she has a right to blame Skank and Bradley (W/no balls) and so what if she does!!!!

  • Jill

    Hey Vickie #24,

    Do you know you’re a lying bítch? If you’ve got any proof that Angie is using drugs, post it right here. If not, shut the fcuk up.

    Oh yeah, got a question for you: what was Mayer the player doing on the other coast while poor Jen had to spend another Christmas alone?

  • iris

    i happy her because nice women

  • angel


  • amalia

    so, kids

    angie DID use a lot of drugs, she admits it talks about it openly and i for one love her for having had a past and for having turned her life around soooo powerfully. There is even a video from late nineties where angie is high off her butt in a sort of drug den appartment talking about s&m and life and dead pets- and you know what? even then, she is interesting, sincere and fascinating to watch! And those times are long gone, and perhaps it is precisely because of those times that she has found such a strong purpose and has so much true commitment- she knows the opposite, this wasteful, painful emptiness, so now she has found a way to make her life count, to create the most goodness that she can, share the most love she can…

    On the other hand we have JenJen- she was a pothead then and is a pothead now, and she is just as bland, superficial and uninspiring as ever- no real purpose, no insight into the human heart, no sincerity. I mean it is painful to watch her interviews- she is downright condescending! her fakeness and insincerity make me cringe- and i am willing to bet the reason is that JenJen just has a very low IQ and EQ while Angie, even when high has a tremendous intelligence, curiosity and deep sensibility.

    Ultimately it probably goes back to infancy and childhood- jenjen probably never knew much unconditional love and care from her “plastic surgery victim” mom, who was as self absorbed then as jenjen is now, so she still never has enough love and cant fill that void- she probably never learned how to give it in return either. While you can say all you want about Angie, but it is pretty clear that her mom gave her endless unconditional love and support, and that they shared a great love, respect and soulful contact.

    Anyway of course all this is pure speculation, and you know what?
    - i come here for pure entertainment, and what i have to say is that Angie inspires me and i love the way Brad has grown since he has found his great love; while Jenjen makes me recall the PT Barnum saying that “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people,” Jenjen is boring and mediocre, while her pr team skillfully manipulates her former ‘friends’ public into adoring Jenjen as if there was something remotely special about her….

    And there is- she is especially mediocre and people love that someone just like them can get that big- its like why so many people loved Bush- he was just a regular guy- joe sixpack, you know? well i feel its that kind of sensibility that makes people love jen.

    Anyway for all you Jen fans-i mean no disrespect to you, i am sure you are lovely people- but for the sake of entertainment here is my dissenting opinion.

    my ten cents

    warm holiday blessings to all fans of all people everywhere.

  • neer

    Trolls & haters reacted “violently” re Brad’ latest interview. Maybe they reacted this way because they didn’t expect HARSH WORDS (for
    them) would come out from Brad’s mouth. Actually, only this time, Brad’s words are very explicit. Direct to the point. No beating around the bush. Statements like these:
    “……..DEAD END…..”
    Ouch, that must be very painful indeed!!! Definitely, it was killing X softly (or sharply) with those words!!! It is said Words are much hurtful than physical pain. Emotional pain oftentimes take time to heal than physical wounds.
    Whatever box-office receipts her movie is getting now is certainly not enough to ease her pain. She maybe “laughing in the outside but crying/ whining in the inside.”
    When she is alone at night, I could just imagine the burst of emotions she’s feeling that she maybe tries to hide when in public.
    They (& X) thought that Brad is “gentleman” enough to ever utter those hurtful words. Whatever false hope is left in their minds & desperate hearts were all gone. Kaput.
    There’s no one to blame but X herself because she underestimated Brad. She should have known better as she once lived with him. Or maybe she really didn’t know him that well considering they didn’t exactly live together as a married couple but just a Merger. She knew the real story yet she kept on telling lies to the public & even tried to besmirch the reputation of the person whom Brad considered the greatest love of his life (not just the love of his life as opposed to X public declaration in the past that Brad was only “A love of her life” not even “The love of her life”). I believe Brad is a gentleman but X pushed him to the limit. When Brad saw that X involved his family (Angie & kids) in her interviews, he was mad that’s for sure. Thus, the unusual Brad replies to interviews.

  • precious

    Amalia #28. Did you take several shots of hard liquor before you sat down to write this drivel, because you are obviously drunk? Jolie’s mother allowed a 14 year old to live with an adult man, make racy videos, and indulge in drug use. Jolie confessed to herpes at 16 years of age. Does that sound like your idol was influenced by a loving mother? Marcia Lynn Voight was probably a mental and emotional wreck after Jon left her for a ‘hotter’ actress. She didn’t care about the children, just that they were a connection to the man she wanted. My guess is that Marcie Lynn treated James and Angelina as non-entities unless she needed a way to manipulate money from their father. That’s why Jolie is so screwed up. She professes to love her mother but was not at her side on the day she died, even though she knew it was imminent. She say’s she hates her father but seems to be doing everything in her power to be just like him. Man, it is easy to draw conclusions about a person past just from gleaning magazines and websites. I didn’t even have to be there.

  • Jill

    # 30 precious @ 12/27/2008 at 6:27 pm
    She professes to love her mother but was not at her side on the day she died, even though she knew it was imminent.

    You’re a lying skánk. Both Brad and Angie flew to LA from New Orleans and were able to be at her mother’s side about an hour before she passed away.

    Now go tell your idiot idol to stop calling her mother a disease and go visit her once in a while. The b*tch hasn’t seen her mother in five years.

  • http://! sonnyzee

    Haters Haters Haters, I am SO damn happy, Jenn beat out the precious perfect Brad at the Box office. As the news said, Women scorned all over are jumping for joy….Exactly. Why this hate on this woman who did nothing but stand in the WAY of her HUSBAND getting it on with AJ in front of the WHOLE world, is sickening. You all need a good Good head examination. As for her fans, we today, are ESTATIC! Go JEN & MARLEY &ME! So much also, for her not being able to act. She has fans, normal fans. not brad/angie crazed whacko fans!

  • http://~! Samantha

    how come when angie says something in relation to jen/brad and like lately, the remark she made about them indeed falling in love when he was married, not a word against angelina. Not a single word. Jen dares answer a comment (rightfully so!) and she is blasted. I am beginning to think after reading all the sick slams against Jen,that A: Ange must have sent you all $100,000 each, OR B. you heard today Jen’s new movie BEAT BRADS! ha ha ha, ha ha!
    Good for you Jennifer Aniston, Enough is Enough! I still think A is right, money HAD to be sent, because this is SICK to the NORMAL eye! Jen did NOT steal YOUR man, cat or dog! LOL. OMG Sick!!

  • angelina is a junkie

    Jen kicks her old x’s ass!

    that’s karma for you Brad. enjoy it.

  • Besane

    Samantha @ 12/28/2008 at 12:33 am

    Oh poor JenFans, you have to rejoice on her only MAKING MONEY, thanks to STRIPPING NAKED PR, and oh, being a SIDE KICK to a D-O-G. Drug dealers, prostitutes all make money, but they won’t WIN AN OSCAR. Oh sorry, Angie already HAS an OSCAR so she can have Brad’s BABIES. I guess JenJen has a long way to go. No wonder he had to leave her. Tick Tock.

  • karma for brad

    The Buttbaby movie fell to 3rd place!!!!
    Jen is still #1!!!
    Suck that Brad!!!!!!

  • Besane

    karma for brad @ 12/28/2008 at 9:21 pm
    Well Brad didn’t sink so low to take off his clothes LOL!

  • karma for brad

    No he sunk lower and took pictures of his kids and their mom’s naked tits and ass and sold it to a magazine!
    and it still wasn’t enough! Brad’s movie bombed and Jen is #1!!

  • brad’s an UGLY old man

    If you actually think anyone made the decision to see M&M because Aniston did a scantily clad GQ spread then you are a colossal moron.

    and I’m sure Brad would be butt naked on any magazine he could if he thought it would get him a blockbuster or that Oscar nom he so desperately wants, but even he knows no one wants to see his middle aged, paunchy old body.


    And … in the end of the day..
    This turbo chinniston still crying her self to sleep every night… LOL

  • tam

    Jen’s fans are so immature that they think the movies are a ‘competition’. Grow up, for fook’s sake! You are acting like a spiteful and bitter 8 year old, jumping around gloating about a FKING *DOG* movie for crists sake! Have a good look at yourselves’ you immature spiteful friendless c.u.nts. Sh.i.t sells, Jenslut is PROOF POSITIVE of that. As for who REALLY won? Lets just say that Jen’s movie has had some SCATHING reviews, whilst Brad’s has had critical ACCLAIM and almost no bad reviews.


  • tam

    Stickie Vickie and all the Jenslut fans, why don’t you all line up on the corner and practice being a good disease(no-offense intended to Jen’s mother)-ridden lowlife s.l.uts.

  • Dessie

    LOVE that she beat Brads *** at the Boxoffice this weekend!! Yeah, I’m a fan, of her, and we’re all SO darn happy!!!!!!!!!!!! take that, you A/B worshippers! You can find them in France, where they prefer to be.
    LMAO! Go JEN!!!!!!!!!! I also noted Jen is on Sexy women of the year list, and Angie nowhere to be found. Angie is beautiful but needs 10 pds and clothes other then black! And serious leg work outs because men don’t fnd bones/vains attractive. Call her all you want, but JA has the best body going! And she won the box Office race, she can’t act huh? hahhhha A great day for Aniston fans! (so much for all of u haters calling her “ugly”!) I don’t see YOUR name on the list either! Get real!

  • Sami

    Dessie I have noticed a pattern that most Jen fans seem to be spiteful, immature and think its all about ‘winning’. You prove my point on how shallow and spiteful Jen fans are.
    Save your “happy for her”. The DOG takes top billing and the DOG is what the movie is about. The DOG is the star. Contrast that with Brad as the STAR of CCOBB. Also the BAD and SCATHING reviews of Marley, yet Brad’s is receiving critical aclaim. That speaks LOUDER. Plus, Brad may be the forerunner for an Oscars nomination and an OSCAR. So I would stop your premature spiteful and vengeful 8 year old carrying on like all the rest of your childish b*tchy group of Jenhens. Jen, has achieved NOTHING. The movie is about a dog. Get and grip and let go of your hate. GROW UP.

  • axa77

    Jen looks better as she is not as bony as AJ and she is not covered in those ugly ex-con tattoos.

    However I have a lot of respect for brave Jolie, who confessed to having herpes. It is something I didnt know


    Dessie .. You mean MARLEY’s movie don’t you ???
    deadendNISTON only known as a piggy back.. taking a ride on everythings that’s MOVES.. LOL

  • karma for brad

    Poor loony….
    Aniston is billed FIRST on every movie site. It’s HER movie. HER victory.
    Jolie was billed 3rd in WANTED and wasn’t even listed in KFP.
    However she was the lead in Changeling and it bombed!

  • karma for brad

    Poor loony….
    Aniston is billed FIRST on every movie site. It’s HER movie. HER victory.
    Jolie was billed 3rd in WANTED and wasn’t even listed in KFP.
    However she was the lead in Changeling and it bombed!

  • truth please

    Jenfans are so stuuupid. “Marley and Me” is a story about a dog and kids like to see movies like that. Many kids are small, and so they go see the movie with a grown-up companion/s. And that doubles or triples ticket sales for every child or two. Grown-ups themselves like dog movies , too, as almost everybody owns and lives with a dog. So the “Marley and Me” movie interests both young and old and it’s rated for everybody. I would not call it a Jen’s movie. She’s not even in the poster but only the dog (with a ribbon).

    Whereas the “Benjamin Button” movie interests grown-ups not kids also. So it’s not bad at all that Brad’s movie ranks second.

  • dawn