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Brody Jenner: Brad Pitt, Join My Bromance!

Brody Jenner: Brad Pitt, Join My Bromance!

Brody Jenner is graduating from The Hills and is coming out with his own spin-off series called Bromance.

In the vid below, the 25-year-old playboy reveals his celebrity bromance dream team: “David Beckham, George Clooney and Brad Pitt. I mean, I’ll be taking all the leftovers. They’re pimps. They get all the girls. They’ll be tons of leftovers. I’d be right there to take them!”

When asked which of those three would be the best dating material for his sister, Brody answers, “I think David Beckham would be the best date because he’s had his wife for a long time, he’s got his three kids, you never hear him doing… things like going off divorcing his wife. So I pick Beckham.”

Bromance premieres this Monday, December 29 @ 9PM ET/PT on MTV.

Brody Jenner: Brad Pitt, Join My Bromance!
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  • OMG

    I am sorry but I find him gross and not at all appealing.

  • gossipgirl

    brody was NEVER on laguna beach. get ur facts straight dumb-a$$!!

  • whatever

    what a total duche-bag! He is a pathetic example of what a man should be.

  • LolaSvelt

    Pitt, Beckham and Clooney would NEVER acknowledge a z-list media whóre like you, Brody.

  • Just Jared

    Well gossipgirl, not everyone watches trashy MTV reality TV shows to know who is in them or not, you dumb c_nt!

  • Karashi

    why would those 3 hotties want to date his fug tranny sisters?

  • emily

    Schitt for brains

  • Alfredo

    lol Just jred commented gossipgirl baq! Just jared is cute lol…… soo cute… Brody was cute but now he seems like hes turning into a big duche-bag

  • julien
  • ewww

    what a loser….in your dreams pal…..

  • Farrah

    I don’t see anything wrong in what he said. He’s a guy. Guys say stupid things like this as if it’s the norm in private conversations with other guys or when they’re in they’re own little fantasy world. I mean I think he was paying George, Brad and David a compliment… in his own idiotic, weird way. Granted, it’s immature. But he’s being a real guy and proud of it. Atleast, he has some sense to him… commenting on how protective and smart he is about his sister. So, he’s not that much of an idiot. I thought that comment about about picking David for not being a divorcee was a very traditional male thing to say. Men are men… what can I say. If he has some respect for his step-sister (who isn’t much to be proud of) then he may be very respectful to the woman he really loves in the future.

    But you gotta think… any woman who would marry or have a relationship with a guy with a sordid past… is not a respectable woman anyway. Just like alot of good men out there want to marry a good woman … good women (and only the smart ones) want to marry a man who may not be traditional, but has a respectable past… especially when it comes to other women. I, for one, feel bad for any woman who goes out with a guy that has had way too many hookups and girlfriends… those are the guys who are very good at tricking you into trusting them and then slap you in the face like the naive dumbass he secretly knew you were.

  • zxc


  • mslewis

    Jared, you’re great. Only douchbags watch that crap. So I guess gossipgirl is a douchbag!!!!

    Brody Jenner is disgusting and he should be ashamed to even mention A List celebrities . . . something he will NEVER be, no matter how much he dreams, begs and wishes. Douchbag!!!

  • sofia

    What an idiot. Just zip it, loser!

  • ryan

    Umm David Beckham cheated on his wife for a long time even when she was PREGNANT until the papparrazi caught him!

    He has cheated on her with numerous women!

    And Brody in the real world, being married for 9 years isn’t along time…get a clue.

  • kaos

    Beckham should not be mentioned in the same breath as Pitt and Clooney, not that I hold those two in much higher regards. Have you heard the birdbrained speak? He is a has-been footballer who came to America because his fame obsessed skanky wife wanted to hobnob with Hollywood. He is all about marketing and America fell for it. Sad. For real football/soccer fan, Beckham is now a circus sideshow. What he is good at is marketing and hype, making people who know nothing about football/soccer think that he is better than he really was and has been. He is just an average footballer who cashed in big time with the marketing guru. If you like style over shallow/hype/substance, he is your guy. Same goes with his skanky wife who is not above whoring their children.

  • oompa loompa

    he’s dumb

  • really?

    leftovers??? seriously??? i sure hope no girl is stupid enough to fall for him. and let’s hope he gets a taste of being a “leftover.”

  • MovieMadness

    No matter how much of a D-Bag this guy is, he is not exactly ugly and guys like him always have girls.
    But to join in on the hate, The Hills is crap, The Spin-off be crap, and Bromance will be crap.
    Do people still not realize this shit is fake?

  • Aaron

    This show is gay and omg have you seen this ?

  • gemma

    NO ONE CARES ABOUT THIS SHOW! its for fags

  • caits

    Ugh keep dreaming if he thinks those celebrities will even acknowledge him. This guy annoys the hell outta me. And the fact that he’s wearing Chargers gear makes me really angry.. giving Chargers fans a bad name.

  • Made

    Has this guy been smoking crack? What an idiot!

  • Ginger

    HA! He rahter have David Beckham date his sister? hahaha… Didn’t he read and heard that David CHEATED on his wife with the nanny!?!?!?
    Victoria Beckham only stayed instead of leaving David because he is making lots of money since the Spice Girls are no longer making that much money.

  • John

    Does anyone else find the concept “bromance” gay?

    just a bunch of guys crying for Brody. Not to mention they have hot tub eliminations, right after he if=F. you=U. Seek=CK them!

  • gerard Vandenberg

    Karl lagerfeld’s “INTERNAL INVESTIGATION GLOVES”, folks?
    …………………YOU’RE A WARNED PERSON,now!!

  • gossipgirl

    i admit calling you a dumbass was kinda mean :( sorry bout that lol.

    and i used to watch laguna back when i was in high school! so i just couldn’t help it.
    im confused why ur reporting about mtv reality shows if you think theyre trashy though? contradictory its cool though.
    neways im just totally psyched u replied to my comment loves ya!!!!!!!!

  • a

    I don’t hate him, but this is just LOLmaterial.

    Just because he has money does not mean he is in the same league as Brad Pitt or George Clooney or David Beckham. He just sounds like a wannabe.

    Some fantasies you just gotta keep to yourself or else you sound like a fool.


    wtf??????? brad pitt a player not any more

  • Lol

    David cheated so many time everyone knows.

  • What a waste of life

    That dude needs to stop trying NOT TO WORK for a living and get a real gig. The 90210 rich idiot brat squad pisses me off. They do nothing but spend money they didn’t earn, then when mummy and or daddy says get a job, this is the shit they come up with. Brad, George and David don’t even know this boy is. The Malibu Barnacle needs to scrape his ass off the parent ship and get a real life..

  • ugh!!!!

    So are ALL the fools from this ridiculous show idiots or do they just lack common sense.

  • jenna

    wow brody jenner is pathetic. he should just stop with he reality tv shows and just get a life… seriously

  • $$$$$$$$$$$$

    “Jen beats Brad in holiday battle of the exes”.
    Haaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaa nobody wanted to see Brad’s creepy old baby movie.
    Jen kicked his @ss, haaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • OK

    LOL…for those of you who said that David Beckham has cheated on his wife so many times, particularly that ALLEDGELY one time with the Looser…do all of you have any PROOF??? Did you all see it? Were all of you there when he is (again) ALLEDGELY cheating his wife?? Those women are only a bunch of whore who wanted to MAKE MONEY out of Beckham’s name…all of them were trying to be cheap models/celebrities by using his name! And all of you are truly a bunch of idiots for falling for those craps coz there’s NO PROOFS at all. And guess what..David and his wife are still together and making their marriage vows truly worth it. And their children loves them and are really happy.

    And for some of you that said he is an “average” footballer…think again! A footballer is not easily a crap or average one if he managed to get SOME of these:
    CL player of the year in 1999, TWICE 2nd place for golden ball in 1999 and 2001. While in Man U some, and I say it again, SOME, of his awards were the Young Player of the Year in 1997 and the British Player of the Year in 2001..and in Madrid he got TWICE Real’s player of the year and TWICE La Liga best assistant (with Zizu and Figo+Guti in your team it’s not an easy task!)

    I bet you didn’t know half of the things that I’ve mentioned here regarding of his awards and the credibility of the players that he was competing. Nuff said.

  • توبيكات انجلزيه

    Ugh keep dreaming if he thinks those celebrities will even acknowledge him. This guy annoys the hell outta me. And the fact that he’s wearing Chargers gear makes me really angry.. giving Chargers fans a bad name.