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Michael Lohan: My Blog Is Not About Lindsay!

Michael Lohan: My Blog Is Not About Lindsay!

Lindsay Lohan‘s father seems to be updating his blog quite regularly. Here’s his latest entry:

“After reviewing some of the comments on this blog and even others, let me say that this website is NOT about [my daughter Lindsay] or Samantha [Ronson]. I have no intention of disclosing any information or feelings I may have about either one of them unless it is in defense of what they or one of their ‘mouthpieces’ might say about me. If in fact, one of their ‘sources’, so called ‘friends’ or ‘spokespersons’ have something to say about me, then I guess we will just have to open up discussion on them as well.

“AGAIN, this website is a forum to shed light on things in a positive and truthful way.

“It is about bringing the world the truth about any situations or stories reported in the media that are worthy of discussing. It is about righting the wrongs and determining facts from fiction.

“This website is an open forum to discuss questionable topics and even introduce you to worthy events (which help others) that you might like to participate in.

“For example; during the Sundance Film Festival, my partners and I will be hosting a series of events which aid numerous charities and initiatives, such as human trafficking, child slavery, ministries, The Crohn’s Foundation, various cancer foundations, hunger and other worthy causes.

“Whether you realize it or not, this website is about getting people involved in a positive way, while leading them to the Truth, which in essence, is God. For those of you who choose to denounce or blasphemy the Word or Spirit of God, be very careful, because he sees, knows and judges your heart. (1 Samuel 16:7).

“For that matter, my heart has always been focused on loving, caring, protecting and forgiving my family and even others. God knows that! Sure, at times, my heart had reason, even reasons didn’t know. I followed my heart and acted out of emotion. I think we all do that at times. So who is anyone to cast stones at me?

“So just because I or we, may discuss or shed light on various people or topics, does not mean we are attacking them. After all, the tabloids and other blogs discuss some of the same things we will. But in most cases, don’t even investigate the things they report. What we are trying to do is to get some people involved in various topics and come up with some good solutions or advice.

“So, if you want The Real Story and you want to have a voice and hear the Truth, I invite you to join in.

“For those who are self seeking and who reject the Truth and follow evil, there will be wrath. There will be trouble and distress for those who do evil, but glory, honor and peace for anyone who does good.” (Romans 2:8-10).”

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  • Escape

    You are a fucking douch bag.

    If you really wanted to help people, you wouldn’t be pimping your stretched out asshole.

    My family helped out those less fortunate by setting up clinics where people could get free vacinations and pysical examinations.

    You are a whore.

  • Escape

    Didn’t realize this was clear channel. Let me try this again.

    Michael Lohan – You are the derogatory term for what woman in the 1950s used to use before we knew our bodies were capable of flushing out the filth of the likes of you.

    If you really wanted to help people, well this isn’t brain surgery, you wouldn’t be going to sundance. Duh. Can I say Duh?

    You are the derogatory term for the anatomical region of our bodies that eliminates all that is waste.

  • wtf

    Go Michael!!!

    Sam is just using Lindsey and she’s too messed up to realize it.

  • jade

    Hiding behind God is something only the guilty do. So MR.Lohan, if you read this, which you probably do, take that in to consideration.

  • julia

    umm Yea, He’s full of shite!

  • bella

    WOW, he sounds like such a delightful father and person in general . . .NOT!!!

  • oompa loompa

    Dad of the Year 2009!

  • Freddie

    He sounds like a complete bigot a s shole. And that’s that. What a douche. Next?


    the guy’s so-called friends keeps on stabbing hm in the back, so he made this blog up and running :)

  • Huh?

    Michael Lohan is so full of crap I don’t even know where to begin shoveling. STFU you bastard! Does he not know how dumb he sounds? What a loon.

  • Huh?

    Michael Lohan is so full of crap I don’t even know where to begin shoveling. STFU you bastard! Does he not know how dumb he sounds? What a loon.

  • lakers fan in boston

    u fucking dickhead
    no1 wants to hear ur shit
    i dont give a shit firstly about ur daughter or ur fucking douche ass
    and stop using the lord’s name in vain
    especially some1 as douchy as u

  • Aaron


  • Tarah

    The entire Lohan family needs to just go away! Lindsey is a talented actress but the drama in her family is going to ruin it all for her. And when I say drama, I am not just saying from her parents but from Lindsey herself.

  • required, limited to uhh

    oh go away michael you big abominable ass.

  • Sheri

    Michael ~ as a fellow Christian, you are just digging yourself a deeper hole here. You should not be responding to anything Lindsay might say on her blog (as you state here …). You need to keep your mouth shut, be a grown-up and pray for her! That will show the love of God to her more than anything else. You are acting like a spoiled teen-ager. Grow up and be the man of God that you claim you want to be.

  • Cynthia

    As much as I dislike each of these fucktards, I wish they would vanish off the face of the earth! I will say this, Samantha is sooo not using Lindsay. Lindsay and her dad are telling people that Samantha’s using them to boost Lindsay in the media when it’s obviously the other way around. Samantha grew up with people in the business. Her brother Mark is in the music business, UM HELLO, and her sister is a designer. Why would Samantha want to use some washed up media whore like Lindsay, when she’s making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

  • pinksalmon

    Sam is only making all this money because she is already rich and connected. All she does is plug in her IPod and play Lady Gaga. Do you actually think she is earning that money? People beheaded Marie Antoinette, practially a saint, for much, much less. But they will defend this grotesquely greedy, sexually immoral, lurching freak who wears gay S & M gear around town. It’s really sick.

    Not that there are any real sides to take here. Michael Lohan does not act like the Christian he says he is, except as far as reckless breeding goes. He’s a Duggar type of weirdo self-serving American Christian, which hopefully will die out as soon as this country does. His family was Catholic and now he is “Evangelical,” which means he refuses to obey the rules of Catholicism and is thus a watered-down fake Christian. These people always show what they are by their actions. They want all the salvation with none of the stress, or none of the limitations. But he is right about Sam.

    The thing is, what it really all comes down to is Lindsay. Everyone is having this tug of war over her as if she were a child who is forever trapped in a divorce battle. Lindsay always comes out looking like the victim, the poor innocent lamb that everyone is exploiting. But could it be, that she is the greatest manipulator of them all? That she is the one using all these people, family and friends, to stay famous?

  • Sam

    They should lock him up and throw away the key.

  • izzy

    He keeps changing everything on his blog site, from what seems like one minute to the next. Might he “slowly” be conceding that he should just take it down?

    LOL – He apparently wants the truth and light, but on his terms, now “approving” comments and removing the first day’s blog and comments, and removing day two’s comments completely.

    So, who’s “controlling”, hmm? This guy’s a moron. Wannabe actor, trying hard to keep his face and name out there. So sad. So very sad.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    on the other hand: A DEVIL’S BLOG?


    This “DAD” should STFU.

  • Leanna

    Samantha Ronson would not be where she is today if it weren’t for Lindsey. If you’re dumb enough to believe otherwise I dont want to hear it because it sickens me that people are so damn gullible.

    Secondly, this “dad” should stop preaching and actually do something! That means putting an end to this blog which is just stirring up more drama. If he still wants to write and influence people’s lives he should make an anonymous blog. Because lets face it, the only people viewing his blog just want drama drama drama. Wake up dude.

  • Marina Amx

    The guy is removing the comments… please leave him only compliments because he can’t stand other kind of comment…Imagine this, only six approved coments in one day…. hahahahaha!! I just can imagine what the others were about…

  • Lucas

    if this guy had any class he’d shut up. no blog, no setting the record straight, no hiding behind the face of a good, bible quoting Christian. his daughter is a half assed actress turned attention slut who is in need of some serious therapy.

  • bobby

    Ehh, all families have problems. I can’t wait for Mike’s reality show to compete against Dina’s reality show. All of them are fame-driven losers. No one’s perfect and lots of spouses cheat on one another.

  • Lisa

    Omg the loser deleted ALL the comments from his “Set the record straight’ blog because everyone was telling him as he is. And now he’s making sure he approves of the messages before you post them. WHAT A LOSER! If your gunna make a blog public for all to see and just expect people to sympathise with you, your crazy. You know what your setting yourself up for. Hell like 3 quarters of Perez Hiltons comments are a diss to him and he never removes them!

    It’s cause Michael Lohan is a sad pathetic attempt of a human being.

  • izzy

    to gerard Vandenberg #21 – poo on you too! Go back to work at Vector LOL

    to Marina Amx #24 and Lisa #27 – a compliment, hmm, are you sure he can tell the difference with some of the comments? Yeah, he sure is pathetic. Did you check out his links? All for his own self-promotion, for sure.

    Truth and light? Apparently, this is his version. HAHAHAHA

  • Jules

    Since when did God become a weapon. Unbelievable how people proclaiming to be Christians use God to berate and threaten people.

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    The guy is removing the comments… please leave him only compliments because he can’t stand other kind of comment…Imagine this, only six approved coments in one day…. hahahahaha!! I just can imagine what the others were about…

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