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Orlando Bloom is Deus Ex Machina

Orlando Bloom is Deus Ex Machina

Orlando Bloom rides off on his “Beverly Hills Ducati” motorcycle as he leaves a church on Saturday (December 27) in Los Angeles.

The 31-year-old British actor wore a jacket from Deux Ex Machina, which literally means “god from the machine.” Back in May, Orly shopped at Sydney’s bike store Deus Ex Machina in Australia.

Afterwards, Orly reportedly went out with Aussie model girlfriend Miranda Kerr and got into a fender bender.

10+ pictures inside of motorcycle man Orlando Bloom

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378 Responses to “Orlando Bloom is Deus Ex Machina”

  1. 1
    Jughed Says:

    What a d*uchebag!

  2. 2

    Ok, so he went to church in the morning ALONE and now MK’s pissed. She screams at him, “How dare you go out without me and get papped! Now, you have to take me out in your car so the paparazzi can get pictures of us together.”

    Orly is so upset while driving “Miss Daisy” around, that he gets in an accident.

    Now, that’s entertainment!

  3. 3
    sasha Says:

    I love his bed head curls!

    It looks like he was rear ended. Doesn’t he drive an Audi? That car with the pushed in front looks like an Acura? Maybe? It sure doesn’t look like an Audi.

    Oh, and #2. Yeah, I’m sure that’s exactly what happened. *rollseyes*

  4. 4
    @ 2 Says:

    lets wait and see if the pics of her start showing up – I don’t know about anyone else – don’t see her anywhere – yet

    wonder why he was going to a church? – confession – or wedding plans?

    or maybe he was just needed a break from what’s her name – no pics yet – if they got into an accident and she was in the car with him – she definitely would have made an appearance – i would think – hope she is is all right.

  5. 5
    Made Says:

    If I didn’t know better I’d say he was very closely related to Dudley Moore

  6. 6
    huh Says:

    What a jerk. Doesn’t make sense for him to go to church since he’s a buddhist. Maybe making wedding plans? Who gives a monkeys anyway????

  7. 7
    Peter Says:

    Okay, Deus Ex Machina might mean that in 1-1-translation.

    But it is poetic, and it means “God will intervene”

  8. 8
    yoyo Says:

    What happend to him? He used to be hawt. Now he looks like a tard. Blech.

  9. 9
    LOL!!! Says:

    So in the time Orlando has supposedly been involved with the cheap panty ho, he’s been in 2 accidents, been kicked off one movie set, cant get hired in Hollywood, had one movie postponed indefinitely, and had another movie delayed at least 6 months. A little bad karma happening there. Get a clue Orlando!

  10. 10
    @8 Says:

    Wow, could you be more offensive?

  11. 11
    Destiny is a choice Says:

    But it is poetic, and it means “God will intervene”

    Peter, I sincerely hope and pray that He does, for Orlando’s sake and for the sake of his remaining fans. There is nothing that God almighty, or his Son, cannot do. If God has a will and a purpose for Orlando, I pray that He helps Orlando to find it – and to find his way in his life and his career again. If God has a plan for Orlando, or wishes to guide him through a person or wishes to use one of His children as a Messenger, I pray that Orlando will listen and follow that guidance.

    No, I’m not trying to be funny or sarcastic. My great disappointment with Orlando is tempered with some degree of compassion, compassion which has been greatly strained and pushed beyond its limits at this point.

    God’s compassion and understanding, however, are limitless. Let God’s will be done, should Peter’s translation be true. “God will intervene.” May it be so.

    In Jesus’s name,

  12. 12
    @9 Says:

    I was wondering how long it would take for someone to blame this on Miranda.
    What’s wrong, haven’t you found a way to blame her for Darfur, yet?

    Two accidents = the first one wasn’t his fault, looks like it wasn’t in this one either.
    Kicked off set? = hardly
    Can’t get hired? = who says? he is producing, now, with stars like Liam Neeson and Javier Bardem
    Movie postponed = happens quite often, even with movies almost in the can. Price of Persia had its realease date pushed back over a year, and it’s almost finished. That must be Jake’s fault, then?

    Just remember….wishing bad Karma on others, only brings it upon yourself. maybe you should think about that.

  13. 13
    Burton Says:

    Still in LA. Not off snowboarding. The mountains in CA got several feet of new snow in the past few days. Yep, the Burton store was just another staged setup for the fameho’s. So. Very. Fake.

  14. 14
    @11 Says:

    What is so wrong with Orlando?
    He has lead a charmed life. He has had many setbacks, both physical and emotional, and has remained positive, warm and giving. He has remained a good and decent person, even while treading the cesspool that is Hollywood. He devotes time to charity, and is willing to give his time to help spread the positive message of his faith. He has turned his back on blockbuster movies to invest his own money in films with important messages. He is a kind a honorable person. If you see such bad things in him, they may be inside you instead. You may be projecting your evil emotions onto a stranger. Judge not, lest ye be judged. Did you skip those words from God?

  15. 15
    @13 Says:

    Who said that they would leave immediately?
    They may have been planning a New Year’s trip, after her folks go back to Oz. Or are you saying that they should have ditched the parents after they flew all the way to LA for Christmas?
    We know that Orlando snowboards, why is a trip so far fetched?

  16. 16
    @11 Says:

    Using the names of God and his Son in a post that is nothing but thinly veiled insults is hypocritical and insulting.
    How dare you.

  17. 17
    @13 Says:

    You really don’t want to be snowboarding while it is snowing. Going after it has stopped is perfect. I bet that they are going next week.

  18. 18
    @13 Says:

    Why would they buy stuff if it was fake?
    The sales girl was carrying a load out to their car.
    And why go to all that trouble? If they wanted to be papped together while shopping, all they would have to do is walk down Robertson, not go to some semi out-of-the-way, store and stay for almost an hour.

  19. 19
    @17 Says:

    Yeah, fresh powder is the worst. Wouldn’t want to be there when conditions are prime.

  20. 20
    X Says:

    goshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! what happened to him? NOT SEXY AT ALL……..I used to think he was hot in pirates of the Caribbean but those pictures are like ewwwwwwwww! hope he looks better than that and this was just a bad day ! lol.

  21. 21
    @19 Says:

    Going down a fast hill when you can’t see ten feet in front of you IS the worst. I’d much rather have it a bit packed.

  22. 22
    loser Says:

    Yet another example of all the warnings hitting the presses: “get it all wrong and you’re the new Orlando Bloom”.

  23. 23
    @18 Says:

    Sure, the paps were hanging out at the Burton store on the off-chance that Orlando Bloom would just happen to stop by. Riiiiiight. I have a bridge to sell you too, sounds like you’re gullible enough to be interested in it.

  24. 24
    @21 Says:

    Then you obviously suck if you’re waiting for the cats and the crowds to destroy the best snowboarding conditions available.

  25. 25
    gerard Vandenberg Says:

    He can only “PAY” for a Ducatti over there because america is as good as bankrupt so cars and motorcycles are offered for DUMP-PRICES, folks!!

  26. 26
    @23 Says:

    Yeah, there is no way that one of the sales people tipped them off. No way!!!!
    Orlando habitually throws away hundreds of dollars shopping for things for a set up. Riiiight.

  27. 27
    Where Is Miranda? Says:

    who cares when they are going snow boarding!

    Miranda was with him?- where? – or did she get hurt and no one is saying anything – I hope she is all right.

    I don’t see her in one single pic – only a mention of her name.

    What’s the deal?

  28. 28
    @22 Says:

    Soooo, having an eviable career, working with and gaining the respect of some of the best actors and directors on the planet, and ending up with enough money to retire at 30 and travel the world, working only on films that speak to your heart is NOT the way most young actors want to end up. Really???

  29. 29
    @28 Says:

    Not much to envy if your career is over at 31 because no one will hire you. Hope he invested wisely, that’s gonna have to last a looong time.

  30. 30
    @26 Says:

    Oh, right, forgot about that sad fangirl logic. The sales people at the Burton store called the paps- because Orlando is the only celebrity in LA who snowboards and shops for equipment. Just like the sales people at the glass shop in Venice called a pap in England and stopped time for the 2 hour flight to catch him when he popped into that store. Poor guy, he can only live without intrusion when he really wants to.

  31. 31
    Casey Says:

    I like him.

  32. 32
    @30 Says:

    Oh, the “hater” logic rears its ugly head.
    All the times that he is papped without Miranda are coincidences. But if he’s papped with her it is a set up, because no “one wants to take his picture”.
    Then why was he photographed without her at the church? And the other day in New York? And every time he is with ‘Chris’, or Aileen?
    Oh, and do you really think that the ‘English’ pap wasn’t there, already? They had to send for him special? No pap in Venice wanted to take pics of the Hollywood actor and his Hot Model girlfriend? There AREN’T any paps in Italy? When the word ‘papaarzzi’ IS italian? Why is that, I wonder? Paps follow leads all the time. Sales clerks, concierges, parking lot attendants, etc. It is how they do business. Did you not know this?

  33. 33
    @31 Says:

    You have very good taste. :)

  34. 34
    @32 Says:

    There are no coincidences. A famewhore is a famewhore is a famewhore. Anyone who doesn’t want to be papped isn’t. Quite easy to avoid, plenty of award winning A-list actors manage to.

  35. 35
    ummmmm Says:

    There were a couple of pictures of Randa at Burton’s with a wrist brace on. Then today she and Orlando get in a fender-bender.

    Opps, somebody released the pictures in the wrong order. Heads will roll.

  36. 36
    @35 Says:

    That was protective gear for snowboarding.
    She was only wearing it in the store, and only for a little while. She wasn’t wearing it at lunch.
    Try again.

  37. 37
    @34 Says:

    Leo gets papped, so does Jake. Keira gets caught all the time. For that matter, so does Johnny. Famewhores all, I guess.

  38. 38
    @37 Says:

    Yep. But none nearly as bad as Orlando. The clockwork regularity of his staged appearances even makes Heidi and Spencer look subtle.

  39. 39
    @38 Says:

    We don’t get pics for weeks, and you are saying that he gets it worse than Jake or Leo? And comparing them to Speidi? You just negated your arguement. No one can take you seriously after that statement.

  40. 40
    NativeNYker Says:

    Bloom mounted on a bike is enuf to cause me hot flashes! I can hardly breathe enuf to finished typing….

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  41. 41
    Ewww Says:

    What happened to him? His looks have gone downhill fast. In a few months he’s going to look like the guy next to him.

  42. 42
    @39 Says:

    You just negated your own statement. If he can disappear for weeks then he’s not being hunted by the paps and is only “caught” when he wants to be, just like clockwork.

  43. 43
    @42 Says:

    Leo goes weeks without being papped. So does Jake, and Johnny, and Toby.
    Explain the difference, please. Besides the fact that you don’t like his girlfriend.

  44. 44
    bella Says:

    Oh my . . .what is happened to his hair???

  45. 45
    @41 Says:

    He is wearing a padded motorcycle jacket. Go back to the pics where he and Miranda are shopping. He is looking mighty fine. Even in ugly pants.

    Speaking of the shopping trip, have we heard where they are going yet? Any rumors? Utah? Colorado? Antarctica to snowboard down another glacier?

  46. 46
    Where Is Miranda? Says:

    show me the pics in this set where she was with him?

  47. 47
    Where Is Miranda? Says:

    is it just me – or is this the first set of pics that have come out that say – Miranda was with Orlando – and yet she has become invisible – cause i just dont see her with him in this set.

    Although he does seem much happier in these pics – maybe he wants to hang onto his bachelor status just a little while longer.

    Wonder why he was at the church on a Saturday?

    Just wondering – could have been there for his friend who was seen walking with him in the pics – who knows?

  48. 48
    @47 Says:

    There are only two pics from the site of the fender bender. She may have just stayed in the car.
    It looks like he was hit from behind. Which means that it wasn’t his fault.

  49. 49
    kookee Says:

    Wake up Jared, there’s a new batch of pics taken on December 27th where Miranda is in. They were hitting up a motorbike in Venice to look for the latest Kawasaki releases.

  50. 50
    @45 Says:

    The padded motorcycle jacket isn’t causing the puffy face, jowls, and saggy eyes. Ew is right.

  51. 51
    @kookee Says:

    What is your source for the photos you posted?

  52. 52
    @43 Says:

    No difference. Orlando is just the more desperate famewhore because he’s more obvious is the regular timing and clear staging in his pap show appearances.

  53. 53
    @kookee Says:

    Is this the one you are referring to – It was on Dec 26 –

    Well at least she is not dressing like him anymore – that was really begining to make me sick.

    @47 -
    “There are only two pics from the site of the fender bender. She may have just stayed in the car.”

    - Stayed in the car – i’m sorry but i can’t help but laugh just a bit – especially with all the paps around.

    - also shows how much she is concerned about the people that hit them – even though it was their fault – i’m sure they don’t feel very happy about it.

  54. 54
    no difference Says:

    @32, I agree with you, and of course the Italian paps took pics of them, there are various sets of pics of the glass shop and everybody’s seen that, from the Brit pap and from others. It wouldn’t be very intelligent of the Brit pap to share “his special info provided by Miranda” with other paps as not unique pics=less money, but who cares?

    No difference between him and all the other celebrities except that he’s more obvious and there is a timing between sets…I see. I think that the timing does change, but maybe that’s me. Are they really more obvious or is it that you are more determined to see them as more obvious and you spend more time observing their pics than other celebrities’ pics to find any detail that could be seen as “obvious” if one wants to?

  55. 55
    @50 Says:

    He didn’t have puffy eyes and saggy jowls in the snowboard shop.
    He looked darned fine, four days ago. Considering he looks great again in the pics that were posted today on OLove, which were taken the same day, I think that it is just the lighting. He is squinting and looking disgusted about the paps.
    Lovin’ the mssy curls.
    Looks like he and Miranda’s dad are doing some quality, father/son-in-law bonding over motorbikes.

  56. 56
    tessla Says:

    I remember the last accident he had where he tried to run off and leave his friends behind since he had been drinking and he didn’t even care if anyone was hurt or not, he wa just looking out for himself, the paps were the once that convinced him to go back. What a coward!

  57. 57
    @56 Says:

    Funny how the woman he so cowardly left behind didn’t see things the way you do, as she was seen chatting happily with him days later.
    Funny how Orlando was able to bribe the police to make them say he wasn’t drunk and Paris Hilton, Mel Gibson and others weren’t.

  58. 58
    @55 Says:

    And how convenient that the paps were on hand to document that “bonding”. Or are the bike shop clerks to blame for that too? I can see why they’d want to intrude on a potential customer looking at $10k+ bikes in an economic downturn. Yep, that must be it because it couldn’t possibly be that the famewhores staged another setup.

  59. 59
    @55 Says:

    so how was the wedding – I’m sure you were front row center

    whatever orlando is doing – he is the most confusing individual i have ever seen.

    One minute – “He is not engaged.”

    Next minute – “Coming from the church on Saturday” – what was there a private ceremony yesterday?

    two – faced – hypocrite –

    she obviously must of spiked something he ate or drank and now has him under the dillusion that he and her are man and wife.

    just kidding – if the father is there – and they just came from church on Saturday – sure looks like a private ceremony to me

    Best Wishes Orlando & Miranda –

    Wait for it People – There will be an announcement on coming any moment now….

  60. 60
    @59 Says:

    Wait, he’s a “two faced hypocrit” because he was coming out of a church? What?
    Her folks were visiting over Christmas.
    And IF there was going to be a private ceremony, I doubt that it would be in LA. I would imagine that it would be held in either Oz, or England. And I am sure that it will be a private ceremony, no matter when, where or who he marries.

    Yeah, it had to be a set up. Everyone knows that there are only two paps in LA, and they work strictly be appointment only.

  61. 61
    @60 Says:

    I call him two-faced hypocrit – because he says absolutely nothing about the relationship – until finally when he does speak up – and what does he say – “He’s not engaged.” – Not “We’re not engaged” – To Him – at least by that statement – He doesn’t even acknowledge the two of them as a “couple”.

    She is there with him all this time – hoping he will turn to her on bended knee and pop the question – would she be fawning all over him if she didn’t feel that way.

    He spends all this time with her and her family – and all he can say when he finally even acknowledges the situation – “He’s not engaged.”

    Yes – I call him a Hypocrite

    If I knew who you were personally – I would bet you $100 – if it were possible to find out the truth concerning this – that He could not give a rats a.s.s. about her feelings. – even if we were able to ask him personally – i doubt if the truth would come out even then

    He walks in front of her when they are together and – if you take a close look at the you tube video posted by #53 – go to the end of the video when she is getting into the car – look how long it takes for him to unlock the door for her.

    If he is such a gentlemen – and cared so much about her feelings – he would have either had it opened for her a lot faster or – he would have walked around and opened it for her – there are guys out there like that – i’ve known a few in my time.

  62. 62
    bummer Says:

    Squeeeeeeeeeeee! the two most beautiful people on the planet are married and are at this moment making angel faced babies who sh!t pink! squeeeeee! Miranda is sooooo perfect! she has perfect face and body and I am sooooo jelous of her perfection.

    Just look at how cute they are together! cute cute cute cute! my favourite word, no – SUPER CUTE! yes!! supercute supercute and soooo perfect for ane another.

    They were both sent from heaven on fluffy white clouds so us fat ugly ******* can bow to the perfection that is – - — – - – -KERBLOOM!
    I luv them together! nothing in my life is more important then seeing those two together, look at the love shinning in their eyes! it is sooooooooo obvious they are so much in love and made for one another!

    And the best thing of all, which I know everyone will agree with as it’s one of life’s most important things you can think -

    IF HE IS HAPPY THEN SO AM I!! yes! i’m poor, i’m in pain, but if Kerbloom are happy then that makes me the most happy person ever!

  63. 63
    @61 Says:

    If he did say anything about the relationship, you would call him a hypocrit because he has always said that he is a private person. And it was his ‘people’ that used the phrase “he is not engaged”. He never made any statement at all, which is how he has always handles this type of thing.
    As for her “fawning all over him”… she is his girlfriend. She is allowed to “fawn”.
    He “spends all this time with her family”, tells me that this is a fairly serious relationship. Why does he have to acknowledge that relationship to the press? So you could have something else to criticize him for?
    He forgot to unlock the door. Big deal. I did that to my husband the other day. Doesn’t mean that I don’t care about him. Oh, and I would have loved to hear the complaints if he did get out of the car to open the door. Can’t you hear it? “why did he have to get out?” “can’t she open her own door?” “she made him get out to prove to the paps that he was there” “what a set up, she could have opened the door herself” , “if he cared about their relationship, he wouldn’t flaunt it like he does”. eic. etc. etc.


  64. 64
    fame sucks Says:

    That would be so awkward to have people following you, gawking at you and taking pictures and video of your every move. Whenever video of him or them shows up it is just a reminder to me how icky they must feel all the time in public just doing normal things.

    #61 how do you know she is always waiting for him to turn to her on bended knee and pop the question? What if they just like each other and thats as far as it goes? And if you are going to point out that he walks in front of her, he did that to Kate for 4 years. All that means is that he doesnt know how to be a gentleman, or be seen with someone in public. He acts like a bit of a wanker in that regards.

  65. 65
    @64 Says:

    wonder if Orlando feels that way about fame? And if he does – wonder what he is going to do about it.

    well whatever he does – i do wish him all the best – and has a long and happy life ahead of him.

    I know it must be tough for him finding someone to share his life with that he can trust – and be in love with at the same time

    Been looking for that combination myself – since I hoped to fall in love someday – have yet to find it – and I’m not famous – must be extra difficult for him.

    I don’t have a lot of money – don’t want it either.

  66. 66
    @64 Says:

    They must not feel too icky about being followed with cameras. If they don’t like it they can just stop inviting the paps to go along with them.

  67. 67
    @66 Says:

    Or she could stop inviting them.

    Doesn’t seem to me that Orlando is too thrilled about them being there.

    However I don’t see him taking any permanent action to stop it from happening either.

    Orlando knows he does have a choice to not let it happen – he has gone for weeks at a time without being seen – all that come up is sightings with no photos – not exactly a reliable source.

    All he would have to do is tell her how he feels.

    Unless he has and she has not stopped calling them.

    In that case (just speculating here – have no idea what is really going on) – Orlando needs to stand up to her and say that he does not want to see her anymore – even as friends.

    If they can go for 2 months or more without being seen together.

    Which it is possible for any celebrity couple to do –

    Then I will believe that they have been together – without the paps knowing about it.

  68. 68
    @67 Says:

    But others have said that no pics “prove” that they aren’t together.
    Pics = famewhores
    No pics = They aren’t together
    They lose either way, according to some.

  69. 69
    @68 Says:

    But why do they need to prove that they’re together? If they are and they’re happy and in love, why does it matter if people know it or not? If they value their privacy as they claim to, they wouldn’t want or need to be seen together every 4-5 weeks like clockwork.

  70. 70
    @68 Says:

    You missed my point.
    The only people that need to “prove that they are together” are the ones who claim that they aren’t if there are no pics.
    Orlando and Miranda don’t have to “prove” anything to anyone. I was simply pointing out the hypocrisy of some “fans”.

  71. 71
    January 13th Says:

    I wonder if they are going snowboarding to celebrate Orlando’s 32nd birthday?

  72. 72
    @70 Says:

    If they don’t need to prove anything – then why are the continual sightings called in on these two – during the weeks they are not seen together. – No other celebrity couple has as many sightings without photos called in – and then all of a sudden – like clockwork – someone said – their they are

    Also – #64 – if they are only friends – and she sees more – Orlando better set her straight – otherwise the longer he drags this out – the worse it will make him look in the end – unless he is hoping that she gets tired of him treating her like crap (if that is what he is doing)

    All I can tell is how frustrated he looks when they are together – as for the smile he might have when they are – all I can say – is maybe he is a better actor than some people think he is.

  73. 73
    question! Says:

    Ok, the latest two sets of pics are separated by a few days, not weeks, and I think it makes sense given that they are in LA, that is infested with paps, hence the bigger chances to be found and photographed. I am unable to see the so called obvious time pattern between the sets of pics, but to the people who say that the pics do follow this pattern, what is the relevance of this supposed 4-5 week time? What does it reveal? And why should they need to be snapped together every 5 weeks instead of every 2 months, for example? I mean, they only would need to be snapped once to “show they are together”. Why several times?

  74. 74
    @73 Says:

    to “show they are together”

    because a certain girl whose name begins with “M” – when this whole thing started would not shut up about how much they are in love – That’s Why!

    She is the only part of a supposed celebrity couple I have ever seen that has to talk and talk about how “in love” they are -

    When you do claim over and over again – how together – you are with someone – whether your a celebrity or not – your friends or fans which ever the case may be – expect you to provide proof.

    Like someone – a few sets of pictures ago – used as an example – if an ice cream shoppe makes certain claims over and over again about their product – then people expect them to deliver.

    If the B.i.t.c.h. would have not said anything – and just let it happen – then my guess is – they would not be together right now.

    But we will never know now – unless one of two things happens

    Either they get married or break up.

    tick tock – tick tock

  75. 75
    @74 Says:

    ok, that doesn’t explain why people see something revealing about the supposed regular time pattern between pictures.

    Right, she wants to prove that she tells the truth when she says they are together, but being snapped together about twice AND Orlando’s rep’s lack of a denial that he’s with her should be enough. Why would they need to be snapped every certain time?

  76. 76
    @75 Says:

    “Orlando’s rep’s lack of a denial that he’s with her”

    How do you know that Orlando was not about to have his rep make a statement and she said that her rep would take care of it for them.

    Her rep also said at the very first – that they were just friends

    Maybe when the rumors came up again about them being romantically together – He was about to have his rep make a statement and she stopped him – Saying that she would have her’s do it.

  77. 77
    @75 Says:

    None of really know either way do we.

    But the way she has acted since then – makes people wonder

    If they were such a stable relationship – she would not feel the need to talk and talk about it.

    It’s called being in denial – you try to convince youself and those around you otherwise

  78. 78
    @74 Says:

    “If the ‘girl’. would have not said anything – and just let it happen – then my guess is – they would not be together right now.”

    How do you figure that?

    “Either they get married or break up.”

    How ’bout a third choice? They stay together for years without getting ‘married’? Like Johnny and Vanessa. They aren’t married, but no one would deny that they are together. Oh, wait. Hold on. They are caught by paps, too. They must be FAKE!!!! A “showmance” for sure!!!! And the kids are just props!!!! Isn’t that the logic being used here?

  79. 79
    @77 Says:

    Or, you could look at it another way. She’s comfortable talking about it because they ARE in a stable relationship.

  80. 80
    What??? Says:

    @76, I hope you notice that doesn’t make any sense and that saying something like that doesn’t help your stand at all.

    @77, saying that you are dating someone means that your relationship is not stable? Since when?

  81. 81
    @76 Says:

    “Her rep also said at the very first – that they were just friends”

    Well, things change, don’t they?

  82. 82
    @78 Says:

    “Either they get married or break up.”

    “How ’bout a third choice? They stay together for years without getting ‘married’? Like Johnny and Vanessa.”

    What if Orlando only sees it as a friendship though – Sooner or later something has got to give somewhere

    They may stay together – but you don’t learn how to be in love with someone – either you are or your not – either there is that connection there – and it could develop into something more than friendship over time – that is true

    as far as my other statement

    “If the ‘girl’. would have not said anything – and just let it happen – then my guess is – they would not be together right now.”

    Just as reference – not refering to Miranda as a stalker here

    But remember Amy Fisher – and Joey Buttafuco

    I could not believe my eyes – can’t remember what show it was on – some talk show or something

    She had been out of prison – and was about to get married and already had I believe 3 kids

    He was getting ready to re-marry – he obviously – in my opinion – was not as in love with his wife as he claimed – after Amy hurt her.

    My point here is – If Amy – would have just been patient a bit – finished school – let Joey and his wife go thru whatever – whose to say that Amy and Joey wouldn’t have ended up together anyway – when Amy got older.

    On this talk show – they are sitting there talking to each other like old friends – just baffled me

    If Miranda would have just let things evolve into whatever her and Orlando’s relationship would be – they would have either gotten stronger or broken up –

    I apologize for being biased toward them breaking up – I just have not liked the way she has treated him – by shoving their relationship into everybody’s face – that is totally rude for any girlfriend to do to a guy in my book.

  83. 83
    @82 Says:

    “What if Orlando only sees it as a friendship though – Sooner or later something has got to give somewhere”

    What if he sees it as more than friendship?

    “If Miranda would have just let things evolve into whatever her and Orlando’s relationship would be – they would have either gotten stronger or broken up -”

    Things evolve no matter what, and they must be getting stronger, because they sure haven’t broken up.

  84. 84
    LOSERS..... Says:

    I see the loonies are out again with their elaborate conspiracy theories to deny that OB & MK have been in a relationship for over a year……lol….

    You weirdos are so pathetic to think that by looking at photos you know exactly what they are thinking and feeling…….if you had half a brain you would be dangerous……No matter how much you wish otherwise or how many negative things you write……..ORLANDO BLOOM AND MIRANDA KERR will still be BOYFRIEND AND GIRLFRIEND……….GET OVER IT!!!!

  85. 85
    Still ignoring me? Says:

    “No matter how much you wish otherwise or how many negative things you write……..ORLANDO BLOOM AND MIRANDA KERR will still be BOYFRIEND AND GIRLFRIEND……….GET OVER IT!!!!”

    No matter how many times he gets photographed with her father, it still doesn’t change the fact that he told JJ that HE was not engaged. He is no more serious about her with her daddy around than he was when he dissed her on Jared. He’s just forced to make nice while her father is keeping an eye on him. I wish everyone would just relax and enjoy the show. **** is funny!

  86. 86
    @loser#84 Says:

    I hope they are together. These 2 vapid, pathetic famewhores deserve each other and them being together keeps the rest of the world safe from their STDs. It will be fun to watch how much more desperate their publicity stunts become as they both become more and more irrelevant. I couldnt imagine 2 people more perfect for each other than them, and can’t imagine any intelligent, successful, mature, decent person wanting anything to do with either of them. Long live the Twit&Twat show!!!

  87. 87
    Wow Says:

    @85, now you have to be engaged to be serious about someone? You should tell Johnny&Vanessa and Brad&Angelina before they go on having kids. If he dissed her for saying he’s not engaged, she dissed him too as she did the same.

    I love how people keep on calling this a show, still there is a revealing total silence when the logic behind the showmance theory is questioned.

  88. 88
    omg Says:

    You guys always say that she talks about the relationship soo much. I have yet to see that. Can i have some examples please? Lmao pathetic. Also, how did he diss her on jared. All he did was say he was not engaged to her and put an end to that rumor.

  89. 89
    still ignoring me? Says:

    I can’t speak for anyone else, I can only speak for me. You want my theory? I’ll give you mine. First off, showmances are not an uncommon thing in Hollywood to boost careers (Tom and Kate, anyone?), so a showmance between a struggling unknown panty model in the twilight of her career and crap actor who suddenly wants to produce and direct because he’s unhireable in Hollywood is not completely out the realm of possibility. A showmance between these two would be very beneficial for their careers, if only the public cared.

    She pretends to be private now because the 5 or so people that are paying her any attention wrote her off for mentioning him all the time. Still does not change the fact that she told the DT that he was coming to OZ last Christmas. Still does not change the fact that she waived her Blackberry around with his photo in her British Vogue interview. Still does not change the fact that she HIRED Wireimage to photograph him meeting her father in Oz. Still does not change the fact that there is plenty if evidence of her running her mouth about him in interviews all over the web. She has been riding OB’s coattails since she was with her last boyfriend, so changing up her story and her papping strategy to appear private now will not undo the damage that has already been done. She has shown herself to be an aggressive famewhore. She doesn’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

    As far as them being a couple, I will say that theirs seems to be one of the most one-sided relationships that I’ve ever seen. She seems to be more emotionally involved than he is. He seems to have no regard for this girl at all. He’s not courteous to her and comes across very emotionally detached in their photos, until it is bought to their attention here. He has yet to come out and acknowledge that she is indeed his girlfriend. Even her own grandmother told the press that she told Miranda to keep her eyes open for other options after she met him in Oz. He must have set off Granny’s showmance radar as well.

    Shippers think just because he follows her around to petty jobs and stands still long enough to be photographed with her (or not), that he is providing emotional support or spending quality time. Funny that her favorite pet rag, the DT, recently put her on blast in a blind item (after she threw them under a bus with that engagement lie and subsequent denial), saying that he won’t come to her shows unless he’s paid an appearance fee. This explains why he’s always “working” or “letting her have her moment in the spotlight” whenever she does a show. This also supports my showmance theory.

    I’m pretty sure he has been told by his team not to even acknowledge her or give her any free press because once this showmance is over, she will will fade into obscurity again and will only be remembered as some random model he used to bang at the moment . They didn’t even bother to mention her in his initial engagement denial here on JJ. Yet another thing that supports my showmance theory.

    I think I’ve given some solid reasons for this being a showmance, but I don’t expect to change any minds here. Some of you have already made up in your minds that I’m an incoherent loon. Since his feelings for her are so real, I’d like to see any one of you shippers provide some type of evidence where he acknowledges their relationship. Just one. You won’t. I can’t wait to read her tell-all exclusive when they “break up”. Hooray for Hollywood!

  90. 90
    @86 Says:

    Ahhh, a Delphite has arisen.

  91. 91
    @omg Says:

    Read all her interviews on the DT website. Then come back here and apologize.

  92. 92
    sigh Says:

    Just because he is not signed onto a big production does not mean Orlando is unhireable in Hollywood loon, as a matter of fact according to a recent poll he is # 6 in a list of top hollywood stars, his films have made bank especially overseas and the hollywood hotshots don’t forget that fact. He said he wanted a 2 year break so he’s taking it. Big deal! NOW What I do not understand is why you loons seem to hate him yet are still utterly obsessed with him. If you were over him then you would not post about him endlessly now would you? Orlando seems to bring such Possessiveness that it’s scary, first the endless hate was directed to Kate and now Miranda. I don’t care about Miranda that much, but none of your complants about her seem justified. I wonder if years from now you will be embarrassed by your hatefilled rants or if you will be even crazier as you get older.

  93. 93
    @92..... Says:

    I agree, these loonies are so embarrassing and cringe worthy……I think they must seriously believe that if they deny the relationship is real that somewhere in their tiny delusional minds the loonies really believe that Orlando will some day be theirs….lol…’s all rather sad and pathetic!!

  94. 94
    I've seen the light Says:

    @92 & 93

    Oh thank you, your words of wisdom have made me seen the light and I’ve scheduled a lobotomy so that I can now properly blindly worship a has-been and his sl*t. Once I’ve disconnected my brain properly, and I’m no longer able to think and analyze reason, I’ll be able to devote my time to a much better devotion of two shallow, vapid famewhores. My life will have meaning in spending endless hours looking for every photo of them that has ever been taken if them to erect a proper shrine of worship, and share them on every website and message board in existence. My only regret is that I wasted so much time and money on an education when I could have just turned my brain off and lived on the words of wisdom of these two brilliant individuals. Yes, that’s soooo much better than critical thinking skills.

  95. 95
    Sighs4l Says:

    @90, 92, 93 – hmmm. Still no statements in rebuttal, just ad hominen attacks?

  96. 96
    finally Says:

    Of course there are showmances in Hollywood. Penélope Cruz with Tom Cruise, obviously a Spanish lady trying to be seen as something more than a Spanish lady in Hollywood and a Scientology freak trying to look like a normal person with a normal relationship, and it worked out really well for her.
    Here I don’t see any benefit for eiher of them. You guys say that he’s a C-list crap actor and she’s an inept model, so I don’t know what you people think they could be possibly getting from each other. More than a year has passed, he doesn’t have any new projects except for the ones he already was working in before being with her, and she is a VS model just like she was before being with him. So when will the benefits comWill they go on like this for what, 3 more years and see if something works?

    I don’t know why do you expect him to aknowledge her. If you are a person that has followed him, you should know that commenting on his relationships is not his style, so it puzzles me that you see something abnormal in that. I also fail to understand why you think you can know anything at all about them as a couple from some pictures taken in a situation in which they are being photographed like zoo animals. Even if they did feel confortable being photographed, a couple of pictures never reveal that much of a person, you should know that as a person who I guess has been photographed sometimes in her life.
    Why do you give importance to a blind item, any idiot can write some ***** on some magazine, and if you ask me, a person who thinks she/he has the right to say such things of the life of others and besides doesn’t dare to say the names of the people they are talking about is not only a wannabe journalist desperate for attention but also something much worse, a coward.

  97. 97
    @86 Says:

    I hope that you don’t think that spitting such vulgar insults at two people you’ve never met is an example of classy, “decent” and “mature” behaviour.

  98. 98
    @94 Says:

    Nobody says that you have to worship them, not even that you have to like them. If you don’t like them, you don’t like them, cool.
    Just why do you torture yourself not missing one single pic or new about them if you hate them so much and they clearly make you angry for some reason. Wouldn’t you be happier by focusing on other celebrities that you actually like? Just sayin’.

  99. 99
    @98 Says:

    There’s no anger or torture here- nothing but amusement in laughing at the continued famewhoring antics of the hasbeen and the ho.

  100. 100
    still ignoring me? Says:

    Like I said, I don’t expect to change any minds here. I don’t claim to personally know any of them and just because you superfans blindly worship them doesn’t mean you know them well either. Some of you act like accepting any wrong doing will diminish them in your eyes.

    It’s pretty obvious to me through her words and actions that she was expecting the world to be handed over to her on a silver platter just because she was banging him. Even her brother put on his Myspace page that his sister was going to be a huge star! What’s so promising about her now that she couldn’t have made it big when she was a younger model in her prime? Could it be the Hollywood boyfriend?

    Show me an interview or magazine cover where they don’t mention OB. These editors are smart enough to know that his name is what makes people care about this girl. Clearly the only reason why you shippers care about her. Before you shippers start saying “they asked her!”, please know that there are certain questions that a journalist can be banned from asking. That’s why you never hear Angelina talk about “the triangle”. That’s why Nicole never explained the real reason Tom divorced her. That’s why Reese doesn’t mention her divorce. These are topics the public are dying to hear about but never get addressed. If MK didn’t want his scepter hanging over her interviews, then she could ban questions about him before the interviews start. Btw #88, there is a video on You Tube where a VS handler had to cut her off from talking about OB and to focus on marketing their bra. You can do the work yourself. Like I said before, the proof is already out there.

    Sorry to inform you fans that Johnny Depp was the star of POTC. He wasn’t the star of LOTR either. This bit of news must be devastating. I’ll give you time to grieve. The movies that he did star in received overwhelmingly bad reviews. That was enough for studios heads not to gamble on the hype marketing him as a leading man, in spite of the money his movies made. Even they know that money does not equal quality. Crazed fans have yet to figure this out. Third of all, he gets no respect in Hollywood because he cannot act and has not made any attempts to improve his acting Don’t count on a Robert Downey Jr. style comeback to happen. Globetrotting behind a mediocre panty model is his new job. He will always be remembered as that lucky SOB who made a ton of money really fast by just being a pretty extra before he got blackballed. Many journalists have used him in their articles as a cautionary tale to up and coming young actors on how NOT to manage their careers. Clearly his career has stalled enough if others have taken notice. You gonna call journalists who write for national newspapers and magazines jellus fat h8ters who have nothing better to do? Even his own friend, Leonardo DiCaprio told him to get his act together and stop coasting by on his looks before his teen heartthrob shelf life ran out. Is Leo a loon, too? Maybe Leo is jus jellus because each of OB’s movies made way more money than Titanic and OB has a ton of Oscar noms to show for all his hard work. Yep, that’s what it is.

    @92 I remember him saying only one year. Show me where he said he was taking off for 2 years. I wasn’t around for “Kategate”, don’t lump me in with those haters. I go to plenty of threads here and bash famewhores all the time. Check me out. If you can’t respond without calling names, then you need to STFU. None of you will ever meet me to kick my ass and you’d be a fool to try. Getting angry with me only makes you look crazy. Aren’t you winning this argument anyways?

    @96 Like I said in my previous post, the showmance would be beneficial if only the general public cared. So much for her attempt at certain global fame and his attempt to be seen as a serious, grounded actor. I agree that blind items are a cowardly way of talking about celebs, but if you read this particular blind item, then you will know that the item was obviously about her. Can any of you shippers name any other Aussie supermodels with Hollywood boyfriends who are brand ambassadors? Did she think she was going to get off that easy for throwing the DT under a bus? I’m sure her handlers will go into overdrive to do damage control by trying to get him to appear at her next show. Hmm, I wonder what his fee is? Well she’s worth $3.5M. I’m sure she can afford it.

    I personally could care less about them being a real couple or having feelings for each other. He’s a sorry boyfriend with no regard for her. No jealousy on my part. I just get a kick out of famewhores who bombard the media with their attention seeking and get it all wrong. Clearly they are not working together, which is why she had to cover up that engagement exclusive gaffe she made with the DT and he is always photographed looking like he needs a hug. I hear Robert Pattinson is available. Good luck with trying to tame that one with her country girl charm

  101. 101
    Miranda kerr Says:

    deer jarid

    y iz that fat jellos hatr witnee portt takin up space on my webbzite? i aksudentaly cliked tha pikshure an i had to heer her stoopid voyce! o tha ingiggnatie!

  102. 102
    Miranda kerr Says:

    i ment indiggnatee of korse, sorrie for tha mizpeling

  103. 103
    Finally again Says:

    first, I don’t want to change minds either, I just try to have a civilized debate and to make people think about things that in my opinion have been assumed as facts far too easily. Second, call me a shipper but that won’t change the fact that as far as I’m concerned, Orlando can date Miranda, the Queen of England or anybody else, that your theories sound incoherent to me, and I have explained why, doesn’t mean I desperately need to see them married and with babies.
    Third, it surprises me that you say it’s us the ones who claim to know him when you think you know him enough to say he’s a crap boyfriend.
    You admit their relationship doesn’t benefit them and you admit the blind item is not only coward but also an act of revenge, which makes its honesty even more doubtful, so what are we discussing exactly?
    Angelina won’t comment on her love triangle because that would be suicidal (Jen is the good one, so she did comment), Nicole did make a poisonous comment on Tom’s height and Reese did say that she wasn’t considering marriage because her divorce was too recent.
    If MK is worth 3.5M, she doesn’t need to use OB, a model can’t earn much more than that unless she’s Giselle, and Orlando won’t get her to be Giselle, you know it, I know it and she knows it.

  104. 104
    @99 Says:

    out of curiosity, if you call the people you are not angry at “*****, whores, vapid, pathetic and infested with STD”, what do you call the people you are really mad at? LOL!

  105. 105
    @ Finally again Says:

    “you think you know him enough to say he’s a crap boyfriend.”

    I can only speak for myself when saying this – but actions speak louder than words.

    Some actions remind us of those who have hurt us in the past.

    So if I was to say that “he’s a crap boyfriend.” – only comes from my own personal experience.

    No I do not know Orlando personally – but as the group Depeche Mode once put it – “People are People”

    It’s called insight – or inside information based on past experiences – we can see something for what it really is. Even if we don’t know the individual personally.

  106. 106
    How Clever! Says:

    How clever of Kerrbloom, they know all the celebrities that matter are on vacation so they headed to LA to soak up all the pap attention while relevant stars are taking a break. They might manage to get one of their pap shots in some of the tabloids considering everyone else that matters decided to spend their holidays quietly.

  107. 107
    @100 Says:

    OK, here goes….
    “Like I said, I don’t expect to change any minds here”
    Then why are you trying so hard?

    “just because you superfans blindly worship them”
    Blindly? So, if we don’t see things EXACTLY the way you do, we are blind?

    “Some of you act like accepting any wrong doing will diminish them in your eyes.”
    No, it makes them human. But what “wrongdoing” are you talking about? I haven’t seen any.

    “It’s pretty obvious to me through her words and actions..”
    Based upon your interpretation, you mean.

    “Even her brother… a huge star!”
    I would hope that her brother would be 100% behind her.

    “What’s so promising about her now that she couldn’t have made it big..”
    She was working for VS BEFORE she met Orlando

    “Show me an interview or magazine cover where they don’t mention OB. These editors are smart enough to know that his name is what makes people care about this girl.”
    So you admit that SHE isn’t attaching his name to hers, the EDITORS are. The editors ARE smart. They will do anything in their power to grab every reader that they can. Attaching her name to her famous boyfriend, adds to her selling power. They did the same thing with Gisele, and are now doing the same thing with Bar. It’s called ‘marketing’.

    “there are certain questions that a journalist can be banned from asking”
    And anytime she she refused to answer a question, the “haters” screamed that she was acting like a Diva, and “why couldn’t she answer a question? They must have broken up”

    “the proof is already out there”
    Not “proof”, just your interpretation of it.

    “Sorry to inform you fans that Johnny Depp was the star of POTC. He wasn’t the star of LOTR either”
    Who said he was?

    “The movies that he did star in received overwhelmingly bad reviews”
    Uhmmm, WRONG. Go back and do your research. KOH, was very well reviewed. His acting was praised as well.

    “he gets no respect in Hollywood because he cannot act”
    No respect from the likes of Ridley Scott and Cameron Crowe? You’re right. What do they know about acting?

    “Many journalists have used him in their articles as a cautionary tale to up and coming young actors on how NOT to manage their careers”
    Yeah, you up and comers…don’t go working with famous directors on serious films, or make enough money to retire at 30 to do the work that pleases you. Muddle through bit parts and teen movies that will keep you in the public eye until your teen fan-base abandons you for the next hottie. . Yeah, whatever you do, don’t become the next Orlando Bloom. Become the next Corey Haime.

    “Even his own friend, Leonardo DiCaprio told him to get his act together and stop coasting by on his looks before his teen heartthrob shelf life ran out”
    Where EXACTLY did he say that? Proof, please. Orlando has always said that he knew the teen-heartthrob phase would only last until the next boy came along. Which is why he worked on serious films like KOH and Haven, and not teen oriented flicks.

    “If you can’t respond without calling names, then you need to STFU.”
    You called us “blind”. I guess that you need to shut up, too?

    “He’s a sorry boyfriend with no regard for her.”
    How so? He travels to be with her. Buys her beautiful jewelry. Takes her to expensive restaurants. Cuddles in public and is evidently taking her on a snowboarding trip. How does that make him a bad boyfriend?

    “bombard the media”
    ??? A few pics scattered over a year = “bombarding” Hmmmm

    “she had to cover up that engagement exclusive gaffe she made with the DT”
    I never did get how the “haters” believe that she is the one that told the story to the DT. They never quoted her directly, it was just the usual gossip mag wording for a rumor that was being spread around at the time. SHE knew that they weren’t engaged, why in the world would she set herself up like that? That’s just ridiculous.

    and finally….
    “I go to plenty of threads here and bash famewhores all the time.”
    What a good person you are. What would we do without you? Your service to humanity will not go unrecognized. You must have a lot of time on your hands.

  108. 108
    @104 Says:

    Since when is stating the obvious anger? Just watch any interview and the shallow, vapid, famewhore personalities are quite obvious. And STDs? That’s obvious considering the dingho’s history with Brandon Davis. Simply enjoying the entertainment provided by the Hasbeen and Ho Show is not anger, it’s hilarity.

  109. 109
    poor loons Says:

    So now that there is a video of paps INSULTING Miranda because she IGNORES them what are you losers going to say about it? I thought EVERY PAPARAZZI OUT THERE WAS HER FRIEND OR ON HER PAYROLL .How does she pay them for the set ups anyway as according to you she is BROKE

  110. 110
    octo Says:

    If you don’t like him, just don’t see, don’t read, don’t listen and don’t watch his any news, it’ll help you to calm. Good for your health and your skin can become more smooth.
    It doesn’t matter he’s got any new project or not, just away from him. If someone you hate, then why not leave him alone.

  111. 111
    still ignoring me? Says:


    I don’t care about them dating, marrying, f*cking, or whatever. For your sake and theirs, I hope it’s the real thing. The fact that she paints this story in interviews like they have this whirlwind romance when he ignores her in public, looks miserable with her in public yet looks thrilled when photographed with his friends, cavorts with other women and looks happy while doing so, gives me the perception that he is a ****** boyfriend. I claim to know nothing. We just have different standards as to what a good boyfriend is.

    What does Nicole joking about Tom’s height have to do with her not discussing the details of their divorce? What does Reese shying away from remarrying him have to do with her not talking about the details of her divorce? How is Angelina the “bad one” when Brad and Jen dropped hints in several interviews before the filming MAMS that their marriage was dead in the water? If that’s the case, then how come Angelina hasn’t been blackballed from Hollywood like Sienna Miller? You’re talking in circles here because you don’t want to admit she milked their relationship for all it was worth. The proof is already out there.

    Just because a blind item was done in revenge doesn’t make it any less true. It’s way too specific for it not to be her. Give me the name of another Aussie model who fits that description and I’ll drop this argument. I’m waiting.

    Why are you trying so hard to change minds? Dissected an entire post to defend him changes nothing. I hope you’re being paid well for all the overtime you’ve been working. You shippers are holding down the fort. I’m impressed.

  112. 112
    @107 Says:

    Thank you for taking the time to debate the haters. Especially one hater who always goes on and on and on.
    I don’t understand myself how you can not like someone but know every tid bit about them. Ex: I never read anywhere that “Miranda’s grandmother told her to keep her options open”. Maybe it is written out there somewher, I like Orlando and Miranda and I try to keep up but I know I miss things. But these people who dislike them so much seem to know every tiny thing. I don’t get it, I wish I had that kind of time.

  113. 113
    @111 Says:

    Answering your comments is “dissecting”? Why, because you don’t have a come back except to pull the old tired excuse that any “shipper” (ie: anyone who doesn’t hate the air she breathes) is a paid employee?
    Must’ve hit close to the mark, hmmm?

  114. 114
    author of #103 Says:

    I don’t think you and I necessarily have different standards about what a good boyfriend is, again, I think that your opinion on him as such is based on pictures that are taken in a particular moment of a particular day, and that you ignore other facts like the ones another poster mentioned: he buys her jewelry, takes her to nice restaurants, etc. Besides, it also depends on what one wants to see, for example in some pics of the glass shop he is smiling, chatting and at least apparently being sweet to her. My whole point is, you don’t know how he behaves with her most of the time and when there aren’t cameras there (and neither do I, of course). Sometimes I am even surprised by people I personally know, that turn out to have a great relationship when it doesn’t seem so, and viceversa, so I’m certainly not going to make any claims about people I don’t know at all.
    What’s your point that Nicole or Reese haven’t commented the details of their divorce? Miranda has said that she’s happy with Orlando and other things and I won’t deny it, but details she has not given.
    You didn’t understand what I meant about the blind item, it is highly likely they were talking about Miranda, what I doubt is that they were giving true information, especially if they wanted to take revenge and purposedly hurt her.
    Since you don’t reply to other points I gave, I suppose that you don’t find my opinion unreasonable. I must say that I respect you for not caring if M and O are dating or f*****g, I see that some people do care and I find that amazing in the best of cases.

  115. 115
    @108 Says:

    Take a quick look around, there is a big debate on whether they are famewhores or not, so I think that what you are stating is not that obvious.

  116. 116
    @ 114 - from a silent observer Says:

    “he buys her jewelry, takes her to nice restaurants, etc…”

    well first off if that’s what you think make a good boyfriend – then my sympathies.

    secondly – how do you know he actually did buy her that jewelry – she has enough money to buy her own expensive jewelry and say that he did.

    as far as the restaurants – since we don’t know if they have gone out to any restaurants or anywhere else for that matter without the paps knowing about – it could go either way on that one.

    in case you were wondering – what does make a good boyfriend – well let’s see:

    - one that acknowledges to others that you are in fact their girlfriend – you know with words – Privacy my *** – she wasn’t so private in the begining now was she – what happened? – or did Orlando finally help her finish her “toilet training” – proper behavior

    - one that will always support you – there were times when he could have been with her – and he was not as she put it “off filming a movie”

    - one that accepts you for who you are – why did she all of a sudden start dressing like him – that is so sad

    - when he does walk with her compared to the way he walked when he was with kate – it is Miranda who has to put her arms around him – Orlando used to almost always have his arms around Kate –

    He may treat her nice and all that – but I have yet to see it look like a “Romantic Relationship” – it looks more like he sees her as a little sister – even though there was the kissing at the glass shoppe – he must have remembered that she wasn’t his sister and said why not.

    I am not saying anything bad about his relationship between him and his sister – I’m sure he would buy her expensive jewelry and take her to nice restaurants too – what’s wrong with that.

    I’m sure he sincerely cares for Miranda – in the same way he sincerely cares for his sister – and he wouldn’t want to see either one of them get hurt.

    But as far as him and Miranda being boyfriend/girlfriend – still waiting for that to look genuine.

    Not going to be holding my breath waiting for that to happen.

  117. 117
    @eri Says:

    “So now that there is a video of paps INSULTING Miranda because she IGNORES them what are you losers going to say about it?”

    Ha! I say lets buy them a round of beers!

  118. 118
    @116 Says:

    ok, you are a clear example of one of the people that for some reason seem to think that if M and O f***k, it’s the end of the world, something that, like I said, amazes me to no end. He kisses her and grabs her butt (and she kisses and grabs his butt too) so I hope your brother doesn’t do that with you. He shares hotel rooms with her; add to this that he’s a guy and she’s a model, and well, I don’t think I have to draw you a picture, do I? Thinking that they are like an unmarried couple of Middle Age instead of a modern couple of the XXIst century makes you sound either really naive or in denial.
    No, I don’t think that buying jewelry is what defines a good boyfriend, but it’s a nice detail. Yes, she can buy it herself, but here we crash into concept of present. Most of the presents people have given me I could buy them myself, what makes them special is the fact that they are presents.
    Not again with the “he only takes her to restaurants when the paps are there”; for the last time, you don’t know that.
    That he doesn’t aknowledge her publicly doesn’t mean that he doesn’t aknowledge her to his family and friends, the people who he cares about, and it seems that he does as once they were photographed with his sister, or so I’ve read here.
    About support, why do you think that supporting her has to consist of attending her events? I am not her, but I think I’d value more that a man helped me when I’m sad or have problems than if he came to see me working.

  119. 119
    @ 118 Says:

    “About support, why do you think that supporting her has to consist of attending her events? I am not her, but I think I’d value more that a man helped me when I’m sad or have problems than if he came to see me working.”

    I agree with you on that point for sure – however – how do you know that he has actually done that – and even if he did – he is generally nice to everyone in that respect.

    Truth is none of really know one way or the other is there is a Romantic Relationship between the two of them or not.

    There is a relationship – probably a very caring and supportive one.

    Got no argument here

    Not in denial here either – He’s not my personal friend – so why should i care who he hangs out with – but there have been romantic pics of him treating others – example – Sienna Miller – with a bit of affection – of course this was way before Miranda -

    But you seem to be under the impression that just because I guy spends time with someone – by the way how do you even know they actually shared the same hotel room – because you think all guys have just one thing on their mind? – please enlighten me to your midevil way of thinking.

    He could just care about her very much – you think that just cause they hang out so much together that there is automatically a love connection – there may be over time – some relationships take longer than others to develop.

    I just had someone I was with over 10 years ago – suddenly come back into my life – and he and I may become more than just friends very soon.

    You think that automatically there would be a love connection – why – because he kissed her on the mouth – so did the guy i was with back in 1990 – took him 3 days before i was comfortable to let him do it – but he never gave up on me – and the way that Orlando kissed her in the glass shop is the exact same way – my guy kissed me.

    Seems to me that you are jumping the gun on this relationship. Have you already picked out the wedding present you wish to send to them.

    Let it happen as it will – if it does – Great – if not – are you more concerned about how much it will hurt your ego – or their hearts.

    Get over yourself!

    I’m not saying I wouldn’t want to see them together – all I’m saying is stop jumping the gun on every little thing they do together.

    I look at it with suspicion because of his coldness toward her – I’m not expecting him to jump up and down on a sofa on a talk show the way tom cruise did – which he now has said he wishes he hadn’t.

    But a mention about her here and there – would be at the very least a nice gesture to make. He did mention Kate once in a while – the only time he mentioned anything concerning Miranda is when he said, “He is not engaged” – for the most part reps do quote their client’s exact words.

    Usually when I guy is hesitant about mentioning the one everyone seems to think he is romantically involved with – is because he’s not sure if that is the way he feels – Give him his space – so he can decide what is best for him.

    Let the man make his own choice – this isn’t the price is right where the contestants a lot of the time look to the audience for advice on what they should do.

  120. 120
    @119 Says:

    ok, you and I must belong to a very different generation, a very different culture or both, because the idea of them having a puritanic relationship makes me, literally, burst in laughter, and I am quite close to both his generation and his culture, but of course think whatever makes you happy. I’m not jumping the gun about anything, I was talking only about sex, not love, or marriage, I don’t claim to know if they really love each other or if they’ll get married, though I don’t think their relationship looks limited to sex.
    The example of Sienna Miller is not that good, as I remember they were caught at some sports match french kissing, so in that case it wasn’t just “a bit of affection”, I’d say it was a -short- fling.
    Why does he have to mention her publicly? All that should matter is that he mentions her to his people. Orlando only mentioned Kate once, pressed against a corner by the almighty Oprah.

  121. 121
    fame sucks Says:

    he and sienna werent french kissing at that match. boy do things get blown out of proportion! she had just gone through more Jude ordeals and he was squatted by her chair, gave her a hug and maybe a kiss on the cheek at most and chatted for a moment or two. he was there with his sister. if they were french kissing then im britney spears.

  122. 122
    whatever Says:

    Funny how you shippers used to make comments like “I hope they get married and make pretty babies together!” to wind up the haters. Now that he has crushed your little shipper dreams with that cold denial, you shippers want to liken them to Brad and Angelina.

  123. 123
    fame sucks Says:

    you could look at it from the brighter side the sooner they get married the sooner they get divorced

  124. 124
    whatever Says:

    They can have each other. It’s just crazy the shippers have elevated this has-been to iconic status just because he got paid for being cute. Listen to all of the comparisons they make to all the real actors that can actually carry movies. I hope they don’t repeat this stupid sh*t in public. They might kill others if they are told that they are the last people on earth who thinks he is still a hot potato. And they tell me I’m crazy!

  125. 125
    @ fame sucks Says:

    “sooner they get married the sooner they get divorced”

    lets hope that children do not become involved – should it get that far.

    Back up to # 120 – Yes we definitely are from a different generation.

    However the guy that I was with a long time ago – who may become a part of my life again – was the only one I trusted to be intimate with – all the way.

    I don’t need to wait until I’m married for that – not saying that Orlando or Miranda would either.

    However – the sooner you learn that just because the guy says yes to marriage – does not guarantee that you are the only he wants to be that way with.

    Marriage does not guarantee anything. Nor does it mean permanently connected to that person – unless children become involved.

    Then whether you end up in a divorce or not – the children – unfortunately are the ones that suffer.

    Going back to when he was with Kate – even though as far as I know – she still has the dog she rescued – coincidentally right after Orlando rescued the one while he was filming Kingdom of Heaven – I feel sorry for the dog that Kate rescued – Like she rescued him out of the goodness of her heart – and not to make it look like she and Orlando were meant for each other.

    I’m not a fan so far of any of his choices in girlfriends – Not because I hope to be one of them someday – I already got my guy – and I would never say he is anywhere near perfect – but at least – so far – I know I can trust him with my feelings. We have a long history together.

    Miranda and Orlando have had one year – supposedly being in a romantic relationship.

    Yes I do feel that it is important for the guy to mention the girl he loves with all his heart – at least that he is thinking about her. – what’s wrong with that – or are men only good for one thing too – not in my book – but like you said – we are from a different generation.

    Orlando’s actions just do not match his words – what little he does say – which makes me suspicious right there.

    To me not saying anything – is the equivalent of lying – or telling half truths. Which so many men are so very skilled at.

    Sometimes it just takes some longer to grow up than others.

    time tells all – does it not

  126. 126
    fame sucks Says:

    errrr okay. i think you dont know what you think.

  127. 127
    @ fame sucks Says:

    you may be right.

    but i do know what i feel deep inside – i don’t live in my mind – too many choices – too scary

    when i’m in a relationship – whatever happens – happens

    i don’t plan to have children – i don’t plan not to – but i do plan to love the guy I spend the rest of my life with – with all my heart and soul – if children are a part of it – that would be wonderful – if not – that would be fine too.

    I would never use children them as a reason to stay with someone – or to try and trap a guy because he got me pregnant – I have known lots of girls – none of them famous – who have tried to do that – very bad results – every single time – and the most selfish thing any woman can do to any guy.

    I’m not sure if Miranda is capable of doing that to Orlando – i hope not.

    All I know is that whomever I share my life with – life will just happen how it’s suppose to

    I’ve learned that the more you try and control every little aspect – or analyze every little bit of your relationship with someone – the more insane you become.

    I just hope that Orlando is very careful about how far he lets it go – before he calls it quits – if that is what happens – since I have no idea how he really feels about her – I don’t know what direction he wants the relationship with her to go.

    But that’s his choice to make – I’ve already made mine – To be with the one I trust – I hope that I have finally found him this time – I might not have just yet – and I also hope that he and I will be very deeply in love as well – just have to wait and see – i guess.

    Hope everything works out for you in your life – whoever you are – and I do mean that sincerely.

    Best Wishes Always

  128. 128

    LOL, Sasha. You said “rear-ended”. (-:

    Buddhist services are on Saturday here, so I’m willing to wager “church” was a Buddhist temple.

    Deux Ex Machina in literary terms means “God in the machine” and was used often in Greek mythology (look it up if you want the history.) I doubt Orlando is playing tribute to Virgil or Homer, however.

    Orlando looks fine. He needs to lose the bimbo, but that’s a minor detail.

    I wish he’d do a movie or two however. I really enjoyed his acting.

  129. 129
    orlando fan Says:


  130. 130
    POOR LOONS Says:


  131. 131
    POOR LOONS Says:

    Just curios

  132. 132
    @POOR LOONS Says:

    What a brilliant way to seek an answer from a group of people. I’m sure many ‘loons’ and ‘idiots’ will rush to assist your polite enquiries. I wish I had thought of addressing people like that. How would you like it if someone typed to you hey you the ranting insulting blue typing b!tch what the f*ck do you care what those people think? They are all loons and idiots according to you so anything they say can’t be of earth shattering importance to you.

    You obviously seem to want some attention. There there you got it. Now please quit it with the obvious insults to other people until such a time you learn to speak vaguely civilly to them. Just a suggestion but feel free to let lose with a string of invectives in reply. That seems to be about your level of interaction with others. I’m going to take a wild stab and guess that How To Win Friends And Influence People isn’t even close to being on your top ten list of must read books. Perhaps it should be and you can put it on next years christmas wish list!

  133. 133
    @132 Says:

    Please why take it so personally? You spend 24/7 bashing and calling names Miranda Kerr a total stranger someone who has done nothing to you and you feel offended when people who like her respond .Love it so you should keep insulting her without anyone responding back if you don’t like it why don’t go back to delphi where you have no one disagree with you why come here where you know there are people who like her and will react to your insults seems to me the only one who wants ATTENTION is you .

  134. 134
    my bad Says:

    @fame sucks, you are most likely right about him and Sienna, my bad. I didn’t pay much attention to that story, I can hardly remember it and I guess it looked like that in the pics to me, but I suppose you are right.

    @whatever, I suppose that many people still think they are really cute together and want them to get married, I just happen to be one that thinks they are together and are not famewhores but I don’t care if they marry or not, why should I? And I was comparing them to Angelina and Brad as much as I was comparing them to any unmarried couple, you must have misread that.
    Actually, I think that any couple that gets married after only one year and a couple of months of relationship are running too fast.
    If you feel devastated about this discovery, don’t worry, as far as I’m concerned you can call me a shipper all you want, and can also make posts full of really lame sarcasm about how I’ll die if they don’t get married and have babies; I don’t give a damn.

  135. 135
    @133 Says:

    I love the way you have assigned things to me as true in your reply to me that you don’t know are true.

    Here’s some truth
    -I’m not from Delphi so you are wrong telling me to go back there when I’m not from there.
    -I don’t spend 24/7 bashing Miranda so again you are wrong and maybe should avoid making sweeping statements when the concept of anyone being able to do such a thing 24/7 is ludicrous if not physically impossible to sustain.
    -I’m a total stranger to both you and Miranda so neither of you know me at all.

    To answer your question since you did ask me one somewhere amongst all your assumptions. It’s not personal for me. After reading your posts I thought just as you don’t like assumptions or labels made about yourself and Miranda Kerr I don’t care for assumptions and labels being assigned by you to other people that you also don’t know so I chose to reply to you.

    Just as you have said why are you so miffed when those whom don’t like Miranda express their thoughts on here? I wasn’t aware only those who like Miranda were allowed to post on this site or seemingly they can expect to be greeted with a accusatory assumption filled response. Are such details in fine print and I missed it? Please show me where I insulted Miranda in my post?

    I repeat myself it looks to me like it is you who is seeking the attention on here. I am giving you what you want by replying at all so what’s your problem with me? I’m entitled to express my opinion and yes write it whether you agree or not or whether you like what I have chosen to write it on here in response to your own post.

  136. 136
    @135 Says:

    Why would i want attention when i was just asking a question and posting on a block like you are doing? To answer your question of course you may not like Miranda but people who love to hate her have created not 1 but 3 sites where they can express their dislike.This site on the other hand is open to people that like her so if you are a member of those sites why come in here where you will discuss with people that disagree with you and why act like i offended you personally?WE DON’T EVEN KNOW EACH OTHER AND THE POST WASN’T ABOUT YOU.By the way im a really polite person but im not willing to be polite with people who bash and insult a total stranger 24/7 with words i can’t repeat and make up strange theories for a all year now .If you don’t believe me go to Delphi and see how nice they are to Orlando’s mother and this is a man they say they are fans of those people are so disgusting I lose it .The post and the question I repeat was to them why take it personally?

  137. 137
    @ 136 New Poster Says:

    “This site on the other hand is open to people that like her”

    Are you saying that Jared is now Miranda’s personal website? For people to come and worship the F****ing Ground the w.h.o.r.e walks on.

    No I am not from Delphi

    I just cannot stand coming on here and all you morons care about is Kissing that B.i.t.c.h.’s A.s.s. – That Is Disgusting!

    Why? you think if you kiss up to her she will let you in on all their personal details

    Go Back To High School Already – The crap that you all post about her is the most adolesant crap I ever read.

    OMG This and OMG That – Very Wide Ranging Vocabulary You Have There

    I want to apologize to #135 for interrupting your conversation with #136

    At least #135 has some intelligent words to describe the way they feel.

  138. 138
    Gunnedah Hobag Says:

    Darrrrn itt, thoes bluddy papz! Thay dinnt tayke uh pictshuh uv migh soot! Itt sed: ” Dingo ex machina” Itt wuz pinke. bytchizz.

  139. 139
    @136 Says:

    I was commenting in my first reply to you that I thought the way you posed your question in your post #130 to whomever those people are, upon reading it that your chosen words was meant to be insulting and assumed those people were loons and idiots. You did make assumptions about me also in your second reply to me which I’ve already corrected where you were wrong.

    Delphi, yes I’m aware of that site but to repeat myself no I’m not a member there. I am unaware of two other sites created for the seeming express intent which you are aware of that dislike or hate Miranda. As far as I know I’m not a member of any of them. As I don’t know what those places you refer to are I can’t answer 100% if I’m a member or not but I’d have to say I’d rate the chances of me being a member highly unlikely. I still think you appear to make collective assumptions and apply labels about a whole group of people, apparently just because they are members of certain sites, which might be a bit of a stretch too. Again in my opinion a sweeping statement , making assumptions and all inclusive judgement sof other people you don’t know in my opinion.

    I repeat my answer to you I did not take your first post as personally addressed to me which you seem to think I did. My comments in my first reply #132 to you were about the way you chose to address your previous questions to others.

    I consider my post/s in reply to you about a totally separate subject than any liking or disliking Miranda. I’ve not made any comment whatsoever about myself liking or disliking Miranda in any of my posts have I? No, I haven’t expressed any opinion on her whatsoever only expressed my thoughts on your post. That sounds like another assumption about me when you don’t know me at all just as I don’t know you? You appear to think you know where my mind is at when you obviously don’t. I’m just clearing it up for you so you do know where my mind was at and what I was saying to you.

    You have also apparently taken umbridge and you accuse me of being personally offended by the very act of my even replying to you. Is there any reason I can’t reply and write what I thought about the very post you made in the first place? You made it prior to me posting on this thread at all. I ask that you please don’t attempt to confuse or blur what I wrote to you or why I wrote it by trying to introduce other dynamics or agendas that I wasn’t even talking about, never even mentioned, and have in fact nothing to do with my own first post in reply to your own. I’ve given my opinion on your post and that is all I was commenting on which as I’ve said and you agreed I’m allowed to do on here.

  140. 140
    @137 Says:

    135# Here No apology needed, tis a public site anyone can post where and when they want to in my opinion or join in any conversations but thank you in any case for your courtesy to me and your words. Have a great day :)

  141. 141
    this is priceless! Says:

    #140 is wishing a great day to herself! LMFAO

  142. 142
    @ 141 New Poster Says:

    fraid not – such a shame we can’t do this by video – that way you would know that I was in fact a different poster from #140 – wonder how many of you would be brave enough to show your actual face.

  143. 143
    @141 Says:

    as #142 said I’m a different person from them. Did you know you were me #142? I’ve just been off taking a shower in between this post and my #140 post LMFAO Got dripping wet hair too so now I’m off to get dressed and blowdry it. Not sure any of you would want to see a video of that but then everyone would know for sure I’m a different person than #142.

    I see you #141 who came on here trumpeting this is priceless have caught the same assumption syndrome as the original person I was talking too. Again you are wrong but in any case I wish you a great day too unless you are going to accuse you of being me posting as well.

    Thanks for the laugh I truly enjoyed that brief moment with your wrongful accusations LOL. Now I’m really going now just so you know if anyone posts after me talking to me I’m not here ok. I’ll let you know if it’s me back is that a deal or ok by you ? LOL

  144. 144
    Wanda Rizzuto Says:

    The name again…Deus Ex Machina!

    Orlando sez: “Mention this ad and get a free oil change (void where prohibited)!”

  145. 145
    Sighs4l Says:

    Dammit Wanda!!! Gotta wash down the work computer now.

    By the by. Does anyone have any idea what the personal appearance fee would be for a star of OBs magnitude? I could start collecting my change…

  146. 146
    @sighs41 Says:

    Have some patience, will ya? I’m working on my next blind item and don’t you think it’s that easy to make up a number at random!
    Why don’t you help me? Let’s think together, it has to be a fee that a 3.5M earning model can’t afford, ok?

  147. 147
    marc and kriz Says:

    WHO LET THE DOGS OUT….. @ 12/28/2008 at 8:08 am How embarrassing and cringeworthy that you poor LOONIES spend your life making up conspiracy theories about Orlando and Miranda not being a couple…….lol……What makes it even more pathetic is that you don’t seem to realize that OB & MK don’t even know you exist!!!!…….And even if they did, as if they would give a sh*t what you weirdos write about them in comment blogs….lol…….what a bunch of desperate LOSERS!!!!

    We found this on the last thread and thought it was too good to let pass by. We totally disagree. They do know you all exist. Cheers!

  148. 148
    Miranda kerr Says:

    sumthin telz mee thay awlreddy noe marc and kriz

  149. 149
    @ 143 Says:

    “Did you know you were me #142?”

    No as a matter of fact I did not know that.

    But there is one thing that I do know – some of the pics listed above are not from December 27 – and are not in Los Angeles or Venice, California.

    They are from May 2008 – in Australia

    @ kookee

    Those pics you posted links to – are from Australia in May 2008.

    Read the caption under this set of pics again

    Back in May, Orly shopped at Sydney’s bike store Deus Ex Machina in Australia.

    Afterwards, Orly reportedly went out with Aussie model girlfriend Miranda Kerr and got into a fender bender.

    I’ve been wondering why there wasn’t any report of him being in a fender bender in California on Dec 27 – that’s because the pics were taken months ago in Australia in the month of May 2008.

  150. 150
    @149 Says:

    #143 Here

    The police car has a city of los angeles logo on it….

  151. 151
    @ 143 / 150 Says:

    bit blurry – amazed you can make that out.

    I was also wondering why does Orlando look much heavier as far as weight gain in the face and body in the ones where he is walking toward his bike on Dec 27 – than the others – when he is wearing the grey sweater and white t – shirt. – his face is much rounder and fuller in some pics than the others where his face is much thinner –

    and according to elf lady those pics of him in the grey sweater and white t shirt – were supposedly taken in Venice, California – not Los Angeles, California

    scroll down to post #24 – at the link below

    And compared to the ones from Dec 24 – Dec 27 – he was also a bit heavier looking in the face on Dec 24 as well.

    It seems a bit odd to me that there has been no mention of him being in a fender bender in Venice, California or Los Angeles, California on Dec 27.

  152. 152
    @151 Says:

    Hi 151 you are amazed? I just clicked on the pics above and then on the enlarge to full screen button underneath. At full size the logo on the police car wasn’t at all blurry to me and very easy to read. I also clearly see a LA Policeman there. Perhaps I can suggest you try clicking on the pic second from the left in the first row of pics above posted by Jared? Have a look at the full picture and I think you might see the fender bender appears to have been in LA not in Australia.

    I didn’t see any obvious difference in any of those sets of pics you referred me to check out. Some of Orlando were taken with him front on to the camera and captured his full face where as some were shots taken in profile so it is not his full face. Maybe that’s why his face looks fuller in some pics than others?

    I think maybe the extra ‘bulk’ could as simple as him wearing more clothes both in NY and on the bike in LA. I’d think he might not have needed those extra clothes on for extra warmth when travelling in a car later on.

    I can see what you were saying about the way the above story caption in total could read. Yes, it could easily be taken to mean the fender bender happened back in Australia in May. Perhaps the third paragraph should have been straight after the first if that was not the case? I read the second paragraph as written to explain where and when Orlando got the ‘Deus’ jacket, that is when he visited Australia in May, and wasn’t meant to imply the fender bender had occurred in Australia. But that’s just my perception and I can see why your own differs.

    Sorry but I’m just not ‘seeing’ what it is you are ‘seeing’ even after going back to have a closer look as you suggested I do. It still appears to me the fender bender was in LA even if there have been no additional reports of it. I also think that all sets of pics you mentioned appear to have been taken within the written time frame of the last couple of weeks. If I’ve missed what you wanted me to see or look at then please let me know exactly what that might be. I’m not trying to argue or dispute you I’m just telling you what I’m reading and seeing as you asked me to look.

    Hope you had a Happy New Year :)

  153. 153
    @ 152 Says:

    I do see that is los angeles

    although i’m not so sure that it was the same policeman talking to Orlando – any pics of that by chance – or of any policeman talking to him.

    I’ve been in fender benders before where I was not at fault – and the police man usually talks to both parties involved – of course sometimes there is more than one cop involved.

    It does seem a bit odd still to me that there were no reports about it – especially if it involved a celebrity.

    also according to the pics on elf lady – they were in Venice, California – not Los Angeles – or are those two cities not very far away from each other – i don’t know – and would Venice use the L.A.P.D

    thank you for not spouting nasty names and stuff like that.

    I’m not trying to imply anything really –

    something seems a bit off to me that’s all.

    her not getting out of the car for one.

    To me he does look considerably older and heavier in the face – in the pics when he is walking to his bike than the ones where he is in the grey sweater.

    Thank you for the warm wishes – hope you had a good new year too.

  154. 154
    @ 152 Says:

    okay maybe not “considerably” older – but he is starting to show his age a bit since Dec 24.

    to me his face does look thinner in the ones with the grey sweater.

    again hope you have a wonderful 2009

    take care

  155. 155
    kookee Says:

    @ 149

    Sorry but you’re wrong they were taken in California on 26 or 27 December 2008:

  156. 156
    @marc and kriz Says:

    I’d agree that Orlando at the very minimum appears to know people do ‘exist’ and he possibly does give a **** despite what the poster on the other thread wrote.

    He and/or his reps recently chose to reveal on this very site, Just Jared, ‘exclusively’ first a rare statement on his behalf which I think completely refuted the rumours being spread of him being engaged to anyone. It’s not that big of a stretch to simply comment if he’s not engaged as was released then he’s also probably not getting married, nor planning it. Reason I write that Isn’t it normal for any engagement to precede any marriage? I was a bit surprised that people seem to have not commented or missed that it is rather out of ‘normal’ Orlando behaviour to release a statement at all and I don’t remember him ever releasing a statement exclusively here first before myself. Perhaps I’ve just missed them if he’s done it before. I’m not a regular poster here more of an occasional reader and occasional poster so I can only say I’ve not noticed it before.

    Would seem quite odd to me for Orlando and or his reps to choose this site if they all were completely unaware of its existence? How can you release a statement to somewhere you don’t know exists? I think if he and his people are aware enough of the site then again it isn’t that big of a stretch to say probably means they are indeed aware of people too and more than likely indicates in itself they give a **** about them LOL.

    I think possibly that example might indicate Orlando cares more than some people are willing to acknowledge or accept or give him credit for doing. I think maybe he showed that he did indeed care in his own way, by his and his reps chosen actions in that case, but that’s just my impression and I could easily be wrong.

    Cheers and Happy New Year to you both too. I’m off for now thought I’d best tell you that. I’ve learnt in the last day or so that I’m apparently expected to announce my leaving just in case I again get accused of posting to myself or similar things LOL. Just kidding all ok ;)

  157. 157
    @ 155 Says:

    believe everything you see do you

    the force can have a strong influence on the weak minded

    my condolences

    oh they are walking together – even kissing – they must be in love

    news flash – Orlando is of French background as well as British

    He said so himself – on an episode of Ellen – that he had French family

    They do a lot of kissing – i know – my boyfriend is part French – and they are some of the most Romantic people you will ever know.

    It is virtually impossible to get one of them to settle down – I’ve tried for the past 18 years to get mine to settle down – but I still love him dearly.

    the police car may have been in los angeles – where was the cop talking to Orlando and Miranda if she was with him during the fender bender –

    I don’t know what the procedures are in Australia – but here in the states – I’m pretty sure that statements are made by both parties – including every passenger – in every vehicle – and that all passengers must exit the cars to give statements – unless they are physically incapable of doing so.

  158. 158
    @ 155 Says:

    not saying anything against French people –

    Orlando has always showed himself to be a very affectionate person even with those he sees as “just friends”

    maybe there has been some mis communication between the two of them

    how do you or anyone but them – know whether or not he has said to her that he only sees her as a friend – even if they did share a hotel room together -

    just cause a guy and girl get together like that doesn’t necessarily mean they are.

  159. 159
    to settle some things Says:

    Here is the video that someone posted earlier to refresh some memories:

    That is Venice CA which to answer whosever question was asking is a part of LA. I believe Santa Monica Blvd takes you down that way if I remember right. Santa Monica Blvd is a main road through LA,/Hwood area to the beaches. Venice is a beach community.

    The date posted of the video coincides with the pics and stills posted. The other big fat giveaway is the gangbanger lingo used by the paps. its been known for a while that a lot of the new generation of cheap paps are gang, or ex-gang memebers as they are cheaper to pay and more ballsy to get where they need to get to. AND they are saying something about Orlando saying Merry Christmas to them and then laughing calling him names about it. I dont know as Ive never been to Australia, but I doubt there are many LA accented gangbanger paps there. Id say its safe to say the video and the pics are from the dates mentioned and in CA.

    As for the accident, who knows. I find it strage as well that thehre was no mention of it anywhere else.

  160. 160
    @ 159 Says:

    “As for the accident, who knows. I find it strage as well that thehre was no mention of it anywhere else.”

    thank you – maybe he wasn’t in the accident and only a spectator – my question still is where is she? – and why is he getting out of the car – unless he was the first one on the scene – isn’t it the law that you have to get out and help if no one else is there. – surprising no one did a story about that – him being a good samaritan – unless he didn’t have to be – or wasn’t – not sure – very confusing.

    well – good points about the video

    still not so sure – considering how different his face looks – double chins are very hard to hide.

    in the ones where he is coming from the church – he has got that double chin thing going on.

    in the ones from venice and at the crash scene – he looks much skinnier – in the face

    i know when guys ride motorcycles their jackets can make them look bigger – but the face – how does a guy hide a double chin?

    not that i don’t think it is appealing on some guys – more to love in some cases.

  161. 161
    @160 Says:

    Double chin????? Please where do you see the double chin?He is just over dressed to ride the bike he is a skinny guy and for sure doesn’t have a double chin and even if he had a double chin so what?He isn’t 20 anymore.

  162. 162
    @ 161 Says:

    did you not read my last comment on my post

    “not that i don’t think it is appealing on some guys – more to love in some cases.”

    I was just noticing the difference in the two sets of pics thats all.

    Doesn’t mean she wasn’t lurking around anywhere – i’m sure she was with him.

    I was just noticing how he is aging – I never said he looked bad.

    I think he looks very good – I like that he is starting to look older – makes him very appealing to look at – he is a celebrity / actor isn’t he.

    It’s what kept Sean Connery in the spotlight for so long.

    If he were to stay the same way forever – it would get rather boring after a while.

    I used to think certain bands and celebrities were so cute at a certain age – and I had posters up on my walls when i was younger – but you can only have those things up for so long before you just don’t want to look at them anymore.

    Sometimes real relationships end up that way – if the person seems to stay the same the entire time you know them – it gets not very much fun to be with them anymore – unless you are in love with them – because you can see much more than what’s on the surface.

    But when they change as they age – it becomes more intriguing to watch.

    The man I’m in love with has changed over the years – 18 years – and no I am not dillusional and referring to Orlando – 18 years ago Orlando was only 13 – I was 19 and had met the one I am still with to this day.

    but I still love the guy I’m with as much as the day I met him – even more so.

    I can tell when people age – since he is in the spotlight – like most celebrities – there will be noticable changes over time – look at John Travolta over the years – I was watching Broken Arrow the other day and afterwards I put on Grease & Welcome Back Kotter Series –

    Sure he was skinny back then – but he aint skinny now.

  163. 163
    @156 Says:

    If you check other websites there are many sources claiming that they were informed by Orlando’s rep denying the engagement rumours. My guess is that they are probably aware about some gossip blogs like Perez Hilton but from there to say they are interested on the comments written on the blogs.

  164. 164
    @159 Says:

    Orlando wished the paps a merry Christmas and their reaction was to call him names? How strange, as according to some Orlando is the paps’ best friend and a wonderful customer that hires them to do monthly set ups. LOL

  165. 165
    @156 Says:

    Orlando’s rep didn’t make a statement to this site. Jared got hold of one of his reps, and they answered a question. That is quite a bit different.

    It happened in LA. I don’t understand why you are disputing the evidence.

    He isn’t part French. Some of his family lives in France. Just as some of his family lives in America, New Zealand, and goodness knows how many countries around the world. That doesn’t change his nationality.

    And if both drivers give statements that agree, the police would not have to pursue the matter. They would not have to interview every witness, and it is to their own discretion as to whether the have everyone exit the cars. This is based upon first hand knowledge, by the way.

    PS: I’d give up on that boyfriend if I were you. His being part French has nothing to do with the fact that he doesn’t want to settle down. He just isn’t interested, it seems.

    He doesn’t have a “double chin thing” going on. It’s just the combination of his expression and a high collar on his jacket. He has that ‘oh, it’s the paps’ grimace that we have come to know. The pics/video from the bike shop is the same day, and you can see that his face doesn’t look like that at all. Go to a mirror in a high collared shirt and pull your chin back while frowning. That will cause a double chin on almost anyone.
    In the video from the bike shop, he is back to his gorgeous self.

  166. 166
    @162 Says:

    I am sorry but i understood that you said that you sow a double chin on him which i don’t and that he was a little overweight which again he is not he is a skinny guy in my opinion. I am 24 years old and guys my age are in some cases not as in good shape as Orlando is and he is to became 32 years old.

  167. 167
    @157 Says:

    now if a guy kisses and grabs you it’s because he has a “French background”. LFMAO

  168. 168
    fame sucks Says:

    167 this is just jared you know. its habit for things to suit agendas, make sense then not make sense, and it seems this particular thread has become more about 162 and the every other post she has posted on 6 pages here about her own love life. i think at the beginning of this thread she was saying something about just meeting up with the guy she is talking about after having an unsteady relationship with him years and years ago, and in a matter of days he has gone from a hopeful maybe re-re hookup to being the one and they are so in love. dang! sounds like a britney spears relationship. im getting sick of her posts actually. in one sentence she says he has a double chin like its an ICK item and then the next post she says its just more to love.

    I think I am just going to have to find another blog to read because this just jared one is just irritating to me now. i think people dont want anything about O and M to ever make sense. If you dont buy it you are a hater and if you do you are a shipper. they are showy especially her, but they apparently have a reason they are together. ********, in love, all show, contract, blackmail what does it matter? still together after first hooking up in march of 07 that we know of and i just dont get why every little piece has to be analyzed with such great detail. M cheated on her boyfriend and now J’s getting a taste of the fame she dumped him for. O is a publicity mess. maybe he will do movies again one day, but i dont personally think that will be for a while, but at the end of that day, it matters not to anyone but those in it. i guess we all need something to spectate to feel we have something important to add to whatever we see. just my thoughts from the top of mt everest.

  169. 169
    @ fame sucks Says:

    why kick someone when they are already down. maybe she – whoever this person is – is trying to find some closure in her own life so she can move on – and maybe she is not really in as stable a relationship as she would have you believe.

    maybe she didn’t realize that this Just Jared thread was such a sacred place. where those who kiss a.s.s. are only allowed to post.

    what if she really will never be able to have that relationship she wants and she was just trying to find something to help her understand her own emotions.

    and before you ask – no i am not her.

    but i have been hurt from the insensitivity of others – such as the remarks you just made.

    I swear on my soul I am not her – but if I was – now I know why it would be difficult to trust others – the likes of you.

    People can care about others – even if you do not know them personally – and your remarks hurt me as much as I am sure they have hurt her.

    If Orlando did not want his life to be viewed – maybe he should try a different line of work – or maybe he thought that he would not be as famous as he has become – lots of actors do work steadily without their lives being under a microscope.

    It should not matter who he has for a girlfriend – even if she is famous – or becomes more famous than him one day – actors do fade from the limelight eventually.

  170. 170
    @168 Says:

    I expressed my opinion on this matter and nobody was able to show where I’m wrong or don’t make sense, and I don’t have a problem with being called this or that.

  171. 171
    kookee Says:


    So far the only successful substitute for brains is silence. Just sayin’

  172. 172
    @163 Says:

    #156 Here
    Yes, I’m well aware of a plethora of further places that subsequently published the Orlando engagement denial statement, and then the subsequent denials given by Miranda after Orlando’s initial one. I am unaware of any other site that had that published that particular statement of his prior to the time when Just Jared published it first exclusively. Just Jared published it here on November 30th at 11.59 am to be exact if you go by the time that thread is credited as posted by this site. Several hours, then in the days after that time, other sites started publishing versions of the differing subsequent denial statements. Until such a time someone can show me another Orlando Bloom ‘official’ version published prior to that time then I stand by my observations.

    If Orlando’s rep and or himself had been completely unaware of this site’s existence then are you trying to tell me that they randomly chose to answer the question to any site and or the first person who spoke to them? That just anyone or any place would have been given exclusive permission to print his official denial first? I don’t think so myself, as I said that would seem to me to be very out of Orlando’s normal ‘methods of information distribution’ for both he and his reps to do such a thing. Sorry but I don’t agree instead I would think it more implausible that ANY of his reps or Orlando would just give any statement or answer to anyone or any site to publish they did not know or were unaware of. Nor would they give them permission to publish any statement UNLESS they knew exactly where that statement was going to end up.

    I’ll repeat they gave Just Jared a statement, (since you don’t seem to like the word statement, then substitute the word answer instead. I think that’s going into semantics myself but whatever no skin off my nose LOL). The points I was making are that it seems clear Orlando and or his reps know of this particular site AND If they know this site enough to allow publishing exclusively here first then I repeat I don’t think it is that much of a stretch to say they are likely to also be aware of the people who post here. Is there some reason that me agreeing about the concept that Orlando and or his people might know well of this site, and or possibly even might have read here is problematic?

    He’s a human being, so are his people, so why wouldn’t it be possible that he and or they have such knowledge, some interest, and possibly did indeed choose this site themselves as their first place to ‘officially’ deny his engagement etc? I don’t understand why it is seemingly inconceivable that he might indeed be acutely aware of some places, has been for a long time, and also aware of peoples existences dare I say yes even might care about them. Are you trying to tell me he’s an uncaring and ignorant guy? He’s never seemed like that to me, quite the opposite, but again that’s just my own impression of him. I don’t foster any pretence of knowing him personally at all do you? If you not then to repeat I stand by my opinions and comments.

    Perhaps all we have here is different viewpoints, which I’m more than happy to agree to disagree with you, on this issue. I see it differently than you and I’ve explained my reasons why I do. As I also said I don’t normally post on here and I really don’t have enough sustained interest in this partocular site to start doing so with any degree of regularity. I do hoever always reserve the right to post from time to time here if and when I feel like commenting on something written or have something to say myself in reply to posts made on here.

  173. 173
    @172 Says:

    One of the jobs of ANY celeb’s representatives is to stay abreast of gossip about their employers. I’m sure that they are well aware of all of the larger gossip sites. Jared, as well as Perez, are probably well known to them. They pay attention, but that doesn’t mean that Orlando does. And if he, himself was going to chose a site to single out for inside information, it would more than likely be a place like ka-Bloom, that has supported him from the beginning, and not a site full of disgruntled, anons who find it entertaining to insult those that are close to him.
    Once again, answering a question is not the same as issuing an exclusive statement, no matter what you call it.

  174. 174
    marc and kriz Says:

    @173 Ka-Bloom does not discuss his private life so there would be no point for Orlando or his people to issue an exclusive statement regarding his denial of the engagement as it relates to his private life.

    The oriiginal comment was if Orlando was aware of JJ. Seeing that his people gave JJ the exclusive, it would only make sense that they are most definately aware of JJ and the people here. His denial was not inside information, actually it was a public statement. It wasn’t insider information gathered from any site it was a straight out public statement of denial.


  175. 175
    @174 Says:

    Of course Orlando is aware of JJ’s. Miranda posts here regularly under her own name. I think she also posts as the one called the Gunnedah Hobag, their writing is very similar and they both make the same spelling errors. Her brother posted here before, so did MommyKerr. Miranda probably has a higher post count than I do. Hi Mir!

  176. 176
    @174 Says:

    One more time. It was not an exclusive statement. Period.
    Sure, his people know about this site. It is part of their job. But there is no way that his people contacted JJ to get the word out. If they were so inclined to give someone an exclusive, it would have been something along the lines of Someplace that PR reps can trust. Not a site like JJ or Perez.
    And ka-Bloom would issue a statement if it came from him. They don’t publish gossip, but if it came from him, it wouldn’t be gossip now, would it?
    You really aren’t that stupid are you?

  177. 177
    fame sucks Says:

    @169 and 170

    please dont insult my intelligence. you are the same person that is poster 162. ive been posting at gossip boards long enough to recognize similar posting styles between posts. take a look at your posts. you have certain habits in each one of them.

    as for the rest of you post, hun please….dont take everything so seriously or be so hurt by messages on a gossip blog. ITS A GOSSIP BLOG!!! i really dont get why you are seeking reassureance about yuor love life from a gossip blog. not a good move if you aske me. what else is not a good move is lying to yourself or pretending things are more or less than you can accept them to be. if you dont want to get hurt by men, or people in general for that matter,. thenm dont set yourself up for it. pretending its love when youve only just hooked up again after so long, and having troubles in the relationship before is only goiing to bring hurt upon yourself.

    novbody is asking you to kiss ass just please try to staty somwhat on topic. those watching are intrested in Orlando and Miranda for like or dislike reasons, nobody came here to be someone elses love thereapist. im sure there are forums for that specific topic you are seeking, and people less interested in the love life of celebrities and more interested in the love life problems of the masses in general, but in all sincerity., this place is not one of them. no need to take offense just realize that you are talking about your OWN love life en grande detail and nobody knows you. im just saying its fine to use an example here and there, but you are going into way too much detail and to be honest? its making me uncomfortable. i discuss celeb gossip because they are wayuyyyyy over there and we are the unknown masses discussing things that we can brush off once the computer goes off. really dont take it personal, but realize there is a time and place to discuss your own personal crap and frankly a gossip blog full of strangers is not a good place to do it.

  178. 178
    @ 176 Says:

    “It was not an exclusive statement. Period.”

    And you know this – how exactly?

    Because a dozen of other sites came up with the same story days and weeks after the initial statement appeared on JJ.

    This is not poster #172

    Send us the link for where the first initial statement came from if not from JJ.

  179. 179
    @ fame sucks Says:

    first off – okay – I was poster #169 – but not #170

    If you know me so well by my posts – as you say you do – then you know I do not have the strength to stand up for myself very well.

    I do get hurt when people call me names or refer to me as this or that.

    Sorry if I ever made you feel you or anyone else uncomfortable – that was never my intention.

    Thanks for your concern – if that’s what you were showing in your last post – not sure.

    don’t trust anyone anymore – except myself.

    cest la vie

  180. 180
    fame sucks Says:

    @176 one more time since you seemed to miss the article written HERE at jj. i cut and pasted it already in its own quotation marks from HERE which would have tyaken you all of 3 seconds to go read yourself since its still on the recent topics at jj. I quote:

    “The rumors are not true,” Orlando’s rep exclusively tells “He is not engaged.”

    Note the EXCLUSIVE part. now can you understand it?

    as for kabloom. that board owner kisses Orlandos mothers ass to get some kind of exclusivity sometimes. Tell me this, how much does your own mother really know about what goes on in your life. how much do you actually tell her? now put yourself in the shoes of a guy and reduce that by at least half. Sonia bless her well intended heart probably does what every mother does and sees what she wants to see and sticks her head in the sand or whistles a happy tune over the rest. i wouldnt ever trust info i got from kabloom to be the way things really are.

  181. 181
    fame sucks Says:

    @179 i dont recall calling you names as that really isnt my style, but my bluntness about the subject is because its been pointed out to you before by other posters in a less blunt way and you keep doing it. as i said, examples here and ther are fine, and helpful even if we are trying to make a point about why we see something a certain way, but getting to the point is the prime target. im sorry for being blunt but i really am not one to dance around things. there are other forums, even orlando forums where people are in a less hostile environment than an anon gossip blog. ive been a memeber of Olove for a very long time, but mostly have always just been a lurker there. id say its easier and more acceptable to discuss your personal crap at places where you have a posting name. there are lots of them. anyway, didnt mean to offend, but i guess in hindsight how could i have not? anyway, standing up for yourself is a decision you have to make on an incident by incident, day by day basis. you are selling out as a victim if you think that is the way you always have to be. for instance, you could have just told me to **** off and skim over your posts if i didnt like them. lol! i would have been fine with that too, but probably less likely to say sorry i offended you.

  182. 182
    @180 Says:

    So a gossip hound claims exclusivity and you believe them? You don’t get around much do you? You think that a rep would contact this site above all others for a statement like that? Yeah, right. JJ made a phone call, and got an answer. That’s it.

    As for ka-Bloom, if they print it, it came from the horse’s mouth. You can criticize them all you want, but it won’t change the way they run their site. They don’t print gossip, or allow for speculation, and they are still one of the largest Bloom fan-sites on the web. If Bloom really wanted to get a message out, he would do as he has done before, and ask ka-Bloom to publish the info.

  183. 183
    fame sucks Says:

    182 you are now speculating that the exclusivity jj wrote about isnt true. do you have reason or proof to believe otherwise? Jared is a gossip hound, but i rarely see written they got exclusivity on something if in fact they did not. other people pointed out to you the time it was posted in conjunction to the timing of the initial rumor being spread. I dont know where you stand on it, but i am leaning towards the DT getting it wrong. Orlando has nothing to lose by having his rep give info to jj. Miranda certainly does have something to lose if her own hometown paper that occasionally caters to her makes her look bad, but they have done it before, not always, but yes ive read them take jabs and poke fun at her. i think they either lied about their exclusivity, or they did get an exclusive that was promptly addressed at a site where Orlando is known to have both likers and dislikers alike that would do their best to suss out the liars and misrepresenters if any. who knows maybe it was just a misunderstanding. do you know for sure if it was or wasnt? one thing is a fact though, jj claimed exclusivity on this site on an orlando and miranda thread. whether that exclusivity is busslhit i guess is up to the reader.

    YUou didnt answer my question about Orlandos mother. Sorry but Orlandos mother is not the horses mouth. She doesnt do PR for him and from what i know about her attempts at it in the past, it wasnt really very sucessful and actually did some harm to him and his fans. but that is all watehr under the bridge and i sure as **** hope she learned from it.

  184. 184
    fame sucks Says:

    oh and as well i think jared or perez is as good a place as any to make a statement about something. these threads gets a good amount of attention dont they? check out his other so called informed boards to put things at and you will have to take no-doze as to not fall asleep from the lack of participation at them these days. this isnt the good ol days of a post a minute anymore.

  185. 185
    marc and kriz Says:

    @176 You can Period all you want. We disagree.


  186. 186
    where's waldo? Says:

    Is he now in the UK and not in Aspen, Colorado? If he flew from Colorado to the UK, that was a fast snow boarding trip vacation, and he managed to get back to England without being caught by paps. It really makes a person wonder just how many celebrity sightings are real versus called in and fake. This just in:

    STAR-SPOTTING staff at a Crieff supermarket were snapped with Hollywood pin-up Orlando Bloom. The Lord of the Rings actor posed for snaps with incredulous workers in between picking up two bottles of champagne and a bouquet of flowers at the Somerfield branch.

  187. 187
    @186 Says:

    Now appearing at your local supermarket, Orlando Bloom.

    Your sighting is a recycled posting from last summer. The same posting, including the town, store and contents of his basket were reported in August I think it was.

    Waldo’s location is still unknown.

  188. 188
    @ 187 Says:

    who really cares anyway. he’s just another celebrity – big deal.

    i don’t understand those girls at OLove anyway.

    what are they F.B.I. or C.I.A. or something – think they need to know the where abouts of him 24/7 – it gets very scary to me the way they talk sometimes. – even if it’s just for fun – i still do not understand.

    he’ll do whatever he is going to do – when – if – where – and with whom – ever he wants to – here’s a thought – leave him alone!

    @ fame sucks – # 169 here – what is your name at OLove – I’ve been a member there for a couple of months now – can’t remember when I signed up – I do not post much – but I thought maybe I would understand why they post comments the way they do – but no luck – although I have made a couple of friends there – not sure if I can trust them – anymore than anyone else though. hope that wasn’t too personal information for you.

  189. 189
    @fame sucks Says:

    I agree with 182. There are several websites saying that Orlando’s rep talked to them on Sunday 30th, the sites that don’t hang medals on themselves say that the information was given to And I think it’s quite strange that a rep talks exclusively to a gossip blog.
    I guess some people and I don’t mean you, fame sucks, need to think that O reads their opinion, cares about it and lives by it. Whatever. If that thought fills their ego…

  190. 190
    @ 189 / 182 Says:

    The fact that Orlando or his rep talked to anybody about her is what is shocking.

    He plays it so cool all the time – I wonder if he even knew about all the things she had been saying in interviews concerning him.

    Know one knows what they say to each other in private except themselves – for all we know she could be telling him how much she hates the paps.

    But the way she has behaved would be the exact opposite of that statement is it not.

    Who cares who got the information first – Or if Orlando or Miranda or any celebrity for that matter comes on here.

    Why are you # 156 / 172 – trying to convince others that he cares about them. – Your quote below

    “I don’t understand why it is seemingly inconceivable that he might indeed be acutely aware of some places, has been for a long time, and also aware of peoples existences dare I say yes even might care about them. Are you trying to tell me he’s an uncaring and ignorant guy?”

    How would you know if he cares?

    Of course he cares about others – generally people do for the most part. He just is not the type to make sure everyone knows that he does. The fact that he or his reps said anything at all is what is so out of character for him.

  191. 191
    I'mwatchingyou Says:

    I’m sorry I”m late to the party. What are you all talking about?
    Can someone fill me in please!?

  192. 192
    where's waldo? Says:

    to #191
    You might want to start from the very beginning and read all the way through. Then you’ll understand. If you’re trying to suggest you’re Orlando, I don’t think that’s going to work, but Happy New Year!

    to #187
    Thank you for pointing that out. Old info is getting mixed in with new and yet to be proven info. I don’t understand how celebrities who value their privacy allow the world to know where they’ve rented a house, etc. Since it’s no ones business, you’d think the info would be treated as confidential and would stay private. I think if Orlando were gay and staying at that same house in Aspen, the public would NEVER find out about it with his male partner. Famous people can keep their whereabouts and sleeping buddies private IF and WHEN they really want to. It’s been done before. And there are always Tinseltown escort services.
    Did anyone watch “EXTRA” last night? Cher admitted that she has a boyfriend but she won’t discuss him, expose him to the press, and understands that “Nobody wants to be Mr. Cher.” If Cher knows how to do that, I think Orlando would have the same info available and can do the same thing. Cher sounded like she really has had enough of the paps. But she was also honest and didn’t beat around the bush or play coy. So, yes she’s seeing someone, and no, she’s not going into details. Good for her! Would be nice if Orlando would have handled things like that.

  193. 193
    @ 192 Says:

    “So, yes she’s seeing someone, and no, she’s not going into details. Good for her! Would be nice if Orlando would have handled things like that.”

    Since when has Orlando ever gone into details about anyone he is seeing – whether they be famous or not.

    The girlfriend already has that covered – so why should he say anything.

    Orlando is not the one blabbing to everyone he sees with a camera who his latest squeeze is.

  194. 194
    @ 192 Says:

    Of course he doesn’t have to blab to everyone with a camera.

    The whole thing has been caught on film – since the day it started.

    hasn’t it.

  195. 195
    I'mwatchingyou Says:

    To #192 Happy New Year to you also! LOL!

  196. 196
    @ Waldo? Says:

    “to #191
    You might want to start from the very beginning and read all the way through. Then you’ll understand.”

    Don’t count on it.

    to I’mwatchingyou -

    Cute name – come up with that all on your lonesome did ya. lol. just kidding.

    Welcome to the club – not sure what this club is – or how i got involved.

    Sort of feel like I’m in the song “Hotel California” – and I’m just trying to get back to where I was before – wherever that was.

    Like Waldo? says or excuse me “Where’s Waldo” says – you should try reading this from the beginning – and when I say beginning – I don’t just mean this particular thread.

    Go back about how many ever threads Jared still has on this fine young couple – Kerrbloom – or whatever their name is called. Quite a long read – so make sure you have plenty of time to spare.

    Very intriguing – yet at times nauseating stuff – make sure you have a vomit bucket standing by.

    Take care – let us know when you catch up – too much to sum up – since everything written about these two Orlando and Miranda are open to interpretation – You should really try and figure it out for yourself.

    Take Care – and if you get out of this insane asylum – let me know how you did – so I can follow. lol.

    my code name is – 4444

  197. 197
    4444 Says:

    to I’mwatchingyou -

    The questions everyone is asking themselves -

    Are Orlando and Miranda really a couple?

    Does photographic proof prove anything? Are all their shots together set ups? Why are they photographed every month at the exact same time – meaning around the last week of every month – like clock work?

    Think about these questions as you read thru the posts.

    Take Care

  198. 198 that you mention it Says:

    Still waiting for someone to explain me what benefits have the “famewhores” got from all their famewhoring. More than a year, and Orlando is without work and Miranda is still the VS model she was before, so…someone please enlighten me.
    Still waiting for someone to explain me why should they need to be papped every month…
    Waiting to know why do the paps call names to their favourite costumers…
    Why did they arrive separated to the Burton’s store…?
    I have more questions, but I’m already seeing myself waiting until Judgement Day, so…

  199. 199
    @192 Says:

    Cher has nothing to do with Orlando. Very different celebrities in very different situations, with different audiences, from different generations, etc…

  200. 200
    @198 Says:

    They get what all famewhores are looking for: attention. No one ever heard of Miranda Kerr before she started f*cking Orlando Bloom. Attaching her name to his has gotten her more attention than she ever got on her own, why else would her publicist have mentioned him several times before they were “officially” dating. Of course the attention is just in the lowest of the tabs like Hello and News of the World but she would never have gotten even those PR puff pieces without him. Those cheesy spreads really exemplify true famewhoring. And as for Orlando, his famewhoring participation keeps the cameras on him while he sinks further into obscurity. Like you said, he has no jobs so without this Poor Man’s Leo&Gisele/Bar show he would have completely disappeared. If he wasn’t a famewhore, his “break” in between projects would have looked more like James McAvoy’s, who said he was taking some time off after his promotional duties were finished and hasn’t been seen since then. They are famewhores of the same breed as Spencer and Heidi, nothing to offer but their staged appearances because that’s all they have in their struggle for relevance.

  201. 201
    @200..... Says:

    Do you know how utterly ridiculous you sound…,,completely embarrassing…….and this whole bullshit about them having a showmance is just pure JEALOUSY……GET OVER IT…… no matter how many absurd conspiracy theories you come up with, it will NEVER change the fact that……..Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom are a couple, are happy and in love, that she is stunningly beautiful and is the tenth highest paid model in the world, that he is still a famous actor taking time off, working for unicef and that they are together because they want to be!!!!

  202. 202
    @201 Says:

    200 sounds no more ridiculous and embarrrassing than you sound with your b!tch post at other people. Why? Just because some people don’t agree with your own opinion oh here is seems.

    How about YOU GET OVER IT with the whine about the fact that others don’t think the same as you, nor do they have to EVER do so on here or anywhere?

    Unless you are caliming to be Orlando or Miranda then you don’t know anything more than anyone else on here and you are talking your own bullshit which in reality is just your opinion.

  203. 203
    @201 Says:

    What’s completely embarrassing is you putting words into someone else’s mouth with your delusional ranting. #198 asked what benefit a famewhore couple gets out of their famewhoring. #200 answered, they get what all famewhores seek, attention. Who cares if they’re together, not, f*ckbuddies, or in love, they’re still famewhores. If she didn’t use Orlando’s name in every interview she wouldn’t get those interviews. If she didn’t want to be asked about him she’d have that stipulated by her publicist but she obviously does not because otherwise she’d get no attention= famewhore. And if he wasn’t photographed on a monthly schedule with his girlfriend, the only things you’d have heard about Orlando Bloom in the past year were how he crashed a car and walked away from his bleeding friend, got kicked off a set in the UK, and had his only film role delayed and delayed and put on hold. As #200 pointed out, James McAvoy is taking a break as well and hasn’t been seen at all, so there’s a difference between an actor taking a break and one being a famewhore. And can you guess which one’s the famewhore? Well it’s not James, it’s the one making the monthly pap appearances while taking that “break”, Orlando Bloom.

  204. 204
    @203 Says:

    Kicked out of a set in the Uk?????????WOW AND YOU PEOPLE WONDER WHY I CALL YOU LOONS

  205. 205
    @203 Says:

    You Delphi loons are pathetic I feel sorry for you

  206. 206
    @200, 203 Says:

    oh, come on! Orlando had been single since 2006 until he started his relationship with Miranda, and he didn’t disappear in all that time, however he wasn’t called a famewhore until he started to date Miranda. That’s when he mysteriously started to do set ups, even if he was caught by the paps when he was single too.
    The story of the car crash can be twisted to make him a monster or can be seen as it was, that he wouldn’t have crashed the car if the paps hadn’t been chasing after him and that the woman he was accused of abandoning didn’t think he did. Still, with this as with everything, people will choose what to think.
    Of course any girlfriend he might have will be more talked about than she was before, just like V. Paradis is known for being with J.Depp or the previously unknown wives of M.Damon and N.Cage, and there are endless examples. If besides she’s a model, she might be given interviews because the editors might want to talk about X’s girlfriend and get her to talk. Now she’s said she won’t talk about him after many of his fans demand for months that she STFU, and nothing changes.
    Who cares if they are together? Apparently not you, and not me, but those who come with “contract” and “blackmail” theories (obviously after taking peyote) seem to do. Those can answer to my questions too if they want.
    I hope you don’t single them out from all the other celebrities that get papped with their partners, most of them I would say. Particularly, I hope you don’t single them out from those who sell their underage offspring, even if for a high price.

  207. 207
    @204 Says:

    Yes, kicked off a set. Don’t tell me you believe that “scheduling conflict” excuse because in case you haven’t noticed, there was no scheduling conflict.

  208. 208
    @207 Says:

    and how do you know he was kicked off? Even if it wasn’t a scheduling conflict, how do you know that?

  209. 209
    @208 Says:

    Lots of people work on movie sets, for production companies, assisting those involved in making movies, many people who can see and hear what goes on behind the polite, face-saving excuses like “scheduling conflicts”.

  210. 210
    @209 Says:

    In Education will be a straight to DVD movie that won’t be heard of again. I am sure they BEGGED Orlando to be in it no one was kicked out

  211. 211
    @209 Says:

    Let me guess, what you claim you have heard portraits Orlando as a stupid arrogant guy all full of himself. Wasn’t he desperate for a job? What an appropriate moment to become a jerk.

  212. 212
    @209 Says:

    Were Ryan Gosling an Javier Bardem kicked out of their movies sets too?Because thy both pulled out of thier movies at the last moment like Orlando did were those two actor KICKED OUT TOO?hahahaha

  213. 213
    @210 Says:

    Yeah, what ever happened to this wonderful movie that was supposed to be too good for Orlando Bloom? It kind of disappeared, didn’t it? Maybe script changes, and/or directorial issues is what caused Orlando to walk away, and the “scheduling conflicts” excuse was brought in to save face for the director, not Orlando? That would explain the apparent bittereness of the writer. He knew that fewer people would see his creation without Orlando, and was mad at the people who caused him to leave, and not Orlando. If the movie was any good, wouldn’t it have been released by now?

  214. 214
    @213 Says:

    That’s the most laughable part, that those who claim that Orlando was kicked out know very well that he was the only reason this movie was heard of at all. Even if Orlando had behaved like an idiot, kicking him out is the least intelligent thing the director could have done.

  215. 215
    @214 Says:

    He could have acted like a combination of Lindsey Lohan and Russell Crowe, and the director would still be kissing his back-side to keep him happy. But sure, the director of a small, British film “kicked off” the most famous name on set. Sure. *rolls eyes*

  216. 216
    @213 Says:

    “That would explain the apparent bittereness of the writer. He knew that fewer people would see his creation without Orlando, and was mad at the people who caused him to leave, and not Orlando.”

    And which “reliable” article did you get that information from?

    Or are you the writer himself?

  217. 217
    fame sucks Says:

    I have one question…… you people ever leave this board to go read other things? An Education is still in production. it only started production about 8 or 9 months ago and is scheduled to be a part of the 2009 Sundance Fim Festival which starts 15 January. most movies take longer that that to hit theaters so ith hasnt disappeared and looks like they did a quick schedule to make it in time for the festival selection. hope it didnt suffer in quality for that reason. i also have to add do you really think that Emma Thompson, Alfred Molina, and Peter Saarsgard take 2nd ticket to Orlando? even Orlando knows they are polished veterans in the business and deserve some ******* respect. wow you people are numb.

    Nobody who knows what really happend on that set has bothered to really say anything much of any substance for anyone to draw any kind of definitel comclusion abvout what happened. obviously the writer was disgruntled about something as he made slight reference to on his blog but theres never been any proof that Orlando was kicked off or walked off set. there was mention that he never was there and never started production. go find that proof for yourself if you want it and actually LEAVE the throngs of just jared for just a moment. as for the movie itself it looks interesting. wish i was going to the film festival and could see it.

    I swear my intelligence level drops every time i read here and try to make sense of all the stupidity posted. to the freak with the blue writing in her header you seriously need to get out more and get some street smarts and book smarts. you are doing yourself a serious disservice by trying to make sense. give it up. as for me, i cant be bothered with this bullshit place anymore. rationality and sensibility being left at the door before you enter is a requirement it seems and im just not willing to give that up. have fun people. try to get out of here once in a while k?

  218. 218
    @217 Says:

    Oh please why offend ? We never even talked.I do read outside this block and again the only reason why this movie was ever mentioned is ORLANDO BLOOM we will see if the movie with make it in movie theaters i bet no but i could be wrong time will tell.

  219. 219
    fame sucks Says:

    what the **** do you think a film festrival is then? like i said thick as ****. you only read about orlando bloom obviously then as this movie has other very prominant names attached to it. delve outside of the realm of just jared and orlando bloom and you would see that.

    Conversing with you would be like having a lobotomy several times over so no thanks.

  220. 220
    @217 Says:

    And why say others have to much time on their hands when you are the one with 10000 posts in thread?You have spend time more than me on this thread so you GO OUT MORE . And stop offending people who you have never talked with or disagreed with.

  221. 221
    @216 Says:

    Oh, it was in an interview touted by the haters as “proof” that Orlando was kicked off, back when it first came out that he had left the production. The writer mentioned the words “scheduling conflicts” with apparent sarcasm. The rest is just perception. The ‘haters’ believed that it must have been Orlando’s fault, because even though he has always been a comsummate professional on set, in their minds he must have completely changed his working persona, and turned into a diva. While I believe that it had more to do with the direction of the production, itself. Orlando has often stated that he wished to do a British film. He took a supporting role in this film to do just that….support a British film. Why else would he have left if it wasn’t that things had changed? Since he wasn’t doing the film for fame or fortune, he must have left because of creative differences. Nothing else makes sense. As others have stated, why would a director “kick off” his biggest name? No matter what problems developed.

  222. 222
    fame sucks Says:

    i never said you had too much time on your hands i said you should leave this board and read other places. i dont have 10000 posts in this thread either. this thread is the only thread i have ever actually participated in. i have read here since back when orlando got in his accident a year ago but from the stupidity that abounded back then as well i never wanted to bother writing anything. your obvious posts have been here at least since then so really stop with the finger pointing. your obsession with orlando miranda and that delphi place and its posters is really quite unhealthy. id tell you to **** off but as history shows i know you wouldnt. but for the record **** off.

  223. 223
    @222 Says:

    Wow just wow why attack ? I said 1000 post to point out that you have a lot of posts here of course you don’t have 1000 posts.Why say others need to go out more when you spend as much time as anyone else in here ?

  224. 224
    fame sucks Says:

    if someone else has something intelligent to contribute to this thread then I will participate, but you i am done with. again, i said nothing about going out more but as i have gathered from your vast amount of posting here over at least the last year or more you are a broken record continually putting words in peoples mouths that they didnt say and your favorite thing of calling people loons and crazy. theres why the attack so as i said **** off k?

  225. 225
    @213 Says:

    The reason – I believe that the a person’s name is in blue – is because they put up a website when they post – in the website box.

    I am doing that right now to see if it makes my name blue.

    I am not the other poster you were talking to – if you don’t believe me – click on the blue name and see where it goes.

    I have clicked on the other’s names and it comes up as an error page not sure if mine will or not.

    In case it does not redirect you to my website – this is the link I put up

    I do agree very much with everything you have said. It is a shame that there are not more intelligent people on here.

  226. 226
    @224 Says:

    1.I thought you were leaving 2.Never putted words on your mouth you clearly said to me to go out more go see it your self 3.Why take what I say to the Delphi loons so personally is it because you are a member ? If not why be so pissed off at me given that we never talked Ever .YOU ATTACKED WITHOUT A REASON AT ALL.

  227. 227
    @224 Says:

    Given that you have read Orlando’s threads in here you know what I think of Delphi and why I name call them I have a lets say history with those psychos.What I don’t get is why you take it so personally.

  228. 228
    @fame sucks Says:

    I was actually trying to understand the opinions of people who think different to me, but the conversation moved towards the An Education subject.

  229. 229
    hey Jared Says:

    when I click on this thread it says that there are 228 comments posted – but when I click on “show all” only 222 come up.

  230. 230
    marc and kriz Says:

    #229 Try refreshing the page.

  231. 231
    @ fame sucks Says:

    I am poster number 225 – I am reposting because I put in my name wrong – however I am not posting my name in blue this time.

    The reason why a person’s name is in blue – is because they put up a website when they post – in the website box.

    I am not the other poster you were talking to – I am sorry that you got so upset. Hope my post does not upset you. I just wanted to clarify why someone’s name is in blue.

    I have clicked on the other’s names and it comes up as an error page not sure if mine will or not.

    In case it does not redirect you to my website – this is the link I put up

    I do agree very much with everything you have said. It is a shame that there are not more intelligent people on here.

  232. 232
    fame sucks Says:

    I know why someones name shows up in blue and I know who that poster is that uses that website portion. she has continually harassed people here and as she states has a history of harassing other people at other sites. im quite aware of her posting. her intentions for posting are to always instigate problems as i have read her do over and over and over. i cant be bothered to respond to someone like her and yes i got heated enough today to tell her exactly what readers perceprtions are of her and to tell her to **** off then she acts all innocent like she never instigates problems. this site is famous for harboring posters who do stuff like that. that is why i cant be bothered with it further. my comments about stupidity here werent meant to be all inclusive but there are so many stupid posters that do show up here that i wonder why i even bothered to comment in the first place. officially going back to lurkdom again after my all of a week of commenting. bye

  233. 233
    Sigh Says:

    ***It is a shame that there are not more intelligent people on here***
    Says the author of the “French background” comment…

  234. 234
    @ Sigh Says:

    try again – you really don’t know who i am do you?

    even if you did – who cares – i don’t – can’t understand why you do?

    if it upsets anybody so much – either stay off this website – or get another hobby – why would you risk having a heart attack over something as trivial as comments posted by total strangers.

    the fun part about being on this board is the anonymity – isn’t that one of the reasons why actors love to act – or do you know – being able to be anyone they want to be – be different characters – etc….

  235. 235
    Sigh Says:

    no heart attack, my intelligence is something that doesn’t worry me at all and nothing written here can upset me. But seeing you question the intelligence of others when you’ve said many dumb things here was something difficult not to react to. I’m not saying you are dumb, I’m not such an ******* and you might be brilliant at something, I don’t know you, but some comments you’ve made leave you in no position to judge the comments of others.
    Oh, and you are very easy to identify, even when you say you are another poster, girl of the one million hyphens.

  236. 236
    @ Sigh Says:

    “girl of the one million hyphens.”

    thanks for the compliment – sorry if my style of writing upsets you -

    I could really care less – but i do love the banter back and forth –

    get the last word in – i don’t care – i’m not trying to get the last word – and i do not care if your computer can locate my exact location or anything like that – doesn’t bother me one bit.

    I have never proclaimed to judge anyone – I’m not the one calling all the fan girls dillusional – fat and ugly – all I attempted to do is point out similarities in people. The fact that Orlando is like so many other people in this world. No more, No less important.

    Granted I did go a bit off on men with my anger – and for that I apologize.


  237. 237
    Sigh Says:

    what? My computer can’t locate you! are you serious? What I meant when I said that you are easy to identify is that your style of writing with all those hyphens, that doesn’t upset me, makes it easy to know which posts are yours.
    I have no wish to go on with this conversation. Have a nice day.

  238. 238
    @ Sigh Says:

    Don’t worry – mine can’t either – nor would I want to.

    I do apologize if I made you feel nervous.

    I responded too quickly to your comment is all – without thinking it thru – for that I apologize.

    I wasn’t sure if i should respond – but I wanted you to know that I was very sorry if I upset you.

    take care

  239. 239
    famewhores Says:

    There are new pics of Leo and Bar on the beach.
    What a set up. What famewhores. The only times they are together is for photo ops. Happens like clockwork. They aren’t even interacting, you can tell that they don’t really care about each other. If they cared about each other they would be showing more affection. He is paying more attention to his friends than to her. Her body is amazing, he is so shallow to be dating her. She must have called the paps. No paps are ever on the beach. She is only famous because she is dating him.
    —-did I leave anything out?
    Or do those things only apply to Orlando and Miranda??

  240. 240
    famewhores Says:

    I forgot …..
    65 year old has-beens can avoid having their relationships photographed, why can’t Leo??? He lied when he claims to want privacy. Why does he claim to want privacy, then have the nerve to go outside. What a hypocrit. He went on vacation just to flaunt this showmance.

  241. 241
    @famewhores Says:

    I think I love you

  242. 242
    where's waldo? Says:

    to #239/240

    I think most people would agree that movie stars, entertainers and celebrities, no matter what stage of their careers they happen to be in, are going to get photographed. The point being made here is that some actors and celebrities appear to value their privacy, and appear to take the steps to protect it, more so than others. Even Johnny Depp gets papped with Vanessa on occasion, but it’s very rare, and Leo and Bar don’t get the same amount of pap attention that a certain other couple gets, while Leo and Bar are MUCH bigger as a celebrity couple. So, that tells you something, whether you want to admit it or not. Cher has been in the business long enough to know how to protect and guard her privacy. She’s been an entertainer since the 1960s. She’s learned some things about the press, fame and privacy in that amount of time. The woman isn’t stupid. If she ever flaunted any of her previous boyfriends before the paps, she’s certainly learned how NOT to do it now. If she wanted the exposure, she could walk along Robertson Blvd, Melrose Blvd, or hang out at Club Hyde and Green Door, and she’d get papped. She could have her publicist leak info about gifts her boyfriend has given her, or gifts she’s given him, but it’s nobody’s business! Doesn’t matter whether or not people would care – that’s not the point. Point is famous people know and learn how some games get played, and I think most people who’ve posted on the JJ blogs would agree with that statement. I made the point about Cher to prove another point: famous people have access to powerful agents and publicists and PR firms and can have their privacy, or flaunt their personal business, as much or as little as they want to. But if they claim one thing while doing something else, and they contradict themselves often enough, sooner or later they’re going to get caught, and even the most devoted fans of that person will have to admit that he or she lied. That’s all I’m trying to say. Orlando could keep his girlfriends a lot more private IF he really wanted to. And THEY could keep their yaps shut if THEY really wanted to. If you disagree, that’s okay by me. I’d rather see pictures of Orlando on a movie set than pictures of him with his girlfriends. Pictures with girlfriends are okay but not if that’s ALL that he can offer. Maybe 2009 will be a better year for him. I hope so.
    Waldo’s been away from the paps for a few days, so he can keep a low profile when he wants to. That’s obvious at this point and some people have been saying it for years.

  243. 243
    where's waldo? Says:

    Forgot to add, 239/240, that Cher has had a VERY STRONG and LONG career. For a ‘has been’, she’s got a name that still means something and she still has loyal fans around the world. We’ll see if Orlando has a strong acting career that spans 40 years. He appears to have crashed and burned as of 2007, and he only became famous after LOTR in December 2001. That makes about 6 years of fame, press and hype. Leo has the acting chops to last, but Orlando’s career page is still being written, and I personally think he has to start accepting responsibility for writing it himself, and working on it rather than on tabloid relationships.

  244. 244
    huh Says:

    It’s not like you are not an individual with your own ideas, but after months of seeing how everything Kerrbloom do was overanalized and how some people made ridiculous statements like the ones #239 parodies, it is incredible that now the only thing that makes them famewhores is the amount of times they get snapped by the paps.

    I don’t buy into the excuse that Leo has a more stable career and that’s why the paps are more interested in finding him. A celebrity’s talent or success has nothing to do with the interest the paps might have in him, it’s the amount of people that is interested in said celebrity what counts for them. You can say that Orlando’s career is over or that he’s a crap actor all you want, but people like you or me are interested in him and there are more than 200 comments on this thread, and that’s fact. To say that nobody is interested in his gossip is a blatant lie.

    I too would prefer to see him working instead of seeing pics of him with the missus, and hopefully that moment will arrive, but I’m not going to spend the time before that comes calling him a famewhore for being photographed just like all the others just because he’s not working.

    By the way, Cher has been a great artist and nobody can deny that, but the interest her love life might awake right now is none.

  245. 245
    @242 Says:

    Leo can apparently keep a “low profile when he wants to” as well. I guess that you are saying that these pics ARE set ups? That he and/or Bar called the paps? You have to be saying that if you apply your logic equally. And that would make Jake and Reese the biggest famewhores on the planet, because that are ‘caught’ *winkwink* more often than either Miranda/Orlando or Bar/Leo.
    “Orlando could keep his girlfriends a lot more private IF he really wanted to”
    But the question is, why should he have to? Why should he have to hide? Not answering questions is not the same thing as never being seen together. Why they are together, and the extent or their relationship is no one’s business but theirs.
    His birthday is coming up, and I can already hear the complaints if they are spotted out and about. Are they not supposed to go out to celebrate? Are they not supposed to be together to celebrate? LA, NY and London are all pap heavy. I guess that they should never go home again.

  246. 246
    @ 245 Says:

    “Why they are together, and the extent or their relationship is no one’s business but theirs.”

    Excellent point. Just remember that it can go both ways. Since none of us on this board know what is really going on, it is really only a matter of time before one side, or the other, is going to be able to say, I told you so.

    I wouldn’t call either of them famewhores. I would consider one of them to be slightly desperate for others to know who their main squeeze is, but not because she is trying to further her career.

    Some girls love to shove their boyfriends into other people’s faces. That’s all I see going on here. Neither one of them are trying to further their career to me.

    but that’s just my take on it.

    see ya

  247. 247
    @246 Says:

    “…it is really only a matter of time before one side, or the other, is going to be able to say, I told you so.”
    Very true. But there will be a difference.
    If they break up, the ‘haters’ will be the ones saying “we told you so”, and the ‘shippers’ will be upset, but accept the outcome.
    If they get married, the ‘shippers’ will be saying “we told you so”, but the ‘haters’ will still be claiming that it is all for show, that he/she/they are just desperate for attention, and the marriage “proves it”. They will still be screaming “showmance” while Orlando is walking his daughter down the aisle, or bouncing his first grandchild on his knee. They will never give up, or admit that they had it all wrong.
    I would love to be proven wrong on this, but I don’t see that happening.

  248. 248
    @ 247 Says:

    “They will still be screaming “showmance” while Orlando is walking his daughter down the aisle, or bouncing his first grandchild on his knee.”

    Possibly so, but only if Orlando or Miranda is actually still considered celebrities by then.

    Just like “Where’s Waldo?” has pointed out, Cher does have that leverage of being known still and probably will until the day she dies.

    Also it depends on whether or not Orlando allows his children to be photographed, or even consents to having Miranda as their mother, biological or otherwise. Be honest, how many times have you seen Johnny Depp’s children in public. He and his family go for years at a time without being seen. Little miss, “I have to be seen with Orlando, or it’s not real, may not allow that much time to pass before they are seen out and about together.”

    Either Orlando is going to finally draw the line somewhere, or be led around by his nose by her. I wouldn’t hold my breath for that to happen, her leading him around like that. Going out as friends is one thing. If it gets as far as starting a family together, good luck Miranda in getting him to agree to be seen with you again on a regular basis.

    I can almost guarantee you #247, that ain’t gonna happen if children are involved. Notice I said, “almost” , he is very unpredictable and confusing, where his choices of relationships are concerned.

    Of course he would have to actually acknowledge her as a “romantic relationship” before it would get to them raising a family together, I would think. Would not hold my breath waiting for that one either.

    see ya

  249. 249
    @248 Says:

    ““They will still be screaming “showmance” while Orlando is walking his daughter down the aisle, or bouncing his first grandchild on his knee.”

    Possibly so, but only if Orlando or Miranda is actually still considered celebrities by then. ”

    What does ‘celebrity’ have to do with whether or not a relationship is real? Does Orlando have to completely retire from all forms of show business to have his relationships become real to outsiders?
    Can you honestly still claim that the relationship is fake if and when they get married? If so, then 247 is right.
    And what do you mean “allow” the children to be photographed? If they go outside, or travel with them, they will more than likely be photographed. Are you saying that Johnny “allowed” his children to be photographed? Or Jude Law? Or Colin Farrell? Or Toby McGuire? Or is this a preview of another set of double standards?

  250. 250
    @248 Says:

    “Of course he would have to actually acknowledge her as a “romantic relationship” before it would get to them raising a family together, I would think.”
    Why would he have to publicly “acknowledge her”? I would think that marriage and kids (or just a kid) would be “acknowledgement” enough for any rational person. Besides, if he did publicly/verbally “acknowledge” her, you guys would still claim that it was a showmance. So what difference would that possibly make?

  251. 251
    @ 249 Says:

    “What does ‘celebrity’ have to do with whether or not a relationship is real? Does Orlando have to completely retire from all forms of show business to have his relationships become real to outsiders?”

    Of course he could have a real relationship even if he wasn’t a celebrity. He could even have one with Miranda.

    I didn’t say he needed to retire. But would all the shippers get to write comments in blogs about him, if he is no longer known as a celebrity.

    Lets say he and Miranda did get married sometime down the road, are all the shippers going to still be here throwing stones at all the haters, and will the haters be claiming that it’s a showmance.

    Would you be able to do that to someone who isn’t famous?

  252. 252
    @ 249 Says:

    Fame can and does fade eventually.

    The question is will he still be considered famous when and if he does ever get married.

    He could not get married to anyone ever. Look at George Clooney.

  253. 253
    huh Says:

    Yes, he might not get married and he might not have kids, and I can’t help but wonder what’s wrong with his fans -or better said, followers- if it’s necessary that he has kids or marries to demonstrate that he has a real relationship. I can’t think of any other celebrity that has followers behaving like this. It was the same with Kate Bosworth, and their relationship lasted some years.

    I don’t think anybody is throwing stones at the haters, pointing out obvious double standards and logic gaps is something different, IMHO.

  254. 254
    wtf...... Says:

    It’s such a shame that Orlando has such irrational fans, I feel sorry for him…..what other famous actor has fans that hate his girlfriend so much that they would pretend he is having a showmance rather than be happy for him …….look at Brad Pitt, his fans mostly love Angelina and support him 100%………instead poor Orlando has loonies that make up elaborate conspiracy theories about his relationship with MK and basically call him a liar and a fake…..some fans!!!!

  255. 255
    @ 253 / 254 Says:

    253 -
    “if it’s necessary that he has kids or marries to demonstrate that he has a real relationship.”

    Orlando does not have to prove anything to anyone.

    254 -
    “look at Brad Pitt, his fans mostly love Angelina”

    How often does Brad mention Angelina – not because he has to – but because she does mean a great deal to him.

    How often does Orlando mention Miranda?

    No one ever said Orlando had to do anything. If a guy mentions his girlfriend or wife, I would hope it would be because he genuinely wants to and she is on his mind so much he can’t help but at least acknowledge her existance.

    Not because it is in his “job” description as the “perfect” boyfriend or husband.

  256. 256
    Orlando fan Says:

    Orlando may never work again he may retire SO WHAT? That doesn’t give anyone the right to name call him or say his relationship is fake just because he isn’t working The fact that he isn’t working doesn’t mean he is using his relationship for publicity he could have done that with Penelope Cruz ,Kirsten Dunst,Jennifer Aniston after all they have Hurvane not to mention Alen working for both of them that would have been perfect .

  257. 257
    @255 Says:

    “How often does Orlando mention Miranda”

    How many interviews has he done since they started dating?
    The only interviews that he has done in the last year have been in relation to his charity work. Hardly the place to mention your hot new girlfriend.
    And just how many people would be screaming about him lying about wanting privacy if he did mention her?
    Once again, a damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t.

  258. 258
    um, no Says:

    “Why they are together, and the extent or their relationship is no one’s business but theirs.”

    If they don’t want the any part of their relationship to be anyone’s business but their own, then they should stop inviting the public into their relationship. Anyone wanting to keep a relationship private and out of speculation would not parade around in front of paps, publicly comment on gossip blogs or discuss it in interviews like they have. If they didn’t want the relationship to be anyone’s business, they could do that like many others have, but then, they wouldn’t get any of the attention they crave, would they?

  259. 259
    huh Says:

    Of course he doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone, my point is that something’s wrong with his followers if THEY recquire that he gets married or has kids to believe that he’s in a relationship.
    What’s your obsession with publicly announcing that he’s with her? He doesn’t have to and he has never shown any indication of wanting to comment his personal life publicly. Cool if Brad Pitt has, he is not Brad Pitt.
    @258, he has never commented anything at all, that they comment in gossip blogs is a fact only in your imagination, and for the last time, if their pap pics are set ups, so are all Hollywood’s, no double standards please.

  260. 260
    @258 Says:

    I see we have once again come full circle….
    “parade around in front of the paps”
    Like Leo and Bar, and Jake and Reese, and Tom and Gisele, and Johnny and Vanessa, and Toby, and Hugh, and Mark etc. etc. etc.
    Name ONE couple in their generation who is successful at avoiding the paps 100% of the time. And no, Cher doesn’t qualify.

  261. 261
    @260 Says:

    James McAvoy and Anne-Marie Duff.

    Now, please provide examples where Johnny and Vanessa have done pap set ups every 4-5 weeks like clockwork. Where Bar has discussed Leo’s boxers in an interview. Where Tom and Gisele have announced their vacation plans.

  262. 262
    huh Says:

    Fine, then say that all celebrities are famewhores except for those two. The exception is not the rule.
    I don’t have much interest in the celebrities you mentioned, still I know that Bar met Leo’s parents in Barcelona. I also know that Vanessa used a painting by Johnny Depp that he did for her as the cover of one of her albums (just imagine the riot if Miranda did something like that). But yes, saying that she bought some boxers to Orlando is a total rape of his privacy, that Orlando uses underwear is top secret.

  263. 263
    @261 Says:

    James McAvoy and Anne-Marie Duff really aren’t good examples to use for comparison. Ann-Marie is not well known at all, and James is just now becoming known as someone besides Mr. Tumnus. James is a respected actor, but he just doesn’t generate the media buzz that Orlando does. James has never been a heartthrob, or the #1 hottest bachelor. And they don’t live in NY, LA or London, so they stand less of a chance of being caught by paps. Try using someone closer to Orlando’s situation.
    Johnny and Vanessa can “hide when they want to”, so any time that they are caught, it HAS TO BE A SET UP. Right? Isn’t that how it works? Bar hasn’t discussed Leo’s boxers, but they sure have been “caught” in compromising poses on the beach. The pic with her between his legs, comes to mind. It was on a beach, so she/he/they MUST have called the paps. No pap hangs around on a beach, right? And Tom and Gisele have spent quite a bit of time lately denying engagement rumors. Sound familiar? How are they different? They are “caught” on the street quite often. Famewhores, all, I guess.

  264. 264
    @263 Says:

    Justin Timberlake and Jesical Biel would be a close comparison. And they are photographed muuuch more that Orlando and Miranda.

  265. 265
    fake rack Says:

    Hilary Duff stole Mirandas fugly lace bag! No wonder we havent seen it lately.

  266. 266
    set ups Says:


    From the mouths of the paps themselves:

    “many “hidden camera shots” are well rehearsed set-ups”

    “Another photographer, who did not want to be named, estimated that as many as 80 per cent of photos of celebrities supposedly caught unawares are actually arranged in advance by their publicists.”
    (The Independent)

    “News editors like pictures which present celebrities caught off guard — so these are then staged for that purpose but the reader is not told that the sense of drama is obviously fake. ”

    “Quite a few of the snatched pictures we see in the papers were in all probability staged for that precise purpose. Photographers sometimes work in league with celebrities. They arrange an unusual photo-opportunity, the photographer sells the picture and a storyline to go with it and then the two of the split the proceeds. ”

    and of Jason Fraser, who “caught” Orlando and Miranda in Venice:
    “The celebrated photographer Jason Fraser, who has enjoyed exceptional access to celebrities, is known to work on what can only be described as arranged photo-opportunities.”

    “But as Fraser reveals, in reality very few of his subjects are “off guard” at all. “In a huge number of the photographs I take,” he says, “the celebrities…how can I put this…aren’t exactly surprised when the pictures appear in the newspapers afterwards.”
    (BBC news)

    So, yes, the majority of times a celebrity is “caught” by the paps, they are aware and it has been arranged. If making excuses, denials, and justifications that Leo or Tobey or Jake gets “caught” by the paps as well keeps your fangirl pedestal intact, then knock yourself out. But that does not change the fact that Orlando and Miranda are famewhores who are p!mping a relationship for attention and publicity by staging photo ops with paps AND planting sightings AND talking about it in the press. They may not be alone in their actions, but they’re famewhores nonetheless.

  267. 267
    @266 Says:

    “MANY “hidden camera shots” are well rehearsed set-ups”
    “Quite A FEW of the snatched pictures we see in the papers were in all probability staged ”
    “Photographers SOMETIMES work in league with celebrities”

    Somehow that doesn’t equal your statement of ” the MAJORITY of times a celebrity is “caught” by the paps, they are aware and it has been arranged.”
    These statements imply that, in fact, the majority ARE NOT arranged.
    Many, a few, and sometimes, does NOT = majority

    “In a huge number of the photographs I take,” Note, he said that not ALL of the ones that he takes, or even the word “majority”, and he is just one of MANY paps.
    You have a theory, but not the proof.
    You think that they are famewhores, fine. But you haven’t proven your case. Not by a long shot.

  268. 268
    @266 Says:

    I don’t believe that most celebrity pictures are staged. If “most” of them were staged, paps wouldn’t do things as waiting for celebrities outside clubs, restaurants or their houses for hours, and the places known as “paparazzi hot spots” wouldn’t exist. It’s not that I think celebrities never do set ups, but I think they must have a goal, for example in the cases of celebrities with doubtful reputations that want to be papped as they wish to be seen. In the case of a person like Orlando, who has never talked about his life and his dislike for paps is obvious, especially after how they behaved with the car crash, and besides with no benefit for him, I doubt it.
    That doesn’t help your case anyway, as most celebrities don’t have fans that call them famewhores all the time.

  269. 269
    Aspen Says:

    According to Orlando was seen with Miranda in Aspen renting a house, on the 1st of January.

  270. 270
    @268 Says:

    Please those people aren’t Orlando’s fans just negative people who need to spread hate towards a stranger like Orlando

  271. 271
    @267+268 Says:

    “as many as 80 per cent of photos of celebrities supposedly caught unawares are actually arranged in advance by their publicists”

    “very few of his subjects are “off guard” at all”

    “a huge number of the photographs I take the celebrities aren’t exactly surprised when the pictures appear in the newspapers afterwards.”

    80% arranged in advance, VERY FEW caught off guard, a HUGE NUMBER are not surprised= MAJORITY.

  272. 272
    @271 Says:

    Great, you trust the words of a photographer that won’t reveal his name and I will trust what I see, and what I see is that paparazzi do wander around places known as “hot spots” to see if they can snap a celebrity -and why should they if nothing less than the 80% of the pics they take can be obtained without moving a finger-, wait for them outside restaurants, their houses, their hotels, etc -again why bother?-, and some even drive carelessly to chase after a celebrity, like the ones that made Orlando crash.

  273. 273
    @ 269 Says:

    “According to Orlando was seen with Miranda in Aspen renting a house, on the 1st of January.”

    Yeah and I’ve seen Big Foot walking around at my local Walmart the other day.

    It’s amazing to me how an online news sight can claim to have seen two celebrities and expect others to believe them when they have no pics to back them up.

    Maybe someone should let them in on a new invention sweeping the world…..its called….a Camera!

  274. 274
    @273 Says:

    It’s an enormous coincidence that a columnist that writes for the denver post mentions a sighting precisely now, a week after Orlando was seen buying a snowboard.

  275. 275
    @274 Says:

    There were reports of them renting a house in Aspen even before the first of the year.
    And, I see, we are back to the hypocrisy…..
    No pics, it didn’t happen.
    Pics, it is a “set up”.
    Oh, and what a coincidence….they bought snowboarding equipment, then went somewhere they could *gasp* snowboard? Yeah, like that would ever happen. That was sarcasm, in case anyone is in doubt.

    Oh, and #271
    “AS MANY AS 80 per cent” = as little as 1%

    “very few of his subjects are “off guard” at all” = very few of 1,000 = 200???

    “a huge number of the photographs I take the celebrities aren’t exactly surprised when the pictures appear in the newspapers afterwards.” =Why would they be surprised to see the pics. They were there when the picture was taken, do they not think that it will be sold? No, didn’t think so.
    Try again.

  276. 276
    so Says:

    IF the denverpost sighting is accurate, they can go to Aspen, a paparazzi mecca where celebritites were photographed all through the holidays, and not get any pics taken? They can go unseen in a town of 10,000 and are continuously found in a city of 10,000,000? That shows that they can avoid the paps when they WANT to avoid them and more obvious that when they get “caught” it’s a set up.

  277. 277
    @275 Says:

    You must have an amazing view of the Sphinx.

  278. 278
    @ 275 Says:

    “There were reports of them renting a house in Aspen even before the first of the year.”

    Funny, that’s when they were buying the snowboard equipment as well. Before the first of the year.

  279. 279
    @ 276 Says:

    Like you say, “IF”.

    What makes you think “little miss randa” is going to accept an “IF” for her relationship with Orlando.

    She’s the one, to me it seems, feels that, IF there are no pics of them out and about, then the relationship to her is not real. She’s the one who needs the cameras on them.

    Sadly though it is not the end of the month yet. But never fear, she may have the pics from Denver already bought and paid for, and ready for release any time she chooses.

  280. 280
    @276 Says:

    IF they are the big famewhores you say they are, and ALL their pics to date have been set ups, including really boring pictures, why would they miss such a perfect chance to be photographed snowboarding, all happy, spending their holidays together, in particularly juicy pics in a paradise of paps?
    Didn’t they ONLY get together to be papped, according to your “no pics=not together” logic?

    I see no reason to doubt the source, the author of the article is a columnist that writes about events of Denver and Colorado and sometimes appears on TV, he is no gossip columnist, according to

  281. 281
    @280 Says:

    He’s a columnist that reports on celebrities, his columns are talking about Lance Armstrong, Mariah and Nick, and other celebrity sightings sent into him, sounds just like a gossip columnist.

  282. 282
    @280.... Says:

    There is not use trying to reason with people like @279……..If Orlando Bloom personally told them face to face that he was in real relationship with Miranda Kerr they still wouldn’t believe him………because in their minds they think if they keep denying the relationship then it doesn’t exist and that one day Orlando will be theirs…….sad but true…lol!!!!

  283. 283
    @ 282 Says:

    As soon as he does say to their face that he is in a real relationship with Miranda or anyone else, yes I would believe him.

    But not from his fans or those who takes pictures of him with her or anyone else.

    His relationship with her may in fact bloom into something more. There was the kiss in Venice. However one or even a hundred kisses, no matter how passionate, will not guarantee that the relationship will last, now will it?

    The only people who have any say in that is them.

    Wouldn’t you agree?

    But please, let me know when he does say anything, would you?

    From 279, remember the number.

  284. 284
    @283 Says:

    But the question remains as to why certain ‘fans’ can’t accept the possibility that he is dating her. Why should he have to confirm that there is a real relationship? Isn’t dating considered a relationship?They are seen together as often as he was seen with Kate, why is it so hard to believe that he and Miranda are a couple? Is he so ugly, horrible and unloveable that no one would date him? That he has to pay someone to be with him? No?

  285. 285
    @ 284 Says:

    “Isn’t dating considered a relationship?”

    Sometimes, but not always. There are some people that do just like to hang out a lot as friends, and even though there might be moments that they may feel something more for each other, it may not last past that moment.

    They may be waiting to see how long it does. And where it goes.

    But that is really for them to decide. We as outsiders do not really know what is going on with them. The only thing we have to go on is how we would feel if we were with someone. If you can forget about either one of them being celebrities and just regular people, which they are, no one who does not know them personally, probably would not see Orlando or Miranda as any thing else but celebrities, so they would say, “well if it were me, I would never stop loving him or her.”

    When in actuality, they have no idea who Orlando and Miranda really are as just regular people. Take away the media, that’s all they are.

    Arnold Swarzenegger dated his wife for 8 or 9 years before they got married, and they are still going strong, as far as I know to this day.

    But either waiting or jumping in does not guarantee the relationship will last either way.

  286. 286
    @285..... Says:

    Your missing the point, it’s not about whether they will last or not as a
    couple as you can never be certain about anybody…….but rather it is
    about acknowledging the fact that they are in a relationship right now and
    have been for over a year……..again why can’t certain “fans” simply accept this instead of calling it a “showmance” or “set up”……as it then basically calls him shallow and a fake!!!!

  287. 287
    @ 286 Says:

    “why can’t certain “fans” simply accept this”

    Because like I said before….when I replied to 284

    “Isn’t dating considered a relationship?”

    Sometimes, but not always. There are some people that do just like to hang out a lot as friends, and even though there might be moments that they may feel something more for each other, it may not last past that moment.

    Why can’t certain “fans” accept that they could just be friends as well.

    I was not one of the posters who called him shallow or fake. Or consider any of the shots to be considered a showmance or set up…unless he has told her that he only wanted to be friends and she is trying to make it out to be something more….everyone deals with pain in their own way…I could be wrong of course….then again….I could be close.

    But I do know how I would feel if someone treated me the way he seems to be treating her. I would feel that he, and not because he was Orlando, I’m referring to any guy. I would feel that he could be falling in love with me. Been there before, and it hurts. Because when you reciprocate what you think is real, they don’t call you for months at a time.

    All I’m saying is, it can go both ways. I know from personal experience just how painful it can be.

    But also like I pointed out in my post above….

    “We as outsiders do not really know what is going on with them.”

    You want to believe that it is a real romantic relationship, that’s fine.

    Your opinion, which you are entitled to have, does not make it so, and it the same goes for anyone with a different opinion.

    But trust me, when I say, things are not always what they seem.

    For me, no I will not be “happy” for them, until there is something to be happy about. (personal experience has taught me otherwise)

    But that’s just my opinion.

    Thank you for letting me share it.

  288. 288
    Ok Says:

    @281 he is obviously not a gossip columnist, just reading one article you can see that he writes about local stuff and he sometimes uses three lines at the end of the article to mention celebrity sightings.
    But that doesn’t really matter, the point is that a columnist that writes about Colorado news mentions a sighting few days after the pics of Orlando buying a snowboard. The coincidence is too big to be actually a coincidence.

    @287 you’ve said that you think M and O are in a “just friends” relationship and that he would have to aknowledge her publicly to make this a real relationship MANY times through all the thread. I think that
    both opinions are ridiculous, and many people have replied to these same opinions MANY times on this thread, but if this is your opinion, that’s fine. Just please don’t repeat the same things all the time after people have already rebutted them, for the sake of not turning this thread to an annoying deja vu. Thanks in advance.

  289. 289
    @ 288 Says:

    I only repeat when people don’t understand my point.

    But since I am obviously not “intellegent” enough to post on this board.

    Cest la vie!

    Don’t ask for me to repeat if you don’t understand.

    I will not post again. If anyone claims to me. Then they are either just as dumb as I am. Or not very nice.

    Your call….Good Bye – Good Riddens!

  290. 290
    Real or just for show? Says:

    In my opinion they behave like two people who have affection for each other and obviously enjoy spending time together. Whether it will deepen into a lasting relationship involving an actual marriage commitment or something more like ‘Brangelina’ or what Depp and his ‘life partner’ Vanessa share, who can say? I doubt it’s ‘just for show’ although I do think she probably benefits from the subsequent media exposure more than he does. (I’ve noticed her name and picture pop up more frequently in various ‘celebrity rags’ than would have been the case if her name wasn’t linked with a ‘Hollywood celebrity.’) Still, I honestly don’t see these two being ‘papped’ any more frequently than other celebrity couples – and far less than some.

  291. 291
    where's waldo Says:

    For “two people who have affection for each other and obviously enjoy spending time together,” I think Orlando could have had his rep use the pronoun “We” in the denial of an engagement instead of “He”. That simple change of wording would have acknowledged that they *are* a couple and *are* together, and it would have been Bloom’s official acknowledgment of her. I think publicists choose their words very carefully. And I agree with Marc and Kriz that the denial was official and was given to JJ first.
    Many people think Orlando and Miranda been seeing each other, in whatever capacity, since April 2007, so they’ve had plenty of time to develop their relationship, whatever the nature of it is. With texting, calling and e-mail, you can stay in touch, even in long distance relationships.
    I disagree with the poster who says they think he’s falling in love with her because his actions and behavior don’t strike me as those of a man falling for a woman. He stood her up in Jan ’08 and wasn’t seen with her for what, 7 wks or so? They have something going on, but I just don’t see love or commitment. That’s all. There’s a book called “He’s Just Not Into You” and I think a lot of women – even famous ones – should take a look at it. When a man’s interested, he shows it.
    And I think OB gets publicity out of this because if you remove him from the Miranda stuff in the press, you’ll see he would have gotten a lot less press coverage without her.
    Just my opinion.

  292. 292
    where's waldo Says:

    Forgot to add that sightings and pictures of celebrities at stores is not proof that they purchased anything. It just means those celebs were there at the time the pictures were taken. Orlando and Kate were often seen and papped at furniture stores for years, but if they really bought all the furniture that was implied through the pap pics, they’d have had enough to fill a mansion or an estate! And some people think they never really lived together anyway. So go figure.

  293. 293
    @where's waldo Says:

    @291 I don’t know why you think a “we” instead of a “he” means something. As far as I know, you can’t be engaged to yourself, you have to be engaged to someone and the denial was obviously in response to an engagement rumour TO HER, so I see no difference between a “we” or a “he” here.
    What about not being seen for 7 weeks? If they had been seen together in less time, you would have screamed “set up like clockwork!” and I don’t know why you guys think that if they aren’t seen together that means they aren’t together. If you don’t see pics, that means that you don’t know where he is or who he is with, and you should admit it, otherwise you don’t sound like a very reasonable or objective person.
    You don’t think they are in love, that’s ok. But that’s what you see on some pics, nothing else. I’ve seen lots of pics of couples that look like Barbie and Ken, and then you find out, for example, that he’s an alcoholic that beats her or something similar. My point is that pictures don’t say that much. I see that he flies with her to the places where she works so I don’t see how he “ignores” her. I’m not saying they are in love, I don’t have a clue, but I don’t see what you see.
    I also don’t think Orlando is getting any publicity from her that he can’t get by himself. If you remove Miranda from the equation, you would have Kirsten Dunst, or Penelope Cruz, or Jen Aniston, or Eva Longoria, or Courteney Cox, or even Eric Bana, etc. He’s been often in the news while he’s been single.

    With all my respect, saying that he didn’t buy the snowboard so the Aspen sighting is fake sounds slightly desperate. I believe someone mentioned that they saw staff from the store loading the shopping in his car, and I don’t know why would a columnist that mentioned the sighting in three lines of his much longer article make it up.

  294. 294
    Media interest Says:


    I agree, I’m sure he’d have no problem (and he hasn’t in the past) generating media interest while ‘solo’ or in the company of others (male or female) – besides Miranda. But since the general celebrity-loving public is hooked on ‘gossip’ and seeing pics of their favorite celebrities in ‘romantic’ (implied) relationships, these are the kind that generate the most interest.

  295. 295
    @294 Says:

    Very true, but while single he was “romantically” linked to, at least, Kirsten Dunst, Naomie Harris, Penelope Cruz and Jen Aniston, and I’m sure I’m forgetting the majority of them. Being linked to those women, especially Aniston, gives much more publicity than being with a relatively unknown model, I think.
    And even if being with Miranda gave him a little bit more publicity, something I disagree with for the reasons said above, is it worth it? Is it a whole year of “showmance” worth it? Yeah?

  296. 296
    Media interest Says:


    But see, I really don’t think it’s a ‘showmance’ in the sense that it seems to me there is some reality to the ‘relationship.’ How deep their feelings are for each other, I have no idea. Could just be friendship and some shared interests (more likely ‘friends with benefits’) or it could be even more exclusive. As you say, he’s been linked to an odd assortment of females (and some were certainly a stretch), but he seems to have pretty much ‘settled’ on Mitanda even though unsubstantiated rumors still surface about ‘one-night stands’ with ‘anonymous’ others. Who really knows except the two people involved?

  297. 297
    explain this Says:

    Which one of you was it that said that Orlando Bloom was not a cautionary tale for other young actors? I guess you’re gonna blame this one on the haters, too. Face it, he’s not the creme of the crop anymore.

  298. 298
    @297..... Says:

    Oh, come on!…….using “laineygossip” to back up yet another petty attack on Orlando is really stretching believability…….it’s a personal blog,
    not Vanity Fair……lol!!!!

  299. 299
    @ 298 Says:

    Same type of gossip used to make people believe he is in a loving and romantic relationship with what’s her face!

    Vanity Fair is not any more Trusworthy than the Dail Mail!


  300. 300
    @298 Says:

    Wasn’t Lainey the one that tried to claim that she turned away orlando’s advances after some award show? She reported that he had three girls in an SUV, and walked by her and smiled. She tried to make it sound like she had rebuffed him, and that he kept walking. In reality, he smiles at everyone, and was rushing to get back to the young women in the car. He didn’t need her old, hateful bag of bones, he had three hotties waiting for him. Everyone laughed at her. She is pathetic.
    And before ‘teh haterz’ start, this was long before Miranda.

    FWIW, the other posters were right. Any young actor would give their eye teeth to be in Orlando’s place right now. Respect from some of the biggest names in the business, in front of, and behind the cameras. Sitting on a ton of money and able to work on things that you love, and not take jobs just to pay the bills. Orlando has it made.

  301. 301
    @300...... Says:

    I have to agree, it really amazes me that the same old loonie Orlando
    “fans” who keep peddling the line that he is some “has been” actor….when he was just named the 6th most bankable actor in the world……….it’s like their living in an alternative universe and beyond weird that they can’t seem to grasp he has elected to take time off and not because producers and directors don’t want to work with him!!!!

  302. 302
    @301 Says:

    If so many directors and producers want to work with him, then why hasn’t he had a new role in 5 years?

  303. 303
    @298 Says:

    uhmmmm, because he was working

  304. 304
    @301, 302 et. al. Says:

    Oh good heavens, you people really do live in lala land don’t you?
    You can’t face the fact that Bloom’s expiration date is past. He IS being held up as a cautionary example at far more legitimate outlets than just the hater forums and gossip blogs. If the producers and directors are supposedly so eagerly and constantly knocking his door down, why won’t they hire him; and if he keeps turning them away because he’s “just being picky”, or prefers endless public celebutard vacations with his gf, well at a certain point, people just stop knocking. Another very true facet of the cautionary example. Don’t think for one minute that the new crop of IT boys aren’t being lectured about this by their teams.
    Sorry but Bloom hasn’t made a grand impression on many people talentwise no matter how much you fans, both shippers and haters alike, fuss and stomp and tantrum about it. Hollywood and Bloom got what they wanted-an effective but notoriously short road to fortune and fame. Quite frankly the general public doesn’t give a rats @ss about him anymore(if ever). I don’t think Hollywood nor Bloom himself do either. They’ve moved on. Its time for all his sickofants to as well.

  305. 305
    @298 Says:

    Ooops, I meant #302. Sorry, 298.
    Let’s see…filming POTC through January 2007, then the play through September, so he’s only been off for a little over a year. With two new roles in the works, he would have been working sooner if there weren’t delays in filming. None of those delays his fault, BTW. Except for this past year he has worked non-stop for over nine years, earning many millions of dollars. What does he have to do in your eyes to be considered a success????

  306. 306
    @304 Says:

    Once again, young actors….don’t work with Ridley Scott, or Cameron Crowe, or Peter Jackson. And don’t co-star with Johnny Depp, Geoffrey Rush, Ian McCellan, or Liam Neeson. And whatever you do, don’t earn enough money by 30, to rest on your laurels for the rest of your life. Or use that money to finance/produce films that are close to your heart. And for Goodness’ sake, don’t spend time on charity for the children of the world!! NOOO!!!! Oh no! You sure don’t want to end up like Mr. Bloom!!!!
    PS, Ms. Smartypants….it’s SYCOPHANTS. If you are going to try to use multisyllabic words to insult, you should at least know how to spell them. Moron. See, that’s an easy word to spell.

  307. 307
    where's waldo? Says:

    I kept wondering why the photo of Orlando and Miranda from People with the Diesel story looked like I had seen it before.,,20250372,00.html

    Then I went back to check old JJ threads and found this:

    So, the sighting could have been called in with old pictures from last September used. Thought I’d mention it. Being seen at a store doesn’t automatically = purchasing something. A called in sighting isn’t proof, and when old pictures are used as ‘proof’ it looks a bit shady. IMO.

  308. 308
    @ where's waldo? Says:

    Thanks for the info. I was wondering the same thing.

    Besides, aren’t the two lovebirds suppose to be getting cozy in Denver?

  309. 309
    @306 Says:

    It’s Sir Ian McKellen. Moron.

  310. 310
    @307 Says: often uses file photos in their stories if they don’t have a current pic. Nothing “shady” about it, at all.
    But I get it: No pics = they aren’t together. Pics = set up.
    Being seen with a salesperson carrying a large bag out to your car, doesn’t mean that you bought anything, even if you are going on vacation someplace where you would use said items…..riiiiight.
    At least you guys are consistant.

  311. 311
    @309 Says:

    See, that word is easy to spell. Even for tiny brains. Good job.

  312. 312
    @304 Says:

    Nice try in your effort to explain reality to the brainless sychophants but as you can see they are firmly entrenched in their state of denial. Next they’ll start quoting from interviews done 7 years ago. All that work done far in the past is only good enough to get Orlando onto a VH1 “Where are they Now” special or his own booth at a Tolkien convention but none of that is helping to win him any roles in the present state. They’ll go on with their delusions that he’s “taking a break” when it’s quite obvious that if he was on a break he wouldn’t be signing onto movies or showing up on sets only to leave after a week. Nope, he worked with Ridley Scott 5 years ago so that must mean that directors are knocking down his door despite no evidence for that whatsoever, not even a single rumor that he’s in consideration for any parts in LA or the UK. He’s forced to come up with his own projects now because no one will hire him for any others. They’ll make excuses that he couldn’t film any new movies because he was so tied up with the POTC sequels despite the fact that those same constraints have not stopped Johnny and Keira from working nonstop. No, the poor sad fangirls are so desperate to cling to the past, they’re just like the losers who show up at reunions touting their high school exploits long after the fact, trying to relive the glory days because they’ve stayed in the same place while everyone else has moved on to bigger and better things. Hope Orlando invested that pirate money wisely, he’s going to need to live off it for a long time.

  313. 313
    @304 and 312 Says:

    Don’t you just love it when people start talking to themselves?

    What is sadder?
    Fans continuing to support him?
    Or hateful losers who think that it is their duty to change the minds of these fans by continually posting on old threads that they would have had to search for to find?
    I think that I will stick with the positive people, and let the haterz flail away.

  314. 314
    @312 Says:

    But he has won roles. He won the role in An Education, but walked away from it. Something that happens quite often in the business, BTW. He won roles for In Celebration and The Red Circle. And the director, writer and his highly esteemed co-stars are trusting him with both acting and producing roles in Fools Rush In. Rumors are still circulating about the Rory Stewart biopic, and remember that rumor about him and Kiera being in the remake of Saturday Night Fever? You must have tunnel vision if you are claiming that there haven’t been any rumors. I don’t think that the “fangirls” are the ones that are sad. I think that someone who spends so much time consumed in hate, is the pathetic one. Maybe you should get some counseling.

  315. 315
    done Says:

    He is just a very very lucky has been. He was in some of the top money making films, as a supporting actor, those films were huge box office hits, so his name is listed as a top moneymaker, but the reality is that he did make or carry any of the films that made the money. LOTR was an ensemble piece, and Johnny Depp made POTC. Every other fim he has made as the lead has been panned by the critics. Yes, I know about the old shippers that go on and on about the Director’s cut of KOH, but reality is the majority of the film world sees it as less than a stellar performance. Elizabethtown was horrible,and Haven didn’t even open in many cities in the US. He is lucky in the sense that he appears to have more money making power than he really does, but industry isn’t stupid they can see it. Yes he has worked with big names, and I think most that worked with him liked him, but liking someone and putting butt’s in seats are two very different things. He just doesn’t put the butt’s in the seats, and now he is looking old, chubby, wrinkly and out of shape. Becoming a star maybe be partly luck, but if you don’t have the ability it won’t take you far, as is the case with Orlando. He got lucky after school, got talked about was offered films by directors, that realistically today wouldn’t touch him with a ten foot pole. They may love to see him at a party, but not in their movies. There have been a number of movies made this last year that he would have been the right age and type to play, good movies, but it appears as though no one was offering them to him.

  316. 316
    @315 Says:

    But why in the world does it bother you that he has fans that support him? Time will prove you right or wrong, there’s no point for this discussion. And even if time proved you right, people would still have the right to like him.

  317. 317
    @ 308 Says:

    I see why would use old pics and attach them to a really boring story that anyone could have made up in 5 minutes. In the end, that magazine is about celebrities and they have to write something even when they are clearly run out of interesting news.
    The denver post columnist doesn’t focus on writing about celebrities, he writes mainly about local news, so he can cope with not talking about them. And then there’s the coincidence of Orlando looking for winter sports equipment and being overheard saying “I want this one, babe” (wanker, LOL) pointing at a certain snowboard and then reading a sighting of them in Aspen by a columnist that most likely has never talked about him in his life before. Unlike

  318. 318
    @316 Says:

    It doesn’t bother me that he has fans that still support him, that is their choice, based on their own opinions. I don’t hate the guy, I just believe that I am looking at what has happened to his career realisticly Just because one is a fan doesn’t mean that he has no faults and he has made no mistakes. Being a delusional fan may mean one is unable to look at his career with a more discerening eye. He has made what appear to be some bad career moves. And when other reputable sources are using his career as a how not to do it to other up and coming actors, it would seem that his questioning fans are not the only one to notice that mistakes have been made, and it has hurt his ability to do very much in his chosen field of work for the moment., There are always comebacks, but for that to happen for him, I believe he needs to stop acting like a celebrity, and more like an actor. That may include taking smaller parts in films with actors who care deeply about their craft. I know that Johnny Depp is such an actor, and if he had stopped with the first pirate movie it would have been a fun kick of a summer movie, but the bad reviews of the last two hurt him far more than it did Johnny and Kiera. Johnny had already earned the respect of his peers, and could afford a blockbuster that didn’t get much critical acclaim. Kiera was working in indie films along with the POTC movies, so she had another body of work backing her up. Orlando had nothing, and while I admire his choice in having the fortitude to do a live play, he didn’t get outstanding reviews, most were mediocre at best. He has to do better, prove that he has the ability and drive to work hard at becomming a better actor. For some reason, I don’t think that Hollywood is where nice guys finish first, but the talented ones do. Nice won’t do it for him there.

  319. 319
    @318 Says:

    ” That may include taking smaller parts in films with actors who care deeply about their craft.”

    Did you not read #314′s post?
    He has, and is taking smaller parts to hone his craft. He was offered the lead in In Celebration, but chose to take the smaller part because he, himself thought that he wasn’t ready.
    And he has received much critical praise. You just seem to want to ignore that fact.
    “Delusional” goes both ways. If either side ignores facts, they are deluding themselves.
    You are as delusional as some of the worst fangirls.

  320. 320
    mia Says:

    About actor Orlando Bloom. He is good in movies in which some other actor is the main actor and carries the movie. In LOTR it was Viggo . In POTC it was Deep. The problems appeared when Bloom was expected to play the main role and carry all movie himself. He is not powerful enough for that. He is not strong enough for that. Not charismatic enough . I like him, but it is the truth. Elisabethtown was bad, the other two movies even worth. He is not looking well, he is not ageing good. I have the feeling that he is doing nothing for himself any more. Like he does not care any more. Maybe he thinks that having sex with the VS model is the top achievement of his life, which is of course sad and stupid. Something is wrong with OB or around him.

  321. 321
    @320...... Says:

    Mia……what a load of BS……Orlando Bloom is one of the most successful actors in the world and any actor would kill to have achieved what he has…….jealous much over his relationship with Miranda Kerr…..get over it!!!!!!

  322. 322
    @mia Says:

    You are ignoring all of the posts pointing out his success, and all of his future projects.
    I guess that you don’t want anything to interfere with your version of the truth, hmmm?

  323. 323
    @318 Says:

    Fair enough, but I think it’s different to be critical with him to ignore any merit he might have achieved. I would definately say that his career has gone through better moments, but to bury it before its time is not fair.
    There are many abominable actors that still work and I don’t think he’s abominable.
    Realistically, I don’t think it’s possible that he wasn’t offered any role after the confusingly successful POTC3, so I do think that he wanted to have a break and do some theatre acting, and maybe escape from all the hysteria around him, but I’ll give you that disappearing from movie business for so long is not an intelligent option, as people forget names easily.
    I hope that his rumoured future projects go ahead, we´ll have to wait and see.
    But you’ll have to admit that saying that nobody cares about him or that his work with very competent professionals is irrelevant is just not true.
    Which are the reputable sources that had used him as the anti-example? I hope you are not talking about that Lainey loser that even other blogs mocked for having a suspicious sudden drastic change from love to hate towards him…
    And that he gets compared to the young new Brit actors, sometimes in a positive way and sometimes in a negative way is not as bad as it seems. Quoting POTC: “You are the worst pirate I’ve ever heard of” – “But you HAVE heard of me”…

  324. 324
    @ 323 Says:

    “he wanted to have a break and do some theatre acting, and maybe escape from all the hysteria around him”

    What break from “hysteria”? The girls flocked to that theater in Droves! From all over the world, just because he was there!

    And this time he wasn’t just an image on a movie screen. He was there in the flesh.

    What break from “hysteria”? They still do. Makes no difference if he has a girlfriend, or wife, on his arm. Whether she is famous or not, they still would go crazy.

    When he takes a real break from the “hysteria” then he will not be seen or made a fuss over, for a lot longer than just a few weeks at a time.

  325. 325
    @319 Says:

    Ah, I see, you are one who cannot be reasoned with. As far as In Celebration goes, from the interviews I read from that time, he did want the older brother’s part, but was convinced by the director, to take the younger brothers role. She said he didn’t look old enough for the older brother, and since it was his first theatre role in the West End, he should start with something smaller. Then he was quoted as agreeing with the director’s assessement. I still watch his career ocassionally, but I have to tell you to from the people I talk to and interact with, who do not follow his career most of the general pubic considerer him done. He has had a succsefull career if you consider only the financial side of things, but he has not earned the respect from his peers for his acting ablitiy. They like him because he is easy to work with, seems to be a nice guy, and is professional in his approach to the work, but the ability to turn in a world shaking performance, not so much. But for some reason I am sure that it will not matter what I say, nor how objectivatly I say it, you will just hear what you want to. In fact from your style of writing, I would have a pretty good guess who you are. So, this is probably a worthless effort, but I had a couple of minutes and I thought why not.

    As far as the general public goes, I don’t think he is considered that good. If mainstream entertainment publications are using his career choices and path as a cautionanary tale to other young actors, then I would say that in general they feel like he missed the boat, and I actually read that quote in an interview done with Robert Pattinson, and not from a gossip blog. As far as saying that is “not true” that is stating a fact, and not a perspective, I try to be careful to say that this is what I think, not what I know. I do agree he wanted a break, I do agree that actors who are far worse than he are working, the question is are they working because they will take any offers they get, just to work and get some cash. We see that he will do commercials in Japan for some big dollars. But I think the reason he is not working is because he isn’t being offered really good roles, from the type of directors he was used to working in the past. The two or three projects he has been mentioned with, seem to stalled. Maybe they will get off the ground, maybe not, but from where I am settting, he just doesn’t have the power to make it happen that he may have had a few years ago.
    Sorry for the long post, but I do like to think about what I say, instead of just shooting back with some generic insult, and no pov to back it up with.

  326. 326
    fake rack Says:

    at least you do that 325, unlike 321 who writes the same shite over and over again that everyone is just jelous of his relationship and that must be the reason for everything.

    As for his career, which is far more interesting than his relationship, it might be stalled, but saying its just for this reason or just for that reason is just as speculative as saying his relatioship is all fake. It might look like crap at the moment, but only he knows the real story. Maybe not everyone is willing to offer him roles right now, but there are roles to be had, and the right one will come along….he’s an actor and there are people who do like his acting and dont find him abyssmal. I hope for his sake he is done with the blockbusters and the trilogies. They catapulted him to stardom, and like 323 said, at least we have heard of him. Actors, all of them, have ups and downs, good times and bad. There is not one single actor working where they themselves or the general public havent lost interest for a time. Even guys like Tom Hanks had rough periods in their career. Orlando is only in his early 30′s. He;s got plenty of years to have more highs and more lows. I think the media that use him as their punching bag of ‘what not to do’ are just doing the same thing they always do of kicking people when they are down. Should we be surprised by that? No. But giving credibility to those media outlets by quoting them and taking their words as proof of anything is really just like believing gossip in a way. When Orlando is back on the upswing, those same sources will again be trying to kiss his ****. Fans might be fickle, but media is worse.

  327. 327
    kay Says:

    I just honestly don’t understand how anyone could use him as a bad example of a young actor’s career.
    After his explosion onto the scene with the premiere of Fellowship, he has made nothing but quality choices. He didn’t do stupid movies that bank on his looks, he made excellent choices.
    Black Hawk down gave him a chance to work with Ridley Scott, even if it was a tiny part.
    The Calcium Kid, with its silliness, was never stupid. It was really quite a good comedy.
    Ned Kelly was very good, and he did an excellent job as Joe. To quote a critic, he “quietly stole the show from Heath Ledger”.
    He didn’t think that he wanted to do Pirates, but Geoffrey Rush told him that it could open doors for him, so he took the part of Will Turner. He was perfect for the part. Athletic, daring, innocent and handsome, Will was the perfect counterpoint to Captain Jack. Without that straight man/funny man balance, Jack would have gotten tiresome much more quickly than he did. And boy did he.
    Troy was the only movie that he did where his looks were highlighted. He made Paris believably spoiled, vain and narcissistic. Remember, he made heroic Legolas, Joe and Will believable, too. That shows his talent. He is able to become the character, and make him believable, no matter his situation. Troy also gave him another chance to work with great co-stars, but I think that it would have been a better movie with a stronger director. One not so enamored with Brad’s ego.
    Haven was a great experiment. It would have been better in the hands of a more experienced director. I think that Frank just bit off a bit more than he could chew, dealing with the intersecting storylines. But Orlando was amazing as Shy. Sweet, goodhearted, beautiful Shy, driven to hatred and violence. He didn’t have to be the upright hero, for a change, and he was fantastic.
    Kingdom of Heaven was a really great movie. Those of you who condemn “fangirls” for going back to the Director’s Cut, are missing out on one of what some critics have called Ridley’s finest pieces of work. Orlando didn’t think that he was ready for this role, but Ridley had faith in him. He gave a beautiful performance as Balian. Haunted by the past and thrust into situations that he wasn’t prepared for, but valiantly trying to always do the right thing. This film also gave him another chance to work with Ridley, and fantastic co-stars.
    Elizabethtown could have been so much better. If you had read the script, you would know that it was meant to be a movie about the relationship between a father and a son. What was made was something completely different, but that is hardly Orlando’s fault. Drew could have been a very interesting character if they had really focused on him, and his emotions and feelings of loss, instead of trying to turn it into a Rom-Com. Him being forced to use an American accent, made his lines come out a bit stiff, but when he wasn’t speaking, and just acting, he was fantastic. The play of emotions across his face says more than any script could ever convey. The scene when he was with his father in the casket comes to mind. Watch it without sound, and you know exactly what he is thinking. That is real acting.
    I’m sure that he could have done without POTC 2 &3, but he was contractually obligated to do them. But he still made the best of them. He made Will’s slide to the ‘dark side’ completely believable, even with a script that was convoluted and weak. Again, the play of emotions across his face is incredible. He can say more with his eyes most other actors out there. These films also helped set him up for the rest of his life. Because of Will, he is able to finance stories that he believes in. Small stories that Hollywood may ignore, but would make great films. They also gave him the opportunity to tread the boards. He got very good reviews for In Celebration, from hard nosed West End critics. They couldn’t care less that he is a ‘Movie star’, quite the opposite I would imagine. And I’m sure that they would have torn him to pieces given the slightest opportunity. He didn’t, and they liked him.
    The Red Circle sounds like an interesting movie, and if it hadn’t been delayed, it would probably be almost ready to premiere. The chance to work with someone of Johnny To’s caliber is, however, worth the wait.
    Fools Rush In was a wonderful book, and I’m hoping for a wonderful movie. Liam Neeson and Javier Bardem seem to agree, and it seems to be a go for this summer.
    The Rory Stewart film may, or may not happen. Who knows with the movie industry? But once again, Orlando is mentioned in association with a quality piece of work.
    See. Not a ‘Dude where’s My Car’ in the bunch.
    Sorry, long post. Continued…….

  328. 328
    kay Says:

    If I were the agent for an up and coming, young, male actor, I would use Orlando’s career as an example of how to do things right. He always chose quality, never the paycheck. He once made the comment that what you said ‘no’ to, was sometimes more important that what you said ‘yes’ to. And that he sometimes felt bad for saying ‘no’ to someone offering his a ton of money for a part. To me, that implies that someone offered him a big paycheck to do a movie like ‘Dude’. They probably wanted to play off his fame and looks, something that he never did.
    Reporters who are using him as a bad example simple don’t know what they are talking about. They should be using someone like Ashton Kutcher, not Orlando, as an example of a career gone awry. They must not be paying attention. And those “fans” who are giving credence to these reporters seem to want to wish him failure. They can’t really agree with their statements, because they just aren’t valid. They are just mad at Orlando for some reason, and are using anything they can to lash out at him. Even if it isn’t true.
    Orlando has had a great career, and I’m looking forward to the rest of it. I certainly don’t believe that it is over.

  329. 329
    Sighs4l Says:

    Yeah. What she said. Thanks Kay for that articulate post.

  330. 330
    fake rack Says:

    ya thanks kay. Your post was great. Too bad very few will listen to what it says, but thanks for taking the time to say it anyway.

  331. 331
    325 Says:

    Well, at least you both made your points with something to back it up, and did not hurl insults. We can agree to disagree. I do think, however, that in order to make a comeback, he would need more talent than he has, hopefully he has spent some of the recent break on working on his skills. Yes, he had wonderfult opportunties with great directors, but IMO he was not able to rise to the challenge. I too think avoiding blockbusters, and doing some indie films would be best, and he may have made a mistake with jumping into big pictures before he was ready. The only way I see him making a comeback is by doing what he is, and that is pursuing indie films that he believes in and will produce. Nothing is impossible, but there are so many actors out there and I think many of them are far more talented then he is, so it will be very difficult for him to do it. He certainly cannot rely on the pretty boy looks, because it appears to me that he hasn’t aged that well. He has yet to find his niche. I agree he didn’t do teeny bopper type stuff, and that was wise, but he was so raw just out of acting school, and to me in showed in his performances.

  332. 332
    mia Says:

    For 321
    If you are “…….jealous much over his relationship with Miranda Kerr…..get over it!!!!!!“ I have only this advice but for you. I was not talking about his relationship, I was talking about his acting career. It is you opinion that is so talented . My opinion is different. Why would “any actor kill to achieve what OB achieved? Didn’t you notice a lot of young, talented, handsome actors achieving a lot and making high? Because they are working, improving themselves, developing skills. And what is OB doing on this field? Nothing. He is going from one to another celebrity event. You can find his pictures only in paps pictures. What is he doing as an actor. Commercials. For hair gel and Japanese cars. What are you talking about? One of the most successful actors???!!! HE WAS THAT. HE IS NO MORE THAT. If he continues like this, he will very soon be ex actor. The very promising one who did not end in the way he could. Because, new kids are coming. And your blind adoration is not going to change the facts.

  333. 333
    @332 Says:

    He took a role on the stage to help hone his skills, and is working on a movie that is meaningful to him.
    These “celebrity events” that he has been photographed attending have all been charity functions. He has also been photographed in his private life, yes, but that has happened since day one of his fame.
    And how do you know that he hasn’t been working on his craft all of the times that he has disappeared from the cameras? Because there aren’t pictures? That’s ridiculous.
    As another person said. he has worked non-stop for over nine years, and has only been off for one. He has two projects in the works, and possibly a third.
    You seem very angry that he has taken some time to re-focus his career. I think that it is the smartest thing that he could have done. Let the ‘teen idol’ die, and come back as a new creation. As for these “new kids”, well, talk to me in 10 years to see if you remember any of their names. I bet that most will be looong gone.

  334. 334
    @332 Says:

    “Why would “any actor kill to achieve what OB achieved? ”

    Let’s see…..
    -Worked with some of the best directors in the world.
    -Worked with some of the best co-stars in the world.
    -Gained the respect of these actors and directors.
    -Enough respect in the industry itself, to not only get a film made, but to have actors like Javier Barden (an actor that he has never worked with) trust him enough to sign for a role in a movie tha the is helping produce.
    -Earned enough money to allow him to pick and chose only roles that speak to his heart.
    -Now working behind the camera as well as in front of it.
    -Worked on films that will be watched for decades to come.
    -Loved by millions.
    Yeah, you’re right. What young actor would want that????

  335. 335
    wow Says:

    Tom Hanks,Brad Pitt ,Johnny Depp and I could go on and on took breaks even of more than two years and I didn’t see their fans react like these

  336. 336
    @ 335 Says:

    How do you know how their fans reacted? Been keeping tabs on everyone, must be getting up there in the age group, “Tom Hanks”, his career started over 20 years ago. Or are you just so clarvoiyant, you know everything.

  337. 337
    mia Says:

    I deeply apologize to all Orlando Bloom fans who are living in the past. You can not stand the fact that yours beloved actor , although he needs no more money because he is rich enough for ten lives, is playing in the commercials. And attending events- pay me , I will be there. You are talking about past. Always about past. And you are speculating about future, that OB is working behind the camera as well as in front of it.. When did he do it, where? What about the Red circle? Nothing is sure. About “Fools…” nothing is certain . It is all still in the air. And you talk like this movies are in post production. No offense, but it is not fair to Johnny Depp and Tom Hanks to be compared with OB. Yet. And about new kids: who can say and be sure that anybody would know for Orlando Bloom in ten years. Only because of the LOTR and POTC? If he remains on that, I am not sure. New trilogies will come, new actors. Making breaks for years and coming back is not easy in the strong competition.

  338. 338
    @333 Says:

    “These “celebrity events” that he has been photographed attending have all been charity functions.”

    Do you mean like the parties for GQ, Vanity Fair, Luau opening? Or do you mean like the one he got paid to attend in LA for a Dubai Hotel built by violating human rights? Or the other similar event in London to support the troubling building practices in Dubai? Or his paid appearance In Moscow to drive around in Land Rovers? Which charities are those, the “Orlando Bloom Bank Account Fund”?

  339. 339
    mia Says:

    to 333
    Most of the events you are talking about were not charity for the celebrities who came. The organizers pay them well for that . Do not be naïve. I appreciate OB work for UNICEF, but this is only real charity he is doing.

  340. 340
    Give me a break! Says:

    @337 Yes, OB can be compared to Tom Hanks and Johnny Depp in that department. Do you think that TH and JD or any other actor have always had it easy, that they have never gone through bad moments in their careers? Nobody can know if OB will be known in ten years, but hanging a medal to the new Brit actors when they have started on the business 5 minutes ago and OB has managed to be there for several years is ridiculous.

    @338. If you knew how many of the things you own and in general consume were done by violating human rights you would probably not be able to stand it. Don’t point your finger at others only because they are public figures and you are confortably hidden behind anonymity.
    And there’s nothing wrong with attending parties. I am all for the “don’t live to work, work to live” motto.

    @339 Sure, and many celebrities that give money to charity foundations do it to avoid taxes. To me, what counts about what he’s done is the Antarctic documentary and the UNICEF work. However, those charity events you mention would be ignored without celebrities, why else would their presence be necessary?
    Nobody is canonizing him, but when something is well done, it is well done.

  341. 341
    @mia Says:

    You’re right, he has gone to a lot of parties. But why not? Should he stay home all of the time? Or does he have a right to have a good time? I say party on, Orlando! Do it while you are still single!

    And also, You are talking about his past. Well, aren’t all of the actors talking about their past? None of us know what will happen in the future, not even for Johnny Depp. Fools Rush In is suppused to start filming this summer. May it be delayed again? Sure. But you could say the same thing about any movie. You can’t put that on the shoulders of just Orlando, though. You could just as easily blame Liam Neeson or Javier Bardem if it delayed again. They are in the movie too. Or is it only Orlando that will carry the blame in your eyes?

  342. 342
    @340+341 Says:

    No, there’s nothing wrong with going to parties, no one said there was, but that isn’t the issue. #333 stated that :

    “These “celebrity events” that he has been photographed attending have all been charity functions.”

    which is completely false. He has been to charity functions but he has also been to parties and paid appearances, so the events he’s attended have NOT all been charity functions as #333 claimed.

  343. 343
    @342 Says:

    But everything else they said is true. I guess that you are ignoring that, right? Since it disagrees with your opinion.

  344. 344
    @343 Says:

    I was pointing out the obviously false claim in #333′s effort to deify St Orlando of Canterbury, but since you care so much about the opinions about the remainder of #333′s post, here it is:

    “He took a role on the stage to help hone his skills”
    -He took a role on the stage, that’s obviously true. Was it to hone his skills? It may have been and if it wasn’t the reason for taking the role he should have used it for it while he had the opportunity. He did take the role on stage to do something different, he has stated that he wanted to do something that took him away from the elf and pirate roles he had spent years in. It may have also have been an effort to be taken more seriously, also an effort to break away from the elf and pirate roles. So while “honing his skills” may have been part of the reasons for taking a stage role, there were other reasons as well.

    “and is working on a movie that is meaningful to him.”
    -How do you know what is meaningful to him? You’re making assumptions.

    “These “celebrity events” that he has been photographed attending have all been charity functions. ”
    -As has been pointed out, completely untrue. He does attend charity events but offsets them with self-serving paid appearances.

    “He has also been photographed in his private life, yes, but that has happened since day one of his fame.”
    -Well, yes, there is photographic evidence of his private life being photographed.

    “And how do you know that he hasn’t been working on his craft all of the times that he has disappeared from the cameras? Because there aren’t pictures? That’s ridiculous.”
    -And how you know that he has been working on his craft during the times he has disappeared from the cameras. Equally ridiculous. Not saying that he is not, but there’s no proof either way. Although it would be nothing but beneficial for him if he was getting acting lessons.

    “As another person said. he has worked non-stop for over nine years, and has only been off for one. He has two projects in the works, and possibly a third.”
    -Nothing confirmed, nothing but talk, rumors, speculation. Lots of projects get talked about only never to come to fruition. He may be trying to have some projects in the works, but until they are actually filmed and released, it’s all speculation.

    “You seem very angry that he has taken some time to re-focus his career. ”
    -This is all directed at another poster.

    “I think that it is the smartest thing that he could have done. Let the ‘teen idol’ die, and come back as a new creation. ”
    -Agree that the ‘teen idol’ status needs to die in order for him to see any career longevity, but wonder if he is capable of more. But that remains to be seen.

    “As for these “new kids”, well, talk to me in 10 years to see if you remember any of their names. I bet that most will be looong gone.”"
    -I think that the comparison to the “new kids” who have taken over the “teen idol” status is irrelevant, they’re not competing for the same parts or projects. A better comparison is to the other actors in his age range, a group filled with names like Leo, Jake, James, Casey, Dominic, Tobey. Those guys are pretty well established, have been around for a while and have schedules full of projects. Those are the guys Orlando is competing against for roles and since Orlando has none and the rest are all busy, it looks like we’ll be remembering their names for the next few years at least.

  345. 345
    @344 Says:

    “Leo, Jake, James, Casey, Dominic, Tobey.”
    -Leo is in a class by himself. NO ONE in his age group can be compared to him. Especially not the names that you mentioned.
    -Jake has only one credit in production (just like Orlando) The Prince of Persia (which was a role that is heavily rumored that Orlando turned town) is in post production, and has been delayed for a year. I guess that’s Jake’s fault then, right???
    -James? James who? Macavoy? he has only one credit last year, and another in preproduction, which according to you means that it will never happen.
    -Dominic? Cooper maybe? He has only one credit this year, and that is An education. A role that Orlando walked away from.
    -Tobey, again, one credit this year, another ‘in production’ (see above).
    Are these really the examples that you are holding up? They don’t seem too busy if you ask me.

  346. 346
    @344 Says:

    Forgot one…
    Casey Affleck. Is that the ‘Casey’ you mean? He hasn’t made a movie since 2007. He is filming one now, and another is is ‘pre-producton, but once again, using your logic, it will never happen.

  347. 347
    @345+346 Says:

    Wow, and you accuse others of being angry. Why so defensive? Those are just a few of the names in the same age bracket that Orlando is competing against for roles. Those guys are all working and none have to shed any “teen idol” status to be taken seriously. As they have plenty of Oscar, Golden Globe, and BAFTA nominations and wins amongst them, they’re already being taken seriously.

  348. 348
    @344 Says:

    I’m not going to claim to know him, but as to the question ““and is working on a movie that is meaningful to him.”
    -How do you know what is meaningful to him? You’re making assumptions.”, I will say this. He once said that if “life isn’t about humanity, then I don’t know what it’s about”. If you had read the book, you would know that the book speaks about humanity, and the effect of war on the human condition. To me, that means that the subject of this move is very meaningful to him. Plus the fact that he is putting his own money behind it to get it made, that must mean something. This movie is not going to be a big profit machine. He isn’t doing it for fame or fortune, it must be important to him.

  349. 349
    @347 Says:

    I’m not being defensive, I am answering a question. There is a big difference. I guess that you realized that you messed up with those comparisons and don’t have a better come back than to claim that I am defensive.
    But I did find this one funny…”Those guys are all working and none have to shed any “teen idol” status to be taken seriously.”
    I take it you aren’t talking about Leo, because he had to drop out for over a year to drop the ‘teen idol’ status, too. The others have NEVER BEEN TEEN IDOLS! That’s a bit different, huh? Sure they have been popular, but none on the level of Orlando, or early Leo.
    I just think that you are being ridiculous when you write Orlando off so soon. No one knows what will happen in the future, but to seem to wish nothing but bad luck on someone will only bring bad luck to yourself. karma is not forgiving.

  350. 350
    @348 Says:

    You’re still making assumptions. Politically and socially relevant films garner critical attention. I can make the assumption that he has a big ego and wants to do a film that will get him more respect that he has gotten for swinging a sword around and a war conflict story is the way to do that given the attention those types of films and roles get by critics and award ceremonies. You don’t know that the story is “meaningful to him” any more than I know that doing something to gain praise is meaningful to him, they’re all assumptions.

  351. 351
    @349 Says:

    The comparisons to all those actors are valid. They are all critically acclaimed actors in the same demographic as Orlando. If they’re not, who are valid comparisons? Those are just a handful of names that he will compete against for roles and none currently have “teen idol” images interfering with their public perception, which Orlando has (or has had up to his last film role 2 years ago). Leo does not currently need to shed a “teen idol” status, therefore it is not an issue that would interfere with his current reputation or status in making movies.

    You might also stop putting words into other people’s mouths. Where is there any “wishing bad luck” on anyone in posts 344 or 347?

  352. 352
    @351 Says:

    She was using them as a comparison to Orlando and claiming that they were “busy”. 345 &346 was just pointing out the fact that they AREN’T any busier than Orlando. Then she (?) claimed that none of them had to take a break to shed the teen idol status. 349 rightly pointed out that only Leo could be considered a past or present teen idol, and he DID take a year off to try to shed that mantle.
    And @350
    So now he is a bad person for trying to make socially relevant films? Sheesh, the guy can’t do anything right, can he. I guess that if he cured world hunger you would claim that he only did it for financial gain.

  353. 353
    @335 & 337 Says:

    Comparing Orlando Bloom to Johnny Depp and Tom Hanks is blasphemous! He is not leading man material, neither is he even in the same talent pool as them. NOT.EVEN.CLOSE. Maybe all it takes is a pretty face like Orlando’s to keep your butt glued to a seat for 2 hrs. Good taste is indeed dead.

  354. 354
    @350 Says:

    Who said anything like him being “a bad person for trying to make socially relevant films”? The point is that you cannot make assumptions as to WHY he is making that type of film. The claims of their “importance” to him are all assumptions, that there is no more proof that he is doing something that is “meaningful to him” because of social relevance than there is of wanting to be involved in the type of film that will garner respect or acclaim.

  355. 355
    @352 Says:

    Once again, putting words into someone else’s mouth. No one said he’s a bad person. You simply cannot place a motivation on why he’s doing a film or why he finds something important, no one can other than the person himself . Any attempt to claim to know the reasons why he is interested in a project is simply an assumption. Many assumptions can be made, not all necessarily pointing to altruism, but they’re all just simply assumptions.

  356. 356
    @353 + 354 Says:

    @353 You clearly weren’t paying attention to the conversation, as they weren’t being compared as actors, only the path of their careers, the ups and downs in them. But if somebody thinks that OB is better than them, they can think so. If they feel like sitting for two hours just to see Orlando’s pretty face, they can do so too. I personally can’t stand Tom Hanks but I like Johnny Depp. Of course, I have liked Johnny Depp since some time ago, when it wasn’t a crime against humanity not to kiss his ass.

    @354 At the very least you have to admit that he isn’t doing those to get fame and fortune, if he wanted that he would have probably already accepted one of those movies that are a load of **** but sell lots of tickets. My guess is that he chose that because it means something to him and to gain respect. The subject of “Fools…” is quite specific so I don’t think he chose a “socially relevant” story at random.

  357. 357
    @356 Says:

    when it wasn’t a crime against humanity not to kiss his ass.
    Not being sarcastic, it takes guts to say that these days. Was a fan from 21 Jump Street days. Still remember some of his peccadillos both personal and professional. Yeah to see the world kiss his butt now…it is a crime if you don’t, that’s for sure. Meh.

    B/K is B/B 2.0. Wait til girlfriend #3 comes along. Then it will be Kerr was such a class act blah blah blah.

  358. 358
    he'sova Says:

    So is blasphemous/blasphemy/blaspheme FINALLY replacing the overused and overdramatic “karma!!!!!” as insult weapon du jour? Gotta say I’m relieved. That was beyond annoying. All that condescension and uneducated invocation. All from a bunch of women overly proud of their supposed intellects and educations, tsk tsk. Of course it did highlight the desperation and delusion of the one using it, no matter what side of the ring they chose to defend, and make a mockery of a concept supposedly important to the person of their “loving” and “respectful” obsession. But then, that doesn’t matter really, because none of this is about Bloom and Co. anymore is it? It’s all about the fans and their egos and who ultimately “wins”.
    In the meantime, Bloom’s played you very well, such easy pickings, and now has the fame, money, and current fantasy dujour on his arm, living a privileged and glamorous life, all the while he/they watch and mock his fans. Do you really think its just HER who’s been here, taking swipes and stirring up dirt? What else is a fading and unemployed and angry ex-heartthrob got to do?

  359. 359
    @357 Says:

    Then it will be Kerr was such a class act, blah blah blah
    Can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought that. You know the “haters” are just waiting for him to dump her, cause nobody would ever dump him of course, and then they’ll crawl back all simpering and willfully blind again. Until he chooses, yet again, another one exactly like the first two, well, maybe she’ll be a redhead this time. It’ll be interesting what excuses both the shippers and haters come up with for his choice then. Oh, and I’m sure Bloomie will remain silent as always, hiding, letting his current beloved(LOL) take all the slings and arrows for him. What a catch.

  360. 360
    LOL! Says:

    ***Do you really think its just HER who’s been here, taking swipes and stirring up dirt? What else is a fading and unemployed and angry ex-heartthrob got to do?***
    LOL, I bet we, a bunch of anonymous people who they don’t give a **** about, are all that matters to them. Some people’s narcissism can be seen from space.

    ***and I’m sure Bloomie will remain silent as always, hiding, letting his current beloved(LOL) take all the slings and arrows for him.***
    I can’t wait to know what exactly would you expect him to do. Sounds promising.

  361. 361
    @358 Says:

    You kill me trying to act as if you’re above the fray, trying to establish your own self importance by analyzing everyone on this thread. You care just as much, if not more, than everyone else here. I can tell by your language that you’re the same loser that has parked their ass on this thread and the last since they began, waiting to bash any and everyone who doesn’t have a kind word for your fallen matinee idol. But you’re right, it is about “the fans, their egos and ‘who ultimately wins’”, which is exactly why you haven’t shut your yap in 3 weeks. How about taking that much needed vacation? Paid vacations were included in your employment offer, weren’t they? Well they certainly were included in Bloomie’s.

  362. 362
    ummmm to the scary people..... Says:

    you are all starting to sound very very very weird……commenting about Orlando Bloom as though you know him personally……beyond scary………I think you have all lost the plot and need help……fast!!!!

  363. 363
    @358 Says:

    nice try honey but these fans would just as soon let you get away with a few swipes at Bloom than ever stand for you to turn the focus back onto them and their own behaviours. Yup, only egos and who gets to win in the end matters.

    @360-amusing how narcissists are so good at seeing it in others but completely miss it in themselves. Any one in this fandom calling someone else out for narcissism or obsessiveness is very funny! This entire fandoms rep for lunacy and narcissism can be seen from space, ha ha ha.

    And I wouldn’t blame Bloom or his friends for coming on here to play mindfuq games with his fans. I say you have it coming to ya.

  364. 364
    @ 362 Says:

    Well said.

    However, it seems that it’s not that they feel they know him or her personally. It’s more of a question of which group gets to say,
    “Told Ya”.

    The scary part is they seem to figure that if they voice their opinion over and over again, it has to be right, because they say so.

    But who says either Orlando or anyone else has to listen to them.
    Only they do.

    As # 358 “he’sova” put it “It’s all about the fans and their egos.”

  365. 365
    @363 Says:

    So the guy that once was given the chance to shut down a negative rumour about him and instead said that he wouldn’t defend himself every time somebody said something about him and that people could think whatever they pleased about him is all troubled about the posts written here by people he never met? I wouldn’t ‘blame him’ for posting here either, I just don’t think he gives a **** about our opinions. And I don’t think she does either.
    But yes, the narcissist one must be me.

  366. 366
    pssst Says:

    You sweating yet, ‘randamay ?
    maybe you should be girlfriend
    cause you know he never really got over her

  367. 367
    @366 Says:

    It would serve this fandom right if they got back together.

  368. 368
    @366 Says:

    Nah, if he had wanted her back, all he would have had to do was say the word. The model wouldn’t have stood a chance.

  369. 369
    Rofl!366 Says:

    What a shot in the arm that would be to his current anemic little showmance!
    “Orlando’s Lurve Triangle”
    “From Showmance to Showdown”
    “Orlando’s Choice:Blueblood or Bloodsucker?”
    Think of it! All the celebrity gossip coverage all 3 of their attention seeking hearts could ever want. Oooo, just in time for VDay too!

  370. 370
    @369 Says:

    Wouldn’t be much of a showdown though.
    Miranda could snap that little twig in no time.

  371. 371
    @369 Says:

    You bring an interesting point. If he were so desperate for attention it would be more intelligent to make his love life a Mexican soap opera than to be in a stable relationship, don’t you think?

  372. 372
    @370 Says:

    You say that as if Miranda has some meat on her bones. Kate is 80 lbs, Miranda is 81 lbs. I’m sure Kate is trembling in her fugly designer boots.

  373. 373
    @372 Says:

    Awww, come on. Miranda is at least 90 lbs. ;) Plus she has about four more inches of reach than Kate. Miranda could take her, easy.

  374. 374
    @373 Says:

    True, true. Her dingho claws could make confetti out of the paperweight Kate.

  375. 375
    Even crazier! Says:

    LOL! And I thought this was the place with the most ‘loony-bin haters’ in fandom (and anti-fandom) – until I checked out ‘PerezHilton.’ Made the mistake of opening the comments thread on ‘Brangelina,’ and those ‘nasties’ and ‘conspiracy-freak weirdos’ almost (I say almost) put this little ‘viper’s den’ to shame.

  376. 376
    Destiny is a choice Says:

    Happy Birthday, Orlando, wherever you are. May you be happy and content, however you define those things. May you be with friends who are honest with you and look out for you and protect you. May you be with family who support you and believe in you. May you find your way, if you are lost. May you find it in your heart to forgive those fans and persons who may have hurt you along the way in your career, and may they find it in their hearts to forgive you for any transgressions against them, should they feel hurt by you in any way.

    Destiny IS a choice, not just a life predetermined. We make choices in life and must live with the consequences. We also learn from our choices and can turn mistakes into valuable learning experiences. May you make wise choices in the years to come. Be at peace.


  377. 377
    Gemma Says:

    Orlando Bloom loools grate. He is my favourite actor.

  378. 378
    توبيكات ملونه Says:

    Sure, the paps were hanging out at the Burton store on the off-chance that Orlando Bloom would just happen to stop by. Riiiiiight. I have a bridge to sell you too, sounds like you’re gullible enough to be interested in it.

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