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Orlando Bloom is Deus Ex Machina

Orlando Bloom is Deus Ex Machina

Orlando Bloom rides off on his “Beverly Hills Ducati” motorcycle as he leaves a church on Saturday (December 27) in Los Angeles.

The 31-year-old British actor wore a jacket from Deux Ex Machina, which literally means “god from the machine.” Back in May, Orly shopped at Sydney’s bike store Deus Ex Machina in Australia.

Afterwards, Orly reportedly went out with Aussie model girlfriend Miranda Kerr and got into a fender bender.

10+ pictures inside of motorcycle man Orlando Bloom

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orlando bloom deus ex machina 02
orlando bloom deus ex machina 03
orlando bloom deus ex machina 04
orlando bloom deus ex machina 05
orlando bloom deus ex machina 06
orlando bloom deus ex machina 07
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Photos: Flynetonline
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  • @kookee

    What is your source for the photos you posted?

  • @43

    No difference. Orlando is just the more desperate famewhore because he’s more obvious is the regular timing and clear staging in his pap show appearances.

  • @kookee

    Is this the one you are referring to – It was on Dec 26 –

    Well at least she is not dressing like him anymore – that was really begining to make me sick.

    @47 -
    “There are only two pics from the site of the fender bender. She may have just stayed in the car.”

    - Stayed in the car – i’m sorry but i can’t help but laugh just a bit – especially with all the paps around.

    - also shows how much she is concerned about the people that hit them – even though it was their fault – i’m sure they don’t feel very happy about it.

  • no difference

    @32, I agree with you, and of course the Italian paps took pics of them, there are various sets of pics of the glass shop and everybody’s seen that, from the Brit pap and from others. It wouldn’t be very intelligent of the Brit pap to share “his special info provided by Miranda” with other paps as not unique pics=less money, but who cares?

    No difference between him and all the other celebrities except that he’s more obvious and there is a timing between sets…I see. I think that the timing does change, but maybe that’s me. Are they really more obvious or is it that you are more determined to see them as more obvious and you spend more time observing their pics than other celebrities’ pics to find any detail that could be seen as “obvious” if one wants to?

  • @50

    He didn’t have puffy eyes and saggy jowls in the snowboard shop.
    He looked darned fine, four days ago. Considering he looks great again in the pics that were posted today on OLove, which were taken the same day, I think that it is just the lighting. He is squinting and looking disgusted about the paps.
    Lovin’ the mssy curls.
    Looks like he and Miranda’s dad are doing some quality, father/son-in-law bonding over motorbikes.

  • tessla

    I remember the last accident he had where he tried to run off and leave his friends behind since he had been drinking and he didn’t even care if anyone was hurt or not, he wa just looking out for himself, the paps were the once that convinced him to go back. What a coward!

  • @56

    Funny how the woman he so cowardly left behind didn’t see things the way you do, as she was seen chatting happily with him days later.
    Funny how Orlando was able to bribe the police to make them say he wasn’t drunk and Paris Hilton, Mel Gibson and others weren’t.

  • @55

    And how convenient that the paps were on hand to document that “bonding”. Or are the bike shop clerks to blame for that too? I can see why they’d want to intrude on a potential customer looking at $10k+ bikes in an economic downturn. Yep, that must be it because it couldn’t possibly be that the famewhores staged another setup.

  • @55

    so how was the wedding – I’m sure you were front row center

    whatever orlando is doing – he is the most confusing individual i have ever seen.

    One minute – “He is not engaged.”

    Next minute – “Coming from the church on Saturday” – what was there a private ceremony yesterday?

    two – faced – hypocrite –

    she obviously must of spiked something he ate or drank and now has him under the dillusion that he and her are man and wife.

    just kidding – if the father is there – and they just came from church on Saturday – sure looks like a private ceremony to me

    Best Wishes Orlando & Miranda –

    Wait for it People – There will be an announcement on coming any moment now….

  • @59

    Wait, he’s a “two faced hypocrit” because he was coming out of a church? What?
    Her folks were visiting over Christmas.
    And IF there was going to be a private ceremony, I doubt that it would be in LA. I would imagine that it would be held in either Oz, or England. And I am sure that it will be a private ceremony, no matter when, where or who he marries.

    Yeah, it had to be a set up. Everyone knows that there are only two paps in LA, and they work strictly be appointment only.

  • @60

    I call him two-faced hypocrit – because he says absolutely nothing about the relationship – until finally when he does speak up – and what does he say – “He’s not engaged.” – Not “We’re not engaged” – To Him – at least by that statement – He doesn’t even acknowledge the two of them as a “couple”.

    She is there with him all this time – hoping he will turn to her on bended knee and pop the question – would she be fawning all over him if she didn’t feel that way.

    He spends all this time with her and her family – and all he can say when he finally even acknowledges the situation – “He’s not engaged.”

    Yes – I call him a Hypocrite

    If I knew who you were personally – I would bet you $100 – if it were possible to find out the truth concerning this – that He could not give a rats a.s.s. about her feelings. – even if we were able to ask him personally – i doubt if the truth would come out even then

    He walks in front of her when they are together and – if you take a close look at the you tube video posted by #53 – go to the end of the video when she is getting into the car – look how long it takes for him to unlock the door for her.

    If he is such a gentlemen – and cared so much about her feelings – he would have either had it opened for her a lot faster or – he would have walked around and opened it for her – there are guys out there like that – i’ve known a few in my time.

  • bummer

    Squeeeeeeeeeeee! the two most beautiful people on the planet are married and are at this moment making angel faced babies who sh!t pink! squeeeeee! Miranda is sooooo perfect! she has perfect face and body and I am sooooo jelous of her perfection.

    Just look at how cute they are together! cute cute cute cute! my favourite word, no – SUPER CUTE! yes!! supercute supercute and soooo perfect for ane another.

    They were both sent from heaven on fluffy white clouds so us fat ugly bitches can bow to the perfection that is – - — – - – -KERBLOOM!
    I luv them together! nothing in my life is more important then seeing those two together, look at the love shinning in their eyes! it is sooooooooo obvious they are so much in love and made for one another!

    And the best thing of all, which I know everyone will agree with as it’s one of life’s most important things you can think -

    IF HE IS HAPPY THEN SO AM I!! yes! i’m poor, i’m in pain, but if Kerbloom are happy then that makes me the most happy person ever!

  • @61

    If he did say anything about the relationship, you would call him a hypocrit because he has always said that he is a private person. And it was his ‘people’ that used the phrase “he is not engaged”. He never made any statement at all, which is how he has always handles this type of thing.
    As for her “fawning all over him”… she is his girlfriend. She is allowed to “fawn”.
    He “spends all this time with her family”, tells me that this is a fairly serious relationship. Why does he have to acknowledge that relationship to the press? So you could have something else to criticize him for?
    He forgot to unlock the door. Big deal. I did that to my husband the other day. Doesn’t mean that I don’t care about him. Oh, and I would have loved to hear the complaints if he did get out of the car to open the door. Can’t you hear it? “why did he have to get out?” “can’t she open her own door?” “she made him get out to prove to the paps that he was there” “what a set up, she could have opened the door herself” , “if he cared about their relationship, he wouldn’t flaunt it like he does”. eic. etc. etc.


  • fame sucks

    That would be so awkward to have people following you, gawking at you and taking pictures and video of your every move. Whenever video of him or them shows up it is just a reminder to me how icky they must feel all the time in public just doing normal things.

    #61 how do you know she is always waiting for him to turn to her on bended knee and pop the question? What if they just like each other and thats as far as it goes? And if you are going to point out that he walks in front of her, he did that to Kate for 4 years. All that means is that he doesnt know how to be a gentleman, or be seen with someone in public. He acts like a bit of a wanker in that regards.

  • @64

    wonder if Orlando feels that way about fame? And if he does – wonder what he is going to do about it.

    well whatever he does – i do wish him all the best – and has a long and happy life ahead of him.

    I know it must be tough for him finding someone to share his life with that he can trust – and be in love with at the same time

    Been looking for that combination myself – since I hoped to fall in love someday – have yet to find it – and I’m not famous – must be extra difficult for him.

    I don’t have a lot of money – don’t want it either.

  • @64

    They must not feel too icky about being followed with cameras. If they don’t like it they can just stop inviting the paps to go along with them.

  • @66

    Or she could stop inviting them.

    Doesn’t seem to me that Orlando is too thrilled about them being there.

    However I don’t see him taking any permanent action to stop it from happening either.

    Orlando knows he does have a choice to not let it happen – he has gone for weeks at a time without being seen – all that come up is sightings with no photos – not exactly a reliable source.

    All he would have to do is tell her how he feels.

    Unless he has and she has not stopped calling them.

    In that case (just speculating here – have no idea what is really going on) – Orlando needs to stand up to her and say that he does not want to see her anymore – even as friends.

    If they can go for 2 months or more without being seen together.

    Which it is possible for any celebrity couple to do –

    Then I will believe that they have been together – without the paps knowing about it.

  • @67

    But others have said that no pics “prove” that they aren’t together.
    Pics = famewhores
    No pics = They aren’t together
    They lose either way, according to some.

  • @68

    But why do they need to prove that they’re together? If they are and they’re happy and in love, why does it matter if people know it or not? If they value their privacy as they claim to, they wouldn’t want or need to be seen together every 4-5 weeks like clockwork.

  • @68

    You missed my point.
    The only people that need to “prove that they are together” are the ones who claim that they aren’t if there are no pics.
    Orlando and Miranda don’t have to “prove” anything to anyone. I was simply pointing out the hypocrisy of some “fans”.

  • January 13th

    I wonder if they are going snowboarding to celebrate Orlando’s 32nd birthday?

  • @70

    If they don’t need to prove anything – then why are the continual sightings called in on these two – during the weeks they are not seen together. – No other celebrity couple has as many sightings without photos called in – and then all of a sudden – like clockwork – someone said – their they are

    Also – #64 – if they are only friends – and she sees more – Orlando better set her straight – otherwise the longer he drags this out – the worse it will make him look in the end – unless he is hoping that she gets tired of him treating her like crap (if that is what he is doing)

    All I can tell is how frustrated he looks when they are together – as for the smile he might have when they are – all I can say – is maybe he is a better actor than some people think he is.

  • question!

    Ok, the latest two sets of pics are separated by a few days, not weeks, and I think it makes sense given that they are in LA, that is infested with paps, hence the bigger chances to be found and photographed. I am unable to see the so called obvious time pattern between the sets of pics, but to the people who say that the pics do follow this pattern, what is the relevance of this supposed 4-5 week time? What does it reveal? And why should they need to be snapped together every 5 weeks instead of every 2 months, for example? I mean, they only would need to be snapped once to “show they are together”. Why several times?

  • @73

    to “show they are together”

    because a certain girl whose name begins with “M” – when this whole thing started would not shut up about how much they are in love – That’s Why!

    She is the only part of a supposed celebrity couple I have ever seen that has to talk and talk about how “in love” they are -

    When you do claim over and over again – how together – you are with someone – whether your a celebrity or not – your friends or fans which ever the case may be – expect you to provide proof.

    Like someone – a few sets of pictures ago – used as an example – if an ice cream shoppe makes certain claims over and over again about their product – then people expect them to deliver.

    If the B.i.t.c.h. would have not said anything – and just let it happen – then my guess is – they would not be together right now.

    But we will never know now – unless one of two things happens

    Either they get married or break up.

    tick tock – tick tock

  • @74

    ok, that doesn’t explain why people see something revealing about the supposed regular time pattern between pictures.

    Right, she wants to prove that she tells the truth when she says they are together, but being snapped together about twice AND Orlando’s rep’s lack of a denial that he’s with her should be enough. Why would they need to be snapped every certain time?

  • @75

    “Orlando’s rep’s lack of a denial that he’s with her”

    How do you know that Orlando was not about to have his rep make a statement and she said that her rep would take care of it for them.

    Her rep also said at the very first – that they were just friends

    Maybe when the rumors came up again about them being romantically together – He was about to have his rep make a statement and she stopped him – Saying that she would have her’s do it.

  • @75

    None of really know either way do we.

    But the way she has acted since then – makes people wonder

    If they were such a stable relationship – she would not feel the need to talk and talk about it.

    It’s called being in denial – you try to convince youself and those around you otherwise

  • @74

    “If the ‘girl’. would have not said anything – and just let it happen – then my guess is – they would not be together right now.”

    How do you figure that?

    “Either they get married or break up.”

    How ’bout a third choice? They stay together for years without getting ‘married’? Like Johnny and Vanessa. They aren’t married, but no one would deny that they are together. Oh, wait. Hold on. They are caught by paps, too. They must be FAKE!!!! A “showmance” for sure!!!! And the kids are just props!!!! Isn’t that the logic being used here?

  • @77

    Or, you could look at it another way. She’s comfortable talking about it because they ARE in a stable relationship.

  • What???

    @76, I hope you notice that doesn’t make any sense and that saying something like that doesn’t help your stand at all.

    @77, saying that you are dating someone means that your relationship is not stable? Since when?

  • @76

    “Her rep also said at the very first – that they were just friends”

    Well, things change, don’t they?

  • @78

    “Either they get married or break up.”

    “How ’bout a third choice? They stay together for years without getting ‘married’? Like Johnny and Vanessa.”

    What if Orlando only sees it as a friendship though – Sooner or later something has got to give somewhere

    They may stay together – but you don’t learn how to be in love with someone – either you are or your not – either there is that connection there – and it could develop into something more than friendship over time – that is true

    as far as my other statement

    “If the ‘girl’. would have not said anything – and just let it happen – then my guess is – they would not be together right now.”

    Just as reference – not refering to Miranda as a stalker here

    But remember Amy Fisher – and Joey Buttafuco

    I could not believe my eyes – can’t remember what show it was on – some talk show or something

    She had been out of prison – and was about to get married and already had I believe 3 kids

    He was getting ready to re-marry – he obviously – in my opinion – was not as in love with his wife as he claimed – after Amy hurt her.

    My point here is – If Amy – would have just been patient a bit – finished school – let Joey and his wife go thru whatever – whose to say that Amy and Joey wouldn’t have ended up together anyway – when Amy got older.

    On this talk show – they are sitting there talking to each other like old friends – just baffled me

    If Miranda would have just let things evolve into whatever her and Orlando’s relationship would be – they would have either gotten stronger or broken up –

    I apologize for being biased toward them breaking up – I just have not liked the way she has treated him – by shoving their relationship into everybody’s face – that is totally rude for any girlfriend to do to a guy in my book.

  • @82

    “What if Orlando only sees it as a friendship though – Sooner or later something has got to give somewhere”

    What if he sees it as more than friendship?

    “If Miranda would have just let things evolve into whatever her and Orlando’s relationship would be – they would have either gotten stronger or broken up -”

    Things evolve no matter what, and they must be getting stronger, because they sure haven’t broken up.

  • LOSERS…..

    I see the loonies are out again with their elaborate conspiracy theories to deny that OB & MK have been in a relationship for over a year……lol….

    You weirdos are so pathetic to think that by looking at photos you know exactly what they are thinking and feeling…….if you had half a brain you would be dangerous……No matter how much you wish otherwise or how many negative things you write……..ORLANDO BLOOM AND MIRANDA KERR will still be BOYFRIEND AND GIRLFRIEND……….GET OVER IT!!!!

  • Still ignoring me?

    “No matter how much you wish otherwise or how many negative things you write……..ORLANDO BLOOM AND MIRANDA KERR will still be BOYFRIEND AND GIRLFRIEND……….GET OVER IT!!!!”

    No matter how many times he gets photographed with her father, it still doesn’t change the fact that he told JJ that HE was not engaged. He is no more serious about her with her daddy around than he was when he dissed her on Jared. He’s just forced to make nice while her father is keeping an eye on him. I wish everyone would just relax and enjoy the show. Shit is funny!

  • @loser#84

    I hope they are together. These 2 vapid, pathetic famewhores deserve each other and them being together keeps the rest of the world safe from their STDs. It will be fun to watch how much more desperate their publicity stunts become as they both become more and more irrelevant. I couldnt imagine 2 people more perfect for each other than them, and can’t imagine any intelligent, successful, mature, decent person wanting anything to do with either of them. Long live the Twit&Twat show!!!

  • Wow

    @85, now you have to be engaged to be serious about someone? You should tell Johnny&Vanessa and Brad&Angelina before they go on having kids. If he dissed her for saying he’s not engaged, she dissed him too as she did the same.

    I love how people keep on calling this a show, still there is a revealing total silence when the logic behind the showmance theory is questioned.

  • omg

    You guys always say that she talks about the relationship soo much. I have yet to see that. Can i have some examples please? Lmao pathetic. Also, how did he diss her on jared. All he did was say he was not engaged to her and put an end to that rumor.

  • still ignoring me?

    I can’t speak for anyone else, I can only speak for me. You want my theory? I’ll give you mine. First off, showmances are not an uncommon thing in Hollywood to boost careers (Tom and Kate, anyone?), so a showmance between a struggling unknown panty model in the twilight of her career and crap actor who suddenly wants to produce and direct because he’s unhireable in Hollywood is not completely out the realm of possibility. A showmance between these two would be very beneficial for their careers, if only the public cared.

    She pretends to be private now because the 5 or so people that are paying her any attention wrote her off for mentioning him all the time. Still does not change the fact that she told the DT that he was coming to OZ last Christmas. Still does not change the fact that she waived her Blackberry around with his photo in her British Vogue interview. Still does not change the fact that she HIRED Wireimage to photograph him meeting her father in Oz. Still does not change the fact that there is plenty if evidence of her running her mouth about him in interviews all over the web. She has been riding OB’s coattails since she was with her last boyfriend, so changing up her story and her papping strategy to appear private now will not undo the damage that has already been done. She has shown herself to be an aggressive famewhore. She doesn’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

    As far as them being a couple, I will say that theirs seems to be one of the most one-sided relationships that I’ve ever seen. She seems to be more emotionally involved than he is. He seems to have no regard for this girl at all. He’s not courteous to her and comes across very emotionally detached in their photos, until it is bought to their attention here. He has yet to come out and acknowledge that she is indeed his girlfriend. Even her own grandmother told the press that she told Miranda to keep her eyes open for other options after she met him in Oz. He must have set off Granny’s showmance radar as well.

    Shippers think just because he follows her around to petty jobs and stands still long enough to be photographed with her (or not), that he is providing emotional support or spending quality time. Funny that her favorite pet rag, the DT, recently put her on blast in a blind item (after she threw them under a bus with that engagement lie and subsequent denial), saying that he won’t come to her shows unless he’s paid an appearance fee. This explains why he’s always “working” or “letting her have her moment in the spotlight” whenever she does a show. This also supports my showmance theory.

    I’m pretty sure he has been told by his team not to even acknowledge her or give her any free press because once this showmance is over, she will will fade into obscurity again and will only be remembered as some random model he used to bang at the moment . They didn’t even bother to mention her in his initial engagement denial here on JJ. Yet another thing that supports my showmance theory.

    I think I’ve given some solid reasons for this being a showmance, but I don’t expect to change any minds here. Some of you have already made up in your minds that I’m an incoherent loon. Since his feelings for her are so real, I’d like to see any one of you shippers provide some type of evidence where he acknowledges their relationship. Just one. You won’t. I can’t wait to read her tell-all exclusive when they “break up”. Hooray for Hollywood!

  • @86

    Ahhh, a Delphite has arisen.

  • @omg

    Read all her interviews on the DT website. Then come back here and apologize.

  • sigh

    Just because he is not signed onto a big production does not mean Orlando is unhireable in Hollywood loon, as a matter of fact according to a recent poll he is # 6 in a list of top hollywood stars, his films have made bank especially overseas and the hollywood hotshots don’t forget that fact. He said he wanted a 2 year break so he’s taking it. Big deal! NOW What I do not understand is why you loons seem to hate him yet are still utterly obsessed with him. If you were over him then you would not post about him endlessly now would you? Orlando seems to bring such Possessiveness that it’s scary, first the endless hate was directed to Kate and now Miranda. I don’t care about Miranda that much, but none of your complants about her seem justified. I wonder if years from now you will be embarrassed by your hatefilled rants or if you will be even crazier as you get older.

  • @92…..

    I agree, these loonies are so embarrassing and cringe worthy……I think they must seriously believe that if they deny the relationship is real that somewhere in their tiny delusional minds the loonies really believe that Orlando will some day be theirs….lol…’s all rather sad and pathetic!!

  • I’ve seen the light

    @92 & 93

    Oh thank you, your words of wisdom have made me seen the light and I’ve scheduled a lobotomy so that I can now properly blindly worship a has-been and his sl*t. Once I’ve disconnected my brain properly, and I’m no longer able to think and analyze reason, I’ll be able to devote my time to a much better devotion of two shallow, vapid famewhores. My life will have meaning in spending endless hours looking for every photo of them that has ever been taken if them to erect a proper shrine of worship, and share them on every website and message board in existence. My only regret is that I wasted so much time and money on an education when I could have just turned my brain off and lived on the words of wisdom of these two brilliant individuals. Yes, that’s soooo much better than critical thinking skills.

  • Sighs4l

    @90, 92, 93 – hmmm. Still no statements in rebuttal, just ad hominen attacks?

  • finally

    Of course there are showmances in Hollywood. Penélope Cruz with Tom Cruise, obviously a Spanish lady trying to be seen as something more than a Spanish lady in Hollywood and a Scientology freak trying to look like a normal person with a normal relationship, and it worked out really well for her.
    Here I don’t see any benefit for eiher of them. You guys say that he’s a C-list crap actor and she’s an inept model, so I don’t know what you people think they could be possibly getting from each other. More than a year has passed, he doesn’t have any new projects except for the ones he already was working in before being with her, and she is a VS model just like she was before being with him. So when will the benefits comWill they go on like this for what, 3 more years and see if something works?

    I don’t know why do you expect him to aknowledge her. If you are a person that has followed him, you should know that commenting on his relationships is not his style, so it puzzles me that you see something abnormal in that. I also fail to understand why you think you can know anything at all about them as a couple from some pictures taken in a situation in which they are being photographed like zoo animals. Even if they did feel confortable being photographed, a couple of pictures never reveal that much of a person, you should know that as a person who I guess has been photographed sometimes in her life.
    Why do you give importance to a blind item, any idiot can write some shyte on some magazine, and if you ask me, a person who thinks she/he has the right to say such things of the life of others and besides doesn’t dare to say the names of the people they are talking about is not only a wannabe journalist desperate for attention but also something much worse, a coward.

  • @86

    I hope that you don’t think that spitting such vulgar insults at two people you’ve never met is an example of classy, “decent” and “mature” behaviour.

  • @94

    Nobody says that you have to worship them, not even that you have to like them. If you don’t like them, you don’t like them, cool.
    Just why do you torture yourself not missing one single pic or new about them if you hate them so much and they clearly make you angry for some reason. Wouldn’t you be happier by focusing on other celebrities that you actually like? Just sayin’.

  • @98

    There’s no anger or torture here- nothing but amusement in laughing at the continued famewhoring antics of the hasbeen and the ho.

  • still ignoring me?

    Like I said, I don’t expect to change any minds here. I don’t claim to personally know any of them and just because you superfans blindly worship them doesn’t mean you know them well either. Some of you act like accepting any wrong doing will diminish them in your eyes.

    It’s pretty obvious to me through her words and actions that she was expecting the world to be handed over to her on a silver platter just because she was banging him. Even her brother put on his Myspace page that his sister was going to be a huge star! What’s so promising about her now that she couldn’t have made it big when she was a younger model in her prime? Could it be the Hollywood boyfriend?

    Show me an interview or magazine cover where they don’t mention OB. These editors are smart enough to know that his name is what makes people care about this girl. Clearly the only reason why you shippers care about her. Before you shippers start saying “they asked her!”, please know that there are certain questions that a journalist can be banned from asking. That’s why you never hear Angelina talk about “the triangle”. That’s why Nicole never explained the real reason Tom divorced her. That’s why Reese doesn’t mention her divorce. These are topics the public are dying to hear about but never get addressed. If MK didn’t want his scepter hanging over her interviews, then she could ban questions about him before the interviews start. Btw #88, there is a video on You Tube where a VS handler had to cut her off from talking about OB and to focus on marketing their bra. You can do the work yourself. Like I said before, the proof is already out there.

    Sorry to inform you fans that Johnny Depp was the star of POTC. He wasn’t the star of LOTR either. This bit of news must be devastating. I’ll give you time to grieve. The movies that he did star in received overwhelmingly bad reviews. That was enough for studios heads not to gamble on the hype marketing him as a leading man, in spite of the money his movies made. Even they know that money does not equal quality. Crazed fans have yet to figure this out. Third of all, he gets no respect in Hollywood because he cannot act and has not made any attempts to improve his acting Don’t count on a Robert Downey Jr. style comeback to happen. Globetrotting behind a mediocre panty model is his new job. He will always be remembered as that lucky SOB who made a ton of money really fast by just being a pretty extra before he got blackballed. Many journalists have used him in their articles as a cautionary tale to up and coming young actors on how NOT to manage their careers. Clearly his career has stalled enough if others have taken notice. You gonna call journalists who write for national newspapers and magazines jellus fat h8ters who have nothing better to do? Even his own friend, Leonardo DiCaprio told him to get his act together and stop coasting by on his looks before his teen heartthrob shelf life ran out. Is Leo a loon, too? Maybe Leo is jus jellus because each of OB’s movies made way more money than Titanic and OB has a ton of Oscar noms to show for all his hard work. Yep, that’s what it is.

    @92 I remember him saying only one year. Show me where he said he was taking off for 2 years. I wasn’t around for “Kategate”, don’t lump me in with those haters. I go to plenty of threads here and bash famewhores all the time. Check me out. If you can’t respond without calling names, then you need to STFU. None of you will ever meet me to kick my ass and you’d be a fool to try. Getting angry with me only makes you look crazy. Aren’t you winning this argument anyways?

    @96 Like I said in my previous post, the showmance would be beneficial if only the general public cared. So much for her attempt at certain global fame and his attempt to be seen as a serious, grounded actor. I agree that blind items are a cowardly way of talking about celebs, but if you read this particular blind item, then you will know that the item was obviously about her. Can any of you shippers name any other Aussie supermodels with Hollywood boyfriends who are brand ambassadors? Did she think she was going to get off that easy for throwing the DT under a bus? I’m sure her handlers will go into overdrive to do damage control by trying to get him to appear at her next show. Hmm, I wonder what his fee is? Well she’s worth $3.5M. I’m sure she can afford it.

    I personally could care less about them being a real couple or having feelings for each other. He’s a sorry boyfriend with no regard for her. No jealousy on my part. I just get a kick out of famewhores who bombard the media with their attention seeking and get it all wrong. Clearly they are not working together, which is why she had to cover up that engagement exclusive gaffe she made with the DT and he is always photographed looking like he needs a hug. I hear Robert Pattinson is available. Good luck with trying to tame that one with her country girl charm