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Orlando Bloom is Deus Ex Machina

Orlando Bloom is Deus Ex Machina

Orlando Bloom rides off on his “Beverly Hills Ducati” motorcycle as he leaves a church on Saturday (December 27) in Los Angeles.

The 31-year-old British actor wore a jacket from Deux Ex Machina, which literally means “god from the machine.” Back in May, Orly shopped at Sydney’s bike store Deus Ex Machina in Australia.

Afterwards, Orly reportedly went out with Aussie model girlfriend Miranda Kerr and got into a fender bender.

10+ pictures inside of motorcycle man Orlando Bloom

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orlando bloom deus ex machina 01
orlando bloom deus ex machina 02
orlando bloom deus ex machina 03
orlando bloom deus ex machina 04
orlando bloom deus ex machina 05
orlando bloom deus ex machina 06
orlando bloom deus ex machina 07
orlando bloom deus ex machina 08
orlando bloom deus ex machina 09
orlando bloom deus ex machina 10

Photos: Flynetonline
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  • @ 143 / 150

    bit blurry – amazed you can make that out.

    I was also wondering why does Orlando look much heavier as far as weight gain in the face and body in the ones where he is walking toward his bike on Dec 27 – than the others – when he is wearing the grey sweater and white t – shirt. – his face is much rounder and fuller in some pics than the others where his face is much thinner –

    and according to elf lady those pics of him in the grey sweater and white t shirt – were supposedly taken in Venice, California – not Los Angeles, California

    scroll down to post #24 – at the link below

    And compared to the ones from Dec 24 – Dec 27 – he was also a bit heavier looking in the face on Dec 24 as well.

    It seems a bit odd to me that there has been no mention of him being in a fender bender in Venice, California or Los Angeles, California on Dec 27.

  • @151

    Hi 151 you are amazed? I just clicked on the pics above and then on the enlarge to full screen button underneath. At full size the logo on the police car wasn’t at all blurry to me and very easy to read. I also clearly see a LA Policeman there. Perhaps I can suggest you try clicking on the pic second from the left in the first row of pics above posted by Jared? Have a look at the full picture and I think you might see the fender bender appears to have been in LA not in Australia.

    I didn’t see any obvious difference in any of those sets of pics you referred me to check out. Some of Orlando were taken with him front on to the camera and captured his full face where as some were shots taken in profile so it is not his full face. Maybe that’s why his face looks fuller in some pics than others?

    I think maybe the extra ‘bulk’ could as simple as him wearing more clothes both in NY and on the bike in LA. I’d think he might not have needed those extra clothes on for extra warmth when travelling in a car later on.

    I can see what you were saying about the way the above story caption in total could read. Yes, it could easily be taken to mean the fender bender happened back in Australia in May. Perhaps the third paragraph should have been straight after the first if that was not the case? I read the second paragraph as written to explain where and when Orlando got the ‘Deus’ jacket, that is when he visited Australia in May, and wasn’t meant to imply the fender bender had occurred in Australia. But that’s just my perception and I can see why your own differs.

    Sorry but I’m just not ‘seeing’ what it is you are ‘seeing’ even after going back to have a closer look as you suggested I do. It still appears to me the fender bender was in LA even if there have been no additional reports of it. I also think that all sets of pics you mentioned appear to have been taken within the written time frame of the last couple of weeks. If I’ve missed what you wanted me to see or look at then please let me know exactly what that might be. I’m not trying to argue or dispute you I’m just telling you what I’m reading and seeing as you asked me to look.

    Hope you had a Happy New Year :)

  • @ 152

    I do see that is los angeles

    although i’m not so sure that it was the same policeman talking to Orlando – any pics of that by chance – or of any policeman talking to him.

    I’ve been in fender benders before where I was not at fault – and the police man usually talks to both parties involved – of course sometimes there is more than one cop involved.

    It does seem a bit odd still to me that there were no reports about it – especially if it involved a celebrity.

    also according to the pics on elf lady – they were in Venice, California – not Los Angeles – or are those two cities not very far away from each other – i don’t know – and would Venice use the L.A.P.D

    thank you for not spouting nasty names and stuff like that.

    I’m not trying to imply anything really –

    something seems a bit off to me that’s all.

    her not getting out of the car for one.

    To me he does look considerably older and heavier in the face – in the pics when he is walking to his bike than the ones where he is in the grey sweater.

    Thank you for the warm wishes – hope you had a good new year too.

  • @ 152

    okay maybe not “considerably” older – but he is starting to show his age a bit since Dec 24.

    to me his face does look thinner in the ones with the grey sweater.

    again hope you have a wonderful 2009

    take care

  • kookee

    @ 149

    Sorry but you’re wrong they were taken in California on 26 or 27 December 2008:

  • @marc and kriz

    I’d agree that Orlando at the very minimum appears to know people do ‘exist’ and he possibly does give a shit despite what the poster on the other thread wrote.

    He and/or his reps recently chose to reveal on this very site, Just Jared, ‘exclusively’ first a rare statement on his behalf which I think completely refuted the rumours being spread of him being engaged to anyone. It’s not that big of a stretch to simply comment if he’s not engaged as was released then he’s also probably not getting married, nor planning it. Reason I write that Isn’t it normal for any engagement to precede any marriage? I was a bit surprised that people seem to have not commented or missed that it is rather out of ‘normal’ Orlando behaviour to release a statement at all and I don’t remember him ever releasing a statement exclusively here first before myself. Perhaps I’ve just missed them if he’s done it before. I’m not a regular poster here more of an occasional reader and occasional poster so I can only say I’ve not noticed it before.

    Would seem quite odd to me for Orlando and or his reps to choose this site if they all were completely unaware of its existence? How can you release a statement to somewhere you don’t know exists? I think if he and his people are aware enough of the site then again it isn’t that big of a stretch to say probably means they are indeed aware of people too and more than likely indicates in itself they give a shit about them LOL.

    I think possibly that example might indicate Orlando cares more than some people are willing to acknowledge or accept or give him credit for doing. I think maybe he showed that he did indeed care in his own way, by his and his reps chosen actions in that case, but that’s just my impression and I could easily be wrong.

    Cheers and Happy New Year to you both too. I’m off for now thought I’d best tell you that. I’ve learnt in the last day or so that I’m apparently expected to announce my leaving just in case I again get accused of posting to myself or similar things LOL. Just kidding all ok ;)

  • @ 155

    believe everything you see do you

    the force can have a strong influence on the weak minded

    my condolences

    oh they are walking together – even kissing – they must be in love

    news flash – Orlando is of French background as well as British

    He said so himself – on an episode of Ellen – that he had French family

    They do a lot of kissing – i know – my boyfriend is part French – and they are some of the most Romantic people you will ever know.

    It is virtually impossible to get one of them to settle down – I’ve tried for the past 18 years to get mine to settle down – but I still love him dearly.

    the police car may have been in los angeles – where was the cop talking to Orlando and Miranda if she was with him during the fender bender –

    I don’t know what the procedures are in Australia – but here in the states – I’m pretty sure that statements are made by both parties – including every passenger – in every vehicle – and that all passengers must exit the cars to give statements – unless they are physically incapable of doing so.

  • @ 155

    not saying anything against French people –

    Orlando has always showed himself to be a very affectionate person even with those he sees as “just friends”

    maybe there has been some mis communication between the two of them

    how do you or anyone but them – know whether or not he has said to her that he only sees her as a friend – even if they did share a hotel room together -

    just cause a guy and girl get together like that doesn’t necessarily mean they are.

  • to settle some things

    Here is the video that someone posted earlier to refresh some memories:

    That is Venice CA which to answer whosever question was asking is a part of LA. I believe Santa Monica Blvd takes you down that way if I remember right. Santa Monica Blvd is a main road through LA,/Hwood area to the beaches. Venice is a beach community.

    The date posted of the video coincides with the pics and stills posted. The other big fat giveaway is the gangbanger lingo used by the paps. its been known for a while that a lot of the new generation of cheap paps are gang, or ex-gang memebers as they are cheaper to pay and more ballsy to get where they need to get to. AND they are saying something about Orlando saying Merry Christmas to them and then laughing calling him names about it. I dont know as Ive never been to Australia, but I doubt there are many LA accented gangbanger paps there. Id say its safe to say the video and the pics are from the dates mentioned and in CA.

    As for the accident, who knows. I find it strage as well that thehre was no mention of it anywhere else.

  • @ 159

    “As for the accident, who knows. I find it strage as well that thehre was no mention of it anywhere else.”

    thank you – maybe he wasn’t in the accident and only a spectator – my question still is where is she? – and why is he getting out of the car – unless he was the first one on the scene – isn’t it the law that you have to get out and help if no one else is there. – surprising no one did a story about that – him being a good samaritan – unless he didn’t have to be – or wasn’t – not sure – very confusing.

    well – good points about the video

    still not so sure – considering how different his face looks – double chins are very hard to hide.

    in the ones where he is coming from the church – he has got that double chin thing going on.

    in the ones from venice and at the crash scene – he looks much skinnier – in the face

    i know when guys ride motorcycles their jackets can make them look bigger – but the face – how does a guy hide a double chin?

    not that i don’t think it is appealing on some guys – more to love in some cases.

  • http://justjared @160

    Double chin????? Please where do you see the double chin?He is just over dressed to ride the bike he is a skinny guy and for sure doesn’t have a double chin and even if he had a double chin so what?He isn’t 20 anymore.

  • @ 161

    did you not read my last comment on my post

    “not that i don’t think it is appealing on some guys – more to love in some cases.”

    I was just noticing the difference in the two sets of pics thats all.

    Doesn’t mean she wasn’t lurking around anywhere – i’m sure she was with him.

    I was just noticing how he is aging – I never said he looked bad.

    I think he looks very good – I like that he is starting to look older – makes him very appealing to look at – he is a celebrity / actor isn’t he.

    It’s what kept Sean Connery in the spotlight for so long.

    If he were to stay the same way forever – it would get rather boring after a while.

    I used to think certain bands and celebrities were so cute at a certain age – and I had posters up on my walls when i was younger – but you can only have those things up for so long before you just don’t want to look at them anymore.

    Sometimes real relationships end up that way – if the person seems to stay the same the entire time you know them – it gets not very much fun to be with them anymore – unless you are in love with them – because you can see much more than what’s on the surface.

    But when they change as they age – it becomes more intriguing to watch.

    The man I’m in love with has changed over the years – 18 years – and no I am not dillusional and referring to Orlando – 18 years ago Orlando was only 13 – I was 19 and had met the one I am still with to this day.

    but I still love the guy I’m with as much as the day I met him – even more so.

    I can tell when people age – since he is in the spotlight – like most celebrities – there will be noticable changes over time – look at John Travolta over the years – I was watching Broken Arrow the other day and afterwards I put on Grease & Welcome Back Kotter Series –

    Sure he was skinny back then – but he aint skinny now.

  • @156

    If you check other websites there are many sources claiming that they were informed by Orlando’s rep denying the engagement rumours. My guess is that they are probably aware about some gossip blogs like Perez Hilton but from there to say they are interested on the comments written on the blogs.

  • @159

    Orlando wished the paps a merry Christmas and their reaction was to call him names? How strange, as according to some Orlando is the paps’ best friend and a wonderful customer that hires them to do monthly set ups. LOL

  • @156

    Orlando’s rep didn’t make a statement to this site. Jared got hold of one of his reps, and they answered a question. That is quite a bit different.

    It happened in LA. I don’t understand why you are disputing the evidence.

    He isn’t part French. Some of his family lives in France. Just as some of his family lives in America, New Zealand, and goodness knows how many countries around the world. That doesn’t change his nationality.

    And if both drivers give statements that agree, the police would not have to pursue the matter. They would not have to interview every witness, and it is to their own discretion as to whether the have everyone exit the cars. This is based upon first hand knowledge, by the way.

    PS: I’d give up on that boyfriend if I were you. His being part French has nothing to do with the fact that he doesn’t want to settle down. He just isn’t interested, it seems.

    He doesn’t have a “double chin thing” going on. It’s just the combination of his expression and a high collar on his jacket. He has that ‘oh, it’s the paps’ grimace that we have come to know. The pics/video from the bike shop is the same day, and you can see that his face doesn’t look like that at all. Go to a mirror in a high collared shirt and pull your chin back while frowning. That will cause a double chin on almost anyone.
    In the video from the bike shop, he is back to his gorgeous self.

  • http://justjared @162

    I am sorry but i understood that you said that you sow a double chin on him which i don’t and that he was a little overweight which again he is not he is a skinny guy in my opinion. I am 24 years old and guys my age are in some cases not as in good shape as Orlando is and he is to became 32 years old.

  • @157

    now if a guy kisses and grabs you it’s because he has a “French background”. LFMAO

  • fame sucks

    167 this is just jared you know. its habit for things to suit agendas, make sense then not make sense, and it seems this particular thread has become more about 162 and the every other post she has posted on 6 pages here about her own love life. i think at the beginning of this thread she was saying something about just meeting up with the guy she is talking about after having an unsteady relationship with him years and years ago, and in a matter of days he has gone from a hopeful maybe re-re hookup to being the one and they are so in love. dang! sounds like a britney spears relationship. im getting sick of her posts actually. in one sentence she says he has a double chin like its an ICK item and then the next post she says its just more to love.

    I think I am just going to have to find another blog to read because this just jared one is just irritating to me now. i think people dont want anything about O and M to ever make sense. If you dont buy it you are a hater and if you do you are a shipper. they are showy especially her, but they apparently have a reason they are together. screwing, in love, all show, contract, blackmail what does it matter? still together after first hooking up in march of 07 that we know of and i just dont get why every little piece has to be analyzed with such great detail. M cheated on her boyfriend and now J’s getting a taste of the fame she dumped him for. O is a publicity mess. maybe he will do movies again one day, but i dont personally think that will be for a while, but at the end of that day, it matters not to anyone but those in it. i guess we all need something to spectate to feel we have something important to add to whatever we see. just my thoughts from the top of mt everest.

  • @ fame sucks

    why kick someone when they are already down. maybe she – whoever this person is – is trying to find some closure in her own life so she can move on – and maybe she is not really in as stable a relationship as she would have you believe.

    maybe she didn’t realize that this Just Jared thread was such a sacred place. where those who kiss a.s.s. are only allowed to post.

    what if she really will never be able to have that relationship she wants and she was just trying to find something to help her understand her own emotions.

    and before you ask – no i am not her.

    but i have been hurt from the insensitivity of others – such as the remarks you just made.

    I swear on my soul I am not her – but if I was – now I know why it would be difficult to trust others – the likes of you.

    People can care about others – even if you do not know them personally – and your remarks hurt me as much as I am sure they have hurt her.

    If Orlando did not want his life to be viewed – maybe he should try a different line of work – or maybe he thought that he would not be as famous as he has become – lots of actors do work steadily without their lives being under a microscope.

    It should not matter who he has for a girlfriend – even if she is famous – or becomes more famous than him one day – actors do fade from the limelight eventually.

  • @168

    I expressed my opinion on this matter and nobody was able to show where I’m wrong or don’t make sense, and I don’t have a problem with being called this or that.

  • kookee


    So far the only successful substitute for brains is silence. Just sayin’

  • @163

    #156 Here
    Yes, I’m well aware of a plethora of further places that subsequently published the Orlando engagement denial statement, and then the subsequent denials given by Miranda after Orlando’s initial one. I am unaware of any other site that had that published that particular statement of his prior to the time when Just Jared published it first exclusively. Just Jared published it here on November 30th at 11.59 am to be exact if you go by the time that thread is credited as posted by this site. Several hours, then in the days after that time, other sites started publishing versions of the differing subsequent denial statements. Until such a time someone can show me another Orlando Bloom ‘official’ version published prior to that time then I stand by my observations.

    If Orlando’s rep and or himself had been completely unaware of this site’s existence then are you trying to tell me that they randomly chose to answer the question to any site and or the first person who spoke to them? That just anyone or any place would have been given exclusive permission to print his official denial first? I don’t think so myself, as I said that would seem to me to be very out of Orlando’s normal ‘methods of information distribution’ for both he and his reps to do such a thing. Sorry but I don’t agree instead I would think it more implausible that ANY of his reps or Orlando would just give any statement or answer to anyone or any site to publish they did not know or were unaware of. Nor would they give them permission to publish any statement UNLESS they knew exactly where that statement was going to end up.

    I’ll repeat they gave Just Jared a statement, (since you don’t seem to like the word statement, then substitute the word answer instead. I think that’s going into semantics myself but whatever no skin off my nose LOL). The points I was making are that it seems clear Orlando and or his reps know of this particular site AND If they know this site enough to allow publishing exclusively here first then I repeat I don’t think it is that much of a stretch to say they are likely to also be aware of the people who post here. Is there some reason that me agreeing about the concept that Orlando and or his people might know well of this site, and or possibly even might have read here is problematic?

    He’s a human being, so are his people, so why wouldn’t it be possible that he and or they have such knowledge, some interest, and possibly did indeed choose this site themselves as their first place to ‘officially’ deny his engagement etc? I don’t understand why it is seemingly inconceivable that he might indeed be acutely aware of some places, has been for a long time, and also aware of peoples existences dare I say yes even might care about them. Are you trying to tell me he’s an uncaring and ignorant guy? He’s never seemed like that to me, quite the opposite, but again that’s just my own impression of him. I don’t foster any pretence of knowing him personally at all do you? If you not then to repeat I stand by my opinions and comments.

    Perhaps all we have here is different viewpoints, which I’m more than happy to agree to disagree with you, on this issue. I see it differently than you and I’ve explained my reasons why I do. As I also said I don’t normally post on here and I really don’t have enough sustained interest in this partocular site to start doing so with any degree of regularity. I do hoever always reserve the right to post from time to time here if and when I feel like commenting on something written or have something to say myself in reply to posts made on here.

  • @172

    One of the jobs of ANY celeb’s representatives is to stay abreast of gossip about their employers. I’m sure that they are well aware of all of the larger gossip sites. Jared, as well as Perez, are probably well known to them. They pay attention, but that doesn’t mean that Orlando does. And if he, himself was going to chose a site to single out for inside information, it would more than likely be a place like ka-Bloom, that has supported him from the beginning, and not a site full of disgruntled, anons who find it entertaining to insult those that are close to him.
    Once again, answering a question is not the same as issuing an exclusive statement, no matter what you call it.

  • marc and kriz

    @173 Ka-Bloom does not discuss his private life so there would be no point for Orlando or his people to issue an exclusive statement regarding his denial of the engagement as it relates to his private life.

    The oriiginal comment was if Orlando was aware of JJ. Seeing that his people gave JJ the exclusive, it would only make sense that they are most definately aware of JJ and the people here. His denial was not inside information, actually it was a public statement. It wasn’t insider information gathered from any site it was a straight out public statement of denial.


  • @174

    Of course Orlando is aware of JJ’s. Miranda posts here regularly under her own name. I think she also posts as the one called the Gunnedah Hobag, their writing is very similar and they both make the same spelling errors. Her brother posted here before, so did MommyKerr. Miranda probably has a higher post count than I do. Hi Mir!

  • @174

    One more time. It was not an exclusive statement. Period.
    Sure, his people know about this site. It is part of their job. But there is no way that his people contacted JJ to get the word out. If they were so inclined to give someone an exclusive, it would have been something along the lines of Someplace that PR reps can trust. Not a site like JJ or Perez.
    And ka-Bloom would issue a statement if it came from him. They don’t publish gossip, but if it came from him, it wouldn’t be gossip now, would it?
    You really aren’t that stupid are you?

  • fame sucks

    @169 and 170

    please dont insult my intelligence. you are the same person that is poster 162. ive been posting at gossip boards long enough to recognize similar posting styles between posts. take a look at your posts. you have certain habits in each one of them.

    as for the rest of you post, hun please….dont take everything so seriously or be so hurt by messages on a gossip blog. ITS A GOSSIP BLOG!!! i really dont get why you are seeking reassureance about yuor love life from a gossip blog. not a good move if you aske me. what else is not a good move is lying to yourself or pretending things are more or less than you can accept them to be. if you dont want to get hurt by men, or people in general for that matter,. thenm dont set yourself up for it. pretending its love when youve only just hooked up again after so long, and having troubles in the relationship before is only goiing to bring hurt upon yourself.

    novbody is asking you to kiss ass just please try to staty somwhat on topic. those watching are intrested in Orlando and Miranda for like or dislike reasons, nobody came here to be someone elses love thereapist. im sure there are forums for that specific topic you are seeking, and people less interested in the love life of celebrities and more interested in the love life problems of the masses in general, but in all sincerity., this place is not one of them. no need to take offense just realize that you are talking about your OWN love life en grande detail and nobody knows you. im just saying its fine to use an example here and there, but you are going into way too much detail and to be honest? its making me uncomfortable. i discuss celeb gossip because they are wayuyyyyy over there and we are the unknown masses discussing things that we can brush off once the computer goes off. really dont take it personal, but realize there is a time and place to discuss your own personal crap and frankly a gossip blog full of strangers is not a good place to do it.

  • @ 176

    “It was not an exclusive statement. Period.”

    And you know this – how exactly?

    Because a dozen of other sites came up with the same story days and weeks after the initial statement appeared on JJ.

    This is not poster #172

    Send us the link for where the first initial statement came from if not from JJ.

  • @ fame sucks

    first off – okay – I was poster #169 – but not #170

    If you know me so well by my posts – as you say you do – then you know I do not have the strength to stand up for myself very well.

    I do get hurt when people call me names or refer to me as this or that.

    Sorry if I ever made you feel you or anyone else uncomfortable – that was never my intention.

    Thanks for your concern – if that’s what you were showing in your last post – not sure.

    don’t trust anyone anymore – except myself.

    cest la vie

  • fame sucks

    @176 one more time since you seemed to miss the article written HERE at jj. i cut and pasted it already in its own quotation marks from HERE which would have tyaken you all of 3 seconds to go read yourself since its still on the recent topics at jj. I quote:

    “The rumors are not true,” Orlando’s rep exclusively tells “He is not engaged.”

    Note the EXCLUSIVE part. now can you understand it?

    as for kabloom. that board owner kisses Orlandos mothers ass to get some kind of exclusivity sometimes. Tell me this, how much does your own mother really know about what goes on in your life. how much do you actually tell her? now put yourself in the shoes of a guy and reduce that by at least half. Sonia bless her well intended heart probably does what every mother does and sees what she wants to see and sticks her head in the sand or whistles a happy tune over the rest. i wouldnt ever trust info i got from kabloom to be the way things really are.

  • fame sucks

    @179 i dont recall calling you names as that really isnt my style, but my bluntness about the subject is because its been pointed out to you before by other posters in a less blunt way and you keep doing it. as i said, examples here and ther are fine, and helpful even if we are trying to make a point about why we see something a certain way, but getting to the point is the prime target. im sorry for being blunt but i really am not one to dance around things. there are other forums, even orlando forums where people are in a less hostile environment than an anon gossip blog. ive been a memeber of Olove for a very long time, but mostly have always just been a lurker there. id say its easier and more acceptable to discuss your personal crap at places where you have a posting name. there are lots of them. anyway, didnt mean to offend, but i guess in hindsight how could i have not? anyway, standing up for yourself is a decision you have to make on an incident by incident, day by day basis. you are selling out as a victim if you think that is the way you always have to be. for instance, you could have just told me to fuck off and skim over your posts if i didnt like them. lol! i would have been fine with that too, but probably less likely to say sorry i offended you.

  • @180

    So a gossip hound claims exclusivity and you believe them? You don’t get around much do you? You think that a rep would contact this site above all others for a statement like that? Yeah, right. JJ made a phone call, and got an answer. That’s it.

    As for ka-Bloom, if they print it, it came from the horse’s mouth. You can criticize them all you want, but it won’t change the way they run their site. They don’t print gossip, or allow for speculation, and they are still one of the largest Bloom fan-sites on the web. If Bloom really wanted to get a message out, he would do as he has done before, and ask ka-Bloom to publish the info.

  • fame sucks

    182 you are now speculating that the exclusivity jj wrote about isnt true. do you have reason or proof to believe otherwise? Jared is a gossip hound, but i rarely see written they got exclusivity on something if in fact they did not. other people pointed out to you the time it was posted in conjunction to the timing of the initial rumor being spread. I dont know where you stand on it, but i am leaning towards the DT getting it wrong. Orlando has nothing to lose by having his rep give info to jj. Miranda certainly does have something to lose if her own hometown paper that occasionally caters to her makes her look bad, but they have done it before, not always, but yes ive read them take jabs and poke fun at her. i think they either lied about their exclusivity, or they did get an exclusive that was promptly addressed at a site where Orlando is known to have both likers and dislikers alike that would do their best to suss out the liars and misrepresenters if any. who knows maybe it was just a misunderstanding. do you know for sure if it was or wasnt? one thing is a fact though, jj claimed exclusivity on this site on an orlando and miranda thread. whether that exclusivity is busslhit i guess is up to the reader.

    YUou didnt answer my question about Orlandos mother. Sorry but Orlandos mother is not the horses mouth. She doesnt do PR for him and from what i know about her attempts at it in the past, it wasnt really very sucessful and actually did some harm to him and his fans. but that is all watehr under the bridge and i sure as shit hope she learned from it.

  • fame sucks

    oh and as well i think jared or perez is as good a place as any to make a statement about something. these threads gets a good amount of attention dont they? check out his other so called informed boards to put things at and you will have to take no-doze as to not fall asleep from the lack of participation at them these days. this isnt the good ol days of a post a minute anymore.

  • marc and kriz

    @176 You can Period all you want. We disagree.


  • where’s waldo?

    Is he now in the UK and not in Aspen, Colorado? If he flew from Colorado to the UK, that was a fast snow boarding trip vacation, and he managed to get back to England without being caught by paps. It really makes a person wonder just how many celebrity sightings are real versus called in and fake. This just in:

    STAR-SPOTTING staff at a Crieff supermarket were snapped with Hollywood pin-up Orlando Bloom. The Lord of the Rings actor posed for snaps with incredulous workers in between picking up two bottles of champagne and a bouquet of flowers at the Somerfield branch.

  • @186

    Now appearing at your local supermarket, Orlando Bloom.

    Your sighting is a recycled posting from last summer. The same posting, including the town, store and contents of his basket were reported in August I think it was.

    Waldo’s location is still unknown.

  • @ 187

    who really cares anyway. he’s just another celebrity – big deal.

    i don’t understand those girls at OLove anyway.

    what are they F.B.I. or C.I.A. or something – think they need to know the where abouts of him 24/7 – it gets very scary to me the way they talk sometimes. – even if it’s just for fun – i still do not understand.

    he’ll do whatever he is going to do – when – if – where – and with whom – ever he wants to – here’s a thought – leave him alone!

    @ fame sucks – # 169 here – what is your name at OLove – I’ve been a member there for a couple of months now – can’t remember when I signed up – I do not post much – but I thought maybe I would understand why they post comments the way they do – but no luck – although I have made a couple of friends there – not sure if I can trust them – anymore than anyone else though. hope that wasn’t too personal information for you.

  • @fame sucks

    I agree with 182. There are several websites saying that Orlando’s rep talked to them on Sunday 30th, the sites that don’t hang medals on themselves say that the information was given to And I think it’s quite strange that a rep talks exclusively to a gossip blog.
    I guess some people and I don’t mean you, fame sucks, need to think that O reads their opinion, cares about it and lives by it. Whatever. If that thought fills their ego…

  • @ 189 / 182

    The fact that Orlando or his rep talked to anybody about her is what is shocking.

    He plays it so cool all the time – I wonder if he even knew about all the things she had been saying in interviews concerning him.

    Know one knows what they say to each other in private except themselves – for all we know she could be telling him how much she hates the paps.

    But the way she has behaved would be the exact opposite of that statement is it not.

    Who cares who got the information first – Or if Orlando or Miranda or any celebrity for that matter comes on here.

    Why are you # 156 / 172 – trying to convince others that he cares about them. – Your quote below

    “I don’t understand why it is seemingly inconceivable that he might indeed be acutely aware of some places, has been for a long time, and also aware of peoples existences dare I say yes even might care about them. Are you trying to tell me he’s an uncaring and ignorant guy?”

    How would you know if he cares?

    Of course he cares about others – generally people do for the most part. He just is not the type to make sure everyone knows that he does. The fact that he or his reps said anything at all is what is so out of character for him.

  • I’mwatchingyou

    I’m sorry I”m late to the party. What are you all talking about?
    Can someone fill me in please!?

  • where’s waldo?

    to #191
    You might want to start from the very beginning and read all the way through. Then you’ll understand. If you’re trying to suggest you’re Orlando, I don’t think that’s going to work, but Happy New Year!

    to #187
    Thank you for pointing that out. Old info is getting mixed in with new and yet to be proven info. I don’t understand how celebrities who value their privacy allow the world to know where they’ve rented a house, etc. Since it’s no ones business, you’d think the info would be treated as confidential and would stay private. I think if Orlando were gay and staying at that same house in Aspen, the public would NEVER find out about it with his male partner. Famous people can keep their whereabouts and sleeping buddies private IF and WHEN they really want to. It’s been done before. And there are always Tinseltown escort services.
    Did anyone watch “EXTRA” last night? Cher admitted that she has a boyfriend but she won’t discuss him, expose him to the press, and understands that “Nobody wants to be Mr. Cher.” If Cher knows how to do that, I think Orlando would have the same info available and can do the same thing. Cher sounded like she really has had enough of the paps. But she was also honest and didn’t beat around the bush or play coy. So, yes she’s seeing someone, and no, she’s not going into details. Good for her! Would be nice if Orlando would have handled things like that.

  • @ 192

    “So, yes she’s seeing someone, and no, she’s not going into details. Good for her! Would be nice if Orlando would have handled things like that.”

    Since when has Orlando ever gone into details about anyone he is seeing – whether they be famous or not.

    The girlfriend already has that covered – so why should he say anything.

    Orlando is not the one blabbing to everyone he sees with a camera who his latest squeeze is.

  • @ 192

    Of course he doesn’t have to blab to everyone with a camera.

    The whole thing has been caught on film – since the day it started.

    hasn’t it.

  • I’mwatchingyou

    To #192 Happy New Year to you also! LOL!

  • @ Waldo?

    “to #191
    You might want to start from the very beginning and read all the way through. Then you’ll understand.”

    Don’t count on it.

    to I’mwatchingyou -

    Cute name – come up with that all on your lonesome did ya. lol. just kidding.

    Welcome to the club – not sure what this club is – or how i got involved.

    Sort of feel like I’m in the song “Hotel California” – and I’m just trying to get back to where I was before – wherever that was.

    Like Waldo? says or excuse me “Where’s Waldo” says – you should try reading this from the beginning – and when I say beginning – I don’t just mean this particular thread.

    Go back about how many ever threads Jared still has on this fine young couple – Kerrbloom – or whatever their name is called. Quite a long read – so make sure you have plenty of time to spare.

    Very intriguing – yet at times nauseating stuff – make sure you have a vomit bucket standing by.

    Take care – let us know when you catch up – too much to sum up – since everything written about these two Orlando and Miranda are open to interpretation – You should really try and figure it out for yourself.

    Take Care – and if you get out of this insane asylum – let me know how you did – so I can follow. lol.

    my code name is – 4444

  • 4444

    to I’mwatchingyou -

    The questions everyone is asking themselves -

    Are Orlando and Miranda really a couple?

    Does photographic proof prove anything? Are all their shots together set ups? Why are they photographed every month at the exact same time – meaning around the last week of every month – like clock work?

    Think about these questions as you read thru the posts.

    Take Care

  • @197…now that you mention it

    Still waiting for someone to explain me what benefits have the “famewhores” got from all their famewhoring. More than a year, and Orlando is without work and Miranda is still the VS model she was before, so…someone please enlighten me.
    Still waiting for someone to explain me why should they need to be papped every month…
    Waiting to know why do the paps call names to their favourite costumers…
    Why did they arrive separated to the Burton’s store…?
    I have more questions, but I’m already seeing myself waiting until Judgement Day, so…

  • @192

    Cher has nothing to do with Orlando. Very different celebrities in very different situations, with different audiences, from different generations, etc…

  • @198

    They get what all famewhores are looking for: attention. No one ever heard of Miranda Kerr before she started f*cking Orlando Bloom. Attaching her name to his has gotten her more attention than she ever got on her own, why else would her publicist have mentioned him several times before they were “officially” dating. Of course the attention is just in the lowest of the tabs like Hello and News of the World but she would never have gotten even those PR puff pieces without him. Those cheesy spreads really exemplify true famewhoring. And as for Orlando, his famewhoring participation keeps the cameras on him while he sinks further into obscurity. Like you said, he has no jobs so without this Poor Man’s Leo&Gisele/Bar show he would have completely disappeared. If he wasn’t a famewhore, his “break” in between projects would have looked more like James McAvoy’s, who said he was taking some time off after his promotional duties were finished and hasn’t been seen since then. They are famewhores of the same breed as Spencer and Heidi, nothing to offer but their staged appearances because that’s all they have in their struggle for relevance.