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Orlando Bloom is Deus Ex Machina

Orlando Bloom is Deus Ex Machina

Orlando Bloom rides off on his “Beverly Hills Ducati” motorcycle as he leaves a church on Saturday (December 27) in Los Angeles.

The 31-year-old British actor wore a jacket from Deux Ex Machina, which literally means “god from the machine.” Back in May, Orly shopped at Sydney’s bike store Deus Ex Machina in Australia.

Afterwards, Orly reportedly went out with Aussie model girlfriend Miranda Kerr and got into a fender bender.

10+ pictures inside of motorcycle man Orlando Bloom

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378 Responses to “Orlando Bloom is Deus Ex Machina”

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  1. 101
    Miranda kerr Says:

    deer jarid

    y iz that fat jellos hatr witnee portt takin up space on my webbzite? i aksudentaly cliked tha pikshure an i had to heer her stoopid voyce! o tha ingiggnatie!

  2. 102
    Miranda kerr Says:

    i ment indiggnatee of korse, sorrie for tha mizpeling

  3. 103
    Finally again Says:

    first, I don’t want to change minds either, I just try to have a civilized debate and to make people think about things that in my opinion have been assumed as facts far too easily. Second, call me a shipper but that won’t change the fact that as far as I’m concerned, Orlando can date Miranda, the Queen of England or anybody else, that your theories sound incoherent to me, and I have explained why, doesn’t mean I desperately need to see them married and with babies.
    Third, it surprises me that you say it’s us the ones who claim to know him when you think you know him enough to say he’s a crap boyfriend.
    You admit their relationship doesn’t benefit them and you admit the blind item is not only coward but also an act of revenge, which makes its honesty even more doubtful, so what are we discussing exactly?
    Angelina won’t comment on her love triangle because that would be suicidal (Jen is the good one, so she did comment), Nicole did make a poisonous comment on Tom’s height and Reese did say that she wasn’t considering marriage because her divorce was too recent.
    If MK is worth 3.5M, she doesn’t need to use OB, a model can’t earn much more than that unless she’s Giselle, and Orlando won’t get her to be Giselle, you know it, I know it and she knows it.

  4. 104
    @99 Says:

    out of curiosity, if you call the people you are not angry at “*****, whores, vapid, pathetic and infested with STD”, what do you call the people you are really mad at? LOL!

  5. 105
    @ Finally again Says:

    “you think you know him enough to say he’s a crap boyfriend.”

    I can only speak for myself when saying this – but actions speak louder than words.

    Some actions remind us of those who have hurt us in the past.

    So if I was to say that “he’s a crap boyfriend.” – only comes from my own personal experience.

    No I do not know Orlando personally – but as the group Depeche Mode once put it – “People are People”

    It’s called insight – or inside information based on past experiences – we can see something for what it really is. Even if we don’t know the individual personally.

  6. 106
    How Clever! Says:

    How clever of Kerrbloom, they know all the celebrities that matter are on vacation so they headed to LA to soak up all the pap attention while relevant stars are taking a break. They might manage to get one of their pap shots in some of the tabloids considering everyone else that matters decided to spend their holidays quietly.

  7. 107
    @100 Says:

    OK, here goes….
    “Like I said, I don’t expect to change any minds here”
    Then why are you trying so hard?

    “just because you superfans blindly worship them”
    Blindly? So, if we don’t see things EXACTLY the way you do, we are blind?

    “Some of you act like accepting any wrong doing will diminish them in your eyes.”
    No, it makes them human. But what “wrongdoing” are you talking about? I haven’t seen any.

    “It’s pretty obvious to me through her words and actions..”
    Based upon your interpretation, you mean.

    “Even her brother… a huge star!”
    I would hope that her brother would be 100% behind her.

    “What’s so promising about her now that she couldn’t have made it big..”
    She was working for VS BEFORE she met Orlando

    “Show me an interview or magazine cover where they don’t mention OB. These editors are smart enough to know that his name is what makes people care about this girl.”
    So you admit that SHE isn’t attaching his name to hers, the EDITORS are. The editors ARE smart. They will do anything in their power to grab every reader that they can. Attaching her name to her famous boyfriend, adds to her selling power. They did the same thing with Gisele, and are now doing the same thing with Bar. It’s called ‘marketing’.

    “there are certain questions that a journalist can be banned from asking”
    And anytime she she refused to answer a question, the “haters” screamed that she was acting like a Diva, and “why couldn’t she answer a question? They must have broken up”

    “the proof is already out there”
    Not “proof”, just your interpretation of it.

    “Sorry to inform you fans that Johnny Depp was the star of POTC. He wasn’t the star of LOTR either”
    Who said he was?

    “The movies that he did star in received overwhelmingly bad reviews”
    Uhmmm, WRONG. Go back and do your research. KOH, was very well reviewed. His acting was praised as well.

    “he gets no respect in Hollywood because he cannot act”
    No respect from the likes of Ridley Scott and Cameron Crowe? You’re right. What do they know about acting?

    “Many journalists have used him in their articles as a cautionary tale to up and coming young actors on how NOT to manage their careers”
    Yeah, you up and comers…don’t go working with famous directors on serious films, or make enough money to retire at 30 to do the work that pleases you. Muddle through bit parts and teen movies that will keep you in the public eye until your teen fan-base abandons you for the next hottie. . Yeah, whatever you do, don’t become the next Orlando Bloom. Become the next Corey Haime.

    “Even his own friend, Leonardo DiCaprio told him to get his act together and stop coasting by on his looks before his teen heartthrob shelf life ran out”
    Where EXACTLY did he say that? Proof, please. Orlando has always said that he knew the teen-heartthrob phase would only last until the next boy came along. Which is why he worked on serious films like KOH and Haven, and not teen oriented flicks.

    “If you can’t respond without calling names, then you need to STFU.”
    You called us “blind”. I guess that you need to shut up, too?

    “He’s a sorry boyfriend with no regard for her.”
    How so? He travels to be with her. Buys her beautiful jewelry. Takes her to expensive restaurants. Cuddles in public and is evidently taking her on a snowboarding trip. How does that make him a bad boyfriend?

    “bombard the media”
    ??? A few pics scattered over a year = “bombarding” Hmmmm

    “she had to cover up that engagement exclusive gaffe she made with the DT”
    I never did get how the “haters” believe that she is the one that told the story to the DT. They never quoted her directly, it was just the usual gossip mag wording for a rumor that was being spread around at the time. SHE knew that they weren’t engaged, why in the world would she set herself up like that? That’s just ridiculous.

    and finally….
    “I go to plenty of threads here and bash famewhores all the time.”
    What a good person you are. What would we do without you? Your service to humanity will not go unrecognized. You must have a lot of time on your hands.

  8. 108
    @104 Says:

    Since when is stating the obvious anger? Just watch any interview and the shallow, vapid, famewhore personalities are quite obvious. And STDs? That’s obvious considering the dingho’s history with Brandon Davis. Simply enjoying the entertainment provided by the Hasbeen and Ho Show is not anger, it’s hilarity.

  9. 109
    poor loons Says:

    So now that there is a video of paps INSULTING Miranda because she IGNORES them what are you losers going to say about it? I thought EVERY PAPARAZZI OUT THERE WAS HER FRIEND OR ON HER PAYROLL .How does she pay them for the set ups anyway as according to you she is BROKE

  10. 110
    octo Says:

    If you don’t like him, just don’t see, don’t read, don’t listen and don’t watch his any news, it’ll help you to calm. Good for your health and your skin can become more smooth.
    It doesn’t matter he’s got any new project or not, just away from him. If someone you hate, then why not leave him alone.

  11. 111
    still ignoring me? Says:


    I don’t care about them dating, marrying, f*cking, or whatever. For your sake and theirs, I hope it’s the real thing. The fact that she paints this story in interviews like they have this whirlwind romance when he ignores her in public, looks miserable with her in public yet looks thrilled when photographed with his friends, cavorts with other women and looks happy while doing so, gives me the perception that he is a ****** boyfriend. I claim to know nothing. We just have different standards as to what a good boyfriend is.

    What does Nicole joking about Tom’s height have to do with her not discussing the details of their divorce? What does Reese shying away from remarrying him have to do with her not talking about the details of her divorce? How is Angelina the “bad one” when Brad and Jen dropped hints in several interviews before the filming MAMS that their marriage was dead in the water? If that’s the case, then how come Angelina hasn’t been blackballed from Hollywood like Sienna Miller? You’re talking in circles here because you don’t want to admit she milked their relationship for all it was worth. The proof is already out there.

    Just because a blind item was done in revenge doesn’t make it any less true. It’s way too specific for it not to be her. Give me the name of another Aussie model who fits that description and I’ll drop this argument. I’m waiting.

    Why are you trying so hard to change minds? Dissected an entire post to defend him changes nothing. I hope you’re being paid well for all the overtime you’ve been working. You shippers are holding down the fort. I’m impressed.

  12. 112
    @107 Says:

    Thank you for taking the time to debate the haters. Especially one hater who always goes on and on and on.
    I don’t understand myself how you can not like someone but know every tid bit about them. Ex: I never read anywhere that “Miranda’s grandmother told her to keep her options open”. Maybe it is written out there somewher, I like Orlando and Miranda and I try to keep up but I know I miss things. But these people who dislike them so much seem to know every tiny thing. I don’t get it, I wish I had that kind of time.

  13. 113
    @111 Says:

    Answering your comments is “dissecting”? Why, because you don’t have a come back except to pull the old tired excuse that any “shipper” (ie: anyone who doesn’t hate the air she breathes) is a paid employee?
    Must’ve hit close to the mark, hmmm?

  14. 114
    author of #103 Says:

    I don’t think you and I necessarily have different standards about what a good boyfriend is, again, I think that your opinion on him as such is based on pictures that are taken in a particular moment of a particular day, and that you ignore other facts like the ones another poster mentioned: he buys her jewelry, takes her to nice restaurants, etc. Besides, it also depends on what one wants to see, for example in some pics of the glass shop he is smiling, chatting and at least apparently being sweet to her. My whole point is, you don’t know how he behaves with her most of the time and when there aren’t cameras there (and neither do I, of course). Sometimes I am even surprised by people I personally know, that turn out to have a great relationship when it doesn’t seem so, and viceversa, so I’m certainly not going to make any claims about people I don’t know at all.
    What’s your point that Nicole or Reese haven’t commented the details of their divorce? Miranda has said that she’s happy with Orlando and other things and I won’t deny it, but details she has not given.
    You didn’t understand what I meant about the blind item, it is highly likely they were talking about Miranda, what I doubt is that they were giving true information, especially if they wanted to take revenge and purposedly hurt her.
    Since you don’t reply to other points I gave, I suppose that you don’t find my opinion unreasonable. I must say that I respect you for not caring if M and O are dating or f*****g, I see that some people do care and I find that amazing in the best of cases.

  15. 115
    @108 Says:

    Take a quick look around, there is a big debate on whether they are famewhores or not, so I think that what you are stating is not that obvious.

  16. 116
    @ 114 - from a silent observer Says:

    “he buys her jewelry, takes her to nice restaurants, etc…”

    well first off if that’s what you think make a good boyfriend – then my sympathies.

    secondly – how do you know he actually did buy her that jewelry – she has enough money to buy her own expensive jewelry and say that he did.

    as far as the restaurants – since we don’t know if they have gone out to any restaurants or anywhere else for that matter without the paps knowing about – it could go either way on that one.

    in case you were wondering – what does make a good boyfriend – well let’s see:

    - one that acknowledges to others that you are in fact their girlfriend – you know with words – Privacy my *** – she wasn’t so private in the begining now was she – what happened? – or did Orlando finally help her finish her “toilet training” – proper behavior

    - one that will always support you – there were times when he could have been with her – and he was not as she put it “off filming a movie”

    - one that accepts you for who you are – why did she all of a sudden start dressing like him – that is so sad

    - when he does walk with her compared to the way he walked when he was with kate – it is Miranda who has to put her arms around him – Orlando used to almost always have his arms around Kate –

    He may treat her nice and all that – but I have yet to see it look like a “Romantic Relationship” – it looks more like he sees her as a little sister – even though there was the kissing at the glass shoppe – he must have remembered that she wasn’t his sister and said why not.

    I am not saying anything bad about his relationship between him and his sister – I’m sure he would buy her expensive jewelry and take her to nice restaurants too – what’s wrong with that.

    I’m sure he sincerely cares for Miranda – in the same way he sincerely cares for his sister – and he wouldn’t want to see either one of them get hurt.

    But as far as him and Miranda being boyfriend/girlfriend – still waiting for that to look genuine.

    Not going to be holding my breath waiting for that to happen.

  17. 117
    @eri Says:

    “So now that there is a video of paps INSULTING Miranda because she IGNORES them what are you losers going to say about it?”

    Ha! I say lets buy them a round of beers!

  18. 118
    @116 Says:

    ok, you are a clear example of one of the people that for some reason seem to think that if M and O f***k, it’s the end of the world, something that, like I said, amazes me to no end. He kisses her and grabs her butt (and she kisses and grabs his butt too) so I hope your brother doesn’t do that with you. He shares hotel rooms with her; add to this that he’s a guy and she’s a model, and well, I don’t think I have to draw you a picture, do I? Thinking that they are like an unmarried couple of Middle Age instead of a modern couple of the XXIst century makes you sound either really naive or in denial.
    No, I don’t think that buying jewelry is what defines a good boyfriend, but it’s a nice detail. Yes, she can buy it herself, but here we crash into concept of present. Most of the presents people have given me I could buy them myself, what makes them special is the fact that they are presents.
    Not again with the “he only takes her to restaurants when the paps are there”; for the last time, you don’t know that.
    That he doesn’t aknowledge her publicly doesn’t mean that he doesn’t aknowledge her to his family and friends, the people who he cares about, and it seems that he does as once they were photographed with his sister, or so I’ve read here.
    About support, why do you think that supporting her has to consist of attending her events? I am not her, but I think I’d value more that a man helped me when I’m sad or have problems than if he came to see me working.

  19. 119
    @ 118 Says:

    “About support, why do you think that supporting her has to consist of attending her events? I am not her, but I think I’d value more that a man helped me when I’m sad or have problems than if he came to see me working.”

    I agree with you on that point for sure – however – how do you know that he has actually done that – and even if he did – he is generally nice to everyone in that respect.

    Truth is none of really know one way or the other is there is a Romantic Relationship between the two of them or not.

    There is a relationship – probably a very caring and supportive one.

    Got no argument here

    Not in denial here either – He’s not my personal friend – so why should i care who he hangs out with – but there have been romantic pics of him treating others – example – Sienna Miller – with a bit of affection – of course this was way before Miranda -

    But you seem to be under the impression that just because I guy spends time with someone – by the way how do you even know they actually shared the same hotel room – because you think all guys have just one thing on their mind? – please enlighten me to your midevil way of thinking.

    He could just care about her very much – you think that just cause they hang out so much together that there is automatically a love connection – there may be over time – some relationships take longer than others to develop.

    I just had someone I was with over 10 years ago – suddenly come back into my life – and he and I may become more than just friends very soon.

    You think that automatically there would be a love connection – why – because he kissed her on the mouth – so did the guy i was with back in 1990 – took him 3 days before i was comfortable to let him do it – but he never gave up on me – and the way that Orlando kissed her in the glass shop is the exact same way – my guy kissed me.

    Seems to me that you are jumping the gun on this relationship. Have you already picked out the wedding present you wish to send to them.

    Let it happen as it will – if it does – Great – if not – are you more concerned about how much it will hurt your ego – or their hearts.

    Get over yourself!

    I’m not saying I wouldn’t want to see them together – all I’m saying is stop jumping the gun on every little thing they do together.

    I look at it with suspicion because of his coldness toward her – I’m not expecting him to jump up and down on a sofa on a talk show the way tom cruise did – which he now has said he wishes he hadn’t.

    But a mention about her here and there – would be at the very least a nice gesture to make. He did mention Kate once in a while – the only time he mentioned anything concerning Miranda is when he said, “He is not engaged” – for the most part reps do quote their client’s exact words.

    Usually when I guy is hesitant about mentioning the one everyone seems to think he is romantically involved with – is because he’s not sure if that is the way he feels – Give him his space – so he can decide what is best for him.

    Let the man make his own choice – this isn’t the price is right where the contestants a lot of the time look to the audience for advice on what they should do.

  20. 120
    @119 Says:

    ok, you and I must belong to a very different generation, a very different culture or both, because the idea of them having a puritanic relationship makes me, literally, burst in laughter, and I am quite close to both his generation and his culture, but of course think whatever makes you happy. I’m not jumping the gun about anything, I was talking only about sex, not love, or marriage, I don’t claim to know if they really love each other or if they’ll get married, though I don’t think their relationship looks limited to sex.
    The example of Sienna Miller is not that good, as I remember they were caught at some sports match french kissing, so in that case it wasn’t just “a bit of affection”, I’d say it was a -short- fling.
    Why does he have to mention her publicly? All that should matter is that he mentions her to his people. Orlando only mentioned Kate once, pressed against a corner by the almighty Oprah.

  21. 121
    fame sucks Says:

    he and sienna werent french kissing at that match. boy do things get blown out of proportion! she had just gone through more Jude ordeals and he was squatted by her chair, gave her a hug and maybe a kiss on the cheek at most and chatted for a moment or two. he was there with his sister. if they were french kissing then im britney spears.

  22. 122
    whatever Says:

    Funny how you shippers used to make comments like “I hope they get married and make pretty babies together!” to wind up the haters. Now that he has crushed your little shipper dreams with that cold denial, you shippers want to liken them to Brad and Angelina.

  23. 123
    fame sucks Says:

    you could look at it from the brighter side the sooner they get married the sooner they get divorced

  24. 124
    whatever Says:

    They can have each other. It’s just crazy the shippers have elevated this has-been to iconic status just because he got paid for being cute. Listen to all of the comparisons they make to all the real actors that can actually carry movies. I hope they don’t repeat this stupid sh*t in public. They might kill others if they are told that they are the last people on earth who thinks he is still a hot potato. And they tell me I’m crazy!

  25. 125
    @ fame sucks Says:

    “sooner they get married the sooner they get divorced”

    lets hope that children do not become involved – should it get that far.

    Back up to # 120 – Yes we definitely are from a different generation.

    However the guy that I was with a long time ago – who may become a part of my life again – was the only one I trusted to be intimate with – all the way.

    I don’t need to wait until I’m married for that – not saying that Orlando or Miranda would either.

    However – the sooner you learn that just because the guy says yes to marriage – does not guarantee that you are the only he wants to be that way with.

    Marriage does not guarantee anything. Nor does it mean permanently connected to that person – unless children become involved.

    Then whether you end up in a divorce or not – the children – unfortunately are the ones that suffer.

    Going back to when he was with Kate – even though as far as I know – she still has the dog she rescued – coincidentally right after Orlando rescued the one while he was filming Kingdom of Heaven – I feel sorry for the dog that Kate rescued – Like she rescued him out of the goodness of her heart – and not to make it look like she and Orlando were meant for each other.

    I’m not a fan so far of any of his choices in girlfriends – Not because I hope to be one of them someday – I already got my guy – and I would never say he is anywhere near perfect – but at least – so far – I know I can trust him with my feelings. We have a long history together.

    Miranda and Orlando have had one year – supposedly being in a romantic relationship.

    Yes I do feel that it is important for the guy to mention the girl he loves with all his heart – at least that he is thinking about her. – what’s wrong with that – or are men only good for one thing too – not in my book – but like you said – we are from a different generation.

    Orlando’s actions just do not match his words – what little he does say – which makes me suspicious right there.

    To me not saying anything – is the equivalent of lying – or telling half truths. Which so many men are so very skilled at.

    Sometimes it just takes some longer to grow up than others.

    time tells all – does it not

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