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Orlando Bloom is Deus Ex Machina

Orlando Bloom is Deus Ex Machina

Orlando Bloom rides off on his “Beverly Hills Ducati” motorcycle as he leaves a church on Saturday (December 27) in Los Angeles.

The 31-year-old British actor wore a jacket from Deux Ex Machina, which literally means “god from the machine.” Back in May, Orly shopped at Sydney’s bike store Deus Ex Machina in Australia.

Afterwards, Orly reportedly went out with Aussie model girlfriend Miranda Kerr and got into a fender bender.

10+ pictures inside of motorcycle man Orlando Bloom

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  • @200…..

    Do you know how utterly ridiculous you sound…,,completely embarrassing…….and this whole bullshit about them having a showmance is just pure JEALOUSY……GET OVER IT…… no matter how many absurd conspiracy theories you come up with, it will NEVER change the fact that……..Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom are a couple, are happy and in love, that she is stunningly beautiful and is the tenth highest paid model in the world, that he is still a famous actor taking time off, working for unicef and that they are together because they want to be!!!!

  • @201

    200 sounds no more ridiculous and embarrrassing than you sound with your b!tch post at other people. Why? Just because some people don’t agree with your own opinion oh here is seems.

    How about YOU GET OVER IT with the whine about the fact that others don’t think the same as you, nor do they have to EVER do so on here or anywhere?

    Unless you are caliming to be Orlando or Miranda then you don’t know anything more than anyone else on here and you are talking your own bullshit which in reality is just your opinion.

  • @201

    What’s completely embarrassing is you putting words into someone else’s mouth with your delusional ranting. #198 asked what benefit a famewhore couple gets out of their famewhoring. #200 answered, they get what all famewhores seek, attention. Who cares if they’re together, not, f*ckbuddies, or in love, they’re still famewhores. If she didn’t use Orlando’s name in every interview she wouldn’t get those interviews. If she didn’t want to be asked about him she’d have that stipulated by her publicist but she obviously does not because otherwise she’d get no attention= famewhore. And if he wasn’t photographed on a monthly schedule with his girlfriend, the only things you’d have heard about Orlando Bloom in the past year were how he crashed a car and walked away from his bleeding friend, got kicked off a set in the UK, and had his only film role delayed and delayed and put on hold. As #200 pointed out, James McAvoy is taking a break as well and hasn’t been seen at all, so there’s a difference between an actor taking a break and one being a famewhore. And can you guess which one’s the famewhore? Well it’s not James, it’s the one making the monthly pap appearances while taking that “break”, Orlando Bloom.

  • http://justjared @203

    Kicked out of a set in the Uk?????????WOW AND YOU PEOPLE WONDER WHY I CALL YOU LOONS

  • http://justjared @203

    You Delphi loons are pathetic I feel sorry for you

  • @200, 203

    oh, come on! Orlando had been single since 2006 until he started his relationship with Miranda, and he didn’t disappear in all that time, however he wasn’t called a famewhore until he started to date Miranda. That’s when he mysteriously started to do set ups, even if he was caught by the paps when he was single too.
    The story of the car crash can be twisted to make him a monster or can be seen as it was, that he wouldn’t have crashed the car if the paps hadn’t been chasing after him and that the woman he was accused of abandoning didn’t think he did. Still, with this as with everything, people will choose what to think.
    Of course any girlfriend he might have will be more talked about than she was before, just like V. Paradis is known for being with J.Depp or the previously unknown wives of M.Damon and N.Cage, and there are endless examples. If besides she’s a model, she might be given interviews because the editors might want to talk about X’s girlfriend and get her to talk. Now she’s said she won’t talk about him after many of his fans demand for months that she STFU, and nothing changes.
    Who cares if they are together? Apparently not you, and not me, but those who come with “contract” and “blackmail” theories (obviously after taking peyote) seem to do. Those can answer to my questions too if they want.
    I hope you don’t single them out from all the other celebrities that get papped with their partners, most of them I would say. Particularly, I hope you don’t single them out from those who sell their underage offspring, even if for a high price.

  • @204

    Yes, kicked off a set. Don’t tell me you believe that “scheduling conflict” excuse because in case you haven’t noticed, there was no scheduling conflict.

  • @207

    and how do you know he was kicked off? Even if it wasn’t a scheduling conflict, how do you know that?

  • @208

    Lots of people work on movie sets, for production companies, assisting those involved in making movies, many people who can see and hear what goes on behind the polite, face-saving excuses like “scheduling conflicts”.

  • http://justjared @209

    In Education will be a straight to DVD movie that won’t be heard of again. I am sure they BEGGED Orlando to be in it no one was kicked out

  • @209

    Let me guess, what you claim you have heard portraits Orlando as a stupid arrogant guy all full of himself. Wasn’t he desperate for a job? What an appropriate moment to become a jerk.

  • http://justjared @209

    Were Ryan Gosling an Javier Bardem kicked out of their movies sets too?Because thy both pulled out of thier movies at the last moment like Orlando did were those two actor KICKED OUT TOO?hahahaha

  • @210

    Yeah, what ever happened to this wonderful movie that was supposed to be too good for Orlando Bloom? It kind of disappeared, didn’t it? Maybe script changes, and/or directorial issues is what caused Orlando to walk away, and the “scheduling conflicts” excuse was brought in to save face for the director, not Orlando? That would explain the apparent bittereness of the writer. He knew that fewer people would see his creation without Orlando, and was mad at the people who caused him to leave, and not Orlando. If the movie was any good, wouldn’t it have been released by now?

  • @213

    That’s the most laughable part, that those who claim that Orlando was kicked out know very well that he was the only reason this movie was heard of at all. Even if Orlando had behaved like an idiot, kicking him out is the least intelligent thing the director could have done.

  • @214

    He could have acted like a combination of Lindsey Lohan and Russell Crowe, and the director would still be kissing his back-side to keep him happy. But sure, the director of a small, British film “kicked off” the most famous name on set. Sure. *rolls eyes*

  • @213

    “That would explain the apparent bittereness of the writer. He knew that fewer people would see his creation without Orlando, and was mad at the people who caused him to leave, and not Orlando.”

    And which “reliable” article did you get that information from?

    Or are you the writer himself?

  • fame sucks

    I have one question…… you people ever leave this board to go read other things? An Education is still in production. it only started production about 8 or 9 months ago and is scheduled to be a part of the 2009 Sundance Fim Festival which starts 15 January. most movies take longer that that to hit theaters so ith hasnt disappeared and looks like they did a quick schedule to make it in time for the festival selection. hope it didnt suffer in quality for that reason. i also have to add do you really think that Emma Thompson, Alfred Molina, and Peter Saarsgard take 2nd ticket to Orlando? even Orlando knows they are polished veterans in the business and deserve some fucking respect. wow you people are numb.

    Nobody who knows what really happend on that set has bothered to really say anything much of any substance for anyone to draw any kind of definitel comclusion abvout what happened. obviously the writer was disgruntled about something as he made slight reference to on his blog but theres never been any proof that Orlando was kicked off or walked off set. there was mention that he never was there and never started production. go find that proof for yourself if you want it and actually LEAVE the throngs of just jared for just a moment. as for the movie itself it looks interesting. wish i was going to the film festival and could see it.

    I swear my intelligence level drops every time i read here and try to make sense of all the stupidity posted. to the freak with the blue writing in her header you seriously need to get out more and get some street smarts and book smarts. you are doing yourself a serious disservice by trying to make sense. give it up. as for me, i cant be bothered with this bullshit place anymore. rationality and sensibility being left at the door before you enter is a requirement it seems and im just not willing to give that up. have fun people. try to get out of here once in a while k?

  • http://justjared @217

    Oh please why offend ? We never even talked.I do read outside this block and again the only reason why this movie was ever mentioned is ORLANDO BLOOM we will see if the movie with make it in movie theaters i bet no but i could be wrong time will tell.

  • fame sucks

    what the fuck do you think a film festrival is then? like i said thick as fuck. you only read about orlando bloom obviously then as this movie has other very prominant names attached to it. delve outside of the realm of just jared and orlando bloom and you would see that.

    Conversing with you would be like having a lobotomy several times over so no thanks.

  • http://justjared @217

    And why say others have to much time on their hands when you are the one with 10000 posts in thread?You have spend time more than me on this thread so you GO OUT MORE . And stop offending people who you have never talked with or disagreed with.

  • @216

    Oh, it was in an interview touted by the haters as “proof” that Orlando was kicked off, back when it first came out that he had left the production. The writer mentioned the words “scheduling conflicts” with apparent sarcasm. The rest is just perception. The ‘haters’ believed that it must have been Orlando’s fault, because even though he has always been a comsummate professional on set, in their minds he must have completely changed his working persona, and turned into a diva. While I believe that it had more to do with the direction of the production, itself. Orlando has often stated that he wished to do a British film. He took a supporting role in this film to do just that….support a British film. Why else would he have left if it wasn’t that things had changed? Since he wasn’t doing the film for fame or fortune, he must have left because of creative differences. Nothing else makes sense. As others have stated, why would a director “kick off” his biggest name? No matter what problems developed.

  • fame sucks

    i never said you had too much time on your hands i said you should leave this board and read other places. i dont have 10000 posts in this thread either. this thread is the only thread i have ever actually participated in. i have read here since back when orlando got in his accident a year ago but from the stupidity that abounded back then as well i never wanted to bother writing anything. your obvious posts have been here at least since then so really stop with the finger pointing. your obsession with orlando miranda and that delphi place and its posters is really quite unhealthy. id tell you to fuck off but as history shows i know you wouldnt. but for the record fuck off.

  • http://justjared @222

    Wow just wow why attack ? I said 1000 post to point out that you have a lot of posts here of course you don’t have 1000 posts.Why say others need to go out more when you spend as much time as anyone else in here ?

  • fame sucks

    if someone else has something intelligent to contribute to this thread then I will participate, but you i am done with. again, i said nothing about going out more but as i have gathered from your vast amount of posting here over at least the last year or more you are a broken record continually putting words in peoples mouths that they didnt say and your favorite thing of calling people loons and crazy. theres why the attack so as i said fuck off k?

  • @213

    The reason – I believe that the a person’s name is in blue – is because they put up a website when they post – in the website box.

    I am doing that right now to see if it makes my name blue.

    I am not the other poster you were talking to – if you don’t believe me – click on the blue name and see where it goes.

    I have clicked on the other’s names and it comes up as an error page not sure if mine will or not.

    In case it does not redirect you to my website – this is the link I put up

    I do agree very much with everything you have said. It is a shame that there are not more intelligent people on here.

  • http://justjared @224

    1.I thought you were leaving 2.Never putted words on your mouth you clearly said to me to go out more go see it your self 3.Why take what I say to the Delphi loons so personally is it because you are a member ? If not why be so pissed off at me given that we never talked Ever .YOU ATTACKED WITHOUT A REASON AT ALL.

  • http://justjared @224

    Given that you have read Orlando’s threads in here you know what I think of Delphi and why I name call them I have a lets say history with those psychos.What I don’t get is why you take it so personally.

  • @fame sucks

    I was actually trying to understand the opinions of people who think different to me, but the conversation moved towards the An Education subject.

  • hey Jared

    when I click on this thread it says that there are 228 comments posted – but when I click on “show all” only 222 come up.

  • marc and kriz

    #229 Try refreshing the page.

  • @ fame sucks

    I am poster number 225 – I am reposting because I put in my name wrong – however I am not posting my name in blue this time.

    The reason why a person’s name is in blue – is because they put up a website when they post – in the website box.

    I am not the other poster you were talking to – I am sorry that you got so upset. Hope my post does not upset you. I just wanted to clarify why someone’s name is in blue.

    I have clicked on the other’s names and it comes up as an error page not sure if mine will or not.

    In case it does not redirect you to my website – this is the link I put up

    I do agree very much with everything you have said. It is a shame that there are not more intelligent people on here.

  • fame sucks

    I know why someones name shows up in blue and I know who that poster is that uses that website portion. she has continually harassed people here and as she states has a history of harassing other people at other sites. im quite aware of her posting. her intentions for posting are to always instigate problems as i have read her do over and over and over. i cant be bothered to respond to someone like her and yes i got heated enough today to tell her exactly what readers perceprtions are of her and to tell her to fuck off then she acts all innocent like she never instigates problems. this site is famous for harboring posters who do stuff like that. that is why i cant be bothered with it further. my comments about stupidity here werent meant to be all inclusive but there are so many stupid posters that do show up here that i wonder why i even bothered to comment in the first place. officially going back to lurkdom again after my all of a week of commenting. bye

  • Sigh

    ***It is a shame that there are not more intelligent people on here***
    Says the author of the “French background” comment…

  • @ Sigh

    try again – you really don’t know who i am do you?

    even if you did – who cares – i don’t – can’t understand why you do?

    if it upsets anybody so much – either stay off this website – or get another hobby – why would you risk having a heart attack over something as trivial as comments posted by total strangers.

    the fun part about being on this board is the anonymity – isn’t that one of the reasons why actors love to act – or do you know – being able to be anyone they want to be – be different characters – etc….

  • Sigh

    no heart attack, my intelligence is something that doesn’t worry me at all and nothing written here can upset me. But seeing you question the intelligence of others when you’ve said many dumb things here was something difficult not to react to. I’m not saying you are dumb, I’m not such an asshole and you might be brilliant at something, I don’t know you, but some comments you’ve made leave you in no position to judge the comments of others.
    Oh, and you are very easy to identify, even when you say you are another poster, girl of the one million hyphens.

  • @ Sigh

    “girl of the one million hyphens.”

    thanks for the compliment – sorry if my style of writing upsets you -

    I could really care less – but i do love the banter back and forth –

    get the last word in – i don’t care – i’m not trying to get the last word – and i do not care if your computer can locate my exact location or anything like that – doesn’t bother me one bit.

    I have never proclaimed to judge anyone – I’m not the one calling all the fan girls dillusional – fat and ugly – all I attempted to do is point out similarities in people. The fact that Orlando is like so many other people in this world. No more, No less important.

    Granted I did go a bit off on men with my anger – and for that I apologize.


  • Sigh

    what? My computer can’t locate you! are you serious? What I meant when I said that you are easy to identify is that your style of writing with all those hyphens, that doesn’t upset me, makes it easy to know which posts are yours.
    I have no wish to go on with this conversation. Have a nice day.

  • @ Sigh

    Don’t worry – mine can’t either – nor would I want to.

    I do apologize if I made you feel nervous.

    I responded too quickly to your comment is all – without thinking it thru – for that I apologize.

    I wasn’t sure if i should respond – but I wanted you to know that I was very sorry if I upset you.

    take care

  • famewhores

    There are new pics of Leo and Bar on the beach.
    What a set up. What famewhores. The only times they are together is for photo ops. Happens like clockwork. They aren’t even interacting, you can tell that they don’t really care about each other. If they cared about each other they would be showing more affection. He is paying more attention to his friends than to her. Her body is amazing, he is so shallow to be dating her. She must have called the paps. No paps are ever on the beach. She is only famous because she is dating him.
    —-did I leave anything out?
    Or do those things only apply to Orlando and Miranda??

  • famewhores

    I forgot …..
    65 year old has-beens can avoid having their relationships photographed, why can’t Leo??? He lied when he claims to want privacy. Why does he claim to want privacy, then have the nerve to go outside. What a hypocrit. He went on vacation just to flaunt this showmance.

  • http://justjared @famewhores

    I think I love you

  • where’s waldo?

    to #239/240

    I think most people would agree that movie stars, entertainers and celebrities, no matter what stage of their careers they happen to be in, are going to get photographed. The point being made here is that some actors and celebrities appear to value their privacy, and appear to take the steps to protect it, more so than others. Even Johnny Depp gets papped with Vanessa on occasion, but it’s very rare, and Leo and Bar don’t get the same amount of pap attention that a certain other couple gets, while Leo and Bar are MUCH bigger as a celebrity couple. So, that tells you something, whether you want to admit it or not. Cher has been in the business long enough to know how to protect and guard her privacy. She’s been an entertainer since the 1960s. She’s learned some things about the press, fame and privacy in that amount of time. The woman isn’t stupid. If she ever flaunted any of her previous boyfriends before the paps, she’s certainly learned how NOT to do it now. If she wanted the exposure, she could walk along Robertson Blvd, Melrose Blvd, or hang out at Club Hyde and Green Door, and she’d get papped. She could have her publicist leak info about gifts her boyfriend has given her, or gifts she’s given him, but it’s nobody’s business! Doesn’t matter whether or not people would care – that’s not the point. Point is famous people know and learn how some games get played, and I think most people who’ve posted on the JJ blogs would agree with that statement. I made the point about Cher to prove another point: famous people have access to powerful agents and publicists and PR firms and can have their privacy, or flaunt their personal business, as much or as little as they want to. But if they claim one thing while doing something else, and they contradict themselves often enough, sooner or later they’re going to get caught, and even the most devoted fans of that person will have to admit that he or she lied. That’s all I’m trying to say. Orlando could keep his girlfriends a lot more private IF he really wanted to. And THEY could keep their yaps shut if THEY really wanted to. If you disagree, that’s okay by me. I’d rather see pictures of Orlando on a movie set than pictures of him with his girlfriends. Pictures with girlfriends are okay but not if that’s ALL that he can offer. Maybe 2009 will be a better year for him. I hope so.
    Waldo’s been away from the paps for a few days, so he can keep a low profile when he wants to. That’s obvious at this point and some people have been saying it for years.

  • where’s waldo?

    Forgot to add, 239/240, that Cher has had a VERY STRONG and LONG career. For a ‘has been’, she’s got a name that still means something and she still has loyal fans around the world. We’ll see if Orlando has a strong acting career that spans 40 years. He appears to have crashed and burned as of 2007, and he only became famous after LOTR in December 2001. That makes about 6 years of fame, press and hype. Leo has the acting chops to last, but Orlando’s career page is still being written, and I personally think he has to start accepting responsibility for writing it himself, and working on it rather than on tabloid relationships.

  • huh

    It’s not like you are not an individual with your own ideas, but after months of seeing how everything Kerrbloom do was overanalized and how some people made ridiculous statements like the ones #239 parodies, it is incredible that now the only thing that makes them famewhores is the amount of times they get snapped by the paps.

    I don’t buy into the excuse that Leo has a more stable career and that’s why the paps are more interested in finding him. A celebrity’s talent or success has nothing to do with the interest the paps might have in him, it’s the amount of people that is interested in said celebrity what counts for them. You can say that Orlando’s career is over or that he’s a crap actor all you want, but people like you or me are interested in him and there are more than 200 comments on this thread, and that’s fact. To say that nobody is interested in his gossip is a blatant lie.

    I too would prefer to see him working instead of seeing pics of him with the missus, and hopefully that moment will arrive, but I’m not going to spend the time before that comes calling him a famewhore for being photographed just like all the others just because he’s not working.

    By the way, Cher has been a great artist and nobody can deny that, but the interest her love life might awake right now is none.

  • @242

    Leo can apparently keep a “low profile when he wants to” as well. I guess that you are saying that these pics ARE set ups? That he and/or Bar called the paps? You have to be saying that if you apply your logic equally. And that would make Jake and Reese the biggest famewhores on the planet, because that are ‘caught’ *winkwink* more often than either Miranda/Orlando or Bar/Leo.
    “Orlando could keep his girlfriends a lot more private IF he really wanted to”
    But the question is, why should he have to? Why should he have to hide? Not answering questions is not the same thing as never being seen together. Why they are together, and the extent or their relationship is no one’s business but theirs.
    His birthday is coming up, and I can already hear the complaints if they are spotted out and about. Are they not supposed to go out to celebrate? Are they not supposed to be together to celebrate? LA, NY and London are all pap heavy. I guess that they should never go home again.

  • @ 245

    “Why they are together, and the extent or their relationship is no one’s business but theirs.”

    Excellent point. Just remember that it can go both ways. Since none of us on this board know what is really going on, it is really only a matter of time before one side, or the other, is going to be able to say, I told you so.

    I wouldn’t call either of them famewhores. I would consider one of them to be slightly desperate for others to know who their main squeeze is, but not because she is trying to further her career.

    Some girls love to shove their boyfriends into other people’s faces. That’s all I see going on here. Neither one of them are trying to further their career to me.

    but that’s just my take on it.

    see ya

  • @246

    “…it is really only a matter of time before one side, or the other, is going to be able to say, I told you so.”
    Very true. But there will be a difference.
    If they break up, the ‘haters’ will be the ones saying “we told you so”, and the ‘shippers’ will be upset, but accept the outcome.
    If they get married, the ‘shippers’ will be saying “we told you so”, but the ‘haters’ will still be claiming that it is all for show, that he/she/they are just desperate for attention, and the marriage “proves it”. They will still be screaming “showmance” while Orlando is walking his daughter down the aisle, or bouncing his first grandchild on his knee. They will never give up, or admit that they had it all wrong.
    I would love to be proven wrong on this, but I don’t see that happening.

  • @ 247

    “They will still be screaming “showmance” while Orlando is walking his daughter down the aisle, or bouncing his first grandchild on his knee.”

    Possibly so, but only if Orlando or Miranda is actually still considered celebrities by then.

    Just like “Where’s Waldo?” has pointed out, Cher does have that leverage of being known still and probably will until the day she dies.

    Also it depends on whether or not Orlando allows his children to be photographed, or even consents to having Miranda as their mother, biological or otherwise. Be honest, how many times have you seen Johnny Depp’s children in public. He and his family go for years at a time without being seen. Little miss, “I have to be seen with Orlando, or it’s not real, may not allow that much time to pass before they are seen out and about together.”

    Either Orlando is going to finally draw the line somewhere, or be led around by his nose by her. I wouldn’t hold my breath for that to happen, her leading him around like that. Going out as friends is one thing. If it gets as far as starting a family together, good luck Miranda in getting him to agree to be seen with you again on a regular basis.

    I can almost guarantee you #247, that ain’t gonna happen if children are involved. Notice I said, “almost” , he is very unpredictable and confusing, where his choices of relationships are concerned.

    Of course he would have to actually acknowledge her as a “romantic relationship” before it would get to them raising a family together, I would think. Would not hold my breath waiting for that one either.

    see ya

  • @248

    ““They will still be screaming “showmance” while Orlando is walking his daughter down the aisle, or bouncing his first grandchild on his knee.”

    Possibly so, but only if Orlando or Miranda is actually still considered celebrities by then. ”

    What does ‘celebrity’ have to do with whether or not a relationship is real? Does Orlando have to completely retire from all forms of show business to have his relationships become real to outsiders?
    Can you honestly still claim that the relationship is fake if and when they get married? If so, then 247 is right.
    And what do you mean “allow” the children to be photographed? If they go outside, or travel with them, they will more than likely be photographed. Are you saying that Johnny “allowed” his children to be photographed? Or Jude Law? Or Colin Farrell? Or Toby McGuire? Or is this a preview of another set of double standards?

  • @248

    “Of course he would have to actually acknowledge her as a “romantic relationship” before it would get to them raising a family together, I would think.”
    Why would he have to publicly “acknowledge her”? I would think that marriage and kids (or just a kid) would be “acknowledgement” enough for any rational person. Besides, if he did publicly/verbally “acknowledge” her, you guys would still claim that it was a showmance. So what difference would that possibly make?