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Orlando Bloom is Deus Ex Machina

Orlando Bloom is Deus Ex Machina

Orlando Bloom rides off on his “Beverly Hills Ducati” motorcycle as he leaves a church on Saturday (December 27) in Los Angeles.

The 31-year-old British actor wore a jacket from Deux Ex Machina, which literally means “god from the machine.” Back in May, Orly shopped at Sydney’s bike store Deus Ex Machina in Australia.

Afterwards, Orly reportedly went out with Aussie model girlfriend Miranda Kerr and got into a fender bender.

10+ pictures inside of motorcycle man Orlando Bloom

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  • @ 249

    “What does ‘celebrity’ have to do with whether or not a relationship is real? Does Orlando have to completely retire from all forms of show business to have his relationships become real to outsiders?”

    Of course he could have a real relationship even if he wasn’t a celebrity. He could even have one with Miranda.

    I didn’t say he needed to retire. But would all the shippers get to write comments in blogs about him, if he is no longer known as a celebrity.

    Lets say he and Miranda did get married sometime down the road, are all the shippers going to still be here throwing stones at all the haters, and will the haters be claiming that it’s a showmance.

    Would you be able to do that to someone who isn’t famous?

  • @ 249

    Fame can and does fade eventually.

    The question is will he still be considered famous when and if he does ever get married.

    He could not get married to anyone ever. Look at George Clooney.

  • huh

    Yes, he might not get married and he might not have kids, and I can’t help but wonder what’s wrong with his fans -or better said, followers- if it’s necessary that he has kids or marries to demonstrate that he has a real relationship. I can’t think of any other celebrity that has followers behaving like this. It was the same with Kate Bosworth, and their relationship lasted some years.

    I don’t think anybody is throwing stones at the haters, pointing out obvious double standards and logic gaps is something different, IMHO.

  • wtf……

    It’s such a shame that Orlando has such irrational fans, I feel sorry for him…..what other famous actor has fans that hate his girlfriend so much that they would pretend he is having a showmance rather than be happy for him …….look at Brad Pitt, his fans mostly love Angelina and support him 100%………instead poor Orlando has loonies that make up elaborate conspiracy theories about his relationship with MK and basically call him a liar and a fake…..some fans!!!!

  • @ 253 / 254

    253 -
    “if it’s necessary that he has kids or marries to demonstrate that he has a real relationship.”

    Orlando does not have to prove anything to anyone.

    254 -
    “look at Brad Pitt, his fans mostly love Angelina”

    How often does Brad mention Angelina – not because he has to – but because she does mean a great deal to him.

    How often does Orlando mention Miranda?

    No one ever said Orlando had to do anything. If a guy mentions his girlfriend or wife, I would hope it would be because he genuinely wants to and she is on his mind so much he can’t help but at least acknowledge her existance.

    Not because it is in his “job” description as the “perfect” boyfriend or husband.

  • http://justjared Orlando fan

    Orlando may never work again he may retire SO WHAT? That doesn’t give anyone the right to name call him or say his relationship is fake just because he isn’t working The fact that he isn’t working doesn’t mean he is using his relationship for publicity he could have done that with Penelope Cruz ,Kirsten Dunst,Jennifer Aniston after all they have Hurvane not to mention Alen working for both of them that would have been perfect .

  • @255

    “How often does Orlando mention Miranda”

    How many interviews has he done since they started dating?
    The only interviews that he has done in the last year have been in relation to his charity work. Hardly the place to mention your hot new girlfriend.
    And just how many people would be screaming about him lying about wanting privacy if he did mention her?
    Once again, a damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t.

  • um, no

    “Why they are together, and the extent or their relationship is no one’s business but theirs.”

    If they don’t want the any part of their relationship to be anyone’s business but their own, then they should stop inviting the public into their relationship. Anyone wanting to keep a relationship private and out of speculation would not parade around in front of paps, publicly comment on gossip blogs or discuss it in interviews like they have. If they didn’t want the relationship to be anyone’s business, they could do that like many others have, but then, they wouldn’t get any of the attention they crave, would they?

  • huh

    Of course he doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone, my point is that something’s wrong with his followers if THEY recquire that he gets married or has kids to believe that he’s in a relationship.
    What’s your obsession with publicly announcing that he’s with her? He doesn’t have to and he has never shown any indication of wanting to comment his personal life publicly. Cool if Brad Pitt has, he is not Brad Pitt.
    @258, he has never commented anything at all, that they comment in gossip blogs is a fact only in your imagination, and for the last time, if their pap pics are set ups, so are all Hollywood’s, no double standards please.

  • @258

    I see we have once again come full circle….
    “parade around in front of the paps”
    Like Leo and Bar, and Jake and Reese, and Tom and Gisele, and Johnny and Vanessa, and Toby, and Hugh, and Mark etc. etc. etc.
    Name ONE couple in their generation who is successful at avoiding the paps 100% of the time. And no, Cher doesn’t qualify.

  • @260

    James McAvoy and Anne-Marie Duff.

    Now, please provide examples where Johnny and Vanessa have done pap set ups every 4-5 weeks like clockwork. Where Bar has discussed Leo’s boxers in an interview. Where Tom and Gisele have announced their vacation plans.

  • huh

    Fine, then say that all celebrities are famewhores except for those two. The exception is not the rule.
    I don’t have much interest in the celebrities you mentioned, still I know that Bar met Leo’s parents in Barcelona. I also know that Vanessa used a painting by Johnny Depp that he did for her as the cover of one of her albums (just imagine the riot if Miranda did something like that). But yes, saying that she bought some boxers to Orlando is a total rape of his privacy, that Orlando uses underwear is top secret.

  • @261

    James McAvoy and Anne-Marie Duff really aren’t good examples to use for comparison. Ann-Marie is not well known at all, and James is just now becoming known as someone besides Mr. Tumnus. James is a respected actor, but he just doesn’t generate the media buzz that Orlando does. James has never been a heartthrob, or the #1 hottest bachelor. And they don’t live in NY, LA or London, so they stand less of a chance of being caught by paps. Try using someone closer to Orlando’s situation.
    Johnny and Vanessa can “hide when they want to”, so any time that they are caught, it HAS TO BE A SET UP. Right? Isn’t that how it works? Bar hasn’t discussed Leo’s boxers, but they sure have been “caught” in compromising poses on the beach. The pic with her between his legs, comes to mind. It was on a beach, so she/he/they MUST have called the paps. No pap hangs around on a beach, right? And Tom and Gisele have spent quite a bit of time lately denying engagement rumors. Sound familiar? How are they different? They are “caught” on the street quite often. Famewhores, all, I guess.

  • @263

    Justin Timberlake and Jesical Biel would be a close comparison. And they are photographed muuuch more that Orlando and Miranda.

  • fake rack

    Hilary Duff stole Mirandas fugly lace bag! No wonder we havent seen it lately.

  • set ups


    From the mouths of the paps themselves:

    “many “hidden camera shots” are well rehearsed set-ups”

    “Another photographer, who did not want to be named, estimated that as many as 80 per cent of photos of celebrities supposedly caught unawares are actually arranged in advance by their publicists.”
    (The Independent)

    “News editors like pictures which present celebrities caught off guard — so these are then staged for that purpose but the reader is not told that the sense of drama is obviously fake. ”

    “Quite a few of the snatched pictures we see in the papers were in all probability staged for that precise purpose. Photographers sometimes work in league with celebrities. They arrange an unusual photo-opportunity, the photographer sells the picture and a storyline to go with it and then the two of the split the proceeds. ”

    and of Jason Fraser, who “caught” Orlando and Miranda in Venice:
    “The celebrated photographer Jason Fraser, who has enjoyed exceptional access to celebrities, is known to work on what can only be described as arranged photo-opportunities.”

    “But as Fraser reveals, in reality very few of his subjects are “off guard” at all. “In a huge number of the photographs I take,” he says, “the celebrities…how can I put this…aren’t exactly surprised when the pictures appear in the newspapers afterwards.”
    (BBC news)

    So, yes, the majority of times a celebrity is “caught” by the paps, they are aware and it has been arranged. If making excuses, denials, and justifications that Leo or Tobey or Jake gets “caught” by the paps as well keeps your fangirl pedestal intact, then knock yourself out. But that does not change the fact that Orlando and Miranda are famewhores who are p!mping a relationship for attention and publicity by staging photo ops with paps AND planting sightings AND talking about it in the press. They may not be alone in their actions, but they’re famewhores nonetheless.

  • @266

    “MANY “hidden camera shots” are well rehearsed set-ups”
    “Quite A FEW of the snatched pictures we see in the papers were in all probability staged ”
    “Photographers SOMETIMES work in league with celebrities”

    Somehow that doesn’t equal your statement of ” the MAJORITY of times a celebrity is “caught” by the paps, they are aware and it has been arranged.”
    These statements imply that, in fact, the majority ARE NOT arranged.
    Many, a few, and sometimes, does NOT = majority

    “In a huge number of the photographs I take,” Note, he said that not ALL of the ones that he takes, or even the word “majority”, and he is just one of MANY paps.
    You have a theory, but not the proof.
    You think that they are famewhores, fine. But you haven’t proven your case. Not by a long shot.

  • @266

    I don’t believe that most celebrity pictures are staged. If “most” of them were staged, paps wouldn’t do things as waiting for celebrities outside clubs, restaurants or their houses for hours, and the places known as “paparazzi hot spots” wouldn’t exist. It’s not that I think celebrities never do set ups, but I think they must have a goal, for example in the cases of celebrities with doubtful reputations that want to be papped as they wish to be seen. In the case of a person like Orlando, who has never talked about his life and his dislike for paps is obvious, especially after how they behaved with the car crash, and besides with no benefit for him, I doubt it.
    That doesn’t help your case anyway, as most celebrities don’t have fans that call them famewhores all the time.

  • Aspen

    According to Orlando was seen with Miranda in Aspen renting a house, on the 1st of January.

  • http://justjared @268

    Please those people aren’t Orlando’s fans just negative people who need to spread hate towards a stranger like Orlando

  • @267+268

    “as many as 80 per cent of photos of celebrities supposedly caught unawares are actually arranged in advance by their publicists”

    “very few of his subjects are “off guard” at all”

    “a huge number of the photographs I take the celebrities aren’t exactly surprised when the pictures appear in the newspapers afterwards.”

    80% arranged in advance, VERY FEW caught off guard, a HUGE NUMBER are not surprised= MAJORITY.

  • @271

    Great, you trust the words of a photographer that won’t reveal his name and I will trust what I see, and what I see is that paparazzi do wander around places known as “hot spots” to see if they can snap a celebrity -and why should they if nothing less than the 80% of the pics they take can be obtained without moving a finger-, wait for them outside restaurants, their houses, their hotels, etc -again why bother?-, and some even drive carelessly to chase after a celebrity, like the ones that made Orlando crash.

  • @ 269

    “According to Orlando was seen with Miranda in Aspen renting a house, on the 1st of January.”

    Yeah and I’ve seen Big Foot walking around at my local Walmart the other day.

    It’s amazing to me how an online news sight can claim to have seen two celebrities and expect others to believe them when they have no pics to back them up.

    Maybe someone should let them in on a new invention sweeping the world…..its called….a Camera!

  • @273

    It’s an enormous coincidence that a columnist that writes for the denver post mentions a sighting precisely now, a week after Orlando was seen buying a snowboard.

  • @274

    There were reports of them renting a house in Aspen even before the first of the year.
    And, I see, we are back to the hypocrisy…..
    No pics, it didn’t happen.
    Pics, it is a “set up”.
    Oh, and what a coincidence….they bought snowboarding equipment, then went somewhere they could *gasp* snowboard? Yeah, like that would ever happen. That was sarcasm, in case anyone is in doubt.

    Oh, and #271
    “AS MANY AS 80 per cent” = as little as 1%

    “very few of his subjects are “off guard” at all” = very few of 1,000 = 200???

    “a huge number of the photographs I take the celebrities aren’t exactly surprised when the pictures appear in the newspapers afterwards.” =Why would they be surprised to see the pics. They were there when the picture was taken, do they not think that it will be sold? No, didn’t think so.
    Try again.

  • so

    IF the denverpost sighting is accurate, they can go to Aspen, a paparazzi mecca where celebritites were photographed all through the holidays, and not get any pics taken? They can go unseen in a town of 10,000 and are continuously found in a city of 10,000,000? That shows that they can avoid the paps when they WANT to avoid them and more obvious that when they get “caught” it’s a set up.

  • @275

    You must have an amazing view of the Sphinx.

  • @ 275

    “There were reports of them renting a house in Aspen even before the first of the year.”

    Funny, that’s when they were buying the snowboard equipment as well. Before the first of the year.

  • @ 276

    Like you say, “IF”.

    What makes you think “little miss randa” is going to accept an “IF” for her relationship with Orlando.

    She’s the one, to me it seems, feels that, IF there are no pics of them out and about, then the relationship to her is not real. She’s the one who needs the cameras on them.

    Sadly though it is not the end of the month yet. But never fear, she may have the pics from Denver already bought and paid for, and ready for release any time she chooses.

  • @276

    IF they are the big famewhores you say they are, and ALL their pics to date have been set ups, including really boring pictures, why would they miss such a perfect chance to be photographed snowboarding, all happy, spending their holidays together, in particularly juicy pics in a paradise of paps?
    Didn’t they ONLY get together to be papped, according to your “no pics=not together” logic?

    I see no reason to doubt the source, the author of the article is a columnist that writes about events of Denver and Colorado and sometimes appears on TV, he is no gossip columnist, according to

  • @280

    He’s a columnist that reports on celebrities, his columns are talking about Lance Armstrong, Mariah and Nick, and other celebrity sightings sent into him, sounds just like a gossip columnist.

  • @280….

    There is not use trying to reason with people like @279……..If Orlando Bloom personally told them face to face that he was in real relationship with Miranda Kerr they still wouldn’t believe him………because in their minds they think if they keep denying the relationship then it doesn’t exist and that one day Orlando will be theirs…….sad but true…lol!!!!

  • @ 282

    As soon as he does say to their face that he is in a real relationship with Miranda or anyone else, yes I would believe him.

    But not from his fans or those who takes pictures of him with her or anyone else.

    His relationship with her may in fact bloom into something more. There was the kiss in Venice. However one or even a hundred kisses, no matter how passionate, will not guarantee that the relationship will last, now will it?

    The only people who have any say in that is them.

    Wouldn’t you agree?

    But please, let me know when he does say anything, would you?

    From 279, remember the number.

  • @283

    But the question remains as to why certain ‘fans’ can’t accept the possibility that he is dating her. Why should he have to confirm that there is a real relationship? Isn’t dating considered a relationship?They are seen together as often as he was seen with Kate, why is it so hard to believe that he and Miranda are a couple? Is he so ugly, horrible and unloveable that no one would date him? That he has to pay someone to be with him? No?

  • @ 284

    “Isn’t dating considered a relationship?”

    Sometimes, but not always. There are some people that do just like to hang out a lot as friends, and even though there might be moments that they may feel something more for each other, it may not last past that moment.

    They may be waiting to see how long it does. And where it goes.

    But that is really for them to decide. We as outsiders do not really know what is going on with them. The only thing we have to go on is how we would feel if we were with someone. If you can forget about either one of them being celebrities and just regular people, which they are, no one who does not know them personally, probably would not see Orlando or Miranda as any thing else but celebrities, so they would say, “well if it were me, I would never stop loving him or her.”

    When in actuality, they have no idea who Orlando and Miranda really are as just regular people. Take away the media, that’s all they are.

    Arnold Swarzenegger dated his wife for 8 or 9 years before they got married, and they are still going strong, as far as I know to this day.

    But either waiting or jumping in does not guarantee the relationship will last either way.

  • @285…..

    Your missing the point, it’s not about whether they will last or not as a
    couple as you can never be certain about anybody…….but rather it is
    about acknowledging the fact that they are in a relationship right now and
    have been for over a year……..again why can’t certain “fans” simply accept this instead of calling it a “showmance” or “set up”……as it then basically calls him shallow and a fake!!!!

  • @ 286

    “why can’t certain “fans” simply accept this”

    Because like I said before….when I replied to 284

    “Isn’t dating considered a relationship?”

    Sometimes, but not always. There are some people that do just like to hang out a lot as friends, and even though there might be moments that they may feel something more for each other, it may not last past that moment.

    Why can’t certain “fans” accept that they could just be friends as well.

    I was not one of the posters who called him shallow or fake. Or consider any of the shots to be considered a showmance or set up…unless he has told her that he only wanted to be friends and she is trying to make it out to be something more….everyone deals with pain in their own way…I could be wrong of course….then again….I could be close.

    But I do know how I would feel if someone treated me the way he seems to be treating her. I would feel that he, and not because he was Orlando, I’m referring to any guy. I would feel that he could be falling in love with me. Been there before, and it hurts. Because when you reciprocate what you think is real, they don’t call you for months at a time.

    All I’m saying is, it can go both ways. I know from personal experience just how painful it can be.

    But also like I pointed out in my post above….

    “We as outsiders do not really know what is going on with them.”

    You want to believe that it is a real romantic relationship, that’s fine.

    Your opinion, which you are entitled to have, does not make it so, and it the same goes for anyone with a different opinion.

    But trust me, when I say, things are not always what they seem.

    For me, no I will not be “happy” for them, until there is something to be happy about. (personal experience has taught me otherwise)

    But that’s just my opinion.

    Thank you for letting me share it.

  • Ok

    @281 he is obviously not a gossip columnist, just reading one article you can see that he writes about local stuff and he sometimes uses three lines at the end of the article to mention celebrity sightings.
    But that doesn’t really matter, the point is that a columnist that writes about Colorado news mentions a sighting few days after the pics of Orlando buying a snowboard. The coincidence is too big to be actually a coincidence.

    @287 you’ve said that you think M and O are in a “just friends” relationship and that he would have to aknowledge her publicly to make this a real relationship MANY times through all the thread. I think that
    both opinions are ridiculous, and many people have replied to these same opinions MANY times on this thread, but if this is your opinion, that’s fine. Just please don’t repeat the same things all the time after people have already rebutted them, for the sake of not turning this thread to an annoying deja vu. Thanks in advance.

  • @ 288

    I only repeat when people don’t understand my point.

    But since I am obviously not “intellegent” enough to post on this board.

    Cest la vie!

    Don’t ask for me to repeat if you don’t understand.

    I will not post again. If anyone claims to me. Then they are either just as dumb as I am. Or not very nice.

    Your call….Good Bye – Good Riddens!

  • Real or just for show?

    In my opinion they behave like two people who have affection for each other and obviously enjoy spending time together. Whether it will deepen into a lasting relationship involving an actual marriage commitment or something more like ‘Brangelina’ or what Depp and his ‘life partner’ Vanessa share, who can say? I doubt it’s ‘just for show’ although I do think she probably benefits from the subsequent media exposure more than he does. (I’ve noticed her name and picture pop up more frequently in various ‘celebrity rags’ than would have been the case if her name wasn’t linked with a ‘Hollywood celebrity.’) Still, I honestly don’t see these two being ‘papped’ any more frequently than other celebrity couples – and far less than some.

  • where’s waldo

    For “two people who have affection for each other and obviously enjoy spending time together,” I think Orlando could have had his rep use the pronoun “We” in the denial of an engagement instead of “He”. That simple change of wording would have acknowledged that they *are* a couple and *are* together, and it would have been Bloom’s official acknowledgment of her. I think publicists choose their words very carefully. And I agree with Marc and Kriz that the denial was official and was given to JJ first.
    Many people think Orlando and Miranda been seeing each other, in whatever capacity, since April 2007, so they’ve had plenty of time to develop their relationship, whatever the nature of it is. With texting, calling and e-mail, you can stay in touch, even in long distance relationships.
    I disagree with the poster who says they think he’s falling in love with her because his actions and behavior don’t strike me as those of a man falling for a woman. He stood her up in Jan ’08 and wasn’t seen with her for what, 7 wks or so? They have something going on, but I just don’t see love or commitment. That’s all. There’s a book called “He’s Just Not Into You” and I think a lot of women – even famous ones – should take a look at it. When a man’s interested, he shows it.
    And I think OB gets publicity out of this because if you remove him from the Miranda stuff in the press, you’ll see he would have gotten a lot less press coverage without her.
    Just my opinion.

  • where’s waldo

    Forgot to add that sightings and pictures of celebrities at stores is not proof that they purchased anything. It just means those celebs were there at the time the pictures were taken. Orlando and Kate were often seen and papped at furniture stores for years, but if they really bought all the furniture that was implied through the pap pics, they’d have had enough to fill a mansion or an estate! And some people think they never really lived together anyway. So go figure.

  • @where’s waldo

    @291 I don’t know why you think a “we” instead of a “he” means something. As far as I know, you can’t be engaged to yourself, you have to be engaged to someone and the denial was obviously in response to an engagement rumour TO HER, so I see no difference between a “we” or a “he” here.
    What about not being seen for 7 weeks? If they had been seen together in less time, you would have screamed “set up like clockwork!” and I don’t know why you guys think that if they aren’t seen together that means they aren’t together. If you don’t see pics, that means that you don’t know where he is or who he is with, and you should admit it, otherwise you don’t sound like a very reasonable or objective person.
    You don’t think they are in love, that’s ok. But that’s what you see on some pics, nothing else. I’ve seen lots of pics of couples that look like Barbie and Ken, and then you find out, for example, that he’s an alcoholic that beats her or something similar. My point is that pictures don’t say that much. I see that he flies with her to the places where she works so I don’t see how he “ignores” her. I’m not saying they are in love, I don’t have a clue, but I don’t see what you see.
    I also don’t think Orlando is getting any publicity from her that he can’t get by himself. If you remove Miranda from the equation, you would have Kirsten Dunst, or Penelope Cruz, or Jen Aniston, or Eva Longoria, or Courteney Cox, or even Eric Bana, etc. He’s been often in the news while he’s been single.

    With all my respect, saying that he didn’t buy the snowboard so the Aspen sighting is fake sounds slightly desperate. I believe someone mentioned that they saw staff from the store loading the shopping in his car, and I don’t know why would a columnist that mentioned the sighting in three lines of his much longer article make it up.

  • Media interest


    I agree, I’m sure he’d have no problem (and he hasn’t in the past) generating media interest while ‘solo’ or in the company of others (male or female) – besides Miranda. But since the general celebrity-loving public is hooked on ‘gossip’ and seeing pics of their favorite celebrities in ‘romantic’ (implied) relationships, these are the kind that generate the most interest.

  • @294

    Very true, but while single he was “romantically” linked to, at least, Kirsten Dunst, Naomie Harris, Penelope Cruz and Jen Aniston, and I’m sure I’m forgetting the majority of them. Being linked to those women, especially Aniston, gives much more publicity than being with a relatively unknown model, I think.
    And even if being with Miranda gave him a little bit more publicity, something I disagree with for the reasons said above, is it worth it? Is it a whole year of “showmance” worth it? Yeah?

  • Media interest


    But see, I really don’t think it’s a ‘showmance’ in the sense that it seems to me there is some reality to the ‘relationship.’ How deep their feelings are for each other, I have no idea. Could just be friendship and some shared interests (more likely ‘friends with benefits’) or it could be even more exclusive. As you say, he’s been linked to an odd assortment of females (and some were certainly a stretch), but he seems to have pretty much ‘settled’ on Mitanda even though unsubstantiated rumors still surface about ‘one-night stands’ with ‘anonymous’ others. Who really knows except the two people involved?

  • explain this

    Which one of you was it that said that Orlando Bloom was not a cautionary tale for other young actors? I guess you’re gonna blame this one on the haters, too. Face it, he’s not the creme of the crop anymore.

  • @297…..

    Oh, come on!…….using “laineygossip” to back up yet another petty attack on Orlando is really stretching believability…….it’s a personal blog,
    not Vanity Fair……lol!!!!

  • @ 298

    Same type of gossip used to make people believe he is in a loving and romantic relationship with what’s her face!

    Vanity Fair is not any more Trusworthy than the Dail Mail!


  • @298

    Wasn’t Lainey the one that tried to claim that she turned away orlando’s advances after some award show? She reported that he had three girls in an SUV, and walked by her and smiled. She tried to make it sound like she had rebuffed him, and that he kept walking. In reality, he smiles at everyone, and was rushing to get back to the young women in the car. He didn’t need her old, hateful bag of bones, he had three hotties waiting for him. Everyone laughed at her. She is pathetic.
    And before ‘teh haterz’ start, this was long before Miranda.

    FWIW, the other posters were right. Any young actor would give their eye teeth to be in Orlando’s place right now. Respect from some of the biggest names in the business, in front of, and behind the cameras. Sitting on a ton of money and able to work on things that you love, and not take jobs just to pay the bills. Orlando has it made.