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Orlando Bloom is Deus Ex Machina

Orlando Bloom is Deus Ex Machina

Orlando Bloom rides off on his “Beverly Hills Ducati” motorcycle as he leaves a church on Saturday (December 27) in Los Angeles.

The 31-year-old British actor wore a jacket from Deux Ex Machina, which literally means “god from the machine.” Back in May, Orly shopped at Sydney’s bike store Deus Ex Machina in Australia.

Afterwards, Orly reportedly went out with Aussie model girlfriend Miranda Kerr and got into a fender bender.

10+ pictures inside of motorcycle man Orlando Bloom

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  • @300……

    I have to agree, it really amazes me that the same old loonie Orlando
    “fans” who keep peddling the line that he is some “has been” actor….when he was just named the 6th most bankable actor in the world……….it’s like their living in an alternative universe and beyond weird that they can’t seem to grasp he has elected to take time off and not because producers and directors don’t want to work with him!!!!

  • @301

    If so many directors and producers want to work with him, then why hasn’t he had a new role in 5 years?

  • @298

    uhmmmm, because he was working

  • @301, 302 et. al.

    Oh good heavens, you people really do live in lala land don’t you?
    You can’t face the fact that Bloom’s expiration date is past. He IS being held up as a cautionary example at far more legitimate outlets than just the hater forums and gossip blogs. If the producers and directors are supposedly so eagerly and constantly knocking his door down, why won’t they hire him; and if he keeps turning them away because he’s “just being picky”, or prefers endless public celebutard vacations with his gf, well at a certain point, people just stop knocking. Another very true facet of the cautionary example. Don’t think for one minute that the new crop of IT boys aren’t being lectured about this by their teams.
    Sorry but Bloom hasn’t made a grand impression on many people talentwise no matter how much you fans, both shippers and haters alike, fuss and stomp and tantrum about it. Hollywood and Bloom got what they wanted-an effective but notoriously short road to fortune and fame. Quite frankly the general public doesn’t give a rats @ss about him anymore(if ever). I don’t think Hollywood nor Bloom himself do either. They’ve moved on. Its time for all his sickofants to as well.

  • @298

    Ooops, I meant #302. Sorry, 298.
    Let’s see…filming POTC through January 2007, then the play through September, so he’s only been off for a little over a year. With two new roles in the works, he would have been working sooner if there weren’t delays in filming. None of those delays his fault, BTW. Except for this past year he has worked non-stop for over nine years, earning many millions of dollars. What does he have to do in your eyes to be considered a success????

  • @304

    Once again, young actors….don’t work with Ridley Scott, or Cameron Crowe, or Peter Jackson. And don’t co-star with Johnny Depp, Geoffrey Rush, Ian McCellan, or Liam Neeson. And whatever you do, don’t earn enough money by 30, to rest on your laurels for the rest of your life. Or use that money to finance/produce films that are close to your heart. And for Goodness’ sake, don’t spend time on charity for the children of the world!! NOOO!!!! Oh no! You sure don’t want to end up like Mr. Bloom!!!!
    PS, Ms. Smartypants….it’s SYCOPHANTS. If you are going to try to use multisyllabic words to insult, you should at least know how to spell them. Moron. See, that’s an easy word to spell.

  • where’s waldo?

    I kept wondering why the photo of Orlando and Miranda from People with the Diesel story looked like I had seen it before.,,20250372,00.html

    Then I went back to check old JJ threads and found this:

    So, the sighting could have been called in with old pictures from last September used. Thought I’d mention it. Being seen at a store doesn’t automatically = purchasing something. A called in sighting isn’t proof, and when old pictures are used as ‘proof’ it looks a bit shady. IMO.

  • @ where’s waldo?

    Thanks for the info. I was wondering the same thing.

    Besides, aren’t the two lovebirds suppose to be getting cozy in Denver?

  • @306

    It’s Sir Ian McKellen. Moron.

  • @307 often uses file photos in their stories if they don’t have a current pic. Nothing “shady” about it, at all.
    But I get it: No pics = they aren’t together. Pics = set up.
    Being seen with a salesperson carrying a large bag out to your car, doesn’t mean that you bought anything, even if you are going on vacation someplace where you would use said items…..riiiiight.
    At least you guys are consistant.

  • @309

    See, that word is easy to spell. Even for tiny brains. Good job.

  • @304

    Nice try in your effort to explain reality to the brainless sychophants but as you can see they are firmly entrenched in their state of denial. Next they’ll start quoting from interviews done 7 years ago. All that work done far in the past is only good enough to get Orlando onto a VH1 “Where are they Now” special or his own booth at a Tolkien convention but none of that is helping to win him any roles in the present state. They’ll go on with their delusions that he’s “taking a break” when it’s quite obvious that if he was on a break he wouldn’t be signing onto movies or showing up on sets only to leave after a week. Nope, he worked with Ridley Scott 5 years ago so that must mean that directors are knocking down his door despite no evidence for that whatsoever, not even a single rumor that he’s in consideration for any parts in LA or the UK. He’s forced to come up with his own projects now because no one will hire him for any others. They’ll make excuses that he couldn’t film any new movies because he was so tied up with the POTC sequels despite the fact that those same constraints have not stopped Johnny and Keira from working nonstop. No, the poor sad fangirls are so desperate to cling to the past, they’re just like the losers who show up at reunions touting their high school exploits long after the fact, trying to relive the glory days because they’ve stayed in the same place while everyone else has moved on to bigger and better things. Hope Orlando invested that pirate money wisely, he’s going to need to live off it for a long time.

  • @304 and 312

    Don’t you just love it when people start talking to themselves?

    What is sadder?
    Fans continuing to support him?
    Or hateful losers who think that it is their duty to change the minds of these fans by continually posting on old threads that they would have had to search for to find?
    I think that I will stick with the positive people, and let the haterz flail away.

  • @312

    But he has won roles. He won the role in An Education, but walked away from it. Something that happens quite often in the business, BTW. He won roles for In Celebration and The Red Circle. And the director, writer and his highly esteemed co-stars are trusting him with both acting and producing roles in Fools Rush In. Rumors are still circulating about the Rory Stewart biopic, and remember that rumor about him and Kiera being in the remake of Saturday Night Fever? You must have tunnel vision if you are claiming that there haven’t been any rumors. I don’t think that the “fangirls” are the ones that are sad. I think that someone who spends so much time consumed in hate, is the pathetic one. Maybe you should get some counseling.

  • done

    He is just a very very lucky has been. He was in some of the top money making films, as a supporting actor, those films were huge box office hits, so his name is listed as a top moneymaker, but the reality is that he did make or carry any of the films that made the money. LOTR was an ensemble piece, and Johnny Depp made POTC. Every other fim he has made as the lead has been panned by the critics. Yes, I know about the old shippers that go on and on about the Director’s cut of KOH, but reality is the majority of the film world sees it as less than a stellar performance. Elizabethtown was horrible,and Haven didn’t even open in many cities in the US. He is lucky in the sense that he appears to have more money making power than he really does, but industry isn’t stupid they can see it. Yes he has worked with big names, and I think most that worked with him liked him, but liking someone and putting butt’s in seats are two very different things. He just doesn’t put the butt’s in the seats, and now he is looking old, chubby, wrinkly and out of shape. Becoming a star maybe be partly luck, but if you don’t have the ability it won’t take you far, as is the case with Orlando. He got lucky after school, got talked about was offered films by directors, that realistically today wouldn’t touch him with a ten foot pole. They may love to see him at a party, but not in their movies. There have been a number of movies made this last year that he would have been the right age and type to play, good movies, but it appears as though no one was offering them to him.

  • @315

    But why in the world does it bother you that he has fans that support him? Time will prove you right or wrong, there’s no point for this discussion. And even if time proved you right, people would still have the right to like him.

  • @ 308

    I see why would use old pics and attach them to a really boring story that anyone could have made up in 5 minutes. In the end, that magazine is about celebrities and they have to write something even when they are clearly run out of interesting news.
    The denver post columnist doesn’t focus on writing about celebrities, he writes mainly about local news, so he can cope with not talking about them. And then there’s the coincidence of Orlando looking for winter sports equipment and being overheard saying “I want this one, babe” (wanker, LOL) pointing at a certain snowboard and then reading a sighting of them in Aspen by a columnist that most likely has never talked about him in his life before. Unlike

  • @316

    It doesn’t bother me that he has fans that still support him, that is their choice, based on their own opinions. I don’t hate the guy, I just believe that I am looking at what has happened to his career realisticly Just because one is a fan doesn’t mean that he has no faults and he has made no mistakes. Being a delusional fan may mean one is unable to look at his career with a more discerening eye. He has made what appear to be some bad career moves. And when other reputable sources are using his career as a how not to do it to other up and coming actors, it would seem that his questioning fans are not the only one to notice that mistakes have been made, and it has hurt his ability to do very much in his chosen field of work for the moment., There are always comebacks, but for that to happen for him, I believe he needs to stop acting like a celebrity, and more like an actor. That may include taking smaller parts in films with actors who care deeply about their craft. I know that Johnny Depp is such an actor, and if he had stopped with the first pirate movie it would have been a fun kick of a summer movie, but the bad reviews of the last two hurt him far more than it did Johnny and Kiera. Johnny had already earned the respect of his peers, and could afford a blockbuster that didn’t get much critical acclaim. Kiera was working in indie films along with the POTC movies, so she had another body of work backing her up. Orlando had nothing, and while I admire his choice in having the fortitude to do a live play, he didn’t get outstanding reviews, most were mediocre at best. He has to do better, prove that he has the ability and drive to work hard at becomming a better actor. For some reason, I don’t think that Hollywood is where nice guys finish first, but the talented ones do. Nice won’t do it for him there.

  • @318

    ” That may include taking smaller parts in films with actors who care deeply about their craft.”

    Did you not read #314′s post?
    He has, and is taking smaller parts to hone his craft. He was offered the lead in In Celebration, but chose to take the smaller part because he, himself thought that he wasn’t ready.
    And he has received much critical praise. You just seem to want to ignore that fact.
    “Delusional” goes both ways. If either side ignores facts, they are deluding themselves.
    You are as delusional as some of the worst fangirls.

  • mia

    About actor Orlando Bloom. He is good in movies in which some other actor is the main actor and carries the movie. In LOTR it was Viggo . In POTC it was Deep. The problems appeared when Bloom was expected to play the main role and carry all movie himself. He is not powerful enough for that. He is not strong enough for that. Not charismatic enough . I like him, but it is the truth. Elisabethtown was bad, the other two movies even worth. He is not looking well, he is not ageing good. I have the feeling that he is doing nothing for himself any more. Like he does not care any more. Maybe he thinks that having sex with the VS model is the top achievement of his life, which is of course sad and stupid. Something is wrong with OB or around him.

  • @320……

    Mia……what a load of BS……Orlando Bloom is one of the most successful actors in the world and any actor would kill to have achieved what he has…….jealous much over his relationship with Miranda Kerr…..get over it!!!!!!

  • @mia

    You are ignoring all of the posts pointing out his success, and all of his future projects.
    I guess that you don’t want anything to interfere with your version of the truth, hmmm?

  • @318

    Fair enough, but I think it’s different to be critical with him to ignore any merit he might have achieved. I would definately say that his career has gone through better moments, but to bury it before its time is not fair.
    There are many abominable actors that still work and I don’t think he’s abominable.
    Realistically, I don’t think it’s possible that he wasn’t offered any role after the confusingly successful POTC3, so I do think that he wanted to have a break and do some theatre acting, and maybe escape from all the hysteria around him, but I’ll give you that disappearing from movie business for so long is not an intelligent option, as people forget names easily.
    I hope that his rumoured future projects go ahead, we´ll have to wait and see.
    But you’ll have to admit that saying that nobody cares about him or that his work with very competent professionals is irrelevant is just not true.
    Which are the reputable sources that had used him as the anti-example? I hope you are not talking about that Lainey loser that even other blogs mocked for having a suspicious sudden drastic change from love to hate towards him…
    And that he gets compared to the young new Brit actors, sometimes in a positive way and sometimes in a negative way is not as bad as it seems. Quoting POTC: “You are the worst pirate I’ve ever heard of” – “But you HAVE heard of me”…

  • @ 323

    “he wanted to have a break and do some theatre acting, and maybe escape from all the hysteria around him”

    What break from “hysteria”? The girls flocked to that theater in Droves! From all over the world, just because he was there!

    And this time he wasn’t just an image on a movie screen. He was there in the flesh.

    What break from “hysteria”? They still do. Makes no difference if he has a girlfriend, or wife, on his arm. Whether she is famous or not, they still would go crazy.

    When he takes a real break from the “hysteria” then he will not be seen or made a fuss over, for a lot longer than just a few weeks at a time.

  • @319

    Ah, I see, you are one who cannot be reasoned with. As far as In Celebration goes, from the interviews I read from that time, he did want the older brother’s part, but was convinced by the director, to take the younger brothers role. She said he didn’t look old enough for the older brother, and since it was his first theatre role in the West End, he should start with something smaller. Then he was quoted as agreeing with the director’s assessement. I still watch his career ocassionally, but I have to tell you to from the people I talk to and interact with, who do not follow his career most of the general pubic considerer him done. He has had a succsefull career if you consider only the financial side of things, but he has not earned the respect from his peers for his acting ablitiy. They like him because he is easy to work with, seems to be a nice guy, and is professional in his approach to the work, but the ability to turn in a world shaking performance, not so much. But for some reason I am sure that it will not matter what I say, nor how objectivatly I say it, you will just hear what you want to. In fact from your style of writing, I would have a pretty good guess who you are. So, this is probably a worthless effort, but I had a couple of minutes and I thought why not.

    As far as the general public goes, I don’t think he is considered that good. If mainstream entertainment publications are using his career choices and path as a cautionanary tale to other young actors, then I would say that in general they feel like he missed the boat, and I actually read that quote in an interview done with Robert Pattinson, and not from a gossip blog. As far as saying that is “not true” that is stating a fact, and not a perspective, I try to be careful to say that this is what I think, not what I know. I do agree he wanted a break, I do agree that actors who are far worse than he are working, the question is are they working because they will take any offers they get, just to work and get some cash. We see that he will do commercials in Japan for some big dollars. But I think the reason he is not working is because he isn’t being offered really good roles, from the type of directors he was used to working in the past. The two or three projects he has been mentioned with, seem to stalled. Maybe they will get off the ground, maybe not, but from where I am settting, he just doesn’t have the power to make it happen that he may have had a few years ago.
    Sorry for the long post, but I do like to think about what I say, instead of just shooting back with some generic insult, and no pov to back it up with.

  • fake rack

    at least you do that 325, unlike 321 who writes the same shite over and over again that everyone is just jelous of his relationship and that must be the reason for everything.

    As for his career, which is far more interesting than his relationship, it might be stalled, but saying its just for this reason or just for that reason is just as speculative as saying his relatioship is all fake. It might look like crap at the moment, but only he knows the real story. Maybe not everyone is willing to offer him roles right now, but there are roles to be had, and the right one will come along….he’s an actor and there are people who do like his acting and dont find him abyssmal. I hope for his sake he is done with the blockbusters and the trilogies. They catapulted him to stardom, and like 323 said, at least we have heard of him. Actors, all of them, have ups and downs, good times and bad. There is not one single actor working where they themselves or the general public havent lost interest for a time. Even guys like Tom Hanks had rough periods in their career. Orlando is only in his early 30′s. He;s got plenty of years to have more highs and more lows. I think the media that use him as their punching bag of ‘what not to do’ are just doing the same thing they always do of kicking people when they are down. Should we be surprised by that? No. But giving credibility to those media outlets by quoting them and taking their words as proof of anything is really just like believing gossip in a way. When Orlando is back on the upswing, those same sources will again be trying to kiss his arse. Fans might be fickle, but media is worse.

  • kay

    I just honestly don’t understand how anyone could use him as a bad example of a young actor’s career.
    After his explosion onto the scene with the premiere of Fellowship, he has made nothing but quality choices. He didn’t do stupid movies that bank on his looks, he made excellent choices.
    Black Hawk down gave him a chance to work with Ridley Scott, even if it was a tiny part.
    The Calcium Kid, with its silliness, was never stupid. It was really quite a good comedy.
    Ned Kelly was very good, and he did an excellent job as Joe. To quote a critic, he “quietly stole the show from Heath Ledger”.
    He didn’t think that he wanted to do Pirates, but Geoffrey Rush told him that it could open doors for him, so he took the part of Will Turner. He was perfect for the part. Athletic, daring, innocent and handsome, Will was the perfect counterpoint to Captain Jack. Without that straight man/funny man balance, Jack would have gotten tiresome much more quickly than he did. And boy did he.
    Troy was the only movie that he did where his looks were highlighted. He made Paris believably spoiled, vain and narcissistic. Remember, he made heroic Legolas, Joe and Will believable, too. That shows his talent. He is able to become the character, and make him believable, no matter his situation. Troy also gave him another chance to work with great co-stars, but I think that it would have been a better movie with a stronger director. One not so enamored with Brad’s ego.
    Haven was a great experiment. It would have been better in the hands of a more experienced director. I think that Frank just bit off a bit more than he could chew, dealing with the intersecting storylines. But Orlando was amazing as Shy. Sweet, goodhearted, beautiful Shy, driven to hatred and violence. He didn’t have to be the upright hero, for a change, and he was fantastic.
    Kingdom of Heaven was a really great movie. Those of you who condemn “fangirls” for going back to the Director’s Cut, are missing out on one of what some critics have called Ridley’s finest pieces of work. Orlando didn’t think that he was ready for this role, but Ridley had faith in him. He gave a beautiful performance as Balian. Haunted by the past and thrust into situations that he wasn’t prepared for, but valiantly trying to always do the right thing. This film also gave him another chance to work with Ridley, and fantastic co-stars.
    Elizabethtown could have been so much better. If you had read the script, you would know that it was meant to be a movie about the relationship between a father and a son. What was made was something completely different, but that is hardly Orlando’s fault. Drew could have been a very interesting character if they had really focused on him, and his emotions and feelings of loss, instead of trying to turn it into a Rom-Com. Him being forced to use an American accent, made his lines come out a bit stiff, but when he wasn’t speaking, and just acting, he was fantastic. The play of emotions across his face says more than any script could ever convey. The scene when he was with his father in the casket comes to mind. Watch it without sound, and you know exactly what he is thinking. That is real acting.
    I’m sure that he could have done without POTC 2 &3, but he was contractually obligated to do them. But he still made the best of them. He made Will’s slide to the ‘dark side’ completely believable, even with a script that was convoluted and weak. Again, the play of emotions across his face is incredible. He can say more with his eyes most other actors out there. These films also helped set him up for the rest of his life. Because of Will, he is able to finance stories that he believes in. Small stories that Hollywood may ignore, but would make great films. They also gave him the opportunity to tread the boards. He got very good reviews for In Celebration, from hard nosed West End critics. They couldn’t care less that he is a ‘Movie star’, quite the opposite I would imagine. And I’m sure that they would have torn him to pieces given the slightest opportunity. He didn’t, and they liked him.
    The Red Circle sounds like an interesting movie, and if it hadn’t been delayed, it would probably be almost ready to premiere. The chance to work with someone of Johnny To’s caliber is, however, worth the wait.
    Fools Rush In was a wonderful book, and I’m hoping for a wonderful movie. Liam Neeson and Javier Bardem seem to agree, and it seems to be a go for this summer.
    The Rory Stewart film may, or may not happen. Who knows with the movie industry? But once again, Orlando is mentioned in association with a quality piece of work.
    See. Not a ‘Dude where’s My Car’ in the bunch.
    Sorry, long post. Continued…….

  • kay

    If I were the agent for an up and coming, young, male actor, I would use Orlando’s career as an example of how to do things right. He always chose quality, never the paycheck. He once made the comment that what you said ‘no’ to, was sometimes more important that what you said ‘yes’ to. And that he sometimes felt bad for saying ‘no’ to someone offering his a ton of money for a part. To me, that implies that someone offered him a big paycheck to do a movie like ‘Dude’. They probably wanted to play off his fame and looks, something that he never did.
    Reporters who are using him as a bad example simple don’t know what they are talking about. They should be using someone like Ashton Kutcher, not Orlando, as an example of a career gone awry. They must not be paying attention. And those “fans” who are giving credence to these reporters seem to want to wish him failure. They can’t really agree with their statements, because they just aren’t valid. They are just mad at Orlando for some reason, and are using anything they can to lash out at him. Even if it isn’t true.
    Orlando has had a great career, and I’m looking forward to the rest of it. I certainly don’t believe that it is over.

  • Sighs4l

    Yeah. What she said. Thanks Kay for that articulate post.

  • fake rack

    ya thanks kay. Your post was great. Too bad very few will listen to what it says, but thanks for taking the time to say it anyway.

  • 325

    Well, at least you both made your points with something to back it up, and did not hurl insults. We can agree to disagree. I do think, however, that in order to make a comeback, he would need more talent than he has, hopefully he has spent some of the recent break on working on his skills. Yes, he had wonderfult opportunties with great directors, but IMO he was not able to rise to the challenge. I too think avoiding blockbusters, and doing some indie films would be best, and he may have made a mistake with jumping into big pictures before he was ready. The only way I see him making a comeback is by doing what he is, and that is pursuing indie films that he believes in and will produce. Nothing is impossible, but there are so many actors out there and I think many of them are far more talented then he is, so it will be very difficult for him to do it. He certainly cannot rely on the pretty boy looks, because it appears to me that he hasn’t aged that well. He has yet to find his niche. I agree he didn’t do teeny bopper type stuff, and that was wise, but he was so raw just out of acting school, and to me in showed in his performances.

  • mia

    For 321
    If you are “…….jealous much over his relationship with Miranda Kerr…..get over it!!!!!!“ I have only this advice but for you. I was not talking about his relationship, I was talking about his acting career. It is you opinion that is so talented . My opinion is different. Why would “any actor kill to achieve what OB achieved? Didn’t you notice a lot of young, talented, handsome actors achieving a lot and making high? Because they are working, improving themselves, developing skills. And what is OB doing on this field? Nothing. He is going from one to another celebrity event. You can find his pictures only in paps pictures. What is he doing as an actor. Commercials. For hair gel and Japanese cars. What are you talking about? One of the most successful actors???!!! HE WAS THAT. HE IS NO MORE THAT. If he continues like this, he will very soon be ex actor. The very promising one who did not end in the way he could. Because, new kids are coming. And your blind adoration is not going to change the facts.

  • @332

    He took a role on the stage to help hone his skills, and is working on a movie that is meaningful to him.
    These “celebrity events” that he has been photographed attending have all been charity functions. He has also been photographed in his private life, yes, but that has happened since day one of his fame.
    And how do you know that he hasn’t been working on his craft all of the times that he has disappeared from the cameras? Because there aren’t pictures? That’s ridiculous.
    As another person said. he has worked non-stop for over nine years, and has only been off for one. He has two projects in the works, and possibly a third.
    You seem very angry that he has taken some time to re-focus his career. I think that it is the smartest thing that he could have done. Let the ‘teen idol’ die, and come back as a new creation. As for these “new kids”, well, talk to me in 10 years to see if you remember any of their names. I bet that most will be looong gone.

  • @332

    “Why would “any actor kill to achieve what OB achieved? ”

    Let’s see…..
    -Worked with some of the best directors in the world.
    -Worked with some of the best co-stars in the world.
    -Gained the respect of these actors and directors.
    -Enough respect in the industry itself, to not only get a film made, but to have actors like Javier Barden (an actor that he has never worked with) trust him enough to sign for a role in a movie tha the is helping produce.
    -Earned enough money to allow him to pick and chose only roles that speak to his heart.
    -Now working behind the camera as well as in front of it.
    -Worked on films that will be watched for decades to come.
    -Loved by millions.
    Yeah, you’re right. What young actor would want that????

  • http://JUSTJARED wow

    Tom Hanks,Brad Pitt ,Johnny Depp and I could go on and on took breaks even of more than two years and I didn’t see their fans react like these

  • @ 335

    How do you know how their fans reacted? Been keeping tabs on everyone, must be getting up there in the age group, “Tom Hanks”, his career started over 20 years ago. Or are you just so clarvoiyant, you know everything.

  • mia

    I deeply apologize to all Orlando Bloom fans who are living in the past. You can not stand the fact that yours beloved actor , although he needs no more money because he is rich enough for ten lives, is playing in the commercials. And attending events- pay me , I will be there. You are talking about past. Always about past. And you are speculating about future, that OB is working behind the camera as well as in front of it.. When did he do it, where? What about the Red circle? Nothing is sure. About “Fools…” nothing is certain . It is all still in the air. And you talk like this movies are in post production. No offense, but it is not fair to Johnny Depp and Tom Hanks to be compared with OB. Yet. And about new kids: who can say and be sure that anybody would know for Orlando Bloom in ten years. Only because of the LOTR and POTC? If he remains on that, I am not sure. New trilogies will come, new actors. Making breaks for years and coming back is not easy in the strong competition.

  • @333

    “These “celebrity events” that he has been photographed attending have all been charity functions.”

    Do you mean like the parties for GQ, Vanity Fair, Luau opening? Or do you mean like the one he got paid to attend in LA for a Dubai Hotel built by violating human rights? Or the other similar event in London to support the troubling building practices in Dubai? Or his paid appearance In Moscow to drive around in Land Rovers? Which charities are those, the “Orlando Bloom Bank Account Fund”?

  • mia

    to 333
    Most of the events you are talking about were not charity for the celebrities who came. The organizers pay them well for that . Do not be naïve. I appreciate OB work for UNICEF, but this is only real charity he is doing.

  • Give me a break!

    @337 Yes, OB can be compared to Tom Hanks and Johnny Depp in that department. Do you think that TH and JD or any other actor have always had it easy, that they have never gone through bad moments in their careers? Nobody can know if OB will be known in ten years, but hanging a medal to the new Brit actors when they have started on the business 5 minutes ago and OB has managed to be there for several years is ridiculous.

    @338. If you knew how many of the things you own and in general consume were done by violating human rights you would probably not be able to stand it. Don’t point your finger at others only because they are public figures and you are confortably hidden behind anonymity.
    And there’s nothing wrong with attending parties. I am all for the “don’t live to work, work to live” motto.

    @339 Sure, and many celebrities that give money to charity foundations do it to avoid taxes. To me, what counts about what he’s done is the Antarctic documentary and the UNICEF work. However, those charity events you mention would be ignored without celebrities, why else would their presence be necessary?
    Nobody is canonizing him, but when something is well done, it is well done.

  • @mia

    You’re right, he has gone to a lot of parties. But why not? Should he stay home all of the time? Or does he have a right to have a good time? I say party on, Orlando! Do it while you are still single!

    And also, You are talking about his past. Well, aren’t all of the actors talking about their past? None of us know what will happen in the future, not even for Johnny Depp. Fools Rush In is suppused to start filming this summer. May it be delayed again? Sure. But you could say the same thing about any movie. You can’t put that on the shoulders of just Orlando, though. You could just as easily blame Liam Neeson or Javier Bardem if it delayed again. They are in the movie too. Or is it only Orlando that will carry the blame in your eyes?

  • @340+341

    No, there’s nothing wrong with going to parties, no one said there was, but that isn’t the issue. #333 stated that :

    “These “celebrity events” that he has been photographed attending have all been charity functions.”

    which is completely false. He has been to charity functions but he has also been to parties and paid appearances, so the events he’s attended have NOT all been charity functions as #333 claimed.

  • @342

    But everything else they said is true. I guess that you are ignoring that, right? Since it disagrees with your opinion.

  • @343

    I was pointing out the obviously false claim in #333′s effort to deify St Orlando of Canterbury, but since you care so much about the opinions about the remainder of #333′s post, here it is:

    “He took a role on the stage to help hone his skills”
    -He took a role on the stage, that’s obviously true. Was it to hone his skills? It may have been and if it wasn’t the reason for taking the role he should have used it for it while he had the opportunity. He did take the role on stage to do something different, he has stated that he wanted to do something that took him away from the elf and pirate roles he had spent years in. It may have also have been an effort to be taken more seriously, also an effort to break away from the elf and pirate roles. So while “honing his skills” may have been part of the reasons for taking a stage role, there were other reasons as well.

    “and is working on a movie that is meaningful to him.”
    -How do you know what is meaningful to him? You’re making assumptions.

    “These “celebrity events” that he has been photographed attending have all been charity functions. ”
    -As has been pointed out, completely untrue. He does attend charity events but offsets them with self-serving paid appearances.

    “He has also been photographed in his private life, yes, but that has happened since day one of his fame.”
    -Well, yes, there is photographic evidence of his private life being photographed.

    “And how do you know that he hasn’t been working on his craft all of the times that he has disappeared from the cameras? Because there aren’t pictures? That’s ridiculous.”
    -And how you know that he has been working on his craft during the times he has disappeared from the cameras. Equally ridiculous. Not saying that he is not, but there’s no proof either way. Although it would be nothing but beneficial for him if he was getting acting lessons.

    “As another person said. he has worked non-stop for over nine years, and has only been off for one. He has two projects in the works, and possibly a third.”
    -Nothing confirmed, nothing but talk, rumors, speculation. Lots of projects get talked about only never to come to fruition. He may be trying to have some projects in the works, but until they are actually filmed and released, it’s all speculation.

    “You seem very angry that he has taken some time to re-focus his career. ”
    -This is all directed at another poster.

    “I think that it is the smartest thing that he could have done. Let the ‘teen idol’ die, and come back as a new creation. ”
    -Agree that the ‘teen idol’ status needs to die in order for him to see any career longevity, but wonder if he is capable of more. But that remains to be seen.

    “As for these “new kids”, well, talk to me in 10 years to see if you remember any of their names. I bet that most will be looong gone.”"
    -I think that the comparison to the “new kids” who have taken over the “teen idol” status is irrelevant, they’re not competing for the same parts or projects. A better comparison is to the other actors in his age range, a group filled with names like Leo, Jake, James, Casey, Dominic, Tobey. Those guys are pretty well established, have been around for a while and have schedules full of projects. Those are the guys Orlando is competing against for roles and since Orlando has none and the rest are all busy, it looks like we’ll be remembering their names for the next few years at least.

  • @344

    “Leo, Jake, James, Casey, Dominic, Tobey.”
    -Leo is in a class by himself. NO ONE in his age group can be compared to him. Especially not the names that you mentioned.
    -Jake has only one credit in production (just like Orlando) The Prince of Persia (which was a role that is heavily rumored that Orlando turned town) is in post production, and has been delayed for a year. I guess that’s Jake’s fault then, right???
    -James? James who? Macavoy? he has only one credit last year, and another in preproduction, which according to you means that it will never happen.
    -Dominic? Cooper maybe? He has only one credit this year, and that is An education. A role that Orlando walked away from.
    -Tobey, again, one credit this year, another ‘in production’ (see above).
    Are these really the examples that you are holding up? They don’t seem too busy if you ask me.

  • @344

    Forgot one…
    Casey Affleck. Is that the ‘Casey’ you mean? He hasn’t made a movie since 2007. He is filming one now, and another is is ‘pre-producton, but once again, using your logic, it will never happen.

  • @345+346

    Wow, and you accuse others of being angry. Why so defensive? Those are just a few of the names in the same age bracket that Orlando is competing against for roles. Those guys are all working and none have to shed any “teen idol” status to be taken seriously. As they have plenty of Oscar, Golden Globe, and BAFTA nominations and wins amongst them, they’re already being taken seriously.

  • @344

    I’m not going to claim to know him, but as to the question ““and is working on a movie that is meaningful to him.”
    -How do you know what is meaningful to him? You’re making assumptions.”, I will say this. He once said that if “life isn’t about humanity, then I don’t know what it’s about”. If you had read the book, you would know that the book speaks about humanity, and the effect of war on the human condition. To me, that means that the subject of this move is very meaningful to him. Plus the fact that he is putting his own money behind it to get it made, that must mean something. This movie is not going to be a big profit machine. He isn’t doing it for fame or fortune, it must be important to him.

  • @347

    I’m not being defensive, I am answering a question. There is a big difference. I guess that you realized that you messed up with those comparisons and don’t have a better come back than to claim that I am defensive.
    But I did find this one funny…”Those guys are all working and none have to shed any “teen idol” status to be taken seriously.”
    I take it you aren’t talking about Leo, because he had to drop out for over a year to drop the ‘teen idol’ status, too. The others have NEVER BEEN TEEN IDOLS! That’s a bit different, huh? Sure they have been popular, but none on the level of Orlando, or early Leo.
    I just think that you are being ridiculous when you write Orlando off so soon. No one knows what will happen in the future, but to seem to wish nothing but bad luck on someone will only bring bad luck to yourself. karma is not forgiving.

  • @348

    You’re still making assumptions. Politically and socially relevant films garner critical attention. I can make the assumption that he has a big ego and wants to do a film that will get him more respect that he has gotten for swinging a sword around and a war conflict story is the way to do that given the attention those types of films and roles get by critics and award ceremonies. You don’t know that the story is “meaningful to him” any more than I know that doing something to gain praise is meaningful to him, they’re all assumptions.