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Suri Cruise Bolts Into Action

Suri Cruise Bolts Into Action

Katie Holmes takes her daughter Suri, 2, to see the animated flick, Bolt on Saturday (December 27) in New York City.

The movie is about Bolt, a canine TV star (John Travolta) who is accidentally shipped from a Hollywood soundstage to New York City. The movie follows him as he makes his way back to the Left Coast and the little girl (Miley Cyrus) who loves him.

10+ pictures inside of Suri Cruise bolting into action…

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suri cruise bolt movie 01
suri cruise bolt movie 02
suri cruise bolt movie 03
suri cruise bolt movie 04
suri cruise bolt movie 05
suri cruise bolt movie 06
suri cruise bolt movie 07
suri cruise bolt movie 08
suri cruise bolt movie 09
suri cruise bolt movie 10

Credit: Mauceri/Alequin; Photos: INFdaily
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  • bobs


    Suri has herpes now on her bottom lip. Poor Suri. Why do they not have jackets on? Especially Suri. They look anemic!!!

  • LolaSvelt

    Well, you deleted the other topic and posted this one instead? I thought you were obsessed with this family? Post 10 topics away in a row!

  • bobs

    First Bobs, and the one and only!!! This blog is dedicated to Suri and her well being.

    Katie should buy some Acyclovir or some Valtrex. Maybe she is not allowed to. But, I know that herpes like to come out when the immune system is weak. Maybe they should dress proper for the weather, especially Suri.


  • Galib

    Suri hates wearing coats. There is a clip that Tom comments on in People magazine, where Suri was laughing in Tom’s arms, because she was trying to take her coast off, even though Tom kept telling her to leave it on. Suri does not like to wear coats. I would like to comment though that she is so damn cute and maybe she wants to show off her dresses. She always wears nice stuff.

  • oompa loompa

    Control your daughter, Katie! Make her wear the coat and get some medication for the cold sore!

  • Beth

    Look at that bratty face on Suri, pulling away from her Mom as Katie tries to wrap her in a blanket like a baby ! This kid is a BRAT. Still no coat at 38 degrees in NYC !! Why put short sleeves on her ???? Too bad Katie and Tom are such poor parents, letting their 2 1/2 year old decide what’s best for her, which of course is impossible.
    Can you imagine what Suri will be like when she’s older if the parents are afraid to say “no” now ???
    Gonna be a wild ride ! I’m glad that brat is theirs and not mine ! A 2 1/2 year old does not have the right to tell her parents what she will and will not wear !!!

  • Angelica

    Jeez, make this child wear a coat. I don’t care if she WANTS to wear a coat or not. She is supposed to be 2. Two year olds are NOT the boss. For crying out loud.. parent the kid now before it is too late!

  • healthy jealousy

    If only I was born as suri… maybe people wouldnt have treated me that bad…

  • ellie

    she looks sleepy….

    ^^^ all the new pics of suri, and some of shi

  • Angelica

    Oh, and Katie isn’t fooling anyone by not wearing a coat either. Everyone else in NYC is wearing one… It’s FREEZING outside!

  • ellie

    if its cold enough to be wraped in a thick blanket its cold enough to be wearing a jacket!!!

  • anna KaKa

    oh katie the poor girl needs a coat

  • ellie

    Angelica a totally agree…. # 7

    I think katie wears less so in the photo’s it comes across as it is not very cold to justify suri not wearing a coat…

  • It’s ROBO bride

    How awful can Katie sink in the fashion department. Ohmigod. She looks truly dreadful. Dreadful. DREADFUL. It is truly amazing someone like Aniston, Jolie, Ritchie, Bundchen etc., can look so great in a simple top and bottoms and whatever shoes they put on. This woman cannot manage a simple bottom, top, shoe combo without looking as though she is trying too hard or looking DREADFUL like today. Her body isn’t that bad, but she certainly doesn’t know how to emphasize her good points. I mean, she should study Stefani, Dita etc. and see how they put themselves together if she wants to wear complicated outfits. This is awful.

  • ewww

    crazy parents…..

  • ** VICTORIA **

    I hardly think Suri has a ” bratty face “……What DOES a bratty face look like anyway?……….Maybe Suri was NOT cold, and did NOT want to wrap up in a blanket…….She is just a normal toddler, and acts like one…..The only thing different is her non-normal life style……The moving around, the paparazzi and camera’s, and everyone constantly screaming her name to look at them………She does pretty well considering all of that…..
    I’m sure Katie will look rested after the play has run it’s course and she is back at home in L.A…..

  • Shawna

    If the weather was anything in New York like it is in Southwestern Ontario today it was 53 degrees farenheit. I was outside in just a sweatshirt and was fine. My husband who never seems to get cold was out in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. It is currently 49 degrees farenheit here at 8:52pm at night. So if the weather is similar, which it usually is, I don’t think they were cold.

  • oompa loompa

    and is suri going to wear blankets forever? she’s getting too big for that ish. it looks ridiculous.

  • Penny

    Look at her face, she’s like”Yeah this woman can’t control me. She’s my beyotch! I’m the HBIC and don’t you forget it.” lol

  • Kitty Kat

    Is it just me, or does Katie look like a moron with a thick hat and scarf but NO COAT!

    Is she even awake?

  • Laura

    Is Tom going to be an absentee dad?

  • tmg

    Our day would not be complete without a drawn Katie holding a coatless, morose Suri, would it? I was wondering when the next batch of pics would arrive.

    #20 – Katie looks like Roseanne’s mom Bev (from Roseanne) with the hat on. Anyone remember how Bev always wore hats like that?

  • ANA

    Victoria, I side with you on the ” bratty face ” issue. Suri has always acted like a normal child her age. Having a friend who is a scientologist ( I’m baptist ), she gets the biggest kick when Suri’s actions are blamed on Scientology. At this age, she stated little Suri has not had enough teachings or has understanding of anything to do with it. Most of the children where she attends, are just the same way as Suri. She is no different than any other 2.5 year old, other than her well known parent’s and her lifestyle.
    As the mother of a just turned 3 year old son, he also gets agitated when dressed in a coat and hat and gloves. We live in the Minn. area, where it is much colder than New York. If he has on a heavy coat, I cannot fasten his harness and belt on his car seat. So we wrap him up in a hugh blanket ( his favorite, like Suri ), and run him to an already warmed up car. If we are walking a great distance, which is rare, then his coat is placed on him. Suri’s lack of clothing when they leave their apartment to go to their car, is ridiculousy absurd.
    Let’s leave her clothing choice to Katie and Tom, as I would not want someone to tell me how to dress my son. If you don’t live with them, or work for them, no one has any real idea what goes on in their private life. Everyone seems to base alot of hate on this family, just by looking at photographs and a few video’s, when their attitude and demeaner could change day to day like ours. Each of us have bad and tired exhausting days, but unlike Katie, we are not followed around every second, with camera’s shoved down our throats.
    Why can’t be be more open to their situation, and less judging, on what we do not know. !!! as Victoria said, ” it is time for less hating and bashing, for once “. And as ” Dani “, said, ” her feet probably stays warm under her blanket.”. My son stays warm like a small heater. It is mind boggling, the heat this child puts out. I’m all bundled up as is my husband, and my son’s arms and legs are warm as can be. He states often, that he is not cold. When he does get chilled, he tells us, or grabs his coat himself. I’m sure Suri will do the same thing.

  • www

    Mr. Blonde needs to shut the hell up.
    Mr. Blonde needs to shut the hell up.
    Mr. Blonde needs to shut the hell up.
    Mr. Blonde needs to shut the hell up.
    Mr. Blonde needs to shut the hell up.
    Mr. Blonde needs to shut the hell up.
    Mr. Blonde needs to shut the hell up.
    Mr. Blonde needs to shut the hell up.
    Mr. Blonde needs to shut the hell up.
    Mr. Blonde needs to shut the hell up.

  • twlight

    Mr Blonde is now “Ana”? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    ummmmmmmmm now, a female name? ummmmmmmmmm


  • No to Marley & Me

    For the love of God, Katie, it is wintertime. Parent your child and make her keep her coat on. That’s why children have parents and guardians, they cannot make proper decisions for themselves.

    Is Katie crazy..I’m just wondering.

  • amway

    get a life trolls its 2009 get your act together and be happy

  • gina

    Beautiful mom and baby…..happy they watch Bolt. My kids and I love that movie.

  • snow

    cuteness overload

    thanks jj for the pictures

  • anonymous


  • cc

    love this family & i love the outfit of precious Suri

  • serena

    suri’s getting taller!

  • serena

    suri’s getting taller!

  • june

    Katie carried that child around in a blanket like she is an infant. It’s just strange. That’s a baby blanket , it is for infants, not a child going on 3 years old.

  • Eww and double eww

    wow, where to start… Since many other celebrity parents are able to get their children out and about without daily photops then I am going to assume that Katie is making herself available along with Suri to be photographed. Since she is putting herself and her daughter out there then it ishould be understood that when you dont make a toddler wear a jacket in freezing NYC it doesnt look like she is in control of the parent/child relationship. It appears that she is following the Scientology philosophy that children are really adults at birth and should be treated as such. So, I guess Suri rules the roost. So sad. A for Katie she seems to be deteriorating before our very eyes. I used to think she was so full of life and pretty and now she is a gaunt shell of herself. This has been taking place slowly since her marriage to Tom and not just since she started the Broadway show.
    I am sure that once they go back to LA to be reprogrammed they will both be drinking from the Sciento Koolaid and they will appear to be Stpeford Wife and daughter once again.

  • jenn

    If that child is the boss now at 2, just think what she’ s going to be like when she is a teenager. She will be kicking Katie and Toms ass.

  • pr person

    Suri’s actions are blamed on the PARENTS involvement in Scientology, not anything that the child is taught. Like per Hubbard’s ‘teachings’ that children are adults in small bodies and should be treated as such. Research it and educate yourself.

  • denise

    Parenting classes are in order for this lazy ass mother, Katie

  • Mr. Blonde

    They look just fine and once again don’t seem to care about the cold, #1. It wasn’t even that cold in NY today or yesterday.

    Bratty face, #6? There’s no such thing.

    It’s not freezing outside at all and I doubt that Holmes cares what the public thinks enough to change her outfit in an attempt to fool anyone, #10.

    Why now, #13? There are plenty of pics where whiny know-it-alls mentioned that Holmes had a coat or jacket but not her daughter. Maybe Holmes simply isn’t cold?

    Suri Cruise will decide when she’s too old for a blanket, #18.

    …No, #21. Why would you say that?

    Right, #23.

    Wrong, #25. Very wrong.

    There are plenty of other celebrity parents seen outside with their kids all the time and I don’t see you accusing them of foul play, #35. They’re famous and therefore photographed in public. It’s that simple.

    Or maybe she doesn’t put a coat on her kid because she feels it’s not necessary and not attributed to some crazy Scientology-related excuse.

  • nathan

    #35 you are so right in your observation. You make sense of the situation. Apparently, “Ana” sounds so judgmental and distorted in judging the people and their comments on this blog. “Ana” you’ll be surprised how many people here are very intelligent and on target with the Cruises’ daily activities, as they continue to exhibit their public persona, so shall we continue to comment.

  • ewww

    Mr. blonde you are a pyscho and have waaaaaaay too much time on your hands. Get a life!

  • tessla

    I think Katie has as much trouble with Suri as she does with Tom Cruise. No wonder she looks so tired and pale, she probably has to be fighting with those midgets all the time.

  • My opinion only

    Its cold in Los Angeles and I KNOW its coldER in New York. I will
    never understand why Katie allows Suri to go out at night wearing
    a silk top. I don’t understand this? Because Suri doesn’t want to?
    Cruise seems to have a firmer handle on Suri than Katie.

  • usachild

    God Bless classy and patritiotic Tomkat critics, crazy fans are multiple personalities like Sybil.

  • terreyeo-lighfield-luana1980


    Yeah, I’,a Zoroastrian, not a Scientologist, but I wonder if poeple are’nt just attacking Scientology to hide their own crimes.

  • Shawna

    Obviously most people ignored my post but I just checked out the Weather Network for New York City for Saturday, December 27. At 1 pm it was SIXTY DEGREES FARENHEIT in New York City. That is 16 degrees celcius. It was NOT cold!!!


    They look perfectly “normal” to me.
    Suri is quite a handful and Katie is living in a fishbowl.
    Kids challenge their parents all of the time.
    What is wrong with all of you?

  • Patty

    Well, today in ny it was 52, and do not forget, all these pictures you see of them,they are ONLY entering the car, Exiting the car, right into her building, or wherever they are going. I think Suri looks like a doll, best dressed kid without a doubt, Kate is not working,and simply looks like she is taking a breather from makeup and dressing up. She looks great, as always. Will miss them,when her show is over!

  • sofia

    Beth, give it up! Name calling a baby! WHat a disgrace. Brat?? She’s a precious little doll, and you need to get a life! Jealousy, plain and simple. We should all have babies that adorable, and be able to buy and do whatever we want, no struggling here. Good for them. Anyone who is name calling is simply jealous, nothing more/less!

  • Mr. Blonde

    Ironic since critics judge and history TomKat, #36. I would not call critics intelligent and on-target at all.

    After you, #41.

    You should check the weather bureau rather than compare with your weather, #43 It wasn’t that cold yesterday.