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Dakota Fanning Shops Marc Jacobs

Dakota Fanning Shops Marc Jacobs

Dakota Fanning and her mother, Joy Fanning, shop for dresses at the Marc Jacobs boutique in West Hollywood on Sunday (December 27).

The 14-year-old actress looked a little edgy with a cropped leather jacket and Balenciaga handbag. She finished off her look with skinny jeans, Tory Burch flats and a necklace with a peace-sign pendant. Her mom also toted around a Tory Burch handbag.

Dakota plays teenage psychic Cassie Holmes in the upcoming sci-fi thriller Push. The film, which will be released in February 2009, also stars Camilla Belle, Chris Evans, and Djimon Housou.

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57 Responses to “Dakota Fanning Shops Marc Jacobs”

  1. 1
    monica(: Says:

    i wish i was that skinny >.>

  2. 2
    the_original_nika Says:

    my god, shes becoming a gorgeous young girl. I envy her, I´m not even close to that lol.

  3. 3
    nika Says:

    I mean young woman.

  4. 4
    CR30.01 Says:

    Oh, wow. Now, I feel old. She used to be such a little girl! She looks great.

    Dakota is so very talented. I hope she gets through these teenager years as smoothly as possible.

  5. 5
    Penny Says:

    I like her because she can actually act. She looks older than 14. Her little sister Elle is going to be an even bigger star.

  6. 6
    b chick Says:

    i liked how she looks now
    she has a great sense of style and she is an amazing actress.
    i loved her in “the secret life of bees”

  7. 7
    LolaSvelt Says:

    I’m jealous. I love Balenciaga bags!

  8. 8
    S Says:

    Wow, she’s bigger now. She is borned 1994, I think?

  9. 9
    Joey Says:

    This is really scary every time i see a new picture of Dakota she has grown up even more she is so stunning now. i can’t believe how pretty she is now elle will be just as pretty at that age i’m sure. so scary.

  10. 10
    Mowgli Says:

    yeah, i feel old too… shes grown up alot… and so fast… time really flies…

  11. 11
    Mr. Blonde Says:

    She is, um…really developing…don’t you think?

  12. 12
    stephen Says:

    Can’t wait for her to pull a lindsey lohan.

  13. 13
    Rayt Says:

    I wish there were more pics of her sister Elle.

  14. 14
    jenny Says:

    eee shes only a couple half a year older yet she seems years older

  15. 15
    imaginaque Says:

    Vive la normality!! That’s what a 14-year-old should look like! Even if she is rich enough to own a Balenciaga bag, she doesn’t look all Paris-y. Good for Dakota! Let’s all hope she avoid the pitfalls of fame, and does NOT go all Lindsay/Britney on us.

  16. 16
    joss Says:

    wow! she certainly has grown up to be a beautiful girl! and that is how a real teen should look like!

  17. 17
    Mr. Blonde Says:

    And what exactly is that, #12.

  18. 18
    imaginaque Says:

    Mr. Blonde, if you want to know what “pulling a Lindsay” is, type her name in the search box on this site. You’ll get some excellent examples of “pulling a Lindsay”. Enjoy. Or not?

  19. 19
    jdfjjdj Says:

    She’s gorgeous, she looks like JESSICA STAM, i though thats who she was.

  20. 20
    justniki Says:

    jdfjjdj @ 12/28/2008 at 4:40 pm She’s gorgeous, she looks like JESSICA STAM, i though thats who she was.

    really:) i think too;)

  21. 21
    claire Says:

    I don’t think she’ll ever get work again. She was hired for her talent and baby face charm…her sister is getting all the gigs now (elle fanning) It’s a shame…kind of like McCauley Culkin. He was forgotten once he grew up…

  22. 22
    shoegal421 Says:

    i disagree claire…she’s a terrific actress, much more talented than most of those in hollywood and she hasn’t fallen victim to any of the la trappings. i think she’ll have a solid career built of mostly indie movies. what a beautiful girl!

  23. 23
    ryan Says:

    i thought it was jessica stam too!! weird, but she always acts like a 30 year old, in the way she talks

  24. 24
    Mr. Blonde Says:

    She’s still working and in-demand young actress, #21.

  25. 25
    =) Says:

    #8 yes, she is born in 94 ;P

  26. 26
    Mr. d Says:

    She is adorable! She is slowly becoming quite the looker! I think she is very talented and is really coming in to her own. She is such a precocious girl, which is the norm when you spend your formative years in front of the camera. Hollywood has a way of divesting child actors of any sense of normality. Hopefully this doesn’t happen with her.

  27. 27
    bindy Says:

    Wow her mothers stunning!

  28. 28
    Amanda Says:

    wow she sure didnt get her mother’s looks haha but yeahh she is really pretty and sooo grown up now!! loved her in the secret life of bees, great book and great movie!!! she is an incredible actress, and so is her little sister, Elle Fanning!! what a pair of talented sisters they are!!! quite amazing!! cant wait to see Dakota’s next new movie when it comes out!! :)

  29. 29
    Amanda Says:

    but it is sad when your little sibling starts getting more work and more recognition than you when u have been working so hard and for longer than they have, little Elle & Dakota in this situation, but also look at Abigail and Spencer Breslin, she is like 4 years younger than he is but she is frankly much more talented and has been in soo many great films, and gotten to play so many great roles over the years since she started. she was walking the red carpet at the Academy Awards for her Oscar nomination for Little Miss Sunshine, while he was like filming some stupid movie with Tim Allen hahaha see my point, its kinda sad when your younger sibling starts to take over and outshine you, but its true and it happens alot in Hollywood i think. i mean practically as soon as Elle was born she was starting to play the younger version of her older sister Dakota in movies that Dakota was in, it happens fast and from a young age too.

  30. 30
    hannah Says:

    WOW, shes…so..NOT little anymore!!!! Guess she can’t be called cute anymore..

  31. 31
    Kel Says:

    bring on the perverts. i hope she doesn’t start dating 20 year olds until she’s at least 18, unlike teenage ***** like Miley Cyrus and Hayden Panettiere.

  32. 32
    Rayt Says:

    Jared why didnt you post this on Just jared Jr????

  33. 33
    mika Says:

    shes the same age as me.

  34. 34
    sarah Says:

    Wow! I can’t believe that’s little Dakota Fanning! She’s growing into a stunning young woman! Let’s hope she doesn’t follow in Lindsay Lohan’s steps and remains intelligent in the world of Hollywood.

  35. 35
    SHES KOOL Says:

    she got taller in not so skinny wen she was younger but she aint fat either jsut right DF rocks

  36. 36
    zanessa4evvver Says:

    balenciaga and tory burch at 14??? and she’s pretty too..what a lucky

  37. 37
    brie2009 Says:

    I thought these pic were of Jessica Stam but Dakota is looking great!

  38. 38
    bride of Cruise Says:

    She will be Tom Cruise’s next wife. They will marry when she is 21. He will be 53. This will be in 7 years when his contract with Katie Homely has expired.

  39. 39
    ali Says:

    she’s so grown up!!

  40. 40
    Mr. Blonde Says:

    Elle Fanning and her older sister are not in competition and are both in-demand unlike the Breslin kids, #29.

    Yes she can be, #30.

    You’re an idiot, #38.

  41. 41
    cathy Says:

    I met Dakota a couple of years ago during the filming of Ella Fanning’s movie, Phoebe in Wonderland. They were both so nice and down to earth – a real pleasure to talk to and to hang out with.

  42. 42
    gerard Vandenberg Says:

    WAL-MART isn’t her favourite any longer?
    …………………………..ANOTHER AMERICAN WHO LOST IT, folks!!

  43. 43
    Sassy Says:

    What a gorgeous young lady. I hope her parents can keep her out of trouble. She seems very respectable but then again I saw an old interview of Lindsey Lohan the other day when she was much younger and she was very polite. Look what happened to her!!!!!!!!!

  44. 44
    Sassy Says:

    I meant to say *respectFUL*

  45. 45
    Nelly_in_SJ Says:

    hope she doesn’t turn into a *****.

  46. 46
    Nelly_in_SJ Says:

    hope she doesn’t turn into a *****.

  47. 47
    Anonymous Says:

    she looks like she smokes………… sad

  48. 48
    dianel Says:

    She looks like a very nice young lady I love the name Dakota

  49. 49
    Cynthia Says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if she does do a ‘Lindsay Lohan’ after all she’s had her first sex scene in ‘Hounddog’?! Didn’t Lohan lose her virtue at what 12?! Sry to say but Dakota looks old for her age, quite mature.

  50. 50
    imaginaque Says:

    Bride of Cruise: Good one – very funny!

  51. 51
    xxxx Says:

    #49: “lose her virtue”? seriously? LMAO

    no way she’s as hot as jessica stam, she’s pretty but very average. i think she looks like the girl from greek, spencer grammer.

  52. 52
    Remy Says:

    It’s About Time She Looked A Little Older!
    She Looks Great!
    She’s So Pretty.

  53. 53
    Remy Says:

    LMAOOO @ Stephen.
    “Can’t Wait Till She Pull’s A Lindsay Lohan”
    Lindsay Was Cute And Innocent In The Parent Trap & Look At Her Now.
    Idk, It’s Possible.

  54. 54
    katz Says:

    More than a Lindsay Lohan, I think she’ll pull a Charlotte Church. LiLo has absolutely no talent. She WISHES she were half as good actress as Dakota. On the other hand, Charlotte was one of the biggest classical singers when she was a kid, and then suddenly she became SO bored with everything she was doing, she decided to take the exactly opposite road. Everytime I see Dakota, I just think she’ll end up doing a highly shocking movie (p@rn? teen-horror? musical?)just to get rid of her good-girl image. And the best part? SHE’LL BE GREAT IN IT, no matter how cheap or vulgar it might be.

  55. 55
    Dakota Rocks!!! Says:

    She looks so amazing and she is such a brilliant actress, so is her sister elle. dakota is growing up so quickly, she is so pretty and has an amazing figure. I wish that i was her. Also she is one of the best dressed people of her age that i have ever saw.

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-dakota you so rock!!!-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  56. 56
    Dakota lover Says:

    Dakota is even more beautiful than Jessica Stam.

  57. 57
    توبيكات حلوه Says:

    i thought it was jessica stam too!! weird, but she always acts like a 30 year old, in the way she talks

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