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Hugh Jackman is a Nuggets Man

Hugh Jackman is a Nuggets Man

Aussie actor Hugh Jackman takes his family — wife Deborra-Lee, 53, son Oscar, 8, and daughter Ava, 3 — to watch the New York Knicks’ basketball game against the Denver Nuggets at New York City’s Madison Square Garden on Sunday (December 28).

The Nuggets beat out the Knicks in a 117-110 victory. Looks like Oscar cheered on the right team–check out the jersey he’s wearing!

Earlier in the day, the 40-year-old Sexiest Man Alive played soccer and ran around on the playground with his kids at the Hudson River Park.

20+ pictures inside of Nuggets man Hugh Jackman

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Credit: Doug Meszler/WENN, Mauceri/Alequin; Photos: INFdaily, Fame Pictures
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  • nic

    man shes old..

  • sweet old is he?

  • Me

    She’s only 3.

  • Me

    He’s 40

  • Maggie

    He’s hot, why is he with a 53 year old? Ewww.

  • GEEZ

    wooww she’s old

  • TC aplen

    wow i thought it was just that she “looked” older- hottie

  • TC aplen

    hugh jackman i meant

  • Jenn rocks!

    Marley and Me beat brad! Take that!

  • beka

    Go nuggets!!! Woah who yeah baby the jackman family r Denver fans. Sorry I’m just so exited yeah colorado!!!

  • uh right

    You heffers really think it’s cool for a 60 year old man to be with someone HALF his age and NOT ok for a woman to be with someone 13 years younger? GET WITH THE PROGRAM.

  • Me

    Exactly # 11 and Beka, the kid may be a Denver fan but Hugh is a Nicks fan, along with the Yankees and Giants, a true NYer.

  • gerard Vandenberg


  • ava

    Brad Pitt is 12 years older than Angelina and I never hear you sexist morons complain about that.
    Jackman obviously loves his wife and could care less that she’s older than him. Deal with it.

  • b chick

    man! his wife is old and ugly.
    why is he married to this old hag when he can get so many hot ladies?

  • b chick

    man! his wife is old and ugly.
    why is he married to this old hag when he can get so many hot ladies?

  • banana

    is the son adopted or from a previous marraige…he looks mixed race and yeah hugh can marry anyone he wants too. big deal shes 53 good for her!!! i also dont see what is so hot about him so maybe thats why i am not all in cohoots about it. maybe if it i was attracted id be “jelous”.

  • sigh

    For the gzillionth time, both Oscar and Ava are adopted. Oscar is multi-racial; Ava is of Mexican-German heritage according to what Hugh has said in interviews. Both children were born in the USA.

  • jess

    I love how he acts for the camer a here

  • ewww

    We see pics of the Aflecks, the Cruises, the Beckhams, and Hugh Jackman and his family almost everyday in the tabloids and blogs. Everyone raves who wonderful and how normal they all are. We hardly see the Jolie-Pitts and when we do, whiners complain that they are attention whores, pimping out their kids etc…..What the heck is up with that????! It annoys the heck out me. How unfair is that?

  • b chick

    #20 we see news on the jolie-pitts everywhere. so wake up and shut up

  • all I’m sayin’…

    Realize that in a few years, the same will be true for Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher (IF they stay together that long) and their 15 YEARS difference, granted, Demi is aging nicely (nipping here, tucking there), but which is it; cool or not cool, or only cool until someone hits their 50′s?…And what about Halle and her 10-yrs-younger-baby-daddy…

  • b chick

    youre right #22. i never thought about that.
    i guess she looks so pretty that she looks much younger.

  • b chick

    youre right #22. i never thought about that.
    i guess she looks so pretty that she looks much younger.

  • b chick

    youre right #22. i never thought about that.
    i guess she looks so pretty that she looks much younger.

  • ellejay

    Again, I agree with #14…Tom Cruise is 15 or 16 years older than Katie Holmes and NOTHING is hardly ever said about their age difference. Here’s the deal….I’ve read his wife is 8 to 13 years older than he is…..SO WHAT. Everything I’ve ever read about her makes him LUCKY & BLESSED to have her. She embodies qualities if half the world possessed we’d be more kind and humane to each other. Obviously, she lives her life to the fullest and is a well accomplished actress and director in her own right. I’ve seen pictures of her when she was younger and she was STUNNING.

    Yes, Hugh is very handsome and is super talented, but what makes me a true fan is the fact that he adores and loves his wife and children. He treats others like he wants to be treated. And in this cruel and disappointing world of “it’s all about me”, I hope I’m blessed to have the kind of unconditional love in my life they seem to share. I don’t buy for one minute that he’s gay and she’s his beard. They’ve been together over 13 years, and as sexy as he is—he certainly could have any woman he wants. Yet he remains with her and their children. While all of you are entitled to your opinions, is it necessary to post such vicious comments?

    If his wife was “attractive” by Hollywood and societal standards (which I think she is), conversations, opinions, posts, etc., wouldn’t even be discussed. Tom & Katie aren’t discussed because they’re both considered “beautiful”, same with Halle & her boyfriend, Demi & Ashton, Brad & Angelina. Beauty is subjective and superficial. Even I want to be attracted to the person I’m dating, but here’s the catch: what I find handsome and sexy; maybe revolting and uninviting to someone else. In other words, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This is not some diatribe or rant against you people who post the ugly comments, I find it so disheartening to read constant commentary about his wife and his children; regardless if they’re adopted. They’re still HIS CHILDREN.

    Like me, most of us have never meant the Jackman’s and don’t know them on any level, let’s try to be respectful and decent. Like many of our mothers and grandmothers have said, “if you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all.” Usually, when people write and say ugly things, they’re unhappy in their own lives and in the case of the Jackman’s….JEALOUSLY, pure and simple!!! You haters will never have him; therefore, don’t hate–congratulate. Hugh I know you will be awesome hosting the 2009 Oscar ceremony and I can’t wait for Wolverine….GO BARACK GO!!!

  • lucy

    hugh jackman’s wife looks like his mom!

  • lucy

    oops, ur right, i am jealous of their 13 yrs of marriage and unconditional love…

  • @26……

    Tom, Brad and Demi are all older than their partners but the difference is that they are very attractive people!!!……Hugh’s wife has not aged well and looks a lot older than him…….whether you like it or not people can’t help but notice this regardless of the fact he is happily married to her……the simple fact is she looks more like his mother than his wife and when you see them side by side it looks really strange because he is drop dead gorgeous and so hot while she looks frumpy and old!!!!

  • Tati

    I thought she was his mother…

  • zac_Efron_huge_fan

    wtf !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is she 53 yeays old ?????????
    how old is he ?

  • Birgit

    She looks great – which isn’t difficult as I will never ever understand why a guy as ugly as Hugh Jackman became sexiest man alive. Where is he sexy?
    But those kids are adopted, right? Or did Mrs. Jackman get pregnant at 50?

  • CR30.01

    That’s really funny. We, guys, are bashed all the time by women who say that men are shallow. That we always go for a newer, fresher, younger and more beautiful model of the year. And yet, when one man comes along and falls in love with a not so much older woman, who is pretty enough (but not that goddess of beauty), their relationship is met with sarcasm? Not praised? Why? Isn’t love possible the way women dream about, after all?

  • Jenny

    I like the thought of older women marrying younger men. But come the fuck on! Her husband is like the hottest and nicest guy ever, while she looks like she’s just about ready to start wearing adult diapers.

  • jdes

    whats with all the shallow superficial comments.. life and love is not about just looks and how they “appear” together..i think she looks rather nice looking for her age…

  • kdfk

    She looks fine to me, i bet most of you complaining are ugly as fuck.

  • ellejay

    @29…obviously you didn’t read my full post, didn’t understand, or you just don’t get what I was attempting to convey…as I stated in my post if Jackman’s wife was “MORE ATTRACTIVE” by Hollywood and societal standards; then this wouldn’t be an issue regardless of how old she is. It’s a sad indictment of our society that people are still judged by their looks. I GET THAT!!!

    The more beautiful a person is male/female they will be given certain advantages and draw more attention. That’s just the way it is. What happens when beauty fades? There needs to be something to sustain the relationship other than looks and physical intimacy. When he made it “big”, he could have replaced her with some beautiful, buxom, blonde/brunette, but he didn’t. It’s a testament to the kind of man he is and the character he exudes.

    And to be honest, NO I DON’T LIKE IT when people use their tongues as weapons to hurt others, especially, when they don’t even know them. Furthermore, all the typed, retarded comments about her looks suck as well. I wish I could post a picture of myself to show you how physically beautiful I am, but all that pales in comparison to how I want to live my life and treat others. True beauty radiates from the inside. Some of the prettiest women and most handsome men that I know are ugly because their attitudes are screwed up.

    Whatever you are doing Mrs. Jackman to keep Hugh and your family happy, healthy, and together, PLEASE keep it up. You gotta’ be doing something right. You got it going on girl!!! GO BARACK GO & Mrs. Jackman rocks :)

  • Henrietta

    His wife does look a lot older than him. I hope Jackman stays faithful, you know fame, money comes lots lof women.

  • Julien

    Wow…I think I like him more than ever…just saw his new Film Australia and I really liked it. Knowing he’s with a woman for love (it’s got to be love surely) and not for her looks is great in today’s world!!!

  • Angel

    Both kids are adopted….

  • susan

    OMFG!!! I thought that was his MOM unti i read the word WIFE

  • Va’

    it’s no big deal that her wife is older than him, or not as pretty as …..
    it’s just that she could make an effort with her outfits.. Yes, of course, it’s her right to wear whatever she wants, and have a different look, or to be more “original” than the hollywood standard, but at least she could do it with good taste. (and she never does)


    and Hugh Jackman take the kids to play.


  • Becky

    Wow. That just goes to show you looks ain’t everything. While we’re all drooling over how hot Hugh Jackson is he’s in love with some old broad that looks like Aunt Shirley.

    And where did they get the kids from?!?! The oldest one looks mixed.

  • Tinaverse

    #26 you tell it like it is. Keep telling them!

  • Parkan

    His wife is gorgeous…and she seems sweet.

  • Serissa

    *Sigh* What are you people trying to prove here? That you are neither able to read (# 44: the kids are adopted… for about the gzillionth time, see # 18 and # 40), nor get a name correctly (it’s Hugh Jackman, not Jackson, # 44)? And the remark, that his wife looks like his mother doesn’t get sharp witted by repeating it ad nauseam!

  • ewww

    shut up b chick you a fcukin idiot you trailer trash. not go eat your sh*t!

  • J

    What the hell is a gorgeous hunk of meat like him doing with that old bag of 53?!?!?!? Gross!!!!!!!!!!!! Does he change her Depends when she takes a shit, too???

  • made

    Is she the maid?