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Katie Holmes Whips Out The Winter Shorts

Katie Holmes Whips Out The Winter Shorts

Katie Holmes whips out the See Thru Soul winter shorts once more before 2009, leaving her New York City apartment for the Gerald Shoenfeld Theater on Sunday afternoon (December 28).

The 30-year-old actress had another matinee performance to do for Arthur Miller‘s play All My Sons. Katie kept warm in a gray Marc Jacobs scarf and carried around her Blackberry Bold.

BTW, Tom Cruise, Valkyrie screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie and director Bryan Singer gave a recent interview to the LA Times that you might want to check out.

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Credit: Lisa Mauceri; Photos: INFdaily
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  • click

    SHORTS during winter… go KATIE!!! global warming indeed.

  • arlene



    Wow in the middle of winter and Katie is going out in shorts and a cropped jacket opened..Flash back to to 80′s with those stirrup leggings…Does it ever snow in New York.. everytime we see a picture
    of Katie and Suri the sidewalks are dry as if it never snowed.. and seeing her in that outifit..

  • jillyro

    Wow, she really has an ugly sense of style. I can’t imagine anyone liking this outfit.

  • the dq

    Just rediculous looking………………shorts, stirrup leggings, heels, sweater (opened down to her nonexistant boobs) & a scarf. If she thinks she’s a trendsetter, think again Katie…………….you’re delusional

  • anon

    I just called the Fashion Police. This is criminal. All sorts of fug going on here.

  • pr person


  • vanessa

    what’s the heck?!

  • Lulu

    Ok, i understand she’s trying to be edgy and stuff, but c’mon, she’s pulling off a RiRi right there… like we say in french, “trop, c’est comme pas assez”.

  • imaginaque

    Katie should come with a sign that reads: “Don’t try this at home”

  • trevor

    You thinking her wearing shorts in the winter was bad, wait until you see what she was wearing when I met her like 2 weeks ago in NYC!!! (with Tom). I got pics!

  • melanie

    Woah, Trevor. Was that out in public?

  • l.o.l

    imaginaque @ 12/28/2008 at 3:39 pm Katie should come with a sign that reads: “Don’t try this at home”

  • Christine

    FYI…it is about 65 degrees in NYC today. That doesn’t make the outfit any less ugly though!

  • Christine

    FYI…it is about 65 degrees in NYC today. That doesn’t make the outfit any less ugly though!

  • OMG

    I really wish the 80′s fashion did not come back. This is a prime example of bad 80′s fashion.

  • Louise

    If she had worn long jeans Katie wouldn’t look that bad. It has been warmer than usual in the northeast but shorts if going overboard.

  • turtle

    Is she trying to turn Tom off? I think so.

  • julien

    That’s a bit odd…on a teenager ok but on a celebrity???

  • Marlene Dietrich

    Somebody should tell her that she has the worst legs in the business. She is also the worst dressed famewhore in Hollywood. She looks hideous and dresses even worse.
    My God, what lack of taste.

  • Jackie O

    I ahte when she tries to be sexy. It’s so tranny gone wrong.

  • leanna

    Katie sweetie have you been seeing a doctor about your post partum depression? I think you might need to it’s starting to show in your fashion sense!

  • Give it up!

    No wonder Tom doesn’t want to have sex with her.

  • inbar

    beauty idea! really it look great

  • Cold fish don’t feel the cold

    C A N K L E Q U E E N ! ! ! !

  • regina

    Now it´s official : SHE IS CRAZY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LolaSvelt

    She dresses to impress the paparazzi. What a loser.

  • Return of the Idiot

    Katie, if you had friends they wouldn’t let you go out looking like this. Dang, even Brit gave up the trailer trash thing.
    You look STINKY. Take a Valium and take a bath. Wear warm clothing so you won’t lower your amune system and get another famous HERPES breakout.
    It’s true. You look like a tranny cankle queen. Are the scarves covering up your adam’s apple?

  • katie

    she’s starting to have great legs again, though!
    still … the outfit is ridiculous! but didn’t we say the same thing about those non-flattering boyfriend-jeans several weeks ago – and see who copied that style : women like reese witherspoon and jessica alba.

  • llll


  • llll


  • llll


  • sarisue

    I don’t think Katie and Tom have sex now, so there is no use on trying to turn him off.

    Sometimes I really think she is crying out for attention, but in a very sad sort of way.

    I agree she dresses to try to create a stir amongst the photographers waiting outside her door, which is really pathetic. But since she has no sense of style, most every attempt falls flat.

    If her and Tom were separating in the near future, it would be a great ruse. She could suddenly turn up looking pretty, healthy and fashionable after the split, and we’d all blame him for how bad she looked then (now)and give more sympathy to her.

  • llll


  • sarisue

    The “boyfriend” jeans were ripped right out of stylist’s books for fall, and were on every female celebrity her age within two weeks. She wasn’t the one to start the trend nor did she wear it first. It was just that Katie was photographed every day in them. Just another mindless and obedient starlet doing what she’s told is “hot”.

  • ewww

    she look stupid and crazy. try taking a bath and shampooing oyur hair for once!

  • suzanne sugarbaker



  • mimi

    I think the outfit’s fine. It’s the hair I don’t like. Hopefully, she’ll grow it out or find a more flattering style.

  • ivy

    She’s a horrible dresser.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i actually think it looks cute, the outfit not her wearing it
    she couldnt pull it off because of her ugly short hair, maybe if she had her hair longer then it would look sexy
    the bottom part of those stockings also look really stupid, they look like pants at the bottom

  • LuckyL

    Looool, this bit** tries so hard to be fashion forward. Kate Moss already did this hunny. Her dull fans will believe she’s original and cute though.

  • DC Glam Examiner

    Ever since Katie got with Tom she has been acting looney. She looks absolutely CRAZY! She appears to be acting out….YUCK!

  • LuckyL

    Oh wait, she didn’t do it with such tacky tights though

  • Katie

    I’m so embarassed that we share the same name…ewww!

  • mimi

    #41, I don’t know whether katie wore this before kate Moss, but this isn’t the first time katie has worn this. She’s been wearing this style for months.

  • Regina

    Those tights aren’t tacky? Really? They’re awful and UGLY. When will this hag realise that she’s been alienated?

  • Lucy

    she looks absolutely ridiculous. try again!

  • ryan

    i think she looks amazing.

    she is developing a very quirky sense of style and if nicole richie, chloe sevigny or the likes wore it no one would question it…but when katie holmes wears it everyone makes such a big deal!

  • I love Katie and ain’t

    nothing wrong with winter shorts, but usually they are tartan plaid, wool, longer. Sometimes Katie makes me think of Little Edie of Grey Gardens fame with her fashion sense. I’m just waiting for her to wear her skirt upside down and tie it at the waist:)

  • Lucy

    Why don’t her FRIENDS tell her how dumb she looks…..oh wait.