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Nicole Kidman Attends Christmas Morning Mass

Nicole Kidman Attends Christmas Morning Mass

Nicole Kidman and her country crooner husband, Keith Urban, take their adorable daughter, Sunday Rose, almost 6 months, to Christmas morning church service on Thursday (December 25) in Nashville, Tenn.

Nic recently recently promised Sunday “a lot of hugs and kisses and Christmas carols.”

On Tuesday (December 23), the couple was spotted lunching over salads and sandwiches at Nashville’s Bread & Company, one of their favorite local eateries.

FYI: Nic & Keith are using their Orbit infant seat.

20+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman attending Christmas morning mass…

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nicole kidman christmas morning mass 01
nicole kidman christmas morning mass 02
nicole kidman christmas morning mass 03
nicole kidman christmas morning mass 04
nicole kidman christmas morning mass 05
nicole kidman christmas morning mass 06
nicole kidman christmas morning mass 07
nicole kidman christmas morning mass 08
nicole kidman christmas morning mass 09
nicole kidman christmas morning mass 10
nicole kidman christmas morning mass 11
nicole kidman christmas morning mass 12
nicole kidman christmas morning mass 13
nicole kidman christmas morning mass 14
nicole kidman christmas morning mass 15
nicole kidman christmas morning mass 16
nicole kidman christmas morning mass 17
nicole kidman christmas morning mass 18
nicole kidman christmas morning mass 19
nicole kidman christmas morning mass 20

Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • Marii

    Nicole looking gorgeous! Love this family *-*

  • dani

    Love this family. And love that coat!!!

  • imaginaque

    After so many pictures of Katie looking like death warmed over, upon seeing these pictures of a couple with their new baby, one can’t help but make comparisons and wonder… I’m glad Nicole has found happiness at last. I wish the same for Katie.

  • JLS

    Love this family. They look so normal and happy with each other. I hope it lasts and lasts.

  • ** VICTORIA **

    Nicole is beautiful as usual !!!!!……….I wish you had some picture’s of Sunday Rose……AGREE, ” IMAGINAQUE “,,,,NUMBER # 4….I wish Katie the same peace and happiness she has lost, since being in New York……..Nicole finally looks happy and radiant, with Keith and her new daughter……At least they are going to Mass, and NOT a scientology cult center…..


    …FAMILY :)

  • Terry

    They look happy?!?! Is this board filled with people paid by Nicole? Keith looks annoyed as usual and Nicole looks bored and tired. They look like they are “losing that loving feeling.”

  • Daisy

    Why does this site seem to always mix two sets of pictures that were clearly not taken at the same time together? The Christmas day ones & the ones of them coming from the coffee shop with Nic in the workout clothes were taken on the 26th of Dec. It isn’t as if we can’t tell they are wearing different clothes.

    I hope theiy & their families had a wonderful Christmas.

  • JustCarol

    I wonder if Connor and Isabella spent Christmas with Nicole (even though they are scientologysts and obviously don’t attend masses)… We rarely see them doing things together like they (also rarely, but at least they do) with Tom, Katie and Suri. They all seem happy and healthy!

  • Daisy

    Nope, I know I am not paid by Kidman in any way. I would be annoyed too if paps were taking my pictures when I am trying to do something private. These pictures are just a few seconds of time.

  • :)

    Keith looks annoyed as usual and Nicole looks bored and tired.

    they have a 5 months baby , that is normal

  • kath

    I was tired after the lengthy XMAS day mass too.

    Normal family, Keith is annoyed at the intrusive Pakistani paparazzi in his Church parking lot. Who wouldn’t be?

  • rubyruby

    Keith looks nice with his hair combed and parted straight. He cleans up well. Actually his hair looks rather nice, maybe Nicole should start going to his hairdresser, couldn’t hurt. I see wrinkles in his forehead so apparently he hasn’t subcombed to the botox. I wish he’d take the baby out of that darn carseat and hold her. Maybe he’s trying to prove to people that they do actually use a car seat.

  • Lifegoesonregardless

    Didn’t Keith perform at the Grand Old Opray the night before with Nic in the audience. Would say they looked pretty par for the course after a late night and a little 5 month old waiting at home.

  • Patti

    I’m not seeing a happy family. I see a thin pale woman dressed in black (which is odd in itself for a Christmas mass) and an annoyed looking man, carrying a car seat and diaper bag.

    They never look particularly happy when they’re out, except on the red carpet.

    I certainly hope they did have a nice Christmas. It’s too bad HIS family seems absent.

  • urban myths

    It’s a good thing Kidman has her PR team at work 24/7. They must be earning their $$$. The general public buys into her crap – hook line and sinker! Read between the lines. Better yet –

  • eliza

    Pretty intrusive to have paps around when you’re going to church. I would be annoyed too.. Many saw Keith and Nicole at the Opry on Saturday night. They looked very happy indeed.

  • redhead

    If their relationship was fake, don’t you think they’d try to look a little happier? They look like a normal (yes, happy) couple to me doing normal everyday things.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    ……………………….life can be damn boring, folks!!
    ASK HER!!

  • Sassy

    I am so glad Nicole got away from the “church” of scientology. Now Catholic mass……THAT’S a Church! Would love to see pics of their baby. I can’t imagine having someone snapping photos of me every time I step out of the house, that would really suck. I wish Keith would cut his hair short–remember when Jon Bon Jovi did it? Hunk yor what??

  • ja

    Nicole is back to living normal again. I bet she is glad to be going to Catholic Mass again. Seems that Katie yearns for that and I bet she wishes Suri could have the same Catholic upbringing that she had. Katie was a very devout Catholic. She looks sad.

  • Lifegoesonregardless

    I just read the blog mentioned above. What a mess of pure out hatred – and most of it is ridiculous. First, that snapshot is not Nicole’s hand. Second, if anyone has seen Keith in concert with his legend of female fans, they know he didn’t need Nicole to bolster his appeal. He and Nikki Taylor had been together quite a while as I remember. Money? He didn’t need it. Now on to Nicole, seems she did very well after the break up with the toothy wonder boy. I don’t know if the cult are behind all this beforementioned hatred, but for fans who really like this couple, you’re despicable. I know this means little to you, but we pray that Nic and Keith can survive you creeps.

  • Daisy

    I always see people wearing black to Christmas services. Black is a color that is worn alot in the winter. And maybe her dress is navy blue for all we can tell.

    Keith made a very sweet dedication to Nicole at the Opry last night (Sat. Dec. 27th! )

  • Daisy

    The Urban family could have come over to the States if they had chosen to. Some people do have jobs they can’t always get away from & Marienne & Bob do have another son who has a family. His wife, Jennifer also has relatives perhaps they chose to spend it with them this year as both the Kidman & Urban families were all together last year in Sydney.

  • Melissa

    I love this couple!! However, I do think it was intrusive to show up on Christmas morning mass and take pictures. Since the pictures were taken I will say thank you. I always enjoy seeing pics of both of them. I have to comment on Katie Holmes….it does seem she is unhappy. She has such a beautiful smile which seems to never be on her face anymore.

  • Adoring Fan

    I am so happy for beautiful Nicole, Keith and baby Sunday Rose that they worship the almighty “GOD” in an awesome way. The Holy Catholic Church.

  • Really

    Obviously, her glam team is off for the Holidays. Now THAT is her real hair! Very bad fashion statement made by Urban. Don’t feel bad for this couple for having their Christmas time invaded. Why do you think it took this many days to get on here?

  • Really

    I just noticed something in one of the pictures – very inappropriate length dress for Kidman to be wearing to mass. Imagine what happens when she sits down with a pew in front of her.

  • Taco

    From reading comments obviously made by Kidman’s fans on here, many of you know nothing about Urban and his family. Are you really sure his family has jobs in Oz? Why were the Urbans over here for Christmas the first year this couple were together? How many Christmas Holidays is this now that Kidman hasn’t spent with Bella & Connor? This also means that she missed another one of Bella’s birthdays as well. What a horrible mom!

  • ?

    Nicole fanatics (you always know everything about her):
    do you know what brand of exercise pants she’s wearing?
    She frequently wears these that split in the back. I can’t make out the brand.

  • wearesmarterthanthat

    urban myths, stop with the self-promotion. Your site is a joke.

  • dianel

    I wonder if kidman wore any deoderant I sure would’nt want to be sitting beside her

  • ju

    beautiful family

  • notbusy

    Keith only looked annoyed when he noticed the paps taking pictures during their private time at church. As far as the UMyth hate group goes, you all are losing it because Keith and Nicole are happy and have a baby. That is killing you! Haha. Your attacks are silly and people here should not go to their hate site. It is a joke and people are laughing at how insane the umyth people are. They have no lives and spend all day obsessing over Nicole Kidman.

  • happy family

    They are wonderful together!! A true family.

  • jane

    The family’s first Christmas, that is wonderful!



  • mirian

    Love love love this family,

  • ksagjg

    Oh, my god! they are so happy, always together.



  • Nashville knows

    See that’s just the thing Daisy and the rest -It’s not poor little Nic she’s getting her picture taken…There were tons of big name celebs at churches on Christmas all over Nashville. Kenny Chesney,Tim Mcgraw,Ashley Judd,sister Wy and family, Dolly Parton, Jessica Simson lives here now,Carrie Underwood-she has sold more cd’s than half the country artist all together, but they dont follow here. NO pictures of them? She and many many others live here including famous actors and actresses. They never ever do paps follow celebs here in Nashville. They are treated just like anyone else.This is why they love living here. BUT oddly enough they always seem to know exactly where and when Nicole is going to church or after not being here but 15 days in the whole year she shows up and suddenly the paps have esp and know exactly where they are and the time. PLEAZZZZ this does not occur here period.
    I should know believe me, I’m closer than you might think.

  • Couple-De-crud

    Wendy, How busy you must be, coming up with and posting under all the different names. I hope Nikkers pays you very well.

  • HANK& eVIE’biggest fan ever

    They r such a gorgeous family .It is sad though,that they can’t attend church without someone taking pictures of them.

  • Daisy

    Nashville knows,

    of course there are tons of celebrities that live in Nashville & they deserve all the credit in the world for their talent unfortunately a lot of people/magazines etc. do not consider these other people A LIST celebrities the way they consider Nicole & Keith. They are the ones who pictures sell to magazines & places like this site. If you look at the People magazine Country special issues it is not Keith that is constantly in there it is other Country stars because that want the publicity for their careers. The only others I can think of that rank with Keith & Nicole are Tim & Faith. Kenny isn’t dating an A list celebrity any more like he was wiht renee Z. he is supposedly dating a nurse who is a former Miss Tennessee. look at the way Chuck Wicks & Julianne Hough aleways discuss their relationship or Miranda Lambert & Blake Shelton.

    I don’t know so much about the Urban family, I surmised that perhaps they decided to stay in Australia this year to be with Shane & his family. They have lives & other family too. Unfortunately it is very, very easy for the media to find out where Keith & Nicole & any celebrity lives as it is a matter of public record when they buy property. The paps can easily stake out the homes of celebrites & follow them. Learn their routines of where they like to go.

    I certainly hope you are not referring to me as “Wendy” because that is just laughable. I have never even been to Australia though I would love to go some day. I would think that Nicole’s main PR people are on their holiday breaks. And I most certainly do not get paid. I wish I did, I would be making a heck of a lot more then I do now. LOL.

    Nicole has spent way more time in Nashville then just 15 days.

  • dani

    Personally I think all of this hatred towards Nicole and her family is orchestrated. It is totally unbelievable in its viciousness lately. Probably orchestrated by the Church of Scientology to keep her in line! This woman is known to be hard-working, not a diva, a true professional in her career. Everyone who has worked with her and knows her always talks about how sweet she is, caring, and downright nice. She knows the names of the crew and their spouses and kids. She doesn’t treat them rudely, ignore them etc., but treats them like people and the professionals they are. All the directors she has worked with rave about her. Keith’s country star friends talk about how genuine she is and how wonderfully nice and down to earth as a couple they are. Folks who run into them in Nashville and the surrounding area talk about how down to earth she is and they are and how nice.
    Yet people get on blogs and spew vitriolic hatred. Columnists and reviewers blame her for every movie that she is in –either the movie has failed, she has given a poor performance, her forehead doesn’t move etc. Yet all but two of her movies have made well over what was spent to make them and this includes the “bombs” that critics hated–The Invasion, Bewitched, Stepford wives etc. Australia is probably going to make money. They got $60 million in tax breaks–so the movie has almost broken even with production costs. No one ever ever blames her male costars and males are typically the ones that draw in audiences.
    And for those of you bitching about why the Urbans weren’t over here…well is your family together every year if you live far away from each other? Maybe this was their year with their other child.
    You also don’t know what the arrangements for Christmas are with Bella and Connor. They evidently are frequent visitors to Nashville. Maybe their Christmas with mom is next week. Nicole doesn’t make the kids an object of war in a tussle for child custody. Both Bella and Connor appear to be extremely mature for their ages and Nicole has said they choose to live in L.A. You didn’t see pictures of them with Tom and Katie either. And Tom has physical custody right now–gee did Tom leave them in L.A.
    My point is – you don’t know where the kids were. Nicole is extremely protective and private of her kids. If she was the big bitch all of you haters seem to think she is–she’d pimp them out like Tom and Katie do Suri. But she prefers to protect them.
    I think she is great. And for all the haters–just what has she done to you to have you spew such hatred.

  • ashleigh Kaletka

    hey Keith & Nicole, I am so happy that you had a great christmas this year. and I hope you have a happy new year !!!!!

  • notbusy

    #42,Nicole was pregnant most of 2008 and in Nashville during her pregnancy from January to August so you are STUPID to say she only spent 15 days in Nashville! She loves being in Tennessee. Get over it!!

  • Taco

    There are some on here that drink way too much of the Kidman Kool-Aid. Let’s grow up and move on – the C of S is not responsible for the negative comments towards Kidman. You people blame them for everything, including not seeing her kids. Okay, I’ll drink the Kool-Aid for a moment and believe that the C of S is keeping the kids from her. Then, the only thing that comes to my mind is, “What does the C of S have over Kidman’s head to keep her away from the kids?” It must be very, very bad for her to stay away. As far as knowing the names of her co-stars, she obviously didn’t take the time to get to know her Aborginee co-stars in “Australia”.

  • Taco

    Also dani, you say that Kidman is very protective and private with her kids – that really is a good excuse that all of her fans believe, isn’t it? If you can’t see it, it must be true! Kidman did a very good job of pimping Sunday over in Europe, didn’t she? Who takes a 5 month-old baby to a quiet museum? What did Sunday get out of that experience?