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Brody Jenner: The Bromance Starts Tonight!

Brody Jenner: The Bromance Starts Tonight!

Brody Jenner is looking for a new guy to join his crew in his new reality show, Bromance, which premieres TONIGHT, December 29 @ 9PM ET/PT on MTV.

The 25-year-old playboy had this to say about the below video: “Here is a clip of two questions I was asked regarding the openly gay contestant and some of the awkward situations I put these guys in. Some may say it’s homoerotic, but I call it hilarious.”

Brody Jenner Loves Homoeroticism
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  • NativeNYker

    I have a bromance for him alrite! & it comes with a good licking….

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • mia

    this show kinda looks weird but i don’t care, I loveeeeeee brody.

  • ursj

    i hope it bombs just like princes of malibu.

  • Glam Chic

    Brody is HOT! But the show seems a bit dare I say….nah I won’t lol!

  • asia

    lmao! Glam Chic yeah I know what you mean and I agree (shhh). I will watch for Brody!

  • dani

    Oh yuck. This guy needs to get over himself as God’s gift to the world. Put him on the JustJaredJr.

  • chola chick

    major douche gets a reality show. wow, truly is slow time for gossip during the holiday season, hey Jared.

  • cipszs

    i have a pic just like that except mines a lot better!! (the underwater pic)

  • galpal

    Ugh, this guy is a leech, just a pathetic human being with no redeeming qualities. His 15 min of fame should have been over hours ago!!

    Your dad is an Olympic athlete…gosh, he must be embarrassed that his son has nothing to contribute.

  • CeEH

    okay so im not trying to offend any major Brodites out there but …
    is it me or does brody come across, as not a very nice person ?
    i dano i jus think that whenever he made an appearance in the Hills (which when yu fink about it wasnt THAT often in this season, not nearly as frequent as other people who arent included in the subtitles, like Lo, Stephanie .. etc .. neways back to my point …) .. he was kinda always making trouble or in trouble ..
    like how he made stephanie cry
    i dnt like stephanie, but making a girl cry?
    and eventhough he got along with audrina, did yu see how fast he was to tell lauren to get rid of people like her …
    && then the whole jail fing in vegas :S
    i dano, im not saying he’s horrible, im just saying, he’s doesnt seem that nice
    and i dnt think he got enough coverage in the hills of late, to call his show a spin-off
    but good luck to him, & whitney

  • vmars111

    Should be retitled:


  • dc20008

    this is a joke, no? i mean otherwise it would be pathetic

  • adam

    MTV claims to be open-minded but the truth is it isn’t. Have you noticed how MTV won’t allow bisexual men to appear on its bisexual dating show? It’s had three series of the show so far, two with Tila and now one with bisexual female twins. Talk about having a bisexual double standard!! MTV apparently thinks that bisexual female twins are more important than one bisexual man.

    Thumbs down to MTV and its selective homophobia.

  • simon

    Not only is MTV homophobic, it is also selectively homophobic. It discriminates against male-male sexuality by refusing to have a bisexual man on its bisexual dating shows. This is homophobia at the level of male bisexuality. MTV can get lost. It’s become like an adult movie organization which allows female bisexuality (because it titillates sleazy ‘straight’ guys) but not male bisexuality.

  • bruce

    MTV certainly has a bisexual double standard. Propping up the sleazy straight guy fantasy is its aim these days.

  • fudgekat

    Snooooooze! I’ll admit it, I’m totally gonna watch… but I won’t enjoy it!

    What do you this Brody’s goodbye catchphrase will be? I’ve got some good ideas….

    Yep, I blogged ’bout it:

  • sarah

    its an okay show, not that great
    and omg there is one contestant that sort of looks like just jared!

  • Mike

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  • Chris

    It really bugs me when guys will say “obviously I’m not gay”. As if to say, I don’t carry a purse and wear heels so clearly I’m a straight guy.

  • Tom

    “it’s very obvious I”M NOT GAY” ugh, doth protest too much.

  • rex

    the proper answer he should have given was — hey I myself am not gay – but I am secure in my own skin – that having gay friends/or men showing affection towards one another is fine with me. If you know where you head is – there is NO reason to DENY anything…..or say it like,being Gay is a Bad thing…..I know many Sexy built Manly Brawny Gay men..who would put this pretty boy to shame.

  • jimbo

    I’m a straight guy, and just like brody..enjoy a good bromance with my close buddies. Going out for some drinks, or just chilling playing video games with my closest buddies are some of the best times. I saw the show and thought it was absolutely hilarious. I think Brody’s a really cool dude, i actually had teh chance to meet him once for a few seconds and he was nice enough to stop and say hey and shake my hand. I dont think he’s arrogant or a douche bag in anyway, but just likes to go out and have a good time and surround himself with fun and beautiful ppl. I think if ppl are against him, its not because they think he’s a douche bag. we’d all like to live that life.
    As for the show again..i really enjoyed the first episode and will continue to watch. I’m happy a lot of the guys on the show arent complete douche bags except for a couple. homoerotic? more like bromoerotic.

  • mandy

    wow…. i love brody!!!! you guys have nothing better to do don’t u..

  • dildo

    I bet he uses falsies or a curler. I’ve never seen chicks with such nice lashes!

  • skuch

    What’s with the gloves?