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Ed Westwick Adores David Beckham

Ed Westwick Adores David Beckham

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  • teri

    We really need a new thread on Angelina.

  • mike


  • Tiffany


  • geez

    Will the comparison of Jolie/Pitt vs. Aniston ever stop! This mess is so old. Aniston should have never, ever mentioned Angelina or Brad or their kids. She just basically gave a red light for this crap to keep on going like the energizer bunny. Well she needs to thank Jolie/Pitt for the use of their name in order to garner publicity for her movie, she wouldn’t have been able to pull it off with them.

  • Kally

    Oh yeah!!Guillaume Canet is one “Hot French Man” ;)

  • http://justjared JENNIFER FAN


  • Lyly (France)

    what’s not to love about Guillaume Canet anyway??
    hope he’s going to be biiiiig in the us :D

  • NativeNYker

    We know why he is pee shy! LMAO….

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • http://justjared hahahahaha

    Forget about Jennifer Adam Sandler is kicking Brad’s ass hahahahaha

  • lakers fan in boston

    i kinda believe the divorce rumors about J-Lo, but then again i wont be surprised if they r just rumors
    rofl, i bet u it was spencer that was crying, u guys got it all wrong =D

  • lakers fan in boston

    o yah
    stupid little bitch brad lost haha
    how did u even get beat by adam sandler, that bedtime shit looks so fucking stupid, i think even if i was a kid i wouldnt go see bedtime shit

  • Cindi

    I wonder how Jen got in a movie by her self without Owen W. I wonder how Brad P was in a movie without Cate B.
    Jen and her psycho pr team are disgusting. I feel sorry for Owen W completed ignored for his part in this movie. Let this be a sign to every other man that will be in a movie with this selfish clown. All they wanted was to bet Brad. That’s why Jen wants this triangle to go on. I agree with #4 Jen need to thank Angelina for using her name.

    I don’t think J-Lo is in a good relationship but I don’t think they are going to get a divorce. Men use women and I’m sure Jen is Mark’s meal ticket he is not going to let her go any where.

  • mslewis

    A Gilligan’s Island movie??? Does no one in Hollywood have an original idea??

    Elle Mcpherson really needs to go up a size on that bikini. Note to Elle: your crack shouldn’t show when you bend over.

  • LaurenNJ

    Cindi On Please, get a life, it wasn’t OWEN we all ran to see, she is a draw in a good movie and in reviews, SHE was mentioned NOT him. Jen haters can’t take this, they must have all got up, saw she beat Brad and were shaking LOL. Talk about hate! Well sorry, she beat his sorry Button ass, even Adam did!
    As for post # 4 GEEZ, her like all the other haters forget ANISTON only RESPONDS when ASKED about a RECENT ANGIE Quote! Imagine, every single tv interview and story in mag. She is ALWAYS asked about THEM! Which is why she said “I am sick to death of this twisted Bermuda triangle” Exactly. If you are asked, 100% of the time and are in the national spotlight what do you do??? Ignore the questions and appear jealous/angry or whatever? She always to this day puts Brad in a GOOD light, what more do you want???? GEEZ you’d think this woman robbed you or something. Try being in her SHOES these past years with your EX all over the place with HER and six kids. She so deserves this box office beating, Bravo Bravo Bravo, Jen fans had their day, at last!! And next time ANGIE says something stupid like “I am so glad my kids can see the movie where their parents fell in love..blah blah…and admited it was indeed on the set of Smith, then,….I hope JEN AGAIN answers it…”It was uncool”…..she said, Big Frigging Deal! News Flash Jen Haters : Another woman would have said 100x worse, then she was “uncool”.
    Enough with blaming her! Uncool? Yeah right! Jenny, next time, tell the damn truth! She’s too nice, and that’s her ONLY problem!

  • marley&me!

    # 12 you better check yourself into a physco ward, you need help, immediately! Yeah, Ok, Owen went into this movie to beat Brad! HA! Are you OK Cyndi?? She doesn’t need Owen, sure as hell didn’t need to mention Angie who is now in france with her brood (hope they stay there US isn’t good enough it seems). You just another AJ/BP fan who worships the ground they walk on. You also can’t take it, that she beat Brad at the BO, well, she did!!! (laughing,) and unlike Brad who just said they ‘prefer france” without the press and crowds, well, fine. I’ll take Jen anyday, who appreciates fans! Look for Marley to make even more money! HAHA! Cyndi, just seeing your stupid ranting, was enough for anyone who is sick of this stupid hate on a woman u never met! I knew posters like u would say exactly what u did! Grow up! This is prime time! She beat him, fair & Square. So much for the Curious Case Of Ben Button! HAAAAAAAAAA! Now,how does THAT feel!

  • hehe

    I love Ed Westwick and his charectar! so sexy!

  • boogie

    would not be at all surprised if JLo butt and her husband divorce.

    She’s just phony , materialistic diva……I can imagine she would be very hard to live with,

  • CAt

    I love Guillaume Canet!

  • Cindi

    LaurenNJ @ 12/29/2008 at 8:07 pm and
    marley &me! @ 12/29/2008 at 8:15 pm. You are the most crazy f#cked in the head pieces of sh!t having to post under different names. That crazy f#cked in the head who re Jen only know how to strip and show her azz. That’s the only way any one would want to see that ugly old f#ckfaceho. I am a fan of Owen and I think Owen was the big draw for that movie. Jen is f#cked up in head and her pathetic desperate fans who husband left their fat azz, can believe all the lies you need to believe. I hope every man see this stupid ho for what she really is, a f#cked in the head stealling all the credit dumb who re.
    I see why John Mayer dump her stupid old azz and said it three times.
    If this dumb who re felt good about herself she wouldn’t be with a man that dumbed her dumb azz in front of cameras. When Jen can do no more for John he will dump her fake azz again.
    Old fart trying to be a teenager, spreading her legs for every man in Hollywood. Whats so funny is I’ll bet Brad Pitt do NOT give a rats azz about ugly azz Jen. Willing to bet Jen don’t even cross his mind but we all know OLD azz Jen been thinking about Brad for the last four years straight. Not moving on with her pathetic life. Then get a douche bag to front with and pretend she moved on and he is trying to hump every women that comes near him. Don’t look like he is into Jen at all. I’ll bet you Jen and John are rehersing NYE picture for the paps. Just like he did for Jessica Simpson. Remember Jen you have to work John from the bottom while he deep kiss a guy.
    Now Owen see Jen for the piece of ho bag she is.

  • Mike

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  • BJ

    Yeah when was Jennifer in a movie of her own to beat Brad. Jennifer keeps the triangle going stronge.

  • tizzy

    I thought M & M refers to the dog and Owen, noh?

  • josefine

    and i adore ed westwick <3

  • Fay

    Ed is the sex.

  • اسرار بنات

    would not be at all surprised if JLo butt and her husband divorce.

    She’s just phony , materialistic diva……I can imagine she would be very hard to live with,