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Reese Witherspoon & Jake Gyllenhaal Pack A Picnic

Reese Witherspoon & Jake Gyllenhaal Pack A Picnic

Wearing matching bubble jackets, Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal continue their relaxing Ojai weekend with a coffee run and a trip to the farmer’s market on Sunday (December 28).

The couple walked out carrying matching woven baskets filled with freshly-grown organic food back to their eco-friendly car. Picnic time!

On Friday, Reese and Jake went hiking with Robert Downey Jr., his Zodiac costar.

25+ pictures inside of picnic people Reese Witherspoon & Jake Gyllenhaal

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reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal picnic 01
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal picnic 02
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal picnic 03
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal picnic 04
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal picnic 05
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal picnic 06
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal picnic 07
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal picnic 08
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal picnic 09
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal picnic 10
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal picnic 11
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal picnic 12
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal picnic 13
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal picnic 14
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal picnic 15
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal picnic 16
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal picnic 17
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal picnic 18
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal picnic 19
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal picnic 20
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal picnic 21
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal picnic 22
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal picnic 23
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal picnic 24
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal picnic 25

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  • slambang

    I love him! Her, eh. But I hope he’s happy.

  • rawrrr

    1st!! soooo cute!

  • Julia

    Love them. What a great couple.

  • EWWW

    Reese Witherspoon is the tackiest beard ever!

  • two fakers


  • Ricky

    Reese Witherspoon is dog ugly.

  • jordan

    Cleavage much Reese? It’s nice to see her bundled up instead of having her “cleavage” popping out like she did at the FOUR CHRISTMASES premiere a few weeks ago. I was there and got some sweet pics that I posted. Enjoy!

  • Wonderin

    So this is 80 miles outside of LA. Just how did the paps know about this? Almost looks like they have a photographer on staff following them to take pix on command, doesn’t it?

  • deka

    i love matching!!

  • pr whoring

    Best way to use a fake boyfriend – shopping and paparazzi photo ops!

  • fag hag

    Gay men are the BEST shopping buddies ever!

  • kel

    she must have hair extensions….why else would her hair be this long?

  • shelly

    I bet Jake’s missing Robert.

  • shilly shillstein

    OMG Jared. More?? I hope they pay you well.

  • Mark

    “I bet Jake’s missing Robert.”
    I agree.
    Serves him right for using queen of dullness Reese as a beard.

  • jake needs glasses

    Her smile showing her teeth and gums because she has no upper lip, combined with the giant flaring nose holes and pointed chin just make her look so incredibly hideous.

  • shelly

    Reese is not ugly. She is a very good companion for Jake when Robert, et al, can’t come around. Give her a break.

  • Julia

    Ojai is were Reese bought a house, so I am sure thats why the Paps are there. Just like the Paps follow Brad and Angie in NO.

  • Laughing hard

    Aw how cute, best girlfriends went shopping wearing matching jackets. Did they get the same color nail polish for their manicures? Bet that Jake misses RDJ, he’s a closet Bi. Wonder if the boys got slot of alone time. Must cost Reese alot of cash to have papa on call 24/7.

  • how obvious

    Two rabid Jake is bearding “fans” posting non stop. Common, how desperate.

  • mj77

    She is one ugly beeyotch

  • Si

    They are cute together.

  • Anna

    Reese Witherspoon is one ugly lipless chiny midget.
    Can’t Jake pay someone else to help him look straight?

  • dianel

    I think Reese and Jake are very nice people it’s nice seeing them haveing a good time

  • se

    What kind of friendship has these people. Rovert Downey Jr would be arrest several times for drug addictionb and weapons charges.
    It is a real Rat Nest with all kind of prague!
    This men is a idiot!
    He is making a film to explore children and teenager. Prince of Persian is a merchandise for VIIDEO GAMES whose have lot of violences and subliminar messages!

  • Haha

    how obvious, of course they are desperate, they are so unsure themselves they have to keep posting the same c**p to try to convince themselves. Well the both of them posting under different names all the time, isn’t that right Dotti, MarkW, marym, phonyspoon just a few different psydeums from the same poster, I can think of plenty more but can’t be bothered to type them all.

  • mary

    love them both. don’t understand why people are so hard on reese. she’s sucha classy and smart woman!

  • Francesca

    I think all this has two purposes: one is the pleasure of hiking in the country, out of LA and the second is to offer photo ops to the papas who have to be humoured from time to time. After all, folks, face it…if you are in the acting buiness your business is to put yourself on display in front of the public…that is what acting is all about. So it is hardly unnatural for them to show themselves to the public.

  • Francesca

    To be an actor is to be an exhibitionist. You EXHIBIT YOURSELF to the public. So part of it all,…it is a business you know…is to be seen and for the public to look at you. The more attention you can attract, in a favorable way, the better. Even some bad attention can be valuable, as long as there is not too much of it. Reesie and Jakie’s public appearances are almost 100% nice and so forth. You never seen them drunk or boozed up or on drugs or whatever. Never. Clean livers.

  • slide

    “love them both”


    I could never understand women who say they LOVE a woman who f**s their dream boy.

    I’ve always been jealous of Reese. At least I have courage to admit it.

  • sheryl


    A clean liver is something to envy. My liver is spotless.

  • Mario

    Jake is gay, Reese is a famewh*re.
    NEXT !

  • Donniedarkofan

    I just wish someone out this liar and stop this ridiculous charade.

  • Jim

    “I could never understand women who say they love a woman who f**s their dream boy”

    It’s easy. When fangirls suspect their idol is gay, they will love his “girlfriend” no matter what.

  • stela

    My dear friends gays, women, men in closet, give a break to Jake.

    He is a good boy . He has never presented drunk in public, not driving under drugs, he was not caught with prostitutes or another man like a lot of star has been done. The only drug that he tried was Kirsten Dunst.

    Cause this Reese dates him. He is not bad guy to her kids.

    Even Reese ex-husband admitted this.

    I think some guys (women and men) feel jealous cause Reese, in spite of being boring, is dating Jake.

  • anon.

    He is probably gay cause there´s no man in Earth who does marke smiling !

  • Monica

    Looks like Reese called her PR people again for another photo op. Its amazing how every time Jake comes home that there are photos everywhere, even in conspicuous spots. You can tell they are playing for the camera. And yes people, Reese does have hair extensions.

  • Mike

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  • Ivana

    Stela Love you :))))

  • Francesca

    I thought Reese bought the place in Ojai to get away from the paps. What the f**k!


    ha ha you all are jealous saddo’s!! Reese and Jake are very happy together and you all can’t stand it. And she’s gorgeous while you all are ugly oompa loompa’s with bad fake tan and slappery taste in clothes. HA HA HA Get over it ladies and appreciate what you have xx



  • se

    Reese Witherspoon is a studio prostitute and Jake Gyllenhaal is dirty pig like several man in Hollywood whose like to sleep with sexual garbage with lot of sexual illness!

    He is lover of this women several years and they began when Reese Witerspoon was married. Nowadays he is babysitter and &clean the butt§of this old prostitute because he need her money to pay the debts of their parents!


    ha ha SE your demented with jealousy ha ha ha

  • april

    I can’t stand these two.

  • x


    There´s no place in the world where the paps can arrive
    I bet if Jake was here by my side (sweat dreams) some paps ´d take pics. You could know me and realize that me and Jake would match much more than him and Reese (LOL).

    By the way, I saw in site Jake dated Michelle Williams around 1999. Maybe cause this Reese feel jealous if Jake visited Matilda and her mother. I think this piece of news interesting.

  • kelly

    Caption those pics: “Jake Gyllenhaal spotted with TWO beards”

  • Francesca

    Jakey’s parents are broke so you won’t see him with them much any more. I think he likes women with houses and money where he can stay for free. He used to live with Dunst,, then had to move out and now lives with Reese. I think he leases a house in the Hollywood Hills but he doesn’t even own one. He mooches on women who will put him up, I suppose, if he will entertain them and be their houseboy and boytoy. Odd life. He seems a bit parasitic to tell the truth. You’d think he’d find a woman he could marry and have kids with, but….not yet. Maybe never.

  • Ivana

    X where did you read that Jake & Michelle used to dated… i newer heard that.

  • Ivana

    There you go Se…. your beloved Joaquin Phoenix looks like dirtbag.