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Woody Allen Hearts Pablo Picasso

Woody Allen Hearts Pablo Picasso

Woody Allen takes his family — sister Letty, 65, his wife Soon-Yi Previn, 36, and their daughters Bechet, 8, Manzie, 7 — to visit the “Picasso et Les Maitres” exhibition at Grand Palais Museum on The Champs Elysees Avenue in Paris on Sunday (December 28).

Later in the day in Poland, the 74-year-old director performed his clarinet with the New Orleans Jazz Band at Warsaw’s Sala Kongresowa. The audience of almost 3,000 gave Woody a standing ovation. (He rarely performs in large venues or outside New York City, where he lives.)

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  • brett

    hmm.. like this young chinese woman really loves him, yeah right… but at least she had the curtesy to make children with him so she would be more tied with him, clever…

  • NativeNYker

    Every time I look at this troll I think glorified pedophile! It way gross. and completely disgusting.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • justine

    yep, I saw him on the news yesterday evening. I am from PL

  • Rita

    #1, Soon-Yi’s Korean.

    I can’t help but be creeped out by the pic of Allen holding the picture of his young adopted daughter.. Manzie? eeeeeek

  • office fan

    I am sorry, I know it has been years and years, but I cannot stand to see pics of these two together. I felt it was so wrong at the time they got together, and all I can see when I look at them is father and daughter. I know biologically they aren’t, but he was her father figure when she was growing up and I just think it’s disgusting that he left Mia Farrow to be with their daugther. JMO

  • olga

    justine I am from Poland too!!! Fajnie wiedziec, ze tez czytasz jareda ;) pozdrawiam serdecznie!!

  • Nika

    Hey, I’m from Poland too!
    I agree with ofifice fan
    That situation with Woody and Soon just disgust me

  • Mousse

    Normal is NOT the word for their relationship.
    More a pedophile grandfather with his granddaughter-thing. Brr…

  • Rayt

    Woody allen should go ahead and die already he is a sick pedo and I HATE him. These pics are just upsetting

  • Edie

    I thought it was as gross as the next person at the time, but as a fan of Allen’s was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. If anyone has read Mia Farrow’s memoir, they would know that while she condemns him for his betrayal, the fact was that he never wanted to be a Dad to her dozen or so adopted kids – he lived in a separate apt., and always resisted her attempts to make him the Daddy. It sounded like he was a peripheral boyfriend type figure to them and only took interest in his own biological child. Yes it’s still creepy and weird, but he has been with this person for what ten years now, if he was truly some paedo would he not have moved on to a younger model by now? They have a family, she is in her thirties, people need to get over it.

  • MARY

    I also find it creepy, but how much longer can you harp on something? This happened years ago- today they are married, they have a family, they seem to be a happy married couple. I don’t justify his behavior, but I let the issue go a long time ago.

    What he did is no more disturbing than Roman Polanski who drugged and raped a 14 year old girl. And he received a standing ovation at the Oscars when he won best director for The Pianist.

    We could also say Charlie Chaplin was a pedophile because he slept with and married much younger women (girls as young as 15/16). But he was married to his 4th wife for 34 years (which the age difference was huge- 35/40 years or so- and she was underage when they met).

  • MARY

    edie: exactly what I was thinking. I was already aware that Woody never lived with Mia full-time and that the majority of her adopted children were adopted while she was married to Andre Previn. So he was never a father figure to the children- if anything, he was distant.

  • Maya

    1. Woody Allen has never been a father to children that Mia Farrow adopted with Previn (and, btw with Allen too). They never lived together.

    2. About his “pedophilia”. Come on, she was about 20 when she started relationships with Allen.

    3. By the way, Mia F. herself was about 20 when she married Sinatra. And Sinatra was about 50 at the time. Funny, isn’t it?

    4. Farrow so many times repeated how ungrateful had been Soon-Yi. That she took her from orphanage in Korea and so on. Did she adopt all those dozen (or how many?) children just to be THANKED for?…

    5. Allen’s father died when he was 100 years old, mother – at 96. It’s obviouse, Allen will live long enough to raise those children with that “young” woman.

  • Anna

    i’m from poland too, i admire him but he disgust me too

  • heather

    “how much longer can you harp on something”

    with things like pedophilia and murder, there should be NO statute of limitations.

    “What he did is no more disturbing than Roman Polanski who drugged and raped a 14 year old girl”

    ummm…ya, exactly. they should both be in jail. both situations involve rape (statutory rape when soon yi was 16).

    are you seriously trying to downplay this??? my God. how desensitized we’ve become to appalling immorality.

  • babydoll.

    i was at this concert in Sala Kongresowa. it was truly amazing.

    pozdrowienia dla Polaków czytających (Greetings for all Polish people reading ;))

  • hollis

    These children are also adopted right? I would think a man that old with a questionable past would not be allowed to adopt by any agency so they must have paid some woman by private adoption to give them her child. Surely there are better parents out there then these two.

  • office fan

    Thanks Heather! My thoughts exactly!

  • Rachel

    OMG, you people are as sick as he is. Naked photos were found of Soon Yi that he had taken when she was 16 and it most likely started when she was much younger than that. He WAS too her father figure.

    If I were Soon Yi I certainly wouldn’t allow him to be alone with their children.

    He’s a sick pedo and for you people to say “get over it already” are pathetic.

  • Give me a break

    Edie & Maya: I totally agree with you. It is weird but people need to get over it. They have been together for a long time and it seems that they are happily married so we should leave this family alone. The kids are beautiful btw.

    Woody Allen is nothing but ordinary anyways so we cannot expect ordinary from him. He is extra ordinary. He did not do anything illegal otherwise he would have been in jail or legally charged with something so what is the fuss?

    People should not impose their personal morals to others. Media likes to exagerrate stories and inflame feelings so that they can sell stories.

    And yes this woman is no longer “young.”

  • hanna

    me is Polish too :P
    I saw a looooooooooot of people outside Sala Kongresowa yesterday ^^

  • a realist

    I will always have disgust for that man, for what he did to Mia.

  • a realist

    Mia found that disgusting man with photos of her naked TEEN-AGE daughter.

    Soon-yi was the child of Woody’s then girlfriend Mia.
    Woody was the father of two of Mia’s children.


  • http://yengirl yengirl

    Here is the reality: How would any of you like it if your husband decided to marry on e of the kids you adopted? Even if those kids were not his adopted kids? Woody Allen disturbed the family for his own kids because their mother’s adopted daughter – their sister – is now married to their father. How can that be normal for kids? How can they understand boundaries of family with stuff like that? Woody Allen is a renowned director who could have any woman yet he chooses to marry the adopted daughter of his ex wife? The sister to his own children? Come on. That is disturbing any way you look at it. ANd Soon Yi is truly one of the most unattractive people I have ever seen. So clearly it was not for her looks> She is hideous. it is a creepy control thing and it is disturbing.

  • http://yengirl yengirl

    A realist: I could not agree with you more – I would be truly worried about anyone who thinks this is ok and I would have them as far from young children as possible because clearly that person things anything goes!

  • Diana

    Those on here who don’t see anything wrong with what Woody did, must be just as morally bankrupt as he is. That girl, Soon-yi was likely a minor when he started with her.

    How in the hell can you watch your girlfriends(the mother of two your children) adopted daughter grow-up, then have an intimate relationship with her. It borders of incest.

    He watched Soon-yi grow up.

    Contrary to what his sick fans say. Woody WAS a father figure to Soon-yi, because he was around her since she was 9 years old, AND he was the father of two of her sibling.

  • Erm

    You got both of their ages wrong. He’s 73, she’s 38.

  • teri

    This man makes me sick, literally sick to say the least. Why isn’t he in jail? I just know he’s having sex with all his kids, it’s happend once it’s happening now. Just the way the little girl looks while he’s holding her hand looks like she’s disgusted. The way these actresses fawn over this pedaphile is nasty.

  • Mat’

    Do you know taking photos of people, even if they are famous, is forbidden in France ?
    Photographs need to have Woody Allen’s agreement, in this case, to publish photos. They may be sued by him.
    French laws protect the right of privacy even if they are on public places.

  • oh dear

    Horrifying to see this sick, old perve still has access to children. And they don’t look very happy. Particularly the light haired girl who looks like a shell! Ashen faced with double bags under her eyes as if she’s barely slept for days!? Bear in mind that Woody Allen was taken to court over a child abuse case involving his daughter Dylan who was 4 years old when the alleged abuse started. He managed to get off with it because he cruelly demanded to summon the child in question to testify which would have meant a young child being cross examined in great detail over the abuse in court. Mia, understandably dropped it. The child had already suffered enough psychological and emotional damage.

  • b chick

    this old dude scares the crap out of me.
    he looks like a pedophile.

  • b chick

    this old dude scares the crap out of me.
    he looks like a pedophile.

  • dani

    GET OVER IT? He took naked pictures of Soon when she was 16. He was accused of molesting his daughter when she was 4. Although nothing was proven, it doesn’t seem like Mia to falsely accuse him.

    As another poster said…there should be no statute of limitations on pedophilia and murder.

    I made a vow when this happened to never ever watch another Woody Allen film or support anything else he did and I’ve kept to it and will keep to it unless it is proven beyond a doubt that he didn’t molest Dylan or Soon when she was young.

  • susan

    Contrary to what has been stated about molesting his adopted daughter Dylan, the court dropped the matter altogether. There was no evidence that he ever violated her. To make these claims about his adopted daughters today is unfounded and cruel.

    Yes, Soon-Yi was underage when the relationship began- but he did not forcefully rape her. And if she was born in 1970, the relationship was not discovered until 1992 when she was 22 years old (of age and legal). And the sex was consensual not forced- she has since married him, she has adopted 2 children with him. So let’s separate him immediately from a violent pedophile. There is no evidence of this.

    And again, Woody was not Soon-Yi’s father figure. He never lived with Mia at any time during their relationship and they were not married (these are common facts admitted by both parties). Mia even stated in her biography that the children had no relationship with Woody. Soon-Yi’s father was Andre Previn who was active in their lives following the divorce. So there was no connection to Woody other than him dating Mia on and off.

    And as someone pointed out earlier, Mia married Frank Sinatra when she was 21 and he was 50. Sinatra’s daughter was only 5 years younger than Mia. When she began her relationship with Andre Previn, he was married. So she also has some skeletons in her closet. And as Soon-Yi stated before, “she’s no Mother Teresa.”

    Woody stated in a recent interview that you can’t help who you fall in love with and he fell in love with Soon-Yi. He also admits he made terrible mistakes in regards to Mia and how she discovered the relationship. He has never denied his guilt nor dismissed his part in the breakup.

    This is all old news. If we boycotted every celebrity who has commited immoral acts, then we would never watch a movie or television show. Again, these situations have already happened in Hollywood and today, we look back on them quite differently.

    I personally admire them for remaining a private and quiet couple who minds their own business and never makes rude or cruel claims against other people. Others should try the same thing once in awhile.

  • Ania

    I am from Poland too! Pozdrawiam!

  • Nika

    hey @#11
    Polanski didn’t know how old she was. She was 14 that’s why they call that rape
    thats diffrent situation
    its like Brad Pitt is going to marry angelina jolie little girl(adopted one) some day
    that sick

  • susan

    this the quote I was looking for in a Vanity Fair interview from 2005:

    But in 1992 he abruptly fell to earth. His longtime companion and lead actress, Mia Farrow, found his nude Polaroids of 21-year-old Soon-Yi Farrow Previn, one of her adopted children (with former husband André Previn), on the mantelpiece in his living room, and the subsequent scandal burst into the headlines like a nuclear fireball. Farrow accused Allen of sexually abusing their adopted daughter, Dylan, then seven. Allen indignantly denied her charges. “I never did anything. I would never molest a child,” he said during a hearing. He was cleared by a panel of doctors from Yale New Haven Hospital, but Farrow eventually won full custody of Dylan as well as the couple’s biological son, Satchel, then 4, and their adopted son, Moses, 14. The judge in the case accused Allen of being “self-absorbed” and decried what he saw as Allen’s inability to comprehend the negative impact on his children of his and Soon-Yi’s relationship. Allen was ultimately denied visitation rights with Dylan and allowed to see Satchel only under supervision; Moses, being older, was given a choice and declined to see his father.

    Recalling his assertion that he would make the same mistakes all over again, I ask if this is true regarding Farrow. “I’m sure there are things that I might have done differently,” he replies, soberly. “Probably in retrospect I should have bowed out of that relationship much earlier than I did.”

  • paula c

    Nika @ 12/29/2008 at 1:53 pm hey @#11
    Polanski didn’t know how old she was. She was 14 that’s why they call that rape
    thats diffrent situation
    its like Brad Pitt is going to marry angelina jolie little girl(adopted one) some day
    that sick
    nika: this is actually a completely different scenario altogether…polanski drugged and raped the girl…he knew she was underage because her mother accompanied her to the first photoshoot…he then asked for her to return a 2nd time alone where he asked her to change in front of him and then drugged her and raped her…so I am not sure this compares at all!!

    And it also cannot compare to brad pitt because brad adopted angelina’s children…he is their father because he has lived with them full-time and raised them…woody never lived with mia nor adopted soon-yi nor raised her children…they were also not married…

    It’s a different situation…

  • lolita

    Look at that, he’s already holding hands with his next daughter-wife!

  • lalalove

    He’s just disgusting!

  • Yours truly

    To: Edie, Maya & Give me a break:

    “Get over it?” You never “get over” pedophiles. Did you ever stop to think, Woody didn’t want to be a dad to Mia’s kids because all he had on his mind at the time was f**cking Mia’s young daughter? Where are you from?? Saudi Arabia where they allow men to sell off their 8 year old daughters to much older men for sex and god knows what else!

    People should never “get over it!” Pedophiles are sick, disgusting people and frankly by the looks of the picture with Woody and “his” young daughter Manzie, she may be experiencing the same thing her mother Soon Yi did.

    PEOPLE ~ NEVER GET OVER IT!!! Pedophiles are sick and need to be stopped! Woody should have been arrested and placed in jail with real men who would show him a thing are to about being taken advantage of!

  • dani

    Your post made me sick at heart. Soon was supposedly 16 when Allen began his relationship with her. That is sick. And it is not forgivable since he is an adult and she was legally a child. I’ve read she is also somewhat simple. If that is true, then his actions are even more unforgivable.
    For you to excuse the molestation based on a time frame is truly horrible. God forbid you ever have children.

  • common sense

    Are you guys crazy!? It matter whether he was living in the house with Mia and the children? Really!? For the record what he did was inappropriate! Who knows how long he cultivated a sexual relationship with Soon-Yi. Please. Do you really think that he didn’t have sexual thoughts about her when she was 15 or 16.

    You think that on the day when she turned the appropriate age and bam! he suddenly had sexual feelings for her. The fact that some people are willing to go to such lengths to excuse this behaviour is just mind boggling to me.

    It’s always so surprising to me that they were able to adopt children.
    As for the comment about how long we’re going to keep harping on he married Soon-Yi? The answer is simple: for as long as it takes for everyone to understand the magnitude of what he did. He not only betrayed Mia he betrayed a young girl’s need for emotional and financial security.

  • susan

    So now I’m a pedophile because I don’t comdemn Woody Allen 100% completely? I never excused his behavior and stated before that I don’t believe any of us will understand the motives or their relationship. But I refuse to go as far as to state that he is a monster or that he’s probably molesting his adopted daughters today. There is NO evidence to suggest this and to claim that is unfounded. But I have attempted to understand the facts of their relationship rather than making assumptions. People here stated a lot of untrue facts (that he and Mia lived together or that they were married). The simple fact is that none of us knows what type of relationship Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Previn have together. You can make assumptions, but there is no evidence to support any of your claims.

    And by the way, Soon-Yi has a master’s degree from Columbia University in special education- so where is this evidence that she is simple? Because she is a housewife and stay-at-home mother? She’s an intelligent woman who chose on her own free will to marry Woody and adopt 2 daughters together. Unless she pops up claiming he forcefully married her or locked her up as a prisoner, you have to accept that they married each other based on love.

    Everyone is free to feel whichever way about any one. And I never claimed he was exempt from guilt because he was a celebrity- but this takes me back to the Roscoe Arbuckle days of Hollywood and the Chaplin accusations. What I meant is that these moral scandals have popped up before in Hollywood and many decades later, we see the evidence in a new light and can make a less judgmental statement about it today.

    You can hold whatever opinion you want (as can I and that does not make me sick or perverted thank you), but I was pointing out the fact that there were misconceptions being stated and that the evidence needed to be presented as is.

  • Dita

    Też jestem z Polski i czytam jareda, hehe, ale nie bylo mnie w kongresowej (za daleko) ;)

  • Triple x

    Nice to see Woody out with his sister and “three” daughters.

  • sheryl

    a realist @ 12/29/2008 at 11:10 am Mia found that disgusting man with photos of her naked TEEN-AGE daughter.

    Soon-yi was the child of Woody’s then girlfriend Mia.
    Woody was the father of

    I agree with you. At the very least, he got involved with and married the child of his girlfriend. Very wierd…boundaries were crossed.

  • sheryl

    Also, this would have made an excellent Jerry Springer episode.

  • vmars111

    Uh-oh! I sense sexual tension between Woody and his daughter!

  • paula c

    my goodness things have become crazy here…while I think Woody’s relationship with Soon-Yi was inappropriate, I don’t think Susan completely condones his behavior at all…and she has a right to an opinion like all of you who label Woody Allen a pervert…

    and to yours truly, recapping some history- Chaplin was persecuted in his lifetime…he was refused reentry into America because he was labeled a communist as well as having his sexual behavior revealed (even Hedda Hopper jumped on the anti-Chaplin bandwagon)…after a woman he was intimately involved with accused him of fathering her child, America turned on him…even though the child was proven to not be his, it didn’t matter…most labeled him a sexual predator (plus the fact he married a woman 36 years younger then him or so- beginning their relationship while she was a minor too)…and Arbuckle was falsely accused of rape, but most of the press inaccurately pursued a witch hunt which destroyed his career and left him broke and out of work…most people today don’t even know he was innocent of the crime, but the condemnation of the public ultimately decided his fate…

    while I disagree with some of Susan’s points, she makes an interesting case of how passionate people can become in certain situations and how decades from now, we may view it entirely differently…and I don’t think there has been any evidence proving he was a sexual predator who pursued Soon-Yi when she was a little girl…that’s making an assumption which I think is what Susan was talking about…you must distinguish fact from assumption or rumor…

    Even though you hold differing opinions, it doesn’t make one a sicko or pervert…she didn’t call you names, so why do the same to her?? Just a thought…