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Woody Allen Brings Jazz To Warsaw

Woody Allen Brings Jazz To Warsaw

Woody Allen walks arm-in-arm with two of his favorite ladies in the world — wife Soon-Yi Previn, 36, and daughter Bechet, 8 – as they walk through Warsaw, Poland on Sunday (December 28).

Earlier in the evening, the 74-year-old director performed his clarinet with the New Orleans Jazz Band at Warsaw’s Sala Kongresowa. The audience of almost 3,000 gave Woody a standing ovation. (He rarely performs in large venues or outside New York City, where he lives.)

“We will do our best to entertain you,” Woody told the audience.

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Credit: Big Pictures; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • ellen

    Thank you for these! I love him.

  • Paul

    Woody with his daughters/wives.This pedophile is disgusting! He’s probably screwing that little one too. Once his “daughter” is old enough, she’ll replace Soon-Yi as his “wife”.

  • blondie

    74 years old!!
    I hope that I am lucky enough to live that long.

    I guess that God has forgiven him, for any wrong that he may have

    So, naturally we all have let the past, be forgotten.
    He must have done some wonderful good deed,
    to make up for it.

    Nice family photograph.

  • Ginger

    Woody Allen is disgusting. If an old man started having sex with his stepchild, it would be murder amongst people… But for him? It’s okay?

    He’s disgusting and she’s desperate. They both disrespected Mia Farrow so bad… I don’t like this old man one bit nor respect him and his wife.

    Disgusting! Disgusting! Disgusting! Disgusting!

  • brie2009

    Woody makes me sick! >=(

  • yoyo

    Hi, I’m Woody. I have wood for my adopted daughter. I’ve even impregnated her! I’m a dirty, dirty old man. Also, I’m going to leave my adopted daughter for our daughter when she reaches puberty.

  • mike


  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    `..ayo, like.. who the fcuk post threads about perv-ass woody allen?!? lmbaoooo
    there a-listers… currently important entertainers who don’t even get a thread on this site but perv-ass woody does…?! what kinda retarded ish is that. hahahahahaha
    ugh, i don’t even give a fcuk, ish is just funny as hell.

  • drunkabella

    i a mgoing to barf.

  • deka

    i love his movies and music
    he’s an independent
    i admire that

  • Jerry

    I love Woody Allen films.
    His private life not so much but it’s his biz.
    They were both adults.
    Annie Hall & Manhattan
    Love & Death & so many more are timeless
    masterpieces of comedy & life.

    Woody is real comedy not like these bathroom humor
    new “comedians”

  • Monique9528

    he was(or is) in Poland?
    I live in Poland
    faaaajnie nie?xD

  • ebmo

    I have worked for Children’s Services and Naval criminal Investigative Services for child abuse for years.

    I could not even begin to count the number of kids that have been molested by “mom’s boyfriend”. Some men actively seek out single women with children.

    Soon Yi was a minor child when he photographed her with her legs spread and no clthes. Their relationship was sexualized when she was a minor child.

    It is a whole psychology of “grooming” instilling the notion in children that they were somehow willing participants, or that it is “special”.
    Furthermore, secrecy is a critical component of molestation. “don’t tell or something bad will happen to __________”.
    No one really knows how many girls this perv touched, took photos of etc etc. Victims often are very conflicted and afraid to tell when the perp is well known to them.

    What IS known is this statement about his legally adopted daughter, Dylan:

    “Connecticut Prosecutor Won’t File Charges Against Woody Allen
    Published: September 25, 1993
    A state’s attorney in Connecticut said yesterday that he had “probable cause” to prosecute Woody Allen on charges that he sexually molested his adopted daughter, but had decided to spare her the trauma of a court appearance.

    The state’s attorney in Litchfield, Frank Maco, said he had drawn up an arrest warrant for Mr. Allen, but then decided not to pursue the case. He said the girl’s mother, Mia Farrow, had agreed that dropping the charges was in her daughter’s best interest.
    “This was no time for a damn-the-torpedoes prosecutorial approach,” Mr. Maco said at a news conference in Wallingford, Conn., yesterday.
    But Mr. Maco seemed to go out of his way to say publicly that he believed the child had been molested. He was not obligated to make his decision, or his reasoning, public.

    The announcement ended a criminal investigation that had dragged on for 14 months. But it did not signal a cease-fire between Mr. Allen and Mia Farrow, his companion of a dozen years and the mother of his biological son, Satchel, and two adopted children, Dylan and Moses. A bitter custody battle over the three children was decided in Ms. Farrow’s favor last June, but Mr. Allen has appealed that ruling. He now visits only one of the children, Satchel, with court supervision.

    At dueling news conferences today, Mr. Allen and Eleanor B. Alter, Ms. Farrow’s lawyer, continued their name-calling.

    The article goes on to say more, lawyers name calling etc., but the jist of it embraces the same difficulties investigators run into when attempting to prosecute family member pedophiles every day. The difficulty of expecting intimidated, victimized children who do not want to talk about such a disturbing experience, to put forth a clear cut and convincing statement against that of a practiced adult liar.

    The charges were dropped NOT because they were unfounded or because there was no evidence, they were dropped because the child was too fragile to face the old perv in court

  • ivory

    who r these ppl lol

  • gerard Vandenberg

    Eight years old?

  • Hmmm

    Wow, now I realize that bp and aj aren’t so bad afterall!

  • Ina

    theese photos’re taken on Krakowskie Przedmiescie.
    without snow in winter looks so sad.
    bring woody here too poland was so hard, and ticket for his show was extremally expensive! many people buy them just for his name. U know. woody’s woody.

  • Yours truly

    We must never forget Woody Allen is a sick pervert… NEVER!! Why do people say Woody’s movies are brilliant? He was never brilliant!

    Just a disgusting pervert who molests young girls! The pictures of his wife and daughter are nothing less than repulsive – you can just see right through him…

    He’s probably doing the same thing he did to Soon-Yi at age 16 with his much young asian daughter… pretty sick!

  • maryrowery

    jakie ładne światełka na Krakowskim….

  • pOLA

    I’m too living in Poland.
    Poland is cool xD

  • KAsia

    Yea..nice to see him in Poland. Old man

  • olga

    I am from Poland and Im so excited to see Poland, Warsaw whatever connects with this country on justjared!!
    Jared I love you!!! :)

  • justyna

    I live in Poland Warsaw:) and I saw him :P

  • Jen

    oh my, although I like his movies and his sense of humour
    but the age gap between him, his wife and daughter is just such a ridiculous joke! 74 and 36? isn’t that illegal? that’s like falling in love with your grandpa! and their daughter is only 8?so if Woody lives for 100 years his daughter will still only be 34……………………..I’d be really sad if I were his girl

  • martinne

    Yeahh… Wasaw, beautiful city.
    Fantastic man in a fantastic place.

    cheers from Toronto

  • karolina

    I’m from Warsaw, big event :)

  • drayyy

    Monique9528 – pewnie, że fajnie ;D oby więcej takich informacji!

    To JJ – it’s really nice to read that information! I wish I could live in the capital city of my country and see him.

  • puke puke

    Disgusting nasty PIG…..

  • christii

    Ok, he may be a great movie maker but how he ended up with his wife right now… yukkk!!! And as for his wife, she is worse than how Katie Holmes is being labeled as robobride, etc, etc. Why would she choose him??? Ok, none of my business!!! Outta here!!!

  • Onna

    Proud to be polish! xoxo, Gośka

  • Mike

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  • Ania

    I am from Poland, too!!


    see that the same people from the other thread made it other here- we get it by now! you think he’s a perv- now go back to ignoring him. regardless of his personal life, his movies are brilliant. anyone who dismisses his filmwork based on their hatred of him is bias and therefore, cannot be fair in their view of his work. films from annie hall to manhattan to crimes & misdemeanors to match point etc. the guy is a genius director, writer and actor. his talent is undeniable unless you think all of the critics and award organizations are all pervs themselves. honestly, if we label him a sick monster, wouldn’t that make all the actors who worked with him sick as well? this means that goldie hawn, diane keaton, scarlett johansson, leonardo dicaprio, drew barrymore, edward norton, etc. are all pervs themselves if they would agree to work with a child molester. and instead of ranting and raving on a celeb gossip site, display your ‘passionate’ efforts somewhere else- like volunteer work. if you hate the guy, stay out of thread topics about him or complain directly to JJ (oh wait, if Jared likes Woody he must be a perv himself).

  • cecilia

    It was announced that her sister Lark Previn ,another of Mia Farrow’s children,just died on Christmas day at age 35. Neither of them seems devastated by rhe news. They’ll probably mourn another day, after another Woody’s gig.


    Woody Allen—-SUPER CREEPY DUDE.

  • lolita

    So when is he going to marry the short one? Oh that’s right he has to take some photos of her first. :(

  • pinky

    This man is a pedofile he seduced his adopted daughter whom he married, as a teenager! I would never ever see a film that this man has made, he is skivy and disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • joli

    Warsaw beautiful city …been there, love it….food, people everything…..summer in Poland is great:)

  • Nic

    Woody is so sick lol
    he lives with his daughter/wife..and his grankid..who is also is child..Oh what a sick F***!!

    There is something wrong about that whole situation…
    So can i ask why did they go after Michael Jackson and not Woody!
    Is it because he is a rich white man!
    Woody he may be brilliant at Acting and directing but he sure is a sick pervert!

  • Amarine

    Nice to see Poland on JJ, thanks Jared :))

  • Yours truly

    To: #33 – Carolina:

    We get it that you condone Woody Allen’s disgusting past. As I’ve said before, we have to continue to fight against people like you – who want to dismiss immoral acts and behavior…

    You should really move to those 3rd world countries where pedophiles are accepted.

  • Lenny

    I’m laughing at the people who are saying it’s his private life if he has sex with his step-daughter. With that logic, if he made so-call good movies for you and is screwing your granddaughter or little sister it’s okay with you. The man is a scum sucking gutter rat from hell.

  • julianna marie

    Who keeps saying Soon-Yi is his daughter? He was never married to Mia and Soon-Yi was adopted during her second marriage to Andre Previn (therefore her name Soon-Yi Previn). Does it dismiss his betrayal to Mia? Absolutely not- but stop saying she is his daughter (not true). He never lived with Mia during their relationship and never was a father figure to her adopted children (this was confirmed by both Woody and Mia). It is not incest (since she is not his daughter and he was not her step-father)- strange, yes I will agree. Would I engage in a relationship with a man who dated my mom?- absolutely not.

    My problem with the relationship is based on how dismissive both Woody and Soon-Yi were in how it would effect the other adopted children and Mia (and yes, I know Soon-Yi was 16 when it began). But both were selfish, especially Woody. And Woody knew better than to begin the relationship when Soon-Yi was only 16 (since that is illegal)- if both pursued a relationship, they should have waited until she was legal and Woody should have ended his relationship with Mia long before he cheated on her. But even if they did wait and he had ended it, I still think Mia would have felt betrayed. It was a no-win situation.

    Yours Truly- this seems to be a semi-obsession for you. How many posts have you made already about Woody and Soon-Yi? But I respect your opinion on this matter (however many ways we disagree on the points- and no, this does not make me a pedohpile myself or lacking morals which seems to be the label if you disagree on this matter). Take care and have a good New Year.

  • Chany

    I agree with Nic, (c39), he’s sick and he’s probably grooming the younger one too.

    If they MJ on trial Woody should have had one also, he’s deffo a PERV!

  • justareader

    juliana marie – I agree that technically she was not his daughter; but she was the sister to his son, Seamus (Satchel). Even if you can condone his behavior with Soon-yi because he didn’t technically adopt her it’s a sick and twisted thing to do to your biological son as well as the other children who considered him a father figure. Read the letter written by Moses Farrow and read at trial. In it he writes, “any father should know not to have an affair with his son’s sister…. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I actually really like Woody Allen’s movies, but I cannot agree with defending his behavior and portraying Mia Farrow as a woman scorned. He is a self centered man who didn’t care one whit about how his actions would impact others, many of whom were way too young to be able to deal with this. So his biological son , Seamus, is now also his father’s brother in law because his daddy decided to marry his legally adopted sister??? Not to mention that there is quite a bit of factual evidence that points towards him molesting his daughter Dylan (now Malone) when she was quite young. He has issues and they shouldn’t be excused under some veiled technicality.

  • LuckyL

    Lol @ the fools defending Polanski

  • Yours truly

    To #43 – juliemarie:

    I was going to respond to your post but…” #45 justareader” took the words right out of my mouth… THANK YOU!!!! “semi-obsessed?” No…. just disgusted…

  • Blackie27

    oh. xD cute. I’m from Poland xd

  • قصص

    he was(or is) in Poland?
    I live in Poland
    faaaajnie nie?xD

  • clair


    strange title, sounds like there was no jazz and he brough it there. warsaw jazz festival, the most popular one, for everyone outside usa, dates to year 1958. there are many other jazz festivals , decades old, throughout the country but the jazz jamboree is the most famous, still woody was not invited to any of them since he is not that good. he came with his band and played small theatres, he did it several times, he played in katowice, bravo woody:) anyone who visits warsaw in summer months , they offer open air jazz concerts in late afternoon in old town while in royal bath park live chopin music is performed…