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Cam Gigandet Wears A Kilt

Cam Gigandet Wears A Kilt

Twlight star Cam Gigandet rocks out a kilt, argyle tights and leather boots as he does a little post-Christmas shopping at Barney’s New York on Monday (December 29) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 26-year-old actor, who was seen pulling out an iPhone from his man purse, reportedly shopped around with his girlfriend. According to the latest reports, that would be his secret girlfriend of two years, actress Dominique Geisendorff.

You can also check out a video preview of Cam‘s new horror thriller, The Unborn, at It opens everywhere on January 9 and was directed by David S. Goyer (Blade: Trinity).

UPDATE: Apparently Cam is wearing a Utilikilt!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Cam Gigandet’s kilt — HOT or NOT?

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# 1

He actually pulled this look off! Good for him.

# 2
*********** @ 12/30/2008 at 10:53 am

Good looking guy… why would he want to wear a kilt? I do agree with #1… atleast he pulled it off

# 3

Men in kilts = Sexy.

I hope he’s a trendsetter and this look goes mainstream.

# 4

The kilt looks good on HIM
He is damn hot
beijo putas

# 5

Finally someone famous who dares wearing the kilt outside of a scottish occasion (à la Ewan Mc Gregor). Jean Paul Gaultier must be proud, and Cam certainly looks AWESOME with it.
Good job, and way to go!

# 6

Idk why he’s wearing it, but he looks good in anything

# 7

Why? Hoping to get the paps attention? Not hot to court the paps – kinda embarrassing actually.

# 8

i think hes very sexy and awesome but with this kilt he looks kind of girly xD CAM: Wear jeans :)

# 9

When you love to do it the HOMOSEXUAL way.
(everywhere, folks)

is he even scottish?
cam is super hot tho. too bad james is dead on twilight, i wish he was laurent instead or something

I don’t know who he is. too young for me… But I have to say that is a Daaaaayum hot outfit. Love a man with his own style. Love when men young and old rock it their way..

Very nice…

He looks like……Jaimie!

I still find it a little odd when men wear kilts and man purses, but wow, I do hope more guys start doing it. I’m liking it a lot here. He looks great.

This is not a kilt, it’s just a weird skirt !

a guy wearing a kilt outside a scottish occasion is a hugh turn off for me………let’s be sincere he’s not pulling it off…he looks like a woman, and it’s obvious that he’s trying to get attention.

I think he is pulling it off! He looks good and he matched too! cuteeee! :D
Now that is someone with confidence!!!

That looks so wrong.

why is almost everybody liking it?

i hate it! it’s not MASCULINE enough for me…… i want a MAN

except the skirt, he’s damn hot though XD

definitely HOT! ;)


That’s hot!!! Any guy who’s got the balls to pull this off and isn’t a scottish drunk is a legend!!!

he is handsome then robert.too bad he isnt play edward

hey I love seeing a man in a skirt. so many “possibilities.” now if Jake G. would just start wearing skirts, that would be heaven. a bit of lipstick and eyeshadow wouldn’t be amiss either.

So basically, Francesca, you want a girl? As for this guy, there is no reason whatsoever for this skirt to be on him, and with those socks!

Nooooooo No no no no WTF Cam, come back to us !

Check out these kilts – I think guys who wear them look super sexy: :) Cam is looking totally hot with his kilt and his man-purse!! :D

The man purse makes it worse plus the calf high boots god just don’t Cam. I really hope he lost a bet.

Wilson – he’s not a girl UNDER the skirt, honey.

well i’m unsure of the kilt, but he’s hot!

He looks like a clown. He looks like he’s lingering for the photographer. What a dope.

Katie, I don’t give a sh!t what’s under the skirt…Francesca wants him in makeup, too.

He just needs not to do this anymore.

no he looks like a freak

e looks hot but the skirk gotta go!

looks sexy on him. HE CAN WEAR ANYTHING AND STILL LOOK SEXYYYY he is soooo hottttttttttttttt

imaginaque @ 12/30/2008 at 12:43 pm

Hey, if women can wear pants, why can’t men wear skirts?!

And YEAH!!!!!! for man purses. Same principle as above (plus they’re useful for holding all their stuff, which otherwise ends up in OUR purses!)

Oddly, he pulls it off really well.

hes still sexy really sexy
i dont care what he wears.

he loooks good =)
hes still sexyy

This guy looks like Alex Wotherspoon form the Apprentice

lol i’d wear that skirt.. looks good

I think men in Kilts are the SEXIEST! Indeed, Kilt week in New York (usually sometime at the beginning of April) is the BEST week all year in New York for man oogling. I’m always trying to be on the lookout for Gerard Butler in a kilt but so far I’ve not seen him attired like that except in photos. I can still have hope, though, since I have spotted Sean Connery in a kilt one time.

HES GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



He should be ashamed. I WANT ATTENTION. LOOK AT ME.

Where is his prego gf



he’s so hot. but WHY?! :|

millertime @ 12/30/2008 at 1:52 pm


Where is your baby stroller Cam?

How bad does this dude want attention?

Thats just sad.

monthlydose @ 12/30/2008 at 1:58 pm



Yeah, he prob wants attention now that his 15 minutes are up

monthlydose @ 12/30/2008 at 1:59 pm

not hot.

its more like that he needs some attention bc his 15 min are up

attention *****

Um, I thought he was of French decent, but OK.

Katherine @ 12/30/2008 at 2:12 pm

He’s sexy all the times!

He is so hot!

transform @ 12/30/2008 at 2:24 pm


Crappy movie actor Cam Gigandet (you may remember him as the bad guy in Never Back Down and Twilight) was spotted in L.A. recently wearing this felching, er, fetching kilt/argyle socks/man purse combo. You may call him douchey, but I’ll have you know that his great great great grandfather was Irish or Scottish or English or something so it’s totally cool.

Hey, leave him alone about the purse….he needs something to carry the tampons in. So step off!

diamondgirl @ 12/30/2008 at 2:38 pm



paradeitis @ 12/30/2008 at 2:40 pm



I don’t like this style, but he wears the kilt well.

He looks hot! In some blog, they disclosed that his girlfriend is pregnant. I think it’s ONTD that disclosed the information. He favors Steve McQueen!

NOMORECAM @ 12/30/2008 at 2:56 pm





He’s SO hot, but the outfit is not…


who is this person? ugh, twilight … boring. if a man wears a kilt it should be with socks only so we can see their legs! and nothing underneath, the proper Scottish way!

he looks bad, just plain bad.

who the hell is dominiwue geishfkjhsfhdsfhsdk…his girlfriend. i have never heard of her.


lol no wonder his EXgirlfriend wants to keep it a secret…her pregnancy and him.

nice tights

shes unemployed.
she WAS a waitress until she “suddenly” got knocked up when Twilight came out..oops
NOT an actress.

and doesn’t lindsay lohan own those boots as well?

im just sayin….


oh cam lol

he’s still a sexy *****

Um it’s because he’s Gay!!
Hello at Barneys Sale. Duh.
I’m gay and I can spot a Mary a mile away.

rhianafan @ 12/30/2008 at 3:35 pm

I just imagine watching him putting on the tights LOL

the tights are just, wow…

a desperate cry for attention

he is hot but not with the skirt.




That man can wear everything he wants…

He’s all confused in the kilt. There’s the kilt, which looks like faux leather, then the shirt with that confusing ‘man purse’ crossing his nice shoulders, then the leggings (what was he thinking?) and finally the boots that look like they came out of The Road Warrior.

It’s a mess, a total mess. My advice: pick one of those (except the hideous stockings), and let the rest go. In other words, it is not attractive.

Wow… Kinda hot! :-)

Snow White @ 12/30/2008 at 4:17 pm

Cute guy, but looks a lil too desperate for attention.

While I am glad that Cam Gigandet is secure in his masculinity and all that jazz, tights on a man is never hot. He kinda looks like Helena Bonham Carter from the chest down. The “Twilight” star made a no-no. Argyle tights just seem like something from the “Clueless” wardrobe.



when i first saw this pic i was going 2 make a joke but seriously….dude he looks good! Only he can make a skirt with dimond socks and a purse look good lol


he’s hotter than rob.

He just killed my sexual fantasies. :|


He ain’t carrying Barneys bags, he broke as a joke.

cam wears this BSURD OUTFIT a week before his movie comes out…..i smell PUBLICITY STUNT.

sell out.

americana @ 12/30/2008 at 5:51 pm

oh yeah huh

maybe next week he will wear a mini skirt and heels.

more publicity. so lame.

Are you all kidding me ? He looks totally absurd. Only the t-shirt is okay, everyone thing else is screaming “LOOK AT ME”

Never thought i would say this, but he’s actually pulling it off… DANG, with those tights! Argh, loving loving it!

CAM…what are you going to pull next to get some attention that your film is coming out next week. its too bad you dumped odette for a girl who trapped you with a baby.




CHICK A DEE @ 12/30/2008 at 7:21 pm

Why? I mean, is he gay?

It doesn’t look bad, but come on! What straight male do you know that wears a kilt??


HILARIOUS! All the people that think he looks good must be crazy-he looks like a JOKE!

This is a dude in a skirt. So wrong.

he looks bad. i would be embarassed if i was his gf.

who let him walk out like that?

maybe it is for publicity.

fame *****.

how bad did he want to be photographed?

they were waiting on Amy Adams and happened to see him there.

Barneys, purse, tights, skirt…..


OMG, I work there yesterday and I saw him!
I had no idea who he was. I thought he was from Scotland. lol.
He had a really ugly girl with him.,,,,it must have been his girlfriend….. Her skin was really bad, hair was a mess and she was pregnant…… he is a good looking guy and I will tell you this….he can do WAY BETTER in the gf dept and the fashion dept.

wascamfan @ 12/30/2008 at 7:39 pm


Laundry day!!!


This just looks dumb. Dumb AND stupid, actually. Somebody obviously wants the attention and what a shock- got it.

It’s not even the kilt… it’s the patterned tights and Lohan boots.

this dude is hot…and so is his kilt. i’d lick that argyle ANY day!

LA LA Land @ 12/31/2008 at 12:00 am


he is ugly. he looks like hes homeless

Come on, guys,,,haven’t we all been there? Haven’t done laundry in a month, have worn everything until it can walk by itself, so you raid the GF’s closet? Come on, we’ve all done it, right? Right?

He just wants anyone, complete strangers to look at him. That is the reason for this outfit.

the guy is starving for any kind of attention.

actors have sad lives.

1. he needs a tan
2. his body is not the same since NBD (great make up was done)
3. he needs to learn how to dress
4. he is begging for attention
5. i wish he was dating odette and not the pregnant waitress

From the site selling the tights:
“These leggings are perfect for any cute skirts or mini dress tops.” I don’t necessarily think this is what they meant, though if this many women think he looks hot I suspect we’ll see more of this.


oreolover @ 12/31/2008 at 3:28 am

sorry to tell you cross dresser but kate and anne are going to kill you at the box office. they don’t beg for attention like you to make money at the box office.

Cam Gigandet is just a FASHION victim. He has NO personality.

gah, he is freaking adorable.

not hot

my na,e is cam gayandet

When i saw Marc Jacobs last september wearing kilts I knew this would happen, and just as Marc, Cam looks good.

Guys wearing Kilts aren’t my thing but at least Cam pulled this one off! Who knows Cam may start a Kilt trend in Hollywood.

super hot!



newport beach, 92660 @ 01/01/2009 at 12:06 pm

hot – hot – hot – dayuuuum ,

i hate kilts , but somehow he can pull this off . :)

ilovehim , ilovehimmm , (L)(L)(L)(L)

&& it sucks that he is dead in twilightt , no more gigandet . :(

ilovedhim way back when he played VOLCHOK on the oc ,

i smell a new mens fashion trend watch marc jacobs will make a collection soon

lol!!! this is so funny… i mean, he is totally hot in wath ever he wears, but this is…i dont know.

i have to give it to him… that takes a lots of balls and cockiness!

and i just love that!!!
os portugueses de saia é k ia ser giro…

well first, a lot of hot guys had wear skirts before, just like brad pitt, collin farel, vin diesel, etc…

so he wants attetion…he’s hot so it doesn’t hurt for people to look at him.

and he is so the new brad pitt! check this out… thei are like brothers!

OhMyJeezus, he’s so cute. He looks adorable with his socks, his hat and his man-skirt. God, I love this guy. <33

andre pudi @ 01/03/2009 at 2:44 pm

you wrote twilight wrong. lol

haha i love it! Rock on Cam!

kilts are not cool. he looks like a squirel. gathering nuts and putting them in his little man purse. WEHO all the way. only LIAM is alowed to to wear a kilt. all you women out there who think kilts are cool should really get a life because they are not cool. KILTS ARE FOR GIRLS WITH PEARLS.

It’s nice to see that men are starting to shirk unisex clothes and start dressing like men!

Loves his look. His Kilt is made by Utilikilts from Seattle, not Freedom Kilts. Freedom kilts are Utilkilts knock offs.


Stephanie @ 01/15/2009 at 5:06 pm

cam is hott no matter what he is wearing!

Stephanie @ 01/15/2009 at 5:07 pm

cam is hott
no matter what he is wearing!

i love him <3

WTF!!!!! his in a kilt OMG wat the hell
i mean his hot and all but not in a kilt!!!!!!

axoo aqii no aii mas qe panoliis… sabeiis ni lo qe ablaiis, mae mia yo ya se qe Cam ta wenoo peroo no es pa tantoo,,,,jaja xD

ejemm…….hola :S

Oh, wow! I really looks soooo fantastic pretty awesome with this kilt! :)

Wear more, guy! ^^

Greets from Germany,

Does anyone know where I can find the boots?
They are great!!!!!!!

OMG!! if you people would just look at him!!! he is obviously wearing a skirt!!! look closely, it duznt even look close to a kilt…attention seeker!!

duznt even look like a kilt!! he is such an attention seeker!! he just looks plain wrong!!

Omfg cam iz soooooo freggin hot the things that we could do wit him n a skirt guyz should defitanly wear skirtz ALOTTTT more

SKIRT, KILT, or whatever these people want to call it, the man looks DAMN good. Cam could wear anything he wants, and it shouldn’t put a damper on his masculinity or sexuality. Let him prove that [masculinity] for himself, don’t judge because you or your man isn’t brave enough to rock something fancy.

You know what they say about what men have got under their kilts…?

That’s masculine enough for me! ;)

he is handsome then robert.too bad he isnt play edward

Uhhh, yeah I guess it’s okay looking. Sigh, who am I kidding, it doesn’t look good at all! As a gay man I have to agree with all the girls hating on it: he looks like a fricking woman. It feels so terrible to be pitted against all the male clothing equality that I believe in by my attraction but…well is gender equality worth having men dress up like THIS? I guess I wouldn’t mind seeing average looking guys wear this but it’s a tragedy when hot guys start wearing them and actually believing me.

Uhhh, yeah I guess it’s okay looking. Sigh, who am I kidding, it doesn’t look good at all! As a gay man I have to agree with all the girls hating on it: he looks like a fricking woman. It feels so terrible to be pitted against all the male clothing equality that I believe in by my attraction but…well is gender equality worth having men dress up like THIS? I guess I wouldn’t mind seeing average looking guys wear this but it’s a tragedy when hot guys start wearing them and actually believing me.

Uhhh, yeah I guess it’s okay looking. Sigh, who am I kidding, it doesn’t look good at all! As a gay man I have to agree with all the girls hating on it: he looks like a fricking woman. It feels so terrible to be pitted against all the male clothing equality that I believe in by my attraction but…well is gender equality worth having men dress up like THIS? I guess I wouldn’t mind seeing average looking guys wear this but it’s a tragedy when hot guys start wearing them and actually believing me.

i’m sick of the double standard I can rock it! god women and men all pity against it then next day you hear please don’t be so judgemental women and men are equal we all should have our rights fine. Then let’s have those damn equalities we were supposedly wanting. stop with the hating.

Rick from BA @ 01/18/2010 at 6:31 pm

He looks good in the outfit, kilt, boots, socks, shirt and cap, a work of art. Very neat and elegant. I would wear a kilt if I can look as good as Cam.
Not many males look well in kilts, another who does is Axel Rose.
Another thing, he looks much more friendly and innocent in a kilt than in previous photos. That is good, we need more people who are innocent and friendly, too many are violent and cynical.
I hope the habit of wearing kilts spreads quickly.
Though I would not recommend it to guys who are fat, or have body odor or faces like gargoyles, unless they first lose weight, bathe properly, and learn to be friendly.

Hey, Seymour, YOU get a life!!! Kilts are for MEN, you SEXIST BIGGOT!!! You (and all you women and men who think like this loser) are just as bad as those who, 50 years ago, thought WOMEN looked silly in PANTS!!! You are against equality!!!

I’m 19 years old and I’ve been wearing kils since i was 12. there is nothing that says a man cannot wear a kilt out of scottish events. I have had many people highly enjoy seeing a young man such as myself proudly expressing my culture and family history. I live an hour outside of Washington DC and throughout the year i commonly go into DC wearing the kilt. There are many people who want to take a picture from me or learn more about the scottish and irish heritage. All of my friends enjoy having me around when in the kilt. As well as my girlfriend highly enjoys me being kilted. For all ou guys who find that men who wear kilts are gay, you can shut up right now. Cause i have one word to tell you. Braveheart. If you think that the men who died under the leadership of Wiliam Wallace is gay then, Go mbeire an diabhal leis thú. To the lovely young lass’s who find it wierd, I can understand. Not many women have seen a man wear a kilt outside of the rennaissance, celtic festivals or st. patricks day. If you were to go to Scottland almost every baby, toddler, child, teen and adult would be wearing a kilt. kilts are the cultural dress of Celtic regions of Europe. you wouldn’t laugh at an japanese man or woman wearing a kimono would you? or someone from any other country dressed in what is their culture, would you? if you do, then may your heart always be heavy with the guilt of not understanding others and embrassing the other lives that live upon this earth. now many of you reading are wondering why i am typing so much; its because i am deeply tired of all these iggnorant people saying how gay a guy is if hes wearing a ‘skirt’. if you havent been paying attention its called a KILT. now the young man in the picture is wearing the most common casual kilt in the common market. either made be utilikilt or nationkilt. these are very popular companies. the boot, now like ive said ive been wearing kilts for a good 7 years, and the only time i wear shoes with a kilt is if im at awedding and in those times the shoes are a special kind called gillies. you look up and casual kilt photo and the wearer has a pair of boots on. whether they come up above the ackle or all the way up to the knees. the leggings, have you ever walked around with bare legs in winter, expecially in december in new york. its freakin cold. and the leggings are argyle, which is the common pattern used by the scottish. the bag, come on, who gives a damn. back to the young man. he more than likely has irish, scottish or welsh heritage. all whom are apart of that celtic region of europe. so in conclusion, guys, if you dont like a guy in a kilt, shut up. girls if your don’t its ok. but for all, keep in mind that its a cultures way of dressing. so take a look back at your family history and heritage and find what they commonly wore, then ask yourself if people will laugh at that. and put yourself in the place of those that embrase their culture and think how you would feel if someone made fun of the way you dressed cause of your heritage.

Great articles & Nice a site!!

Yeahh man, him and Axl Rose are the only 2 guyz who look hottt in kilts


Jeans are girly. ;)

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