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John Mayer Covers Mariah Carey's 'All I Want For Christmas Is You'

John Mayer Covers Mariah Carey's 'All I Want For Christmas Is You'

John Mayer declares that he does not care about Christmas presents or lights; all he wants for Christmas is to be with his lover.

Jennifer Aniston!

The 31-year-old musician covered Mariah Carey‘s holiday classic “All I Want For Christmas Is You” at the WPLJ Benefit at Blythedale Children’s Hospital in Valhalla, New York on Monday (December 22).

Check out the video below of John performing Mariah‘s most successful song worldwide! There’s also a better audio version available here.

John Mayer Covers Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas’
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  • Ela

    Mariah Carey, always imitated, never duplicated. Nobody sings her songs better than she does.

  • sfh

    work it john, earn that big fat check you are getting, if jennifer had to strip to sell a movie, you better lose your dignity too, i wonder what else she had to do?

  • debjosy

    Sounds out of tune and dead.

  • jeff

    this girl he is singing about, is dizzy, ugly, and is a bad actress, she has rocks for brains, where are all the hot young chicks? john is gay for sure.

  • jen fan

    Good for him in giving his time to this worthy cause. I hope they raised lots of money.

  • jjhghbh

    Isn’t “All I Want For Christmas” a cover? So it’s not really Mariah’s song.

  • blondie


  • wooden legs angelina

    oh boy when will the unstable jp fans be here to say he is trying to be brad and angie-like. charity was not created by B&A, pimpin themselves in the name of charity was created by them tho. Good for John … total trade up Jen.

  • blondie

    John is helping out by participating at a benefit
    for a Children’s Hospital.

    I think that that is admirable, noble, and kind.

    I love this guy!!! What a sweetheart….

    Nice singing, too.

  • sarah

    why is my post in moderation and not the crazy lady(wooden legs person) ? you know the one who goes from thread to thread bashing brad and Angelina, because her husband left her also, for a younger more beautiful, interesting,intelligent talented woman..

  • Big Mama

    John Mayer covered Mariah’s cover of Vince Vance and the Valiants’ “All I Want for Christmas is You.”

  • sarah

    i like john, but you must be crazy if you think he is a trade up, hahaha, did he not dump her on the street like a $2.00 hooker?, oh i guess that’s ok,, and why are you constantly bringing brad into everything she does? you sound really pathetic and psycho, move on already, brad has a fantastic life, in all areas, he does not care what she does, he is a happy man, no looking back for him. you make Jen seem very pathetic, she says she is happy, leave her alone, get your own life.

  • 911

    WTF Why wasn’t People mag alerted of this? They could have paid for this and of course some cheesy story of how happy they all are. lol

  • Kanny

    Oh Johnny boy, what has happened to you? Once, in the very beginning of your career, I thought you stood for something. Now I see you are a media whore who’ll do and say anything for attention.

  • Cece

    That was awful. He has gotten so ugly. What has happened to him.
    He is very over hyped.

  • dj

    Is it a slow news day or what? This event happened last week. And, why must Jennifer be injected into almost every post regarding John. It’s not like he mentioned her name during that performance. He is a great musician in his own right.

  • X

    i agree with the very first comment


  • gerard Vandenberg

    He likes to make a statement?

  • Leanna

    I use to like him but not any more he is a conceited jerk.

  • Jas

    What a douche bag.

  • faith


  • Jeff

    And this is why Aniston’s movie did better than Pitts despite his movie being nominated for several awards. You would think that would make his move a shoo in……..

    People are getting tired of Pitt and his crazed fans.

    Mayer is doing this for charity. It’s funny how Pitt fans always use charity to fall back on yet when Mayer does it, it’s wrong.

    John has more talent in his pinky than Pitt will ever have. Even more so than Jolie.

  • Moo

    For Jen’s sake (not a fan, but she looks really happy with him), I hope he’s thinking of her. I just question his sudden turn around. Only a few months ago, he thought their relationship was going nowhere and a waste of time.

  • Suzi

    He is so ugly now. All he want for Christmas is media attention. PublicityWhore. He don’t care about that benefit at all. This get him more media attention. That’s why he is with Jennifer Aniston.
    He sound horrible.

  • BJ

    He wants the media to think he is intellegent but really he is not smart at all. He is a fake. So overrated and over hyped.
    Jen and John are big fakes. They act like they are happy but they are faking it.

  • Moo

    I never really knew who he was, but I am impressed that at his young age, he’s giving back to charity. However, I listened to the clip and didn’t hear one mention of Aniston. This is an old song which, by the way, he did not write. Maybe he chose it to cheer up the patients!

  • Dav

    I will always remember when he dumped her big time, saying it 3 times because they had no chemistry. The relationship was a waste of time. So after the gave him a TV show it’s not a waste of his time.
    Jen must not have no self esteem at all. This jerk embarrassed the he!! out of her. What do she do buy him back because she need a man to premier her movie. Then he humps all over the reporter at her premier. No way do Jen feel good about herself. Even to fake a relationship in public is too much.

  • sarah

    it’s not johns fault, Jen probably told him that her crazy fans are obsess with her and that he could get in on the action, he should come along for the ride,

  • Dav

    Jeff stop lying to your self John fans hate Jen. Hate her guts.
    Wake up these are Mayer ex fans saying this stuff. When will Jen and Johns Pr team stop running that old game. John lost his fans. I am a ex Mayer fan not a fan of the other couple. On John message boards there all kind of complaining from Mayer fans. Mayer fans don’t like Jen. When is John going to wake up and stop listening to lies from Jen and her pr team.

  • BJ

    Publicity clown had the pr team to tape and send it in. Way to get in the media attention again jerk.

  • Dav

    Any one else notice that’s it’s Jen fans like Jeff that bring up that other couple’s name. I could care less about them but Jen’s people keep bringing it up.
    I lost respect for John because this is an obvious publicity venture and I always thought Mayer was above that Hollywood fake stuff but he is not. They offered him the right amount of money and a TV show and he took it. He sold out.

  • samantha

    The only reason John is getting THIS much attention is because of his fake or not so fake relationship with the other attention-getting, look-at-me-pretending-I-don’t-want-you-to-look-at-me desperate soul. He quickly realized after that NYC public display of a break-up that the paps were not interested in him anymore, he was back to being, well, just John Mayer, the singer. So he was back to her in no time at all. He craves attention, and will tolerate a yucky relationship to get it. He will milk this for all its worth.

  • ellie

    I thought that was really nice John. I wish you and Jen a Happy & loving New Year.. You both look so nice together..

  • jeff #1

    some nut job stole my name, I’m jeff = 4 not #23 this person is continuing a conversation like they been here all along, …hmmm., i really would like to know, whats in all these rants for you?, if nothing, you really need some help. seriously, check yourself out, it’s sad. do you have any love ones of your own?

  • Mary

    I notice that to samantha. No one wanted his picture after the break-up. I think Jen and her pr team are playing a game on him and he is stupid enough to buy it. I remember Jen fans bashed him like crazy after the break just like the did her ex. They called John horrible names. Jen is manipulating to keep him. To bad Jen can’t get a man on her own she has to use her pr team to buy a man.
    Jen can’t get her career going without a man.

  • sarah

    the reason they keep bringing brads name into everything Jen does is because, they are hurt that brad left Jen, just like Jen has not gotten over him, he is the best thing Hollywood has, but he deserves the best too. that’s why he is with Angelina.

  • Dav

    Real jeff I believe you. I notice that a lot here.
    I believe if you kick the pr teams from under Hollywood stars they would all fall on their faces. They seem to need Pr teams to help make their career. What ever happened to real talent.

  • tizzy

    He looks like he’s on a day out from the care home in that pic. Where is the love of his life? I really do hope they get married but doubtful because it has all the signs of a set-up….but then again if it is a set-up either JA’s father and best friend CC are in on it or they have lied to them. Either way not good. I wonder how it will play out…depends on the script I guess.

  • Vic

    I see why they are together both have those ugly long as chins. Children from them will be ugly for sure and born concieted.

  • d.kay

    He and X…..a match made in heaven…both media wh**ring flakes. Too bad really for him, he has talent and with some substance and maturity could have become a great……she is a no talent hack with too much money. With any luck we won’t have to endure her endless interviews where she stumbles and spews her idiocy…for at least another month or two when she tries to pimp a couple of duds without the aid of a DOG. This will be fun to watch.

  • Cara

    samantha @ 12/30/2008 at 12:01 pm The only reason John is getting THIS much attention is because of his fake or not so fake relationship with the other attention-getting, look-at-me-pretending-I-don’t-want-you-to-look-at-me desperate soul. He quickly realized after that NYC public display of a break-up that the paps were not interested in him anymore, he was back to being, well, just John Mayer, the singer. So he was back to her in no time at all. He craves attention, and will tolerate a yucky relationship to get it. He will milk this for all its worth.
    Ditto samantha I could not have said it better. We all saw that the paps didn’t want his picture when he broke it off with her, then when he got back with her they started taking his picture again.
    I believe they tried to ruin him when he broke up with her. I see they do that with her ex after 4 years.
    John should not have got into this mess. He was very stupid for thinking this would work. John has always talked about this phony life style now to end up right in the middle of it $ucks big time.
    Even his looks have changed he use to look so much better than that.
    John is not the same person he use to be. It’s time to realize that now.

  • psych

    John is a Pr tool now. Every time a John blog come up there pr team flash her name up. I have not seen a post where it has souly been about him only. John got the raw end of this pr deal. He is getting cheated.

  • Vic

    Too bad John can’t sing his own songs any more. Now he is Public Relations Escort Extraordinaire. Wonder how much do that gig pay.

  • jm fan

    I can believe they stuck Jen name all over that. Photoshopping that stupid hate on his head was just uncalled for. John is looking worst by the day in this relationship.

  • ellie

    I just love John Mayer Hes hot & jen & John look so happy together..

  • bennie

    John Mayer looks really bad, Jen looks happy but he does not. She is always looking up at him adoringly while he looks elsewhere. In one pic she is drapped all over him in a swimming pool while he feels like just shaking her off of him. Body language speaks for itself. John, you’re looking like katie Holmes but at least you didn’t sign a contract, you didn’t did you John? we don’t want to start calling you zombie too.

  • Dany


  • Puh lease

    I won’t say anything bad about this man. He already has to face Jennifer Chiniston’s vagina and that’s punishment enough for being the douche that he is.

  • Puh lease

    I meant Jennifer Chiniston’s p*ssy.

    However, I think I’m going to take that back. Facing her hideous mug is punishment enough.

  • b

    people on this site have a stupid double standard,

    whenever jenn and john do something for charity there is always a stupid reason of them wanting attention and money or whatever

    but of course if angelina and brad did it they are praised like no other.