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Shia LaBeouf Has A Six-Pack

Shia LaBeouf Has A Six-Pack

Transformers star Shia LaBeouf brings in his trash and recycling bins after returning home from the convenience store in Los Angeles on Tuesday (December 30).

The 22-year-old actor had skateboarded to the store and picked up a banana and a six-pack of Coca-Cola.

Shia was also spotted munching on a banana while filming the drama thriller Eagle Eye. He sure loves to get his daily dose of fibre!

Yesterday, new Tranformers 2 movie stills were released.

20+ pictures inside of Shia LaBeouf‘s six pack…

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shia labeouf six pack 01
shia labeouf six pack 02
shia labeouf six pack 03
shia labeouf six pack 04
shia labeouf six pack 05
shia labeouf six pack 06
shia labeouf six pack 07
shia labeouf six pack 08
shia labeouf six pack 09
shia labeouf six pack 10
shia labeouf six pack 11
shia labeouf six pack 12
shia labeouf six pack 13
shia labeouf six pack 14
shia labeouf six pack 15
shia labeouf six pack 16
shia labeouf six pack 17
shia labeouf six pack 18
shia labeouf six pack 19
shia labeouf six pack 20

Photos: Flynetonline
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  • leno

    Wow, he’s bringing in his garbage bins……….amazing! Some of the things people get excited about creeps me out.

  • timetopretend

    I LOOOOVE him!

  • Sunny

    It’s sort of stupid to ride on a skateboard while in a cast. What if he fell? His hand’s healing, therefore his career and his future is at stake.

    Dumb…. except for the healthy banana.

  • macca

    How old is he, 14? Riding a skateboard to the store while wearing a cast is a juvenile stunt.

  • Banjoplayer

    Blimey, is his hand still not fixed yet?

  • Stella

    He looks different! Still love him!

  • kerilyn

    so sexi

  • amanda

    i love him so much.

  • stepho

    yay hes alive! so glad hes doing better after the operation =]


    cutest white boy ever

  • srsly

    OMG, he was caught with a banana…TWICE at that! Stop the presses!

  • jaye

    I wonder how many movies they can write his broken hand into.

  • ShiasBellaDonna

    Absolutely beautiful, mmmm, mmmm.

  • Newyear2009

    OMG Shia Labeouf looks SO F**KING HOT in these!!!! YUM!!!!! :P :D

  • bindy

    ooooooo i love him long time yummy

  • pop86

    Shia is hot even with a busted hand.

  • bella

    Why don’t the paps leave this poor guy alone.
    Great actor :)
    Bought Eagle Eye today as it was released today on DVD :)

  • Kari

    Hey if it’s green, it’s on my team! I ride my skateboard everywhere too!

  • R&B

    awwwwwwwwwww boo looks so kute n i got eagle eye on friday haha been wearin it out! but glad 2 c boo iz doin good!!!!!!!

  • blah

    Id definally sex him up good

  • Meganfox Page

    just what is so wrong doing just any of that?

  • laura

    Wow. He must have really messed up his hand. It’s still in a cast.

  • laura

    Wow. He must have really messed up his hand. It’s still in a cast.

  • shiababy

    maybe he doesnt want to drive after his accident and he need to shave gross

  • Spammy

    Ummm Jared? Bananas are a good source of potassium. Not necessarily a good fiber source. That’s apples. Or pears.

  • Mark my words

    gosh!!!!! he seems sooooooooooooooooooooooo down-to-earth for someone famous….i mean, he’s one of the rare disney kids that made it to the big screen so I give him props for that and for being so natural, like everyone…down-to-earth. i LOOOOOOOOVE him ever since his disney era. I’ve always found him cute but he’s becoming so damn HOT….I adore him.

  • jessica

    Banana’s have potassium. More so than fiber.

  • courtney

    isn’t eagle eye already a movie? you said “Shia was also spotted munching on a banana while filming the drama thriller Eagle Eye”
    ?it’s been in theatres already?

  • Anon

    Come ON!!! This is SO ridiculous. A young guy skateboards to the store, buys a banana and a six pack of Coke and this is news??? Damn! Let the kid be.

  • shia’s girl

    OMGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he’s sooooooooooooo sexxxy I LOVE HIM, really really do!!!!! he looks so hot skateboarding and with the banana!! i’m happy for him, hope his hand heals soon:):) great actor and he’s so down to earth!!

  • SusanPevensie

    Thank you for FINALLY posting pics of Shia again after his surgery! I was wondering how he’s been doing.
    It’s good to see him! And I think it’s cute that he skateboard’s.

  • omg

    He may be eating bananas because he is anorexic and not because he likes them a lot. It’s just for the potassium.

  • lC duBB

    oh kill joy that i have to leave california!
    he sure gets the most attractive person ive ever lived by award.

  • hun

    Geez, ….. why am I so obsessed with this guy. I so love him. Cute cute cute cute ….. Where were you when I was 23 … (im only 27 btw, but its strange to have such a big crush on somebody younger than me)

  • FAN!

    #32. he’s not anorexic!!! you dumba**!!!!

  • jessica

    ahh he is so hot!!!! :)

  • Tommy

    He is a much more respectable actor than Zac Efron. Shia Labeouf will always be taken more seriously than that no talent pretty boy who will forever be stuck on Disney with his famewhore girlfriend Skankessa.

  • shia’s angel

    shia you’re look fantastic i love ya sooooooo much, happy new year sweetheart….(i’m talking about shia labeouf) :D

  • shia’s angel

    tonight i was dreaming shia labeouf….it was wonderful…:D

  • xxx

    its kwl him ridin a skateboard, its a hobby and healthier 4 him and th environment x
    hes th best and i love him


  • xxx

    altho takin pictures of him takin out his bins is a bet over stalkerish,x

    only becoz hes an actor dnt mean he shuld lose his privacy and freedom

    one of th best actors ever


  • Micala Burns

    This is ridiculous. Poor Shia. I mean REALLY. Oh my gosh, the world stopped spinning for a moment cause Shia LaBeouf took out his trash! And then (OMG!!!!) he ate a banana. I bet he ate the WHOLE THING too!!!!!!!!! Seriously? If I were him I’d go into hiding like Justin Timberlake. Then, being me, I’d die. He is sooooooo sexy!!!!!!!!!!! I love him. Sooooo sad I’m too young for him!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you hun!

    Also, fiber? Really? More like POTASSIUM maybe?

    Eagle Eye is a movie now too. I have it. Either your REALLY behind, or your REALLY wrong.

    Do your research!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Micala Burns

    I thought you’d have his actual six-pack on here. Stalker! Creep!

  • Micala Burns

    Why’s it so bad to skateboard? I would if I could!

  • shia’s angel

    shia is good. Yum. Still Dreaming.

  • cilla

    he is hotter than hot and actually takes out his own trash OMG most celebertys dont do that…… :) :)

  • agatha

    i love him so much!!

  • gee

    Wow, okay…

  • افلام اجنبيه

    Ummm Jared? Bananas are a good source of potassium. Not necessarily a good fiber source. That’s apples. Or pears.