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Suri Cruise is a Singing Sensation

Suri Cruise is a Singing Sensation

Suri Cruise belts out a few notes with her mom Katie Holmes as they return back to their New York City apartment on Monday evening (December 29).

Suri had accompanied Katie to the Gerald Schoenfeld Theater, where Katie once again performed the Arthur Miller play All My Sons. Her last performance is less than two weeks away — Sunday, January 11, 2009!

As soon as Suri spotted paparazzi, she started to squint and cover her eyes.

10+ pictures inside of singing sensation Suri Cruise

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suri cruise singing 01
suri cruise singing 02
suri cruise singing 03
suri cruise singing 04
suri cruise singing 05
suri cruise singing 06
suri cruise singing 07
suri cruise singing 08
suri cruise singing 09
suri cruise singing 10
suri cruise singing 11
suri cruise singing 12

Credit: Saleem Elatab/Ahmad Elatab, Lisa Mauceri, INFdaily; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • LolaSvelt

    Jared, you post the same thing all the time.

    “Katie Holmes once again performed in the Arthur Miller play All My Sons. Her last performance is less than two weeks away — Sunday, January 11, 2009!”

    Isn’t this any indication that you’re overexposing this woman? STOP IT.

  • releka

    I think broadway is taking it’s toll on Katie.

  • Lieza

    Why does she always go with Katie to her play? It’s not like Katie has any time for her then anyway. Two year olds should sleep at that time.

  • Cecilia Rose

    Suri is my sweety cutie little girly baby….

  • sssssshhhhh

    hhhaaaayyy,,,, everyday you posted these two…….

  • Me!

    Her security detail is carrying her bag—–weird!!!!

  • Katie Holmes’ Brain

    Help me! I’ve been kidnapped! Help me get back into Katie’s head!

  • Hola

    It is sad that this child is treated like an expensive thing: let her walk, let her play with other children. let her jump, roll on the ground and get dirty……

  • Mike

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  • stef

    lol why does she hold her like that ? she’s so showing her of to the paps it’s ridiculous.

  • Phoenix

    I have never seen one child get so much publicity for not doing anything but going to and fro. Tom’s other children did not get this much attention. I agree with LolaSvelt, if media outlets are paying for these pictures, they do seem redundant.

  • bonzo

    how embarrassing to be one of her security team

  • mju8

    Poor Suri.
    No other celebrity child out there ever appears THIS affected by their parents’ fame. Sadly I can see her developing some sort of anxiety or neuroticism in the future. I hope she doesn’t, but knowing her parents’ love of hamming it up for the cameras.

  • Julia




  • jonhar

    wow that’s cool that Suri’s got talents. ah..Katie looks older and older in every picture i must say…

  • Run like the wind

    You can do it!
    ESACPE the clutches of Tom!

  • geewiz

    They don’t look scared to me? What was all these threats they reported? Hmmmm. a bunch of hooey I presume.

    Suri is cute, but she will be much cuter and saner in a different setting away from her nutty Dad.
    Running in the country, free as a bird.
    Thats what Katie and Suri need. To be free

  • Julia


  • Lee

    The child won’t even know how to walk. I agree with the other posts that can see as clear as day that Suri is way to pampered. I have read where” Katie can’t keep pants on her” Katie Katie Katie take a different approach …notice I didn’t say take control ,maybe that’s a scientology word “approach ” well I say try something new with the little girl,show her another way

  • LArry

    Connor and Isabella…. do they exist any more? You know the other two kids? Suri gets more press that Connor did and he had a film debut! SAD
    Well I hope all the kids get away from Tom. He is a bad and dangerous influence to their well being

  • BJ

    Why is Tom not helping with taking care of Suri? She looks really tired. I don’t believe she had to take Suri with her.

  • Floe

    Where is all the security? Tom was quoted as saying that he was horrified? Due to threats? They are not living together either?Huh?
    Well these photos are very telling. They don’t look like the security has been beefed up, nor do they look scared one iota.
    Sounds like Tommyboy wants to ward off certain people from his UK premier. HA! What a bunch of crapola.

    And Katie and Suri???? Leave Tom in the dust and go as far away as you can get yoursleves.

  • Sacha

    Who are you people? All of you self proclained experts on the Cruise family? Fashion experts? Interpreters of photos? Who are you? Don’t you have lives of your own? Don’t you ever give your disike of all things Cruise a rest? Very unhealthy to obsess this way.

  • Gillian

    Let’s all take up a collection and buy Suri (stupid name) a pair of shoes !!!!!

  • lolita

    Awww look at Suri and her grandma. Adorable! As a side not: Suri is going to be a handful when she gets older. I think she will be worse than Tom.

  • Laura

    Good Lordy, can’t they put a pair of shoes on this child? Well, we know who rules the roost. And its not the mother. To be fair on Katie’s appearance, Jennifer Garner lost weight and looked drawn by the end of her Broadway run. Performing live everyday takes a toll. However, she rarely brought Violet to the theater. I’m sure they have someone else who can watch her if Daddy is absent.

  • yo

    ifeel sorry for katie where is tom smh..surii can walk got damn spoiled lil girl wait till she gets older

  • Bourdieu

    how old is Suri?

  • mike

    quit hating

  • Hola

    to #23: There are things that are obvious – something IS wrong with this family. By the way, why are you visiting this web site? Hypocrite!

  • nancyw

    Why is Suri wearing shoes in some photos, but not in others?!?! When does Katie take them off ?!?!

  • wooden legs angelina

    see what wealth does to kids, getting to go from the house to limo she now hates wearing a coat and think it is not required. spoiled …..cute but spoiled

  • cutie

    Suri is so cute! :-)


    Tom wants 9 kids well where are you now??? Katie has to carry Suri
    around like a little baby..Sure she likes that she has to go to work with
    Mommy every day.. Can’t leave her at home …no! way for Suri.. Tom did one big number on her for her birthday gave her Suri for the day
    taking her to work, and all day…Great THE NEW NAME FOR KATIE IS
    WALKING UP A SIDEWALK OF NEW YORK>>> because that is all we
    see every day… And now he wants more kids… put it in a contract that
    he has to take time off from his career to take care of them..!! Including
    Conner and Isebella… Where are they now? Who knows ..

  • Addy

    Security guy is holding Katie’s green bag. It’s us the public that causes paps to go out and take pics of celebs, etc. If it wasn’t for that, then there would be no paparazzi stalking or even the celebs themselves notifying the paps so pics can be taken to keep them in the limelight. Katie looks okay in the clothes she is wearing. Better than the cutoff jeans with tights in winter. Suri is cute. I saw a video on another site where Katie and Suri are exiting a back door to a car. People are screaming and camera lights flashing. How scary for a little child is that. Katie is signing autographs.

  • dani

    Sacha @ 12/30/2008 at 9:29 am

    Get over your sanctimonious self–it’s a blog. People take a minute or two to comment. Take a little more time to read some posts. It’s entertainment.

  • nancyw

    I can’t believe I am actually saying this but, I feel sorry for Katie. She looks so tired and stressed. Also, I don’t feel that Suri will welcome another child into the family! I can’t see her sharing the attention with another child! (these are my personal opinions)
    Katie looks like the life is being sucked right out of her!!

  • bella

    isn’t there any nanny good enough to stay home with this child while mommy works,its like they love the attention they get when they walk around with suri. i remember how the paparazzi stalk angelina everyday when maddox was taking a french language class in a nyc school, they were pics of them every day but it was always her or brad dropping or picking up maddox at school the rarely brought baby shiloh out with them just to be photographed like katie and tom do with suri.
    btw it looks like suri’s parents don’t know how to dress up their child with real winter gear.

  • ugh

    they parade this child around to be seen by the paparazzi because Tom is STILL trying to prove something-he wants us to believe he fathered this child when he did not (rumors are now circulating that Suri is Tom’s cousin’s kid, William Mopather)
    This child hardly ever walks, goes to Katie’s play with her to what-sit in a room, and is never seen with children her own age. And no wonder Connor and Isabella have gotten so fat-they are starved for attention and are turning to food

  • gjc

    Why is Suri always with Katie? She has to work. Where is that tiny, useless man that is her father?


    Let’s have a test shall we… Anyone can take Katie and Suri she is not
    protected..He is the one that needs protection… We have not seen him
    at any movie premieres where is he.. The big surprise is to leave Suri
    full time with her… It is nice how she gets her bodyguard to carry her
    purse with her… Since Suri is still in diapers where is her diaper bag
    in the car maybe..

  • dani

    There probably are no threats. This story was started by a London rag that has a rep for being salacious.

  • Peach

    Is it possible for these people to be discreet? Or do they have to pimp the poor child out all the time. It’s scarey to think what she could become as she grows older. Probably another Paris Hilton.

  • Floe

    Hey # 23
    I guess since you are here commenting and read all the comments….. I guess you do not have of life either? Hola is right! Your a hypocrite!
    And FYI this is a COMMENT section, which means people are entitled to their own opinion ….the last time I checked!

    Katie Ans Suri will never be normal if they stay in the cult of Scientology

  • eliza

    Katie will get revitalized when she gets done on Broadway and back to LA. She does look tired and overwhelmed now.
    Tom is doing the usual grandstanding. Seems as though he’s taking on the Pitts, talking about wanting a family of ten. Wonder what Katie’s feelings are about that. Or perhaps he’ll be on to the next wife.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    getoutahere……………………………TWO SLOBBERING IMBECILES, folks!!

  • Floe

    YOu mean Tom will be on to the next VICTIM….. not next wife

  • suri sings?

    I didn’t think Suri yet speaks. Now she sings, wow, that’s amazing.
    kh, you have to show everyone her diapers, some mom you are.
    why do you exploit Suri like this, you are a crude disgrace kh.

  • pr person

    Good grief! So when Suri starts to grimace, squint and cover her eyes… Why didn’t her mother turn her around so she could at least bury her face in her mothers shoulder; as in the day time pics?? Why, why, why… do they carry her like an infant anyway?? The only time a normal parent carries a toddler in that manner is when they are being carried off to bed. Gaaaaaahhhhh! Pathetic!

  • ellie

    Tom Katie Conner Isabella& Suri , You are all a beautiful family Tom your a great father and always will be… Katie your treat Toms children like your own.. I really think thats beautiful.. Happy New Year…