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Suri Cruise is a Singing Sensation

Suri Cruise is a Singing Sensation

Suri Cruise belts out a few notes with her mom Katie Holmes as they return back to their New York City apartment on Monday evening (December 29).

Suri had accompanied Katie to the Gerald Schoenfeld Theater, where Katie once again performed the Arthur Miller play All My Sons. Her last performance is less than two weeks away — Sunday, January 11, 2009!

As soon as Suri spotted paparazzi, she started to squint and cover her eyes.

10+ pictures inside of singing sensation Suri Cruise

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suri cruise singing 03
suri cruise singing 04
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suri cruise singing 12

Credit: Saleem Elatab/Ahmad Elatab, Lisa Mauceri, INFdaily; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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130 Responses to “Suri Cruise is a Singing Sensation”

  1. 1
    LolaSvelt Says:

    Jared, you post the same thing all the time.

    “Katie Holmes once again performed in the Arthur Miller play All My Sons. Her last performance is less than two weeks away — Sunday, January 11, 2009!”

    Isn’t this any indication that you’re overexposing this woman? STOP IT.

  2. 2
    releka Says:

    I think broadway is taking it’s toll on Katie.

  3. 3
    Lieza Says:

    Why does she always go with Katie to her play? It’s not like Katie has any time for her then anyway. Two year olds should sleep at that time.

  4. 4
    Cecilia Rose Says:

    Suri is my sweety cutie little girly baby….

  5. 5
    sssssshhhhh Says:

    hhhaaaayyy,,,, everyday you posted these two…….

  6. 6
    Me! Says:

    Her security detail is carrying her bag—–weird!!!!

  7. 7
    Katie Holmes' Brain Says:

    Help me! I’ve been kidnapped! Help me get back into Katie’s head!

  8. 8
    Hola Says:

    It is sad that this child is treated like an expensive thing: let her walk, let her play with other children. let her jump, roll on the ground and get dirty……

  9. 9
    Mike Says:

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  10. 10
    stef Says:

    lol why does she hold her like that ? she’s so showing her of to the paps it’s ridiculous.

  11. 11
    Phoenix Says:

    I have never seen one child get so much publicity for not doing anything but going to and fro. Tom’s other children did not get this much attention. I agree with LolaSvelt, if media outlets are paying for these pictures, they do seem redundant.

  12. 12
    bonzo Says:

    how embarrassing to be one of her security team

  13. 13
    mju8 Says:

    Poor Suri.
    No other celebrity child out there ever appears THIS affected by their parents’ fame. Sadly I can see her developing some sort of anxiety or neuroticism in the future. I hope she doesn’t, but knowing her parents’ love of hamming it up for the cameras.

  14. 14
    Julia Says:




  15. 15
    jonhar Says:

    wow that’s cool that Suri’s got talents. ah..Katie looks older and older in every picture i must say…

  16. 16
    Run like the wind Says:

    You can do it!
    ESACPE the clutches of Tom!

  17. 17
    geewiz Says:

    They don’t look scared to me? What was all these threats they reported? Hmmmm. a bunch of hooey I presume.

    Suri is cute, but she will be much cuter and saner in a different setting away from her nutty Dad.
    Running in the country, free as a bird.
    Thats what Katie and Suri need. To be free

  18. 18
    Julia Says:


  19. 19
    Lee Says:

    The child won’t even know how to walk. I agree with the other posts that can see as clear as day that Suri is way to pampered. I have read where” Katie can’t keep pants on her” Katie Katie Katie take a different approach …notice I didn’t say take control ,maybe that’s a scientology word “approach ” well I say try something new with the little girl,show her another way

  20. 20
    LArry Says:

    Connor and Isabella…. do they exist any more? You know the other two kids? Suri gets more press that Connor did and he had a film debut! SAD
    Well I hope all the kids get away from Tom. He is a bad and dangerous influence to their well being

  21. 21
    BJ Says:

    Why is Tom not helping with taking care of Suri? She looks really tired. I don’t believe she had to take Suri with her.

  22. 22
    Floe Says:

    Where is all the security? Tom was quoted as saying that he was horrified? Due to threats? They are not living together either?Huh?
    Well these photos are very telling. They don’t look like the security has been beefed up, nor do they look scared one iota.
    Sounds like Tommyboy wants to ward off certain people from his UK premier. HA! What a bunch of crapola.

    And Katie and Suri???? Leave Tom in the dust and go as far away as you can get yoursleves.

  23. 23
    Sacha Says:

    Who are you people? All of you self proclained experts on the Cruise family? Fashion experts? Interpreters of photos? Who are you? Don’t you have lives of your own? Don’t you ever give your disike of all things Cruise a rest? Very unhealthy to obsess this way.

  24. 24
    Gillian Says:

    Let’s all take up a collection and buy Suri (stupid name) a pair of shoes !!!!!

  25. 25
    lolita Says:

    Awww look at Suri and her grandma. Adorable! As a side not: Suri is going to be a handful when she gets older. I think she will be worse than Tom.

  26. 26
    Laura Says:

    Good Lordy, can’t they put a pair of shoes on this child? Well, we know who rules the roost. And its not the mother. To be fair on Katie’s appearance, Jennifer Garner lost weight and looked drawn by the end of her Broadway run. Performing live everyday takes a toll. However, she rarely brought Violet to the theater. I’m sure they have someone else who can watch her if Daddy is absent.

  27. 27
    yo Says:

    ifeel sorry for katie where is tom smh..surii can walk got damn spoiled lil girl wait till she gets older

  28. 28
    Bourdieu Says:

    how old is Suri?

  29. 29
    mike Says:

    quit hating

  30. 30
    Hola Says:

    to #23: There are things that are obvious – something IS wrong with this family. By the way, why are you visiting this web site? Hypocrite!

  31. 31
    nancyw Says:

    Why is Suri wearing shoes in some photos, but not in others?!?! When does Katie take them off ?!?!

  32. 32
    wooden legs angelina Says:

    see what wealth does to kids, getting to go from the house to limo she now hates wearing a coat and think it is not required. spoiled …..cute but spoiled

  33. 33
    cutie Says:

    Suri is so cute! :-)

  34. 34

    Tom wants 9 kids well where are you now??? Katie has to carry Suri
    around like a little baby..Sure she likes that she has to go to work with
    Mommy every day.. Can’t leave her at home …no! way for Suri.. Tom did one big number on her for her birthday gave her Suri for the day
    taking her to work, and all day…Great THE NEW NAME FOR KATIE IS
    WALKING UP A SIDEWALK OF NEW YORK>>> because that is all we
    see every day… And now he wants more kids… put it in a contract that
    he has to take time off from his career to take care of them..!! Including
    Conner and Isebella… Where are they now? Who knows ..

  35. 35
    Addy Says:

    Security guy is holding Katie’s green bag. It’s us the public that causes paps to go out and take pics of celebs, etc. If it wasn’t for that, then there would be no paparazzi stalking or even the celebs themselves notifying the paps so pics can be taken to keep them in the limelight. Katie looks okay in the clothes she is wearing. Better than the cutoff jeans with tights in winter. Suri is cute. I saw a video on another site where Katie and Suri are exiting a back door to a car. People are screaming and camera lights flashing. How scary for a little child is that. Katie is signing autographs.

  36. 36
    dani Says:

    Sacha @ 12/30/2008 at 9:29 am

    Get over your sanctimonious self–it’s a blog. People take a minute or two to comment. Take a little more time to read some posts. It’s entertainment.

  37. 37
    nancyw Says:

    I can’t believe I am actually saying this but, I feel sorry for Katie. She looks so tired and stressed. Also, I don’t feel that Suri will welcome another child into the family! I can’t see her sharing the attention with another child! (these are my personal opinions)
    Katie looks like the life is being sucked right out of her!!

  38. 38
    bella Says:

    isn’t there any nanny good enough to stay home with this child while mommy works,its like they love the attention they get when they walk around with suri. i remember how the paparazzi stalk angelina everyday when maddox was taking a french language class in a nyc school, they were pics of them every day but it was always her or brad dropping or picking up maddox at school the rarely brought baby shiloh out with them just to be photographed like katie and tom do with suri.
    btw it looks like suri’s parents don’t know how to dress up their child with real winter gear.

  39. 39
    ugh Says:

    they parade this child around to be seen by the paparazzi because Tom is STILL trying to prove something-he wants us to believe he fathered this child when he did not (rumors are now circulating that Suri is Tom’s cousin’s kid, William Mopather)
    This child hardly ever walks, goes to Katie’s play with her to what-sit in a room, and is never seen with children her own age. And no wonder Connor and Isabella have gotten so fat-they are starved for attention and are turning to food

  40. 40
    gjc Says:

    Why is Suri always with Katie? She has to work. Where is that tiny, useless man that is her father?

  41. 41

    Let’s have a test shall we… Anyone can take Katie and Suri she is not
    protected..He is the one that needs protection… We have not seen him
    at any movie premieres where is he.. The big surprise is to leave Suri
    full time with her… It is nice how she gets her bodyguard to carry her
    purse with her… Since Suri is still in diapers where is her diaper bag
    in the car maybe..

  42. 42
    dani Says:

    There probably are no threats. This story was started by a London rag that has a rep for being salacious.

  43. 43
    Peach Says:

    Is it possible for these people to be discreet? Or do they have to pimp the poor child out all the time. It’s scarey to think what she could become as she grows older. Probably another Paris Hilton.

  44. 44
    Floe Says:

    Hey # 23
    I guess since you are here commenting and read all the comments….. I guess you do not have of life either? Hola is right! Your a hypocrite!
    And FYI this is a COMMENT section, which means people are entitled to their own opinion ….the last time I checked!

    Katie Ans Suri will never be normal if they stay in the cult of Scientology

  45. 45
    eliza Says:

    Katie will get revitalized when she gets done on Broadway and back to LA. She does look tired and overwhelmed now.
    Tom is doing the usual grandstanding. Seems as though he’s taking on the Pitts, talking about wanting a family of ten. Wonder what Katie’s feelings are about that. Or perhaps he’ll be on to the next wife.

  46. 46
    gerard Vandenberg Says:

    getoutahere……………………………TWO SLOBBERING IMBECILES, folks!!

  47. 47
    Floe Says:

    YOu mean Tom will be on to the next VICTIM….. not next wife

  48. 48
    suri sings? Says:

    I didn’t think Suri yet speaks. Now she sings, wow, that’s amazing.
    kh, you have to show everyone her diapers, some mom you are.
    why do you exploit Suri like this, you are a crude disgrace kh.

  49. 49
    pr person Says:

    Good grief! So when Suri starts to grimace, squint and cover her eyes… Why didn’t her mother turn her around so she could at least bury her face in her mothers shoulder; as in the day time pics?? Why, why, why… do they carry her like an infant anyway?? The only time a normal parent carries a toddler in that manner is when they are being carried off to bed. Gaaaaaahhhhh! Pathetic!

  50. 50
    ellie Says:

    Tom Katie Conner Isabella& Suri , You are all a beautiful family Tom your a great father and always will be… Katie your treat Toms children like your own.. I really think thats beautiful.. Happy New Year…

  51. 51
    zizitop Says:

    That child needs to be in bed by 7pm, not dragged around like a doll. She also needs to play with kids her age. I doubt that these 2 selfish parents would even consider her needs so that she grows into a healthy sane individual. Shame on them!

  52. 52

    TOM’S OLDER CHILDREN AS HER OWN JUST SURI..Which is probably why she won’t leave Suri behind.. Try Suri Tom and Katie…that
    is it… for this family… Nicole doesn’t want her older children just parading her real daughter around… Katie wants just Suri why not let everyone know that Tom is in LA with his older children…

  53. 53
    sydney Says:

    All these experts on other people’s children….. do you have children of your own? You don’t know anything about this family, stop pretending that you do. Tom and Katie are just living their lives and are very decent people from what I’ve seen. Suri is a beautiful child, a normal 2 year old though. It is well known that the 2nd year of a toddler’s life is often the most difficult for parents… that’s why it’s called the terrible twos! And I haven’t heard anything about these threats against the Cruise’s. You probably got this information from rag magazines trying to sell a story and you’re stupid enough to believe everything you read. You’ve allowed your perception of the Cruises to be built by gossip magazines and then you complain about them getting publicity when you’re certainly doing your part to see to it that they do.

  54. 54
    Mr. Blonde Says:

    He’ll stop right after these threads stop being such hits, #1.

    She’s very attached to her and likes to have her around, #3. The cast and crew too I’m betting.

    Suri Cruise walks all the time and plays with other kids too, #8.

    Hold her like how, #10?

    She already knows how to walk and you know it, #19. You don’t know her lifestyle to say she;’s way too pampered.

    Why do you say he’s a bad and dangerous influence when the kids seem to be doing just fine, #20? The two kids were never popular with the media.

    He’s busy working, #21.

    No, #25. You don’t know who rules the roost via some silly paparazzi photos.

    That’s Garner and this is Holmes. Don’t compare parents.

    She’s 2 years, 8 months, 1 week and 5 days old, #28.

    He/she isn’t a hypocrite, #30. It’s crazy to analyze photos and play detective with people you hate.

    Or maybe she’s never like coats to begin with, #32. Of course she’s spoiled but we don’t know if she’s a brat or not.

    There’s a fine line between entertainment and a full-blown witch hunt, #36.

    You don’t even know that little girl to make such a call, #37.

    There are so many things wrong with that post, #39.

    Don’t act like what you know why Cruise does the things he does. If he wanted to prove that, he’d be seen with that kid more often. That William Mapother rumor has been around since the beginning and he’s just one of the many rumored fathers from that silly story. That kid walks all the time. So what if she’s never SEEN with kids her own age? Those two kids aren’t fat and even if they were, you wouldn’t know it was some psychological thing and I doubt it would be since they get plenty of attention from their father.

    Cruise has to work too and Holmes doesn’t seem to mind her own daughter, #40. Don’t say those awful, untrue things about Cruise.

    Try discretion when you’re one of the most famous actresses on Earth in one of the most famous cities on Earth, #43.

    People really need to stop accusing Cruise and really any other celebrity nowadays of copying Brangelina, #45. Holmes has said she’s always wanted a big family.

    Exploiting, #48? She’s simply walking from A to B on a public sidewalk. She’s not showing off her kid’s diapers. According to TomKat, she does speak.

    What the child needs is for people to stop telling her parents how to raise her, #51. She already plays with kids her own age.

    Right, #53.

  55. 55
    anon Says:

    Blonde, you are a mental case.

  56. 56
    meh Says:

    Mr. Blonde is a deranged stalker with a hard-on for Tom. I don’t even bother reading his nonsense, it’s boring and repetitive.

  57. 57
    gfan Says:

    The little brat won’t wear shoes now. I kind of feel bad for her the way her parents drag her out to pose for for the cameras. I think they’re pulling a Britney you know getting paid for the pictures.

  58. 58
    Zoe Moon Says:

    OMIGOD, that looks like the gentleman (her security detail holding her purse) that played a security guard on “One Life To Live.” First for Todd then for Dorian Lord. I was wondering where he was, he has not been on the show lately. Outstanding!!

  59. 59
    Katie loves money Says:

    Suri is a spoiled brat who won’t walk, still does poopoo in a diaper, has to be carried with her toys and blanket, and won’t wear shoes or a coat. She will only get more f’ed up with age with crazy Tom and his submissive concubine Katie as parents.

  60. 60
    gfan Says:

    10 years ago people used to criticize celebrity parents like Katie Lee Gifford for exploiting their own kids for their own personal gain. Nowadays with all the reality tv it has grown more acceptable.

  61. 61
    attention Says:

    Who actually brings their toddler with them to work everyday? Katie probably hands the kid off to a nanny once the photographers are gone. What’s Katie going to do for attention when her Broadway run is over?

  62. 62
    ? Says:

    #54, how do you know that Suri walks all the time and plays with other kids? Seriously, I’d like to know cuz it might change my opinion…

  63. 63
    jaye Says:

    What a cutie.

  64. 64
    pr person Says:

    “The two kids were never popular with the media.” Really? Did Crazy tell you that when you two spoke in your last dream? Crazy USED to be a HUGE star, he USED to be extremely popular…He was in his hey day when his two older children were younger, yet you are claiming that the children weren’t “popular with the media”? Do you think that the media didn’t want pics of his children? Idiot! Crazy and Kidman didn’t allow their children to be photographed. There are very few pics of them as small children, this is due to THEIR parents KEEPING them out of the celebrity scene and not placing their children in those types of positions. It has nothing to do with them not being “popular with the media”. Uggghhh… it is so tiresome dealing with idiocy….

  65. 65
    money hungry Says:

    That kid is such a brat. She won’t even wear shoes. That’s just bad parenting. You never see Shiloh, (who IMO is way cuter) without her coat and shoes on.

  66. 66
    bobs Says:

    Obviously Katie’s time is not spent wisely with Suri. Suri must have many insecurities. She is scared of all of the attention (because she is autistic) and she still wears a DIAPER!!! Gross!!

    You know she still sucking on that bottle behind closed doors!

  67. 67
    bobs Says:

    I agree #56.

    Poor person who has to clean up Suri’s bum when her poop gets smashed all over her bum and legs. Cleaning a babies bootie is one thing, but cleaning a toddlers nasty poop is disgusting!!! Eww its gets all smashed up and then she runs around in it!!!!

  68. 68
    the dq Says:

    Quit whoring out your kid the paps!!! It’s just disgusting. You don’t see other celebutards doing this. Their kids are seen infrequently or stay at home late at night. Katie seems to love having a cranky, nasty looking kid facing the cameras all the time. You’ll pay for this sooner rather than later, KH.

  69. 69
    jillyro Says:

    There’s no way that kid Suri is only 2 1/2. She looks at least 3!! Does nobody else think that??? Look at the size of her feet!!. And Katie looks ridiculous carrying her around like that, with a blanket, what idiotic parenting, that child is way too pampered already. People who rag on the JP kids are idiots too, we rarely ever see those kids, unlike Suri who practically has her own daily pic taken. And we do see the JP kids, they look like a normal family, with LOTS of kids and love, hanging out and they are relaxed. I dunno, but the JP kids mirror a lot of families with working parents and siblings (although richer!). Shiloh will grow up much more normal despite her parents celebrity because she has a large family to ground her.

    Whereas Suri looks like a china doll, a trophy kid, she does not seem like a normal kid, doing normal kid stuff (seriously, why is she out at this time of night every night?). This will come back in a few years to haunt Tom. She will rule her parents. Wow, can’t wait to see how she’ll turn out!

  70. 70
    bennie Says:

    I’ve never seen a pic with Suri playing with another child maybe at the Scientology Centre in LA but never in a public setting. She is always with her mother who always looks so tired and clutches Suri as if someone is going to kidnap her. You know TC thinks that people are after them trying to harm them because they are Scientologists, give me a break you have a Napoleon complex but Napoleon you are not and a bunker at your Colorado estate? TC you are freakin nuts. Don’t feel sorry for Katie H. she wanted this and all the money and fame that went with this, so she deserves to get many herpes sores for selling herself and her daughter out to these freaks.

  71. 71
    imaginaque Says:

    I’ve looked at a gazillion pictures of Katie/Suri walking in/out of their apartment, going into/out of the theater, walking around, shopping, etc. I’ve also read the comments about how Suri’s being pimped, how she needs to put on a coat/shoes/pants.

    Every time I look at pictures and read the comments, I keep remembering something I read. Scientologists consider children to be “old souls”. Because of that belief, Suri is never reprimanded or contradicted.

    That leads me to believe that she’s not being pimped, but rather that she rules the household, however unwittingly. If she wants to take her shoes off, off they go. If she doesn’t feel like wearing a coat, well, she doesn’t. Carry me, let me walk, I want to go to the theater, I want a cupcake… Suri gets what she wants.

    I’m not saying that I agree with never saying “no” to a toddler, but I think we may have been misreading Katie. If she were pimping Suri out for self publicity, don’t you think she would take care to put some makeup on before going out with Suri? Katie looks exhausted, yet she seems to be working hard to Suri’s every desire.

    What do you think?

  72. 72
    alyssa Says:

    i just love suri! she’s so adorable! i’m so sick of people hatin on suri and katie and even tom

  73. 73
    Jasmine Says:

    she’s so cute! :}

  74. 74
    nancyw Says:

    Dear Mr. Blonde,
    No I do not know these people, but I can see by the pictures that Katie is worn out and the last few sets of pictures Suri looks like she is pitching a fit!!!!
    I said these were my personal feelings!
    By the way who are you?!?! You seem to know everything about this family! This is a blog page for us to express our feelings, and that is what I am doing!

  75. 75
    Debba Says:

    Mr. Blonde–do you know Katie Holmes personally? Have you ever met her? I think not, NO. We have established this several times already.

    I, on the other hand, have met and worked with her before. Yet I wouldn’t even presume to know wants she wants in her life or what she is thinking at any given time.

    You are creepy, weirdly obsessed, completely inaccurate with ZERO credibility. I’m just glad to see everyone knows it.

    If you ask me Katie looks effing miserable. She wasn’t ever very easy to please but I thought for sure Tom Cruise’s fame and fortune would be the ticket for her. Guess I assumed wrong.

  76. 76
    nancyw Says:

    By the way Mr. Blonde, Suri looks to me like she is very high maintenance!!!!! (only my personel opinion)

  77. 77
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    katie always looks horrible at night, must be so tired, i fell so bad for her, she has to make all the money to support the family
    in the morning pics, she actually looks decent, altho her outfit isnt all that cute
    happy new year katie and suri!

  78. 78
    Mr. Blonde Says:

    I’m not a deranged stalker, #56.

    Do you see them posing for pictures, #57? They’re walking from one place to another and are being photographed because they’re famous.

    What’s with this walking argument, #59? You know that’s untrue. There’s something wrong with a toddler carrying toys and a blanket.

    You don’t know her at all to know she’s a brat.

    I know she walks all the time because I don’t ‘conveniently’ don’t miss the dozens upon dozens of walking pics which are easily accessible on the archives, #62. Suri Cruise’s best friends are the Beckham boys, Ella Stiller whose parents have even said plays with Suri Cruise and the Henchy girls.

    Cruise and Kidman are still huge stars and have long broken up yet those kids still aren’t seen anywhere, #64.

    You don’t know if she’s a brat and you should quit comparing kids and parents, #65. TomKat doesn’t give a damn what other people do with their kids. This ‘Shiloh vs. Suri’ posts are so stupid.

    She’s not autistic, #66. No. How does anyone know that Suri Cruise is still sucking on a bottle.

    She’s not 2 1/2, #69. She’s 2 and 3/4.

    It’s idiotic parenting to carry a kid and let her keep a blanket she likes?

    People who rag on any parent that they’ve never met are stupid. Be it TomKat or Brangelina.

    As I said before, these ‘Shiloh vs. Suri’ posts are stupid. You have no idea how these little girls are being raised, how they’re like and how they’ll become.

    No one as famous and rich as Brangelina mirror regular, working class folks like us.

    Don’t believe everything you read, #70.

    I think…your theory is absolutely insane, #71.

    I don’t know any more than you do, #74.

    I was just commenting on your opinion. Chill out.

    You’ve established this, #75? I’ve said and repeated since Day One that I don’t know anything. Unlike you right now with your last sentence.

    You’ve met and worked with Holmes now? Yeah, right…

    I have never, ever presumed what she wants out of life and what she’s thinking. I’m not obsessed or inaccurate.

  79. 79
    amazed Says:

    # 58 you’re right!! That’s Sean the bodyguard from One Life to Live. I think he’s on Friday’s episode. I guess his main job is bodyguard to the stars!

  80. 80
    Sad about it, then mad. Says:

    She holds her just like Larry Birkhead holds his daughter to make sure the paps get a good pic of her from the front. I just read on another site that there have been death threats Tom and her are reporting to the FBI on all thier lives and that Tom hasn’t lived in the same apartment as them for weeks. Wow Katie sure doesn’t stop getting Suri’s picture taken even when she and her child’s lives are being threatened? Or is Tom just making excuses for why he doesn’t live with the wife anymore. Either way, the death threat story doesn’t stop Katie from pimping out the kid. Poor thing and I truely mean that.

  81. 81
    pr person Says:

    “I have never, ever presumed what she wants out of life and what she’s thinking. I’m not obsessed or inaccurate.” What do you consider these little tidbits then?
    “Suri Cruise’s best friends are the Beckham boys,”, “TomKat doesn’t give a damn what other people do with their kids.”, “She’s very attached to her and likes to have her around” Sounds pretty presumptuous to me.

    I Love, love, LOVE this last goody “I’ve said and repeated since Day One that I don’t know anything” Amen to that!

  82. 82
    Mousse Says:

    Are you Katie’s father Mr Blonde #54?

  83. 83
    once in..... Says:

    Mr. Blonde sounds like a desperate scientologist who thinks he’s personally helping Tom Cruise and his family by defending them on this website. A GOSSIP website btw. Mr. Blonde takes what others write so literal and personal as if they are writing it about him. I find it very telling how he/she has to address every single poster by number to “correct” their opinion about the Cruises’s life. Which makes me wonder if Mr. Blonde knows TC by proxy and that they are just both Scientologists. If that’s the case (which Mr. Blonde would NEVER admit) then it explains why he thinks he is so right and why everyone else is so wrong. I guess we could find out by asking Mr. Blonde on how he feels toward psychiatry. So tell us Mr. Blonde?

  84. 84
    ryan Says:

    love the tomkats! thanks for posting katie holmes

  85. 85
    anon Says:

    I guess “mr. blonde” is guy with blue clothes who harass anons protest new york.
    so cruel, childish, idiot.

  86. 86
    anon Says:

    from this few video, did you guys believe that tom cruise family had been receiving death threats from scientology protest, meanwhile in this vid more scientology attacked anons protest.

  87. 87
    Mr. Blonde Says:

    That’s fine, #76. You said ‘looks to me’ and ‘my opinion’ so you’re safe. No hassling from me.

    You’re actually criticizing the way a fidgeting girl is being held, #80? Do critics ever quit? No one but said tabloid said that crap about death threats.

    They’re FACTS, #81. Suri Cruise’s friends ARE the Beckham boys and I don’t know how you can deny that. TomKat obviously doesn’t care about what other people do with their kids because…they don’t do them. That person asked why Holmes takes her daughter to work and I answered based on Holmes’ past comments about taking her everywhere.

    No, #82. Not at all.

    I’m not a Scientologist nor do I know TomKat , #81. I’m just a simple fan who can’t stand these poor people being bashed without anyone to defend them. If it was someone else, I’d be doing the same thing.

    I call people by number for clarity. You can’t correct an opinion. I believe in psychiatry.

  88. 88
    sunnymaid Says:

    singing?????? jared , why didn’t you post a link to her supposed singing??? Looks like she’s just making a funny face to me

  89. 89
    nancyw Says:

    Thank you Mr, Blonde for respecting my opinions.

  90. 90
    cupcakes Says:

    beautiful family as always

  91. 91
    lurker Says:

    This family is heavenly.

    Haters have hell awaiting them. Pity really.

  92. 92
    smiles Says:

    lol at the same haters who post in different names

    your battle is losing because Katie’s play is a huge success
    same with the WW-2 movie of Tom Cruise.
    Analysts said Tom Cruise is bigger than ever.

    Pass the tissues to the jealous lowlives.

  93. 93
    chynna Says:

    lovely pix and too bad I never saw All My sons for Katie because its too far out and expensive for me. Thanks JJ.

  94. 94
    poorkid Says:

    what is wrong with Katie? it just seems like she is carrying Suri like that to show her off to the paps. This is not new. How come that kid can’t keep her shoes on? Katie has ONE child and she can’t make sure the kid wears her shoes outside? I am sorry but if that were my child, she would not be outside without shoes or a jacket. If she cried, no outside. Say it Katie…if Suri won’t wear her outdoor clothes, if she cries, no outside!!!

  95. 95
    * VICTORIA * Says:

    I just do NOT get the people who are obsessed over Suri’s diaper and blanket and poop……..It is just very funny…..Who cares if she still wears a diaper?………When I carry my 22 month old grand-daughter, and she has on a dress, EVERYONE can see her Dora diaper under it…….So do thousand’s of other toddler’s…….Just sit in your local mall and watch……Very few ( if any ), have on a ” diaper cover “, or other such bloomers……..Not anyone of you, know what she does in her private time…..Katie could be trying to potty train her, for all you know……
    And the ” carrying ” of this child…..AGAIN, who cares?…..Katie keeps her away from the paparazzi……Jolie and Brad also said they carry theirs for the same reason……The camera’s and photographer’s get down to their level, literally, and start screaming their name and making stupid faces to get these children to look at them or talk to them, so they can get the best and first shot…..Brad stated once, it scared Shiloh ” to death “, and she was once stepped on by one..( her foot )…..That is why she is carried also……..
    Why is everyone losing sleep over her shoes?….THAT is ridiculous……Only Katie knows why she dosen’t have on shoes, at that particular moment……Here we go again on ” Suri being a brat “….What has she done to become a ” brat ” ?….she is a normal toddler, and acts like one….If Katie NEVER took her anywhere, everyone would climb aboard the ” abandon train “, right away….” SURI IS UGLY, AND MOM WON’T LET HER OUT OF HER CAGE “……..” SOMETHING HORRIBLE IS WRONG WITH SURI “….” THEY ARE HIDDING HER BECAUSE OF A DEFORMITY”….ETC,ETC,ETC….I can just hear the minds working out trashy headlines for a tabloid….
    Katie stated at the beginning of her play, that she had a playroom/nursery set up at the theatre, so Suri can play with other crew members children while she performed……..
    ” DANI ” OR ” ANON “…What threats were made with the Cruises?……I must have missed that…………
    ” NANCY W “…..If Suri is ” high maintence “, she did NOT get there by herself…….That problem was created by her parents..( clothes, toys, etc. )…..agree?……..She will NEVER ” want ” for anything ( must be nice ), but I hope it dosen’t ruin her life……..I guess if you have million’s of dollars to work with, it is hard to resist the nicer clothes and toys……I would probably buy beautiful dresses for my two little grand-daughters also….,HAPPY NEW YEAR ” DANI ” AND ” MR. BLONDE”…..PEACE TO ALL OF YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. 96
    ha Says:


  97. 97
    pr person Says:

    First of all Blondie… you stated that “Suri’s ‘best friends’ are the Beckham boys”… excuse me but HOW is that a FACT? The parents are friendly… does not mean that the children are. Next… I have NO idea (nor do you) what the Crazies think about what other people do with their childen… to say otherwise is…well.. presumptuous.

    This just needs to be repeated………. ““I’ve said and repeated since Day One that I don’t know anything” Blondie… that is classic! You can say that again, again and again!

  98. 98
    jason Says:

    I want Katie because she makes beautiful babies!

  99. 99
    iron chef Says:

    Awwww :too cute and they raise Suri so wise and well
    regarding the photogs.LOL!

  100. 100
    VARSITY Says:


  101. 101
    mindy Says:

    Well, it’s finally out. Tom IS living at the Carlisle (sp) hotel just as someone here mentioned MONTHS ago. It was an employee who works at the C and that person says he’s been very “friendly” with a certain pretty blonde.

    This was confirmed today (that he’s living there). I guess sooner or later we’ll learn that the blonde is Mrs. Tom Cruise #4. As soon as he wipes his butt with Ms. Homely he can move forward to better things.

    Thanks to the person who gave us all the info months earlier. They haven’t lived together in New York since they got there 5 months ago.

    Splitsville!!! (of course, we all know they aren’t legally married anyway)

  102. 102
    to #94 (poorkid) Says:

    poorkid @ 12/30/2008 at 9:25 pm what is wrong with Katie? it just seems like she is carrying Suri like that to show her off to the paps. This is not new. How come that kid can’t keep her shoes on? Katie has ONE child and she can’t make sure the kid wears her shoes outside? I am sorry but if that were my child, she would not be outside without shoes or a jacket. If she cried, no outside. Say it Katie…if Suri won’t wear her outdoor clothes, if she cries, no outside!!!

    You ask, what is wrong with katie and the way she’s carrying Suri.

    Katie Homely is a FAME *****! She using a 3 year old to get her own photo in the tabloids. Katie Homely is the FUG TABLOID ***** of the Century.

  103. 103
    Suri Says:

    Suri will probably be wearing a diaper until she’s old enough to understand how to take a dump and put on clean panties.

    Her mom is too busy being white trash and dressing like a 16 year old *****.

    Didn’t Katie just turn 30? Why is she trying to dress like Miley Cyrus?

    Katie looks to be about 45 years old. She’s starting to look like her mom’s twin. If she would let her hair go gray, they could be twins.

    Katie dyes her hair because her mom was totally gray in her 30s.

  104. 104
    emma Says:

    I wonder if Katie has had sex with her security guys?

  105. 105
    chuck Says:

    Katie is a role model and she is hot.
    I miss her in the TDK film.

  106. 106
    once in and again..... Says:

    @! 101

    OMG! He actually doen’t like Katie anymore. I knew it. I think his p.r people knew that it was being found out that they don’t live together anymore and kinda tried to blame it on the anti scientologists. When I see photos of Katie and I think, my God, he use to be married to Nicole Kidman, who has all that sophistication and ladylike natural style. KH couldn’t buy that with all the money in the world. And I speculate that Tom doesn’t see an equal when he imagine’s himself with Katie. I kinda think he’s over her but doesn’t want it to leak yet. Second thoughts? Maybe he didn’t get to know the young lady enough before getting involved so fast. When I see the other women he has dated, they are all on point. And then there’s homely Katie with her shorts on over panty hose. EWWW. But she really thinks that looks hot and new. He’s got to be turned off by that. I do think it’s over. And it will be he who ends it.

  107. 107
    It's ROBO bride Says:

    smiles @ 12/30/2008 at 8:58 pm

    So exactly who are these analysts that say Cruise is bigger than ever? Sources if you are going to make a blanket statement.

    And how is Valkryie a success? It made $33,590,000 and has a production budget of $75 million. Further more most of the reviews of Tom’s performance are not good. Is this a success?

    And Katie’s play is successful inspite of her. John Lithgow, Diane Wiest, and Patrick – they are the ones people who know theater are going to see. A play with Lithgow and Wiest in it is guarenteed to be quality. Katie’s reviews were lukewarm at best.

  108. 108
    ziner13 Says:

    Mindy, Your info on Tom and the blond at the Carlisle (sp) Hotel is interesting. He stays there and not in there apartment that has a zillion rooms?

  109. 109
    Mr. Blonde Says:

    Well she’s not your child and you should mind your own, #94.

    Quit picking over the way the kid is being carried.

    I can’t believe you’re crazy enough to actually not-pick the fact that those kids are friends, #97.

    That’s not so much being presumptuous as me applying common sense and logic.

    I have said that again and again but you critics don’t seem to listen. It must make it easier for you to put words in my mouth.

    Confirmed today, #101? We’ve been knowing that. It was never a big secret.

    They’re legally married and won’t be breaking up.

    I don’t know where to begin cutting down your moronic post, #103.

    You’re an idiot, #106.

    It was a thriller released on Christmas battling 4 other movies and two of which were family films, #107. That’s a success to me.

    I don’t believe that marketing budget rumor since it was reported by the NY Post and only had an unnamed source to back their story up.

    Give Holmes her credit and admit she played a part in that show’s success.

  110. 110
    gross Says:

    Homely is so matronly and unattractive. She’s not really that talented either.

  111. 111
    tina Says:

    Tom’s movie is a success???????????? The reviews have been very kind of his co stars but awful for him. My newspaper said the worst thing about Valkryie was Tom Cruise. They felt without him, the movie could have been a success. How is that a success for him? I have not read one good review of his performance. Not one. Most said he gave a wooden perfomance and was cast as a german with an american accent. Most reviews said the worst thing about the movie was him being in it. How in the world can anyone call that a success. The movie came in behind a dog, a man aging in reverse, an an adam sandler flick. How incredibly embarassing. those calling this a success are really drinking some koolaid.

  112. 112
    Dale Says:

    Seriously, Mr. Blonde….stop stalking the little children. You are gross.

  113. 113
    crabby Says:

    Super adorable little girl. I would carry dress her up like a doll,carry her around and spoil her too if she were my little girl.The kid rocks.She looks feisty and like she is just full of mischief! Too cute.

  114. 114
    crabby Says:

    What has happened to Katie? She never looks happy,not even with her adorable daughter.She used to be the epitome of absolute rosy cheeked beauty.She is still a beauty but her affect is so lonely and subdued.

  115. 115
    Debba Says:

    Mr. Blonde you have a very a short memory. It must be all the different names you choose and identities you fake. You have lost all sense of reality.

    I’ve posted back and forth with you on these Just Jared boards at least a hundred times about the fact I knew and worked with Katie Holmes. I’m not bragging by any means–just reminding you of the pure and simple facts.

    I don’t have to tell everyone here that you know nothing, because all they have to do is read what you write and figure it out for themselves. It’s the fact that everyone–evenYOU–is aware of your complete lack of credibility ir knowledge and yet you continue to post as some voice of authority and decide whose opinion is valid and whose is not.

    I realize you must live a very sad little life to devote so much time to this. I guess I’m not surprised I have been away from this place for months and return to find you spouting off the same rubbish.

    Katie Holmes is a completely different person than she was just four short years ago–in looks, speech patterns, demeanor, personality. That’s just not normal, any way you might try to rationalize it. She is not well. And Tom Cruise is a still a controlling, arrogant and creepy intense jerk, no matter how hard he tried to rehab his public image. These two are presenting one face to the public, but behind the scenes it’s something else all together. And I’d say the facade is definitely starting to show the cracks.

  116. 116
    It's ROBO bride Says:

    Mr. Blonde

    Go to and check it out. They have the production figures. And the current gross. I don’t call a huge deficit a success. Yes it may still make the money, but it is not the block buster nor the award gatherer Tom hoped it would be. It was released this year in hopes of getting awards. So far nada.
    And Mr. Blonde Katie may have gotten people in the door initially, but it is the fine performances of Weist, Lithgow and Patrick that got folks coming after the Katie hype wore off. I saw the play two weeks ago and I must have gone on a minimal Katie fan night. It was embarassing for her. Weist and Lithgow and Patrick got cheers and much much clapping. And then at the end when Katie stepped out…sorry Mr. Blonde but your fantasy love got a lukewarm reception and she knew it. She was definitely the weak link in an otherwise stellar cast. Maybe she was having an off night–too much Suri pimping during the day? Don’t know, but her acting skills next to these fine actors sucked big time.

  117. 117
    dancer Says:


    Mr. Blonde has trouble believing anyone who works in the media would actually read JustJared. He has also derided my statements about working in the media and knowing people that do. I spent 30 years in radio-tv-film and still have friends in the industry. They don’t care to work for Tom since he is so pro-Scientology (some of them have skills that he needs to hire even tho he gives preference to aliens when he hires). They feel he is a controlling Hitler-like freak. They also love working with Kidman and can’t believe the backlash this woman endures. They love working with Jolie, Pitt, Clooney as well as Kidman. Why? Because none of these folks are controlling aliens, divas, etc. They are down to earth for an actor, they take time to get know the crew and they respect acting as a job. When they are on set they leave the diva behind and get down to work.

    However, like you, Mr. Blonde feels I’m just making all of this up. Or maybe he is just jealous we have had the “good” fortune to work in the industry. I’ve met McCartney and Springsteen to name a few of the rock stars from radio days. I’ve met a ton of television personalities from Belushi to Lauren HOlly to mostly bunch of others that were popular in the 80′s. I’ve met fewer film actors, but have met some. I’ve met Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Mike Ditka and more.
    And most of these folks have the same thing in common: Humongous egos.

    I seriously doubt that Cruise and Holmes are any different. They are surrounded by handlers that tell them they are the most wonderful human beings to walk the earth and they believe it. And as you often also most likely have observed — behind their public facade these actors, rock stars, sports stars, etc. are people you would not want to know let alone be friends with. They are often divas with an incredible sense of entitlement.

    Mr. Blonde believes the hype and doesn’t look beyond the superficiality they present to the public. He doesn’t want to know any real stuff about them. Just wants to wallow in his adoration of them. He believes everything that comes out of their mouths not realizing they are spouting drivel to increase their positive image perception among the public. Afterall, look what happened when Tom fired his publicist (the renowned Pat Kingsley) and hired his idiot sister on. He started showing his “real” self. And look how well that went down with the public. He is still trying to recover.

  118. 118
    Sonia Wu Says:

    I have to repeat this!

    meh @ 12/30/2008 at 12:47 pm

    Mr. Blonde is a deranged stalker with a hard-on for Tom. I don’t even bother reading his nonsense, it’s boring and repetitive.

    Mr. Blonde is a deranged stalker with a hard-on for Tom. I don’t even bother reading his nonsense, it’s boring and repetitive.

    Mr. Blonde is a deranged stalker with a hard-on for Tom. I don’t even bother reading his nonsense, it’s boring and repetitive.

    Mr. Blonde is a deranged stalker with a hard-on for Tom. I don’t even bother reading his nonsense, it’s boring and repetitive.

    Mr. Blonde is a deranged stalker with a hard-on for Tom. I don’t even bother reading his nonsense, it’s boring and repetitive.

    Mr. Blonde is a deranged stalker with a hard-on for Tom. I don’t even bother reading his nonsense, it’s boring and repetitive.

  119. 119
    Sonia Wu Says:

    I have to repeat this!

    meh @ 12/30/2008 at 12:47 pm

    Mr. Blonde is a deranged stalker with a hard-on for Tom. I don’t even bother reading his nonsense, it’s boring and repetitive.

    Mr. Blonde is a deranged stalker with a hard-on for Tom. I don’t even bother reading his nonsense, it’s boring and repetitive.

    Mr. Blonde is a deranged stalker with a hard-on for Tom. I don’t even bother reading his nonsense, it’s boring and repetitive.

    Mr. Blonde is a deranged stalker with a hard-on for Tom. I don’t even bother reading his nonsense, it’s boring and repetitive.

    Mr. Blonde is a deranged stalker with a hard-on for Tom. I don’t even bother reading his nonsense, it’s boring and repetitive.

    Mr. Blonde is a deranged stalker with a hard-on for Tom. I don’t even bother reading his nonsense, it’s boring and repetitive.

  120. 120
    once in and again..... Says:

    Mr. $cientologist, I mean Mr Blonde,

    EWWW Can you be any creepier. I KNOW you are a SCIENTOLOGIST because I myself am a recovering Scientologist and I know your language. I know the words only Sci’s use and they don’t even know it. Like the word “critics”. Seriously, please go on now in your next post about how wrong and stupid I am and how just because I said critic doesn’t mean your in the Cult of Scientology. Listen closely……………………………… Your in a cult. This is why you take up for TC. You think you are creating a good effect for him. But really, your so far out reality with most people that you come across as some weirdo who might be in a CULT! (1.1 ) You know the code. Stop invalidating people’s reality. Stop acting for someone you’ve never even met. You are a scientologist TROLL and are only creating bad effects. Your handling NO ONE! Just making Scientology and TC look even more silly. You think you can speak for him because Scientologists pretty much all think alike and as a group. That’s how they’re taught. But to individuals you come across as a troll who thinks they can speak up for a famous celebrity!?! HA! Are you really that daft.??? (MU) ! Have fun clearing the planet Mr. Troll aka Blonde.

  121. 121
    isannah Says:

    why is she still wearing diapers?( pampers)Isnt the child old enoughtto go on the pot? or even to WALK? They are always carrying her

  122. 122
    Mr. Blonde Says:

    The movie made the top 5 and 30 million dollars in a weekend with two family films on Christmas, #111. That’s a success.

    Who’s stalking little children #112?

    I remember you and your story about how you knew Holmes and all that, #115. And you should remember that….I don’t believe you! Or at least I’m very skeptical and take everything you say with a grain of salt as I should just as a critic would disbelieve or at least be suspicious if I I said I knew TomKat or someone else was saying that.

    I’m not an authority, I have no interest in validating opinions which is a crazy thing to wrote and I’ve admitted countless time that I’m just as much in the dark as you are. I only correct misconceptions and tell others to prove their claims or use the words ‘probably’ and ‘in my opinion’ and ‘I think.’ Anyone who uses those terms or at least sticks with opinion related criticisms like fashion and looks gets a pass from me. I don’t care if you dislike TomKat or not.

    I have much more of a life than you think and don’t waste all my time here. You don’t know me so don’t make assumptions about me like that.

    Holmes changed her speech patterns???

    I or anyone else wouldn’t know if Cruise is an intensely creepy, arrogant and controlling jerk for sure because we don’t know him, but given his good reputation, I’m betting

    You wouldn’t know if they were hiding something from the public! Stop speaking so matter-of-factly! That’s so annoying! I wouldn’t and have never done that!

    How do you know what Cruise hoped it wanted to be, #117? You can’t read minds.

    Obviously, Cruise wanted this movie to be a success because he had a lot riding on it but there was NOTHING to indicate this was ever an awards contender and no one in their right mind was expecting this to be The Dark Knight redux. It could have done better but with the competition and all the people against it, it was definitely a success.

    Why did you see the play and spend you money if you hate Holmes so much? Give Holmes her credit and admit that she played a part in the box office and still does.

    I do have trouble believe that people in the industry would be so unprofessional and would not be as busy as to hang around here, #117.

    That’s funny. So many former PAs and extras and former cast and crew members have said that Cruise is a nice guy on set and does those exact same things. And it’s no secret that Cruise has a lot of admiration and respect for his fans. You know I’M not lying when I say this.

    I’m not jealous or stupid. Just right skeptical. I wouldn’t blame you or anyone else that disbelieved me if I said I worked in the media and knew all these famous people.

    I wouldn’t know if TomKat or any other star was just wearing a mask for the public.

    I want to know the real deal but I you can’t expect to swallow what some stranger on the internet who claims they know movie stars says about them. I’ll stick with legit sources and not tabloids and anonymous people on the internet. Now if I did that, I WOULD be insane.

    I’m not a Scientologist, #120.

  123. 123
    wendy Says:


  124. 124
    * VICTORIA * Says:

    Well, outside of all the usual hate and slamming of one another over a family no-one knows for sure,,,,HAPPY NEW YEAR, ” DANCER “, DALE”, ” RESCUE 59 ” AND ” MR. BLONDE “, AND ” DEBBA “…..HOPE EVERYONE HAS A HEALTHY AND HAPPY, PEACEFUL NEW YEAR !!!!!!…WELCOME 2009 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  125. 125
    Sonia Wu Says:

    I have to repeat this!

    meh @ 12/30/2008 at 12:47 pm

    Mr. Blonde is a deranged stalker with a hard-on for Tom. I don’t even bother reading his nonsense, it’s boring and repetitive.

    Mr. Blonde is a deranged stalker with a hard-on for Tom. I don’t even bother reading his nonsense, it’s boring and repetitive.

    Mr. Blonde is a deranged stalker with a hard-on for Tom. I don’t even bother reading his nonsense, it’s boring and repetitive.

    Mr. Blonde is a deranged stalker with a hard-on for Tom. I don’t even bother reading his nonsense, it’s boring and repetitive.

    Mr. Blonde is a deranged stalker with a hard-on for Tom. I don’t even bother reading his nonsense, it’s boring and repetitive.

    Mr. Blonde is a deranged stalker with a hard-on for Tom. I don’t even bother reading his nonsense, it’s boring and repetitive.

  126. 126
    once in and again..... Says:


  127. 127
    Elizabeth Livengood Says:

    Completely and totally charming!!!

  128. 128
    Elizabeth Livengood Says:

    In the pictures where Suri is covering her eyes, it looks as if she has a hint of a smile. Also, in one she looks like she is peeking ever so slightly through her fingers. But what is so sweet is the way she puts her hand on her momma’s hand. You can tell that girl loves her mother. It is so sweet and touching the way she interacts with her mother and vice versa.

  129. 129
    hailei_2007 Says:

    “As soon as Suri spotted paparazzi, she started to squint and cover her eyes.” I think this is so disgusting that you notice how the baby is totally scared by the paps and you still hunt her like that!

  130. 130
    فلاشات اسلاميه Says:

    It is sad that this child is treated like an expensive thing: let her walk, let her play with other children. let her jump, roll on the ground and get dirty……

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