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Gerard Butler Can Stand Under My Umbrella

Gerard Butler Can Stand Under My Umbrella

Gerard Butler opens up a beach umbrella as he relaxes in the warm sunshine — with his shirt on, unfortunately — on Miami Beach on Wednesday afternoon (December 31).

The 39-year-old Scottish stud was seen talking on the phone with his hands-free headset.

Gerry recently made the cut in advertising agency JWT’s list of 90 Things to Watch in 2009.

Other “things” that made the list: Amy Poehler, Judd Apatow-esque Humor, Bruno (played by Sacha Baron Cohen), Emma Stone, Dragonball, Elizabeth Banks, Lady GaGa, Russell Brand, Lance Armstrong, Michelle Obama, Prince William Wedding Watch, Obama-speak, and Tripp Johnston (Sarah Palin‘s grandson).

10+ pictures inside of Miami Beach buff Gerard Butler

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gerard butler miami beach umbrella 01
gerard butler miami beach umbrella 02
gerard butler miami beach umbrella 03
gerard butler miami beach umbrella 04
gerard butler miami beach umbrella 05
gerard butler miami beach umbrella 06
gerard butler miami beach umbrella 07
gerard butler miami beach umbrella 08
gerard butler miami beach umbrella 09
gerard butler miami beach umbrella 10

Credit: Pichichi-Garces, Chapple/SDFL ; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • nyob

    WTF? Is he just sitting there in the sand, fully clothed, talking on the phone? Weird dude.

  • Fay

    Please shave!

  • Fourplay

    Forget Gerard, how’s the guy parked two spots to his right doin’? :)

  • nyob

    BTW – he looks hot. Still weird though.

  • Sandi

    Love this guy!
    Would love to see more skin and less scruff. OMG, he is just so adorable!

  • hmmm

    He has sexy legs. Get that shirt off, boy.

  • pafan

    OMG, the pic with the umbrella is smokin’. He probably can’t get a tan because of Law Abiding Citizen which starts filming in a few weeks. A prisoner with a Miami tan would be a stretch. How soon will the New Year’s eve partying pics be up JJ?

  • Mary

    Is he dating anyone?

  • pop86

    With clothes or without, I love him.

  • gemma00

    please answer!— is he gay or not????^^

  • jojo

    Not gay! How could a man that manly be gay. Not to mention he is too masculine in his appearance to be gay, LOL! What gay man on this earth would wear camo cargo shorts to a Miami beach??? Your question is hysterical, sorry!

    His body is smokin, rockin HOT HOT HOT! Gawd I love him.

  • dvd

    Too much drinking! He is getting fat!
    I like him when he was in Tara Croft with Angelina Jolie.

  • Agent Starling

    The entire celeb universe (minus Paris, thank good Gawd) is in Miami. I am sure there will be plenty of pics of Gerbear leaving club or clubs with the pretty gals just like last year. I love this man. There has been some nice Gerbear overload today, thanks Jared!!!!

  • Gerry’s child

    Posted on JJ today: Phantom Sequal Star?

    Diana_Guminski @ 12/31/2008 at 12:24 pm he went out but came back to me in the hotel. I fly everywhere with him when I’m not in Escondido. look for us tonight in Miami when we partay on our vacay in south beach. he isn’t wearing underwear, he never does when he’s with me


    Why did everyone come here? I was posting on the other thread. Diane is my mummy. She’s nuts, but hey! She is with my Daddy Gerry, yadda, yadda, yadda. They left me in the hotel last night, so Daddy could go off a find a ‘new’ girlfriend to bring back to the hotel for a gang bang.

    My diaper needs changing because I’ve taken a dump, and now I have a strong urge for a pee-pee.

    Can someone tell Gerry (Daddy) to get off that beach and find Mummy as I really need to peeeeeeeeeeee….

  • Marryme

    Fat! Are you insane #12? His body is tight and rock solid. By the way, it is pretty well known Gerard is a recovering Alcoholic and has not drank in over 10 years. Take another look. He is muscular and not skinny like most of the other stars in Hollywood. Gerard Butler is a REAL MAN with an amazing body!

  • Happy New Year

    YUMMERS! He is so ZEXY!

  • suse

    He looks good as ever
    Now I wonder what he will be doing tonight….I rely on you JJ

  • Newbie

    He is looking so amazing lately! He was looking rather rough after filming Game. I think that movie physically took its toll, but now he looks back to ‘Gerry Butler’. Just needs a little quick shave around the neck – I volunteer!!!!

  • Hm

    Not gay, not (ever) married, not dating.
    Gerard is celibate?

  • Gerry’s child

    Posted on JJ today: Phantom Sequal Star?

    From: #45 NYOB @ 12/31/2008 at 4:38 pm
    What is it about this guy that attracts the loonies? These posts are hysterical.

    Response: # 47 I am special @ 12/31/2008 at 4:51 pm

    Just because….he’s ’special’.

    We recognise him as being one of us, ’special’. So ’special’. In the hope that the ‘one’, the ’special’ one, will come and ‘do’ us! All of ‘us’. The ’special’ us.

    ‘We’, the ‘special’, have now abandoned the old ‘special’ one, Gerry, and have followed NYOB (#1), the ‘new’ ‘special’, to this thread. We are not worthy, oh ‘special’ one!

  • Pam

    I second Yummers!

    Whoever said he was fat likes very skinny men. Gerry is all muscle. AMEN!!!!

  • HotScot

    He dates, we know that or at least sleeps around. There are just too many stories of him and some evidence (see TMZ) with him making out with chicks.

    Just because he is not steadily seeing a gal or married does not mean this man is celibate. I bet he gets more in a week than the average married man! Oh, yeah, thats a good bet ;)

  • Cane

    Man w-hore…hope he’s visiting the clinic regularly.

  • Sally

    He not really looking that fat, but if he was a woman you could say he’s retaining water. Looks bloated, especially in the legs.

  • Bright

    jojo @ 12/31/2008 at 5:28 pm Not gay! How could a man that manly be gay. Not to mention he is too masculine in his appearance to be gay, LOL! What gay man on this earth would wear camo cargo shorts to a Miami beach??? Your question is hysterical, sorry!

    His body is smokin, rockin HOT HOT HOT! Gawd I love him.
    How naive you are. What, do you think all gay men prance around like Jack on Will and Grace? Hardly. Gay men are masculine and manly, too. Your theory is no proof of anyone’s sexuality.

  • goodone

    Funny comment. The man has nice muscular legs. I think that skinny metro men have changed our image of what real men, like Mr. Butler should look like!

    I love these pics, thanks Jared!!!!

  • Anon

    Hm #19 Is he celibate?

    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ho, ho, ha, ha, ha, ho, ho, ho, ho, ah, ha………NO!

  • asschaps

    Miami for New’s Year’s?


  • Bright

    Duh, #26, I’m saying men can have muscular legs, scraggly beards, and still be gay. Get out of the dark ages.

  • Justine

    F-I-N-E :)

  • ri23

    Wearing the same old too tight blue shirt. Dude needs a gay man to shop for him.

  • ohcomeonalready

    Gerry get rid of the cheesy string bracelets.

  • Tommy

    Listen to ohcomeonalready,
    cheesy string bracelets are gay.

  • Tommy

    “Dude needs a gay man to shop for him.”
    He should aks Jake G.

  • Tommy

    Ask Jake G.

  • deka

    he needs a good movie…. QUICK

  • ohcomeonalready

    Tommy – ask Tommy.

  • Cruise

    “he needs a good movie…. QUICK”
    Who doesn’t !

  • Juju juicy

    He has absolutely NO personal or sexual magnetism. It must come from the inside out, and he obviously has serious inner turmoil. He’s just plain “ICK”.

  • London

    For a man how you consider ICK, he sure has a ton of female admirers in this World who would beg to differ, but difference of opinion makes this world go round.

  • doubt

    “ICK “ICK” “ICK” that is never a word I would ever use to describe this unbelievable hunky specimin of a man!!!!! He is anything but ICK!

    Did Gerry turn you down or something? You sound hurt honey maybe your the one with the turmoil. Gerry seems happy and fine!

  • yo mama

    OMG Gerard is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!! Would love to wrap my legs around this stud.

  • tim

    #42 Are you gay?

  • Anon

    Y’all are crazy. These pictures were deliberately staged for the paps. He looks stupid wearing all his clothes on a beach. He has nothing to hide. He has a great body. I think his hair is too long, and he looks older then…*cough*…39,.

    Also, please spare me your analyzing him and saying he is “too manly” to be gay. You are a dumb homophobe if you think there are no “manly” gay men.This guy is pictured with some random fashion model for photo ops once in a while and his PR people invent invisible girlfriends, but he has no steady girl, and no serious long term relationship in years.

    I have seen him out and he is usually with his manager and three or four guys. He is friendly and he is a pretty nice guy, but he is really crude and loud. He has a lot of rough edges and he talks WAY too much. Doesn’t know when to shut up. He tries way too hard. I think he might actually be gay. I don’t think there is a single thing wrong with being gay, either.

  • pafan

    Yeah, most of his fans get it. Gerry can be crude, loud and a genuine nasty boy. But he’s loaded with talent and something that just draws people in. In the days gone by in Hollywood they used to call it “IT.” You can’t define IT, it’s just there.

  • Ewww

    This guy is so plain and stupid looking. Every time I see him on a talk show, he’s telling some retarded story like it’s the funniest thing ever and all his fat fangirls laugh and laugh because, of course, they’ve staked out the audience.

    Note to fangirls – he’s retarded!

    I hope he marries one of the fat fangirls and the others fight in a death match. That would be dope.

    And all of you IMDb bitches – you’re all apeshit crazy. You ugly fat whores.

  • jo

    he is not cute like in the movie ..his face is chubbi and fugly.

  • Anon

    I can’t stand how he talks. He spits when he talks. And his accent is way too thick. You can hardly understand him. James MacAvoy has an accent and he sounds sexy. Jonathan Rhys Meyers has an accent, Sean Connery has an accent, Liam Neeson has an accent, etc., etc.,etc., and you can understand them Gerard sounds like he has a speech impediment. He needs better training. He should have taken his first million and hired someone to teach him how to talk and how to behave around other people. I get that he used to be a hunk, but his brief flash is OVAH.

  • Just me

    How sad that people can’t just look at photos and comment without ripping apart the person in the photo or eachother. People are just trying to live their life do their job and be happy without the constant fault finding. Life is short people try to make the most of it without all the nastiness.

  • LoneWolf

    #48 (Anon)

    Please don’t bash me, just a simple question……

    How do you know he spits when he talks?