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Gerard Butler: Phantom Sequel Star?

Gerard Butler: Phantom Sequel Star?

Gerard Butler walks along Collins Avenue with a few buds in Miami’s South Beach on Tuesday night (December 30).

London’s Times reports that Andrew Lloyd Webber is planning a 2009 sequel to his megahit musical The Phantom of the Opera.

Gerry and Hugh Jackman are reportedly top contenders for the role. Phantom: Love Never Dies will open in New York, London and possibly Shanghai or another Asian city.

WOULD YOU WATCH the Phantom sequel — YAY or NAY?

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Credit: ONeill/White, Kadena Pix; Photos: INFdaily, Bauergriffinonline
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  • Joanna Gilby

    yes oh yes. book me a ticket.

  • me


    Have a Happy New Year everyone!!

  • pafan

    Gerry looks mighty fine. Love that shirt. I think the new Phantom set in Coney Island sounds bad, but I haven’t heard the music so I’ll reserve final judgment. I don’t think Gerry’s going to do any live theater, but if the play is a success he might do the movie.

  • Emma

    Ooh, I love looking at pictures of Gerard. He looks really good here.

  • Diana_Guminski

    he went out but came back to me in the hotel. I fly everywhere with him when I’m not in Escondido. look for us tonight in Miami when we partay on our vacay in south beach. he isn’t wearing underwear, he never does when he’s with me

  • ill watch anything with him

    UGH, could this man get any more perfect! I love him & secretly wish I was married to him, LOL. Mighty fine looking but also a great actor. Cheers to everyone on the New Year & be safe!!!

  • Anon

    Considering that it practically ruined his career and that it took him three years or more to “recover” from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom, my advice would be: “Run, Gerry, run!!!!” I think the sequel sounds like a really bad practical joke. I cannot imagine Hugh Jackman ever being that desperate. Andrew Lloyd Webber needs to retire. He has inflicted some of the world’s worse music on us.


    um yeah, hellz ya … I’d watch him brush his teeth, or pick out fruit, or.. well just about anything lolol.\

  • Max

    Happy HOTTIE New Year! Yowzha….he totally does it for me!!!! Gawd damn!!!!

  • thatboyisfine!

    I think he is wearing boxers, but really, who cares. I’ll rip those darn things off with my teeth anyway, LOL!

    That shirt is tight in all the right places too. His body is smokin hot and I love it when he looks a little bit worn out with the scruff. This is truly a man’s man and a woman’s man and MY MAN! All Man ALL the Time. Yes, yes yes yes yes…I need a cigarette!


    He makes me feel all naughty and tingley inside!!!! :)

  • Takeme!

    Holy HOT SCOT!

    He was to BEST Phantom and ALW knows it. Rumor has it that ALW was hot for Gerry during filming and that the Executive Producers asked him to stop bugging Gerry during filming. It was obvious during post production interviews that ALW was as smitten with Gerry as is 99.9% of the female and gay male population is. I am sure he is just dying to work with this Hotter than Hell Scot again!!!

  • Ammie

    Look Mom, no hands or in this case, no undies!

    LOL…………..he is such a guy. Gerry: “F**K nothing clean in this case, well then who cares f**k it who needs underwear the boys need a vacation too!”

  • Holly

    I must be stupid or slow, but I cannot tell he is not wearing any underwear. However, I can see how handsome and masculine he is. I love this guy. Just really discovered him funny enough in taking my daughter to see Nims Island. Through the entire movie I was like, who the heck is this gorgeous man playing her Dad. I had no idea he was the Phantom or in 300. He is just so attractive.

  • Julie

    What a gorgeously handsome man!

  • Virgingerry

    Yes Virginia, there are REAL Men in Hollywood! BELIEVE!!!

  • Crowwoman

    Collins Avenue… A gay center of South Beach… but he is trrraight, oh yeah…

  • Crowwoman

    Strrraight I mean.

  • Lissa

    I will definitely watch the sequel if GB plays the Phantom role.
    Why change him, if it oh so worked the first time with him and Emily R. GB played the part so well, I just had to get my own DVD after viewing it on cable. He’s got the look, the X factor which HJ does not have.

  • Gerry’s child


    Mummy…are you talking dirty about Daddy again? Please don’t bring another woman home like you did last year, for a threesome. You know I can’t get to sleep when there is three of you banging away in the next room!!

  • pafan

    #17: You rant like a jilted lover.

  • trust me

    He is on Collins Avenue…….gay area in Miami. Of course he isn’t wearing any underwear.

  • lasthouseontheleft

    #21: You pout like a willfully ignorant fangirl who gets pissed the moment someone points out the overly obvious truth.
    Gerard Butler is and will always be a homosexual. End of story.

  • Oh No

    Photographer: Where’s Jasmine?
    Gerry: It’s OK, she’s parking the car like the dutiful woman that she is!!!!

  • WTF

    No, no #24

    It’s Kristi this year.

    He always picks up a woman around October/November time so he can take her out in Miami at New Year for the photographers.

  • trust me

    so we can also expect to see Kristi next August too?

    Does he do the Miami thing every year?

  • trust me

    so we can also expect to see Kristi next August too?

    Does he do the Miami thing every year?

  • Hello!

    Ahhhhhh… cute. I see chipmonk cheeks is back!

  • Liz

    Gerry is so gorgeous, handsome, and Adonis-like…I love him. He IS the Phantom..not some (sorry, Michael C. fans)wigggly-voiced tenor who should have stayed in English music halls..a real,l breathing, tormented charismatic man..Yum. I cannot wait to see “The Ugly Truth” in April, the dvd for “Rocknrolla” in January, and this film, “Law Abiding Citizen” filming soon. Look how happy he rested…I could just watch him walk. Ahhh.

  • Fourplay

    He looks kinda dopey to me. I saw P.S. I Love You and I haven’t been so irritated that I’d wasted time on such dribble in a long while. Well, ever since I saw The Stepford Wives (shudder)

  • LeeAnn

    Definitely yes!! I vote for Gerry. :o)

  • WTF

    #26…yes. It’s a seasonal thing!

    Dumps in August. Picks up new in October/November. Miami at New Year.

    Last year, Jasmine.
    This year, Kristi
    Coming years…Clay Aitkin

  • Oh My God!


    Jeez. Do you actually read back what you type…or are you too busy wetting your pants!

    ‘I Love Him’…’I Want To Marry Him’….’I Want To Bear His Children’

    Girl, I just want to be there for you when he runs off with a man!!!!

  • Lisa

    Collins is a great area, not only gay, but where alot of the richies hangout. It is not as gay as some other selected areas. But Miami is Miami and where there are pretty people, there are gay men. I would be shocked to learn this man of all men is gay. He does not appear to have a gay fiber in his hot as hell bod. He certainly does not dress gay and his shoes are never gay! Love him!!!

  • Guywhoknows

    For what it’s worth, my brother owns two clubs in NYC and Gerard Butler is NOT gay. LOL! That is actually funny. Now someone who is would be with the initials JS and starred in a movie that rhymes with Spank! Gerry Butler on the other hand loves the ladies and let me tell you, the freakin go nuts for this guy. This dates back before 300. This guy just walks in the room and the girls practically open up for the guy. Lots of his buddies in the biz are pretty jealous and he knows exactly what he is doing and how to get the one chick that gives him the hard time. Amazing really. I was in awe!

  • anon

    He ruined the first Phantom film so I don’t see why they’d let him screw up another one. I’m not a Crawford fan either, but at least he can sing . They did a lot of studio sweetening to cover the notes Gerard Butler couldn’t hit and it was annoying. Just because the director wanted to shag him doesn’t make it right to have him ruin a classic story by casting someone who doesn’t have that level of vocal ability. It’s like giving Britney Spears the lead in Carmen.

    BTW, why are women so obsessed with the Phantom? Who wants a disfigured, mentally unbalanced, obsessed man to kidnap and control them? Seems kind of mental.

  • just me


    Happy New Year everyone!

    WOULD YOU WATCH the Phantom sequel — YAY or NAY?

    Only if Gerry took the lead role of Phantom and not Hugh. No, not Hugh. Gerry’s the best Phantom ever! Smolders full of a sensuality I’d never seen before.

    Have fun Gerry!

    Just Me.

  • trust me

    WTF – my point was that he was pictured with Jasmine again in August…….saw her on NY’s then the next time in August of last year.

    # 34 It’s gay enough. why hang out there when there are alot of other places there that are for the richies and not gay.
    # 35 This part of your paragraph may be true… This guy just walks in the room and the girls practically open up for the guy. Still doesn’t mean he isn’t GAY or BI. duh.

  • ohcomeonalready

    I can’t believe some of you are still talking about the fucking phantom…..let it go!

  • Crowwoman

    # 35 – a standard coment in a such situation. someone says “Butler is gay” and then out of the blue appears some dude who states his brother/friend/auntie/coworker/whoever knows Butler and knows for sure he is not gay. I expected something like that.

  • What The Fart in Hell


    Thank you. Thank you. At long last! The confirmation he is a man-wh*re. And you’re shy in coming forward.

    Ladies. Please. Please beware. # 35 has finally confirmed that Gerry, it seems, has NO ACTUAL RESPECT for women, and ‘wow’ , ”he knows exactly what he is doing and how to get the one chick that gives him the hard time”. Mmmmm…a bit pushy for sex, now that is scary!

    Ride him you want to ladies, but always, always, take precautions with this man cause he’s been around….a lot! Maybe he should have a HAZMAT symbol tatooed on his a$$.

  • Debbie

    Ewwwwww. How the hell has this man not had an STD by now? Or maybe he has, who knows.

  • yuck

    Hate to say this, but his d*ck has probably been in every infected sloppy p*ssy that is willing to put out for him in the USA since 2003.



  • Gerry’s child

    # 5


    Leave Daddy alone and come on back to the hotel. He’ll bring his ‘new’ girlfriend back once he has finished partying. My diaper needs changing.

    Gerry’s love child

  • nyob

    What is it about this guy that attracts the loonies? These posts are hysterical.

  • ohcomeonalready

    #43 “probably been in every infected sloppy p*ssy ” – probably other orfices as well.

  • I am special


    Just because….he’s ‘special’.

    We recognise him as being one of us, ‘special’. So ‘special’. In the hope that the ‘one’, the ‘special’ one, will come and ‘do’ us! All of ‘us’. The ‘special’ us.

  • Peach

    I’d be interest to hear the plot for a sequel to The Phantom. Maybe it will be a prequel?

  • urbanboi28

    OMG, all you people are crazy saying he was the best Phantom….are you all on glue ? He was horribly cast as was the other cast members of the first movie. Geralds voice was horrible, couldnt hit any high notes and sounded like he was struggling all the time. It’s weird that ALW once said that Gerald performance was what he intended the Phantom to really be…ummm ok….what about Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman who made these roles to begin with.

  • Holly golightly

    Same old argument.

    Straight, bi, gay? Who the hell cares? He’s still all male and he still makes some hearts beat a little faster onscreen and off, be they female or male and no matter where one wears one’s heart. That ‘s a good thing for an actor.

    He can be anything you want him to be. An equal opportunity fantasy.