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Reese & Jake: Farmer's Market Fresh

Reese & Jake: Farmer's Market Fresh

Lovebirds Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon spend the final day of 2008 going shopping together at Santa Monica Farmer’s Market in Los Angeles on Wednesday (December 31).

Jake, 28, and Reese, 32, were joined by his screenwriter mother Naomi Foner. You can see Jake checking out the Japanese cucumbers.

In October, Naomi filed for divorce from Stephen Gyllenhaal (citing irreconcilable differences) after a 30-year marriage.

10+ pictures inside of Reese & Jake farmer’s market shopping…

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jake gyllenhaal reese witherpoon farmers market 01
jake gyllenhaal reese witherpoon farmers market 02
jake gyllenhaal reese witherpoon farmers market 03
jake gyllenhaal reese witherpoon farmers market 04
jake gyllenhaal reese witherpoon farmers market 05
jake gyllenhaal reese witherpoon farmers market 06
jake gyllenhaal reese witherpoon farmers market 07
jake gyllenhaal reese witherpoon farmers market 08
jake gyllenhaal reese witherpoon farmers market 09
jake gyllenhaal reese witherpoon farmers market 10

Credit: Richard Harding; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
Posted to: Jake Gyllenhaal, Reese Witherspoon

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  • phonyspoon

    God, not them again.

  • Terry


  • Francesca

    So Mom is with Jakey. Where’s pa? In the doghouse no doubt. I hope Reesy gives Jakeypoo’s moma enough money to pay her bills. Her hubbie wouldn’t contribute and she evidently is over her head in debt. Jakeypoo did the right thing is sucking up to ReesyRich. Really rich. Hollywood rich. Big house rich. Country estate rich. Rich rich rich. If only Jakey could marry her and then divorce her, he could be rich too. LOL.

  • Chris

    Naomi must have hit hard times if she’s willing to be on the PR payroll. Why does Jake do these photo ops if he is clearly not into it. Reese must have had him sign a really tight contract to agree to be his beard.

  • Addy

    Why don’t you ever see Reese’s family from Nashville visiting her or vice a versa? Does she ever go back “home” to visit?

  • sloppy


    No matching jackets?
    No matching baskets?

  • UMMM

    These people are awful looking why take pics. For the R & J lovers I don’t get it they don’t seem to be in sync for some reason almost like good friends.

  • Anon

    Why don’t you all F**K off and get a life instead of being such a SAD bunch of idiots. Jake and Reese look GREAT.

    Oh and Chris jealosy gets you nowhere.

  • Francesca

    Now that I look at the photos I notice Reese isn’t smiling. In fact she looks glum. I wonder if Naomi asked her for a “loan”? You know, something like “how about sparing me a dime, buddy wuddy,,,just until I can get my affairs in order of course, you understand. Jakey would be ever so grateful and so would I.” This is purely imaginary, or course. LOL

  • Fay

    No one can fake it all the time.
    Not even an old professional like Reese Witherspoon.

  • fangirls make no sense

    I remember seeing pics of Reese’s Mom in L.A. a few weeks ago. Jake, Reese and the kids were in Nashvile on Christmas.

    There is nothing off about these pics, they are shopping at a market, geez., sou all sound jealous and pissed because you don’t have a life.

    Great seeing them, I hope they have a great New Years!!

    PS: Chris, go get laid.

  • Anon

    Happy New Year Jake and Reese, I wish you both all the best.

  • Francesca

    Another reason Reese may be glum: now she’s got her “mother in law” around. We all know how women adore their mothers in law. And poor Jakey…whom will be love more, his “partner” Reesy or his Moma? Can’t sit on the fence, Jakey. You have to choose: either Moma or the “wife.”.

  • toothy and reese whiskerbeard

    All the “Reese and Jake are a couple” believers said they’ll marry by the end of 2008 for sure (because they’re so much in love!) so maybe the happy couple and mama are shopping at farmers market today for the food for the wedding reception dinner after they get married tonight. How romantic!

  • I wanna see

    “fangirls make no sense” said “Jake, Reese and the kids were in Nashvile on Christmas.” Do you have a link and pictures?

  • Cane

    I bet Jake is thinking back on his time with Robert Downey. One can only imagine what their time together was like….maybe beer and small talk…perhaps a sweet reenactment of the carnival scene from Grease “You’re the One That I Want,”…Downey in leather, Jakey in a letterman jacket, which he quickly throws aside…Jakey twirling around with Downey’s legs wrapped around his waist…
    Somebody throw some water on me, please.

  • Happy new year

    I’m not a Reese/Jake fan. I just don’t buy the PR. But even I have to admit they look cute in these pictures. Something about how unglamorous Reese looks, like she just threw on some clothes and the worse shoes she could find…not to mention a ratty coat. However, this is like a week of pix of them sans kids. I think something is going on in the Ryan camp and Reese is getting out there with her (boy)friend to show a good face.

  • fangirls make no sense

    Dear I want to see, no pics for you:

    No pics you silly fangirl,paps are not allowed on Reese’s family property in Nashville, not everything is played out for the paps. What you actually see is about 5% of a celebs life in these silly pap pics.

    They were there all Christmas week,
    returned on Friday and spent the weekend at her ranch. They are back in Brentwood now.

    Now go play in traffic or something

  • Francesca

    Reese “cute”???? You must be blind. She looks GLUM as in “why in hell is Moma Gyllenhaal hanging around now. Wish she’d get LOST.”

  • Speaking of making no sense

    Jake Reese and the kids were not in Nashville for Christmas. They were in Brentwood CA.

  • Anon

    No14 How do you know that they are not already married?.

  • truth

    Nothing going on, Reese had the kids last week, Ryan this week, joint custody. You didn’t see Reese and Jake with the kids in L.A. prolly because they were in TN. I assume Ryan took the kids to Delaware to visit his folks.

    It’s New Years Eve, you are supposed to spend it with the one you love, i’m sure Jake and Reese have some romantic plans tonight.

  • Mitch williams

    Because they would have filed a marriage license somewhere. People at this level could never be secretly married unless it is in the fan fiction you’re currently writing.

  • reese whiskerspoon

    Francesca darlin I’m not feelin glum, it’s just that I don’t smile in public if I ain’t gettin paid for a movie premiere or if its not for Avon. Besides, I’m better than you, I’m so teeny tiny and perfect and perky and I’m a great mom. Hey where are those 2 rugrats anyway? I got rid of them and gave them to the ex at Thanksgiving because I was busy traveling all over the world partying and promoting the bomb 4 Christmases and PR told everyone I was supposed to be having them at Christmas but hell if I haven’t been papped with them for the holidays. What a waste, that’s what kids are for, promoting myself. Now where in hell are they, I better text the nanny and get them and the Flynet paps over here pronto for a photo op.

  • real truth

    Prolly? I hate the Reesy girl who always makes up crazy stories in her head and says they are prolly true. They are never even remotely true. She would not drag her kids and all their gifts to TN. She said herself her family comes out to CA for the holiday then after Christmas they head up to the farm mostly so they can see Ryan on the actual holiday for some of the time. If he takes them out of LA he goes snowboarding at Big Bear. If Reese takes them out of LA it is to Ojai. They make the trips back east once or twice a year if they are lucky.

  • Capy

    Speaking of fan fic, please link to the info that the kids spent X-mas in Brentwood, because I heard they were in Nashville.

    What the hell is a “Moma”?

    Mrs. G is broke, sniiffing around Jake and Reese for $$$$, LOL!!!

    I hope she got lost after shopping so Jake and Reese can enjoy New Years Eve in peace.

  • real truth

    How about a link them being in TN? Her mother was in Ca a few days before Christmas how stupid would it be for her to fly all the way to CA to then turn around and fly back for Christmas. You are making crap up and you know it. Unless you work for Reese and if you do that is just sad.

  • kel

    Ryan would not have flown back to Los Angeles on the 21st if the kids were going to be in Tennesse. They were in California just like Reese said they would be. She and Jake were spotted shopping on the weekend on the 21st shopping. She said they were in California why would someone make up that they were not?

  • reese’s inner thoughts

    Well this aint no fun. Jakey and his precious Mama keep strolling and gabbing together way behind me. Shit, I’m up here walking in front all by myself with those 2 all cozy and comfy, I must look fucking pathetic. I should be the one laughing and charming Jake, not his frigging mother. I tried talking to Mama and she was nice and all but now she’s ignoring me like always. What a bitch. That’s the last time I invite her on a photo op. Wait a minute, why I ought to sell this as a “mother-in-law” story to People and I should send Mama her portion of the pap bill, make some money off her, why not, it’ll just make her poorer and Jakey more dependent on me. Hey all you losers at this stupid Farmers Market and everyone and Ryan and that high school guy who dumped me, I’m prettier and better than all of you and everybody here and I won a Best Actress Oscar and I’m rich don’t you forget that. Now all you people – notice me. thank me for gracing your surroundings, love me, adore me, make me richer and get the hell outta my way, losers.

  • hmm

    How much longer will this charade last?

  • Anon

    Well hmm perhaps until you realise it is not a charade, then it won’t be a charade any longer.


  • Team reese

    Accept Reese and Jake’s true love or it will continue to be demonstrated weekly until you submit to my will…………you are getting sleepy……you are envisioning Jake and Reese getting married…you are naming their babies… are wishing you could be this happy with a man so supportive and loving……zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • yuck

    you have one NASTY looking beard !

  • Bright

    #32….”you are an idiot…”….

  • Haha

    Nowhere near as idiotic as “Bright”, you really should change your ID because you definetly are not.

  • Anon

    Jared, you got some sick trolls on this board. They are ugly people who really need to go back to the “Forum”from whence they came…oh, wait. They got banned from those forums.

    Naomi Foner is an Academy Award nominated screenwriter and she also won a Golden Globe. Both Reese and Natalie Portman have expressed interest in working with her. She’s a pretty brilliant woman and the only reason she was having a hard time was bcz of the writers’ strike and also because her deadbeat husband wasn’t paying his fair share. All these people have know one another for years. So all the Assholes posting here so ugly need to STFU.

  • tinhats are insane

    Take off your blinders, demented fangirl at @29. Jake and Mom are not smiling, they look rather glum. In one pick Reese and Mom are walking behind Jake talking and jake looks like he has gas.Jake looks like he has gas in all the pics.

    It looks like Reese decided to walk ahead and told them tofollow to spoil the pas pics of allof them together.

  • tinhats are insane

    Take off your blinders, demented fangirl at @29. Jake and Mom are not smiling, they look rather glum. In one pick Reese and Mom are walking behind Jake talking and jake looks like he has gas.Jake looks like he has gas in all the pics.

    It looks like Reese decided to walk ahead and told them tofollow to spoil the pas pics of allof them together.

  • Angie

    I think Jake and Reese are great together. Why Not? Although now that I see these pics of his mother it is very apparent where Maggie got her “looks” from. Poor girl. She looks just like her mother.

    Jake is hot hot hot!

  • Maggie t.

    Geez, how long will it stop? Does Jake have anyone else to hang out with except for his gorgeous partner? Man, sometimes I so much want to shout to those Jake/Reese basher to get a life, but I don’t know if I want more to tell Jake to get a life besides Reese or not.
    I’m a Jake fan, but guess when it comes to Reese, I’m worse than those bashers.

  • wish

    I’m not going try not say nothing bd about Reese and jake. Jake needs to be a man and a little child.Not jealous are anything but he ought know better.Reese is not going to married him and he just a fool for staying with her.But care for her anyway. Wonder how long this media attention going to last . Until one are them say this is enough.Happy New year everyone!

  • Anon

    I’m glad his mother was there to check Reese out. I worry for Jake. Reese is just using him and he is in a lose situation. She has two kids who are getting bigger. They have a father. Ryan is very close with his kids. They will always chose their father over JAke. Reese is too old to want to have anymore kids. Jake wants his own kids. This romance will only last until Jake realizes she is using himj, because she doesn’t want to look like Aniston. JA is alone and can’t keep a man since Brad left her for Angie. Reese is scared that she will look bad like a loser because Ryan left her and is all loved up with another younger woman. Jake’s mother will see thru Reese’s fakeness and see how desperate she is. Jake doesn’t need Reese. Jake is rich now because he is going to be in the Prince of Persia video game movie.

  • Francesca

    “Reese Whiskerspoon”…I love it, Congrats. And her “thoughts” is pretty good too. I liked that post. Fits my take on things. Foner is a pretty good writer, I guess, but I doubt she makes much money and sure hasn’t saved any or she wouldn’t be broke, even with a deadbeat husband. I do hope Reese is gracious enough to OFFER to help financially without being asked. But she doesn’t look full of smiles here. Often when she is with Jake with nobody else around she is all smiles. I have to think her lack of smiles has something to do with the mother in law being there. This is the first time I have seen pictures of her with Jakey’s mom. Wonder if we’ll see them together more often now. Papa’s never around as far as I can tell.

  • Peep

    Reese and Jake are two annoying fakers.

  • PR w h o r e s

    “It looks like Reese decided to walk ahead and told them tofollow to spoil the pas pics of allof them together.”
    You must be crazy and blind.
    Few days ago Reese and Jake were all smiles for the paparazzi they called to Ojai.

  • Francesca

    Reese and Jake both have shades on, Jake’s very big. Of course they only attract attention; they don’t disguise who they are. But Moma doesn’t have any. I think they should make Moma feel like one of the gang and get her some shades to wear. LOL I wonder if this is the first square meal Moma has had since she filed for divorce. Jakey’s out shopping for food to cook for her. He never takes her to restaurants, as far as I can see. LOL

  • kelly

    reese looks like she just thrown on something today. she usually looks so POLISHED for the camera! Wow! She’s human after all. That’s nice to see!

  • bennie

    I’m glad Jake’s mom is invited to join them on their outings. I’m sure if she needs financial help her son would be the first to help her. Jake has enough money without asking Reese and mom always has sister to fall back kon too.

  • ginger

    He’s perfect for Reese….she wants companionship and probably nothing else from him and he’s happy to oblige.

  • la

    I see Jake and Reese in Brentwood all the time, but no the Mom. I wonder if she will move in with them since she is broke.