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Jennifer Garner Sees Sex Therapist Holly Hein

Jennifer Garner Sees Sex Therapist Holly Hein

Pregnant actress Jennifer Garner grabs coffee at Caffe Luxxe with sex therapist Dr. Holly Hein on Tuesday (December 30) in Brentwood, Calif.

Hein is most famous for publishing her book, “Sexual Detours, The Startling Truth Behind Love, Lust, and Infidelity.” She believes that affairs can be a way to search for identity and explains why an affair is more about the betrayal of the self than it is about breaking marriage vows.

Jen and husband Ben Affleck are expecting their second child this winter.

Kate Beckinsale and husband Len Wiseman reportedly have been visiting Hein the past few months.

10+ pics inside of Jennifer Garner meeting sex therapist Holly Hein

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  • sarah

    oh oh trouble in paradise?

  • LuckyL

    Lol, babies do not save marriages. Always such a sad assumption.

  • lips,tits smack that old ass.

    She just wants to know how to have sexwith her husband while pregnant. She should just ask me,in the ASS Jen. Don’t need to pay all that money for that.

  • Janie

    Jen looks great as she always does! I hope her and Ben have a healthy baby! They seem like a great couple! So what if she sees this woman? I find her to be very admirable. :)

  • Janie

    Jen not the woman haha!

  • Anonymous

    wow thats a profound way of looking at adultry

  • gerard Vandenberg


  • anon

    it may be a betrayal of once self but its also a betrayal of vows as well. wtf.

  • boogie

    perhaps they are just friends


  • lollipop

    Give me a break. Lets get hard core. It couldn’t be affairs are adventurous, exciting, dangerous and oh so much fun for those who dare???? Oh please. Spare me the betrayal of self. There are those who love to play and the dirtier the better. Its not about betrayal. Its all about being incredibly horny and finding your wife or hubbie bores you to tears because as you may love her, you still crave whats out there. Can it really be any more simple?

    Hollywood is loaded with risktakers who aren’t big on morals so is this author going to change anything?

    I do like the woe is me slant though because then it makes the cheater get some sympathy from their spouse. Awww how sweet.

    Garner scares me with her bizzare behaviour. Shouldn’t she be reading baby books to Violet?? She lacks the sophistication and sharp edge Ben has but hey its his chick for the rest of his life. Im sure he would never dream of cheating on her. Not in a million years. Ben is such a moral man. *snicker*

  • Adoring Fan

    Wow, this would be interesting if Jen had not been seeing this woman forever. She was seeing her before her first baby was born. I wonder if they are friends or if it’s professional. Who said Jen was boring? I don’t think so. Leave it to Jen to give them something to talk about. This woman is awesome.

  • kayla

    oh geesh, sometimes all this dippity do crap people buy into is ridiculous. Of course it’s a betrayal of self, you are compromising yourself by cheating on someone and on a commitment. But it’s just as much a betrayal of breaking vows. Call a spade a spade, geesh.

  • Sherlock

    Jen wants Holly to join 3some with her and Ben.

  • Chris

    Jennifer should be having coffee with Ben not a sex therapist. People who are happy and content with their lives don’t have a need to see a therapist. Seems this is another Hollywood marriage that is doomed.

  • bea

    the fact that they are getting a coffe doesn´t mean that Ben and Jen have any problem in their marriage, If they need a therapy, they will go to her consult, not taking a coffe “”

  • CR30.01

    Maybe the sex therapist is a just a regular PERSON who happens to drink coffee from time to time. And maybe – just maybe – the sex therapist, who is just a regular person, was not on duty call while drinking coffee with an acquaintance of hers. Let’s consider that for a moment.

  • LoveBen

    So this woman is telling Jen that Ben didn’t break his vows by cheating, he was just trying to find himself? Only in Hollyweird is that true. Face it Jen, Ben cheated because he heard La Lopez is gonna be a free woman again.

  • Linda

    Talk about being desperate for the photo op! Jen must think it’s okay because she’s pregnant. She has a history of infidelity herself (just ask Scott Foley and Michael Vartan), and it sounds like this quack just finds a way to justify them.

    Jen’s probably trying to get Ben to stop cheating now, and since she was a cheater herself, she knows his ways. Neither this, nor having another baby, will keep Ben forever, Jen!

  • violets auntie

    Calm down, people.

    Jen has been seeing Hein for years, even when she was married to Scott Foley. Hein has become a friend. Jen took her to the ER when Hein cut her hand right before Violet was born.

  • just saying

    I always thought Ben looks sad, we’ll this explaines it. Tabs are saying that JLo is splitting up too, hmmmm?
    Instead of squeezing fruit at some market maybe she should be sqeezing Ben a bit more, just sayin.

  • me me me

    as for cheating, i think it’s a sign of weakness in a way. you’re attracted to someone else, but you don’t have the balls to abandon the safety of a steady relationship. so, it is a betrayal of one’s self.

    as for jen, she probably is just friends with the sex therapist.

  • Mark my words

    leave her alone people, can’t she have a sex therapist friend?

    lol as for ben and jlo having same rumor of splitin at the same time…gimme a break! he won’t want her anymore! she destroyed his career in a way with all the attention and stupid things he did while with her. Abd well, jlo is not that desperate too..

    jen seems like a great woman , wish her the best with the new baby cutie and her hubby and of course Violet

  • know it all

    Jen has known this woman for years, as early as 2003 when she was splitting from Scott Foley, I think their relationship is both professional and personal. I remember seeing this woman at the premier of Jen’s movie “The Kingdom” in LA and she was also in a picture with Jen exiting the back door after one of Jen’s performance in “Cyrano” last year. I think this was probably a relationship that started off as professional and they became friends.

  • Turkeys

    Jen started seeing this lady when she was married to SCOTT FOLEY. Therefore, she’s a friend for years. JJ just is trying to stir up trouble. Actually, I think I’ve seen this lady on CNN Showbiz Today. She’s always on as a consultant about relationships. Is that her?

  • Turkeys

    Yu all are idiots that say Ben cheated. If Ben cheated, it would be all over the tabloids (esp. the National Equirier). Everybody wants to catch him doing that I’m sure. Or even oggling girls like Beckham. So far after 4 years, NADA>

  • Turkeys

    Also, Jen saw this lady the day before she had Violet. Maybe that means if she saw her yesterday, she’s having the baby today! Yeah!

  • Turkeys

    No, I’m not done. I also remember reading Jen saying in a Marie Clare article that she did a lot of therapy and worked on herself a lot and what she expected from a relationship before “doing it again” (remarrying). I think she is to be commended actually. Most people don’t do any introspection at all. Besides after reading you all making assumptions about what the book is about, you should buy it before commenting. You can get it used at Amazon.

  • blondie

    Brace yourself….
    Everyone knows that it is common knowledge that Ben
    is referred to as BIG BEN , for a very good reason.
    When he PULLS INto town, there are screams of pleasure
    and maybe sometimes a little delicious pain.

    Maybe when the emotions get a little high
    and things get hot, we can hear Jen shouting,
    OOOOh, Ben!! Take it easy, baby. Think of the Baby,
    baby!!! I have to get some advice about how to say “no”
    when I really end up saying “yes, PLEASE!!!”

    Oh what a grand lover.
    Oh what a sweet husband and dad!!!

  • blondie

    Hes not that into you?????

    Ha ha.

    Ya wanna BET???

  • Trisha

    He is Discusting He has always Cheated He Cheated
    with Jlo when she was married to Chris Judd

    But then Jen has Cheated to She needs to Dump Ben’s
    Arse He is a DoucheBag

  • Julia

    Hey Jen give her number to the Jolie Pitts.

  • red_idaho

    She’s beautiful and the best person in the world, just for giving her life images to her fans keeping his wonderful glance and smile.

  • LuckyL

    Sorry guys! Julia meant to say: She should give her number to Jen; that c*nt can’t remain in a relationship to save her life

  • pinky

    HA!!!!!!!!!!!HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Poor poor manly garner has to see someone because hubby is not into sex with a woman that looks more like a man and has bigger feet and hands than him! he problably thinks he is making love to steven tyler and is turned off! I have seen garner with this therapist numerous times, she chose to trap him again and is paying the consequences, she should have known better, benny never looked happy in the photos, and her fans are in denial! he hates the paps and she loves them but that is no excuse for him to look so miserable. But we all know that the reason he married her was to get into poltics because she doesn’t have alot of baggage, in the future, and i remember when i read an article where he was asking hisadvisers if garner was good for him because of the poltics, and they told him yes!!!! So i think he was never into her until he had to marry her because of vio. That is why benny is a closet drinker and he gambles in the internet!!!!

  • laurie

    Her marriage is in trouble because Ben would never have married her if she hadn’t been pregnant and having another baby is only making things worse. You can’t be friends with your therapist, it’s unprofessional.

  • Angie

    I have to admit Jen has not looked sexy like she did in the days of her TV series and the movie she did with Ben, I know she is pregnant and all, but, I never see her with her styled or a cute maternity outfit… nothing. She needs to learn in Hollywood there is always someone looking to take your place.

  • Lolita

    #20 just saying “Instead of squeezing fruit at some market maybe she should be sqeezing Ben a bit more, just sayin.” LMAO!!!!! That is hilarious!
    But in all actuality Jen and Ben are both cheaters so they deserve each other. What is it with Ben’s women seeking outside help? J-lo was visiting that voodoo lady, and now Jen G. is visiting a seductress. What does Ben do to these women?

  • mary

    Wake up and smell the coffee JG, cause you are about to get dump!.
    you may have his kids, but not his heart……FACE IT…………

  • a realist

    They may be friends, nothing more.

  • Emma

    First let me just say I love Jen but aren’t you supposed to not have caffeine when you’re pregnant?

  • thebird

    #39 lolita, you s#it was hilarious LMAO!!!!


    Ben and Jen are not cheaters.. It is interesting how this pix came out..
    She probably bumped into her at the store.. Because she usually goes
    to the office.. not walking up a side walk… And why would she be so
    casual about it.. Or is it just another way to get the dickhead in this again aka Jlo..Since she has to go to San Juan for a vacation .. Instead
    of visiting Mr. Dolce.. in Italy…It also looks like she is making fun of
    the therapist.. making faces at her and not really talking to her…
    So bug off about Jen having any problems making fun of someone on the street is not having a therapy session…

  • thebird

    i meant 37 was hiliarious

  • mina

    I’m sorry Garner fans but the woman looks like an A#sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • Joe the Plumber

    I would’nt touch that with a ten feet pole, damn she must be the most unattractive pregnant woman I’ve ever seen.. This is the time a woman is suppose to look the most attractive, she always looks like a slob. Angelina looked so pretty and so did the other celebrities I bet Angie wouldn’t allow Brad to see her looking like s#it. No wonder she’s seeing a sex therapist…friend or no friend she’s still getting some sort of advice. Girl needs to take a bath cause she looks stank nasty!

  • tito the builder

    Hey Joe, I don’t think I wanna touch the therapist with a ten feet pole…as bad as she’s looking what kind of good sex advise can she give Jennifer. Jennifer got it all wrong, she needs to wait until after the baby than see a sex therapist because the way she’s looking I think Ben ain’t buying.

  • tito the builder

    Hey Joe, I don’t think I wanna touch the therapist with a ten feet pole…as bad as she’s looking what kind of good sex advise can she give Jennifer. Jennifer got it all wrong, she needs to wait until after the baby than see a sex therapist because the way she’s looking I think Ben ain’t buying.

  • pinky

    #45 and 46 lmao !!!!!!!!! this woman even if not pregnant is not attractive, she has a horse face, i feel kind of sad for benny, and by the way they call him big ben for his height, and nothing else jj posted some photos a few yrs, ago when he was on vacation and the dude was quite dissappointing in that area, garner’s fans are in denial again!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kym

    Jennifer sees this therapist whenever she has marriage problems she went to her with her first husband Scott Foley too and look how that turned out. Divorce. She’s been having problems with Ben for a long time and this woman has been helping her through them because she also a therapist for people with addiction issues and Ben has been in rehab. Shotgun weddings don’t make for happy marriages, Jennifer is desperate to stop Ben leaving.

  • amy

    This therapist is the only person apart from Violet who listens and pays attention to her, she’s someone to talk to, someone who listens unlike her husband Ben who just ignores her and never is with her.